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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 28, 2018 10:00pm-10:57pm PST

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pointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way. >> another storm is moving in. intense rain is already falling in more is expected. obviously it is the rain we need. good evening everyone. we will he he is tracking the rain outside right now. we are live at the babe plaza a
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is getting windy out there. >> it is pouring out here at the the bridge. we are seeing some standing water on the side of the road. all day the rain has been intermittent and people are trying to get things done before the main storm hits. >> it is the season of showers. the wet roads are dangerous. >> i wouldn't want to drive late at night. >> the rain is expected to get heavier. >> throughout people try to get errands done before the storm. christmas tree hunters tried to beat the rain. >> we figured we would jump in and try to get one. >> a birth the treat before the storm. >> another family tried to take
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photos. >> they were deciding on if we were going to come. >> the rain is not so easy on business owners. >> it is raining and that is hard. >> they are trying to make the best out of what they can control. >> we had apple cider inside of the tent. >> i am really proud of you guys. not even the rain can keep you away. >> people pulled out their umbrellas as the rain began to fall. the rain was mixed with the sparkling lights. the mayor said they had to consider if they would cancel. >> i said just bring out the pop-ups and we will go forward. >> he said this year with special. i would information officer passed away and he was a huge part of this event. >> in the end, the rain held off. >> he would be thrilled that this happened. >> you can see the event ended
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at 8 pm. look at what a difference a couple of hours make. you can see all of these cars trying to go through the rain. the wind has really picked up. i spoke with the police officer who was here and he said the biggest fear is cars hydroplaning right now because the roads are so wet. we are asking everyone to please slow down. >> you can't be too careful out there. thank you. we are tracking the weather. it is raining really hard right now. the system i tracking just came on shore. the rain is really coming in. here is the system. you can see you is more whether behind this. you can see these areas of high rainfall.
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less check this out. up by napa, they got almost 1 inch of rain per hour. this weather system will continue to move through. it will be heavy rains and winds. tomorrow morning a remnant will come in behind it. so when i come back, we will time it out with the computer module. i will tell you what will happen. >> the coast guard has issued a warning about strong winds along the coast. waves from 25 feet are expect it. the coast guard said there was also dangerous rip currents and beach erosion. the next storm could dump up to four feet of snow. some people it the snow tonight. you can see it is already falling.
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the storms are expected to affect travel in the area. >> now to the north bay and a bizarre depth. a woman was killed trying to get into a clothing donation box, this is where the victims friends said she was just 30 years old and homeless. >> these boxes opened just one way. they are designed so you can put everything in. we are told that kaylee made a habit of trying. >> do you see this very she'd like to go into these boxes. >> a friend came to see where she died overnight and a donation box. >> i just saw her last week and i told her be careful going into those boxes. she said she never does that alone. >> police got calls from commuters who saw her legs and
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feet dangling from the box. >> it is a tragedy. >> drivers did a double take passing by. >> at first i thought it was someone stuck in their. then it occurred to me what was going on. >> is rechargeable yourself out, it tightens. >> police said they found a flashlight still on. it appears she was trying to grab items from inside. >> she dropped the flashlight and the door came up and caught her around the neck area. we think she officiated. >> police will be talking to the owner about ways to prevent this. >> maybe they should redesign the box or put up warning signs. >> this is not unheard of. another woman who was homeless was officiated like this 2 years ago. >> after her body was removed, this box set broken.
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the donations were still inside. >> the thought of somebody just struggling to stay alive until someone noticed them, it breaks my heart. >> she believes the boxes should have safeguards. she advises people to donate directly. >> look around locally and see what you can get. take the time to find out. >> she also wishes people would ask for help rather than take risk. >> r bicycle remainsyfriend was talking to police. >> as a new bend was delivered they showed us the opening, it was too small to squeeze through. >> someone would have to hold it. she has been doing this for years.
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>> her friend describe her as kindhearted. she would often give away the items that she got from the donation boxes. she also said she was a native and she still has family here. >> that is such a sad story. >> now the plan unveiled by the oakland a's today to build a brand-new ballpark. it would sit right here. essentially right next to the square. the ballpark is being called a jewelbox. there's also a plan for a gondola to take fans from downtown to other areas. >> the oakland a's unveiled plans for a new stadium termin >> this will be closer than anything you could see.
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you will have a green loop, a park on the roof. >> they also announced the redevelopment of the theater and ballpark for the public. >> it will create job opportunities to allow families to take care of children. >> both of these projects include things that are desperately needed. >> there is no price tag for the projects. it will be privately financed. everything will be on the water. >> we are holding a so having locations for people to live and work and connect to the area is going to be important. >> they are working on transportation in the area. they plan to build a gondola to
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shuttle people. everyone is on board to turn this into reality. >> it is the greatest thing possible. as soon as they start winning, it will fill up. the having -- having the oakland a's right here is fabulous. >> a study will begin on friday and they hope to open the ballpark in 2023. back to you. the threat of rising seas new idea that somebody lose . their home. >> how one senator is vowing to press forward. >> of push to remove the zuckerberg name from the
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hospital. supervisor is leading
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the charge to remove the name of mark zuckerberg from the public hospital which was renamed following a large donation. amber joins us now and she is live at the hospital. reporter: that's right, the
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supervisor says this is a public hospital and that even though mark zuckerberg and his wife donations were generous, the name does not belong on the hospital. >> the name zuckerberg general hospital is prominently displayed. it was renamed in 2015 after mark zuckerberg and his wife, formally resident at the hospital donated $75 million to the hospitals foundation. the supervisor wants to remove the name. >> the actions of facebook in recent times, have really been scandalous. >> he says facebook's hiring of opposition researchers to discredit and the scandal where there uses
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private information was used is reason to remove the name from the public hospital. >> we will not stand idly by while they violate people's privacy, while the use smear tactics against critics. san francisco will not sit idly by. >> they have asked the city to look into how to legally remove the name. they will have to return the money to zuckerberg if they do so. >> he is a research nurse who works at the hospital. he shared with us photos of the protest held in may opposing the name on the hospitals property because of facebook's mishandling of people's private information. >> for facebook to say we have these people we can do what we want is unfair.
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>> critics say it is taxpayers doll that is paying for everything. voters approved a bond measure and 2008. we reached out to zuckerberg and a representative referred us to the hospital. they said the couple's generals that's right generous gift allowed us to use technology to save patients lives. >> is his name is on the building, it should remain as such. >> i felt the name coincided with the new advances. >> it was time to send a message that san francisco is watching. we are ry concerned with the corporate behavior. >> any name chge would not happen overnight. they said it could take months
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and it would involve public comments. they also want to change the process in which companies name public facilities in exchange for donations. >> thank you very much. cvs and aetna has closed their $69 billion merger. the cbo that frank feels that there won't be any immediate differences but they will test stores with added health services. as for people with aetna insurance as part of the deal, the company agreed not to raise help premiums. >> amazon will pick out key data points in medical decisions. it will help doctors analyze patient records and cut costs. is all part of their efforts to
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tap into the healthcare market. earlier this year they bought an online pharmacy for $1 billion. the market for analyzing health records is a $7 billion per year business. >> comments from the federal reserve sparked a rally. the feds could take a pause on interest rate hikes. the chairman said the economy is strong and that gradual increases in interest rates are not automatic. they have raised interest rates three times this year and may raise them again next month. on wall street the doubt surged. nasdaq rose and the s&p added 61 points. tech shares jumped and rose more than 10%. efforts to protect the office of the special counsel hit a wall with mitch mcconnell refusing to go. want republican center said he is prepared to install votes --
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one republican senator said he is prepared to stall votes until they come to a conclusion. others are pointing at the presidents twitter feed that the bill is needed. >> chris and booker once again asking their colleagues to consider and pass the bill to protect robert mueller from firing. >> we should all appreciate how this is done. >> once again it was blocked. they said it would undermine the principle and separation of powers. >> flake said he will withhold his support for any of the presidents judicial nominees until he gets a vote on the bill which mandates they justice department official. >> to the investigation and to prevent the executive branch from interfering with an
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independent investigation in the future. >> there has been concern that trump would try to stop the investigation. he has been tweeting and re- tweeting about the investigation. he called it a witch hunt. the white house that the president has no intention of firing mueller. >> i think he knows that robert mueller is doing his job. he could have taken action but he didn't. >> today flake me good on his promise to withhold his vote on one of trump's pics. the senate voted on a nomination and flake flight with democrats. ultimately mike pence into the being that tie-breaking vote. back to you. a northbay assembly man is looking for an added tax on guns. they are planning to introduce legislation that would tax the
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gods be the amount of the tax is yet to be determined. they are going to announce a band on stocks. owners will be required to turn them over or discard them within 90 days. they make rifles shoot like machine guns. authority save the gunman in last year's shooting in las vegas use they bought stock when he killed 58 people. >> vandals strike a rec center, the damage that was done inside. >> the women's fastball program is top in the country. we will have the story later in sports. another toll hike coming, we will tell you about the twist today at a public hearing.
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>> starting next year but does on bridges will will one dollar with other increases to follow. the total authority held a meeting about it. no one showed up to the meeting. >> if you run across this bridge, you have . starting in january commuters will have to pay an extra $1.00.
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they held a public hearing on the matter today in the wind came to speak. in fact the toll increase only got two emails. voters at their say in june when they approved regional measure three to raise tolls on all ridges by $1.00 except the golden gate bridge. even though voters at their say they had to vote on it in december. >> the measures will go into effect in june. there are steps that have to be taken to comply with the state law in order to put this into effect. >> some commuters say en about it doesn't feel fair that we have to pay. >> the increases are earmarked for projects including extending parks in san jose and easing congestion on the roads. some say this is okay if it
10:25 pm
means a better commute. >> if it increases the traffic flow. i am okay with it. >> the toll increase will start in january. it will be bumped i $1.00. then another month in january 23 two. -- january 2022. come january 1, most bridges will have a regular toll of $6.00. it will include most of the local bridges. at the bay bridge tolls will go up to $7.00. and five dollars during the weekends. >> a chairman said he will be seeking help for alcohol abuse. he took a leave of absence this week following the loss of an investigation against him. is accused of inappropriate
10:26 pm
touching and making crude comments at parties. he said he won't respond to specific allegations. >> the promise to buy a house in the bay area, the down payment assistance program that drew a crowd of many tonight. >> managing the threat of rising fees. white residents fear they will be forced to move. >> i don't get it, it is allowing erosion to happen without doing something about it. >> save up at sleep world. >> again for the final days of the black friday sales event. geth deals of the year. hurry every second counts. get here now. >> okay everyone let's do the
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>> the threat of global warming is also creating rising anxiety. >> with is going into effect, it affects me now for something that could possibly happen within the next 20 years. >> why many homeowners are on edge as the city addresses the threat about the rising sea levels. this could be bad for everyone. >> they have a new plan to deal with the rising sea levels and what it would mean for those who live near the coast. >> the california coastal commission said the river has
10:30 pm
risen and it is expected to rise several hundred feet. now 60 cities on the coast are preparing for the worst case scenario. many live in pacifica believes the city isn't looking to protect them. >> moving in building and crashing. eroding and falling and sinking. this cause and effect i just by >> west neighborhood. he found out that his place is considered a hazard zone for rising waters. >> mike home is near the beach. is 40 feet above sea level. there's no way i will be affected by the sea rise.
10:31 pm
>> they have been considering  several strategies by remaining in the area and adding sandbags . they may even move the homes and businesses to let nature do what they neighborhood. what will that mean for you and others. >> it will drastically affect the property values. >> not only that, he said the city could restrict renovations and prevent homeowners from pulling permits. >> they are not trying to do anything about it. >> she and her husband own a company here. they just renovated and are frustrated that pacifico was forced to even consider the retreat. she worries it will push people away right now for a problem that may have been decades
10:32 pm
later. >> i have lived here my entire life. the sea level hasn't risen more than an inch. >> we went to the coastal commission. >> by the end of the century we could be looking at three feet or seven feet of sealevel rise. >> this scientist says they preserve the california beaches but we found the strategy was delmar. >> some enemy. what would you say to that? >> we hope everyone sees this as the common enemy. we want to the in this together. >> pacifica has received more than 100 letters. they said the only considerations are those that protect the properties. >> is to be clear, you are
10:33 pm
saying managed retreat is not on the table. >> it is not recommended in the draft policies. >> many homeowners are skeptical . >> the truth is in the paperwork. right in there it says retreat. >> she is concerned that with this she will be flooded out or forced from her home. >> do you feel you are living in fear right now. >> right now it is minutes -- it is managed. to her she will lose beginning with their property values. >> would you think when you read that. >> you can't talk out of both sides of your mouth. i think it is a shame. >> that has some residents crunching the numbers. they will have to pull up all of the pipes. >> mark is concerned about major projects.
10:34 pm
>> it will cost me a lot of money. it's gonna cost this town a lot of money. i think it will affect our lifestyle. >> even though this is a guarantee, they said over the longer run, they will have an infrastructure. the city manager said work is already underway to repair and replace the seawalls. >>rking on these protective measures. >> it hasn't stopped people from pursuing legal action. >> what do you want to see done? >> i want to see this removed completely. >> he started a petition and so far has over 200 signatures. >> since no one has a crystal ball, the important component of this plan is its
10:35 pm
adaptability. if we have a strategy but in future decades they are not protected, we will have to reevaluate. >> they will keep moving and building on the coast. >> the city ommission and schedumber. right now money is being spent to armor the coast and prevent >> the neighbors are seeking legal counsel. >> they are upset that the city hasn't communicated with them enough. they state that they will sue if they go for with this. they want managers to remove this from the table. right now they said this is not a short term solution. >> thank you.
10:36 pm
>> if you have a tip for brooks or the investigative team, call the number on the screen or you can email us coming up, how to get help with buying a house. in the big catch. >> it is raining hard outside right now. the radar is lit up and it will stay that way. union workers spring into action tonight. how to help police catch us if the -- a suspected the. we will be right back.
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>> new video of an accident involving a stolen car. the driver hit a parked ford explorer. it knocked the car across the sidewalk. the ford belong to a union member. we are told people heard the crash and came running out. they saw a man trying to get a bag out of the car. several union members held him until police took him into custody. >> the boy was arrested who vandalized of building. pictures posted on facebook shows the damage with a door
10:40 pm
that appears to be forced open. police say the boy's parents turned him in. he is facing vandalism and trespassing charges. police are still looking for two other teenagers. >> the civil rights boycott. others were upset that they had donated money to cindy hyde smith. she has been accused of making racially charged statements which included a reference to public hanging. he said he made an error in judgment and asked her to return his donation. >> today they have taken sufficient steps for him to call off the boycott. >> nancy pelosi cleared a hurdle today on her path to reclaim speaker of the house. democrats nominated her and she is 70 years old. she was on the pose.
10:41 pm
to others, were nominated to keep their posts as second and third in-house leadership. >> many democrats said they will not backer for speaker. they said they want new faces in leadership positions. she will need 218 votes to be elect speaker in january. barbara lee lost a close vote for a leadership post. they selected hocking jeffries as the chair. the vote was close. both are members of the congressional black caucus. lee said she hopes to inspire other women to run for office and leadership positions. she suggested that her gender and age may have played a role in her defeat. the idea of owning a home doesn't seem likely for many. the new program that could help many get their first home.
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many people packed a town hall meeting hoping to one day own a home in the bay area. a new program could help first- time homebuyers raise the money for a down payment. >> this is unattainable for many people. this builds into and overflowed room. >> i have been looking for a house for over a year. >> the om are expensive. >> i am always looking. then i think what if i need this. >> many looking housing assistance in now they have a new down payment program. it is funded by measure a and was passed in 2016.
10:46 pm
$25 million is available now. >> this could be for two people who work at safeway. it was designed for people who make between $80,000 and $150,000 per year. they offer enough so the buyer only has to come up with 3%. the maximum price for the home, $800,000. according to the realtors, the median price for a single- family home in the county is $1.2 million. a condo in a townhome, $925,000. >> it will be a challenge. i think the market is something a little bit. >> she manages a real estate firm in san jose and said as interest rate rise, there are some homes that are priced at $800,000. >> you may have to compromise on size or school districts.
10:47 pm
everyone sets their sights high. >> that is the challenge, county leaders say they are open to redesigning the program if it doesn't work. >> back to you. that system is moving onshore now. we do have heavy rain in parts of the area. the rain this area. it is coming onshore pretty quickly. that's gothis area here this is significant rain over here. we almost have one inch of rain in this area near richmond. these rainfall rates are enough
10:48 pm
to get standing water on the roadways. this will be around for the morning commute. the rain won't be as heavy in the morning but it will be wet on the roads. we do have rainfall in oakland. in the mountains we have a winter storm warning in effect. out behind here, it's coming down the pike and that will be in here tomorrow. just because the front went through, doesn't mean we are done with it. >> the winds will pick up so there is a wind advisory in effect. the forecast model will do this. this system is fighting to the east of us. but having consisted rains -- consistent rains died down. this will be as robust as what we would through the we will have some strong winds and a
10:49 pm
little bit of sun. the morning commute tomorrow will be pretty wet. then by lunchtime it will clear out. friday it looks like this. so this will go through tonight. the heaviest rain will occur and then tomorrow we will get more widely scattered showers. by friday evening we will have more sprinkles. >> we do entire bay area. we do have a winter storm warning. then by the time we get to friday morning, we may get more weather. it will wind down towards the bay area. we do have system and it is mov. tomorrow morning, we do have a grain. tomorrow we will have some
10:50 pm
residual showers. >> thank you. coming up, a community comes together to help a grocery store clerk who is homeless. >> the raiders play the chiefs this weekend. the coach and the quarterback actually have a for matt ♪
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♪ ♪ eople...
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we have good news and bad news for the sharks. they are still tied for second place. >> they have a little trouble tonight. >> we never say that. >> they had three goals on the power play. i tell you what, on paper, this looks like the best team ever. on ice, it beat goes on. this is one of the best games. he is in his second season in this came back to haunt him. this was a power play for the sharks. he got the rebound. they could use more out of him.
10:54 pm
then toronto was on the move. he's the guy the guys wanted so badly. he had two goals tonight. this is why patrick will score his first ever goal against his former team. as it turned out, that is a game decider because 3-1 was the score. toronto doing their thing. >> seth curry will return tomorrow in toronto. they want to make sure he has a little more time to heal. >> he will deftly play on saturday against detroit. he said waiting for the green
10:55 pm
light has been frustrating. >> it has definitely been frustrating. you know how your body feels so you wake up and get excited. i just want to get back out there as soon as possible. when you get that close, you don't like having to wait. >> that will be a tough one again toronto. they have the best record so far. >> for stanford they had a cupcake game. they had no problem getting gone -- going. this was a little tougher than they thought. this was an acrobatic shot. th stanford ran the second half. this is looking good.
10:56 pm
this is more for stanford. look at that shot. 79-57. stanford did manage to pull away and they are now 4-3. >> the fans have been so spoiled for so long, but this year squad is off to a very rocky start against uc irvine. forward hit 30 points to lead the game. the rest of the story not so good. >> leonfrard thts but they get a drive. he doesn't draw file. -- foul. he got a view free throws an out uc irvine is now 7-1.
10:57 pm
women's basketball, you know they are always a powerhouse and they got even more good news today. >> i have chosen to return to stanford university. >> jones out of santa cruz currently playing high school in san jose, she chooses stanford. shis the number one was the player of the year th women's program. >> as far as the raiders, they will play but achieves in patrick mahoney's. -- the raiders will play the kansas city chiefs. >> you live from a planet i have never been on.
10:58 pm
>> that is good stuff. that was quite a throw. he has had 37 touchdown passes leading the kansas city chiefs 289-2 record. he reminds gruden of the guy who resides in the hall of fame. >> he has a plain style reminds me of someone. he won't quit on any plays. i don't have time to talk about him anymore. >> he may not want to talk about him on sunday afternoon. he is referring to brett favre. >> check this out, it is all about basketball, look at this dunk. it took three spurs to take it down. it was the move of the night.
10:59 pm
look at this. watched the move -- watch the move. they are a winner tonight. it is 11 pm and time for more news. thank you. coming up next,i wouldn't want to drive late at night. >> around at least until tomorrow.
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it feels like it is spriof you can see behind me this spray coming off the cars. we even that had a pretty badsplashed fender, so it's ve


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