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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 28, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PST

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down in the south bay this morning. the warning that officers have for drivers as you hit the road. >> plus, breaking news from indiana. a deadly house fire where six people including four children have died. have died. good morning. thank you for joining us wednesday morning, november 28th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. grab an umbrella. steve paulson is here with your weather forecast. >> i would say that is a good idea through friday, dave. >> through friday? >> a lot of green there behind you. >> a lot of green. >> yeah, there is a lot of green out there now. not just to the south. there are other areas to the north. the jet stream is rounding the base of this system and enhancing. some areas, we have no rain at all. but others are getting rain..
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santa rosa has clicked along. there are some pockets where it pictures up. this will be one of those mornings where i cannot cope up. santa cruz down to mont -- where i cannot keep up. santa cruz down to monterey, they are getting the bulk of it this morning. heaviest rain around mill valley. fran, a third. oakland, 19/100. belmont, .06. a winter storm warning has been posted for the mountains through friday morning, early friday morning. so this could be a wind an snow event more so. if you have to go, now is probably a good time if you can. if not, then it will get worse before it gets better. that is the system we are dealing with for tomorrow. as the energy rounds that, it is enhancing some of the rain. 50 to near 60 degrees. very mild air mass over us.
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for this more than, heavy rain, moderate rain, santa clara valley and some off and on rain hither and yon. here he is, sal tells us traffic is -- >> it is a little bit busier because of wet weather, i think, or for whatever reason  we do have some slow traffic out there. let's take a look at the altamont pass and the livermore commute. this is the tracy super commute. it will be slow on 205 and 580 as you drive over towards there is no slow traffic are open in the eastbound direction. the commute direction is slow. from livermore to dublin, we are looking good heading out to the east shore freeway. this is lanes. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. the bay ar, steve, we have rain this will k
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the weekend. the chp is advising everybody be careful driving today. >> reporter: it is so important, so just a little bit ago, it was raining. it is sprinkling right now but as we were driving here on highway 17, it was coming down and we did see a lot of drivers speeding as we were coming here. so chp officers definitely say to drive carefully especially on highway 17. we know that is, of course, a problem area. now, the storms coming through could bring several inches of rain is what we know through the bay area and strong winds and surf along the east -- along the coast rather erd elev forecasters. the national weather service reported 24 hour totals as of 7:00 p.m. tuesday. santa rosa got .47 inches of rain. santa cruz county public works spent the time tuesday making space in bowl creek which feeds
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into the san lorenzo river. they dealt with about 21 accidents on highway 17 had of the e. coli. officers say most of the drivers were speeding and hope this time around, they will be more careful. >> hope any drivers now that they've had some of the first rains out of the way, they start to remember, hey, reveally need to slow down. we need to increase our following distance and everybody gets on board. because we are all in this together, right? >> reporter: so 21 accidents just within a couple of days when it was raining last week on highway 17. that is why it is so important to slow down, leave a little bit of extra time for your commute because the roads are definitely slick. definitely slick. . >> thank you. as steve mentioned, the storm that started north of the golden great -- gate is now
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heading south. south. there is now water running off into the reservoirs. after seven months without any rain, that is good news for water officials. >> so we're going into the rainy season with70% capacity, which is great, but again, we're relying on rainfall and conservation. >> the reservoirs are already 15% ahead of what is considered normal water levels for november. the rain seems to have taken a lot of people by surprise though. the hardware store in mill valley says many people are looking for tarps, rain boots and umbrellas. the public works department is also taking precautions before the storms get any bigger. temporary flood barriers were set up in low-lying areas that are prone to flooding. one of the barriers is located at 17th and folsom streets. now, our weather is creating some dangerous conditions along
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our coast as expected. sky fox took this video yesterday of waves founding the shore in pacifica. the national weather service predicts waves of 13 to 16 feet. they have issued a high surf advisory through friday. time is now 5:06. because of the storm, 12 miles of highway 1 in monterey county will be closed this morning. bid mid-morning today. caltrans will close highway 1 between mud creek and paul slides. the gates on either side of that closure will be locked until the area is safe. a storm back in february of 2017 led to one of of the biggest mudslides in californth repairs for almost eight months. caltrans will give us updates c now, stay right here with us on mornings on 2 for continuing back
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and back and back laying out all the details of the rain for the rest of the week. >> we are continuing to follow some very sad news out of indiana. six people including four children died this morning in a house fire. the fire happened in the town of logansport about 70 miles north of indianapolis. firefighters were able to rescue two people that the others were trapped inside that burning home. according to our fox affiliate, the house is in a rural area without piped-in water so firefighters had to actually truck in water to battle the flames. they ran out of water within five minutes and they had to stop fighting the flame until more water could be transported in to them. the sheriff's department says they did not hear any smoke detectors when they arrived at the scene. here in the bay area today, the bay area toll authority wants to hear from drivers about plans to increase bridge tolls. on january 1st, all tolls are scheduled to go up by $1 on all the bay area bridges except the
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golden gate. voters approved the toll hike in june and today appear meeting the last chance for public comment. the bay area toll authority is expected to approve the increase when it meets december 19th. and today's public hearing is at 9:30 this morning at the bay anterior metro center on beale street in san francisco. a family in san jose wants to thank the good samaritans who stopped and helped catch a hit and run driver accused of hitting an killing their family member. 51-year-old diane delgado left home saturday night to walk tie target store but police say she was hit by a truck that was speeding to capital expressway near silver creek road. she was outside of a crosswalk when she was hit. she died on impact. now, police say the driver, 39- year-old ubaldo munoz tried to drive away but two witnesses in separate cars boxed him in. >> they held him there until police arrived which is phenomenal that they decided to get involved and prevent this
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person from get ago way. right now, we would have had a felony hit and run vehicular manslaughter unsolved case. >> i would love to tell them like thank you. like there is really good people in this world still. >> now, while police say what the witnesses did was heroic, they say it is better to call 911-6789 the delgado family hopes to hold a funeral and lay her to rest in san jose. a gofundme page has been established to help pay for the funeral. the principal owner of the san francisco giant is backtracking bay controversial political donation. charles johnson and his wife are asking for their money back from the campaign of mississippi senator cindy hyde- smith. she was heavily criticized for remarks that many considered racially insnow istive. bay area civil rights leaders called identify boy -- for a boycott of the giants. the chronicle is reporting the president of the san francisco
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naacp chapter resignedded his call for a boycott. -- rescinded his call for a boycott. despite that, cindy hyde smith won a day vicive mississippi runoff. she beat mike espy with 54% of the vote. republicans now have a 53-47 majority in the senate. she thanked supporter at a victory party in jackson, mississippi. >> this victory is about our conservative values. it is about the things that mean the most to all of us mississippians, our faith, our family. it is those thins that i will take to washington, d.c. that i want to represent all of missians with these values an i will feet for it, i assure you, every single day. -- and i will fight for it, a sure you, every single day. >> she is the first woman elect mississippi. she was first appointed to the seat in april. three weeks after the midterm elects we have new numbers showing people in san
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francisco were very excited to vote. the voter turnout in san francisco was 74.5%. the biggest turnout for a midterm election since 1938 when 76% of the registered voters cast their ballots. san francisco's highest known midterm turnout occurred in 1914 when 83% of registered voters participated. happening today, a judge will decide whether the company trans-canada can keep working on the keystone xl oil pipeline. earlier this month, a judge blocked the construction of of the pipeline until further environmental tests were completed. trans-canada wants the judge to amend the injunction so it can perform preconstruction work like finalizing contracts, buying materials and conducting land surveys. that 1200-mile pipeline could carry crude oil from alberta, canada through a half dozen
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u.s. states all the way to the gulf of mexico. a researcher from stanford announced the potential second medical breakthrough just this week. coming up, what the scientist has to say about a second gene edited baby. >> felonies for 4.0s. >> what a story. a very inspirational story of this man would turned had you life around. how a felony convict wouldn't stop him from making his dreams come true.
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and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. new this morning, the chinese scientist who claimed to have the first edited baby may have a second on the way. he says his goal is to not to cure or prevent an inherited disease but to give the baby the ability to resist possible future infection from the aids virus. >> we have wonderful progress in hiv therapy. the infection remains three times higher. so hiv is the top 10 cause of death in several countries. >> that type of genetic modification is banned here in the u.s. the scientist
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conducted his post doctoral research at stanford university from 2010 to 201-2679. the rainy weather we have, it didn't dethank you a crowd from gathering in san francisco's castro honoring two former city leaders who were assassinated 40 years ago. that is the san francisco gay men's clear us. they performed in honor of mayor george moscone and supervisor harvey milk. they were assassinated in city hall november 27th, 1978. 400 people joined the somber fr named after harvey milk turned every november 27th into a reminder of what the world could be. >> it is a day of reflection. it is a day of revisiting a hope that harvey milk imposed on all of us, the hope that
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never dies. >> legacy of my dad and that of harvey is not one of tragedy. it is one of opportunity. >> now, the crowd included people would weren't even born when moscone and milk were assassinated but they say they were inspired when they heard about harvey milk's story. >> a bay area mayonnaise perfect example that it is possible to turn your life around. seven years ago, antonio resa was the getaway driver in several armed robberies. he had pled guilty to a money and spent time in jail. he was ready to make a change. he will be recognized as the valedictorian when he graduates from the university of san francisco next month. he wants to go to law school but his felony conviction makes taking the bar exam nearly impossible. the detective who arrested resa years ago heard about the dilemma, called the prosecutor and the judge agreed to expunge the case from his record. >> he said i messed up.
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we talked about what he had done. it wasn't the end for him. he said this will mine low point and i'll only do better from here. i got to be honest, i hear that a lot from people in that position. but he meant it. >> i want to use my story to let other people know that it is true. anything is possible. >> he makes you believe that. once he gets his law degree, he hopes put it to use by reforming the criminal justice system. congratulations. >> just amazing. we want to get you on the road this morning. rain, wet roads, you are dealing with it this morning. sal is watching the roads. >> sal? >> hey, sal. hey, it's me. >> oh, am i on television? >> yeah. >> you. >> just you and me. >> good morning, everyone. we do see that traffic is going to be busy. it is a little bit rainy out there. don't let that stop you though. you can see traffic is going to be busy as you drive through. let's take a look at the
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commutes. the gilroy commute, for example, the gilroy super commute doesn't show too many signs of being unusual. however, as i say that, i do see a couple of spots here where it is just a little slow. i'm being nitpicky here. that is two spots i don't normally see of show traffic so much take on write home about but just make sure it is out there. there are no problems on 280. the earlier crash we had on 280 getting off on highway 101 has been cleared out. there is a little bit of roadwork. for this time of the morning, we are off to a nice start. no major problems. at the bay bridge approach, westbound traffic is getting a little bit more filled in. we are right on schedule to turn those metering lights on at about 5:30 and this is a nice looking shot of the christmas industry. i'll use this shot transition over to steve.
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i love that shot. >> are we on tv, sal? >> is this going out. >> no, only in-house. >> thank you if you are watching on your big 85-inch high-def deceive. there is a lot of green out there. this band virginia front we had yesterday was pretty good in the north bay. then it fizzled out. it stalled over the peninsula and also the south bay sunday ár and santa cruz mountains. band there, if it stalled out even longer, we would have pretty hefty rain totals. as it is standing right now, it is getting enhanced by a system coming in from the west. the moving south. that is good. however, look what is happening here right off san francisco and marin county. see the jet stream getting closer. so it is starting to enhance a lot of these bands. some areas will be cloudy and it starts raining again up in napa county. some of these don't last very long. they are moving pretty quick. that is the focus of today.
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mount tam and mill valley, in and around there, had the most rain that i saw so far. it looks like the band is moving south. santa cruz over 1/2 inch of rain. the peninsula an south bay kind of missed out. the wind will crank up tonight as our system tkw-pz. it will develop what we call a tight pressure gradient. -- the wind will crank up our s go up in advance of that. above 7,000 feet, could you get pretty good snow to 8,000 feet come down. this goes through friday morning so that is a long haul here. again, a lot of this will be above the passes or below the passes, it will be rain. the wind also fujiyama factor from this system right there. it is still developing. that is what is going it play
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into our weather late tonight and most of tomorrow. 50s on a lot of these temperatures to near 6 on. very mild air mass in place over us. can you see it looks like the moisture plume is moving south. so is i was a little nerve bus that but as long as it moves south, that is good. that is our system for tomorrow and it has a lot going for it. 60s on your temperatures for today. no cold air until saturday. so rain and wind for thursday. a break on friday. fast-moving but cold system. a cool, dry, breezy pattern on sunday for you, pamela. >> thank you, steven, very much. >> any time. imagine losing your wallet and getting it back with even more money than you had in it. coming up in our next half hour, the heartwarming story after one man lost his wallet on a flight.
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25 years later there, a new controversy surrounding the o.j. simpson murder trial. former nfl great was acquitted in the murders of his son's for the "new york post" that similar on played a role in their deaths and had at least one accomplice. that former manager is make a documentary about the infamous case and wants to release the movie next year. the supreme court is ordering a lower court to take a look at the case involving the endangered species act. the high court overruled a leader court ruling that protected an area where the endangered dusky gopher frog does not currently live but could in the future. justices sat the court after peels should have examined more
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closely whether the wooded area could actually support the frogs. currently the only remaining dusky gopher frogs live in a single pond in mississippi. the justices sent the case back to the appeals court in new orleans to reconsider the matter. tributes are pouring in for the man who created a children's television show that turned into a cultural phenomenon. >> man, oh, man, do i love my job. hey, what's the good word. >> well, actually spongebob. >> a lot of us recognize that voice. steven pillenburg was the creative mind behind spongebob squarepants which has aired on nickelodeon since 199. 1999. nickelodeon says his sense of humor and innocence brought joy to generations of families. hillenburg died monday following a battle with lou gehrig's disease. he was just 57 years old. my kids definitely grew up
5:27 am
watching spongebob. it is the rain we have been waiting for but it is already causing some problems. the impact it had no commuters on highway 101 and the concern abouts what could happen today and tomorrow. >> will nancy pelosi return as house speaker in we may learn her fate later today. i'm doug luzader in washington. we'll have more on that coming up.
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♪it feels like rain >> look at that. you know, when aaron neville says it looks and feels like rain, it looks and feels like rain. that is the music for you this morning as we look at the live picture. the oakland estuary looking out in the distance. >> swaying into the day. >> if you can sing it neville, >> love it. you're not going to join in? >> i wouldn't to but i can't. >> he has a beautiful voice. >> thank you for joining us wednesday morning. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson can sing and he can sing -- now, the question is that aaron neville solo or the neville brothers. >> i think that was solo. >> i believe solo. >> i think it was solo. >> any help from the control room. >> they said solo. >> i want to know who was playing guitar on that. >> that is nice. >> all right. that's enough. let's get to it here. we do have a couple of issues
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here. once is the band is moving south. there will be some enhanced rain but the band i thought would hopefully and it did stay around the santa cruz mountains is moving towards monterey. that is good. we don't want that to stall out. we've seen that before. watch right here. that is what is heading to san francisco, parts of the peninsula, south san francisco into marin county and a few bands stretching from santa rosa up to st. helena. nothing is sticking around because at the base of the system, jet stream is getting its act together and that is moving everything along. the system will tighten up and that will prompt a high wind watch. there is a winter storm warning that goes through friday morning. it looks like around donner pass, echo summit around80 and 50. tomorrow will be the main day. the wind may be a huge factor up there as well.
5:32 am
this band moving south and this is the system that we're dealing with. the best system we've seen in a long time. it is still on track for late tonight into tomorrow morning. 50s on the temperatures, upper 50s, almost 60. very mild. air masker -- the metering lights did start earlier. >> they did start early. by the way rye is on the guitar. good morning. i digress. let's get right to the commute. traffic is going to be busy. we are looking at the solano county commute and we already have some slowing there on 08 westbound as you drive out toward the cartenas bridge.
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you will see traffic that is slow in the macarthur maze. it is slow after 280, bay bridge. back to the desk. drivers on highway 101 in south san francisco hope there won't be any more road problems this morning. yesterday being a big pothole opened southbound near the grand avenue exit. caltrans closed several lanes which caused big traffic jams that lasted for hours during the evening rush. the pothole was fixed. caltrans reopened all lanes. now, steve says the rain is just getting started. while there is some rain in the south bay, the real storm will hit tonight through tomorrow. you are looking at time lapse o the great photographers, ktvu's randy diesen. this is his dashboard camera. he was driving the 580 and 980
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freeways heading towards downtown. the same weather systems bringing rain to us in the bay area could drop two to four feet of snow in the mountains. if you are driving to the see air a add some extra time to be prepared. chains are required on strat 80 between kingvale and the donner lake interchange in nevada county. a federal judge is asking pg&e what role the utility may have played in the deadly camp fire in butte county. the judge is overseeing a case involving the san bruno pipeline explosion that killed eight people back in 2010. pg&e was found guilty of criminal negligence in that case. the cause of the camp fire has not been determined but power lines. pg&e reported an outage and trouble with the transmission cable at the same and place where the fire started. more evacuees are being allowed to return home in the area. evacuation orders have been lifted for parts of the small town of migalia. deputies will only let in people with proper
5:35 am
identification showing that they live in the area. the number of deaths still at 88 but there are 158 people still listed as missing. the fire was fully contained over the weekend. stevie wonder plans to host a benefit concert for wildfire victim an first responders would battled the fires in southern california. his annual house full of toys benefit concert is at the staples center in los angeles december 9th. the man who said he had never been to butte county before is really helping fire is victims with a very generous act of kindness. his name is bob wilson. he ithan $1 million to paradise high school. mr.wilson says he was heart broken by the camp fire and the disaster. he traveled from southern california to trying to make a difference for the fire damaged paradise high school. he gave $1,000 each to the 980 students and the 105 teachers and staff members. >> hearing, it i was shocked.
5:36 am
this guy hasn't even been here before and it is so kind of him to do it. people don't realize how much it helps. even the maul stuff. >> it is really one of the helping us all at this point. and anybody can use it for anything. it is just great for us to have it. >> and while paradise high school was not severely damaged, the school can't reopen because so much of the community is gone. mr.wilson says he wanted to help because he remembers how much of an impact his open high school had on him. -- his own high school had on him skwraofs day great time of my life. it was carefree to be honest with you. they did have smiles on their face and, again, that is the joy i'm getting out of this whole thing with these kids. >> mr. wilson is 89 years old. he is a real estate developer and owns the fish market restaurant which has four bay area locations. happening today, democrats will vote to nominate the next speaker of the house.
5:37 am
nancy pelosi is expected to once again be elected house speaker and lead the democrats when they take control of the house in january. doug luzader joins us now from washington, d.c. where, after some initial opposition, pelosi is now running unopposed. investigator the opposition within the democratic caucus has largely crumble. that is why we think at this point she is the odds on favorite but not a lock. n ancy pelosi has made her pitch and today she may learn her fate. this is a strong likelihood that after today, she will be well on her way to regaining the speaker's gavel she has held before. >> i happen to think at this point i am the best person for that. >> reporter: house democrats will huddle on capitol hill to vote on their leadership post. if pelosi gets the votes today, it will be because she knows how to work deals overcoming opposition from more than a dozen house democrats who want someone else. >> once they took the house,
5:38 am
things got a lot more complicated in that there isn't a clear person that everyone can rally behind who is different than nancy pelosi. she is consolidating her power and she should be able to eke this out. >> ohio's martha fudge came the close toast challenging pelosi but she folded after pelosi promised her a committee post she coveted. so would the president be able to work with pelosi in he has said he supports her bid but it is not clear when he sees her as a partner or someone he can effectively rail against. either way, the lay of the land in washington is about to change. now, if nancy pelosi passes this first hurdle today and she should, she just has to have a majority of democrats on her side, the next step is that full house vote on january 3rd. back to you guys. >> all right, doug. thank you. happening today, u.s.
5:39 am
senators will get a classified briefing on yemen, saudi arabia and the killing of "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi. secretary of state mike pompeo and secretary of defense jim mattis will deliver that closed door briefing. many lawmakers believe that saudi arabian crown prince mohammed bin salman ordered the death of khashoggi although the saudi government has denied he was involved. after that briefing, the senate may take a vote on the proposal to force the trump administration to withdraw military support for the three- year-old war in yemen that is led by saudi arabia. a british newspaper claims former trump campaign chair paul sange at the equadorian embass any in joining the campaign. the guardian did not identify the source of its reporting. from jail, manafort said the story is totally false. special counsel robert mueller is trying to determine whether trump associates had advance
5:40 am
knowledge of wikileaks plans to release damaging hillary clinton e-mails during the campaign. today, first lady mel an what trump. will take part in an opioid town hall in lynchburg, virginia. the event will be held at the liberty university and will be hosted by ex-fox news commentator eric bolling. his teen son died of an dental overdose of opioids last september. the first lady is expected to talk about opioid abuse and meet with students to discuss the epidemic. this is her second appearance this wean red cross headquarter in washington, d.c. back here at home, a 24- year-old man is accused of spray painting hate messages in downtown antioch. investigators say tips from members. the community the arrest of lawrence phipps. he is accused of tagging more b cars with very offensive words and symbols and it happened last weekend. authorities haven't said yet if
5:41 am
they are going to seek charges of a hate crime. it couldson become hearted erred to find a parking spot in san francisco. coming up, the proposal that could be finalized before the end of the year to get rid of parking requirements for new developments. >> and while marriott hotel workers in san francisco are still on strike, union members elsewhere just approved a new deal. still ahead, vote that took place overnight. place overnight. . driving to the golden gate bridge is going be kind of a tough proposition. you can see it is foggy and wet and getting to it, there have been a couple of crashes already. we'll tell you more about this commute coming up. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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s little home of mine, ♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ unplug chargers - go, ♪ devices go off-line. turn thermostats down low, ♪ led's shine mighty fine. ♪ small actions quickly grow, ♪ to let our great state shine. energy upgrade california, will let us shine. ♪ welcome back to your mornings on 2678 this is new information about a labor deal in the marriott workers strike in hawaii. 2700 hotel workers there had
5:44 am
been on strike for 51 days but overnight, 99.6% of the union members voted for the new deal which includes a pay raise ranging from 50 cents to 1.50 other than hour. marriott works in san francisco are in the eighth week of their strike. they are getting some support from california teachers. the hotel workers union says the state school board association's annual education conference has moved some of mootings that were booked at the marriott this week to a different hotel. >> historically, teachers have been in the union also so they understand what is to fight to gain a good contract. >> so marriott says it does not comment on its customers for privacy reasons but the hotel chain says it settled contracts in a number of cities including oakland and san jose and remains committed to negotiating in good faith. >> our time is now 5:45. an employee of the bay area company that makes accessories
5:45 am
for wheelchairs pleaded for the guilty to killing the company's ceo. 28-year-old daniel kim worked for real mobility in san francisco. he was a financial officer. according to court documents, the ceo claimed kim was embezzling money from the company. documents say he died november 14th after he was shocked a taser and strangled. police say they later found his wallet an cell phone in daniel kim's car as well as blood stained paper towels. police in daly city released surveillance video in a home invasion and assault. police say the suspect forced the 63-year-old victim home saturday morning an forces hid way in and attacked him way metal pipe. the man ran way after a neighbor interrupted that ask tam the suspect described as between 30 and 40 years old
5:46 am
with bushy hair and a goatee. investigators say they still don't know why a former marine opened fire in a crowded bar in ventura county. investigators say 28-year-old ian long fired at least 50 rounds inside the borderline bar in thousand oaks earlier this month using a legal 45 caliber pistol and illegal high capacity magazines. all, he stabbed one victim in the neck. of the 13 people hit by bullets, 126 them were killed. authorities say there is no evidence yet that long was radicalized or that he was targeting anyone in particular at the bar. >> as to the motive of the suspect, we are no closer to determining that than we onset investigators are analyzing information in the suspect's family, friends and witnesses as well as evidence collect from his home and from the bar. >> now, even -- even long shot
5:47 am
an killed himself. there were eight offer-duty officers in the bar but we don't know if they of them carried a weapon. the city of san francisco could soon open a new office to address racial discrimination complaint. that is according to the san francisco examiner. duringed a board hearing yesterday, supervisor sandra fewer said she is considering the proposal. office would be able to obtain records from city departments and use the data to work on this. it is the season of giving juan man from south dakota has a lot to be thankful for thanked to the kindness of a complete stranger. hunter shamat lost his wallet on i affront tear airline flight from omaha to denver. he was on the way it his sister's we hadding with a check and cash inside. he never thought he would see the wallet again but days later, a package arrived at his home with as a wallet and a letter inside. >> i rounded your cash up to an even $100 so you could celebrate having your wallet back. have fun. it really meant a lot that he
5:48 am
would go out of his way and do that for a complete stranger. ill still paying off school lindsay lohan and i got truck loans to pay off now. it really helps out. -- i'm still paying off school loans an i got truck loans to pay off now. >> hunter and his family were able to track down the stranger and thank him for his kinden. >> i'm he dropping the mic on that. >> i'm dub. >> sal is not done. he is watching the commute have you fixed everything out there, sal? >> it is wet as you know. that mean it will take you just a little longer if you can leave the house 10 minutes early. i know 10 minutes is a tall order for any morning commute. it will be slow this were morning. we don't have any unexpected construct work but the altamont pass is slow as you drive out toward the livermore area. as you drive over to dub lip, it look mention that the tkpwroeupblg approach, southbound 101, we did have an overturned vehicle. that has been cleared and traffic is get a little bit
5:49 am
better. east shore freeway traffic is also okay so far. this is a look at 880 in oakland. not raining there right now. not raining right now at the bay bridge toll plaza but there is a backup of about 15 minutes before you make it on to the span. speaking of the weather, let's bring steve in. sometimes five minutes can make a find deal in the morning. >> yes, sir. >> the main band is moving south thank goodness. there will be some pretty hefty totals but a lot going on here. everybody will be in on the rain. we're getting light rain and a mild temperature of 56. it looks like it kind of let up in between systemedded. it will be off and on. -- in between systems. mount tam had pretty good rain as did mill valley. that was mostly from yesterday. santa cruz at 62. they've been click ago long
5:50 am
here in the morning. yountville, have inch of rain. san jose only .06. the prince, i think most i saw was stanford with .09. there are flash flood warnings no many of the burn scar areas. that will take us into tomorrow -- into friday i should say. there could be some 2 to 3-inch amounts. so high wind watch has been posted north a warning. main coast and also the hill. there will be some blustery conditions tomorrow. see how the band was taking aim. and then it starts to drift south. it may stall out again. it may start to lift north again as our system develops offshore. look what is happening right here moving into marin county and going over san pablo bay. more rain is on the way. you get these enhanced areas coming in. and then they move off. the sierras really tricky here. the snow will mainly be at the passes today.
5:51 am
snow level will probably bow up a little bit as we get that warm sector coming in. then it will go down i'm winter storm warning is out until 4:00 a.m. friday. then the snow level may drop down to 4500 feet or so as we get towards thursday night and early on friday. this is the system moving into the picture that going to enhance everything. rounding the base of this, i mean this is still developing. that will be your wind and rain produce fore tonight into tomorrow. you're getting some enhancement on some of these bands. the front we had yesterday stalled out and now you get the system coming around. that is enhancing some of the rainfall rates as the jet stream gets closer. 50s on the temperatures to upper 50s, almost 60 degrees. look for cloudy skies, some knowing as well and offer and on rain. tomorrow, we'll deal with that. that will be our best system in a long time 60s on the temperature and a fast moving but colder system on saturday and then it will a cool, breezy day but dry on sunday. >> thank you. a big surprise at an east bay
5:52 am
dozens of kids there. up next, the special guest who showed up during a discussion about bullying.
5:53 am
guess who is bulking up your morning with some meaty breakfast burritos? this guy. get my meat lovers with bacon, sausage, and ham. or grande sausage with creamy sriracha sauce. because at jack in the box, whoops, we're all about bulking up breakfast. alright, buh-bye. and we're pretty pumped about it. meaty, baby! up top, jack! ...mondays, right? [laughter]
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bulk up your breakfast with my meaty breakfast burritos. part of the breakfast burrito family. welcome back. new information about the possible cause of deadly plane crash last where 189 peop were killed. boeing, which makes nae work on
5:55 am
that jet did not fix repeated problems with the plane. also, boeing said the a key sensor and that bad information about the plane's speed and altitude measured by that sensor added to the crash. here at home, christmas came early for students in east oakland. they were taking part in an anti-bullying event when they got a big surprise. the warriors teamed up with adobe to host the peaceful warriors summit at east oakland pride elementary school. fourth and fifth graders took part in the fun interactive event teaching them about solving conflicts and supporting each other and ktvu's very open alyana gomez was there. she hosted the event and there were big surprises. guest appearances by warriors general manager bob myers on the left and warriors forward.
5:56 am
>> i know growing up, nobody talked to us about bullying and what was out there. so now people are focusing in on and on kid health and mental health and glad to be a part of it. national christmas industry will be lit tonight in washington, d.c. president trump and first lady melania trump will be there. now, these are live pictures. we are right outside the white house. the national christmas industry you see it right there. you are blocking the view, mister. this will be the 98th national tree lighting ceremony in washington, d.c. the tree by the way is a living colorado blue spruce. it is from virginia. and from washington, we're going north to new york city. there is rockefeller center right in the heart of new york city. these are live pictures of
5:57 am
their christmas industry at rockefeller center. it will be lit by more than 50,000 led lights. they actually stretch five miles. it will be lit tonight there in new york city. speeding up the response of ambulances in san francisco. coming up in our next hour, how a new building will help people in need. >> plus, the storm system moving through our area soaking parts of the bay area. we are tracking that storm. steve has information along with a new warning from the coast guard.
5:58 am
5:59 am
the roads are slick and more rain is on the way. what to expect in your forecast and a warning from officers. >> plus, california congresswoman nancy pelosi could clear a major hurdle on the way to again becoming speaker of the house. r of the house. . good morning. thank you for joining us. it is we had, november 28th.
6:00 am
i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. another storm system is bringing rain to some of the bay area already w that comes the risk of rock slides, flooding and big waves. >> we do have team coverage of today's weather alert. say as in the south bay. you are getting drenched right now. sal, closely watching the roads which are wet but let's go to steve paulson. you are tracking the rain. >> there are a couple of areas of focus. one is down to monterey and that looks to be moving south. wind will be a factor tonight into flash flood watches posted for the burn


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