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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 26, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PST

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mornings on 2. welcome back. monday morning november 26. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. i hope you had a nice long weekend. >> i was here. >> i hope you had a good weekend. >> i love my job but working friday was really hard. there was nobody here. >> we have more rain coming in. >> yes. but not today. get ready. by the end of the week we could
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be in the upper 50s but today we could close to 70. a lot of cloud cover focused to the north but more rain is on the way. the first system will we can to the south and dragon into wednesday. thursday morning looks like a good system coming in and rainfall on tap to be good. taken us all the way into saturday. after that the models will diverge but 2-4 inches of rain to the north and some to the south as possible. maybe some of the north coast. in the north partly to mostly cloudy with 40s and 50s. right at 40 in danville 41 in dublin and pleasanton. a lot of high clouds with a south wind. very mild with rain developing tomorrow, not today. today -- system to the north and to the south later on. 4:31. sal is here. he tells us everything is -- >> a couple of things that are
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popping up and get a nice looking commute. we will stop -- start off with the solano county commute. it looks pretty good driving to hercules. off to a nice start. it probably won't stay this way long but right now it looks good driving 16 minutes between the bridge and the macarthur maze. president trump is calling on mexico to handle the migrants after the trouble of the border. he said that mexico should move them back by plane or bus or anywhere they can. doug luzader joins us now . it seems to be coming to a goo
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we will see this debate firing up in congress. especially ahead of a governmethe border. so many migrants making a run for it that the u.s. agents appeared to deploy teargas and the migrants responded by throwing rocks. the u.s. closed the nearby border crossing and from the department of homeland security there was a message -- dhs will not tolerate this type of lawlessness and will not hesitate to shut down ports of entry for security and public safety reasons. as the first family returned to the white house from their thanksgiving holiday in florida the president ignored questions about the border. he called on mexico to do more to address the problem. inuck session of congress this will reignite
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the immigration debate with democrats pushing to address the violence and economic problems in central america driving the massive care against to the north. >> most people understand that if you have a problem you should go to the root cause of the problem. >>reporter: some republicans are skeptical of the asylum claims the migrants are expected to make. >> the word got out that you could come to america and we would just allow you one whether you have a credible need of asylum or not. those days are over. >>reporter: mexico has promised to support any migrants who carry out acts of violence. they are not clear how cooperative they will be with our administration. to you. this morning, four turkish shoulders are dead after their helicopters crashed near istanbul. the helicopter was on a training flight. it slammed into a four-story building. there were no e
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minister said the helicopter pilot appeared to be trying to land away from people. it is not clear why the pilot may have been attempting to make an emergency landing. a fifth soldier was treated for serious injuries. the crash is under investigation. 4: 35. back at home, the driver who died after crashing into a patrol car in sausalito was identified as lauren lee pino. it happened southbound 101 in sausalito. it was around 8 am saturday. investigators say she was driving near the offramp when her car hydroplaned and slammed into a chp car. the officer inside was hurt but is expected to recover. police in berkeley are asking for the public's help. investigators say a man entered
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and sexually assaulted a female inside the home. this happened at 6 am yesterday. the man is described as between 20-30 with a dark complexion and a square n-shaven. balding or anyone with information should call berkeley police. 4:36. police are investigating the discovery of a body. someone walking along the bay trail saw the body floating in the water yesterday afternoon. there were no signs of foul play. police say they don't know how long the person have been dead. the coroner's office is trying to identify the person and determine the cause of death. in pacifica a body was found in the water near linda marvin beach. the coast guard and the fire department rushed to the scene just before 9 am yesterday. this person is believed to be a man. floating in the water half mile offshore. the coroner went to the scene and so far there is no word on
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how the person ended up in the water. in modesto human remains were found buried behind a home. the woman was taking to bury a dead pet when she discovered a decomposed body. investigators believe the remains have been there several months. >> with a case like this we investigate it as a homicide until we figure out that it could be something different. the first part of the process is to remove the body. once it is removed it is taken to the coroner facility where an autopsy will be done. >> the autopsy will determine if the body was a man or woman and then they will try to match it to a missing persons report. a man in san jose is suspected in a deadly hit-and- run. police rushed to capitol expressway in silver creek -- at silver creek road in santa fe last night. a woman was crossing capitol expressway also at a crosswalk
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when a 2018 board truck hit her. she died at the scene. we don't know her name. police say the driver tried to get away but some good samaritans were able to stop you. the 39-year-old, nunez, -- munoz, was booked into jail. the center clara county sheriff's deputies are looking for whoever fired shots at a duplex saturday night. this was in san jose. there may have been a party. deputies say after the shots were fired several people ran into backyards around the neighborhood. there does not appear to be any victims but several were detained and no arrests were made. a man is recovering after he fell yesterday afternoon. they responded to a report of a
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man who had slipped and hit his head. chp helicopters were brought into airlift him out of the rocky area. no word on his conditions. the entire rescue effort took about 30 minutes. 4:39. prominent civil rights activist doctor harry edwards is joining a number of people that said they will boycott the san francisco giants. the controversy is one that -- over one of the owners, charles johnson, who donated to the campaign of cindy hines smith. earlier this month senator hines smith said she would be on the front row if she was invited to a public hanging. that mark was seen as racist. she later apologized. doctor edwards tweeted this -- as a people, nation we must not except for support allusions to lynching. we have become accustomed to
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other disparaging characterizations is to accept them as normalize. therein lies the path to societal tradition. in the meantime baseball is asking her to give back -- returned a $5000 donation it made to her campaign. the donation came from the office of the commissioner more than two weeks after the public hanging comment. according to a mlb spokesrsleag were asked to attend. senator hines smith right now is holding onto a lead in the race even though her opponent, democrat mike espey is climbing in the polls. she will be getting a boost from president trump today. he will join her at two rallies in mississippi. the senate went off election in mississippi is tomorrow. longtime bay area radio host ray taliaferro is missing.
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he was last seen a week ago in western kentucky. he lives in illinois. according to a missing persons flyer he was last seen at mellow mushroom restaurant in paducah. officials say the san francisco native may be disoriented. he has been showing signs of dementia. in 1976 he became the country's first lack talk show host for a major market radio station. 4:41. one less charge facing harvey weinstein. the latest in the case of sexual assault claims. coming up at 5:00. first, a new concept for carpool lane. the plan to let solo drivers use them in the bay area. a nice looking picture of the bay bridge. it looks nice. it looks nice and the traffic looks good.
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this might be the best day of the week. more rain is on the way starting tomorrow.
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the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. the first american spacecraft heading for mars is hours away from its final destination. it could reveal how are created and why they are different from each other. >> the $1 billion first robotic
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lander blasted off from california in may. the 300 million mile journey from earth to mars inches on the final 6 1/2 minutes of flight. when entering the atmosphere it will have to slow a whopping 12,000 miles an hour down to just five as touches down on the dusty, rocky surface. at 12:01 at the jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena scientists will hold their breath waiting for the insight -- waiting for it to be. >> i am excited and nervous. everything has to go perfectly. mars could always throw us a curveball. >> wall begin to dig into the secrets of the planet drilling 16 feet below the service. >> during the 24 months or about one martian will gather information on how this fourth planet is formed and
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discuss this. >> scientists say this remains unchanged and this might provide clues into the origin of earth. >> when we look at the crest of mars this is a snapshot into the past of what the crust of the earth may have looked like 4 1/2 billion years ago. >> the first image could come down within minutes of landing. in new york reporting. >> in the bay area this space and science center will host a live streaming party on skyline boulevard. the doors open this morning. >> 4:46. this storm is causing flight cancellations. storms are expected to dump snow in michigan, illinois and indiana. in kansas they declared a state of emergency. more than 14,000 have no power.
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1000 flights were canceled yesterday because of bad weather. we are seeing the local impact in the bay area this morning. seven flights were canceled, to and from chicago. >> an unusual intruder. they shared this video of a bear. >> it opened the door and came in. this is the enforcement facility in truckee. this happened on the 17th. the bear didn't find anything -- he walked out and the officers followed him to make sure he left all the way. >> he is smarter than the average bear. >> solo drivers may pay to use carpool lanes. the idea is to help commuters
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get in and out of the city faster. the san francisco county transportation authority recently approved $4 million to study this idea. if it is approved existing southbound and northbound lanes on highway 101 and interstate 280 would be converted into hov lanes. >> 4:48 is the time. speaking of carpooling, sal, what are you looking at? >> i am looking at this and i don't see a lot going on. the traffic is okay driving along the altamont pass. we will start with this. westbound 580 will be okay at the altamont pass. just getting there is the problem. there is the altamont pass. the issue is 205 and 580 just before you get there. that is what is going on. there is some slow traffic
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there. getting on the freeway in livermore it looks okay with no major issues. in oakland it looks good in both directions. when you get to that told plaza it's getting more crowded. not too bad, especially using fasttrack. 4:49. let's bring in steve. i have to say i'm enjoying the nice air quality. >> yes, it was way overdue. now that the rain has come through friday afternoon it was coming down pretty good for some. we got a break on the weekend and now we can take a look at how the water year looks october 1. we call it the water year. >> santa rosa not bad -- almost 70%. they made up a lot of ground. maybe by the end of the week they will be at an hundred percent. san francisco 2.44. 67% oakland 63%. in san jose --it will make up
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a lot of ground, that's my prediction. >> mostly sunny to the south and north of the golden gate partly to mostly cloudy. this is the system tuesday with more rain on the way. not today. day if you work outside you will be all right but tuesday there will be a system and thursday there will be another good system that will be a day were in the morning it will be tough. i talked commute with rain and wind and another system late friday into saturday. the 16 day outlook for the model is very wet north of marin county into the sierra. we will take it into friday. another system saturday. more down the road. high clouds coming in with some rain on the north coast but that will be the only place. otherwise you can see high is drifting across -- it will be on the mild side -- 60s and 70s. starting off on the peninsulad
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upper 40s and low 50s on the san mateo coast. half moon bay to pacifica. hayward and union city -- foster city and san mateo both of 45. cloud cover here with attached of most are coming in heading wednesday into thursdayric river. that's what we say. tomorrow the system will drag in and move south. it will be north of the golden gate in the morning. dropping south and it will weaken considerably. not a big system but it will give us some rain. the next system coming in wednesday night comes in from the mid latitude and that is looking impressive. >> upper 60s to 70 in golden hill. today partly sunny -- clouds moving in with rain developing and another system wednesday and thursday. friday another system arriving saturday. court orders to report the
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last minute attempt to delay the sentence and how a judge ruled on this.
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this gu y sriracha s. because at jack in the box, whoops, we're all about bulking up breakfast. alright, buh-bye. and we're pretty pumped about it. meaty, baby! up top, jack! ...mondays, right? [laughter] bulk up your breakfast with my meaty breakfast burritos. part of the breakfast burrito family. welcome back. the time today, george papadopoulos, a former campaign advisor of
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trump will start contact with russians officials during the presidential campaign. he tried to get the sentence too late but a judge said no. there maybe new developments in the russia investigation. at the same time, democrats and some republicans say they are concerned about how the acting attorney general will deal with the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the presidential election. they want to make sure that all the information that special counsel robert mueller comes up with is made public. some lawmakers are worried that when robert mueller finishes the investigation the acting attorney general could decide to limit how much of the report some believe robert mueller is prepared for that possibility -- that something like a new attorney general could takeace.
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>> if he wanted to make sure that he was finished with his work that's why i think he accepted the written statement. he didn't want the new attorney general to be able to interfere . it would be politically a disaster the new attorney general do that. last week prosecutors ask for a brief delay for paul manafort who has been cooperating in the russia investigation. they didn't explain why but they said the two sites will submit a report that will help. the iranian president is urging muslim countries to unite against the united states. he spoke at the annual conference over the weekend and his comments came weeks after the trump administration reimposed sanctions on iran that had been removed under the 2015 iran nuclear deal. the united states withdrew from that agreement earlier this year. >> 4:56. calfire said the most instructive wildfire in
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california history is now contained. why the fire crews will stay several more days. >> plus, arrested again -- an update on this football player and latest on his arrest before the 49ers played the buccaneers. this little home of mine, ♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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good morning. hunta virtual calls for more, top 40 security. weather you can government -- the mexican government. tesla on the brink of collapse. how close they came to going out of business. from ktvu this is mornings on 2. thank you for joining us i'm pam cook. >> good morning i'm dave clark. a lot is happening with the weather. steve paulson has everything you need to know. >> i will try. i will tell you as much as i know. there is some fog. santa rosa and sonoma county and the napa airport have half- mile visibility and fog. watch out. it can be fit. the fire clouds usually inhibit
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fog permission. we might see more in the next couple of hours with the cloud cover moving in. partly to mostly cloudy north of the golden gate and so that that it will be mostly sunny. i forgot to put a quarter in. >> it should work. are you ready? >> yes, i can tell you about the traffic. >> i wanted to hear about that. >> yes. i will tell you. t of people ar look at the slow traffic. people are on the road early. 205 back into the tracy an


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