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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 23, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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there's a break until the next system arrives. we're getting a warm invection which is off the coast. we're getting a southeast breeze that's very mild and snow levels is going up, up, up. this is pretty soon, a winter storm warning until 10:00, there's and wind advisory, that may be a bigger issue than
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snow. it's a wet snow, for us, look for a lot of club, some fog, 50s on the temperatures for most. this will continue with off-and- on rain, sometimes you may get a break, 50s, 60s on the temperatures, it's mild actually. back to you, guys. there's mixed news about the camp fire in butte county, the fire is close to being fully contained. one more death has been recorded. the death toll is 84. 600 people are still unaccounted for. the fire has burned 240 square miles, 19,000 buildings have been destroyed including 14,000 homes. >> the fire is 95% contained. they did not slow down, even for the thanksgiving holiday. >> we haven't taken the day off, we have 820 people in the field who are continuing our searchers and we have 100 law enforcement officers who are protecting those areas who have
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been evacuated. i have personnel out in the field responding to calls to keeping our community safe. now the butte county sheriff says his office is determined to help people living in the county move forward. the rain, though, has put out most of the flames. >> california fire administrators released this interactive map for people who live in the fire zone, it lets them type in the address to see whether their home is still there. unfortunately, this is a map, all of the red you see in the middle, the houses in that district were badly damaged or destroyed. >> and from the fire lines, members of oakland's task force are tweeting the thanksgiving greeting and others in the bay area, firefighters from the urban search and rescue group are helping with recovery, searching for human remains. the oakland fire department sponsors the task force, it's made up of men and women from
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the greater bay area as well as medical personnel and engineers. >> from alabama this morning, a shooting inside of a shopping mall south of birmingham ended with one man dead and two people hospitalized, it started with two men starting with one of them pulled out a gun and shot the other. the gunman ran away and police shot him when they ordered him to stop. he died, another man and a 12- year-old girl were shot with gunshot wound. the mall will remain closed until further notice. speaking of black friday shopping, a lot if consumers got up really early this morning, maybe they're still up from shopping last night. they're going to more stores today for black friday. ktvu elissa harrington, you're at the outlet stores in livermore which is huge and black friday is well under way out there. good morning. >> good morning, it's busy.
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cars are circling the parking lot. there is traffic and they've put out cones, some people are honking, it's getting quite busy. we got a chance to walk around the mall and i want to show you what we saw. one of the longest lines somebody outside of nike, they're wrapped around the velvet barrier, there are dozens of people outside of the north face, there's a two-hour wait outside of the store. i've seen people wheeling wagons and suitcases, filling it up with items they purchased. i'll talk with a couple of shoppers, first of all, did you slope at all or did you come straight here? >> we came straight here. >> what are you shopping for? >> clothes, accessories. >> occur show some of the items we got, or can i see them? >> you can see them, clothes,
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more clothes, you didn't get any sleep, is it worth it or have you got good clothes. >> 50 to 60% off, worth it, no slope is fine. it was quite what thrill. >> where did you see some of the -- it was quite a thrill. >> where did you see some of the lines, where did you have to wait? >> old navy was the longest, it was quite long. once ones that would close down a couple of hours, big lines there. >> i assume when you first showed up, it was probably raining, did it impact you guys at all. >> a little bit, we went to starbucks and figured it out and waited for it to settle. what's next, getting slope? >> that's fantastic, we'll continue going on. >> these are serious black friday shoppers. all right, so, we'll be chatting with a couple of more people later on. it's really busy as you can
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see. it almost looks like a mall you would expect to see in the middle of the day not when it's still dark outside, people are scooping scooping up the deals. eals. thank you. the time is 6:06 as the black friday deals roll out around the country, the shoppers are ready. the national retail federation says more than 164 million people will be shopping over the 5-day weekend. and adobe analytics says on lean shopping is expected to go up $3.7 billion this thanksgiving. and smartphones are driving half of the traffic on retail sites, other top products include the nintendo switch, hp laptops and the call of duty blacks box videogame. and oakland mayor libby schaaf wants everyone to avoid
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the big retailers on black friday and instead think local. the mayor and other community leaders support plaid friday. it's an annual event launched 10 years to promote businesses during the holidays. almost 200 retailers, restaurants and artist also have special offers today. the kick off event is set for 10:30 this morning at bay made at lakeshore avenue. several dozen people were killed in twin terror attacks in pakistan. first separatists stormed a con soup late and that was an hour long shootout and two police officers and three assailants were killed and hours later 35 people were killed in northwest pakistan in an open air market. most of the people killed were shiite muslims. they condemned the bombing said
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it was an act of terrorism. a man arrested on charges of arson bellinger shows him doing construction work. he is 45 years old and known as fahim bay. they site posts on social media is one of the ways they identified bellinger. >> he's charged with maliciously starting the hollis fire in oakland, and bellinger's dna was found on a smudge from a windowsill and a rag that was stuffed no a gasoline container. the charges have been brought for one of the arson and there are others being investigated to see if this individual might be responsible for those. the mayor is talking about several construction arson fires to hit the oakland emeryville area in the past two years like the 126 unit ice
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house for a that start an hour before the hollis fire and the one on valdez street. he hasn't been charged with any other arson, he spent time in jail for kidnapping and robbery. in a letter to 2006, he linked himself to the notorious bay area family indicted for the murder of a bay area family, chauncey bailey. and the good fellas motorcycle club hosted its thanksgiving meal yesterday afternoon. members rode their bikes to east 14th and 84th avenue. volunteers sold turkey and stuffing and libby schaaf stopped by for a visit. hundreds of volunteers took time to deliver meals to senior citizens. meals and wheels delivered
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thanksgiving to 2600 homebound seniors, most live on an income in less than 1,000 a month. they say thanksgiving is the favorite time of the year. being shortchanged, how a mistake is blamed for a mounting debt and what's being done to help our veterans. and how a baby got out safely, from a fire, thanks to a stranger. it took a long time to get here, but now that it's here, let it rain. let it rain. [ music ] >> let it rain, let it rain, let it rain down on me. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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we have breaking news in marin county this morning. the chp has opened the tunnel after a serious crash happened there. up until ten minutes three of the lanes were blocked on 101 south of the robin williams tunnel. it isn't leadping up to a backup according to the traffic maps. you can expect delays in the area. the three lanes that had been closed are now back open on southbound 101. the woolsey fire, it is 100% contained. the 100,000 acre wildfire started two weeks ago west of l.a., destroyed 1500 homes,
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three people were killed. experts, now, warning the people there, be on alert for storms in the coming months, it could cause mud and departurebly slides in the burn zones. for camp fire survivors, it's unlike anything they managed. some are coming to terms with everything they have lost. but, still they're thankful for a warm and caring community. most of the people who attended the holiday dinner that was put on by volunteers for camp fire survivors, most lost everything. that woman lost her home in paradise in the camp fire, these are pictures of her house before and after the wildfire. her family owned that home sense the 1960. crews with the california office of emergency services are looking to protect the home with the debris, they are preparing sandbags with erosion
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and debris flow. they're hoping it will protect against land slides and the flooding in the coming days. money is tight for many veterans and families this holiday. the veterans affairs department is behind on reimbursing programs, the culprit is not a person, it's a machine. 's a machine. >> a 50-year-old commuter system at the department of veterans affairs is short changing post 9-11 veterans, they're facing mounting subsidized housing bills. there was glitch. >> the trump administration promised to cleanup the incompetence inside the va and base oddant this testimony and other hearings we've had, they
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haven't made a lick of difference. >> lawmakers are trying to understand why veterans were not receiving their housing subsidies along with their tuitions. >> that system is complex, that engine is old. >> 825 students have waited longer than two months, they could be missing in the raping of $1500 to $6,000 who are more in expected payments. nearly $60,000 total claims remain. in october alone, about 1,000 students under financial hardship called a va hotline for immediate help. >> some guys will have real hardships and maybe personal family crises as a result of this. >> we gave the va what it asked for, it's frustrating to be here. >> how many veterans have outstanding payments greater than 30 days. >> do we have a little more than 10,000 in the 31 and 60- day mark. >> none of the gi students were
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made homeless as a result of the glitch, and the agency is working hard to find any affected veterans, those vets are being moved to the top of the cue for immediate action, at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. the time now is 6:17, and if you're up early on this day of thanksgiving to do shopping or maybe did to work, steve paulson has you covered with the look at the weather today. >> i would say a lot of cloud cover, off-and-on rain, i wouldn't expect breaks other, most of the rain was overnight. we'll have a steady light rain, that's what we're seeing right now. wood acre acre: the best so far we can find has been in the santa cruz
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mountains. mt. tamalpais a respectful 2.37. ul 2.37. castro valley santa rosa, napa overan inch. overan inch. this is a break to the north, there's a little fog being reported, a southeast breeze, it advance it is and this moves through, we're getting the warm overrunning, this is light steady rain for the drizzle, there's plenty upstream that has to move through. there's a wet snow and winter storm warning until 10, there's a wind advisory that might be a bigger deal than the snowy looks like it's above lake level on the passes here, it's in the northeast california, there's meant upstream, we'll call this a short wave, the system coming through. the warm sector is over us now. half moon bay is at 58 degrees,
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oakland is at 57, this will take us into tonight and saturday morning and half that we'll see a -- after that we'll see a break. these are not going anywhere, rain today, steady for some and not too bad for others. the next system is tuesday, more likely wednesday. it was show nice and clear yesterday. will you be spending more on gifts this holiday season, how much people are expected to spend this year and the new marketing strategy towards younger consumers. and keep burglars out of your home without spending hundreds of dollars, how to secure your house with a quick trip to your local hardware store.
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a burning apartment in dallas, texas, several people had to jump from the third floor to escape wednesday morning, she dangled the infant from the window and a man assured he would catch the baby. >> investigators are trying to determine what started the fire that destroyed 2 dozen units. and 40 members of the university marching band are
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being treated for minor injuries after a bus rolled on the side on an icy road. this was going to a game between washington and washington state university. they believe foggy and icy conditions were contributing factors. most of the musicians will be able to perform today. some have back pain but most have said they'll perform today. and a man is starting the first legal cannabis company in his hometown. he and his grandmother will run the company called the loaded bowl. they'll limit it to the south san francisco. the county commissioner approved it this month it has to be licensed by the city. they'll accept phone or online orders and no customers will be
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allowed into the company's work face. a home break can happen in seconds, there's inexpensive ways to turn your front door into a fortress. >> busting through your front door, a lock is no match for this man. >> with one swift kick it blew the door open. >> if thieves are determined to break in. >> we put it to the test, homeowners are standing by. >> it was insane, i did not expect it to give that easy. >> you can walk up and find the same thing. >> and most front doors are not fortified when they're installed. >> the harder that you make it to break in your home, the less likely it will happen. >> there are simple hope changes you can make. >> a lot of homeowners is those little bitty screws. >> change your short screws to long screws. >> it's a three quarter screw that goes in, that's what is
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really protecting your home from a kick in or break in. >> three to 4 inches is best. >> it gives you the ability to secure the door frame, it's going tock hold up substantially longer, put in a 4-foot stroke plate. >> you have 3 or 4-inch screws and you created a reinforce the barrier rather than one small piece in the middle. >> there's the lock. >> change the dead bolt for heavy duty. >> after we fortified this home, the door didn't budge. >> i feel a lot more confident that if someone kicks off my door open, they will not be able to get in. well, how long would it take you to claim your prize if you won the biggest lottery jackpot in u.s. history, someone who bought the mega millions ticket that was worth 1.5 billion has not claimed the
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prize. the winner has until late april to claim the prize. we may not ever know who the winner is because south carolina is one 8 states that allows the win tory remain anonymous. president trump is threatening to shut down the southern border and the president's message and the controversial order to keep migrants out of the united states. and how the snow blankets the sierra and what you can expect today. >> the southeast breeze, temperatures are middle, rain continues not too heavy, light, it will be steady off and on throughout the day.
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good morning, welcome back to "mornings on 2" i'm dave clark. >> i'm allie rasmus in for pam cook. the sierra snow resorts will be reopened today. a foot of snow has fallen and more is expected. people need to have chains on 80. s on 80. they are requiring chains on the tires.
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10:00 you have a winter storm warning. mt. tamalpais 2.3. . tamalpais 2.3. we have a little bit of a break, fog and mist, and
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drizzle rolls in. we're getting the warm sector ahead of it. there's light rain, steady for some, the bulk of it is to the north. that will swing through throughout the day. mid 50s, upper 50s, below 50s, southeast, southeast south, that's the direction, the front direction, until that goes through later tonight and no tomorrow morning, we'll be in a mild pattern here with off and on light rain for most. 50s and 60s on the temperatures, back to you. >> the time is 6:31, more people are holiday shopping online and shopping longer, plenty of people still go out on black friday every year, looking for bargains in those can't miss deals. >> and we're joined at the livermore outlets, it looks like it's wild out there, what's it like? >> reporter: it's busy, a lot of people have been coming out here throughout the morning. this is one of the longest lines we have found.
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look at that -- look at this line. it stretches down this hallway. there's a lot of people and i was told the wait was two hours, some of the wait it was 35 minutes, one of the reasons for that, they're letting in a few shoppers at a time. as you can see, there's still a line inside once people pick up the items they want. i will chat with a couple of shoppers right now. how long have you been waiting? >> 30 minutes. >> what brings you out here. >> did you got any sleep? >> no sleep. we've been out here since, probably like, well it took us an hour to get here, we drove in the rain, and yeah, we've been here all night, pretty much, it's another job here. >> where did you drive in from? >> burlingame. >> and why did you want to come here, what are you looking for,
6:33 am
can you talk if you're christmas shopping or looking for yourselfry, shopping for myself and honestly soaking in the holiday feeling. it's more about being able to do something. >> what do you think about this line? >> this is the first time doing a black friday. it's insane. i would hear insane stories. i didn't think it was this real, but here i am. i'm in a line, for like one hour, almost. >> you're almost at the front, so hang in there. >> want to show you guys, we took a walk around the mall and this is what we found, you can see we saw some long liens outside of the north face and outside of nike and quite a few people are waiting outside of there. a lot of it these stores are letting in a few people at a time. we have seen big deals, 75% off, 2 for 1, people are wheeling around wagons with their items.
6:34 am
we've seen people out here with their kids, some of the kids have been sleeping through the entire shopping friendship. people have been open since yesterday. some came straight from the thanksgiving dinner to the mall, that's how serious they are about getting these deals. ing these deals. ktvu, fox 2 news. >> whether you like shopping on black friday or cyber monday, most people will take part in both days, doug luzader reports brick and mortar retailers and online retailers want shoppers. >> whether you shop in a store or shop online everyone is branching up. wal-mart is trying to augment brick and mortar stores by making things available online for customers and amazon is opening up actual stores,
6:35 am
amazon is offering something new, actually being able to buy something right away. >> you can enter the store and buy what you like. >> what a concept. >> this is brilliant, it's a little late in my opinion, but i'm glad they've done it. >> now, at this point, the national retail federation kind of lumps black friday and cyber monday together into this big five-day holiday shopping extravaganza, the good news from their point of view, we're expected to pay 4% more this year. >> lets do it. >> lets do it. in new york city, in fact, the famous fao schwartz toy store confidential reopened last week, big keyboard and all. >> this is a store that will have unique products and experiences that can't be found anywhere else. >> experience, things like magic shows, that strategy may go beyond these junior would be consumers, and the other
6:36 am
scores, challenges for the millennials that value experiences other products. >> forget real estate, you can't afford it anyway. >> although it's become something of a punch line, nut monopoly game this year is for millennials, you win by accumulating experiences, not property. >> maybe millennials will be able to pony up $20 for that experience. the game is tough to find but happy hunting out there. president trump didn't take the holiday off from twitter, the president fired off two tweets, against justice john roberts and he says there's politically motivated rulings against his agenda and on border security and asylum. >> i know chief justice roberts has been speaking a little bit about it, i think we have to use commonsense, the ninth circuit, everyone knows it's out of control, at that's
6:37 am
disgrace, frankly and essentially they're legislating, they're saying what to do. >> earlier this week, chief justice roberts pushed back against president trump after he described a judge in san francisco as an obama judge, that judge blocked the administration's new policy on asylum at the border. president trump threatens to shut down the u.s. border if he decides mexico is losing control over the migrants camped in tijuana. thousands of migrants are in shelters waiting for a chance to come into the united states. he calls it a bad situation and promises to close off entry into the us if necessary. >> it's a terrible thing when judges take over your protective service when is they tell you how to protect your border, it's a disgrace. new president trump also said he told border troops, it is okay to use deadly force
6:38 am
against the migrants if they have. >> it the time is 6:37 -- 6:37, environmentalists release a report, what we expect to learn today about the human impact of change. going to rebuild that church on the corner. >> and two men are helping the people from paradise as they create music after the fire in paradise. and there is rain for some, we have snow in some of the areas, we'll look at the totals and we expect it to be mostly cloudy with off-and-on rain. [ phone rings ] what?!
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there's been a release of a climate change report. environmentalist groups have a used the trump the federal government of burying chilly change report by releasing it during the worst news day of
6:42 am
the year. and the president tweeted whatever happened to global warming after record setting cold on the east coast. and diabetes is going up around the world. and they're predicting insulin will go up to 634 million units by the year 2030 a big increase from 526 million this year. the increase is linked to the growing number of people with type 2 diabetes who need insulin, unless insulin supplies are increased a lot by the year 2030, about 40 million americans with diabetes won't have access to it. samsung is apologizeing to employees while they become sick work being at the factories in asia, they issued a former pay polling to samsung employees and they're the biggest phone manufacturer and chip maker.
6:43 am
they suffered severe work- related injuries at the factories and display companies. some women died in those injuries. they have agreed to pay $133,000 a case and some of that was cancer, congenital diseases and affecting new born babies and miscarriages. and hundreds of volunteers around the bay spent their thanksgiving morning helping to prepare. bill scott was there showing off his skills carving a turkey. and then there was a man from concord, he brought a turkey, milk, pies and other food worth $4,000 and donated to the thanksgiving dinner. this is my passion. many people have luxury, they like to live luxurious, this is how i feel good. i feel good to help people.
6:44 am
>> more than 5,000 meals were served, founders of glide said the spirit of thanksgiving is what the church is about all day and all year, that's why they're grateful for donations and volunteers who show love. >> dealing with the physical and mental toll of the worst wildfire in california history can be overwhelming for the survivors of the camp fire, two men took their grieve and channeled it in a creative way to help others. i can still remember the first time that i fell in love with this town. >> these lyrics, raw, emotional and real, inspired by lives lived in paradise. >> after dark -- >> meet these two brothers, they're not country superstars, they're not making millions off their songs. they're paradise natives. >> i'm going to miss it, i
6:45 am
already miss it. >> and camp fire survivors. >> i was thankful that i got out and a lot of them. >> one apartment and the brother's house burned to the ground and their parents lost their homes. >> my parents called me down the sky ways in tears thing they wouldn't make it, to say good-bye. >> lush greenery replaced by charred hillsides, the front took their pain and confusion and put if into movie. >> we came out and we were writing music about our town. >> it was the easiest song i ever wrote. >> they came up with this song about the camp fire, they call it one of these days. >> one of these days, we're going to rebuild that church on the corner -- >> when nate is let back in this area, this is what see, rubble and ash, he has his life
6:46 am
and a guitar. those lyrics straight from his heart, music helps him grieve and he hopes it will help his neighbors too. >> it's not about me or him at all. it's something for everyone. we've had a lot of thank yous. >> the fourth of paradise seems bleak, but for these two, it doesn't change how they feel about the hometown. >> you can burn this whole dam city to the ground, you're never going to take our home. >> in butte county sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. one of these days. >> what a beautiful song. they're so talented, we wish them the best. the time is 6:46, we'll talk about weather right now. steve paulson is busy in his office getting ready for it. steve is right there. >> well, i wasn't ready, i was
6:47 am
looking something up. so, lets go outside and take a look. i'm a little busy here for crying out loud. we're getting a break, it's an off and on steady rain for some. temperatures, they're very mild, it's not mild as in the northeast. we'll show you this, how cold it is from boston new york, and philadelphia, buffalo, washington, d.c., there's cold air, that's pretty cold. the rainfall in the last 24 hours, boulder creek, 1.81, sebastopol, 1.68, and these areas: ese areas: there's a break for some. there are areas where it's not showing up on radar right now and there's still some over us, so, we get light rain or a steady shower or a mist and it's drizzly, we'll get here
6:48 am
eventually. there's a lot of moisture that has to swing through. the bulk will be to the north. for the sierra the snow level will go up. it's wet in sierra. the winter storm warning goes until 10 being clocks the wind may be a bigger factor. there's a high wind warning, the southeast breeze will make for mild conditions, it will track south throughout the day, we're in between, 50s on the temperatures, 57 in oakland, 58 for half moon bay low 50s, very mild it, and some of the higher elevations are gulf coast regular higher. this is nonstop rain, it will take us into tonight, saturday morning and we'll get a break sunday and monday. the next system may be tuesday night, more likely on wednesday, then after today, things look better for a few days. thank you, as you go out, take an umbrella, still ahead,
6:49 am
we'll take you to san mateo region, why you may want to skip the malls and go to something with historic charm. ♪ ♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's 6:51, authorities in san lorenzo investigate a deadly house fire, it happened near backman road.
6:52 am
they found a man's body, they don't know who he was and how he died. 14 people were living in that single family home. the red cross helped the 13 survivors find a new place to stay thanksgiving evening. and people in san francisco celebrated the holiday, it took a small break from walking the picket lines to host a potluck thanksgiving dinner, outside of the marriott on 4th and market. there were similar events outside of the hotels in san francisco. the strike started 50 days ago with marriott workers around the country demanding better pay and -- higher pay and better working conditions. >> having to spend the holidays out in the rain and not at home with our family, that's really, really hard to hold in and to be satisfied with. that's why we're striking tonight, we're not satisfied with that. >> and marriott hotel workers
6:53 am
in oakland and san jose went back to work earlier this month. they reached an agreement and san francisco workers are on picket lines and and strike along with employees in hawaii. the golden state warriors are hosting a game tonight. the warriors lost their fourth straight game wednesday, a 4- game losing streak for the first time in the steve curry area. and tonight's game is the first between the trail blazers and the warriors it, starts at 7:30, and the best gulfers will play each other, tiger woods and phil michelson going head to head in a winner take over in an 18-hole match, the prize $9 million. they'll make side bets along the way. some of that money will go to charities. today's match guns at noontime. it's available on pay per view to $20. and a reminder, college
6:54 am
football begins early this morning right other on ktvu fox 2, the pro game show begins at 8:30 followed by nebraska against iowa at 9:00, don't forget you can get all of your local news and weather over on ktvu plus, beginning at 8:30. our time is 6:54, half month bay is known for the famous pumpkin festival now that hundreds of thousands of people have cleared out you may want to go back for a visit. the downtown area has a lot of history and charm. and claudine wong reports it's about shopping local. >> reporter: if you drive too fast you might miss it. but, you would be missing out. missing the chance to slow down and get to know this small coastal community. the oldest in san mateo county. it was originally called spanish town. but, then in 1874, the coastline shaped like a crescent, it inspires the name
6:55 am
half moon bay you, it has a very wonderful relaxed vibe, there's no rush here, nobody is honking at you. you can meander down the street as your own pace, no one is rushing by you. and meander is the best way to go down the blocks that make up downtown. take a peek in this shop. she grew up in half moon bay. >> i went to school and grew up here and went to high school, all you want to do in a small town is grow up and get out. >> but now, she appreciates the town. >> i have love if the lifestyle downtown, my kids go it school downtown, we walk and bike everywhere, i can't imagine living anywhere else. >> there are 12,000 in town and everyone seems to know each other. if you want a big box store,
6:56 am
you'll have to look elsewhere, in those old historic buildings, you'll find and different kind of shopping. >> you'll find different businesses like gold works that started decades ago. >> we had a smaller location blocks down, my parents started this. >> and he runs it with his three brothers, he took over the place 5 years ago. >> i'm happy to take care of that family tradition and bring it forward. >> how half moon bay is he? >> very half moon bay. >> what does that mean? >> in addition to gems like this, 4 and a half karat sapphire or diamond, they look for waves and means, he said it's also about something else. >> we really pride ourselves in taking care of you for the long hall rather than making one quick sale and and if you dollars and sending people on their way. >> remember they want you to stay a while and if you make it into odyssey, you might not
6:57 am
leave. >> we're part oddity and curiosity shops with a focus on an interactive space, it's an interactive space, focusing on science and nature and art products. >> so many different things in here, drawers to open with fascinating things inside, including one of leslie's favorites. >> we saw these fossil teeth this is my favorite product right now. >> it was packed with people of all ages shopping for everything from ukuleles, and science supplies, and others things you didn't know you needed and eand found a private shore -- ian found a pirate store. >> this is not a place where you are told not to touch. >> we tell people, please feel free to touch and play when people come in. >> and leslie hanson showed me how to make the first
6:58 am
terrarium. >> there are not too many rules when it comes to building a terrarium. >> this school has the coolest outdoor space with a ship and lots of room to create. it's a police that is often crowded. this is the half moon bay that people miss when they come down for the very popular pumpkin festival. >> when the pumpkin fest is going on because there's so many booths down the middle of the street, it's difficult to see what's on the sides of the street, 2,000 people a day can change a vibe, come on down and you will see the charm on this corner of the world and even if you have been, and haven't been in awhile, there are new things to see. >> abode changes every two weeks, just before we saw the store it transformed. >> people will say which store is this, it's really different. >> remember throws charm in what doesn't change. that small town feel, that invitation to meander, that personal touch. >> this is like a little oasis,
6:59 am
and i didn't plan it that way from the beginning, but it just sort of kind of organically happened that way, and i thank my lurky stars all of the too many i get this to do it. >> slow down, don't miss it, because you'll be missing out. ing out. more rain and wind in the forecast it, steve
7:00 am
brookly over an inch. rain. and san ramon, almost an inch thanks are calming down a little bit. but light rain over us right now h the bulk of this is still upstream and will move over us today. the sierra is dealing with some snow. but the snow level will go up. so not only is there


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