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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 19, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PST

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>> sal is off today. we will keep an eye on this. welcome back -- monday, november 19. >> good morning i'm claudine one. sam koch has the day off. steve paulson does not. that is good. i am making some requests. >> we will get the message out. >> look for a change wednesday for the traffic pattern but not today. and our change on the smoke and the end of the dry stretch will also be wednesday. until then, spare the air. the air quality is not good and the levels continue to beuding it issome fog being reported. san jose and open -- tough to find the fog and that along
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with the higher clouds will make for an extremely hazy day with not enough of a breeze yet. it looks like this stretch of dry and wednesday with another system friday. the system in the south won't do much. the rain is on the way. it looks decent. finally some good amounts. usually the first system doesn't do anything but everything is on track for 1-2 inches of rain early wednesday. tomorrow we will have some haze and smoke with increasing clouds. into early wednesday that is when the rain will start going until the noon hour. then it will turn more rainy. this system looks pretty good as it wraps up. the system to the south is a high cloud producer. 30s and 40s and some temperatures will be trapped with higher clouds. upper 50s or low 60s. again northeast -- the easterly component still in place. maybe tomorrow will be the day.
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there is some hint of a southerly direction but not enough to scour things out. in two more days we will get some rain. >> cruise on the fire lines in butte county are getting mixed news. another fire victim has been found. that raises the number of deaths to 77. the firefighters have the camp fire 65% contained. it has burned 234 square miles and destroyed more than 10,000 homes and almost 15,000 other buildings are still threatened. the number of people reported missing is now about 1000. the search teams are worried about rain in the forecast. this will make it hard to find the victims. the rain will help the firefighters get control of the flames. hundreds of wildfire evacuees are still camped out next to a walmart in chico. many have lived in this tent city since the camp fire started november 8. over the
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weekend there were rumors that they would be kicked out of thi this is not true. >> the reason for these conversations regarding deadlines is out of a semblance of compassion, not out of anger. we can do better. >> some of the evacuees say they will move to a different parking lot and others say they will stay right there at walmart. here in the bay area we are feeling the effects of the smoky air. many schools are closed again today. maccarthur joins us live from san jose state. i know that you have been in all the different air quality. how does it feel this morning? wear it feels better here compared to yesterday when
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was in chico but the air quality is still not good in san jose. at the last check the air quality index was at 159. that is still the unhealthy category. still not good. san jose state has chosen to stay open, unlike a lot of campuses around the bay area. the campus closed thursday and friday because of how bad the air was in san jose. they reopened for classes and other activities saturday. it will stay open until thanksgiving. in a blog post they said they are in contact with air quality agencies to monitor the air and they made the decision to stay open because of improving conditions. the air is unhealthy but better than the index reported last week. the university responded to a host of concerns saying
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decisions to close are not made lightly. they encouraged students to avoid spending a lot of time outside and to see the doctor if they don't feel good. santa fe state is one of the campus is open. there are many that are closed including san francisco state, and all schools in the contra costa community college district. this is a short list. there are many campuses that are closed. at this time we have not seen anyone on campus yet. we saw one faculty member they came out of the building wearing a mask. if you have to come to work or school here we recommend wearing a mask. in san jose this morning, sara zenehnam. the state insurance commissioner will tour parts of paradise badly damaged by the camp fire. he will be in butte county
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today and meet with victims who lost everything. his office said they want to make sure that they get the help they need from insurance companies and educate them about protecting themselves from scammers. new information from fema on how they are getting money to the fire victims. the former official appeared on the 10:00 news explain the process for getting the money to the victims. >> the payments, electronically. as soon as they are approved, the money can be in the bank account for them to buy all kinds of things. it could be clothing or temporary housing or burial expenses. it can move quickly. 15,000 have registered with fema and 75% of them have been given full approval. those who don't have insurance will receive $34,000 from fema, $15,000 from the state, and 18 months of paid rent. it will be hard to find a place to live. in butte county, dies, the
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city with the most instruction, there is a 2% vacancy rate. there is very little housing in the county. they've got teams between local, state, and federal scouring the area to find what's available in the way of apartments and hotels. >> temporary housing can be brought in. first huge amounts of fire debris must be cleaned up and that may take months if not longer. pope francis is praying for the victims of the wild fire. he addressed this yesterday. he said he wanted to offer a special prayer to all those stricken by the fires in california. he went on to say that may the lord welcome the deceased into peace and sustain all those involved in the rescue efforts. this california senator toward the fire. she met with the firefighters and evacuees over the weekend. in a statement harris said, my
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heart aches for the families that lost everything. i am incredibly grateful to the firefighters who have been hard at work fighting these fires. 6:07. the cause of the camp fire has not been determined but pg&e said the transmission lines in the area bailed just before the fire started. calfire said the fire started north of a tiny town. the day after the fire broke out the state regulators report a transmission line was the origin. >> we are looking at a possible second origin. there are no further details. the investigation will take quite a bit of time as you can imagine. >> as for pg&e, they did not comment on the fire investigation but said our
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employees are fo supporting first electric when northern california is not the only part of the state dealing with wildfires. down south the woolsey fire is still burning in los angeles and ventura county. it has not grown since yesterday and it is 91% contained. calfire expects it to be under control by thanksgiving day. it has destroyed more than 1400 buildings. most of them were homes. thousands forced out of their homes are being allowed to return. evacuation orders have been lifted. a rain system is due to arrive this week. light rain could be helpful but heavy rain could be too much for the recently burned hillsides. >> we saw a lot of people that
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have been through mudslides after a fire. that was more traumatic in some ways than the fire. they were both upsetting but i'm afraid of the mudslides. >> the woolsey fire continues to burn in the hills with no homes. you casmoke now, we will show you the regional getaway options if you are looking for clean air. plus, adding a bike and pedestrian bridge. we will take a look at this proposal and the cost coming up in minutes. this is not a bed.
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come back to mornings on 2. it's just about 6:13. look at the traffic heading to the bay bridge. >> i did not cause the problem but i have been watching this. there is an accident on 80 at the maccarthur mays. on this offramp. you might the activity there. it is monday morning. sal is off today. a lot of people are not. this will make a slow drive going into the city. >> one person was killed and another injured in a crash on highway 4 in contra costa county. the collision was reported just before 9:30 last night on eastbound highway 4 west of the road offramp.
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one person was arrested. it's not clear what the charges are. three lanes were blocked for the investigation until 12:30 am today. 6:14. today the funeral for the man shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy in danville. ktvu learned his family will take legal action. the victim was shot after he tried to run down a deputy. the deputy was chasing him after getting reports about a suspicious man in a danville neighborhood. later's family released a statement saying we left him. -- we left him. he was kind and generous and enjoyed sports and being outdoor. he was often seeking different places to walk and explore and
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while the project would offer postcard views the bay area reports that this past could cost up to $429 million. local transportation leaders holding a forum tonight at six at the metro center on field 6:15. still talking about the smoke but steve paulson is talking about other things coming our way. >> yes, i'm here. they caught me by surprise. let's take a look outside. let's take a look at the graphics. hazy, smoky guys with high clouds from a system to the south that will add reduced visibility. smoky skies yesterday. tomorrow could be the transition day. the rain is arriving wednesday.
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usually the first system comes in later. they have to open the door for us. unhealthy levels will continue northeast -- central bay. all the way down to san jose. the last rain was seven weeks ago. it looks like by the 21st we will and that stretch with another system on the 23rd. what about after that? the end of november looks wet. that is still 10 days out and a lot can change but hopefully it won't change. >> here is the system to the south. high and mid-level clouds toward santa cruz mountains. haze and smoke today and fog showing up. you need a detective to find that. it is hard with all the smoke and haze. once the system gets in here tomorrow we will see a westerly breeze and we will have an with the projections on the rainfall
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look impressive north of ukiah. we will still get our fair share of one-2 inches but there will be some decent amounts stacking up to the north we will take whatever we can get. it looks pretty good. increasing clouds. tuesday will be another smoky, hazy day. we will see more in the way of low clouds and a southerly breeze picking up and early wednesday the system comes through taken is into the afternoon and it will turn more showery in nature. there is the system looking better. it will be an intense line going through but we will deal with out tomorrow. here are the high to mid-level clouds. this along with the fog is going to make tough visibility. 30s and 40s today. 30s morgan hill and upper 30s -- 30 degrees in the santa cruz sa santa clara and campbell are all in the 30s. here you go in the oakland berkeley hills.
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in the northeast -- about oakland zoo north and north northwest. the onshore breeze has yet to kick in and the offshore breeze continues one more day. if you are heading to the mountains it looks to be snow at the passes on wednesday. i will tackle this tomorrow as we get closer but 32-37 from ukiah to sacramento. more show and go down south but the high clouds will give us a limit on some of the temperatures. the forecast highs are coming in lower than projected. tomorrow 50s and 60s as we get the onshore breeze. rain is on the way wednesday and the next system friday with a break on the weekend. there has been a lot of talk about a staff shakeup at the white house. president trump fueling the speculation that is chief of staff among others could be shown the door. that could happen soon.
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doug luzader is live in washington dc with a look at the possible changes. good morning, doug. >>reporter: this the white house has seen a fair amount of turnover and there could be more to come. >> they may be on the verge of a major makeover. in an interview he wasn't tamping down the rumors that is chief of staff, john kelly, could be out. >> there are a couple of things that are not his strength. it's not his fault. john at some point want to move on. john will move on. >>reporter: john kelly was seen as someone who brought order but it has come at a price with a number of highly charged one in with other officials. a kelly protigi, kirstjen nielsen, could also be replaced among others. in congress democrats have some hiring decisions. will policy return as house speaker? behind the scenes she is
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twisting arms and more democrats are falling into line. >> she is a strategist. she has held them together. she raised more than half the money they took him to get the house majority. >>reporter: would she be able to cut deals with the president. one thing seems certain -- don't expect the president to moderate his tone. >> we have a lot of victories coming. if i go low-key we will not >>reporter: the question is, can he chalk up victories working with a democratic house that will be the key challenge. back to you. >> thanks, doug. the search continues for the man who disappeared during a 49ers game. it is too early to link a body found to the missing man. this racecar driver will have surgery today. this teenager from germany lost control going 170 miles an hour. amazingly, she survived.
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she fractured her spine.the hospital. they are expected to be okay. stay with us. we will be right back. ♪
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work, it is a little slow. here is a look at the maccarthur mays. we have a problem we have been watching. a vehicle blocking the number 4 lane. that is why it is red. this is at the 580-80 split. the vehicle is not drivable so they have to get it out of the way and that will not be great for the commute. the toll plaza looks slow as well coming in. it is a holiday week. it's monday. we are seeing a handful of problems. nothing too bad but it doesn't take much to make the commute much longer. hang in there if you are heading out on the roads now. >>reporter: raiders had another one. >> they jumped to an early lead
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but the cardinals came back. arizona took the lead and then the raiders tied it up at half time. oakland trailed by 1 point with a few minutes left and with time running out carson booted a field goal to get the raiders a second win of the seas. 23-21. there were a few heated exchanges between the quarterback and the coach. cameras were watching. derek carr made some mistakes and many conversations were picked up by the cameras. that included time to time back out -- timeout. but in the end they said being emotional is a part of the game. the lawyers have a day off after they were swept on their three game texas road trip. rebounding -- off-line -- down the lane --game.
6:26 am
they were playing the spurs. the team looked draymond green and steph curry will out with injuries. the walost 104-92. the last time this happened was >> we are confident. we have been through stuff like this before. we just try to push through. it is early in the season. it has been a challenging week. the best thing is to get away tomorrow and regroup. to get back home and have fun. >> steph curry has been ruled out of the next game. he has a groin injury. draymond green hopes to return from a toe injury wednesday night. >> still talking about the
6:27 am
smoky air. making the air quality bad. wh air quality is the most unhealthy and talk about when rain could help clear things up. despite the cold temperatures in threat of rain many evacuees are camping out in the state insurance commissioners plans to pay a visit today. more coming up. finally by wednesday morning we will get some rain and that will turn things around. until then a lot of high clouds and tough visibility. >>
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from ktvu fox2news this is mornings on 2. >> look at the timing -- the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. pg&e is in the spotlight. they had roller coaster numbers last week. we will continue to monitor this throughout the morning. good morning. it is monday, november 19 and i'm claudine long filling in for pam. >> good morning i'm dave clark. it's good to see her. it's cold outside. not as much smoke -- >> claudine, you sound better. >> yes, the breath of fresh air i've been looking for all week. >> smoke and haze another day. today will be another tough one.
6:31 am
air quality -- there are some areas of fog being reported. co it is going to be a tough day. there is not enough stirring up of the air. it is still northerly popping and a lot of smoke and haze men. hire clouds with this system to the south. this will give us high clouds. it's the system wednesday that will get some rain in here. haze and smoke with a lot of high clouds. there will be two systems. it arrives early wednesday morning. early wednesday. it looks decent. maybe 1-2 inches of rain. much higher to the north. right now the projections are 1- 2. tomorrow increasing clouds and by late tuesday there will be an increase in the fog and the wind will pick up and the rain arrives early wednesday.
6:32 am
it has been my experience that the first system comes in later, not sooner. i would plan on wednesday, not tuesday night. this will take us into early thursday before the next system arrives friday. this favors areas to the north. if you are going to the mountains -- at the passes or higher around 6000 -- starting around 7000. by the time you get to late wednesday it could be at the lake level or lower. this system has some cold air support. for us high clouds and hazy skies. temperatures 20s, 30s, and 40s. there are some 20s popping up. many 30s unless you are in the higher elevations. northeast at @ la speak nd hawk big rocket -- the easterly component is in place and it will turn tomorrow as the wind picks up from the south. 60s for the temperatures. back to you. with the rain this is good
6:33 am
news for the firefighters but it could slow down the search and rescue teams looking for victims. the teams have intensified efforts to find bodies or bone fragments for the ground and to the ashes turn into mud. the workers have been focusing on burned-out cars as well as bathtubs and mattress remnants inside homes that are just scraps of metal and concrete. the news from the butte county fire line is crammed. the death toll is now at 77. another 1000 are on the missing persons list. the fire has burned 234 square miles and more than 10,000 homes have burned. it is 65% contained. full containment is expected by the end of the month. many people who lost their homes have been camping out at a walmart in chico. leigh martinez is there now. leigh, i know the air is an issue. what is it like there? >> reporter: it must be uncomfortable for the people in
6:34 am
tents. the air quality is bad. choking, basically. take a look at the sky. you can see the smoke. this is an uncomfortable situation. at night the temperatures are dipping into the 30s with a threat of rain. despite this, people don't want to leave. walmart said they will not kicking -- kicked him out but they encourage people to move on before the weather gets worse. this sprung up as a distribution center for the fire evacuees. an estimated 52,000 have been displaced by the fire. lamarr says evacuees can stay but they have concerns about their health and safety with a colder temperatures and rain. we have a blankets covering our tent as well as
6:35 am
i have layers. >> i have been walking the street. it is cold. >> butte county said buses were provided sunday to transport evacuees to the fairgrounds and the shelters and to chico city officials say there is enough room at a shelter in gridley to house every person in the parking lot. the red cross is running six different shelters that will remain open while according to the officials. the state insurance commissioner will tour paradise today and meet with the evacuees. the first meeting will be at 11:00 in the chico mall which has become the disaster recovery center. in chico, leigh martinez. many people forced to evacuate gathered at the church in chico and they promised they will recover together from this devastating fire. some people at the vigil say
6:36 am
they know their lives won't be the same and not everyone will be able to cope with this. >> i have friends in their 80s. they said i'm not coming back. i can understand. it will be an arduous process. i'm not naove. i don't expect to be in a new home for two years. i don't expect a normal life 3- 5 years. others say they know that the homes can be rebuilt but the emotional damage may never go away. 6:36. poor air quality from the camp fire is still a problem. many schools are closed today because of the unhealthy air. the classes are not canceled at the university. one of the feclasses today. the campus was closed last thursday and friday but reopened for classes and other activities saturday.
6:37 am
the university said the decision is based on the air quality index which shows some improvement in san jose. schools remain closed include san francisco state, deanza college, mills college, and all schools in the contra costa community college district. the national park service closed many popular attractions because of the smoke in the air including alcatraz island. it includes the golden gate bridge welcome center. also the visitors center and the lighthouse are also shut down today. park service has suspended the outdoor education programs and all the organized outdoor walks. the presidio visitors center remains open. hotels and in business as people from the area try to find better air quality. reporting high occupancy rates over the weekend.
6:38 am
people in the bay area said they couldn't take the bad air any longer so they headed out of town to try to find fresh air. >> it's better appear. there is some smoke in the air. >> we have been inside all week. >> it was hard to stay inside with a toddler. >> the heir at lake tahoe is not perfect. you will see a smoky haze around the lake but it is significantly better than here. 6:38. the investigation goes on into the body discovered near levi stadium. police found a man's body near the marina in san jose saturday afternoon. it was about two and half miles away from the levi stadium. the speculation is this could be the man who disappeared from the stadium a week ago during the monday night game between the 49ers and the giants. howeve still waiting for the identification from the county coroner. is still too early to
6:39 am
connect saturday's discovery to the missing person's case. investigators have identified the girl killed in a weekend house fire in orinda. authorities say she died when the flames raced through the family home. she was a student at high school in orinda. her parents were out of town. >> our hearts go out to this family. this is a tragic event. we take this seriously. >> one firefighter battled second-degree burns and to others in the home were also injured. investigators are trying to figure out the cause of the fire. the high school principal said the candlelight vigil is planned for later in the week. 6:39. memorial wall dedicated to the children who died in the massacre in jonestown 40 years ago is on display in oakland. dozens gathered at the evergreen cemeteryd
6:40 am
photos of 305 shoulder and who died by jones november 18, 1978. this congresswoman was a young congressional aid when she was wounded in guyana that day. she was our guest yesterday on mornings on 2. >> i carry the scars. i had an injury the size of a football in my leg and my arm was injured. i'm also grateful. that was one of many traumas in my life. >> at the time of the attack she was with her boss, congressman leo ryan who was killed. along with several journals. she has written a book about this and other challenges in her life called undaunted. surviving jonestown d some encourage and hiding back.
6:41 am
hundreds of returning home in southern california after the wildfires. the new problems that many face as they worked to rebuild. the holidays are right around the corner. this could mean online shopping and delivering packages. how to avoid -- how to avoid people stealing packages from your doorstep.
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good morning. taking a live look at highway 24. the folks are trying to get through the tunnel. it is slow. slow through orinda then it will lighten up. going to the city when you the bridge will get some traffic there because they are trying to clear things out. it is a monday morning commute. on 92 westbound to the san mateo bridge there is a problem there. the right shoulder is blocked for an accident. a couple of cars hit each other. it will be slow and you should expect delays. 6:44. the aclu will challenge president trump's new restrictions on people who want asylum in the u.s. the lawsuit was filed friday. the aclu claims the new policy
6:45 am
violates federal immigration law. under these rules the people who illegally cross the border will not be eligible for asylum. only those who asked for asylum at official border crossings will be process. the trump administration said this policy is in the national interest and called it a necessary response to the caravan of migrants from central america heading to the u.s. border. hundreds in tijuana took to the streets protesting the caravan waving the mexican flag and yelling at people to go home. o are waiting to start the asylum process but the border inspectors are only processing about 100 claims every day. the mayor of tijuana said he expects as many as 10,000 and he said he doesn't have the
6:46 am
resources to handle this amount of people. >> an incredible video of a car crashing into put the police station in illinois. it happened last week in arlington heights. the driver lost control and smashed into the police headquarters. the car was filled with papers that flew everywhere. police quickly tracked down the driver. he ran away. he is now facing charges of reckless driving and driving under the influence. 6:46. more people say they plan to cook a small turkey. turkeys in the six pound range are becoming more common. bloomberg said shrinking family sizes and smaller gatherings is a part of the reason people are doing is when it comes to the turkey. >> i will not buy one. it would be too much. there are too few of us. >> a small turkey is about the size of the families.
6:47 am
the change in traditions -- according to the bureau last year 62% of the households had one or two people compared to 41% back in 1960. >> the crunch time is getting underway for postal service. they will deliver millions of packages the next five weeks. release our warning people to watch out for grinches stealing packages from the doorsteps. >> the problem is, the thieves know that you will have packages delivered and they know this is a time of year. we are trying to warn people what they can do to prevent this. >> you can protect yourself by having packages delivered to your stay on top of the mail tracking numbers so you know when the package will arrive. 6:47. it will soon look like
6:48 am
christmas at the white house. the official christmas tree arrives today. this is the video of the tree they cut down -- and 800 pound frazier for. it will arrive by horse and carriage to the first lady and president trump this afternoon. it will be on display in the blue room at the white house. two 49 pound turkeys are waiting for a presidential pardon at the white house tomorrow. there will be a twist. the public will have the power to choose which bird gets the pardon. you can make a choice online at the website of the white house. the interfaith winter shelter program is open. it allows men was nowhere to go to stay in the church seven consecutive nights. each overnight guest will be given dinner and breakfast. different churches host this shelter. the interfaith shelter program runs until the end of march. the smoke from the county fire is changing a tradition.
6:49 am
and anthony's in san francisco is changing the curbside the nation drive going to virtual. organizers say this is to protect the health of volunteers and donors. they don't want them standing and waiting. now instead of dropping it off you can select which food items you want to donate all online. >> 6:49. steve paulson is standing by. >> smoke and haze and tomorrow will be the transition day. there is some fog being reported -- a different twist -- it has been smoke and haze but santa fe had some fog and also the oakland airport. high clouds as well. this will be a tough visibility day. the levels went up in three locations and went down for one of the particular matter. another unhealthy quality today with all the levels over 150. with the high clouds coming in i think it will make it worse.
6:50 am
san rafael went up. oakland and san francisco went up. the east bay went down. still unhealthy. san jose wind up three out of four have gone up in the last couple of hours. the last rain was -- i had here. -- i had blonde hair. it is on its way but not today. higher clouds spinning in from central celica -- central california. for us will be haze and smoke with an easterly northerly component. early wednesday morning rain will arrive. there will be two systems, one wednesday and one friday. the one friday not as strong but the one wednesday looks pretty good. one-2 inches of rain. tomorrow will be the day when we will see more of a southerly breeze in advance of the front.
6:51 am
this will help with the air quality but the class won't arrive until late tuesday and wednesday morning overnight watch how this arrives. early wednesday. this could be an intensive cold front. heads up. if you have to work wednesday morning you might encounter some of this -- maybe some moderate to heavy rain. this will take us into the early afternoon and then it moves into the sierra. then it will be more shower he late wednesday into thursday. really, most of thursday looks to be okay and the next system arrives friday. if you are going to the mountains this will be a pretty good event about the pass is at 7000 down to 6000. above leg level 12-18 inches of snow in the ballpark. here is the system. it is tapping into some moisture so it is looking better with time. today and mid-level clouds and when they come in that will reduce the visibility even more. this will be a tough day.
6:52 am
our last tough day and we should see improvement tomorrow. 30s and 40s and 20s. a couple of 20s popping up. and east wind at last plus -- east at hawkeye. easterly component is in place. it is not changing today. hazy and smoky skies. 60s for the temperatures. tomorrow we will see some fog coming in and it looks like 50s and 60s as it starts -- tomorrow we will moderate air quality and it will return much nicer to work wednesday. rain will develop and we will have a break thursday with some showers and the next system will be friday and the weekend looks okay. can't wait. 6:52. a fantastic weekend at the box office for the latest movie. fantastic beast -- the crimes of grendel wall. >> they want to see the piece destroyed. >> this movie took in more than $62 million, less than the studio estimate but enough for first place.
6:53 am
the movie is set decades before the harry potter books the living rubble wizard. >> last week's movie was dr. seuss and they had a strong second week with 30 million in ticket sales. the movie has made 126 movie in the u.s. and bohemian rhapsody came in number three. 6:53. a new report about pay in silicon valley. the workers are seeing bigger checks and the ones that have seen their pay go down. first let's check in with gasia. good morning. coming up, while it is far from being a bargain real estate is dropping in price. the changes we are seeing that show the sellers market finally turning just a bit. also one of our dearest friends has a serious peanut allergy.
6:54 am
he and millions of others in the u.s. allergic have a glimmer of hope when it comes to managing their allergies without an epipen. a new drug that could allow them to eat small amounts of [ null ] without suffering a serious reaction. when we return.
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6:57 am
bridge. traffic is flowing. i see no major problems out there right now. we are watching all thos bridges wanted to give you a quick peek at the golden gate bridge. continuing with this around the bay area. a new report is out showing jobs in silicon valley pay less money. according to the mercury news tech workers unaffected but it shows employees of the middle income bracket are getting hit the hardest. seeing about a 12 to 14% salary drop over the past 20 years. tech workers have seen pay go down about 32% over that same period. the cost of living in the bay area also leading more poverty electric scooters are apparently disappearing from the streets of san francisco. thieves are stealing them.under pilot program to companies each
6:58 am
have prent up to 625 scooters. the san francisco chronicle says both companies are tightening security in response to the recent rash of scooter theft. they include combination locks and cables. american airlines flight attendants held protests out of the 15 major airports around the country including san francisco and miami. >> this demonstration was held on the 20th anniversary of american airlines flight attendant strike off the job for five days the airline could not operate. yesterday. it lines were not part of a strike. they say it was a rally calling attention to better conditions for passengers and better sickly policies for employees. american airlines has made no comment on the protest. well, space called off
6:59 am
the lunch. this would've been the first time that a rocket core would've been into the eighth. it was set for 10:30 am. it would've carried more than 16 small satellites from brandenburg air force base into orbit. and they haven't said why they have postponed but they did say that they plan to carry out more preflight inspections before they launch. bay area colleges are closing but one is open today. we will tell you why they decide to keep the campus open. >> well, the power failure around the time that the campfire began. we have an update into what started the deadliest fire in california history. good morning thank you for joining us. >> hello. >> good morning.
7:00 am
we have to say good morning to steve paulson, important stuff to tell you about the weather. >> wednesday, rain. >> it's good. >> finally. seven weeks. not only that but today will not be good. the levels have gone up. except for the east bay. they are still above average for concord and livermore. 50s, 60s, unhealthy levels. that continues some of it up san francisco and san jose went up. and, the last person to really be impacted by this. but, if you're one of those, it's been a tough stretch it will continue at least through that. and, it starts to pick up. san jose went up concord went down, but it's still an unhealthy level. this system is giving us a lot of high clouds and it's going to make for another tough visibility day that along with
7:01 am
a little bit of fog being reported.


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