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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 26, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PST

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his way into a sheriff's office. he actually opens the door. eventually the bear walks out and two officers follow him. m.
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>> one son snowboards, the other one skis. i'm the chief hot chocolate preparer, take to the bathroom-er. i will do that. >> have you seen these deals online? >> can i tell you? i've actually never bought anything on amazon. i don't know that i need anything. >> that will be delivered right to your house. >> i know. >> did you set foot in a store on black friday? i haven't seen you since then. >> no. >> sal? >> no. i did buy something. i bought a rock. it's from indonesia.
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it's about this big. it's carved as a circle carved in it. you keep it in the freezer and when you pull it out, you put the bottle of wine inside the rock. $19. it was great. i was happy. >> wow, decorative and useful and all those things. >> that was my saturday. busy newscast. let's get to it. a tense weekend at the u.s.-mexico border. u.s. authorities deployed a teargas at central american migrants as many tried to get across the port of entry. it shut down for hours amid the clash. >> been developing, been following it really all morning. there's a really large military presence at the border assisting u.s. border patrol agents. nearly 6,000 active duty military members. u.s. authorities will continue to have a, quote, robust presence along the border and they'll prosecute anyone who damages federal property or
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violates u.s. sovereignty. the chaos all unfolded this weekend as migrants part of the central american caravan passed a police blockade and tried to get through a fence and wire in tijuana. that's when border patrol agents launched teargas. it was an intense scene as migrants, including children, ran from the gas. you can see in that video right there. u.s. customs and border officials defended their agents tweeting teargas was used to force the group out. razor wire was previously installed to the 20-foot high steel fence to deter the group. the goal is to get the u.s. to speed up processing of asylum claims for central american migrants. agents at the entry point processed fewer than 100 asylum petitions a day. this violence could reunite the immigration debate. democrats are pushing to address the violence and economic problems in central america while some republicans are skeptical of the migrants' asylum claims. >> i think most people understand if you've got a
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problem, probably the smart way to solve the problem is to go to the root cause of that problem. >> basically the word got out, you could come to america in a caravan or large groups and we'd just allow you in, whether you had a credible fear and needed asylum or not. those days are over. >> president trump tweeted early this morning that mexico should, quote, move the flag waving migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries. he said the border will be closed permanently if need be and called on congress to fund a border wall. governor elect gavin newsom responded in a tweet saying this isn't his america and he won't stand for this. quote, these children are barefoot in diapers choking on teargas. women and children who left their lives seeking peace and asylum were met with fear. 39 migrants were arrested and faced different charges including disturbing the peace. congress getting back to work in washington with two
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weeks to pass a spending bill and avoid a government shutdown. so far the house and senate have passed five of the 12 spending bills. december 7th is the deadline for congress to pass a bill to avoid the shutdown. the big sticking points, protecting the council's investigation and funding for the border wall. >> we're talking about quite a big sum of money, about $5 billion. if i was ever going to do a shutdown over border security, when you look at the people coming in, this will be a very good time to do a shutdown. >> we believe if president trump stays out of the appropriations process, we could have a good bipartisan agreement and the government can move smoothly forward. >> senators agree to provide $1.6 billion for the border wall. as democrats prepare to take back the house, they are refusing to give in to the president's demands. today u.s. secretary of agriculture sunny purdue and u.s. secretary of the interior will tour the town of paradise.
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this will be secretary zinke's second visit to the area. the campfire burned for 17 days before fire crews were able to contain. the fire burned through 240 square miles of land and killed 85 people. as of this morning, there are still 249 people unaccounted for. cal fire says our weekend rain certainly helped crews gain full control of the fire a few days ahead of schedule. some fire crews along with search and recovery teams and utility workers will remain in the fire zone until it's safe for people to return to their property. >> power lines are still down. there's trees down, branches are going to come down. culverts that are washed out in the roadway. it's going to be a tremendous amount of hazards. we have more rain coming in later this week it sounds like. >> the campfire destroyed nearly 19,000 structures, 14,000 of which were homes. search and recovery crews will continue to look through the debris for more fire victims. that can still take several more weeks. menlo park's urban search and rescue task force is back home after spending nearly two
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weeks in the fire zone. this team has been to many disaster zones across the country and across the world. as ktvu's rob malcolm reports, this fire being so close to home was especially difficult for them. >> reporter: the convoy from california urban search and rescue task force 3 unpacked enough equipment to outfit a tent city. the response was needed as they responded to the campfire in butte county. >> some of the firefighters, ems personnel we were working with up there lost homes, lost family members, and they were there reporting for duterte and getting the job done every day. -- reporting for duty and getting the job done every day. >> reporter: all of these heroic first responders are now reflecting on california's deadliest wildfire. >> the world trade center was a huge event for us. the oklahoma city bombing. hurricane katrina. so we'll have to see where this fits. in terms of the totality of damage, the amount of homes destroyed, then the impact on
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the team, specifically to the team members, what they had to do, how much work they had, significant. >> reporter: thanksgiving for many was spent in the fire zone. the return home meant it was time to reconnect with their families while they were thinking of others. >> i was embedded in the search team so i was with them as we were sifting through remains and running our human remains detection dogs all week. it was just nice to hopefully bring some closure to some of the families. >> reporter: rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. the varsity boys and girls basketball team from paradise high will be on the court today. this is video from when both teams were invited to a warriors game. tonight the season opening basketball game for both boys and girls varsity will be played at california state university chico. the paradise high teams will be playing their rivals from chico high. the girls tip off at 5:30 p.m. followed by the boys at 7:00. both games will also be a
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fundraiser to paradise high school athletics. back to shopping we go. today expected to be the largest online shopping day ever. cyber monday deals started at midnight for some online retailers. online shopping expected to generate $7.8 billion in sales, that's up 18% compared to last year. leigh martinez, this is the biggest shopping day of the year. >> i wonder if santa's workshop moves as quickly as amazon does. i saw two pallets maneuvering around each other and nobody was driving them. it was robots. if you look across the way, we have some folks working trying to package and figure out what items go where and they're being aided by hundreds of robots in this fulfillment center. there's thousands of robots at fulfillment centers across america. it moves very fast over here. these deals have been going on since november 24th but today is the big one. deals are going off at different times of the day.
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so here's a look at a few of them. the number one product is the voice controlled smart speaker, amazon echo dot. that's half off today. you can also get $60 off of a ring video door bell. amazon clothing, in particular the amazon brand jackets are expected to be big, some as low as $20 today. and it is a busy work day. some employees will have 11-hour shifts but employees say they have fun with a little competition going on behind the scenes. >> it's fun. you see everyone very, very excited. as i mentioned before, we have goals and we always aim to reach them. we try to make them before deadlines which makes it even funner. we have contests. associates gets raffles, prizes, free breaks, we'll play music for them. we do different things to keep them motivated all day. >> the secure your chances of getting the deal you want, it's
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recommended you save an item and set a notification for it for when it goes on sale. you'll get a push notification on your phone when that deal goes live. we don't have any projections from amazon for how much business they're expected to do today. they say last year worldwide they sold 83 million items and that breaks down to 961 items per second. that's a lot of online shopping. it is looking like it's going to be another busy day for amazon as well. in tracy, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. >> many people shop online on black friday. they spent $6.2 billion. more than a third of those sales were made through smart phones, surpassing the $1.4 billion record last year. despite shopping centers looking busy on friday, foot traffic was down, close to 6% this year. how much did mark zuckerberg know about facebook's privacy issues? up next, what we're learning about a series of secret
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documents seized by british lawmakers.
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taking a look, up 1.19%. some of the other indexes, nasdaq is up 1.5%. s&p 500 up 1 and a quarter percent. amazon is up 3.5%. good news for stocks, not so good news for the weather. a snowstorm has led to traffic accidents, areas of illinois, iowa, kansas and nebraska all blanketed. the governor of kansas declared a state of emergency because of the blizzard conditions. after 14 inches of snow fell in
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some areas. >> reporter: thanksgiving holiday travel halted throughout much of the midwest on sunday all thanks to winter weather. strong winds and snow creating blizzard-like conditions forcing the closure of several major routes. >> be careful not just for you but everybody else. mostly everybody else. >> reporter: and blocking passage home for many travelers. cars and even an ambulance sliding on slick roadways. >> slippery. sliding all over the place. >> reporter: chicago and kansas city seeing the brunt of the storm with white-out conditions grounding flights around the region. more than 1700 flights canceled on sunday. nearly 17,000 delayed nationwide. >> pretty crazy. trying to get back from thanksgiving, trying to get home. >> reporter: and monday morning, it may not be any easier getting home. the storm is expected to move into parts of northern indiana and southern michigan. in addition to weather, if you're driving through a major city, you'll also be fighting commuter traffic.
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if you are hitting the road -- >> make sure you give yourself plenty of time and if at all possible, do not travel if you don't have to. >> reporter: officials already have canceled hundreds of flights monday. the midwest snowstorm is having an impact on flights here in the bay area. there are 44 total delays. 16 total cancilations. the majority of those -- 16 total cancellations. the majority of those in this area. a foot of snow expected in the city of chicago, along with wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. golden gate transit says people who use the ferries to get to and from san francisco shouldn't notice any problems today, even though one of its boats is out of commission. >> oh, my gosh. >> that video says it all. the coast guard is investigating why that boat slammed into the
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dock near the ferry building in san francisco on friday evening. two people have minor injuries from the collision and there was serious damage to the dock and the boat. regular riders were stunned when they heard about the ferry hitting the dock. >> i've been riding these boats for 10 years or more and it's the first time i've ever seen anything like that happen. >> golden gate ferry officials say they have enough boats so no schedule changes will be necessary and it already has made temporary repairs to the docks so passengers should not expect to be inconvenienced this morning or today. long time bay area radio host ray taliaferro has been reported missing in kentucky. according to a missing persons flyer, he was last seen in the city of pedukea. the san francisco native may be disoriented and showing signs of dementia. he became the country's first
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african american talk show host for a major market radio station. people who live near b.a.r.t. tracks are getting some relief from the loud trains because they're getting quieter. the san francisco chronicle says b.a.r.t. has been shaving done some of the metal on the wheels of its trains for the past two years. that's helped to lower the squealing sound the trains make on the tracks. most of the wheels in b.a.r.t.'s fleet have been shaved down and noise complaints have also gone down. san francisco has 68 high rise buildings that can be especially vulnerable in the next big earthquake according to a new report. 11 hotels, 44 office buildings, three residential buildings, and 10 mixed use high rises according to the san francisco chronicle. the paper obtained the report that says all the buildings have steel skeletons built between '64 and '89. they used a special technique now considered susceptible to breaking during a strong earthquake. now the city is trying to figure out how to make sure the
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buildings that need inspections will get them. experts say san francisco has a 72% chance of having a 6.2 or stronger earthquake in the next 25 years. the british parliament says it's seized a set of internal facebook documents. facebook has for months tried to stop the documents from being made public. >> the legal battle between facebook and british authorities reaching a new level on monday. the social media giant desperately trying to block the release of seized internal documents, alleging proving ceo mark zuckerberg knew about facebook decisions on data mining and violating user privacy. the documents were taken by parliament from a facebook third party app developer who was on a business trip to london. part of a broader european effort to combat hate speech and misinformation on social media. >> we have to do more in terms of cooperation between countries and with private actors, but the devastating effects of what is happening are there. >> reporter: collins, head of parliamentary committee
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investigating facebook, says the seizure puts lawmakers in uncharted territory, but hasn't yet committed to releasing the documents, tweeting in part, quote, under uk law and parliamentary privilege, we can publish papers if we choose to as part of our inquiry. facebook has lost more than $100 billion in value since the cambridge analytica data scandal in march. experts say if the company is not held accountable, it could lead to even more violations. >> especially when you have things like social networks, online stores, they tend to work more effectively when they have more user data. what naturally happens is you end up with one company dominating the field. >> reporter: on tuesday, british lawmakers are holding an international hearing on how to stop disinformation on the internet. they'd invited ceo of facebook mark zuckerberg to attend. he refused. greg palkot, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up on mornings on 2
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the 9, a six-month journey to mars ends today. what's expected to happen this afternoon and how you can watch all the action on the red planet. this little home of mine,
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♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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the science center is usually closed on mondays, but they've put out the call to people and schools in the area that they'll be open today for a special watch party. a nasa space craft is set to land on mars about noon our time and they're going to be live streaming it online. allie rasmus live in the gorgeous oakland hills to bring us the preparations and the excitement. >> we've been speaking with some of the representatives and astronomers here since early this morning and they say they're not sure how many people will show up to this watch party. they're usually closed on monday but they're opening the doors starting at 11:00 and inviting people to come in and watch a live stream of nasa's landing of the probe space craft scheduled to land around noon our time. we're not sure how many people
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are going to show up because it is a monday and people are back at work and school, but the live stream will be on the mega dome screen inside. and we got a sneak peek. the arena is seats about 200 people. if it fills up, they'll open up the planetarium which holds 240 people. the people in the audience will be focusing their attention on the insight probe. it launched six months ago and has been making the 300 million-mile journey to mars since then. it's supposed to touch down on the martian surface noon our time. there will likely be tense moments before and during the landing. there are a number of things that could go wrong. one of the big variables is the weather on mars. something like a dust storm on the surface of the red planet could thwart that landing. if all goes well, insight probe will remain on mars for the next two years. it will use a robotic probe to drill 16 feet into mars's crust and produce 3d images below the planet's surface. one of the scientists explained why the information could be so
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significant. >> mars is really an intriguing destination for that purpose as well, trying to really understand what those conditions were like back 4 billion years ago. did life actually begin on mars in that timeframe? and if it did, is there any preservation of that left on the surface? >> insight also has a seismometer with it so scientists can measure mars quakes and gauge the impact of meteorite strikes. they've pulled off seven successful landings with only one failed touchdown so that's a pretty good record. hopefully the odds will be on nasa's side today. whatever happens, you can come here and watch it with your fellow space and science enthusiasts inside the mega dome theater, it starts with a watch party, live stream 11:00 this morning. you do have to get tickets. those are $8 a person. live in oakland, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. tesla ceo elon musk is
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speaking out about how the company almost went out of business earlier this year. musk says the electric car company was, quote, within single digit weeks of dying during an interview on hbo last night, musk said tesla was bleeding money like crazy, and, quote, trying to meet the goal of producing 5,000 model 3 sedans a week by the end of june. he said he was working 22-hour days seven days a week and literally sleeping on the factory floor. he said if he did not do it, there was a good chance tesla would go under, taking thousands of california jobs with it. there's no shortage of people who want to work at tesla. according to the wall street journal on a career student services app called handshake, tesla received more job and internship applications than any other company on the app in 2016-17 academic year. a spokesperson told the journal the company received nearly a half a million applications last year which was double the volume
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in 2016. coming up, a christmas tree farm disappearing. how some people are getting creative in hopes of keeping their customers coming. >> a clash at the border between people in a migrant caravan and u.s. border patrol agents. the latest from a reporter right there at the border near san diego.
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look at this really nice picture of san francisco. there's the golden gate bridge. you might not be able to pick it out. a little fog. marin county action there. welcome back to mornings on 2 the 9. we're bringing in steve who's going to talk about today's weather. >> today's weather is not bad. rain starts tomorrow. we made up a lot of ground last week with the rain total since the water, october 1st is when
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that starts. santa rosa is almost 70%. they'll go up to probably 90% by the end of the week, maybe higher, with just over 4 inches of rain since then. remember we didn't have anything until last week. san francisco, 2.44. 67% of normal. oakland just over 2%. san jose is trying. rain in san jose and santa clara valley. high clouds, sierra nevada if you're going today, you're fine. just a lot of high clouds. you don't have to worry about any snow or anything. tomorrow we'll start to bring in rain. today it's going to be on the mild side with a southeast breeze. tomorrow we start to bring in the first of what looks to be three systems. thursday morning could be rocking and rolling, pretty good wind and rain. another system on saturday. tomorrow's heaviest rain will be north of the golden gate. over the next seven days from santa cruz to santa rosa, you're looking at decent total. santa cruz gets that much, you can add a lot more to that for the santa cruz mountains. the russian river, parts of
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marin county as well. possibility of 3 to 4 inches of rain this week. maybe more if things come together as advertised. high and midlevel clouds. mostly cloudy there. partly sunny to the south. very mild. 50s already on these temps. with that southeast breeze we'll see upper 60s to near 70 in the santa clara valley. could be a little bit of rain to the north. we really have to wait until late tonight, tomorrow until the system starts to drop south. it will. by this time tomorrow we'll probably be talking about rain. a few upper 60s to near 70. this week looks pretty good. tuesday, wednesday a lot of rain developing. thursday morning, most of thursday looks to be pretty impressive. a break on friday but it will be much cooler. that will lower the snow levels. that will take us into saturday. sunday looks like a break but cooler. get ready. >> very active. thank you. mexican lawmakers say they're going to shore up security near the border with the united states after some central american migrants tried to cross the border in tijuana. u.s. border patrol agents near san diego fired teargas into mexico to stop some of the migrants that led to the temporary closure at the port of
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entry. eric richards is at the border crossing with the latest developments. >> border protection says about 42 people were arrested here at the port of entry yesterday as about 500 migrants tried to rush the port of entry, trying to get into the united states, but as we know, that clearly did not happen. also the interior ministry of mexico says migrants who illegally tried to cross now face deportation. this was some of the scene as the chaos did unfold. those agents had to use teargas to get control. the port of entry was shut down in both directions. as we know groups of the central american migrants have been converging in tijuana for a couple weeks now, hoping to seek asylum here in the u.s. their presence though drawing the attention of hundreds of
9:33 am
troops, protesters, president donald trump and definitely residents here in tijuana. >> every day i have to come to work, i'm worried about the closing of borders. >> the port of entry now back open. everything seems to be running smoothly. those troops though definitely on alert. eric richards, we'll send it back to you. u.s. customs and border protection defended the agents' use of teargas. the agency tweeted several migrants threw projectiles at the agents. they deployed teargas to dispel the group because of the risk to agent safety. several agents were hit by the projectiles. the situation is evolving and a statement is forthcoming. east bay congressman eric swalwell wrote: this is a refugee crisis that's not going away until america shows leadership. if i were you, mr. president, i'd convene leaders from mexico,
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central, and south america for a summit to find consensus on solutions. tweeting and stoking fear, anyone can do that. this issue needs a leader. for more on some of the other head lines we've been working on, let's go to dave clark. >> members of the lgbtq community will join striking marriott hotel workers on picket lines in san francisco. they're showing solidarity with striking marriott workers on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the assassination of harvey milk. harvey milk was elected in 1977 to the board of supervisors. the following year he was assassinated, along with the mayor. organizers of today's solidarity protest say joining the hotel workers on the picket lines celebrates the life and legacy of harvey milk. a woman was arrested in richmond, accused of a deadly hit-and-run that left a 1-year-old boy dead. he was hit and killed late yesterday morning near cutting
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boulevard and south 17th street. police say the woman first drove away from the scene, but she was arrested a few miles away. the investigation into the hit-and-run continues. it's still not clear why the little boy was out in the street. agriculture secretary sonny purdue and interior secretary ryan zinke today will tour the fire damage caused by the camp fire. also they're going to meet with u.s. forest service chiefs, the fire survivors, and firefighters. the meeting will take place at 1:45 this afternoon. it will be at the paradise alliance church. it took 17 days but the campfire in butte county is finally 100% contained. that fire burned almost 240 square miles of land. it killed at least 85 people. there are still at least 249 people unaccounted for. cal fire says our weekend rain helped the fire crews gain full control of the fire a few days
9:36 am
ahead of schedule. some of the firefighters along with search and recovery teams and utility workers, they're going to stay in the fire zone until it's safe for people to go back to their property. that's a look at some of the top stories we're working on. the 49ers are back home after losing to the tampa bay bucs. they have five games left in the season and will play without reuben foster. they cut foster after he was arrested saturday night for domestic violence. joe fonzi has more on the decision. >> the 49ers had a bye week to prepare for their game against the tampa bay bucs. on the way to the stadium they learned about something they had no way of preparing for. 49er linebacker reuben foster was arrested late saturday night on domestic abuse charges. foster had been under a no tolerance policy since similar accusations were made against him back in february. 49er management had no other
9:37 am
choice but to release foster. >> unfortunately in life, there's consequences for your actions. when you show bad judgment, particularly after something's been communicated clearly, there are consequences. >> i know we told rueben and he didn't do what we asked him to do. as soon as he did that, i knew the decision to be made, it was just when. too many things have happened. we tried to help him out a lot. i know he's been trying too. but this was a mess-up that it doesn't matter whether he did or not. it's time to move on. >> two things for the 49ers as they stand right now. they have five games to try to salvage something out of this season and a team that's been criticized for its handling of player discipline in the past has made it clear it will no longer tolerate certain kinds of behavior. in tampa, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news. and we're learning about another incident involving foster last month. santa clara police tell the san
9:38 am
francisco chronicle they were called to the apartment he shared with his girlfriend. officers say a neighbor reported a loud argument involving the couple late on the night of october 12th. the paper reports the couple was arguing over something found on his phone. officers say there were no signs of violence but they took votes and video. the officers told the pair to settle their differences more peacefully and no arrests were made. the oakland raiders are 2-9 after losing in baltimore. >> he's open. did he get it? yes, he did. >> look at this. one handed catch. he manages to pull it to his body. the raiders cut into the ravens' lead in the 3rd quarter thanks to that catch. baltimore pulled away after former raider michael crabtree caught an 8-yard touchdown. derek carr tried to lead a comeback but the ravens knocked the ball out of carr's hand with 6 minutes to go in the game. baltimore picked up the fumble
9:39 am
and brought it back for a touchdown. no one is going to tackle him, not even derek carr there. the raiders are back in oakland and host kansas city sunday. phil mickelson beat tiger woods in a head to head golf match over the weekend. however, the real winners might be the fans who paid $20 to watch it. that's because of a prematch technical glitch with bleacher report's pay wall. its parent company feared some fans who paid for the event might miss some of the action so turner decided to take down the pay wall and make the event free for everyone rather than risk dealing with angry viewers. mickelson won $9 million in the made for tv event with a birdie on the 22nd hole. every week we're excited to highlight the athletic abilities of some children and teens. meet 8-year-old freddie. he's known for his trick shots. he hit an apple off his 6-year-old sister's head with a
9:40 am
golf ball. i'll ask you, would you ever let your older one do this to the little one? absolutely not. so he said the shot is a re-creation of william talson. he said his sister adores him and would do anything to help out big brother. he won his first tour when he was 6. >> he does have a nice swing. >> but, a little 6-year-old standing there with an apple on her head. i don't know. we love to see what your little ones can do. send us your videos and a brief description of the young athlete in your life through the ktvu facebook or twitter page. thank you for using our hashtag. >> what about the clip where he hits the person. >> they don't submit that. >> the practice rounds. >> there's 100 run-ups. >> i wouldn't allow that to happen. >> no, no. thank you for sending your videos. coming up next here on mornings on 2 the 9, spreading kindness. meet the 13-year-old ceo using his favorite accessory to help put an end to bullying.
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and the celebration of horror movies, sci fi, and similar genres. we're live with the director of the another hole in the head film festival.
9:42 am
9:43 am
wreck it ralph 2 dominated the weekend box office. >> who knew there were so many babies and cats in the world. >> that's what the internet was made for. >> ralph breaks the internet debuted with $55 million, the second best thanksgiving opening ever for a movie only behind another disney film, "frozen" at $93.5 million.
9:44 am
ralph breaks the internet is the sequel to wreck it ralph. creed 2 stars michael b. jordan and sylvester stallone. it came in second with $35 million. the grinch was in third with $35 million. san francisco's new people cinema will play host to the annual "another hole in the head" film festival. >> the festival celebrates local and international movies with an emphasis on horror and science fiction. >> it was well versed in just about every conspiracy you can think of. >> did you know they made up dinosaurs? >> i completely solved the jfk assassination. >> george is the director of the festival. we're happy to welcome him to the 9 this morning. the festival called "another hole in the head." you're trying to tell me it's not all about horror and gore. >> it's not. >> tell me why. >> the festival started out as horror and gore. as the years have gone by, we started adding sci fi, fantasy. >> what does that change? to get more entries?
9:45 am
>> to get more people into the festival because we noticed a lot of people don't like straight horror. so we tried to broaden it out a little bit and that actually worked out well. a lot of people started showing up. started doing well. >> do the horror fans also like the additions? i like horror but i also want some sci-fi and other things. has that gone over well? >> yeah, really well. they enjoy it a lot. and we have a lot of people that bought passes and they stay for the whole two weeks. >> how many features, how many shorts would you say? >> 35 features and 150 shorts. >> and that's kind of what your goal is when it comes to getting more shorts and features? >> no, more shorts and features? >> i was trying to get the number. >> 35 features. >> is that the goal you were looking for when it comes to the number of entries? >> yeah. >> you take from students.
9:46 am
tell me about the people sending their submissions. >> majority is people not in school, all over the world. a lot of local filmmakers too. we're actually screening 45 local films. and one of the local films, a movie called the bear. >> i know that guy. i believe he's a special products editor here at channel 2. something else you're doing that i'm all for, the disney film "fantasia," you're showing it in a different way with different music. >> we're showing "fantasia" and we're going to have a live rescore. it's going to be an electromusic rescore with the band called the firmament. >> are you preserving the same sounds i heard in the original movie or totally different? >> totally different. >> what about you, george? why get involved in this? what's your background? >> i'm in real estate. >> i love it. >> i wanted to do a side project because i love horror.
9:47 am
i asked jeff ross, who's the founder of indy fest, and he was down for the idea. so 15 years ago we started and haven't stopped. >> favorite horror film? >> "the shining." >> classic. so for someone who has never been to a film festival, maybe you're looking to get introduced into the genre. is this a good way to start? >> it is a good way to start. it's actually a great way to start. you can meet filmmakers. a lot of filmmakers fly in from all over the world. we're playing their films and doing q&as after the screening. it's a good way to get in and check out stuff that you'll never find at the major cineplexes. >> we have more information for you about this film festival on our website at look for it in the web links section under the mornings on 2 tab. you can also find it on the ktvu mobile app. george, appreciate your time. thank you for coming in. >> "the shining" is a great film. >> how old were you when you
9:48 am
first saw it?
9:49 am
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the other. we'd love if you took a picture with your mug, your mugshot if you will. send it to us and we'll pop it up here on the news. take a look at our recent winners from mug monday. congratulations to michael casey of san jose. also congratulations to nancy casa grande of clayton and her foster kitten samantha. congratulations and thank you for sending in your pictures. fans are going to be happy about this. steph curry is expected to resume practicing with the team this week. coach steve kerr says curry is making significant progress after suffering a strained left groin. kerr says curry is not feeling any side effects after being involved in a car crash last friday. he says curry could be back in the lineup during the upcoming road trip but he won't play in tonight's game against the orlando magic. congress heads back to work after the thanksgiving break with all eyes on house minority
9:52 am
leader nancy pelosi. house democrats will meet behind closed doors to vote for a candidate with democrats holding 233 seats. the margin to win, at least 218 votes, is fairly narrow. so far 15 democratic representatives have signed a letter of opposition. several more said they will not vote for pelosi. ohio governor john kasich is considering another presidential run. during an interview yesterday, kasich said he's worried about the tone, name calling, and division in our country. kasich went on to say all options are on the table when it comes to 2020. he even indicated he'd consider running as an independent or on a bipartisan ticket with a democrat. the latest betting odds from overseas show donald trump remains the favorite in 2020. kamala harris is the democrat with the best odds, followed by texas democrat beto o'rourke. the republican with the second best odds to win the presidency, current vice president mike pence. former vice president joe biden is in the bay area on a
9:53 am
book tour. it's his latest stop on his tour to promote his book. it focuses on how he struggled all through the year 2015 to balance his political career while his son beau was dying from brain cancer. speak in san rafael at the memorial auditorium beginning at 8:00 tonight. the vice president is also speaking in oakland tomorrow night and san mateo on wednesday before returning to san rafael on thursday. it's part of the npsf speaker series. you can get details for all four events on our website under our web links tab. a quick response by a 10-year-old boy is being credited with saving residents at a senior center. firefighters responded to a fire. when the fire first started a 10-year-old neighbor named carlos saw what was happening
9:54 am
and jumped right into action. >> his name is carlos who saw the stove fire, called it in, called 911, got his mom and were able to evacuate all the residents. >> when firefighters arrived, the center was engulfed in flames. there were six residents inside the care center when that fire broke out. firefighters say they all made it out safely thanks to carlos and are being helped by the red cross. the care center is uninhabitable. the official cause of the fire is under investigation. nice heads up there by carlos. now to a 13-year-old ceo in arizona who's spreading kindness by putting positive messages on hats. reporter nicole garcia shows us his vision. >> what kind of material? like denim or regular? >> reporter: 13-year-old jace wears a lot of hats, both literally and figuratively speaking. he's the ceo, designer, production manager, packer and shipper of a company he and his family run from their gilbert home called random hats of
9:55 am
kindness. >> we really want to spread kindness so we thought what better way than to put kind messages on hat. >> reporter: jace and his brother come up with the concepts, designs, and slogans. >> we buy a bunch of blank hats and we send the artwork off to a manufacturer and he stitches them on. >> reporter: their stepfather coordinates with different manufacturers and handles the financial transactions. >> it's not really about money for me, it's about them experiencing and learning things that they don't learn in school. >> what do you think? >> i like it a lot. >> reporter: during their first year in business, they sold about 250 hats. each cost around $20 each. the boys sell their hats online and set up shops at different local events. in addition to spreading kindness, the young entrepreneurs put their money where their heart is. >> 10% of all the profits we get goes to an anti-bullying
9:56 am
campaign. we're partnering up with >> we have more information about random hats of kindness on you'll find it in the web links section under the mornings on 2 tab. it's also on the ktvu mobile app. you may have a little more difficult time finding the perfect christmas tree this year. that's because you may have fewer choices. there are fewer christmas tree farmers. many of them switch to other crops when the recession hit 10 years ago and found something to grow that people bought more frequently than once a year. now tree sellers say they're having a hard time filling their christmas tree lots. that's especially true in hawaii. >> if you come up in oregon, you'll see all the christmas tree farms have disappeared and they're raising grapes. >> the reason we're feeling the aftereffect of the recession now is because it takes about 10 years for trees to grow the size most people want for their holiday tree and that also brings up the big question every year, fake or real?
9:57 am
>> real 100%. and our little elementary school has a dads club christmas tree sale thing that benefits the school and the family. so that's a good way to go. >> jump on it pretty quickly after thanksgiving, but i feel like thanksgiving was a little early this year so we're probably going to wait till the weekend. >> real or fake? >> real. but the lights are up. [ laughter ] >> thank you for joining us. >> griswold. >> i knew it. >> we'll be back at noon. and you host thanksgiving. >> yes. and the lights still went up.
9:58 am
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