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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 28, 2018 9:00am-9:58am PST

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he's on the commissioner exempt buccaneers. tomdz at 9:00, a series of storms moving into the bay area. steve is tracking the wet weather as city officials prepare.
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this hang glider hanging on for dear life. he eventually gets to the ground. he can't quite make it and lets go. >> as soon as he's close he lets go. >> the man's name is chris gers ki from florida and when asked if he would do it again, he said yeah. looks like they're building one. >> tomorrow we have been talking about the weather. steve and i are going to have our hands full because it's going to be terribly slow morning commute because of the rain it sure lacks like it. tomorrow morning wind and rain starts late tonight. today it's more fog now than any rain. still some but mainly san jose south, not a lot of areas. really mild muggy conditions, humidity is very high. we have a southeast breeze and rainfall, the most was in the last 24 hours most of this fell yesterday.
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san francisco hasn't changed at all. san jose at 1700ths. everything coming out of the southwest as far as moisture is concerned. the southeast is wind direction and the water temperatures are very warm now so that's contributing to the higher humidity. all this moisture is coming in from the southwest, no cold air yet yet this system in play for tonight, tomorrow with very cold air on the back said of that. we haven't seen a system like this in a long time. the heaviest rain tomorrow is towards the north. north of the golden gate. looks like late tonight i'm focusing on tomorrow morning between 4:00 a.m. and 9:00 to noon, looks to be the heaviest. after the noon hour, we should start to see things taper off. the colder air comes in and humidity changes chls because of this system, the burn scar areas not just the paradise or camp fire but also for the mendocino complex and others, 2- 3 inches is possible.
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flash flood watch is out and for a we might take the brunt of higher elevations. today we're looking for a lot of cloudy skies and rain developing by late tonight. so it's on its way. a little break right now. there's a high surf advisory for the bay area coast through friday. the national weather service forecasting waves from 20-15 high. frank mallicoat joins us live this morning from pacifica and i know you have been out there talking to people and checking out big waves. >> yeah, we have. believe it or not shg something we haven't seen this morning, we have a little bit of blue skies. mother nature is putting on quite the show. show time really isn't until 2:00 when high tide hits. low tide around 8:waves are muc
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afternoon. it's gorgeous but keep your distance. in fact the coast guard is . it can be dangerous. you have to be careful and don't put your back on the waves.
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along with the high surf advisory you can expect i think it'ssay, a pier here. the pier was closed actually of the cafe at the foot of the until about an hour ago. it shuts down about a dozen times a year. likely open until 1:00 or so but once high tide hits i imagine it will shut down and likely close again tomorrow and friday as well.
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0 lauren blan chard reports the lawsuitest on the bancchanging in washington. >> controversial remarks also senator cindy hide might saes campaign but she solidified the seat for republicans. >> this victory is about our conservative values and the things that mean the most to all of us in mississippi, our faith and family. >> hide smith came under fire late in the campaign after she was recorded saying she would attend a public hanging, remarks she claims were taken out of a public context. the comments insensitive giving the history of mississippi.
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he was pulling westbound a single point from hide smith a week from election day. his closed campaign is a positive sign for deep south democrats. >> when this many people show up and this many people stand up and this many people speak up, it's not a loss. it's a movement. >> meanwhile in the house today, democrats have a closed door caucus meeting for an internal leadership vote including speaker of the house which many think will go to nancy pelosi despite some push back in her own part. the official vote won't take place until january. >> one thing is for sure. with the democratic house and republican senate, congressional bipart sean will be front and center in 2019. in washington, lauren blan chard, fox news. joining us this morning in studio, san francisco chronicle senior political writer welcome back, joe. >> always good to be here. >> some democratic freshmen in congress i know when they're campaigning said we're all
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about new leadership and yesterday they came together and signed a letter about 20 of them and said we're going to with nancy again. >> what happens is that a couple things happen, number one she said okay, let me take care of you. she's a good negotiator. they gave her -- there's only one candidate for speaker. >> but you can vote no so for these people who said i'm going to vote no against her, they can fulfill their promise to their constituents and vote no but no one sees that. >> what's the issue? are they saying she's not progressive enough or not moderate enough? >> right, in the swing disstances sthooes a lightning rod.
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so come january if she becomes speaker of the house, what's her first line of business? >> well, that's the thing. realistically nothing is getting done with the republican senate and republican president and democratic house. nothing is going to get done. a lot of investigations are going to get done and that's getting started. they may try something on
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infrastrauk chur and there may be wiggle room on lowering she spoke about that as did the republicans but realistically, immigration reform. >> well, we have to talk about in the past few days we have seen images of people being tear gassed. president trump hasn't c will he stand with that or he change as things appear to reach a crisis level. >> he said this is a good political issue for me. he just said that yesterday. the reason is because he still wants his border wall and he wants funding for it and a bill coming before the congress now. by having these images we're looking at, as horrific as this is, it creates this out sized view of chaos that only a wall can stop. >> so where are his fellow republicans on this issue? they are silent. >> dead silent as they usually are.
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>> real quick, before you go, i'm course, in the newsom camp is he going to live in sacramento? >> that's still out. yeah, he has four young kids. so we don't know where he's going to be living. jerry brown had an apartment in sacramento. but he was single guy -- married guy in the 70s no kids. so it's curious to see what he does. that commute is long too. >> can't beat the traffic. >> with a police escort, goes quicker. >> always good to have you. coming up next, the oakland a's are sharing plans for a new ball park. the location and unique features the team promises will be bigger and better. sfx: tinny headphone music
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nasdaq and snp 500 up and analysts think there's optimism building as the president gets ready to meet with china at the g-20 summit later this week. the federal judge asking pge and what role the utility may have played in butte county. pge and found guilty of criminal negligence in the case. the cause of the camp fire has not been determined but speculation is centering on power lines. pg&e reported an outage and trouble with a tran mission cable. the utility says its reviewing the questions posed in the judge's court filing. more evacuees from the camp fire are being allowed to return home. evacuation orders have been lifted for parts of the small town of begalia. deputies will only let in people with proper identify occasion showing they live in the area.
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there are 158 people still listed as missing. the camp fire burned through 240 240 square miles and was fully contained last weekend, two and a half weeks after it started. a man who says he's never been to butte county is reaching out to fire victims with an amazing act of kandness. he donated more than 1 million $1 million to paradise high school yesterday. he said he was heart broken by the camp fire and traveled from southern california to butte county to try and make a difference. he gave the 980 students and 105 teachers and staff members 1 $1,000 each. . >> hearing it i was shocked. this guy hasn't been here before. it's so kind of him to do it. people don't realize how much it helps. >> it's really helping us all at this point. it's great for us to have it. >> while paradise high school was not severely damaged, the school cannot reopen because so
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much of the community is gone. will sob says he wanted to help because he remembered how big of an impact his high school years had on him. >> it was a great tame of my life. it was care freeway to be honest with you. they did have smiles on their face and again, that's the joy i'm getting out of this whole thing. with these kids. >> the 89-year old is a real estate developer and owner of the fish market restaurant which has four locations here in the bay area. teachers from paradise getting the chance to rebuild after the camp fire with some help from people across the country. the teachers have collected hundreds of supplies after creating an amazon wish list. now they say the packages keep coming in. teachers and students who lost everything with all the items they need to start school again tofrjts build a classroom it takes years and years to collect your items and for them
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to be gone in an instant is heartbreaking. >> some of the items are left over from donations to others disasters like last year's north bay wildfires. on saturday there's an open give away for paradise area teachers and the district plans to resume classes on monday. san jose prosoccer team dedicating the winter fest celebration to survivors of the wildfire. they will hold the third annual wasn'ter fest on sunday. general admission is free but $25 buys you a wristband to play in the man made snow. 0 proceeds go to help the fire victims. they are also donated equipment to north bay youth soccer teams aventhed by the fire. >> christmas came early for students in east oakland taking part in an anti bullying event when they got a big surprise. the warriors teamed up to host
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the peaceful warrior summit. fourth and fifth grade students are part of fun interactive activities teaching them about supporting each other. ktvu hosted the event. big surprises and guest appearances by bob myers and forward loony. . >> i know growing up they didn't talk to us about bullying and what was out there so really focusing on it and kids, glad i got to be part of it. >> all 75 kids home went home with a backpack killed with yar your championship gear and a new pair of issues. year round the oakland a's unveiled plans for the new ball park north of the square along the water front. shaped high-rises with windows looking on the playing field.
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it would feature a roof top park and a gondola to shutting fans. it would turn the oakland coliseum sight to a community park and keep the oracle arena as is for concerts and events. the mayor gave us this statement saying the plan for the terminal is truly visionary and will serve all oaklanders for many generations. this is the right project in the right niebd and at the right price to taxpayers.
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great for us. . >> you can just walk on down now. >> we have to add, remember they picked the lady college sites nine months ago so this tomb i wonder what they're doing differently. >> let's hope they hit it out of the ball park. from prison to top of the class, up next meet the one time get away driver who turned his life around and now preparing to face his next challenge.
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a. >> it appears to us that the teacher had his cell phone in his hand and looking at it. . >> a school district spokes person says the administrators are continuing an internal review on policies and procedures related to school pools. since his death, the district has suspended the use of pools for pe classes and requires certified lifeguards to be present. a 24 year old man under arrest accused of spray painting hateful messages in downtown antioch. surveillance video and tips from community members led to his arrest. he's accused of tagging 20 cars with offensive wards and symbols last weekend. authorities have not said if they will seek hate crime charges. an east bay men involved in a series of armed robberies is now graduating as vl dick toirn from the university of san francisco.
9:24 am
that felony conviction was about to keep him from fulfilling future plans. that student is now getting help from the very people who once put him in jail. >> this is very exciting. >> by all accounts antonio has complaetly turned his life around but here in the courthouse in dublin, he deposit some additional help from what would seem like two unlikely sources, the fremont police detective who arrested him and the deputy district attorney attorney who prosecuted him. >> my entire adult life has been dictated and by those actions and now it's gone. . >> hi a lot of issues going on at that time. i knew 7 people who died that
9:25 am
year and i lost hope. >> one of his polices was later involved in a shoot out with police and shot himself. >> at the end of the interview he said basically i messed up and he talked about what he had done. he said this is my low point and i'm only going to get better from here. i have to be honest, i hear that from a lot of people in that position but he meant it. >> he pled guilty and sentenced to jail. >> three or four days ago i asked him what i could have done differently as a mother. i did whatever i could and we can see he was going down a difficult path. >> that was then and this is now. he's graduating vaatle the univ francisco next month. >> i turned my felonies into 4.0's. >> the felony conviction makes being able to take the bar exam nearly impossible. the detective who became his
9:26 am
friend if and mentor heard about the dilemma and called the prosecutor and the two agreed to ask the judge to change the charge to misdemeanor grand theft and ex- sponge the case from his record. now he can go to law school and take the bar. >> we want to give people the chance who show that they want to improve their lives and work hard to do so. >> i'm so happy today. so excited. i'm so excited and proud of him. >> once he gets his law degree he says he would like to put it to use reforming the criminal justice system. >> i want to use my story to let other people know that it's true. anything is possible. >> in dublin, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up in a minute on mornings on 2, more wet weather moving into the bay area. steve paul sen has a look at where the storms will hit and live to the south bay where preparations are being made there. some people in the migrant
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there's some sun in this picture. mostly cloudy today steve says. the rain is coming in earnest, right? >> this evening, it's south but this evening, yes it will pick up and overnight looks to be 4 mostly cloudy and very san francisco and buoy is 59. monterey is 62. . moirs from the southwest, a warm direction. the wind direction is southwest. that helps and the dew points and amount of moisture there is right there with the temperature. so the humidity in san francisco is 100%.
9:30 am
some of this moisture is really tapering off in between, a band went through this morning, our front from yesterday stalled out and drifted south towards monterey and looks like it's staying there. there's our system moving in tonight. rain will increase rapidly and on the back side of that, cold unstable air and as it continues to wrap itself up, the winds will pick up. wind and rain on the way for later tonight. looks like tomorrow morning is prime time. by about noon, i would start to think things will wand down and there could be good thunderstorm activity. most of this in the morning until noon. rainfall looks good, most locations in about an there could be areas more than that depending on the track the system takes. the north bay gets more rain tomorrow than the santa cruz mountains. winter storm warnings out for ted. high wind watch kicks in for us as well. flash flood watch out in the burn areas. quiet now, a lot of fog out there.
9:31 am
this rain is picking up as our system gets closer. almost 60 for some. mountain view at 59 degrees. concord at 59. look for some breaks in the clouds and rain in santa cruz south and that system plows in late tonight and tomorrow with wind and rain. mild conditions and cold air eventually getting here dropping humidity levels late thursday and friday. fast moving system on saturday. looks cool and breezy out sunday. this morning drivers have been taking their foot off the pedal but even that, some fender benders and spin outs. sara is live near highway 17 in santa clara county there and have you seen a lot of problems? ? >> so many problems. too many to count. the rain has let up and not too many cars on highway 17 anymore. much better than it was. let's take you to video of what it looked look a couple hours ago. the video you're looking at is one of the many spin outs that
9:32 am
was reported earlier today in the southbound lane before glennwood drive in santa cruz. we don't know if that was caused by the driver going too fast but we know many of the crashes that happened last week on highway 17 were because of speeding. chp responded to 21 crashes during last week's storm. that's why officers were on highway 17 tuesday stopping speeding drivers and giving out tickets in anticipation of the incoming rain. wind is also expected and there's a high wind watch in effect from thursday afternoon to thursday evening in the bay area. sustained winds up to 50 miles per hour are expected with possible gusts up to 60 miles per hour. in weather like this a lot of people want to stay bundle #d up inside. we have seen people running along the reservoir. >> i really like it. i love the ran. to go out and just kind of let things go. i don't know, just feels good. .
9:33 am
>> very dedicated runner there. the chp does say if you have to drive on the roads when it's raining to make sure to slow down. in santa clara county this morning, ktvu fox two news. weather is creating conditions along the coastline. this is new video from pacifica this morning. the coast guard is warning people about waves from 12-25 feet high as well as dangerous rip currents and potential beach erosion. they're urging people to stay out of the water and voters should only head out if necessary. the san francisco public works department is taking precautions, these temporary flood barriers set up in areas prone to flooding. one is located at 17 and fulton street. >> because of the storm 12 miles of highway one in monterey county will be closed this morning. caltrans will close the highway between mud creek and paul slide by mid morning today. gates will be locked until the
9:34 am
area is determined to be safe. >> we do have big winds in the bay area but if you're looking for the biggest swell they're in hawaii. video of the north shore, an area famous around the world for sur if anything. some beaches have been closed but that's not stopping a lot of surferers. there were more than 100 water rescues on monday alone and many rescued were surf photographers, people who live in the area say they have not seen waves this big since the 80s. many of the thousand of central american migrants gathered at the u.s. border say they're beginning to realize they have little chance of getting into the united states. chris jenkins reports, se others say they may decide to stay in mexico. >> morale is starting to weaken among the migrants in tijuana. days after tear gas was used to stop them from crossing into the u.s. illegally. many migrants crossing the
9:35 am
border isn't as easy as they thought. they're now looking at o options including staying in mexico. >> the president won't let us through. he doesn't want us there and there are rumors some are being killed. i'm going home. >> i'm going to an interview to request permission to be here, to be able to find a job tfrjts mexican government has offered jobs and asylum to the migrants and several thousands have accepted so far and the incoming administration is also saying they can be housed temporarily in tijuana while they apply for asylum in the u.s.. >> mexico throughout mystery has never deported migrants while waiting to claim asylum. >> the white house says it's not a quick process and tear gas can be used again if they rush the border. that stands from heavy criticism from democrats and immigration advocates but white house press secretary says it's appropriate nonlethal force.
9:36 am
>> no one wants women or children or any individuals to have this happen which is why we encourage them to follow the law and go to ports of entry. >> mexico is helping the u.s. to stop the flow of migrants by contributing $20 million to krae yat jobs in central america. -- -- create johns. the wall street journal reports there's an increase in the number of migrants requesting assistance to go back home. the journal says 200 migrants have asked to get help for getting home and no such requests were made in the past week. migrants flew home yesterday petitions for asylum in mexico have increased this week to 47 requests yesterday. >> for more on the other headlines let's go to dave clark. >> top stories we're tolling, moments ago we got word east bay congressmen bash la lee did
9:37 am
not get the votes needed for a top leadership post in the house of representatives. she lost to new york congressmen jeffreys with six years in the house compared to barbara lee's 20 years. both members of the democrats are voting to nominate san francisco congressmen nancy pelosi to house speaker. she's running unopposed after early opposition from newly elected democrats. in january nancy pelosi will still face a vote by the full house. when the new congress convenes before she can become the house speaker. six people including four children died overnight in indiana in a house fire about an hour north of indianapolis. firefighters rescued two people from the flames but six others were trapped in the burning house.
9:38 am
that house is in a rural area with no piped in water so firefighters had to truck in water and they even ran out of water within five minutes and had to actually stop fighting the fire until more could be brought in. happening today, the bay area toll authority one last time will let drivers speak out about plans to raise the bridge tolls. on january 1st tolls are scheduled to go up by $1 on all bay area bridges. with the exception of the golden gate bridge, voters approved the toll hike in june. today's meeting is the last chance for public comment. the bay area toll authority meets december 19th and expected to approve the toll hike. the public hearing today starts right about now at the bay area metro center on beale street in an fran. that's a look at just some of the top stories we're working on. >> dave, thank you. a san jose family hoping to thank the good sa marry tons who stopped the hit-and-run
9:39 am
driver who hit and killed their loved one. police say she was hit by a ford truck speeding on capital expressway near silver creek road. she was outside of the crosswalk when she was hit and died on impact. the driver, the 39-year old tried to drive off but two witnesses in separate vehicles boxed him in. >> they held him there until police arrived which is phenomenal they decided to get involved and prevent this person from getting away. we would have had a felony hit- and-run and vehicular manslaughter uninvolved case. >> i would love to tell them thank you. there's good people in the world still. >> police called the witnesses actions heroic, they say it's best to call nine # one. a gofundme page has been set up to help with funeral costs. a new program designd to make homeowner ship a reality
9:40 am
for middle income first time home buyers afrjts i town hall meeting to introduce the #23shgscc program. it provides assistance who have an income below $150,000 for a family of four or $105,000 for a single adult. officials wangs make the area more affordable for people in the community including teachers nurses and first responders who can't affidavit to live in the area where they work. want santa clara county to be the safest place for people to live. if there's an earthquake and our first responders live in san joaquin valley or off in holster, we have a hard time getting the help we need. >> the meeting is to be held at the county government center in san jose and starts at 6:00. our rainy weather did not keep a crowd from gathering to honor two city leaders killed 40 years ago.
9:41 am
the san francisco gay men's chorus performed in memory of the mayor and supervisor harvey milk assassinated in their city hall offices on november 27th, 1978. 400 people joined last night's somber march from the plaza named after him to city hall. marchers say the dark day turned every november 27th into a reminder of what the world could be. . >> it's a day of reflection and revisiting a hope that harvey milk imposed on all of us. a hope that never dies. >> the legacy of my dad and that of harvey is not one of tragedy. it's one of opportunity. . >> the crowd included people who were not even board when he died but one imagine originally from colorado says he was inspired when he first heard of harvey milk i had always had a love affair with san francisco
9:42 am
when i read about this street in this city with this guy that was thstepped foot >> some of the people told us the loss of milk pay paved the difficult path to change and they are hopeful progress will continue. if you're a nba tiff san francisco can, ask your dad or uncle what the city was like when that was happening. i was in school and i remember it but not as an adult. ask someone older and it's fascinating. >> critical moment in time for the city of san francisco. still to come here on mornings on two, the size och one animal in australia working out in his favor. . when you think of holiday performances do you think about the circus? you should. we'll talk live with the artist
9:43 am
head of the bay area service giving a twist.
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after performing for ten years in the parks, we decided it was time to take the next step and san francisco deserved its own winter tent show. so here we are in treasure island. >> so you're under a big top but some of the acts are going to be the same. >> so we have some of our local favorites. the general tee va family doing foot juggling.
9:47 am
a local artist, ver ron ka blare on the straps now. we also have guest artists from around the world so we have duo acosta originally from havana cuba. ruth is doing chair balancing and people from all over the country are coming in. we have local favors around the world. >> when i see the circus i see you on the trapeze with the clowns and cleaning up at the end. it really is a community feel to what's become a pretty fancy show. >> it's true. us. circus bella, we're the sum of all our parts. it's been amazing effort by our cast, my family and anybody. anybody who walks by we give them a project and here we are >> please tell me you're keeping your live music. the band is coming with you?
9:48 am
>> oh, we would never go anywhere without the circus bella all star band. tlaur the heart beat of the show. >> after every show we have been too, my boys start to tumble and kick and they think they can do what you do in the ring. tell me about your raise to where you are as a trapeze artist and the head of a kir cuss. >> i started with the pickle family circus training there when i was nine. then i performed in their final glen park outdoor performance. that was my first time performing and then from there i just performing and working and then worked as az trapeze artist and got the idea with my close friend david hunt to start our own show ten years ago and we started with free shows in the park and it grew and here we are today. >> let's focus on your new project, kaleidoscope.
9:49 am
it evokes a lot of colors and sounds. what did you hope newcomers get from seeing collide scope? >> i still hope to get the magic and the community that we have always have. the base of who we are. magic delight community but what's exciting about being in a tent is that we did do more with lights, higher rigging and there's so much more opportunities for us inpseudothis tent. >> you'll still see the heart and soul of the circus bella as always. >> i'm a big fan of yours and circus bel congratulations and good luck. >> thank you so much. it was wonderful to talk with you this morning. if you would like to see collide scope, the show starts november 30th -- -- kaleidoscope.
9:50 am
it's also on our mobile app. the classic holiday song silent night is celebrating its 200th anniversary. it's believed to have been sung in december of 18, '18 for the first time in the u.s. it's created in austria, the first english translation were first published in 1859 by priest john free man young. we'll be right back. land of blue jeans. and burgers. and while blue jeans got all skinny on us... i can't feel my legs. way are we giving up on burgers. that's why i created the all-american ribeye burger, made with 100% ribeye beef, ribeye burgers are back, america.
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doug williams the redskins vice president of player personnel released the following staument about reuben foster." nothing is promised but friends and teammates will provide him with the best possible environment to succeed personally and professionally.". one of 2018's biggest movie took part in giving tuesday a. long with the screening people heard from the director, oakland native ryan coug lar. . netflix is giving new life to several popular children's books. the company creating animated versions of charlie and the chocolate factory, matilda and other books by roald dahl.
9:55 am
they will turn the er evacuees and specials over the public, production scheduled to start next week. it's the season of giving and one man from south dakota has a lot to be thankful of thanks to the kindness of a complete stranger. he lost his wallet on a flight from omaha to denver. he was on his way to his sister's wedding with a check and cash inside. days later a package arrived at his home with a letter inside. >> it really meant a lot. ans and truck loans to pay way off now. it really helps out. >> hunter says it goes to show there's more good than evil out there. hunter and his family tracked the stranger down and thank him for his kindness. a steer has been deemed in australia too big for the slaughter house.
9:56 am
he stands head and shoulders above the heard of other cattle cht he weighs nearly one and a half tons which his owner says is too heavy for the slaughter house so he's spending the rest of the years with the herd. >> wow he's just a couple inches short of the record for the world's tallest steer. where does he live? in italy. >> so interesting. i love that picture. i hope you're with us tomorrow, we explore the safety of howard terminal as our new site. so the oakland's president is joining us here on the nine. also joined by san francisco symphony just ahead of a string of holiday performances. if you have never taken your children to the symphony, now is the time to go. they're doing love actually and then playing the score live. so it's an incredible event.
9:57 am
>> what about the christmas carol? >> i don't know. >> just in general. >> it's a little dark for me. i prefer the circus. >> there's the steer. thanks for watching, nickers. sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling
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