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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 28, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. middle of the week, it is wednesday, november 28th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's talk about the weather with steve. >> is there something going on? >> yes, sir. >> i think the evening commute too be a little rough for some. >> it could be more tomorrow morning. >> okay. >> sal better not go out tonight. i'll be in bed tomorrow will be busy.
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some rain totals, marin county took honors here. a look at som 1.61. that is pretty impressive. a couple of observations around mill valley were erto about an after that, it will change pretty rapidly. it stopped raining there. i think they will be updating rapidly because that is where the focus is. santa rosa, 1/2 inch of rain. wind advisory, the wind will pick up tonight into tomorrow so we have a high wind watch. remember, watch means we think it will happen. warning means it is happening. so we think it will happen. today, it is mainly towards the peninsula, santa cruz mountains, down to monterey. i think i'll be updating that santa santa cruz and the mountains. i didn't have a drop of rain coming in. the next system will be coming
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in right there. send it to sal. yes, sir, here i am. southbound 101, steve, on the way to the golden gate bridge there is a lane closure because of an accident. you know, there are a lot of rock slides in that area. southbound 101, traffic is going to be slow as you approach spencer. that is where the crash is owe give yourself plenty of time. solano county commute looks good so far if you are driving through solano county into vallejo. there is a crash on northbound 280 in the silicon valley at 101. it is an injury crash although traffic is very light at this hour. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we are following breaking news in indiana. six people including four children died this morning in a house fire. the fire happened in the town people but the other indianapol house is in to battle the flames. crews ran out of water within
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minutes and they had to stop fighting the flame until more water could be transported in. the sheriff's department said they did not hear any smoke detectors when they aroe v. -- arrived at the scene. democrats will vote today to nominate the next speaker of the house. nancy pelosi is expected to once again be elected house speaker and lead democrats when they take control of the house in january doug luzader joining us. today, nancy pelosi is running unopposed. >> reporter: good morning. one of the thins that no one debates around here is nancy pelosi's ability to twist arms and count votes. that is why she is kind of the odds-on favorite at this point but that doesn't mean the process will be easy. nancy pelosi has made her pitch and today, she may learn her fate and there is a strong
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likelihood that after today, she will be well on her way to regaining the speaker's gavel she has held before. >> i happen to think at this point imeight the best person for that. >> reporter: house democrats will had you had olympic capitol hill behind closed doors to vote on their leadership post. if flowsy gets the votes today, it will be because she knows thousand work deals, overcoming opposition from more than a dozen house democrats who want someone else. >> once they took the house, things got a lot more complicated in that there isn't a clear person that everyone can rally behind who is different than nancy pelosi. she is consolidating her power and she should be able to eke this out. >> reporter: ohio's martha fudge had but she folded when pelosi promised her a committee post. the president says he supports
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her bid but it is not clear when he sees her as a apartner or someone he can effectively rail against. as far as republicans are concerned, they've already had their leadership elects. kevin mccarthy will lead the new house republican minority next year. >> doug luzader in washington. thank you, doug. barbara lee, the east bay congresswoman, is running for house democratic caucus chair in the voting today. it is the 5th highest leadership position in the house of representatives. if elected, barbara lee would be the high of the ranking african-american woman in congressional history. her opponent is new york congressman hakim jeffries. a british new paper claims paul manafort met wikileaks founder julian assange at the equadorian embassy in london within days or weeks of joining the campaign. the guardian did not identify
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the source of its reporting. from jail, manafort said the story is totally false. special counsel robert mueller is trying to determine whether trump associates had advance knowledge of wikileaks' plans to release damaging hillary clinton emails during the campaign. back to today's storm system hitting the bay area. they hope this won't be any more problems with the roads. a big pothole hoped up in the southbound lanes of the freeway near the grand avenue exit. caltrans had to close several lanes which caused a huge traffic backup that lasted for hours during the evening commute. that is a mess. the repair crews eventually patched that pothole and reopened all of the lanes. now, steve is telling us the rain is just getting started. while there is some rain in the south bay, the real storm hits tonight through tomorrow. you are looking at time lapse
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video from ktvu photograph errandy diesen. this is his dashboard camera as he was driving down the 580 and 980 freeways heading towards downtown oakland. there is a lot of snow on the ground in the sierra. the same storm systems that bring rain here to the bay area could drop two to four feet of snow in the mountains. if will be driving up to the see air a expect some extra time to get there. chains are required on interstate 80 between kingvale and the donner lake interchange in nevada county. a federal judge is asking pg&e what role the utility may have played in the deadly campfire in butte county. he is overseeing the san bruno pipeline explosion that killed eight people back in 2010. pg&e was found guilty of criminal negligence in that case. the cause of the camp fire has not been determined but speculation has cent he wered on power lines. pg&e reported an outage and
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trouble with the transmission cable at the same time and place where the fire started. the utility also says it is reviewing the questions posed in the jump's court ruling. now, more evacuees are being allowed to return home. evacuation orders have been lifted for parts of the small town of migaly. a. deputies will only let in people with proper identification showing they live in the area. the number of deaths is still at 88. there are 158 people now still listed at missing. the 240 square mile fire was fully contained over the weekend. a man who said he had never been to butte county before is now helping fire victims way very generous act of kindness. his name is bob wilson. he donated more than $1 million to paradise high school. mr.wilson said he was heart broken by the tragedy of the camp fire. he traveled from southern california to butte county to
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make a difference. he gave the 980 students and 105 teachers and staff members $1,000 each. >> hearing it, i was shocked. this guy hasn't even been here before and it is so kind of him to do t people don't realize how much it helps. like even the small stuff. >> it is helping us. anybody can use it for anything. it is great for us to have it. >> now, while paradise high school was not severely damaged, the school cannot reopen because most of the community is gone now. mr.wilson says he wanted to help because he remembers how much an impact his own high school years had on him. >> it was a great time in my life and it was carefree to be honest with their face and again, that is the joy i'm getting out of this whole thing is with these kids. >> what a great man. >> i know. >> mr. wilson is 89 years old. he is a real estate developer
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and owned the fish market restaurant which, by the way, has four locations right here in the bay area. >> how nice. the family of an east bay teen would drowned during a pe class this year is now suing the san ramon valley school district and the pe teacher. the teenager's family has hired an attorney who tells us that there is a security video that he says suggests the teacher was distracted by the cell phone when the student slipped beneath the surface of the water. new detall are shedding light on the drowning death of 15- year-old ben curry. curry family attorney andy schwartz isn't releasing the video he obtained but describes what he saw during curry's pe pool class in may. >> it appears to us that the teacher had his cell phone in his hand and was looking at his cell phone as he was supervising the children. we're not sure it was a cell phone but it sure looks like a
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cell phone. >> reporter: schwartz filed the lawsuit. he says the video shows coach becker standing on a diving board instructing students to tread water for three and a half minutes. he says becker added 30 seconds of time and in that time, curry went under water. the lawsuit claims becker's lifeguard certification was expired. curry was one of 57 students in the pool. >> there is not one expert in this field who has ever heard of a ratio of 57 to 1. this wasn't the swim team or water polo team. this was a pe class. you can see the kids leave. you cansee mr. becker leave and there was insofar roll taken. >> reporter: the district continues its internal review on policies and procedures related to school pools. since curry's death, the district has suspended the use of pools for all pe classes an now requires certified lifeguards be present any time pools are in juice. part of the statement reads, event was and will remain a tragedy in our hearts and minds
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forever. district sincerely apologizes to the curry family and all community members. it goes to say the district has been and will continue to be in contact with the curry family attorney to address their legal claim. >> the questions that they have still haven't been answered. they don't know why this was allowed to happen. it is unheard of that someone 15 years old would drowin a swim class. >> the family is also upset the school district didn't shut down rumors that curry committed suicide. the core north ruled curry's death an dent and police found no signs of foul play. the curry family wants to thank a woman named samantha libby. she was the fisk period teacher who pulled their son from the water more than an hour later. they appreciate all of her efforts to try to save her life. >> thank you. a man from south dakota got an early holiday gift thanks to a complete stranger. up next, the remarkable act. kindness after that man's lost
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this is new information about a labor deal in the marriott worker strike in hawaii. 2700 hotel workers have been on strike for 51 days. overnight, 99.6% of union members voted for the new deal
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which includes a pay raise ranging from 50 cents for $1.50 an hour. marriott workers in san francisco are in the eighth week of their strike. they are getting some support from california teachers. the hotel workers union says the state school board soak's annual education conference has moved some of meetings that were booked at the marriott this week to a different hotel. >> historically, teachers have been in the union also so they understand what is to fight to gain a good contract. >> marriott says it does not comment on its customer for privacy reasons but the hotel chain says it settled contracts oakland and san jose and remains committed to negotiating in good faith. investigators in southern california still don't know why a former marine went on a shooting rampage in a crowded bar in ventura county. investigators say 28-year-old ian long fired at least 50
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rounds inside the borderline barr in thousand oaks earlier this month. he used a legal 45 caliber pistol and fired illegal high capacity magazines. all, he stabbed one victim in the neck. of the 13 people hit by those bullets, 126 them -- 12killed. there is no evidence that e hen closer to determining that today than we the onset of and witnesses and evidence collected from his home and bar. >> ian long shot and killed himself. there were eight off-duty officers in the bar. the city of san francisco could soon open a new office to
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discuss racial discrimination complaints. supervisor sandra fewer said she is considering the proposal. the office would be able to obtain records from city departments an use the data to look closely into racial issues. now, the idea comes after complaints of discrimination in the workplace. the service employees international union says there is not enough diversity in hiring. as we've been talking bushing it is the soap of giving and one man from south dakota has a lot to be thankful for. thanks to the kindness of a complete stranger. hunter shamat lost his wallet on aen from tear airlines flight from omaha to denver. he was on check and cash inside. never thought he would see it again. days later, a package arrived letter ensued. >> i rounded your cash up to an having your wallet back. have fun. it meant a lot that he would go that for a complete stranger. i'm still paying off school loans and i've got a truck loan
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to pay off. it really helps out. >> he says it just goes to show there is more good than evil out there. hunter and his family are able to track the stranger down and thank him. >> you get your id back and your credit cards. >> of course, identity theft. >> bravo. we're going to put out roads right now. sal, we do have wet there? >> it is wet out there. by the way, dave, you and i both have the same white core -- collar, blue shirt. >> we're brothers. >> brothers from another mother. westbound 580, we do have slow traffic out there. it is wet out there. and you should give yourself extra time. westbound 508 traffic is going to be slow on 580 and all 20 -- and also 205 as you drive
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over to livermore, it will be better. give yourself an extra 10 or 15 minutes because of the wet roads. traffic is doing well on interstate 880. things look pretty god so far as you drive through. let's go to steve. >> you know, sal, we are all up about the same time. you could have texted me and told me. >> you look pretty good too. >> thank you. sometimes you feel good. here we go. now, most of the rain, most, will be focused south towards santa cruz, santa cruz mountains. no activity here in rwc. that would be redwood city. seems to be farther south. they've only had 3/100 so it more show than go. belmont had .06. 
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stanford had .09. after that, oakland, 19/100. san francisco, a third. santa cruz is clicking along. that was the focus of yesterday. high wind watches posted for tonight into tomorrow. again, not so much wind today but maybe by tonight into tomorrow, that is when i think the coast and some of the hills will really crank up. today, it is mainly down towards santa cruz. can you see where that is lit up. jet stream is comingaround the base of this system. the sierra has a winter storm warning posted. snow levels up land lake level and it will probably go higher in advance of that. that goes through friday morning. could be a little dicey there but more likely tomorrow than today. one system moving south. hopefully the next system moving, that is the one for everybody that starts tonight into tomorrow. very mild conditions, upper 50s
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to near 60. 57 in san martin. 57 in santa cruz. this is a really warm system. it will continue hopefully to track south but it is about santa cruz over towards santa clara valley. 60s on your temperatures. there will be one more system of the thursday. that will be saturday. it will be a quick-moving system and it will be colder, dave. >> steve, thank you. a big surprise at an east bay elementary school for dozens of students there. up next, the very special guest who showed up during a discussion about bullying.
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christmas came early for students in east oakland. they thought they were taking part in an anti-bullying event but instead, they got a big surprise. the gold state warriors teaming one adobe to put on what is called the peaceful warriors summit at east oakland pride elementary school. 75 fourth and fifth graders were led through several fun intekids conflict resolution tools to help them support each other. alyana gomez was there hosting the event. guest appearances by the warriors general manager bob myers on the left and power forward kaban loony. >> i know growing up, nobody talked to us about bullying. now that we're focusing in on
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kids health and mental health. that is real big and i'm glad to be a part of it. >> the 75 school kids went home bay backpack filled with championship gear and a new pair of shoes from the warriors. the warriors will host these events at school year round. the national christmas industry will be lit tonight in washington, d.c. president trump and the first lady melania trump will be at the ceremony outside the white house. this will be the 98th national industry lighting ceremony. the tree is a living colorado blue spruce. it is from virginia. and in new york cithe iconic rockefeller center christmas industry will also be lit tonight. we're talking about rain because more of it is moving across the bay area but the heaviest of the meyet. we are tracking the latest weather system and the impact on bay area people. >> plus, crossing bay area bridges will soon cost you more. how can you have your voice
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heard before the tolls go up.
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the rain has been coming down in the south bay this morning. the warning that officers have for drivers as you hit the road. >> plus, breaking news from indiana. a deadly house fire where six
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people including four children have died. have died. good morning. thank you for joining us wednesday morning, november 28th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. grab an umbrella. steve paulson is here with your weather forecast. >> i would say that is a good idea through friday, dave. >> through friday? >> a lot of green there behind you. >> a lot of green. >> yeah, there is a lot of green out there now. not just to the south. there are other areas to the north. the jet stream is rounding the base of this system and enhancing. some areas, we have no rain at all. but others are getting


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