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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 22, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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black friday has turned into black thursday. stores across the bay area opened early today. employees were prepared for the rush. >> it is my first year at target. i'm happy to be here. happy thanksgiving everyone. >> the table is barely cleared and the rush is on. a lot of major stores opening this evening for early black friday deals. good evening, i am julie.
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>> every shopper is a jumpstart on their shopping tonight. the crowd was well behaved, most of the people we saw were buying things like smart tvs, other stores also open at five including the target in pleasant hill.>> reporter: if you stores do start at 2 am. five seems to be the popular our on thanksgiving. kohl's and macy's opened. bailey time for the last slice of pie. >> at target it's go time. if you hundred people are waiting when the doors open. holiday shopping, officially underway.>> we are part of the big rush. this dad is faced with a dilemma. >> that is tough.
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>> it's a tough choice. for many people in line, no question. >> we made the trip.>> with electronics jammed, the hotselling tvs were lined up by the dozens in the frozen food. >> this manager has seen 10 black fridays. he says even though online bargains are tracked early shoppers, for some there is no substitute for being here. >> we have a ton of shipment in for today. this is the best field you will see all year. it's not really a competitive thing, it's more like everyone is here to have a good time. they will go back home to their families. it's a family mission. >> this is the plan. i mamas over there getting there
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doing something. >> that is why we are here. this mom and daughter have sweaters in mind. we already had our dinner, so why not?>> why not walk some pounds off.>> it helps to have marching orders. >> the strategy is an xbox. then a bunch of miscellaneous electronics. >> you have an army. >> wedding until friday to shop. practically extinct. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> is a retail tradition of. >> >> as we enter a month of tough choices. >> can't go wrong with the camper. >> three hours left, target shoes everyone out at 1 am.
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cleaned the police up and then reopens again at 7 am. some big stores did this. tomorrow won't come soon enough. >> i thought i heard it all until i heard the woman say we actually have thanksgiving dinner yesterday so we could focus today. >> they are planning their thanksgiving around the shopping. >> it's turned into an event. >> deborah, thank you. black friday shoppers are heading out to the san francisco premium outlets. which are actually located in livermore. the folks we talked to said they were prepared to face big crowds, they didn't mind because there was great deals to be found.>> do you think you'll get better deals because it's today? >> yeah, black day is the best time to shop.>> he was lured in
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by the big bargains being offered at the stores. >> the deals are rolling out, and customers are ready. more than 164 million people will shop over the five-day holidays we can. about 3 million people were expected will head out today alone. the wet weather has returned to the bay area. rain fell again early this evening. the had many people pulling out their umbrellas and services go to try to stay dry. we want to show you a live shot from oakland. the rain is making dangerous driving conditions. drivers are urged to take it slow as there is a lot of water standing on the roadways. >> it was pouring out there tonight. >> the last hour and a half we are getting the heaviest rain. we see localized flooding on streets. a lot of folks are moving around. there is backups on bay area roadways. people come back from where they were today. it's definitely going off.
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you see the back at that is going through right now. this isn't the end of it. this is the band we have been experiencing over the last four hours. these are rainfall rates. if quarter inch, right now enrichment it's raining pretty significantly. all the roadways were wet. this is not just the end of it. here is the beginning of system number two. it will stick around all day today. have a winter storm warning in the mountains, chaining up on 50 and 80. snow levels have dropped to about 5600 feet. now you're getting into it. you will see maybe a foot and half of snow. maybe two feet of snow by tomorrow morning. it is really turning into a nice winter storm. the of a flash flood watch,
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that stays in effect until friday morning. that is because they are getting a bunch of rain. this is all said and done. either way, rain will keep coming. the system beginning of number two. it's coming in like a lion. there is one behind it. when i come up it will give timing on the bay area friday.>> hundreds of firefighters in butte county are spending this thanksgiving night working to contain the camp fire. cal fire released new numbers showing the massive fire is now 95% contained. it has burned more than 153,000 acres. the fire has destroyed nearly 14,000 homes. along with thousands of other buildings. there is one more confirmed fatality bringing the death toll to at least 84. tonight more than 560 names remain on the missing persons list.
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the butte county sheriff's say the massive response to this disaster do not so down for the holiday. >> it's thanks giving day, and despite the tragedy that we are dealing with, i still think there is a lot to be thankful for. we haven't taken a day off. 820 people in the field who are continuing our search efforts. we have over 100 law enforcement men. personnel who are out in the field responding to calls and keeping your committee safe. this has been a tough situation for all of us. >> emergency crews say they are focused on searching the rubble and debris in the massive fire zone for more victims. >> they release a special interactive map are people living in the fire zone in butte county. it allows people to type in their address to see if their home had burned or had been spared by the campfire -- camp fire. unfortunately the map is a sea
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of red indicating homes that have been destroyed or badly damaged as a result of the fire.>> members of oakland task force tweeted their thanksgiving greetings to supporters back home. firefighters from the urban search and rescue group are in butte county helping with fire recovery. including searching for human remains. the oakland fire department sponsors the task force. it is made up of men and women from 15 fire agencies from the greater bay area. as well as physicians and engineers. >> butte county, the sierra nevada jury opened its doors to host camp fire -- camp fire to -- survivors to a dinner. >> reporter: thousands of camp fire will have a thanksgiving meal in this room. they are telling they are grateful to have a space where they can talk with their friends.>> it was so wonderful.>> you lose everything. it is he to have little to be
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thankful. >> we lost everything, but our dogs. >> kristi b tells us that is not how she feels. >> we are still thankful. >> she and her husband bob say they were 10 minutes away from losing their lives. the fire burned around their home. these pictures so -- show the before and after. >> today husband-and-wife and lollipop came to the brewery. >> we have three clients set up. >> free meals are being served to camp fire evacuees. >> they say that they are deciding to scrap plans for celebration. instead use this equipment for
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the thanksgiving meal. >> we cut the top so we can drop a basket in the top of the kettle to boil potatoes. >> so many other survivors here, it's good to be with the community. >> you find out what is important.>> is important to say things for the overwhelming -- overwhelming show of support. >> there is an evacuation order in effect area they are still in place, but a lot of the survivors that we spoke with say that they would like to get up to see their property even if there is nothing left. so the healing process can begin. striking marriott hotel workers in services go, they found a way to celebrate their thanksgiving holiday. they took a brief break in the pouring rain, to host a potluck
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thanksgiving dinner outside the marriott hotel. there was similar events outside other marriott hotels as well. the strike began 50 days ago with marriott workers across the country. demanding higher pay and better working conditions. >> having to spend all of these out here in the rain. and not at home with our family. that's really hard. the holding period that is why we are out here striking because we are not satisfied with that. >> the hotel workers in oakland and san jose returned to work earlier this month. after reaching an agreement with management. severances go workers remain on strike along with marriott employees in hawaii. a man has been arrested for lighting in oakland apartment building on fire. what we are learning about this aspect and how police tracked him down. and organization donates thousands of hot meals. how meals on wheels was able to deliver them all.
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crews responded to a fire involved in a mobile home in concord. it didn't take long for firefighters to put out the flames. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. no reports of injuries. authorities in east they are trying to determine the
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cause of a deadly house fire there. it was in a home at a cul-de- sac. the firefighters were on the scene just moments later. that is when they made the horrible discovery.>> crews had to fight their way in due to the heavy fire coming out of the front of the house. they did find a victim who was found to be deceased. >> authorities say they are not sure how the man died. his name hasn't been released. there was a large number of people who were living in that single-family home. the red cross is helping more than a dozen people. they need a new place to stay on this thanksgiving night. we are learning more about the man arrested for arson in connection with one of the construction fires. at a site in oakland last month. they detail his long criminal history. they found social media posts giving us a glance into his thoughts on construction. in oakland. >> reporter: it shows him doing
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construction.>> hey, what's going on? >> also known -- he was talking to one of the media accounts. in this criminal complaint filed wednesday. citing social media is -- is one of the ways they identified him. they charge the 45-year-old man with maliciously starting october 23 hollis oak apartments fire in oakland. atf investigators say at the scene they found his dna on a smudge from a window seal. and a rack stuffed into a gasoline container.>> there is obviously others that are still actively being investigated to see if this individual might also be responsible for those. >> they are talking about the numerous construction arsons that hit the oakland areas in the past two years. like the 126 unit inferno that started just one hour before
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the street fire. and the july 7 blaze. prosecutors have not yet charged him with any arson. they have not released a motive. in instagram video posted january and february. >> a lot of us, we can do that high-end work. the motivation is not with the fact, they will not be tolerated. >> he served 11 years in prison for kidnapping and the 90 -- denying it the robbery. >> known for criminal activities including the 2000
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murder. they had been reporting on them. >> it doesn't mean anything that he is linked to the bay families. to let the trial run its course. >> we wanted to hear from him, but he denied a request from an interview in jail. we reached out to a dozen of his friends and family members they have not heard back. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire at the port of oakland this morning. a thick plume of black smoke covered over east bay. flames broke out around 8:15 this morning. the fire department says the fire started in a big rig. it spread to two other semi trailer trucks. took crews 20 minutes to put out the flames. no injuries were reported. a man shot and killed himself in a parking lot of a popular country and western nightclub. investigators say it happened
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shortly after 11 last night at the settle rack near the automall expressway and interstate 880. witnesses say the man got into an argument with his girlfriend inside the nightclub, then went and -- out that we shot and killed himself. there was several hundred people inside the settle rack when it happened. the shooting prompted many to race out of the nightclub in a panic. fearing it may be another mass shooting. last night gunfire in fremont came just two weeks after the massacre at a country-western bar. >> got underway at six a clock last night. 85% of their officers will be out on the highway. the highway patrol says this is one of their busiest weekends of the year. unfortunately it is also one of the deadliest. 50 people were killed in action -- accident in california last thanks giving weekend. >> a 7-year-old man and his family have a lot to be thankful for.
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the man was reported missing last night, but today authorities found him alive. it is upside down car in a red would grow. the man drove over an embankment and plunged 30 feet into the grove. it happened in the area of woodside road and skyline boulevard. searchers say they were led to the car after spotting freshly damaged bark around the base of the tree. the man was transported. >> it was a combination of motorcycles and hot holiday meals. they host their annual thanksgiving meal. they rode their bikes to 84th avenue and set up tables and food. volunteers dished out turkey and stuffing. even got a visit from the mayor of oakland. >> one of the things i love about being in oakland are all the compassionate people in the city. behind me is a great example. >> the good -- fellas
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motorcycle club has been hosting a fee free meal event on thanksgiving every year for more than 10 years. more giving back to those in need coming up. the high school students who served the five-star things giving feast to the homeless in the east bay. we will show you how if you of the teams took their celebrations to a whole new level. >> i am thankful for my health, my family, my family's health -- the basics. the things you can't really put a price on. >> i am thankful for seeing another day. >> i am thankful for having a home, and friends. i get to shop for good food, and get to sit with friends at the table. ♪
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♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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a group of teenagers put together an outdoor five-star quality thanksgiving dinner for the homeless who are camping out near i 80. it was an extravagant surprise for many. they had forgotten that today was thanksgiving. >> reporter: their centerpieces. >> several students in the oakland school set up a feast on the side. >>
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>> i forgot it was thanksgiving. i had no idea that anybody was coming. thankfully they didn't show up because i was going to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and listen to the radio. >> i was homeless for a while and my grandmother was homeless. we know that the homeless population is increasing. people in the streets have not been getting love. >> her classmates are her corkery is a group of volunteers. >> they helped her every year. this is her last year because we are all seniors. releases will continue this thing. >> it's warming my heart. i started something that my fellow friends can do. >> it just allows me to see
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that i can make a difference and i want my niece and nephew to understand that i can make a difference.>> >> we give them a good meal. a lot of people don't want to be on film. >> video cameras left the dinner in private. the students volunteer to lead the things giving feast. setting a table and setting an example for the next generation. >> that is such a great story. the salvation army also survey thanksgiving meal today. i delivered about 3700 meals to the elderly. all of those who are physically unable to leave their home. each meal included turkey, stuffing, vegetables, cookies, and spiced apple cider. the salvation army has been
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assisting the services go bay area since 1883. the organization prepared dinners for 2600 homebound seniors. most of whom live on an income of less than $1000 a month. the tradition began 50 years ago and the executive director said this is the organizations every day of the year.>> on a holiday like this when we are with our family, want to make sure that anyone who lives alone is not alone. >> we are very grateful that volunteers join us in bringing holiday cheer to our clients.>> meals on wheels services go says today service involved 500 volunteers and 260 runs. epa tradition alive even though her restaurant close, she is still serving meals to the bay area homeless. market in the north bay is looking for to black friday. after sales are low due to the storm.
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coming up after the break the market in napa that wants to remind people it is a great option for holiday shopping.
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things were slower than usual plaster because of the
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wildfires. this market is considered a great place to find all things napa. a great place to hang out and get to know the locals. >> reporter: over the last 10 years this market has grown. if you have it -- haven't been inside your missing out. >> our focus is on food. it's good wine. it's not overwhelming it takes as long as you wanted to. >> from food to gifts, there is a little of everything. it is easy to imagine spending a couple of hours here.
10:32 pm
it is not all about wine. >> they do a great tasting here. >> we talk -- we stopped by. you can try at all. >> we do all of the experience. everything is available to make cocktails at home. make your next drink even better. >> the experience had them putting this on the guest list. >> is time to start. it's not unusual to find a lot of tourist here.
10:33 pm
people are just looking for tonight's dinner. >> you can buy pre-much anything you would. when you do find is very high quality ingredients. you will find things you won't find anywhere else. >> you might just find them here. >> my favorite thing here is our extra-virgin olive oil. the olive press boasts the best. they are happy to show why. >> >> you take a little bit into
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the mouth. can you feel the burn in the back of your throat? those of the accident -- antioxidants in the olive. that is what is good for you. smack it is small enough you can get to know who they are. and why they do what they do.>> they are a fifth generation cattle ranching company. they are raising the cattle. >> they are providing people that are passionate about what they are due. most had been around for a while. they are originals when we opened. >> most have slower times.
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it took a bit to get things up and going. with 2 million visitors a year, i think the word is out. this year's season will me mourn -- more than most. >> last year we suffered. the last order of last year, the valley as well as the santa rosa area. i think everyone was affected. >> unlike santa rosa, nothing in the city of napa actually burned. that didn't stop people from canceling trips. >> we felt it for a good two weeks. it went on from there as well. people thought -- thought the whole town was burned. it's been down for quite a while. it is nice to see people coming back.>> come back and spend a little time here. truth be told, we really didn't want to leave. >> there is something about this place that makes you want to stay a while.
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>> >> >> they think local shaft and other community leaders are encouraging shoppers to support plaid friday. the annual event will launch two years ago. it promotes businesses during the holidays. nearly 200 retailers will have special offers tomorrow. the kickoff event is scheduled for 10:30 tomorrow morning. at they made on lakeshore avenue. and east bay the chef and former owner of salute a restaurant provided hundreds of meals to the less fortunate in a new location today. the diners were treating turkey and all the trimmings. for eight years now the restaurant owner has provided the homeless community with holiday meals.
10:37 pm
unfortunately the restaurant have been closed back in july. for the first time the event was held at greater richmond interfaith programs soup kitchen on 22nd avenue. >> she brought me a gift. then she said she was worried that she would never see me again. somebody told her, and she came today. a friend of mine just left. he was coming up every night when we close. at his own table. i saw him after a couple of months. it's having a great time. >> they will serve about 800 guests today. after the meal diners had the opportunity to get a free flu shot. they also left with a goodie bag filled with personal care items and a warm winter coat.
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that woman is absolutely amazing. >> maybe thanks giving, but that hasn't stopped -- stopped presidents come from working. >> heavy rain, more rain in the forecast for your bay area friday. it was a snowy thanksgiving for folks up in the sierra. will tell you about the impressive amount of snowfall that the area saw.>> my children, my job, and just my health. family. just family and friends. just being here. that is it. >> my girls. my family, especially my girls. >> my family, my friends, my job. the basics.
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on thousands of giftss this weekend at ross. most stores are open thanksgiving, six p.m. to midnight. reopening friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters?e it's time yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less. bed chilled seafood and a carving station with turkey. beef tenderloin, lamb, and salmon. plenty of dessert. the president was surrounded by the first lady and their 12- year-old son. they delivered a thing to
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troops. >> they are considered among the most vulnerable in the administration. the interviews are expected to take place at milagro which the president calls the southern white house. >> do not take the holiday off from twitter. he fired up two tweets today. aimed at supreme court john roberts and court of appeals in temperatures go. the president is taking issue with what he says are politically motivated legal challenges to his agenda. in particular the ministrations border security and asylum policies. >> i know that chief justice roberts, john roberts has been speaking a little bit about it. i think we have to use common sense. everybody knows he is totally out of control. it's a disgrace frankly. they are saying what to do.>>
10:43 pm
chief justice roberts pushed back against president trump after the president described the ninth court of appeals as a obama judge. the judge had previously blocked the administration's new asylum policy. >> they testified before a panel next month. that is when democrat hillary clinton was cleared in a probe into her email use. agents opened an investigation. they want us to file is its public because republicans will restore anything he says by behind closed doors. he has not commented publicly about the subpoenas. thanksgiving is now over which means christmas is up next. the preparations underway in separate cisco tonight.
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chief meteorologist will have a complete bay area forecast and a look ahead to the weekend.
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the fire is now 100% contained. the 100,000 acre wildfire started exactly 2 weeks ago. it destroyed 1500 homes and killed three people. experts are now advising residents to be on alert for storms in the coming months. it could send mud and debris flowing in the newly burned areas. brought a lot of snow to the sierra. over a foot of snow has fallen. more is expected. changes required -- chains are required. it has caught people off guard. drivers waited on the side of the road. they have -- they will change but on their tires. >> making a return back if they don't have chains. >> we are going to donner lane to spend the weekend there. we got turned around. >> this ski resort was closed today because of increasing wind and heavy snowfall mcfaul.
10:48 pm
the plant open tomorrow. is snowing fast and furious. i suggest getting over the passes. i could see them possibly closing. this wave going through is pretty potent for a snowfall. this is what we had to go through about an hour and a half ago. rainfall accumulations outside, they are all over the place. we have seen over an inch of rain in many places. you can see the back edge of that front. we can see where the yellow is there. that is that heavy rain. it is going up in the mountains. the winter storm warning will stick around through tomorrow. they are going to get snow tonight. you're going to be in good shape. they just had almost nothing a couple days ago. they can see a few inches of snow.
10:49 pm
their buildup. most of the stuff ships to the east. marla stilley wednesday. this is the main pop. behind it will be another pop. it will have a few pieces to it. we'll see on-and-off showers tomorrow. sometimes it will be heavy, sometimes they won't. this is the model for separate cisco, but it works for all of us. the afternoon hours, same thing. it is classic bay area kind of post journal instability. we'll see a lot of that tomorrow with temperatures in the 60s. kind of a mild day. maybe upper 50s, and the five day forecast, -- tomorrow is marked by wet weather. i hope you have a day off. you can kind of kick back and enjoy the rain. there will be chances to get out, but it will start and stop, and it will start, and it
10:50 pm
will stop. monday is not too bad. we get into something again, looks like we get into a wet weather pattern. it is amazing. we talk about how quickly things flipped. we are doing a fire story, we are doing no rain. and then, snow, rain, smoke is gone. fires are out. here we are talking about winter. >> every time you say i hope you have the day off, i was go i don't have the day off. >> hey, actually have tomorrow off. >> when the rain started again tonight, it is surprising how fast the water buildup on the roads. yet to be careful it is dark. >> there was a lot of cars out there. there's a lot of standing water. >> do you get how much rain is on the road? christmas tree trimming was in full swing.
10:51 pm
people from castro merchants group decorated the towering tree. they were working hard to get the tree ready to be lit up during an evening ceremony coming up on monday. the district is sure it'll sparkle the holiday season. the merges string lights on trees. they warm up the retail area after dark. coming up, rain is falling in the bay area. we will give you more the forecast and what you can expect for your black friday. also had on sports, why cowboys running back was eager to give away his quarterback. that is coming up in sports. ♪
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it is thanksgiving, that means a lot of football. nfl has the floor to itself. centerstage so to speak. i think the best team was actually in action today. i would have to say so. >> two excellent teams this year. nobody is playing better right now than the saints. they haven't lost a game in 2 1/2 months. and 39-year-old drew breeze is playing and beefy -- mvp level.
10:55 pm
the second career touchdown for lewis the stakes are up early. third-quarter, another perfect pass. over the top to dan arnold. 25 yard touchdown. breeze has four touchdown passes all undrafted players today. fourth quarter, this is why the saints are legitimate contenders this year. for turnovers, and six sacks. cameron jordan had a huge game. saints win their 10th straight game. they improve to 10 and one. washington and dallas is in for the injured. amari cooper, that a breakout game, and this is the fourth game in dallas. they go over 100 yards on the day. they find the end zone here. they find $21 somewhere. it's a penalty, because of a prop. he doubted it -- donated to the
10:56 pm
salvation army. amari cooper, and three defenders, but he spins out and they are all given chase. that is number 20. they're not going to catch the cooper. eight receptions, 180 yards. prescott, this guy can scramble. he spins out, and he is in the end zone. elliott decides to donate more than just 21 bucks. cowboys when 31-23. they take over the top spot in the nfc east as of now. they are eager to get on the field. come on back, wait for the announcement. they are tied at 16. they pickoff stanford. they have nothing but open field. they run drills with the boys.
10:57 pm
a little coaching. lyons 11 yards away from tying it. kyle has great defense. he picks off, and the bears sing the night away. that is good. bears win their fifth straight game. 23-16. stanford basketball has yet to win a game in the battle tournament. no need to feel sorry for them. that is because they are playing in the bahamas over thanksgiving. hanging out with the dolphins. they are 0-2. they have a game tomorrow. cody throws down the left- handed hammer. he is a lefty. his first and only basket of the season so far. this game was off florida. he was lights out. second-half
10:58 pm
at a run away with it. ballard had 19 points. 72-49. cardinals fault two and three. they are playing for seventh place tomorrow. something just is not right with the golden state warriors right now. the good news, steph and curry could be up as early as monday against orlando as he recovers from his strained groin. warriors are 2-5. he did a lot of coaching last night. it didn't work against oklahoma city. clay thompson was simply not hitting the shots. this is 9%. he is shooting 27 and half % from beyond the arc. dennis had 30 off the bench. worriers are 12-7. after their fourth straight loss.
10:59 pm
>> if you want to take a positive, this the first time we ever lost four games in a row. five years being here, that's pretty amazing if you really think about it.>> that is pretty amazing. time to show you the dunk of the night. check this out. texas versus north carolina. utes roach. getting way up and throwing it down. look at this down. he looks smaller than he has. he is six foot four. look at him go up over the camera. texas wins 92-89. i will be back at 11:20 with more sports. rubies is 39 and he is just on a tear this year. just like all that he was a first-round hall of famer. he can barely see over the line, but his passes don't get tipped at the line.>> so successful.>> thanks --
11:00 pm
the rain is coming down. a lot of umbrellas out there. that concept is going other parts of the area, join the downpour this evening.


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