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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 20, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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coming up next at 11:00 -- >> these kids have had no p.e. outside at school. they're looking forward to run around. >> clearing the air. an approaching rain storm is expected to clear the skies from the first fire still burning in butte county. >> the 11:00 news starts now. >> . almost two weeks of poor air quality should be coming to an end. >> the rain is expected to arrive some time overnight. it should pave the way for cleaner air here. for many in the viewing area the air quality index has improved up to mod a.take a look at this. this is the view of the golden ga to how it looked last friday on the left. chief meteorologist, bill martin, is here to tell us more about the timing of the rain. yeah, big break here, the rain moves in clearing out the
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air quality. the coastal area could see three and a half inches, around the bay inch to inch and a half. up here in the burn zones we could see five to six inchs of rain in the butte county area. there are two systems, one coming tomorrow and the next one on friday. thursday, thanksgiving, we veal a bit of a break. with the heavy rain accumulations in the burn zones a flash flood watch is in affect. this is the system we're tracking, system one, and system two, here it comes. let me show you how it looks on the satellite and radar. by lunch time the system has move into the central part of the bay area. with this moving on shore the smoke is gone for the most part. nicer day air quality wise with rain around the corner. >> bill, thank you. the thanksgiving travel rush is
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already underway tonight. man, look at this. this is what it looked like on i-80 tonight as a lot of folks hit the road. >> aaa says more than 54 million americans will travel 50 miles from home between now and sunday. jana is live at sfo. jana this, is projected to be the busiest year for travel since 2005. >> reporter: workers here at sfo say it was a really busy day. there were also delays due to bad weather here on and the oso coast. they say tomorrow those could continue with the wet weather moving in. >> reporter: as san francisco international airport some travelers face add schedule board full of flight delays and crowded planes. >> very busy. every flight was full. they had the typical please check your bags with us because there won't beryan arrived
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from florida and was waiting for his granddaughter from boston. her flight was delayed due to bad weather. >> my daughter said i might need a mask. >> >> reporter: the added challenges this holiday aweek's worth of hazardous smoke from the butte county wildfire that had some eager for a breath of fresh air. >> these kids have been couped up. no p.e. outside at school so they're looking forward to running around. >> reporter: this family thankful to be heading to colorado but found their plans changed when their friends were left. they moved their up by a we to get out of it. >> reporter: sfo officials say they're increasing staff to keep things moving but weather has caused delays. >> we've been experiencing delays everyday as a result of the poor air quality.
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boston, newark, some in canada seeing delays because of weather conditions. >> reporter: one airline even sent offering complimentary flight changes due to the weather. i was supposed to come home from college on friday. i was supposed to fly out of syracuse but there was really bad snow storm. the next flight was sunday. >> reporter: sfo officials recommend that you check in online and pre pay any baggage fees before they get here to airport. that can help them avoid some of the long lines. julie, with the rain coming they say it's important to leave yourself get to the airport. >> the approaching rain storm could bring more misery to butte county where so many lost
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their homes and more in the recent fire there. is also a danger of mudslides. debra is in chico where evacuees are well aware of the cold wet forecast. >> reporter: yeah, frank, they are. they're getting out of this oncoming weather. they have been coming by this campground here outside the walmart store. they have been loading people up. there were about 300 staying at its peak and now they're down to about 80. everybody is doing what they can to get ready. bedding down for the night means stuffing under tents that appealing for some. >> they're not that clean. there the a lot of the bed >> redown the street the
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disaster facility center. they have not been allowed inside barricades to sift through the ashes or retrieve unburned cars. we have not been allowed up there to assess damage. >> i was really preparing for the fire. i didn't think about rain so i didn't cover anything or protect anything. >> five by eight plate window looking out at the garden. >> reporter: some survivors got home to stay. even with his truck, tools and house gone, keith bristow came back with a friend, spent one night sleeping in his truck until church friends showed up with a pink slip to a suv.
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>> it was cozy and warm and i got a good night sleep last night. >> reporter: he'd rather be here with his dog. they candidate be separated, not -- sheltering in a field, embers everywhere. >> it was scary. i still see it when i close my eyes at night. >> reporter: even if rain turns bristow's place muddy, the solitude seems soothing to him. people have different reasons to go it alone. the six red cross sheller, three full and the two that do have space are a half hour away. that's another reason the campers may not want to leave. when it burns down it's still your community. >> you can't help but think about how tough this thanksgiving is going to be for
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so many people. >> it's going to be difficult. people are scattered all over the region. there is so much displacement regulate now but displacement right now. they will serve some 15,000 evacuees a turkey dinner. sierra nevada brewing is involved along with the university. they want to make sure everyone feel they're cared for and being fed on thanksgiving. >> that is outstanding. >> cal fire says its crewsen continue to make progress fighting the fire to. night the campfire is 75% contain udoh. the death toll has risen by two to 81 people. the number of missing rose to 870. the butte county sheriff's office says detectives added more names to the list after working through a backlog of voice s.
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officials say a staggering 12,637 homes have been destroyed. >> state law make reyes working on a bill to protect pg&e over possible bankruptcy from the state's wildfires. it would allow the utilities to pass along some of the cost to customers. one called it a thanksgiving gift to pg&e. they say their focus is helping customers recover. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the fire with updates on air and on our website, on wall street, stocks extended their losses. nasdaq down 119 and the s&p 500 last 49. tecklenburg shares were hit especially hard sending apple
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and others into correction territory. they say the slump follow as year of big gains. >> big, big run-up in 2017 and now we're seeing correction. it has a lot to do with the privacy of other companies and bricking the tech down to a nor malization. >> he said the traders are worry about the impact of the future interest rate hikes. >> >>: president trump asked about launching prosecutions against hillary clinton and james comey. according to the new york time, former white house council told the president he had no authority to order such prosecutions. he advised president trump it could lead to impeachment. >> >>: a judge blocked the trump adminiorder that asylum to people crossing the southern
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border at non-sanctioned of entry. they temporarily blocked the policy that targets the people traveling in the huge migrant caravan from central america. the judge said how someone comes to this country should bear little weight in the asylum process. >> it's a really important day for them because it means they'll be able to apply for a i cy lum. >> the judge's order is temporary, only in effect for a montwood. the trump administration says they'll continue to fight it in court. >> one billionaire is one step closer to launching presidential bid in 2020. he announce add series of town halls in key states. it will focus on what sire calls the five, education, voting right, economy, healthcare. he fund add multimillion dollar
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ad campaign calling for the impeachment of president trump. still to come, workers on edge after a store is robbed at gunpoint twice in one week. >> i'm somebody afraid to go to work at my minimum wage job. why this worker says the management is not taking safety seriously. >> >>: plus a warning from the cdc tonight about romaine lettuce and you're encouraged to throw it away. and we're tracking the weather, right after the break.
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. employees at an oakland bed bath and beyond store say they're concerned for their safety following two armed robberies in less than a week. paul chambers spoke with one employee who says the company is not doing enough to protect workers. >> are this bed butt and beyond has been the scene of two armed robberies this month. this woman agreed to supreme to us as long as we didn't show her face. she told us about the first robbery that happened to a co-
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worker, a woman in her 80s. she is a signature duck because she sits on a stool. she he pretended to buy something >> reporter: according to oakland police it happened last tuesday around 11 oh clock in the more thanking. the store closed for a few hours but reopened later that day. >> no security protocol change. the security guards are there for show. they just wear a jacket. they're not allowed to detain anyone. >> reporter: nearly a week later they were robbed bid a different person. it was around 6:00 monday be evening and done in a similar tarboro on the the first. the suspect came in armed with a weapon, demanding money and leaving on foot. no one was physically injured but the worker says the emotional pain is there and going to do anything other than create a
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situation where someone could potentially get hurt and this person could very well be a customer who is innocently shopping. >> i reached out to bed bath and beyond but did not get a response. they have leads in the case and don't believe they're related. >> in san jose, a judge today sentence add former teacher to eight months of house arrest for a child pornography arrest. the man and his twin brother were arrested on similar charges. clinton was a p.e. and track teacher. his twin brother is clinton seen here on the left with the mustache. a chpd officer is back on the job tonight, ten months after
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both legs were broken in a dui accident. the officer was helping on the side of the road when a speeding suv slammed into a pickup truck. the truck hit him crushing his legs. >> a nationwide ecoli outbreak prompted the centers for disease control to issue a warning about romaine lettuce. they say you should not buy it, order it in a restaurant and if you have it at home throw it out. they're asking retailers not to sell it. today we found it in the produce section of the safe way at the marina. >> i will throw it away when i get home. thanks for letting me know. >> reporter: hold off on buying it while.
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that's ecoli30 people have been sick. >> a market neighborhood create add traffic hazard today at howard and 12th. a delivery truck reportedly spilled about 25 to 30-gallons of oil on the roadway a.motorcyclist was injured after slipping on the oil. it caused several cars to slide. nearby streets were shut down for a brief time. firefighters used a powder to soak up the oil. >> as the air quality improve, the tractions between the goldsen gate recreational area reopen tomorrow. alcatraz, near woods and more will reopen tomorrow. south wipeds that are getting starting to whisk the smoke off we talked about earlier. a lot of the smoke is out to
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the east coast in the upper atmosphere. here is system number one and here is system number two. we're getting ready to get rain in the next nine n hours. you can see no fog for sure out there. there is system one, there is system two. there is the break in the middle. that is thanksgiving. that works out well. little dash line in the middle, that's thursday. sometimes it's probably hard to think back to last winter but this is a nice pattern. impulse, break, impulse. the break in these patterns can be superfluous. you get a little rain and then a cool clear pattern. the air quality on thanksgiving will be stunning. it'll be a great day and friday with more rain coming. friday looks to be the wettest of the two systems. an inch and a half of rain in
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parts of the bay area. the fire zone, butte county, re there time tomorrow, the bulk of the system. morning commute is damp. afternoon commute is wet on the roads. here comes thursday morning there. is thursday afternoon into the evening so a little bit of something late in the day on thursday and then friday it lights up again. the model will vary a little bit and you see the frontal passage late friday evening. so with that said that gives you a winter weather advisory in the mountain which will turn into a winter storm warning above 6000 feet thursday night snow up high on the mountain. good weather pattern for us. you talk about concerns in the paradise area and things like
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that, the topography is on allah va flow. it is part of the cascades so it's built on allah va flow so i'm not worried about the mudslides but you still have the run off. >> sounds like a ton of rain up there. >> they always do. that's typical. >> think of all the people out there sleeping in tents and cars. coming up, the warriors kevin durant is being fined $25,000. it all has to do with what he said right here to a fan during game over the weekend. >> $9.3 billion in unclaimed property. it is a story you'll find at ktvus find out how to search the
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database at that's coming up rain and some relief from the smoky air tomorrow. we'll have the impact tomorrow on mornings on 2. ♪
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♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ . mark is back with sports is. sharks at home, went into overtime but didn't go the way the sharks had hoped. a lot of things not going the way they diagnosis.
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>> they're just not doing it. >> overtime, they're playing the oiler tonight ateam that just fired their head coach afamiliar name to all bay area fan that is follow the sharks. todd mcclellan, hitchcock replacing him. 45 seconds into this affair, yoenis takes care of brett burns rebound, puts it in. 1-0. dealing with one of the greatest players on ice, connor mcdavid. he has 13 goals. he is in from the weak side to score it, 1-1. 2-1 in the 2nd. logan, toe drag, it didn't hold up. 3-3. 51 seconds into overtime,
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mcdavid assisting leon and that is your game decider. watch the replay right there. kind of trickles in. all kinds of opportunities for the sharks to stop that, they didn't. 4-3 final. 11-7-4 for the sharks. >> the weekend costly for kd in texas. >> [plex pleisstives. >> fined 25,000 dollars for that little obscenity laced comment directed at fan sitting underneath the dallas basket and i think he was saying a little more than pipe down, please watch the game. >> holiday tournament back in brooklyn, new york tonight. didn't go their way. the legend, julius irving on hand to check it out. that is jewels irving's sony,
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juwel. a lot of young talent. temple has this guy, rose. he had 23 points. temple ran away with this thing. connor 7'3" for the cal bears. santa clara lost their game tonight. >> check this out. warrior fans of old trebe great, the legenda legendary minute boelte. he has a boelte boelte. he is only 7'3." his dad was 7'6".
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>> see you later everyone. >> good night. [ horn honks ] only one movie is
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winning audience awards across the country. and now it's hitting a high note on rotten tomatoes. thank you for your warm hospitality. viggo and mahershala are so good, you end up wishing the movie would never end. it's amazing you said that. [ laughing ]
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oh, i wish i could do more. lost their house and everything they own in a fire. fortunately, nobody was hurt. and fortunately, they're friends with wonder woman over here. i'm hardly wonder woman. she mobilized the community to donate clothes, furniture, appliances, all to help them start over in their new rental. which you found them. i'm no wonder woman. rand-aid was her idea. it wasn't my idea to call it "rand-aid." okay, fine. i'm wonder woman. - terrible tragedy. - they're our closest friends. - we know them. - uh, manny and their son reuben are tight. in fact, i put in one of their closets. not that it matters, but it was the only structure to survive the fire. por favor , don't even say that word! in my country it is considered very, very bad luck when your house burns down.
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they lived a block away from us.


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