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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 23, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PST

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rain for the deals before black friday. friday. good morning, it's november 23rd, friday morning. i'm dave clark. we have rain to talk about. steve paulson has the latest on the forecast. >> that's about it. it's rain here. the system came by, one came by last night and the next part is rolling in to this system. a light to steady rain will continue for most of the day. it's swinging down from the north and there's plenty upstream that will give us a lot of rain throughout most of the day. it looks like a rainy friday, it looks like the tap is extensive and goes well out into the pacific and it will roll, it's a warm system, not a cold system. the rainfall amount is an inch to two for some. we'll get a break most of saturday, sunday and monday. winter weather continues up in the mountains, kind of letting up right now. it will pick up a little later and the rainfall looks good,
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even down to monterey and san jose and down to santa cruz, everyone should get in on this, i'll look for the rain to pick up later on. i think you'll have highs in the 50s and 60s, it's a temperature day not a rain day, dave. we're starting in alabama of breaking news with a deadly shooting at a shopping mall. this is near birmingham. there was a fight between an 18- year-old man and another teenager who pulled out a gun and shot the 18 year old and ran away. two police officers confronted that teenager and shot him and he died at the scene. the 18-year-old is in the hospital listed in serious condition. a 12-year-old was wounded and she reportedly is alert and talking. now, the shopping mall was supposed to open again today for black friday shopping, but officials at the mall say it will stay closed until further notice. the time is 4:01, it's
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called black friday, but for eager shoppers, it actually started hours earlier, people lined up in the rain outside of popular stores and malls around the bay area, opening the doors starting at 5:00 last night. the game stop, that was a popular stop in san francisco and one of the big draws in emeryville was best buy. the premium outlets in livermore were also targeted. debra was in the store where people were in the spirit of the shopping center. >> 1, 2, 3, black friday. >> at target, it's go time. and a few hundred people were waiting when the doors open. holiday shopping officially under way. >> i came down to be a part of this, the big rush. >> this dad immediately faced with a barbie's dilemma. this or the bar by camper. >> it's tough, it's important.
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>> for many people in line, no question. >> a 55-inch tv for $199, yeah, we made the trip. >> with electronics jammed, the hot selling tvs were lined up by the dozens in the frozen food. >> $399 versus $549. >> $399. >> this manager has seen 10 black fridays, even though online bargains attract early shoppers, for some there's no substitute for being here and braving this. >> we had a ton of shipments in for today. this is the best deals you'll see all year. the guests are excited, it's not a competitive thing, everyone is here to have a good time, get what they want and go back home to their families. >> it's a family mission, often. >> my whole family is here, my dad is over at tvs and my mom
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is going somewhere else. >> this mom and daughter have sweaters in mind, maybe marked down. >> we had our dinner, so why not? why not walk pounds off and so we're here. >> the strategy is x box and a bunch of miscellaneous electronics, these guys will divide and target to go to different parts of the store. >> you have an army. >> we have an army. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> this is a thanksgiving tradition now. >> we enter a month of choices. >> you can't go wrong with the camper. >> the time is 4:04, as black
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friday gets started, shoppers are ready. they estimate 564 million people will shop and 3 million yesterday were expected to be shopping. and adobe analytic said they expect $3.7 billion in sales this thanksgiving up 29% from last year. smartphones are driving half of the traffic on retail sites and other top products are the nintendo switch and hp laptops and the call to duty video game. and oakland wants to forget about the retailers on black friday and to shop local. oakland has launched plaid friday. 200 retailers, restaurants and artist also have special offers today. the kick off event is set for
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10:30 this morning on lakeshore avenue. the time is 4:05, several people were killed in twin terror attacks in pakistan. there was an intense hour long shootout where two civilians and two police officers and although of the assailants were killed. a few hours later 35 people were killed in a bombing that happened at an open air market in northwestern pakistan. most of them were minority shiite muslims. the bombing was condemned as an act of terrorism. many people are using thanksgiving to give back to their communities. in east oakland, it was a combination of motorcycles and hot holiday meals.
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the good fellas motorcycle club hosted a thanksgiving meal yesterday and. they set up delicious tables of food p volunteers dished out turkey and stuffing and oakland mayor libby schaaf stopped by for a visit. and people were bringing meals to people who need it. meals on wheels delivered thanksgiving dinners to 2600 homebound senior citizens, many live on an income of less than 1,000 a month. they say thanksgiving is the favorite time of the year. and students of the oakland school of the arts prepared a 5 star quality meal to the homeless, delivering invitations for those camping out in emeryville. those who accepted were treated to a fancy thanksgiving feast
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complete with fine china and table cloths. the fire is close to being fully contained. one more death is confirmed. the death toll is up to 84. more than 600 people are still listed as unaccounted for. the fire has burned 240 square miles. 19,000 buildings have been destroyed, including 14,000 homes. now the fire is 95% contained, recovery crews were working nonstop and they didn't even slow down, even on and holiday. >> we haven't taken the day off, we have 820 people in the field who are continuing our search efforts, and we have 100 law enforcement officers who are protecting those areas evacuated. in adddition to that, i have personnel out in the field responding to calls in keeping our community safe. >> the butte county sheriff's office said they're determined to keep the people in the community move forward. the rain has put out most of
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the flames. and administrators released an interactive map for the people who live in that fire zone, it lets them type in their address to check out whether their home was damaged or destroyed. unfortunately, here is a map and all of that red you see in the middle, it indicates the houses within the district are either badly damaged or completely destroyed. and on the fire lines, members of oakland's task force tweeted out this thanksgiving greeting to loved ones and other supporters in the bay area. firefighters are in butte county helping with the recovery efforts including searching for human remains. the oakland fire department sponsors the task force, it's made up of devon agencies in the bay area including medical personnel and engineers. the oakland raiders get ready for the big game in baltimore against the ravens. the raiders are offering their
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support to the victims of the camp fire. they donated $250,000 to the north valley community foundation and the american red cross to help out in relief and recovery efforts. some money went for gift cards, food water and clothing, the players along with front office staff also booked boxed up more than 300 care packages that were delivered this week to the fire survivors. the time is now 4:10, an apology from samsung, the health threats that the tech giant's employees suffered across asia. how much would it take to collect on a 1 point # billion. how the winner is taking their sweet time. >> and we have the weather forecast next.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, whoever won the biggest lottery prize in u.s. history still has not claimed the money. the only ticket was sold in south carolina, and no one has claimed that ticket yet for that big jackpot of 1.7
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billion. they have until late april to claim the prize. it's possible the winner doesn't even know he or she or they won. but, they say, it's more likely that person is getting a really good financial plan in place. we may never know who that winner is, because south carolina is one of 8 states that lets the winners stay anonymous. it is 4:14, a south san francisco man is excited to be the first legal commercial cannabis company in histone hometown. we're talking about martin who told the daily journal he and his grandmother will run the company called the loaded bowl. they plan to deliver prepackaged cannabis products. they'll limit the service to the south san francisco, the city commission approved the business last month and it needs to be approved by the city. they'll accept phone and online orders and no customers will be
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allowed into the company's work space. it's 4:14, and thousands of chair survivors, it's not like anything people have experienced before. people have lost everything and still they say they're thankful to live in a caring community. many survivors enjoyed a warm thanksgiving meal in a brewery surrounded by their neighbors. most of those people lost everything in the wildfires. that woman lost her home in the paradise camp fire. you're looking at the house before and after the wildfire. the family honed that home since the 1960s. and crews with the california emergency services are working to protect the debris from the rain. they posted this video of crews preparing sandbags to prevent
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erosion and debris flow. the hope is that will protect against land slides and flooding. the woolsey fire is now 100% contained. the 100,000 acre wildfire started two weeks ago, west of los angeles, destroyed 1500 homes and killed though people. experts are now advising residents there to be on alert for storms in the coming months, it could trigger mud and debris knows in the burn -- flows in the burn zone. more then a foot of snow has fallen in the sierra and more is expected. change is required on interstate 80 and highway 50 which caught people off guard. a long line formed as drivers waited on the side of the road to make sure they have chains on their tires. >> we're going to the lake to spend the weekend there, but we
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got turned around. >> they were stopping us, and we weren't expecting this. >> now, heavenly ski resort on the south shore was closed yesterday because of stronger winds and heavy snow. the resort opens this morning at 9:00. it's 4:1, lets go to my favorite weather expert, steve paulson, he has the weather forecast. i appreciate that, thank you, dave. the rainfall continued this morning and the santa cruz mountains are the leader of the pack p santa rosa and napa, you don't see that, but 1.1 a piece. san francisco about 3/4. two-thirds in san jose, they ran and they picked up 22/100ths. look for on and off rain. there's plenty upstream that will work its way in here through most of the day. it won't taper off until late
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tonight. this is not a cold system, it's mild out there. upper 50s, 60s on the temperatures. there's a winter storm warning that goes until 10:00, rain at blue canyon, the snow looked high, winter storm warning and wind advisories up in the mountains. and it's on the lee side of the sierra and a flash flood watch for the burn areas. our system will continue to give us rain on and off throughout the day. it's a rainy friday, and the moisture is taking aim at us, there wouldn't be much change until early tomorrow. 50s and 60s on the temperatures, that rain can be steady and some that rain can fall to the north and santa cruise mountains. it looks good. the time is 4:18, still ahead, the case of the diabetes are on the rise, we'll talk about a huge increase and the
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use of insulin the doctors are predicting by 2030. a man being held in connection with one of the construction fires, the social media posts that led to his arrest.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", our time is 4:21, authorities in san lorenzo are investigating a deadly house fire. it happened yesterday afternoon. firefighters arrived moments after it started, they found a
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man's body inside the home, but they don't know how the man died, and we don't know his name. 14 people were living in that single family home. the red cross helped the 13 survivors find a new place to stay for thanksgiving evening. we have new details about dustin bellinger, he was connected with one of the construction fires in oakland last month. and they combed through documents that listed his criminal history and show found social media posts about what he thought about construction in oakland. >> reporter: a video shows him doing construction. >> what's going on? >> he's seen talking on one of the social media accounts detailed by federal investigators in this criminal complaint, and sighting social media -- citing social media as one of the ways to charge him.
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they believe he started the apartments fire in oakland. investigators, they said they found his dna on a smudge on a window still and a rag stuffed in a gasoline container. >> while a charge is brought for one of the arsons, others are actively being investigated to see if that individual is responsible for those. >> mayor libby schaaf is talking about the construction arsons to hit the oakland areas in the past two years, like the ice house inferno that started one hour before the hollis street fire and the blaze on valdez street r prosecutors have not charged him with any other arson and have not released a motive. with posts he said he wanted more quality construction jobs
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for african-american workers. >> we need to do small quality work, we can do high end work, you don't have to hire asians or mexican work, i can do mexican work. >> this type of dangerous activity will not be tolerated. >> reporter: he has a criminal history, he served nine years in robbery. he linked himself to the notorious bay family in oakland. it includes the 2007 murder of a journalist who was reporting on him. >> does it mean anything that he's linked to the bay family of oakland. we have to look at each individual as an individual and hold them accountable for their own actions. >> we have to let this trial run its course. >> we wanted to hear from bellinger.
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we reached out to a dozen of his friends and family members, but we haven't heard back. in hayward, swimmers from around the bay area took part in a annual thanksgiving tradition who died on her 19th birthday. it was the plunge for the turkey swim. they were raising money for scholarships, two $2,000 scholarships each year. she was a lifeguard and swim instructor on the plunge. she was on her way to work when she was hit by a drunk driver and died in 2001, swimmers said they're happy to get a work out and help a good cause. >> to raise support in memory of someone who lost their life when they were young and to, in her remembrance to give scholarships to go to school, at that's great thing, for
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years they've been doing it. >> she was a freshman in what was called cal state hayward, she played on the water polo team. her family started the memorial fund days after she died. the money that's raised goes to scholarships, and it pays for low income children to take swimming lessons june the time is 4:26 this morning, the 7- year-old man has a lot to it be thankful for, and he was found alive upside down in san mateo county. he was reported missing, and authorities found him alive inside of his car in a redwood grove. he drove over the embankment and plunged 30 feet into the grove. it happened in wood side road and skyline boulevard. they were led to the car after seeing freshly damaged bark at the end of the tree. the man was taken to the hospital for treatment.
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expressing sadness through songs, the two camp fire victims who took their pain and made music out of it, hoping to help others along the way. >> our shopping habits may be changing, it looks like we're ready to spend more this year than last year. i'm doug luzader in washington, we'll have more on that coming up. well, as the door opens up, there's been more rain, mt. tamalpais has picked up. and we'll see what's happening at sfo.
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good morning, welcome back to "mornings on 2", friday morning, november 23rd, i'm dave clark, it's raining this morning and steve paulson has the forecast. >> it beats the high pressure, we need the rain and we're getting it. we'll look at that, it will
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continue most of the day. i would expect a rainy off and on day, some light and some steady. e steady. there's good rain here. other locations are checking in, castro valley and napa all over an inch. one observation was 98/100. and oakland airport, pretty good rain. san francisco 3/4, throws good rain and san jose joins the party with a quarter of an inch. it's a warm system, not cold, snow is up near lake level. it's flurries last check it, doesn't mean things won't pick up. this system will plow through the day and we could have steady rain, up to 2 inches for some. it will take us into late tonight, tomorrow morning. there's a wind advisory up


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