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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 19, 2018 12:00pm-12:58pm PST

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tran05 afternoon -- starting wi the camp fire burning significa 66% contained today. 15 1000 acres 50 since friday. the death toll stands at 77 with more than 11,000 homes destroyed. another busy week for search and rescue as they search for the nearly 1000 that are still missing. with rain in the forecast there is a new concerns for some evacuees. >> hundreds are staying in tents outside a walmart in chico. what they to be facing and some say they don't want to leave.>>reporter: with temperatures dipping into the 30s at night the threat of possible rain some families are making difficult decisions. the walmart sprung up as a de
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facto distribution center in the first days after the camp fire's in paradise. hundreds have camped here for days in . one mother said she made a decision to travel seattle to stay with in and for a job is waiting but she is sending her daughter with her parents leaving for arizona. >> where we are there is contaminated well water. it's winter and it's no there. we can't have a baby there. i will spend thanksgiving without her and maybe christmas and new year's. i don't have the money to visit her. >>reporter: city officials say there is enough room in grizzly to house every person in the parking lot. several evacuees said they are not familiar with yuba are greatly and in a tent could >> a lot of the shelters have a virus going around.
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i will take my chances. i don't want to be pack they have strict rules of the shelters. i can do what i want. >>reporter: the state insurance commissioner is touring paradise and having meeting with the evacuees. >> leigh mateen is, fox2news. a bear the air alert continues because of dangerously high levels of smoke. many schools and parks will be closed class is not canceled at san jose state. school officials the decision to reopen is based on the air quality index which shows some improvement in san jose. >> we care about our students and faculty and staff. when we looked last week and saw what the readings were close getting into
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unhealthy, that is will be shut down the campus last week. we don't take that lightly. this campus has not been closed for a long, long time. >> schools that will include san francisco state and mills college and schools in the contra costa county community college district. the national park service has closed many bay area attractions including address and the golden gate bridge. at the visitor center and point bonita lighthouse they are also shut down today. they had suspended the outdoor education programs and all organized outdoor walks because of the smoke. the presidio visitors center is open. >> a slight improvement in the air quality. rosemary orozco said we are looking for rain soon. >> yes, another day or so until we get some relief.
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at the moment air quality is still unhealthy. ey. one strip along visibility is a little better and the air unhe sensitive groups. moving forward we aren't expecting a lot of change. here is a look at the visibility around the bay. a 2-mile visibility in and around most areas. 2-4 miles visibility will remain with us today. the wind is generally light. 13 miles an hour fairfield and napa 13. variable wind with the upper level flow continuing and we remain downwind of the fire. today we will go with hazy, smoky conditions with air quality just as bad, unhealthy around the region today. improvements are coming tomorrow and rain by tomorrow night.
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i will have a look at that coming up in little bit.>>reporter: the rain forecast for later this week is good for the firefighters but it could hamper the search and rescue teams looking for victims. they have intheir eftofoind bodies and bone fragments. the workers are focusing on burned-out cars and bathtubs and bathtubs -- mattresses and bathtubs. the woolsey fire has not grown since yesterday. it is 94% contained. calfire expect to get full containment by thanksgiving. three people have died and three firefighters have injured and 1400 structures have been destroyed. most of the structures are homes. thousands who were forced out of their homes in southern california are being allowed back home. all back in -- all evacuation orders have been lifted. rain is expected to arrive in the area later this week. light rain could be helpful for
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the firefighters but heavy rain could be too much for the recently burned hillsides. >> we that had been through the mudslide after the thomas fire. that was more traumatic in some ways than the fire. they were both very upsetting but i'm afraid of the mudslide. >> the woolsey fire has burned 96,000 acres. new information on the death of khashoggi. and what the president said during an interview on fox news. more controversy surrounding pg&e. we are learning about the two ports -- reports filed shortly before the camp fire erupted. there
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president trump is defending his choice of matt whitaker as acting attorney general despite the fact that [null] has criticized mueller investigation into the russia investigation. democrats say they will take action if whitaker tries to get involved in the investigation. >>reporter: president trump he didn't know about whitaker's past criticisms before he him as acting attorney general and afterward when he found out the president said it didn't have any effect on his decision. he told chris wallace sunday he doesn't take whitaker's past
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witticisms will have any impact on the investigation. >> he says there is no collusion. >> you what -- >> he said you can start the investigation. >> he's right -- there is no collusion. he happens to be right. he said it. if he said there is collusion -- that i wouldn't taken for two reasons. the number one reason is the fact that we would've been long. if he said there is no collusion he's week this congressman said his party plans to challenge the constitutionality city wasn't approved. he said if whitaker tried to do anything to curb the mueller investigation congress will expose it and take action. >> the biggest flaw is that he was chosen for the purpose of interfering with the mueller investigation and he auditioned for the part by saying he could hobble the investigation. ethically, he should have nothing to do with the investigation. new president trump said his legal team is going over the
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legal -- the questions and he expects them to be submitten fr in minimally cast -- count ballots. results voting equipment and the strea is to make sure that the process is transparent. a shakeup at the white house seems likely. he is fueling speculation the chief of staff could soon be out. we have the report from washington on the possible changes. >>reporter: if you months ago president trump said that his chief of staff, john kelly, would stick around through 2020, the remainder of this term. now maybe not so much. the white house may on the verge of a major makeover. in an interview was not tamping
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down rumors that is material t -- chief of staff could soon be out. >> is not his fault. at some move on. >> at a price and number of highly charged run-ins with other officials. a kelly protigi, kirstjen nielsen, could also be replaced among others. in congress democrats have hiring decisions on the horizon. nancy pelosi -- will she return as house speaker? behind the scene she is twisting arms one by one and more democrats are willing into line. >> she is a strategist. she has held the democrats together. she raised more than half the money they took in to get the house majority. >>reporter: which he be able to cut deals with the president
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one thing is certain -- don't expect the president to a his tone. >> we have a lot of victories coming. if i go low-key we will not have those victories.>>reporter: the president this weekend was in favor of pelosi saying that he would deliver republican votes if needed to get her the speaker's gavel once again. in washington, doug luzader. president trump said he has been briefed by the cia about the assessment of the killing of khashoggi. the cia has concluded that the saudi crown prince ordered the killing of khashoggi. he had written articles critical of saudi leaders. the government has repeatedly denied having anything to do with the killing. in an interview over the weekend president trump was asked if he believes the crown prince is lying about his involvement. >> how will anybody really
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know? he did have people that were reasonably close to him and they were probably involved. you saw that we put on massive sanctions on a large group of people from saudi arabia. at the same time we have an ally and i want to stick with an ally that in many ways has been good. he said he has been briefed on the content of an audio according of khashoggi's murder inside the consulate interview but that he doesn't want to listen to the tate. the aclu is challenging trump's new restrictions on people seeking asylum in the u.s. they argue that the new policy violates federal immigration law. under the new rules people across the us-mexico border illegally won't be eligible for asylum. only those who ask for asylum and official border crossings will be processed. the trump administration said that the policy is in the national interest and a necessary response to the caravan from ceerica
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heading toward the u.s. border. hundreds of people in tijuana took to the streets to protest the migrants. they waived the mexican flag and yell for them to go home. thousands of migrants are waiting to start the asylum process but the u.s. border inspectors are processing only about 100 claims per day. the mayor of tijuana said he expects as many as 10,000 muggers to come to his city. he does not have the resources to handle that number of people. we have incredible audio to share of a car crashing into a police station in illinois. take a look and you'll see what the cameras capture. the seventh last week in arlington heights. police say the driver lost control and smashed into police headquarters at top speed. the car was filled with papers and they flew everywhere second after the crash. police say they tracked down the driver and he ran away. is now facing charges of
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reckless driving and driving under the influence. let's check during this holiday week people are excited about the reciprocation heading our way. >> that's right. will the rain and snow occur when we are trying to travel? at this point we are happy to see the rain on the horizon. here is a look at over san francisco where we have the hazy skies and smoky conditions today and air quality is expected to be unhealthy. there is one area around santa rosa and portions of the northbay wear it is slightly better. a good idea to stay indoors or have the n-95 mask if you are outside. we have a system approaching southern california spreading the cloud cover into our area. in addition to the hazy conditions we have clouds today. outside of that, not a big impact. the bigger
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we get into tomorrow night and wednesday morning. right now we have a little bit then onshore breeze at the surface and we got the offshore breeze at the higher levels. so, we are stuck in the same predicament. going into tuesday night and wednesday when the system approaches the coastline wins at all levels will turn onshore and that is really going to help us out in addition to the rain helping to clean us out and help with the firefight. here is a look at wednesday morning. the first system moves through and by thanksgiving day we will be in between systems. we will call for scattered showers thursday for turkey day and into friday morning there is the next system moving ashore. it will be a little soggy wednesday, thursday and friday. right now the weekend looks dry. as far as rainfall amounts anywhere from 1-2 inches. perhaps a little more for the hills. that is great news. in the meantime we got the air quality advisory continuing
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into tuesday with little change today. improving weather tuesday but then again we need the rain by wednesday. temperatures right now are cold around the bay area. mid 60s for the inner east where we have for more and concorde. for the afternoon the temperatures won't change, remaining in the 60s. here is a look at the extended forecast. temperatures will begin to cool wednesday. again, we are looking forward to the rain and the sierra some snow. i will have the details coming up. the to come, i can sure that everyone has a hot meal on thanksgiving. the effort in san jose to help hundreds of those in need. on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday.
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i wish we had better the dow red and we are 40 minutes away the clothes and it is off -- 320 points lower. not the lowest it has been all session. the s&p had an identical drop and the nasdaq almost by 2.5%. the nissan motors chairman, carlos ghosn has been arrested after an investigation found that he underreported his income to the japanese financial authorities. ghosn reportedly made nearly $89 million between 2010-2015 reported that he made $44 million. before his arrest the board of directors released a statement saying he had been removed as
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chairman. a you days away from thanksgiving. a box distribution is underway at sacred heart. this is designed to help families offset the cost of preparing holiday meals. tow midmorning sacred heart open the doors for the food box distribution program. it was a beehive of activities. i see a long line and boxes and food. how does this work? >> we have people coming from behind you to work with the volunteers. we are getting tickets and now they come this way and they will give tickets to the volunteers and the volunteers will help with the food box as well as picking a turkey or chicken or ham.>>reporter: this talk about the boxes. i see produce another thing. what's in the box? >> everything -- can't both and being and rice and fresh produce and vegetables and bread and milk and eggs and oil and a turkey.
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on>>to doing this you anticipate handing out 4200 food boxes and you will do this in december -- about another 3000. >> yes, this is part of our annual program. in december we will do 3200 holiday boxes as well as the annual toy box to division. we want to make sure that our families have joyful holiday season. >>reporter: tell me how much this helps families. it is expected to live here. >> yes, our members are spending 80% of their paychecks on red and the food box will save them $100 at the grocery store. this is huge given the high cost of living. >>reporter: if somebody wants to donate or volunteer, what can they do? >> visit our website for all the information and you can make it financial donation or drop off the turkeys or have a food drive or toy drive in your community. >>reporter: these shifts go today and tomorrow and
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wednesday until 5:00yes. we appreciate your time. have a great thanksgiving. i will not see you until after the holiday. as she said you can check the website to donate or come down and help. south san jose reporting. the smoke from the butte county fire is changing a tradition. saint anthony's is introducing virtual curbside. organizers say this is to protect their own tears from the smoke. now instead of dropping off a turkey or bag of groceries you can select the items you want to donate to saint anthony's on the website. firefighters in butte county are making some progress but there is rain in the forecast slow down the search for victims and cause problems for thousands of evacuees with no tragedy in the east bay -- we are learning about a 16-year- old killed in a house fire in
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orinda over the weekend.
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in bute county there are thousands of their homes because of the camp fire. some lost everything. >> hundreds are at the fema assistance summer receiving
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help from the government assistance. we have more on this. >>reporter: yes, this help is desperately needed. good afternoon. the disaster recovery center at the chico mall has been buzzing with activity ever since it opened friday. it is a one-stop shop where fire survivors can apply for federal aid and get information about housing grants and insurance and replace there will drivers license or just have a therapy dog. they can also provide a dna sample to speed up the identification process of burned remains. fire officials say the number of people unaccounted for has dropped 993, down from almost 1300. officials they -- see the numbers will fluctuate as they remove duplicate as people on the list mark themselves as safe. in the burned-out neighborhoods the search crews and cadaver dogs are stepping up efforts before what weather arrives
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tomorrow night making it harder to uncover the remains. despite the coming rain and cold temperatures scores of evacuees living at an encampment of the chico walmart refusing to leave even though most of the resources there last week have been phased out. fire and evacuees they don't want to be uprooted and others say say they don't want to risk contracting norovirus. this illness has spread through several evacuation centers thickening more than 100. officials in chico are facing the challenge of maintaining safety and security while managing a huge influx of suddenly homeless people. in terms of federal aid it is lowing. more than $3.5 million are in the hands 12,000 households that have registered fema here in butte county. the numbers will grow. back to you. claudia, thank you. pg&e is working to restore power for community said by the
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campfire. the cause of the camp fire has not been determined that the day after the fire pg&e reported a transmission line had malfunctioned. and as mike tells us calfire is looking into this and more.>>reporter: within 2400 employees and contractors are in the middle of the burn so today working to restore power to the communities like paradise. for this resident he saw his home go up in flames. >> i watched them hit the ground. god bless them. hope fema will us out because a lot of us just paid rent. we don't have any more money. >> pg&e has filed two incident reports the public utilities commission indicating a irruption -- an interruption in power before the fire erupted four nearly 10,000 homes and
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turning them into rubble. calfire is the lead agency investigating how and when and where this fire started. >> we are looking at a possible y. again, there are no details that can be released. the investigation will take quite a bit of time as you can imagine.>>reporter: as the deputy chief scott mclean captured this video as flames surrounded his vehicle. the black smoke it was so thick it turned day into night. today we found one investigator on the scene in paradise looking for clues as to what started the fire and this is described as a thorough, meticulous investigation. pg&e did not comment on camera today been in a statement they said our employees are focused on supporting first responders and returning gas and electric service when and where we can. meanwhile the camp fire means active with more than 5600 firefighters in the burn so including strike teams from the
12:32 pm
sacramento fire department. >> we have multiple crews assigned to this there 24/7. they are still doing the fighting. need. today they drop off items that may have been overlooked. things such as luggage, toiletries, reading glasses and betting. the store or said she is motivated to do this after hearing is about the devastation in county. >> i was sitting in my car again about this. people are sleeping on the ground in a parking lot intense and i decided there is something i need to do. >> the donations will be delivered to the hope center shelter today. people came together at the first christian church in chico last night. as the reporter explains they say they can rebuild but the
12:33 pm
community will never be the same. ♪ how does one overcome the unimaginable -- the loss of life, loss of homes, the loss of a town? >> ♪ >>reporter: for thousands of camp fire survivors who called paradise home there is no going back to how it was. a week and a half after the devastation began the future remains distant. it seems like i am frozen in time. everything is moving forward but we are stuck where we are. that is nowhere right now. >>reporter: sunday evening the town came together in chico at the first christian church. the vigil was a chance to grieve. grieve together. >> it is unbelievable. the days run together.
12:34 pm
i can't believe it has been a week and a half.>>reporter: the mayor of paradise the magnitude of what is happened has not hit reflection. saturday she was with president trump as he saw firsthand the scale of destruction. >> he said we have to help these people. these are my people. that blew me away. we are all americans and we are all in this together.>>reporter: coming back to paradise as one is not a reality for all. after losing her home she has been living in reading and if her family moved back some day she believes it would not be to the same paradise they have called home for 20 years. >> there is no towel left. it will be different. it will be modern. it n'live in a town that is
12:35 pm
burned. it is a sign that it's time to go. the pope addressed thousands in st. peter's square yesterday and said he wanted to offer a special prayer to all those stricken by the fires in california. pope francis went on to say the lord the deceased into his piece and comfort family members and sustain all those involved in the rescue efforts. firefighters are trying to learn what started a house fire in orinda they killed a 16-year- old. the fire broke out in a home before 4 am yesterday. elissa harrington has the story. >>reporter: down this driveway is the home where a house fire killed a 16-year-old girl. firefighters were called just before 4 am. people were trapped inside and the crews went into rescue them. >> we made entry through the rear and got 10 feet inside and at that point the fire flashed
12:36 pm
-- everything was combustible.>>reporter: the intensity scorched the firefighters and this is what the responding crews were wearing -- flames burned through one firefighters jacket causing second-degree burns. a man and a miner escaped the home but the teenager did not. >> our hearts go out to the family. this is a tragic event. this is one the one that we take seriously.>>reporter: the victim was a student in high school. >> this is a tragic loss for the city of orinda. this is a close-knit community. >>reporter: the police chief said the superintendent has been notified and they will provide counselors when students return after thanksgiving break. the cause of the fire is under investigation. her parents were not home at the time. i heard from the principal of the high school said a candlelight rime is being planned for later in the week.
12:37 pm
in orinda, elissa harrington. >> the girl has been identified as a student at miramonte the high school orinda intermediate school and she has two siblings that attend school in the city of orinda. a special bulletin sent to the family writer as it dutiful young woman radiated light and love to all that were fortunate enough to know her. they say the community in orinda is helping the family during this difficult time. today a man shot and killed by sheriff's deputies will be laid to rest. the family plans to take legal action. authorities say arboleta was shot after he tried to run down a concert across drop county deputy. he was chasing him after receiving reports about a suspicious man. arboleta 's family released a
12:38 pm
statement saying we left him despite his struggles with mental illness. was kind and generous and he enjoyed sports and being outdoors often seeking places to walk and explore and just breathe fresh air.>>reporter: the truck administration once to add a waste into the 2020 census asking all people if they are a u.s. citizen. as david lee miller this question has created a lot of controversy.>>reporter: mandated by the constitution every 10 years the government is required to hold a national headcount. as a part of the 2020 census the trump administration was to ask people if they are u.s. citizens. new york joint by 16 other states are fighting this in court to the question off- limits. >> we feel the trump administration is trying to politicize the census. 4 supporters say american values are at's about ideological warfare. >>reporter: the lawsuit said this will scare immigrants from taking part and as a consequence certain areas could
12:39 pm
lose congressional seats and federal money. >> the trump administration is trying to restrict the rights of immigrants and they are willing to go as far as to uit. advocacy group that wants this question said the information would be used to protect voting rights and accuses critics of unfairly charging racism. >> this is what they do when they run out of arguments. they start to say it is racist. they are afraid that we will get a better handle on the problem of illegal immigration because right now we have a pretty good sense that it is occurring but we don't have exact information. that is what the plaintiffs are afraid of. it runs against their brought agenda.>>reporter: the judge will render a decision in about 2 weeks. no matter what he decides each side says likely it will go to the supreme court. york,> the oakland got
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home a victory carr and gruden and, when rain could finally fall here in the bay area.
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the rain coming wednesday has a bit of a double-edged sword. we need the moisture the people living in tents don't need the rain. >> yes, wednesday is also a big travel day and we have rain and sierra snow in the forecast. and black friday for all the folks rain in the forecast. we needed. take a look outside the door at this hour -- we got cloud cover rolling in -- thanks to his system the southern california coastline. outside of that a lot of change coming with the system. we are waiting for the systems here. expecting to bring rain late tuesday into wednesday. sierra snow by wednesday
12:44 pm
half hour air quality isn't much better. just as bad -- another unhealthy day. the north bay and east bay to the south bay. the first system will bring us rain and it looks like we may get a bit of a low thanksgiving day. just a few showers. the second wave friday. here is a look at the future cast. a little bit of cloud cover in addition to the smoke and haze man. here is a look at wednesday morning where most of california all the way through the central coast beginning to see the rain. hopefully everybody will see some of this. it will be good for fighting the fire but the big concern is for the folks that don't have a place to stay. here is a look at friday -- the next system moving in. and this anywhere from 1-maybe that is good news. winter travel is expected wednesday. it will start wednesday
12:45 pm
afternoon and go all the way to late wednesday night. the snow will put up to 6500 feet. the peaks could pick up at foot of snow. that's good news. back to today, and helping air quality today to be slightly better tomorrow as we transition. temperatures in the upper 50s to 60s around the bay area. not much temperatures -- without much of a warm up into the afternoon. take a look -- a lot of 60s. here is a view of the extended forecast. dry and smoky and hazy today and dry tomorrow a bit of an improvement as the wins turned on sure. by wednesday morning what weather and thursday mostly back to you.nother system friday the 49ers had a bite and the raiders are back in the win column after beating the cardinal -- the cardinals. >> wide open -- derek cook for
12:46 pm
the raiders. >> they jumped out to an early lead but the cardinals would bounce back in arizona took the lead and then the raiders tied it at 14 before the half. oakland trailed by 1 point with a few minutes left. carr led a nice drive and the kicker, carson, nailed a 35- yarder. the final was 23-21. there were a few heated exchanges between carr and gruden during the game. many conversations were picked up by the camera. at one point gruden appeared frustrated that they had to call timeout resulted in a nola. at the end the coach and the player said being eml is a part of the game. >> that's the first time you've seen it, but it's not the first time it is happened. we are both competitors. we are competing hard. that's part of the business. we will have time will be clashed. we are also supportable one another. i'm proud of him. he has been through a lot and
12:47 pm
i'm glad he's our quarterback. >> they play next against the ravens on the road. the wires have a day off after being sweat -- swept on their road trip. >> off-line -- down the lane -- >> they were in san antonio playing the spurs. the second game of a back to back and the team looked sluggish. once again draymond green and steph curry were out with injuries. the warriors lost. the last time they got swept on a road trip up three games or more was five years ago. >> everybody is confident. we have been through stuff like this before. we just try to push through it. it's still early in the season. it has been a challenging week. the best thing is to the way tomorrow and regroup. to get back home and have fun.
12:48 pm
>> steph curry has been ruled out for the next game with a going injury. draymond green hopes to return when oklahoma city is in town wednesday night. still to come, are you getting ready to hit the road for the thanksgiving holiday next if so, you are in good company. just how many are expected to travel on the roads and in the heir and how much you will have to pay at the gas pump.
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12:50 pm
the resort in southern california has been transformed to usher in the holiday season. even attractions like a small world has been reimagine. we have a look inside.>>reporter: the sts tree 60 feet tall and 1500 decorations. a favorite spot for the perfect photograph. also a sign that the holidays have arrived. how does the happiest transform
12:51 pm
happiest place on earth we will find out. >> this transformation brings in guests by the thousands every day. this turn the themepark into a holiday playground. several attractions get a wintertime makeover. it's a small world features seasonal physics across 10 scenes and the toys and dolls represent children celebrating the holiday traditions of countries around the world. and sleeping beauty's winter castle hope a fireworks spectacular and icicles and tweaking in lights. a favorite viewing spot for the >> people come from all over just to watch this. you can see mickey mouse and donald and chip and dale. then of course the man in red appears at the end.
12:52 pm
wear center visits every day for pictures with boys and girls. no matter how old you are. >> will kids on the noting -- the naughty list get a photo option? yes, i believe in giving a second chance. >>reporter: he next appearances through december 24. exclusive disney were to die is a drama -- ugly christmas sweaters are a big ticketcorati and savory treats created for chrihanukkah and kwanzaa in mind. >> this is delicious -- and michroom. azing. looking at the sweetness and the peppermint and the crunchy cookie -- a macaroon you can't
12:53 pm
go wrong. >> this is a street party with a christmas celebration inspired by spanish and south american traditions. you don't want to miss this. is music -- drummers and our hosts. this features more than 60 world-class musicians and dancers putting on six shows per day. nearby radiator springs has got a full holiday makeover with the decorations at each location reflecting the personalities of the characters who live there. >> these festivities go through january 6. in 2019 look for special events celebrating mickey's 90th birthday. back to you. people with allergies to peanuts can overcome severe reactions with
12:54 pm
a long-term treatment program. researchers treated children with life-threatening reactions to peanuts and experimental drug and they helped build a tolerance over time. after one year two thirds of the patients could tolerate two peanuts a day. scientists say this is not enough to allow them to eat peanuts whatever they want but enough to prevent a severe reaction to peanuts. this drug is under development by a company based in san mateo county. fire crews had been battling wildfire looking for remains for more than week. today we will speak with a doctor from ucsf studying the long-term effects on toxic chemicals on the fire personnel. details on this study and the findings today. a couple of minutes away from the closing bell -- the dow jones is down more than 440 points. apple anmicrosoft and amazon
12:55 pm
sustaining some of the worst losses and facebook also fell sharply by 6%. the nasdaq is down more than 3%. if you are traveling for thanksgiving expect busy roads and airports. aaa said 54 million will travel for the holiday. 2.5 million more than last year and the highest number we've seen since 2005. record 30.6 million are expected to fly on u.s. airlines over the thanksgiving holiday. millions more to get to their destination by car and train. the sunday after thanksgiving is expected to be the busiest day of travel. it will be a little less expensive to drive compared to what it was earlier this month. aaa reports the average price for a gallon of gas has dropped by -- six cents. in the bay area we are paying $3.75 and the lowest was in santa rosa -- summer dashe sent
12:56 pm
josi and santa rosa. a public meeting is taking lace for a new bike and pedestrian path. as many as 10,000 bicyclists and pedestrians could use the proposed walkway. this project would offer postcard views and this group report that the path could cost up to $430 million. local trepidation leaders are holding a forum tonight at 6 pm at the metro center beale street in san francisco. thank you for joining us. keep in mind we are expecting we will be here to help you through the commute. our news continues on have a great day on this monday before thanksgiving. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m.
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fears? if you could eat a cloud, a healthy cloud? we had the medical unit look into this. >> i use these, but i don't trust these. dr. oz: you have your burning health questions, and i am finding out the answers. coming up next. >> ♪ dr. oz: are y'all ready for season 10? >> yeah! >> ♪ >> i love you, dr. oz. >> ♪ is coffee really good for you? >>


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