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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 19, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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quality. from ktvu fox2news this is mornings on 2. it's monday morning november 1990 clark. >> pam cook has the morning off. we are hoping for a better morning. >> how about wednesday? >> i can't be patient. >> you have to be. >> i have been patient for 8 weeks and it looks like things are changing. high clouds are coming. you can see the system -- tracking more to southern california. eventually it looks like some rain will make it here. we hope so. it looks like two systems -- wednesday and friday and after that we wibreak until about a week away. we are looking for a lot of high clouds and haze and smoke in the air.of breeze might help. everything is stagnant until we get to tuesday when the breeze will pick up a little bit. look for hazy skies with
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visibility -- you couldn't see far. 30s and 40s with temperatures on the cold side. we get to the higher elevations there is some warmer air. in southern california there will be a lot of high clouds. look for high clouds and hazy skies and a lot of 60s. back to you. 4:01. the continuing battle on the fire lines. another fire victim has been found. the death toll rises to 77. 1000 are still listed as missing. the camp fire is now 65% contained. it has destroyed more than 10,000 homes and bring to 234 square miles and the flames still almost the rain in the forecast is making the search teams nervous , fearing it will make it harder to find victims.
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at the same time, the rain will help the rain will clear the a which is still filled with smoke. dangerously high levels of smoke. many schools decided to shut down for another day. the air quality is getting better now the coast but it remains unhealthy many other places. wear sunset didn't have quite the same feeling sunday night. ugly haze will move out. this is a wake-up call. >> it's a signal of what's coming in the future. we need to think about how we address this. >> it has kept people indoors. some are getting stir crazy. i want to get outside. >> reporter: there were no shortage of people walking but it's a lot less busier than normal because of the smoke. the smoky air has made some
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people cautious. >> i don't want to exert myself. i heard is not a good idea. >> they have kept the campus closed here. and foothill college is closed monday and so are classes at san francisco state. for the university of the pacific school is closed monday and tuesday. the moro catholic school is shut down for the week in hayward. >> yesterday i noticed the visibility was the worst. >>reporter: he went outside sunday night but then went indoors to a beauty salon. >> we could only see one block. it was scary. >>reporter: the owner of the salon said traffic has picked up. >> business is good but the air is bad. people are trying to stay indoors.
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>>reporter: many outdoor extracurricular activities have been affected. the oakland zoo is closed and so is alcatraz and along with the golden gate welcome center. this pales in comparison to what is happening in the north. one man is dealing with this in perspective. >> we are lucky. people living with the fire have the real problems. this is just an inconvenience. hotels have fewer vacancies as many from the bay area are trying to find better air quality. hotels in tahoe and carmel reported high occupancy over the weekend. some said they just couldn't take the bad air and they headed out of town to find fresh here. >> it's better here. there is some smoke in the air. >> we have been inside all week.
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>> it's hard to be inside for multiple days with a toddler. >> i'm jealous they got to lake tahoe. the air is not perfect but the air quality is significantly better than most area locations. >> 4:05. new information from fema about how they are getting money to fire victims in butte county. they explained the process to get the money tothe victims. >> the nice part is, the electronic payments are approved and the money can be in the bank account for them to buy things -- clothing, temporary housing, other expenses. it can move pretty quickly. >> 15,000 have registered with fema. 75% have been given full approval. those without insurance will get dirty $4000 from fema, 15,000 from the state, and 18 months of paid rent. it will be hard to find a place to live. >> institute county and
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paradise, the city with the most destruction, there is a 2% vacancy rate. very little housing in the county. they've got teams between local, state, and federal scouring the area to try and find what's available in the way of apartments and hotels. wear temporary housing units can be brought in but huge amounts of fire and debris have to be cleaned up. it may take -- take months or longer. >> the rain could affect hundreds of evacuees. it was a weekend of confusion because they turn the parking lot into their temporary home. >> officials say they don't have any control over the food trucks for the portable toilets. they do have a say in what happens. ve any intention to kick evacuees
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out but they want to come up with a better solution. it is cold in chico. air quality is bad and rain on the way. >> we have rain -- we have blankets. wear hundreds of survivors are sleeping in the elements. a makeshift tent is their temporary home. >> adding to this confusion reports that all evacuated will be kicked out of this evacuation center. chico city officials say that's not true. >> the reason these conversations are occurring -- a semblance of compassion. not out of anger or -- we can do better. >>reporter: the city of chico won't force leave but they say it's not sustainable
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and evacuees need resources so they are bringing in resources. >> they should move along to a place that is better, more secure, more safe, and more healthy for them to live. wear city officials say there is enough room at a newly expanded shelter to house everybody in the parking lot. these campfire survivors said they didn't expected to be okay to stay here forever. >> i can understand that.>>reporter: in chico, sara zenehnam. tens of thousands were addressed yesterday -- he said he wanted to offer a prayer to those stricken by the fire. pope francis said the lord welcomed the deceased into his comfort and family members and sustain all those involved in rescue efforts. >> the california senator toward the fires and her office
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released these photos. emergency management officials -- in a statement she said my heart aches for the family to lost everything. i'm incredibly grateful to the firefighters who have been hard at work fighting these fires. still ahead, a lot of questions for pg&e. more criticism is possible after the company reported another powerline failure. coming up, the latest into the investigation on how the camp fire may have started. >> and the raiders won their second game of the season. there was a heated exchange on the sideline. coming up. finally a break but not until wednesday. another day and a half of easy, smoky skies. it looks like a change coming up later. this littlhoergy saving time,
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♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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northern california is not the only part of the state dealing with wildfires. the woolsey fire is still burning and they are od progres it hasn't grown and it is now 91 percent contained. calfire expects full control h
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buildings. most of them are homes. thousands forced out of their homes are being allowed to return. all evacuation orders in ventura county and the town of mala do have been lifted. the fire continues to burn where there are no homes. 4:13. pg&e is working to get the power back on . the cause of the camp fire has not been determined but pg&e told state regulators that transmission lines now functioned just before the fire started. this reporter said calfire is looking into this. >>reporter: 2400 employees and contractors are in the middle of the burn so working to communities. this resident saw his >> i -- god bless people.
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i hope fema helps us out because a lot of us just paid rent and we don't have any more money. >>reporter: pg&e has filed into the reports with the puc indicating an interruption in power shortly before the camp fire erupted november 8 scorching nearly 10,000 homes and turning them into rubble. calfire is the lead agency investigating how, when, and where the camp fire started. >> we are looking at a possible second origin. again, there are no details that can be released. the investigation will take some time as you can imagine.>>reporter: is the deputy chief of cal fire he captured this video of the camp fire as flames surrounded his vehicle. the smoke was so thick it turned day into night. today we found one investigator on the scene in paradise looking for clues as to what started the fire.commentatement
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employees are focused on supporting first responders and returning gas and electric service when we can. meanwhile the camp fire remains active with more than 6600 firefighters including strike teams from the sacramento fire department. >> we have multiple cruise from sacramento assigned to this incident and they are there on 24 hour periods of time. 4:15. a man shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy in danville will be laid to rest. his family plans to take legal action. authorities say the victim was
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shot after he tried to run down a deputy. the deputy was chasing him after receiving a report about a suspicious man in the neighborhood. his family said, we love him. despite his struggles with mental illness he was a kind, generous man he enjoyed sports and he often walked and explored. president trump said he was briefed by the cia about his conclusions on the killings of the journalist and said full report will be released tomorrow. the cia has reportedly concluded that the saudi ground prints ordered the killing. the saudi government repeatedly has denied having anything to do with this. in this interview president trump was asked if he believes the ground prints lied about his involvement. >> how will anybody really know? he had people that were reasonably close to him. they were probably involved. we put massive sanctions on a
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large group of people from saudi arabia. at the same time we do have an ally and in many ways they have been very good. president trump said he has been briefed on an audio recording of khashoggi's murder but he doesn't want to listen to it. the president said he knows the content which he described as a sobering tape. let's see how the day is shaping up. >> let's take a look. it's not good -- at least one more day. the south wind and the low clouds should pick up tuesday. as the system moving in ringing and a lot of high clouds but so far that is just making it worse. you just can't get away from it. it dances around the matter
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what. it's not as bad as it was but everything is locked in. we need some wind. e way. rly or southerly breeze this system will role in a lot of high clouds and there is a system on the way for wednesday. what about the timing? it will usually be later than sooner. this high pressure has been large and in charge for a long time. it looks like it is coming in early wednesday if you want to plan ahead. early wednesday into wednesday afternoon. a little unsettled going into sanctity -- thanksgiving with another system on tap and after that we will get another break. the rainfall could be good up north. north in mendocino county. it doesn't mean we will see some rain. we will see some -- it will get here. look likely by the end of the week. i hope so. here are the clouds coming in -- some low clouds underneath -- how can we see anything? 30s and the temperatures. 40 for some. we lost the offshore breeze and
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everything is stagnant. a lot of high clouds. the visibility will be worse -- you can barely see. in the east bay 30s and 40s. 35 in walnut creek pretty 33 in danville dublin 36 in pleasanton 35. 14 in truckee and 31 in ukiah and 35 in sacramento. this cold front is getting it back together but it will be here to wednesday. 60s and the temperatures. the forecast models are having a hard time with the smoke and haze. i'm undercutting some of these. some areas didn't get out of the upper 50s yesterday. look for conditions to increase the clouds tuesday with rain wednesday. thursday looks mostly cloudy and cool with one more system on friday. thank you. this is encouraging. 4:19. who is coming in who is going at the white house? some new speculation fueled by president trump himself. coming up, the changes involving national security officials. this racecar driver is lucky
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to be alive. we will tell you what happened and talk about what is happening today with the driver's recovery.
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welcome back. 4: 22. today, a public meeting about a bike and pedestrian path. every day as many as 10,000 bicyclists and pedestrians could use this proposed walkway. the project will offer postcard
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views. the news group reports this path could cost up to $429 million. tonight local transportation leaders will hold an informational form that the metro center on beale street in san francisco. >> in the meantime city council will meet tonight to consider renewing a moratorium on marijuana related businesses. if it is renewed it will have exceptions for personal cannabis cultivation. under california law up to six plans are allowed indoors and there will be an exception for marijuana delivery services outside of pleasant hill. >> this is part of a deal david's bridal has reached. the company has been struggling in recent years and it blames changes in the wedding industry. they say they will continue to operate and customers can continue to shop in its 300
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stores nationwide. >> 4:23. the raiders are back in the win:. they beat the cardinals. the raiders jumped up to an early lead in the first. the cardinals came back. arizona took the lead before the raiders tied it up at halftime. the raiders trailed by one point with a couple of minutes left in the game. time running out -- here's the kicker. carson kicked a field goal and the raiders won the second game. >> they beat the cardinals 23- 21. they no longer have the worst record in the nfl. there were some hot exchanges. during the game derek carr made some mistakes. many conversations were picked up by the camera.
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we saw it at home. >> back-to-back timeouts -- this led to a penalty. in the end the head coach and the players said being emotional is a part of the game. >> that's the first time you've seen them. the first time it has happened. i said we are both competitors. we are competing hard. that's part of the business. we will have times where we clash and we are also very supportive of one another. i'm really proud of him -- he's has been through a lot. i'm glad he is our quarterback. >> i'm surprised it's the first time. it's not the first time we have been that way. we are both fiery. a lot of people don't see that in me -- but we are both fiery beautiful thing is, when we do that is never a demeaning thing. putting a finger. we are both yelling the same
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kind of thing. everything is good -- i promise. >> the raiders play next week on the road against the ravens. the warriors have a day off after being swept on their three-game road trip with texas. >> down the lane -- >> the warriors were in san antonio last night. they looked sluggish. once again they had green and curry out with injuries. the spurs led almost the entire game and the warriors loss. the last time they got swept on a road trip was five years ago. >> everyone is confident. we've been through stuff like this before. we just try to push through it.
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it's still early in the season. it has been a challenging week. the best thing is to get away a little tomorrow and regroup. to get back home and have fun and enjoy. >> yes, they got to keep playing. steph curry has been rolled out of the next game with his groin injury. draymond green hopes to return when the oklahoma city thunder are in town wednesday night. >> 817-year-old racecar driver will have surgery after this happened. a scary crash in china. the teenager from germany lost control going 170 miles an hour. the car flu into an observer's stand. fractured her spine. the car hit some photographers and race marshals. there were four others that
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went to the hospital. they are all expected to be okay. >> that's incredible. >> yes. i'm glad she's going to be okay. 4 28. i race against time in butte county. coming up, the potential problems facing the victims. i'm totally in favor of free press -- fair press when it's vague -- >> who gets to decide what's fair and what's not -- >> fake nwatch as president trump tried to defend his comments about the news media. fox2news this is mornings
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on 2. good morning it's monday, novemb cook. -- dave clark. and i'


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