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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 26, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PST

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should we get ready for more rain? >> not today, tomorrow. >> the morning commute? >> we are okay but it could be to the north. thursday for sure. that's the day everyone needs to get ready. today not too bad. actually on the warm side. the flight delays are from chicago o'hare -- at chicago o'hare. it is because of snow. so far it is green but if you have a flight from oakland to chicago there are some departure delays. >> the water year rainfall -- we have made up some good ground. we will makeup more this week. i would be surprised if santa rosa was over 100% of normal by san francisco as 67%. oakland just over 2 and -- at 63. 79-100. signs of more rain for san jose this week. cloud cover north of the golden
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gate. high clouds. the south will be clear and sunny. more rain is on the wayne. -- on the way. thursday morning could be impressive with some 4 inch totals. to the north another system is on tap for saturday. today high clouds and a mild pattern. 40s and 50s on the temperatures and we will end up with the high cloud deck coming in and the high pressure still in charge. it will give us a lot of cloud cover to the north and mostly sunny to the south. 60s near 70 in morgan hill and gilroy. 6:01. things are improving on the east. we will start there. i will show you the 80 westbound. it was taking 40 minutes to drive between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze and things are better. 31 minutes.
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it will improve a little bit but things are slow. getting to the bay bridge it is slow traffic. in typical commute. this is a look at 880 in oakland and the traffic will be okay. sohby to hayward. the san mateo and dunbarton bridge commutes are doing well. back to you. chaos this weekend at the us-mexico border. 39 were arrested after a peaceful march by central american migrants turned violent. there were clashes between the group and police trying to get into the u.s. sara zenehnam joins us with the latest. >> tough images coming out of this. this all started with a peaceful march. the goal of the group was to get the u.s. to speed up processing of asylum claims for central american migrants. things turned hectic this weekend. u.s. agents fired tear gas after migrants pushed past the police blocking. u.s. customs and border protection defended their agency
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tweeted that the teargas was used to get rid of the group after the migrants hit agents with projectiles. this led to the border patrol office -- border patrol office closing the port of entry. it was closed several hours. 100,000 enter the u.s. there every day. and organizer of a group traveling with the migrants said that sunday's march to the border was to make the issue visible to the mexican and american government. meanwhile on the other side of the border activists in san diego rallied demanding humane treatment for the migrants. >> fighting for the rights of humans who are just like us. >> president trump tweeted earlier that mexico should move the flag-waving migrants, many who are criminals, back to their country. he said the border will be closed permanently if need be and called on congress to find
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a border wall. on sunday mexico bound to increase border security and deport migrants who tried to finally enter the u.s. mexico said they had 11,000 central americans sent back to the country since october 19 when the first caravan entered mexico. they are on track to send 100,000 home by the end of the year. back to you. today press secretary of agriculture sonny perdue and ryan zinke he will toward the damage at the camp fire. this will be his second visit. they will also attend a meeting with survivors and firefighters. the fire burned 17 days. it is finally 100% contained. it burned 240 squareof land, killing 85 people. 85 are confirmed dead. there are 249 people still unaccounted for. calfire said the weekend rain helped the crews can control
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the fire. a few days ahead of schedule. the fire crews will remain in the fire zone until it is safe for people to return. there are trees and branches down. culverts are washed out. there will be a tremendous amount of hazards. we have more rain coming in later this week. the camp fire destroyed nearly 14,000 homes. search and recovery crews will continue the difficult job of looking through the debris for more fire victims and this could take weeks. 6:05. now that the camp fire is fully contained the fire crews are going home. last night these search and rescue team came home. several team members said this was just as hard as the work after severe hurricanes, the oklahoma city bombing and also after 9/11. . they were impressed by how
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their coworkers from paradise and the surrounding towns kept working through this disaster. >> the firefighters and ems personnel we were working with lost their homes and family members and they were there reporting for duty getting the job done every day. the fire crews hope to ease the burden of these people including the emergency responders. they say they are grateful but they can come home and celebrate a meaningful thanksgiving with their own families at their own homes. firefighters from sacramento are also coming home from butte county. >> yes, metro fire captain neil whitesell is o of firefighters from sacramento fire department that spent two weeks fighting this at home.
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he said he is thankful to be alive and he is thinking constantly about the people who once called paradise home. >> when we go into something like this we bring tools and equipment and training. trying to imagine surviving this with what we have. -- without what we have. you wonder how they did it. you look and pray and look for opportunities to help when you can. >> people of paradise have a long road to recovery. the mayor said she doesn't expect normal life to return for at least 3-5 years. >> 6:07. the launch of a new bureau to investigate police shootings and the use of force -- not just change. the district attorney is supposed to leave this unit to investigate possible police misconduct. a dispute over a labor and agreement has put everything on hold. according to the examiner and audit is urging the police officers association and the das office to work out an agreement.
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the audit was requested earlier this year by the board of supervisors president who questioned the effectiveness of the bureau in salaries. supervisor:threatened to cut the funding saying that she was frustrated that their work did not result in officers being charged. the archdiocese has released a preliminary review of sexual abuse of children by the members of the clergy. the review shows that in the 1990s there were six instances of alleged abuse by clergy. there were three more cases in the year 2000. the review did not show allegations of clergy abuse of minors since then. pope francis has called for a summit in february to discuss the sexual abuse crisis in the church. the san francisco archbishop said that he is prepared to work with his fellow bishops to move forward in dealing with
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the abuse issues confronting the church. 6:08. members of the lg bg to community will join the continuing marriott hotel workers strike in san francisco as an effort to show solidarity on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the assassination of harvey milk. he was on the board of supervisors in 1977. he was assassinated the following year. along with the san francisco mayor. organizers of today's solidarity protest say joining the hotel workers strike is a way to celebrate the life and legacy. a snow storm is having an impact on travel in the bay area. we will have a look at some of the cancellations affecting thanksgiving holiday travel. cyber monday. taking a look at all the deals you can get an amazon.
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good morning. we have traffic and a lot of slow traffic. look at the train going traffic on 280 looks pretty good getting up to highway 17. >> [ phone rings ] what?!
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ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home.
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and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. welcome back. today is expected to be the biggest online shopping day in history. cyber monday deals started at
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midnight. it is amazon's biggestshopping day. lee leigh -- leigh martinez joins us at this center where it is busy. >> yes, amazon clothing is a big deal and some are going for as low as $20. this became a big deal with the dress and the tech stuff is always the biggest stuff. one of the biggest sellers is the echo.. we will catalog some of the deals -- the tech deals of the most popular. the voice controlled echo is how far. you can also get $80 off apple watch series 3 cellular. samsung cell phones, $200 off.
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they come with a free echo. $60 off a ring doorbell and a fit bit fitness tracker with heart rate monitor is just here is how to securesomething like you can look at it and save it and set up to receive a notification. your app will send you a push notification saying we have a deal today for this item. you can also see what the deals are and what kinds of deals are coming in. make it easy for customers. >> a lot of the deals are shipped out with free shipping. today is busy. they have a competition going on with friendly raffle prizes going on. last year they sold 83 million
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items. ktvu news. a lot of people shopped online on black friday and spent $6.2 billion, for a third of the sales made on smart phones. $2 billion were spent surpassing the record set last year. gift shopping centers look busy but the traffic was down almost 6% last year. 6:15. a medical breakthrough raising ethics questions. a researcher claimed he helped make the first genetically edited babies. the twin girls born this month. the scientist said he altered their dna with a tool that can rewrite the blueprint of life.
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he said he did this to help them resist future infection with the aids virus. editing of genes is banned in the u.s. human trials may soon start for a vaccine for alzheimer's. and experimental vaccine showed promising results according to researchers. testing in mice showed the vaccine safely prevented a buildup of substances in the brain associated with alzheimer's. the researchers say if the vaccine approves to be safe and effective in humans it could reduce the number of dementia cases in half. 6:16. let's go back and look at the traffic. it is monday. back to work. a busy day. >> yes, a busy day. we will start with the east bay commute. starting with highway 24 westbound driving to the tunnel. you can see traffic is okay in
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lafayette. it is getting a little slower driving toward the tunnel. to the other side. it has been slope on the east shore for -- from some earlier crashes that have been cleared up. the traffic is backed up to richmond and berkeley to the macarthur maze and the bay bridge toll plaza. there is some slowing -- 1520 minutes before you make it onto the bridge. this is a look at i-80. things are getting slow quickly. 880 is slow from 238 down to tennyson. the south bay commute is filling in as well. 6:17. let's bring in steve. thank you. we will have a nice sunrise and there are a few high clouds and overall today will be drier. patchy fog out there and a a few high clouds. the fog is dancing around with reduced visibility in the sonoma county airport.
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i believe this is brand-new. i believe this is for departing flights to the chicago area. that is what it is for oakland. there is a 2.5 hour delay. look at bismarck -- margo international -- this has been a cold november. they are way below average. des moines 17. the weather doctor on the backside is snow. it looks like they are almost done in chicago but the word is there are some arrivals that are 2.5 hour delays. this is the rain and snow into the great lakes. one half mile visibility at the sonoma county airport. napa was there but now they went up to 10 miles. there is some patchy fog, widespread. less than sunday. class coming in -- south of that is clear and that will be
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the forecast today. this system will track across starting late tonight into tomorrow. today will be dry. friday will be noticeably cooler. the biggest system will be early thursday morning. it could pack a good while up -- about 6 am there could be some amounts. we will keep an eye on that. the system tomorrow will be weak but going forward the next seven days you are seeing totals around 2.5 inches from santa cruz to santa rosa. more rain will move in. today increasing high clouds. a few high clouds coming in. no issues until tomorrow. 20s around tahoe. truckee 23. incline and heavily are 20 degrees. 23 in truckee. 44 in monterey. 40s and 50s on the tabs and 43 in fairfield. 39 in santa rosa with a patchy fog and some 30s. it hasn't happened yet but it
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is close. 51 in el sobrante. high clouds today. tomorrow morning we will have some rain. today it is just the cloud deck and it will be mild in the santa clara valley. livermore and mountain view and san jose 6768. tomorrow morning light rain. not a lot. that will clear out and wednesday night moving in -- thursday morning rain and one with a service low that will develop. clearing and cool friday with the next system saturday. >> that is for you, pam. 6:20 is the time. an important week for nancy pelosi. up next, the vote to determine who will be the next house speaker. the 49ers -- how the team is reacting to the ruben foster case.
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good morning. welcome back. the 49ers are back home after losing to the tampa bay buccaneers. they have five games left. now they willwithout defensive star ruben foster who was cut after being arrested for domestic violence. we have more on this decision to remove foster from the team. >> reporter: the 49ers had a bye week to prepare for the
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game against the tampa bay buccaneers and on the way to the stadium they learned about something they had no way to prepare for. 49er backer ruben foster was arrested late saturday night on domestic abuse charges. foster had been under a no tolerance policy since similar accusations made in february. the management said they had no other choice but to release them. >> unfortunately, there are consequences for your actions. when you show bad judgment, particularly after something has been communicated clearly about the expectations that are consequences. >>asked him to do so when he did this i knew the decision that would be made. too many thingbeen trying but t a whether he did or not. is time to move on. two things. they have five games to salvage
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something out of the season. this team has been criticized for handling of player discipline. they have made it clear that they will no longer tolerate certain behaviors. in tampa reporting. ing. we are learning about another incident involving foster from last month. santa clara police said they were called to the apartment he shared with his girlfriend and officers say a neighbor reported a loud argument involving the couple late on october 12. the couple was arguing over something found on his phone. officers say there were no signs of violence but they took photos and told them to settle their differences more 2 and 9 after losing in baltimore. >> look at the top of the
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screen -- to get it? >> yes, he did go >> in the third quarter there was a one-handed catch for a touchdown. baltimore pulled away after michael crabtree caught an eight yard touchdown. they tried to make a comeback but the ball was knocked out of his hands with 6 minutes left in the game. he returned the loose ball for a touchdown and the raiders are back in oakland to close the kansas city chiefs. russia opened fire during a standoff. coming up, we will break down the emergency meeting and tell you what the kremlin said prompted this attack. plus, clashes at the us- mexico border. what they are doing to try to keep this under control. some fog out therea few
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high clouds. today won't be bad but the rain will start tomorrow. more on that coming up.
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from ktvu fox2news this is mornings on 2. this is the opening bell live in new york this morning. cyber monday. deals have started. walmart and amazon.
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you probably received a few emails. the tech stocks are rebounding a bit. this is all coming up. it looks like an opening -- a good opening day. thank you for joining us. it is monday, november 26. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. flights are being canceled around the country because of a winter storm in the midwest. seven canceled flights to and from chicago. the storm is expected to dump snow in michigan, illinois and indiana and in kansas the governor declared a state of emergency. thousand have no power. yesterday more than 1000 flights were canceled bewinter >> steve is keeping an eye on our weather. >> it affects a lot of people traveling. >> yes,se and oakland departing flights.
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there are delays of 20,000 hours. we are waiting for the system that will be here today -- higher class tomorrow morning. we will talk about rain on the way to the north. it will weaken moving south. the high clouds today will make for a mile the day. >> mr. grumpy. >> every day is an opportunity. a brisk, clear start to the day. 48 degrees -- thank you. he has a great attitude. >> 36 in polk valley and 39 in kelsey bill. 41 here and 42 in san anselmo and 40 in nevada. cool is out there. you can't beat international falls -- single digits there. 15 in minneapolis. kansas city very cold in chicago 27. that is where the source of the snow is. heading into detroit it looks like in cleveland it is raining
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and this system is causing delays. this is for departing flights -- san jose and oakland -- there are some departing -- not arrivals but high clouds clear to the south. the system will take his time and rain is on the way. there will be three systems this week. first will be tuesday and the main one will be thursday morning. out of the one looks like it drops and saturday. the sierra mostly clear turning partly cloudy and no travel issues today. 40's and 50s with a few 30s. a lot of cloud cover but that's all we will get today. tomorrow we will deal with rain. 60s to near 70 in the santa clara valley. 6:32. cell is here. i haven't heard anything back yet. >> there is a lot of slow traffic out there. -- lafayette driving
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to the tunnel it will be slow. looking around to see if there are any crashes reported. i don't see any but traffic is slow. it has been slow on 80 because of earlier issues that have been taken care of. no major issues here at the bay bridge but it is backed up. all these commutes are filling in just as you might expect. this is a look at 880 s. slow from 238 to the union city area and pretty soon it will be filled in all the way to havard. at 680 there is an accident. slow traffic there. 6:33. let's go back to the desk. happening today, a chance to watch a space craft land on mars. the inside probe is schedule to land on mars today. allie rasmus joins us at the science center which is hosting
6:34 am
a watch party. >> yes, the doors open at 11 am. if you can't make it here nasa is providing a live stream the you can watch online. the star of the show is the space craft called the inside probe scheduled to land on mars and noon our time. the scientists in pasadena will be waiting anxiously to make sure that everything goes smoothly. they could be some tense moments around noon before we know if the landing is successful. there is a 7-8 minute delay from the time they are supposed to land until when the scientists will get the alert that the landing went without a problem. the lead scientist said there is a fairly uncomfortable he large chance something could go wrong. hopefully that is not the case. if all goes well the insights will remain on mars the next two years. will use a robotic probe to
6:35 am
drill into the crust. >> when we look at the crust this is a snapshot into the past of what the earth might have looked like billions of years ago. >> they hope to collect 3-d images to offer a clue about how earth formed and the spacecraft will have a seismometer so that the scientists can gauge the seismic activity. they have had seven successful mars landings with only one failed touchdown. hopefully this will go well. we will have to wait and see. whatever happens they are offering these watch parties. the doors open here at 11:00. you have to get tickets for this event. eight dollars per person. >> live in oakland hills, allie rasmus. 6:36.
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another tense morning along the us-mexico border after a violent weekend. u.s. agents fired tear gas after the migrants tried to push across the border. the port of entry was shot down and barricades of barbed wire were installed. doug luzader joins us live from washington dc. doug, how is the white house responding to this tension? >>reporter: we will hear more about that. the president is thinking about this. was up early on twitter this morning. he made a clear threat to shut the border permanently of mexico doesn't do more to address this issue. there has been an outstanding question about the role mexico plays and whether there was an agreement that had the migrants holding in place while the asylum claims were being processed. initially we thought there was an agreement but now it's not clear. we don't know which direction this will hold.
6:37 am
the president trump said these individuals will not make it across the border without being process. >> these pictures are incredible. the use of tear gas and barbed wire and we see the president is tweeting again. we've seen a lot of the u.s. response. what is mexico doing to solve this? >> mexico is in a tough spot. for a long time the thinking was to let these individuals pass through the country. now it's not clear. they are under a lot of pressure and while there may be a lot of sympathy among mexicans for the central americans working their way to the country this has necessarily not been the case in tijuana were some of the residents are upset about the fact that the migrants have taken over the city. there are a lot of pressures
6:38 am
they are having to deal with as they try to figure out how to handle this crisis. >> thank you, doug. police in berkeley are asking for the public's help to find a sexual assault suspect. entered a home and stole property and sexually assaulted a female in the home. this happened at 6 am yesterday. the man is described as 20-30 years old with a darker complexion and a square shaped face. clean-shaven with balding or very short here. about 5'6". anyone with information should call the police. police are investigating the discovery of a body near the san leandro arena. somebody found the body yesterday afternoon. police said there was no sign of foul play. they don't know how long the body had been there. the coroner's office is trying to identify it and determine
6:39 am
the cause of death. and pacifica a body was found near linda mar beach. the coast guard and the fire department responded just before 9 am yesterday. the person is believed to be a man found floating in the water one half mile offshore. the coroner went after this and there is no word yet on how the person ended up in the water. the sheriff deputies continue to look for whoever fired shots at a duplex it happened just before 10 pm saturday in san jose. there may have been a party or gathering at the home. deputies say after shots were fired several people ran away into other backyards. there does not appear to be any victims. several were detained but no arrests have been made. >> a man is recovering after he fell in the area near crockett. at 3:00 they responded to a report of a man who had slipped
6:40 am
and hit his head. the helicopter was called to airlift him out of the rocky area. there is no word on his condition but officials say the rescue effort only took about 30 minutes. state senator scott weiner is holding a news conference to address car break-ins. he is expected to introduce legislature to close a loophole in the state punishes auto burglaries. state law said that someone who smashes a window and steals items from in the car can be charged with a felony only if prosecutors can prove that the car doors were locked. that means the victim has to testify in court and they may not be willing to take time away from work. he introduced a bill earlier this year to address this loophole but the appropriation committee killed it. >> 640. -- 6:40. more reports of sexual abuse involving the catholic church. coming up, how many cases were
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reported over the past 30 years by the archdiocese of san francisco. joe biden is in the bay area the next few days where he will be speaking as part of the new book tour. right now we are looking at san jose. things are filling in. train. northbound 280 is moving along okay through downtown san jose but some freeways are slowing down. the next traffic update -- we will show you the south bay commute. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless.
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like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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to mornings on 2. four turkish soldiers are dead after the helicopter crashed near istanbul. it was on a training flight and slammed into a building. there are no civilian casualties. the turkish defense minister said the pilot appeared to be trying to land on an empty plot of land away from people. it's not clear what the pilot may have been attempting to make an emergency landing. another soldier is being treated in the crash is the security counsel is scheduled for this morning after russia attacked a ukrainian ship yesterday. they said the ship illegally
6:45 am
entered the water and ukraine said six crewmembers were injured. the president of ukraine has asked for a vote today to declare martial law against russia. 6:45. 145 whales in new england -- new zealand have died. two separate paths were found about a mile from each other. the department of conservation said the whales had died when they were found. the rest were euthanized because they were in such bad woman in her own home. according to the study 137 women are killed by a partner or family member each day. the home is the most likely place for a woman to be killed. of 87,000 killed in 2017 the report said 58% were killed by someone who is either an intimate partner or a relative.
6:46 am
they said that even though many countries have addressed this there are no signs of a decrease in the number of gender related killings of women and girls. 6:46. jury selection starts today in the trial of a man accused of killing a woman in charlottesville last year. james field is charged with murder for the death of heather heyer. he is accused of driving his car into a crowd of people protesting. heather heyer was killed and dozens were hurt. congress is back after thanksgiving break with all i.c.e. on nancy pelosi. she faces a critical week to become the speaker of the house. the democrats will meet behind closed doors to vote for a candidate with democrats holding 233 seats. the margin to win is narrow and so far 15 democratic representatives have signed a
6:47 am
letter of opposition and several more said they would not vote for pelosi. >> 6:47. john kasich is considering running for president again. during an interview yesterday's he said he is worried about the tone and name-calling and the division in our country. he said all options are on the table when it comes to 2020. he indicated he would consider running as an independent or on a bipartisan ticket with a democrat. in the meantime the latest odds show president trump is still the favorite for 2020. the california senator is the democrat with the best odds followed by a work. the republican with the second best odds would be the current vice president, mike pence. former vice president joe biden is an area on a book tour. the latest stop will promote his book called promise me, dad.
6:48 am
his focus is on how he focused to balance his career while his son was dying from brain cancer. he will talk about his family and how it has changed. he will go to the memorial auditorium beginning at 8:00 tonight. the vice president is also speaking in oakland tomorrow. in san mateo wednesday before returning to san rafael thursday. it is a part of the speaker series there. you can get the details for all these events on our website and you will find a link under our tab. 6:48. we will get you to where you need to go. sal is watching the roads. how does a look? >> crowded. i'm not surprised. everyone is back. we have slowed traffic out there driving anywhere. it is a 37 minute drive from the bridge to the macarthur
6:49 am
maze. yet earlier problems in the berkeley area. a little slower than normal. look how clear the skies are. traffic is backed up and the lights are on. no problems on 880. i'm surprised at how far i can see. this is a look at 880. this is a look at the south bay commute. northbound 101 and 80 five are slow. most people are not up to cupertino so if you get onto the road relatively soon you might be able to beat some of the crown. today -- let's bring in steve. thank you. a few high clouds and patchy fog but today will be the warmest. for those that went out and bought a new tv -- that new 85 inch tv -- there is some patchy fog -- patchy fog and a few
6:50 am
high clouds. today will be mild and mostly sunny south and clotted to the north. the rain is stacking up -- since the year of rain santa rosa 70%. they will add to that this week. so is san francisco which is now just under 2.5 inches of rain for the water year, october 1. the rain year starts july 1. oakland 63% just over 2 and san jose is trying -- 37%. they will be more rain this wee rejections are for up to 2 inches of rain. if that happens -- oh my gosh. a lot of high clouds but that's about it. any rain is confined to the north coast and that will be the system tuesday morning. more rain is on the way. rain from tuesday's system will be about 1/10 inch. thursday morning about 6 am until you now -- it will be windy and rainy. where it sets up -- it could set up to the south which would give the santa cruz mountains a lot of rain or to the north
6:51 am
they will be the russian river. there could be some isolated amounts in the system. another one saturday and maybe more after that depending on the forecast model. through friday 1-2 inches and some isolated 4-into mouth. into saturday and beyond you're looking from santa cruz to san francisco and san jose. up to santa rosa -- 2 plus. some pretty good rain on the way. sierra nevada looking for cloud cover with no watches and warnings. maybe tomorrow morning. the system does not look that strong. colder air arrives at the end of the week. 40s and 50s with a few 30s. not too many. 41 at woodside. menlo park and stanford and los altos. 51 in pacifica and 50 in half moon bay. in union city it is 46. a lot of moisture out here. it is on the way.
6:52 am
it's a for the high and mid- level clouds but they were filled in. partly cloudy and partly sunny to the south. we will start to see more of a southeast breeze meaning it will be mild. by tonight we cloud up and here comes the rain tomorrow morning. we may escape the morning drive . by noon it will move through and by afternoon and most to the south and weakens rapidly. this is divine it will have a lot of cloud cover. wednesday night the system comes in from the west southwest and that will give us a pretty good -- doesn't show up here but it is there. 60s -- upper 60s to 70 with rain coming in tuesday morning. a little bit. wednesday night into thursday the main day with rain and wind and a break friday and turning cooler saturday. that will lower the -- over the snow levels. 6:52. the supreme court is about to hear a case involving the apple and the app store. this could affect the price of apps. first, let's check in with gasia. coming up -- is part of
6:53 am
monday your back to work commute? we have a story about solo lanes to speak about. also, what is the hottest company for job seekers? the bay area business that received more job applications than any other company recently and why so many people are angling for a coveted spot angling for a coveted spot there. outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers,
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to thrive your way.
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civil right act siv visit larry edwards plans to boycott the san francisco giants. the controversy is one of the owners that donated to mississippi senator cindy heinz smith. she said she would be on the front row if she was invited to a public hanging. many called that remark racist. the senator later apologized. dr. edwards tweeted this. as a people, nation, we must not accept or support illusions characteriza
6:57 am
therein lies the path to soe supreme court will hear an anti-trust lawsuit over the sale of iphone apps. consumers said that apple monopolized the market. time is 6:57. tesla ceo, tesla ceo elon musk speaking out how tesla almost went out of business earlier this year. the car company was win single digit weeks of lying. tesla was, quote, bleeding money like crazy r he was trying to meet the goal of producing 5,000 model sedans a week by the end of june. he was working 22 hours days, 7 days a week and literally sleeping on the floor of the
6:58 am
factory. ralph ii nominated at the movie box office this weekend. ralph debuted about $55 million. the second best thanksgiving opening ever for a movie, right behind another disney movie, frozen. ralph breaks the internet is the secret to the hit wreck it ralph. another one is creedii. the grinch was in third place with $30 million in sales. tomorrow planning commissioners in pittsburgh
6:59 am
will consider approving plans for community farm. the john land trust family harvest farm will be located just south of -- it is a 3.5- acre site within the pg&g corridor. he entered into a ten-year leasing agreement to operate on the site. they have a farmer lined up to manage it. it would grow vegetables and flowers for resale. the deadliest wild fire in in california history is now under control. we exam the efforts underway to find those that are still missing. migrants at the u.s. mexican border clash with the border patrol and police as they try to cross into the u.s. we'll tell you about the responses from mexico and the united states as mention of
7:00 am
tensions keep rising. -- as tensions keep rising. steve paulson has a lot to tell you. and the sky looks great behind you too. yes. >> i missed you. >> not as much as i missed you. >> we have a lot going on, not so much today. but it will be tomorrow and taking us into thursday. that will be the main day and probably saturday. there you go. sunrise over the big city here and a little patchy fog. halves moon bay is clear. but san francisco, slo and oakland reporting a little fog there. there is your pretty picture to start off with. look at the temperatures coming in. is it really cold for some. i show you this because there are flight departures for oakland and san jose to chicago because of


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