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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 28, 2018 6:00pm-6:58pm PST

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snow, a lot of snow in the forecast. right now, the main route into tahoe is clear with no chain controls in effect. but a winter storm warning goes into effect later this evening. every. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. sounds like a serious storm. when will it hit? >> around midnight tonight. that's going to be a good pop. we have had a little rain around here but this system right here, you can see it -- it looks explosive. it is explosive. so when it looks like that, it will deliver that. even at the surface we are going to see winds up to 40 miles per hour. this storm is starting to wind up last night. this will be the biggest storm a one pop deal. it will move quickly. as it moves the wind, at the coast you will see large surf and the rainfall accumulations, albeit one to three inches, why it's a lot but you could see rain up to
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2.5" an hour in some places. so outside you can kind of see it's got that vibe to it for sure. late tonight it will come onshore. here it is at 1 a.m. 11 to 1 a.m., that's when the crux of this goes through but there's more behind it. already, this system has delivered large surf at the coast. out at pacifica we have waves today, high surf advisory, waves today up to 15 to 18 feet. they will get up near 20 feet out at mavericks. these pictures were taken live today and you can see the rocks and what have you. it's huge in hawaii right now. if you want to go down to mammoth, where quite frankly mammoth south, sierra nevada, l hammered with snow. you could easily see three feet of snow. a stormy system. when we come back, we'll just time it right through what you can expect for the bay area thursday and beyond. and don't forget, you can
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always download our free ktvu weather app for the latest on the conditions. our weather team is also posting updates on facebook, twitter and instagram. the oakland a's have doubled down on their slogan rooted in oakland by announcing details of their proposed new stadium. it would be located at the site of the howard terminal. that's just west of jack london square right along the waterfront right along the estuary there. it's being called the jewel box of a ballpark. it would potentially be nestled amid wedged shaped high-rises with windows looking directly down on the playing field. but that's not all. there are also plans for a park, gondola to transport fans from downtown oakland, and a separate development opportunity for the current oakland coliseumsite. plus oakland's may reporter: the oakland a's unveiling plans wednesday for a new waterfront stadium at howard terminal just north of the ferry at jack london square. >> all the different decks are going to be closer than would you see at the coliseum and some of the other locations. and then you have this
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incredible green loop, a park on >> reporter: the a's president announced the redevelopment of the coliseum land in east oakland. it will feature an amphitheater style ballpark for the public, soccer fields, shops and housing. >> certainly it will create the kind of job opportunities that will allow families to be able to take care of their children and pay their mortgages and other expenses that they incur. >> both of these projects include desperately needed affordable housing for oaklanders. >> reporter: there's no price tag for the two projects, but the new ballpark will be privately financed by the a's. hotels, restaurants, stores and housing all on the water. >> we're building more than a ballpark here. we're building a new neighborhood in this part of the city. people to live, to work, to play, to connect to the surrounding area, is going to be very important to us. >> reporter: the closest parking is about a mile and a quarter away. the a's are working on
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transportation, planning to build a gondola to shuttle 6,000 people an hour from downtown oakland. the a's, the city, the county and the port of oakland are all on board to turn these renderings into reality for fans. >> i think it's the greatest thing possible. the a's are an oakland, bay area staple. we lost the warriors. the raiders have taken off to vegas. you take the a's out of here, you'll break our hearts. having the oakland a's right here is fabulous! >> reporter: officials say they will continue to get feedback from the public and an environmental impact study will begin on friday. they hope to have it open in 2023. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. the a's deal is far from done but it aims high and if completed could accomplish two big goals first keeping the a's in oakland and creating a new attraction on the waterfront and offers a promise of
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revitalizing the coliseum site. in east oakland. alyana gomez reports from oakland. >> reporter: lots of optimism tonight after the announcement this morning. so there's a lot of things still to be worked out. the a's have settled on a location here in howard terminal in the beautiful wasn't from the in jack london square as we talked about. tonight, we are focusing more on the economic impact on tourism and, of course, east and west oakland and also looking into the transportation in all of this. there was some controversy involving how people might get to this location and we are showing out that might happen. and also, the excitement of neighbors here in jack london squavisit in bursting with culture. redevelopment and businesses opening up shop. promise to keep the team rooted in oakland.
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the team president announced plans wednesday to build a new waterfront ballpark at howard terminal in jack london square. >> it really is the best most conducive environment for success both on and off the field to attract fans, have an amazing fan experience, and have a positive impact on the community. >> reporter: exciting news to newcomer tigers taproom which opened 7 weeks ago a couple of blocks away. >> we have been following this whole movement with the a's stadium and this morning saw it on the news, started texting each other on facebook. we have been really hoping for the stadium to move over here. >> jack london square, needs something like this to revive it. >> reporter: 34,000 people can fill the new stadium nestled between high-rise buildings and situated along the water. it's a stone's throw from the oakland ferry, which is one method of transportation for fans. along with plans to r to the oakland zoo's ride that cab carry 6,000 passengers an hour from downtown -- that can carry
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6,000 passengers an hour from downtown to the stadium. this man says fans can use the west oakland or 12th street bart station and then walk 10 minutes to the stadium. >> i also understand they are going to do a couple of pedestrian walkways that are going to go over 880 and if that can come to fruition, that's a great way for people to get to the park. >> reporter: he can imagine the impact on tourism and the economy for both west an east oakland with the a's ambitious plan to revitalize the coliseum site into a community park surrounded by new development. >> i think we can add a convention center. we can add hotels and retail and restaurants. can really be a magnet for business to come and enjoy. >> reporter: you may have noticed those three port of the ballpark t hat wondering today
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while we were out here at the waterfront if the cranes would stay standing when the new ballpark comes to jack london square and we're told that they will remain a staple as part of oakland and its history. reporting live in jack london square tonight, alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. civil rights attorney john burris called off his boycott of the san francisco giants. he and others objected to the donation of the giants president donation to cindy hyde-smith. she won the runoff yesterday after making racially charged statement that included a reference to public hanging said an error in judgment and asked him to return the donation. the lawyer saysem to call off the boycott. stocks surged today after a federal reserve chairman
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suggested a possible pause in interest rate hikes. the dow was up 617 points for its biggest gain in 8 months. the nasdaq rose 208. the s&p gained 61. tech shares posted big gains led by "salesforce." its shared were up more than 10% after a quarterly earnings report that beat estimates. protecting robert mueller's investigation. the effort by a small group of senators. >> and officially nominated to be madam speaker again as house democrats reelect nancy pelosi to lead them. the challenge she faces in january. >> low morale is plaguing a bay area police department. accusations that the command staff is unaccountable even incompetent. >> i think it's good to get  outside perspective if you are interested in improv . >> here's a look at the wednesday evening comme
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>> now we head to the south bay the sunol grade. the headlights are in the commute direction. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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senate republicans in washington have once again
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block legislation aimed at protecting robert mueller's russia investigation. fox news's ray bogan joins us live from capitol hill where a group of senators tried to force a vote. ray. >> reporter: that's right, julie. good evening to you. and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell called the special counsel independence and integrity act a solution in search of a problem but supporters of the bill say if you take a look at president trump's tweets or past comments, it's proof the bill could be needed. reporter: two senators and a republican once again asking their colleagues to consider and pass a bill to protect special counsel robert mueller from firing. >> we should all appreciate the ways in which this protects the rule of law. >> reporter: once again, it was blocked. republican senator mike lee said i powers. >> on that basis, madam president, i object. >> reporter: senator flake said he will withhold his support for any of the president's judicial nominees until he gets a vote on the bill.
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that mandates that a special counsel can only be fired by senior justice department officials. >> to protect the integrity of the special counsel's investigation and to prevent the executive branch from inappropriately interfering in an independent investigation in the future. >> reporter: there has been concern president trump, a vocal critic, would try to stop the investigation. he has been tweeting and retweeting about the investigation again calling it a witch hunt. the white house has said the president has no intention of firing mueller. >> i think that the president has had robert mueller doing his job for the last two years and he could have taken action at any time and he hasn't. >> reporter: so today, senator flake made good on his promise not to support any of the president's judicial nominees when the senate voted on judge thomas bart. senator flake voted no forcing vice president to congress to break the tie. in addition, this may be more impactful in the sense on the number of judges it could impact, senator chuck grassley the chairman of the senate judiciary committee canceled their meeting for tomorrow
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because he knows without senator flake's vote, he can't get any more judges out of committee. so senator flake's having a big impact here already in just one day. back to you. >> thank you. house democrats today nominated san francisco's nancy pelosi to lead them in congress. the vote was 203 to 32 with no one standing up to oppose congresswoman pelosi. she will need 218 votes to be elected speaker. 12 democrats will not back her. they are calling for a new generation of leadership. she had said that she is listening to the incoming members of congress. >> we have an historic, historic freshman class by dint of their experience, their diversity, gender, the -- it's something very, very special. let us just take a moment to
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dwell on the fact that we are in the majority! majority, majority, majority! ha ha! >> the full house will vote for speaker on january third after the new house members are sworn in. oakland representative barbara lee lost a vote for democratic caucus chair. the house selected new york hakeem jeffries. lee and jeffries are both members of the congressional black caucus. lee tweeted her congratulations and said that she hopes to inspire other women to run for office and leadership positions. still ahead tonight, a woman cited after telling rangers she was rescuing fish. >> we are actually really happy that we caught her sooner rather than later. >> the damage her actions could have caused if she had not been caught. >> and the stanford women's basketball program lands the top recruit in the country. she is a bay area product. there she is right there. mark will have her story in
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sports. >> and a bay area restaurant voted the best new spot in the nation. we'll tell you which spot got the top honors. top honors.
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supporters of assisted suicide got a technical and overturned lower court ruling that found the state's assisted suicide law unconstitutional. the judges ruled that the doctors who are suing have no legal standing because they can choose not to help the
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terminally ill who wish to die. supporters of the assisted suicide expect further challenges in court. pg&e is telling regulators that weather conditions were no longer dangerous enough to warrant a power shutoff as the "camp fire" was raging in butte county. two days before the fire, pg&e warned roughly 70,000 customers that it might shut off power in 9 counts including butte county due to high fire danger. pg&e told state regulators that by 1:00 p.m. on november 8th, they decided or determine, rather, that conditions no longer met the criteria for a shutoff. by then, the fire had already been burning for more than six hours. next year tolls on mow bay area bridges will be going up by $1 with other increases to follow. today the bay area toll authority held a public hearing on the toll hikes and ktvu's christien kafton tells us that no one showed up. reporter: if you want to cross the bay area's seven state owned bridges you have to pay. starting in january commuters will pay an extra dollar. the toll authority held a public hearing on the matter today and no one spoke.
6:21 pm
in fact, the month long public comment period drew to a close this afternoon with just two emails weighing in on the toll increase. both opposed. bay area voters had their say in june when they approved regional measure 3, raising tolls on all bay area bridges except the golden gate by $1. the toll authority says even though voters had their say, they had to hold public hearings and will officially vote on the toll increase in december as a matter of formality. >> voters approved regional measure 3 in june. but there are just, you know, steps that have to be taken to comply with state law in order to put the will of the voters into effect in january. >> reporter: some commuters who use the brid almost forgotten about the coming toll increases. >> it's not something i'm it doesn't feel fair that it's on the part of the commuters that we have to >> reporter: the measure 3 toll increases t ojects including extending bart to san jose, improving public transit, and easing congestion on bottlenecks. some say it's all right if it
6:22 pm
means a better commute. >> if it improves the traffic flow and we have better roads, i'm okay with a dollar. >> reporter: that toll increase on january 1st is just the first of three toll increases. again, the first one goes into effect january 1st toll up by $1. another dollar in january 2022 and another dollar in january 2025. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. the bay area woman accused of releasing a non-native fish into lake chabot is facing serious penalties tonight. as ktvu's jesse gary explains, officials say tilapia is an invasive fish that poses a real threat to the existing ecosystem. reporter: the placid waters of lake chabot could hide a pitched battle for dominance this after an unidentified woman disobeyed post the signs dumped upwards of nine tilapia
6:23 pm
into these waters. >> that's odd. >> reporter: employees say the same woman made multiple trips over two weeks. police say she confessed to the crimes monday, claiming she rescued the fish from a nearby store. >> i haven't seen her dump anything in but i have seen her go from the edge of the lace, -- from the edge of the lake, cross herself and walk off with a bucket. >> reporter: it's popular as an inexpensive dinner entree. >> a lot of people because they don't like the stronger flavor, the tilapia is mild. >> reporter: park officials and officers with the state department of fish and wildlife say tilapia is not native to california and is an invasive species that once introduced to a lake already containing trout and catfish can upset the ecosystem. >> there are some potential disease transfer issues that are very real and we have seen this happen before. >> they would directly compete with those resident populations.
6:24 pm
they would eat the eggs. they would eat the food that they're eating. they might even eat their young. >> reporter: while tilapia is invasive, it doesn't do well in cold water. they are hoping a winter spent in chilly lake chabot will fix it before any real damage is done. >> we're happy that we're able to catch her sooner rather than later. >> reporter: the unnamed offender has been cited by park police. the case in the hands of the county d.a. the accused faces a maximum $1,000 fine and six months in jail for a well intentioned act that could end up doing lasting harm. at lake chabot in castro valley, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next with a new report finding low morale and a lack of confidence in upper management at the richmond police department. >> there's been some tumultuous kind of things going on in there. it was probably a good time to take a look at it. and, you know, based on the report, we got some work to do. >> and we're learning new details tonight about the woman
6:25 pm
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now to our top stories. a bill to protect robert mueller's investigation into russian meddling during the 2016 campaign is blocked again. there is concern president trump would try to stop the investigation that he calls a witch hunt. senate leader mitch mcconnell called the measure a solution in search of a problem. the white house says the president has no intention of firing robert mueller. a second wave of rain expected to hit the bay area around midnight tonight and into tomorrow. it could bring up to 3 inches of rain in some spots and several feet of snow to the sierra. a high surf advisory is also in effect for the coast. in fact, the coast guard says there are dangerous rip currents as well and the possibility of beach erosion. the oakland a's have unveiled plans for asquare woul
6:29 pm
34,000-s it open for the start of the 2023 season. the a's also presented plans to transform the coliseum site after it leaves that location. the hope is to build sports fields, tech offices and affordable housing. ou're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. we are getting our first look at a report that is very critical of the richmond police department. the city leaders hired an outside consultant to compile that report. as rob roth explanation, the findings are critical of the department's leadership. reporter: the 15-page report by an outside consultant criticized the leadership of the richmond police department. among its findings, low morale among rank-and-file police officers who express a lack of confidence in the department's upper and not competent to lead rpd to the the police chief owen brown said he welcomed the analysis by mbd innovation. >> i think it's good to get outside perspective. if you are interested in improving and getting better.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: the president of the richmond police officer's association says low morale is a serious problem and widespread. >> i think it's going to take a culture change within police management in how they interact with line staff and the policies and the way procedures and things are implemented within the police department. >> reporter: brown said the low morale may be due in part to understaffing and going years without pay raises. budgetary problems he can't control. >> the most important is to bridge the gaps when they're identified and that's the value of open communication and dialogue. >> reporter: the property was -- the report was also critical of how the chief handled a sex scandal two years ago involving at least six officers who were involved with a teenaged seng worker named jasmine abuslin. -- sex worker named jasmine abuslin. at one point she had gone to a florida rehabilitation center with the help of richmond police, a move that proved highly controversial. the report said, quote, the decision to facilitate the
6:31 pm
transport of jasmine abuslin is not the type of decision made in a vacuum and discussed after the fact. >> difficult when you have to work within the confines of confidentiality protections and there are certain things you can't talk about or disclose. and so that does, you know, leave unanswered questions. >> reporter: the report also criticized a, quote, less than optimal relationship with city manager and other leaders and the leadership lacked a plan to reach out to some parts of the community. the mayor says the report will be useful in making improvements. >> there's been some tumultuous, um, kind of things going on in there. it was probably a good time to take a look at it and we have some work to do based on the >> reporter: the union and management hope to sit down together soon. it said despite the internal problem, richmond police are offering quality service to the community. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. also in richard, police have identified a woman
6:32 pm
arrested in a hit-and-run accident that dilled a one-year- old boy -- that killed a one- year-old boy. she is 31-year-old silvia well:of -- welch of richard. she allegedly hit the child on cutting boulevard near south 17th just before noon on sunday. the little boy was from sacramento. authorities told us an adult watching the boy briefly lost sight of him and he went into the street. a woman and a one-year-old boy were injured in a hit-and- run crash in oakland this morning. it was reported about 11:20 on international boulevard at 48th avenue. police say the woman boy were crossing the street when a vehicle hit them and then drove off. the "mercury news" quoted a witness who said the woman was unconscious after the crash and that the boy was crying. no word on their conditions or a description of the vehicle. i just feel angry that this is being done to me by my city
6:33 pm
that should be protecting me. >> preparing for a rising sea level has left some people in pacifica panicking. city leaders are working on updating the local plan for the coast but some of the options could put property at risk. >> "2 investigates'" brooks jarosz looks at the work being done. >> reporter: it's interesting because scientists predict california's coast over the next century could rise anywhere from 3 to 7 feet. now more than 60 cities are updating plans of how to deal with it. in pacifica, considerations include beefing up seawalls or adding boulders to armor the coast or adding lots of sand to prevent coastal erosion and preserve the beach. but a more barriers, ving back homes, businesses and utilities, and allowing nature to do what it does. homeowners fear if that happens, they won't be able to get insurance and their home
6:34 pm
values will plunge. now dozens are sounding off despiming managed retreat is not one of the recommended solutions in the near term. >> i don't get it. it's just allowing erosion to happen without trying to do something about it to save the homes and businesses. >> we don't know over time what that sea level rise is going to bring. >> reporter: so tonight at 10:00 we hear more from the city manager you just saw there about the latest proposal and also from the coastal commission on what pacifica and other seaside cities will be forced to deal with. that includes what could happen if those cities don't act now. our "2 investigates" special report airs tonight on the ten o'clock news right here on ktvu. up next, an outpouring of support for a beloved supermarket employee after he recently found himself homeless. >> i see the comments and the love that people have shown for me. i didn't know -- they won't let
6:35 pm
me down because i won't let them down. >> reporter: also ahead tonight, the best new restaurant in the nation we'll tell you which spots top the list. the list.
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a tragic story out of ying retrieve clothing from a
6:38 pm
donation bin. officers found her trapped head first in the container. they think that she entered the donation bin in an effort to grab some items before getting trapped in the container doors. an autopsy will be conducted now to identify the woman and determine the cause of death. in the south bay, people in san jose's willow glen neighborhood are rallying around a beloved grocery clerk who recently became homeless. ktvu's ann rubin shows us what people are doing to make sure he has a place to stay. >> reporter: this grocery clerk has never met a stranger. every customer is a new friend on the family. >> this guy is open, considerate, alive with life. >> reporter: jude howell fell on hard times. >> reporter: he fell on hard ti his roommate died leaving him with rent he couldn't afford alone so he had taken his bike and a tarp and began sleeping in the park. >> that's been difficult and i have been, you know, i have been outside.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: paul sawyer a regular customer said his 5- year-old couldn't sleep knowing his buddy jude didn't have a bed. >> he started to cry. he started to well up and he said, daddy, i have a pretty big bed. jude can sleep in my bed. um, can we give him a pillow? we need to make sure he is okay. >> reporter: coworkers and community members raised almost $11,000 over three days. every donation followed by a comment about jude's warmth, his smile or how the money couldn't possibly repay years of kindness. jude couldn't believe their generosity. >> i see the comments and the love that op showing to me. i didn't know --they won't let me down because i won't let them down. >> reporter: but customers at the safeway say this is no surprise, that the willow glen community takes care of its own. >> everybody has jumped up
6:40 pm
without hesitation to help this man. it makes you feel so good. it makes you walk a little taller and feel even more proud of the people that you have around you every, single day. >> reporter: jude says he is humbled and beyond grateful for the support. >> to hold a high place of honor in the community that you love, it's priceless. you can't put a price on that. you just can't. >> reporter: coworkers say the goal is to raise enough money to help jude get back on his feet. they say they are also on the lookout for anyone who has an affordable apartment he might be able to rent. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news . isn't that something? >> just to see how touched he is by that. >> yeah. just beautiful story. all right. still ahead ea codes 415, 510, among others. in a few weeks bay area. the new number and where it's going to be added. >> and there's rain coming to you. it's going to get going tonight and for the morning commute.
6:41 pm
>> still ahead, at 7:00 on ktvu plus, a building at rohnert park rec center tagged and trashed. the arrests we are learning about tonight and the people the authorities are still looking for. >> why a san francisco supervisor is fighting to remove mark zuckerberg's name from sf general hospital. al. [ phone rings ] what?!
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a new area code in the east bay will require new
6:44 pm
dialing procedures. the 431 will be added as an overlay to the 510 region. it won't require you to change your existing area code but 510 customers will have to dial one before entering the rest of a 341 phone number. there was a ceremonial groundbreaking today for a new ambulance deployment facility in san francisco. mayor london breed was on hand with officials at the site on jerrold avenue in the bayview. the new station will operate 24 hours a day and house about 50 ambulances. it is expected to open in 2020. santa clara county is unveiling a new program designed to make home ownership a reality for middle income first time a town hall is getti under way now to introduce the empower home buyers scc program. it proclara county who have an income below $150,000 for a family of four or $105,000 for single adults. officials want to make the area
6:45 pm
more affordable for people in the community including teachers, nurses, or first responders who can't afford to live in the area where they work. >> if you think about it, we want santa clara county to be the safest place for people to live. if there's an earthquake, all our first responders live in san joaquin valley or, you know, off in hollister we'll have a hard time getting help. >> the meeting is under way right now. we'll have more on the help for those first time buyers coming up tonight on the ten o'clock news. the storms hitting the bay area this week could bring up to three feet of snow to the sierra. we went to tahoe to find out about it. >> reporter: hats and gloves lined the shelves of the kingvale shell. nd that this st sizes wait you can see back he have all of our chains ready to go in cas them. >> reporter: dylan canada help
6:46 pm
you put them on with the snow expected later he may need to if you are making a late run to the sierra. >> in the end we are just here to help. we want to make sure they don't have to get sent home. >> reporter: it's the time of year that this shell and other businesses like the soda springs general store rely on when snow briskiers, snowboarders and sledders and the occasional chain controls. >> once the stores open, that's regardless of what it's chain control is required, that's when it gets crazy. >> reporter: that was max resnik reporting. bill has the timing on it tonight. >> late tonight and early tomorrow morning and tomorrow morning during the commute. it will be windy and blustery and stormy but the real hit is tonight. there's the system coming closer in on it.
6:47 pm
it some stuff. i mean, it's all wrapped up. look at that. we had up to 2 inches so far. the model at midnight. that'sthat's a healthy weather system. then by thursday morning, you get into this. that's a different deal. that's a different animal. it's not the high impact that system or this is going to be
6:48 pm
more diffuse but it will still contain strong winds and heavy downpours and morning commute. the heavy stuff tonight early to remember morning. the morning commute, wet, but not as bad as tonight. then the afternoon commute done. right? it's out of here. but in the mountains, it's going to continue to snow and rain and be stormy up there. here's friday morning. in case you're wondering. here's friday afternoon. a little something wants to come through on saturday. i'm not changing my plans right now. i think there might be a sprinkle or two but i don't think it's a game changer especially after what we experienced tonight and tomorrow morning. and then the five-day forecast. day forecast. >> also great it's hitting at midnight. >> tomorrow morning it could be dicey. >> i think it will be and you will have lots of water on the roads and some limbs down, that
6:49 pm
kind of thing as this storm goes through. >> thank you. three san francisco restaurants are on esquire's list of the best new restaurants in the united states. one of them actually came out in the top spot. angler recently opened on the embarcadero. it was ranked number one. it's a high-end seafood restaurant offering local fish and produce cooked over an open wood fire. two other locals are in the top 20. bar ken and fillmore street is number 12 and an italian restaurant on divisadero came in at number 17. coming up, jon gruden and the chief quarterback patrick s >> also, we are bringing you star. tonight beginning at 8:00 followed by the ten o'clock news and the 11:00 news here on ktvu.
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6:52 pm
mark is here now. and reaction is strong to reuben foster being picked up by another nfl team after the 49ers cut him. >> very strong ee action in the media back there, one day after
6:53 pm
the domestic violence issue comes up again with reuben foster. washington signs him and today i think the redskins organization got a pretty good dose from the local media. they have been having attendance problems the once very popular redskins having trouble drawing people and this probably isn't going to help. and i think their coach jay gruden got a good dose of what's in store for him. a lot of questions, a whirlwind in fact of questions aimed at him. lots of the issues need resolving before foster can even think about playing again. and even then, it's not a sure thing according to gruden. >> you know, there's no guarantee he is ever going to play here to be honest with you. he has a lot of work to do personally, with the team, with the nfl with himself before even thinks about playing football again. now, this is a young athlete. a young person who got himself into some trouble. we want to find out what happened. >> meanwhile, as far as the
6:54 pm
49ers go, i think -- nick mullens was under siege last sunday against tampa as the 49ers got pummeled by the buccaneers. sacked four times was mullens, intercepted a couple of times, hit nine times, no touchdown passes. 29-9 the final. that sums it up. five games now left for the 49ers. mullens trying to make the best of it. what else can you do? >> very frustrating. we never got in rhythm. you watch the film, see where you can improve and that's what we're so excited about this week. we get to come back, go to work today and be very productive and we are executing our best on sunday. >> good luck against the seahawks up in the great northwest. meantime, a lot of excitement about the raider game this sunday in oakland. not because of the raiders but because one of the outstanding young quarterbacks is coming to
6:55 pm
town. patrick mahomes with the kansas city chiefs. he is familiar with jon gruder as the two worked together a little bit when jon gruden had the show on espn about the quarterbacks. here's a little dose. >> you're a gun slinger? >> yes. >> you live on a planet i have never been on. you know that? >> unbelievable arm. mahomes, 37 touchdown passes already this year leading the chiefs to a 9-2 record. he is just extremely exciting to watch no matter what. in fact, says he reminds him of a hall of fame quarterback. >> he has a playing style that remind of favre. he is a young favre. i think that's why andy reid went and got him. he makes a lot of plays when there's nothing there and doesn't quit. i don't have time to talk about him anymore.
6:56 pm
ha ha! >> of course, he was referring to brett favre, the great green bay packer quarterback. stanford women's basketball always a powerhouse. and the news got even better for them today. >> i chose to attend stanford university. >> whoo!!! >> the number one recruit in the country out of high school. haley jones grew up in santa cruz, the high school in san jose. number one recruit. 6-1, averaged 21 points and 10 rebounds a game as a junior in high school. she was the player of the year in california always good when he was down at the eddie debartolo senior hall of fame at the museum down there at levi's. all stars helping kids an event honoring six bay area nonprofits. ronnie is also on the committee that selects the top four college football teams to play for the national title. our joe fonzi was down there
6:57 pm
today and asked him about that new job. >> tough decision there about who. depends what happens this weekend i guess. >> i'll say this. one of the great things i have learned is that you don't say anything about them. ha ha! >> see there, frank, were you talking and, you were talking and missed out on the funny stuff. >> i know i did. >> before you interrupt, steph curry will not play tomorrow night against toronto. they are going to wait until saturday. he missed several games due to the groin ine. >> really. >> i hope anyway. >> good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
all right, i'm moving my infantry division augmented by a battalion of orcs from lord of the rings. we flank the tennessee volunteers and the north once again wins the battle of gettysburg. not so fast. remember, the south still has two infantry divisions, plus superman and godzilla.
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n-n-n-no, orcs are magic; superman is vulnerable to magic. not to mention you already lost godzilla to the illinois cavalry and hulk. why don't you just have robert e. lee charge the line with shiva and ganesh? you guys ready to order? hang on, honey. shiva and ganesh, the hindu gods, against the entire union army? and orcs. i'll be back. koothrappali: excuse me. ganesh is the remover of obstacles and shiva is the destroyer. when the smoke clears, abraham lincoln will be speaking hindi and drinking mint julepsve and . what do you recommend for someone who worked up a man-sized appetite from a morning of weight training and cardio funk? a shower. i'll take the heart smart platter.


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