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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 29, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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donation? >> from ktvu fox2news this is mornings on 2. >> thank you for waking up with us here on this rainy morning thursday, november 29. good morning i'm dave clark. the rain came down overnight. more is on the ray -- on the way. elissa harrington is in the south bay and sal is checking the roads. let's start with steve in the weather center. >> the front went by last night leaving some pretty good rain. this creek had the most rain over to a half inches. this will continue throughout the day. now we have the unstable air rotating in. there have been a few lightning strikes out toward solano county. a mostly cloudy day with rain and storms. brief heavy rain as we saw at the toll plaza. the wind advisory goes until 4 pm.
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the sierra is dealing with a winter storm warning. a lot of activity. this will be one that could have a brief heavy downpour and you could get a sun break or two. the lightning strikes in the russian river and heading to the north into lake county. there will be many reports today of lightning. this will be a rainbow weather day. some pretty good cells toward the santa cruz mountains. off and on look for this activity as the system rotates in. if you have a barometer at home it is driving fast. and blustery date with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. look for a wide variety of brief heavy rain and thunderstorm activity. this cold front will give us some active under storms later today. sal has been busy. what is going on now? >> the rain has stopped. i'm happy you showed us the radar.
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it was raining hard. then it moved through. there might be a little rain but it's not raining like it was. i saw firsthand how it works. now the cell has gone somewhere else but here at has stopped raining and the traffic is okay. let's go to the tracy super commute. the traffic will be slow on 580 and 205 driving through the altamont pass. no major issues. steve has shown us some flooding. there has been some flooding in the east bay and the traffic is okay driving on the commute on 238. 238 and washington avenue. i see some slow traffic. there is a report of a fire at
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a nearby facility and that mace be slowing the traffic. we will get to the bottom of this. let's go back to the desk. waking up to a wet morning across the bay area. the rain is causing problems in many areas. elissa harrington joins us now. how does it look down there? >>reporter: i thought we were getting a break in the rain but in the past few minutes it started to come down hard. some lanes are closed this morning because of flooding. i want to show you these pictures taken by firefighters this morning. a car was stuck after the driver attempted to drive through standing water. the water was about knee-deep. heavy rain pounded the san jose area overnight. this led to some closures. the crews drained water from the lanes of traffic. the rain picked up overnight. we saw gusty wind.
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some higher elevations could see some gusty wind and there will be a snowpack in the sierra. there could be a rough commute for drivers. as always you want to leave a little earlier and drive slowly and leave space between you and the car in front of you. elissa harrington fox2news. the ghost -- the coast guard is warning to be careful near the beaches. waves as high as 25 feet are possible. even if you are a strong swimmer this serve is dangerous. voters should be careful as well. here in the bay area we could get as much as 4 feet of snow the next couple of days. skiers and snowboarders enjoyed this. including at boreal where it
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has been snowing since yesterday. this is good for the businesses at this resort. they are well-stocked with gloves, hats, and snow chains. when the doors open we will get slammed. we are waiting for opening day sugar bowl. that's when it is crazier than now. >> they are waiting for you, pam. a few resorts open last week but all the major resorts will be opened by next week if they get a good snow from these storms. rain does not appear to be a factor in a deadly crash involving a bicycle us. the man was hit near highway 101 in san jose. witnesses told the investigators they saw a man lift a bike over a freeway guard rail and get on the bike. the cyclist was hit by a car.
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he was pronounced dead at the scene. chp said the victim may have been homeless and there are several homeless camps in the area. i woman from richmond is facing charges for hitting and killing a little boy. sylvia welch faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and dui. she hit and killed a one-year- old boy last sunday and drove away. the boy was from sacramento. and adult in charge briefly lost sight of him and he went into the street. 5 06. elon musk is moving ahead with plans to develop a tunnel system under los angeles. this would be known as the dugout loop, and underground high-speed transit corridor between the ballpark and one of three existing subway stations. elon musk reiterated his commitment to this after scrapping the plans for a similar underground tunnel in west los angeles. the san francisco
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supervisor said the full name of san francisco general hospital needs to be changed. the hospital became zuckerberg san francisco general after mark zuckerberg and his wife donated $75 million to the hospital. they call recent facebook actions scandalous including the cambridge analytic a privacy scandal and the facebook recent hiring of researchers to dispel the critics. >> the city should not pay any more money to zuckerberg for the free advertising for turning the hospital into a billboard. >> i thought the name coincided with the new advances at the hospital. >> they asked the city attorney to find out the details on how to rename the hospital. he is also asking if the city would have to return zuckerberg's donation of the take his name off the hospital. you me -- you may
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see changes next year -- cvs and aetna officially closed their merger. they said customers won't see any differences but next year the company plans to start testing stores with added health services. aetna agreed not to raise health premiums. amazon has a new service that analyzes health records called amazon comprehend medical. they say this software helps doctors cut costs and improve treatment. this is part of their effort to tap into the healthcare market. earlier this year they bought an online pharmacy for $1 billion. there will be an announcement about homelessness housing set for 10:30 this morning at the old site of the
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bristol hotel. in the past the mayor has proposed using the building as a part of the step up housing program. this will give subsidized long- term housing to low income residents. this is a big supporter of proposition c. it raises taxes on the city's biggest businesses to pay for programs for the homeless. a big setback for a group of homeless people who want to stay at an encampment. the housing and dignity village is at eaves and clara street. a judge refused to block the efforts to shut it down. oakland city officials want the homelessness to use services offered by the city including shelters and protected areas where the homeless can park and sleep. nancy pelosi is on track to reclaim the title of speaker of the house. democrats nominated her to
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leave them when the new congress convenes in january. she was unopposed. also the second and third in line will be kept. barbara lee lost a vote for a democratic leadership post. the house selected jeffries as caucus chair by a vote of 1 to 3-113. both are members of the congressional black caucus and lee said she hopes to inspire others. in comments to the washington post she suggested that her gender and age may have played a role in her defeat. she is 72 years old. jeffries is 48. the time is 5:10. the oakland ace are planning a new ballpark. coming up, what they will tell us about their plans to build this along the oakland estuary. a terrible death involving
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a homeless woman. a tragedy at a donation bin in petaluma. taluma. there is a crash that we just found out about. these people are out of their cards but someone is hurt. the fire department is on the way. when they arrived it will get busier. traffic is moving all right coming around toward the bay bridge. speaking of busy we have some thunderstorm activity popping up and also what is going on in this era -- low barometer readings. >>
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elves got nothing on us. ford. built for the holidays. time to get our best offers of the season. welcome back. the oakland a's want to hear from their fans. they unveiled plans for a new ballpark. they are hosting an open house so people can ask questions about the privately financed stadium. it would feature an amphitheater-style ballpark and soccer fields and shops. the plan would turn the oakland coliseum into housing. it would keep the oracle arena as it is for concerts and events. >> both projects include desperately needed affordable housing. >> at the moment there is no price tag for these projects.
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the a's hope to have a stadium ready for the 2023 season. the fans are excited and many thanks -- many think it is perfect timing. >> the greatest thing possible. they are a bay area stable. they lost the warriors and the raiders have taken off to vegas. if you take away the a's you will break our hearts. having them here is fabulous. the stadium would hold 34,000. the closest parking is a mile away. they say they are working on a plan to build a gondola to shuttle people from downtown to the new ballpark. the open house today is from four minus 6 pm at the a's headquarters on 55 harrison. later this morning the oakland a's president will be our guest to talk about the future of a's baseball. coming up. a community meeting tonight
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will be held for survivors of the camp fire. it is in chico. the meeting be hosted by administrators from butte county and the town of paradise along with public and private agencies. they will have updates about the ongoing search and recovery efforts and available resources to rebuild their homes. there is some positive news this morning. unless the rain causes unforeseen issues the butte county sheriff is optimistic that several evacuation zones will reopen early next week. fema announced they will bring in as many as 2000 trailers late next week for temporary housing. the search continues for people unaccounted for -- 196. detectives are going through reported missing persons in the number of dead is at 88. starting next year bridge tolls will go up by one dollar.
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the bay area toll authority held a public hearing yesterday. no one showed up. in june the voters approved raising the tolls on all bay area bridges by one dollar. >> the voters approved this in june. there are steps that need to be taken to comply with state law to put the will of the voters into effect in january. >> the one dollar increase takes effect in january. january 1 most bay area bridges will have a regular toll of six dollars. that includes the bridges listed here. at the bay bridge the tolls will rise to seven dollars during peak times and five dollars during off-peak hours. six dollars on the weekend. >> it will probably entice people to go to public transportation. 5:17. we have rain and wet roads.
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>> that's right -- we will start out looking at the macarthur maze. there was an accident and they drove off the freeway to help us out. and the bay bridge the traffic is slower. we will get to that. i wanted to mention the traffic on this commute looking good from gilroy to san jose with a couple of areas of standing water. for the most part it is doing well. i would suggest leaving your house 10 minutes early this morning if you can. this is because of the wet roads. give yourself extra time to deal with the wet roads. this is a look at the drive to san jose. looks all right. 280 looks good with no major issues. at the bay bridge no major delays. traffic is backed up a little bit coming up to the pay gate.
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5:18. let's bring in steve with the forecast. there is plenty going on with thunderstorm activity toward the russia read the verdict and north toward this area. in redwood city -- good morning. thank you. a wild night in redwood city. >> i appreciate that. some of the heavier rain totals -- boulder creek and tilden park and this area. i tried to show you as many as i could. napa had 1.15 inches. concord had good rain -- 1.09. vallejo 0.88 and san jose had three quarters of an inch. here are the others. santa cruz had 1.58 and
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lafayette had 1.50 and alameda 1.50. san francisco had 0.78. the system is rotating through with a strong band of the coast. mostly cloudy skies with rain and storms. rainbow weather today. not only do we have thunderstorms but a wind advisory continuing until 4 am and the sierra has a winter storm warning until 4 am tomorrow. tonight and tomorrow the cold air will work its way in. we could get a sun break. there is the system heading toward clearlake. maybe up to middletown as well by cloverdale. there are some lightning strikes and hail reports. also near san ramon. and walnut creek which had 1.25 inches of rain. the monterey highway down to
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gilroy back into the santa cruz mountains. auntie of activity today. watch this self developing here. this has to rotate in. we will get some breaks and then it will pour and and we will get some breaks. this will be the warmest temperatures of the day with the cold air on the way. there are some good gus. at napa report 25 miles an hour. san francisco 33-36. hayward 22. the southwesterly breeze will continue. look for activity continuing as the system rotates in. your barometer is falling. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. the activity will include a lot of thunderstorms and it is a fast mover but cool saturday and a chilly, dry sunday and monday. 5:21.
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waiting for steph curry to be back. when he is expected to play and what he has to say about missing several weeks. rocky balboa maybe hanging up his boxing gloves. when we return, a message from sylvester stallone about this iconic character.
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welcome back. the warriors are back in action tonight playing the raptors in toronto. steph curry will not play because of his groin injury. he is practicing. he said he is eager to get back
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out there. the team says he will not play until saturday against the pistons. >> you know how your body feels and you wake up and you are excited. further along -- you want to get back out there as soon as possible. when you are that close but you have to wait it's tough. >> tonight's game starts at 5:00. the san jose sharks have a few days off before playing again saturday. last night they played on the road against them he believes. the second game of a back to back. the sharks looked tired. toronto scored 3 goals in the opening period. the sharks couldn't make a comeback and they lost 5-3. they played the senators saturday. in college stanford women basketball has a 6-0 record and he is just scored a big victory for next year. >> i've chosen to attend stanford university.
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>> that is the top recruit in the country. haley jones. she made her announcement in san jose where she plays. she was last season's high school player the year. jones said her decision is based on more than basketball including becoming a part of the larger community and staying home so her family can come to the games. one of the most memorable boxers in history they never enter the ring again. >> this is my last rodeo. >> sylvester stallone said he is done playing the character. rocky was released in 1976. there have been five sequels over 40 years. sylvester stallone brought the character back in creed and
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creed 2. did the rain wake you up before your alarm clark -- alarm clock? what people are seeing heading out the door. good morning. a tough commute on some roads because it is wet. we will let you know how much longer it is taking to drive to work. >> putting together the totals -- almost 11 inches of rain has fallen in the last week. there will be some activity toward northern sonoma county. ♪ this little home of mine,
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from ktvu fox2news this is mornings on 2. >> a live look outside. >> the bay bridge. >> live picture's -- it is wet out there. >> it looks like a steady stream of headlights heading into the city. >> we hope people are driving carefully. we have seen pockets of rain. stay tuned. welcome back -- it's thursday morning november 29 i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm tim cook. thank you for waking up with us. >> there is standing water on the roads. first let's go to steve. we had a break driving in this morning but it is coming down heavy? >> we are starting to get
5:31 am
another break but there is more on the way. putting together some totals. we have had a lot of rain. >> the system has arrived. the models picked up on this a week ago. i said we need to watch next thursday because a couple of models had some rather impressive images showing up. they were spot on. sometimes you get the systems coming in. this is the best one so far. as far as today, mostly cloudy with rainbows. rain and thunderstorms and the cool air will arrive this afternoon. the wind advisory takes us to the afternoon. the winter storm warning goes into tomorrow morning at 4 am. thunderstorm activity going through and it looks like a little bit of a break -- maybe briefly -- until the next energy cell rotates in. that's not the case toward
5:32 am
cloverdale and into lake county with thunderstorm activity and lightning strikes. a few cells isolated near concord and walnut creek as well as in the santa clara valley around organ hill down to gilroy and san jose south. we are in between but here comes the next system. the rotating energy will have reports of hail. i would not be surprised. the temperatures will be going down as the cool air comes in. still blustery. look for off and on rain and sun as the system rotates in with a wide variety of weather. we have some effect from the heavy rain that happened overnight. flooding out there. a crash now on 84.
5:33 am
84 approaching the dumbarton bridge where a couple of cars got into it. the fire department and medics are on the scene. a crew should be arriving shortly. let's get some pictures. the traffic will be slow. san mateo bridge is a good alternate route and also there's a crash northbound 238 at east 14th in the region of the bay. that would be northbound 238 at east 14th after castro valley. there is a crash there. they have a look at some of these other commutes. 80 westbound to solano looks pretty good. driving into hercules and west contra costa county. a minor crash at the macarthur maze. chp had to close the place to get the cars out of the way and they've done that. when you get to the gray bridge you can see that the traffic will be okay. a little bit slow as you might expect at 5:30 am. a 10 minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. let's go back to the desk.
5:34 am
>> they have been saying the rain has caused a lot of problems. in san jose heavy rain moved in overnight. elissa harrington is there where one driver got into some trouble. >>reporter: the driver tried to go under the overpass along stockton avenue where it meets up with the embarcadero and got stuck in standing water. here are the pictures they took. the car was trying to pass through standing water that was about me-deep. heavy rain pounded the area overnight. this led to closures along the freeway and city straits while the crews drained the water from the lanes. the rain picked up overnight with gusty wind and higher elevation saw the strong wind and the storm is expected to bring a good snowpack to the sierra.
5:35 am
the rain could mean a rough commute this morning. some good advice for drivers -- leave early. give yourself plenty of room between you and the car in front of you entered to drive slowly. in san jose we are getting some break from the rain but it has been raining on and off. elissa harrington, fox2news. new video from oakland. the 19th street b.a.r.t. station showing some early morning flooding from the rain. standing water on the floor and near some ticket machines. b.a.r.t. has the crews cleaning up the mess. in oakland chp was working to clean that standing water near the overpass. they forgot -- found out about this at about 2:40 5 am. they were still there 2 hours later when we shot this video. one car was submerged and had to be towed away. heading out the door you
5:36 am
may see trees across the road. the marin county sheriff's office posted photos of a tree knocked down by high wind that fell onto a truck. no one was hurt. the sheriff's office is warning people about standing water. >> one of the main roof into yosemite is closed because of the threat of mudslides. they closed highway 140 earlier this morning about 17 miles. from mid-pine to incline. this is the area where the ferguson fire burned earlier this year and there are concerns that the heavy rain could cause mudslides. caltrans will decide to reopen depending on the weather. >> pg&e crews are responding to power outages. in san francisco there are 98 customers with no electricity. there are other neighborhoods in the dark. workers are restoring power as quickly as they can. they have fewer than 1000
5:37 am
customers without electricity. that is down from 1600 about an hour ago. :37. police in petaluma want to know how a homeless woman became trapped inside a clothing donation box. >> the police said it appears there were legs and feet dangling out of the box. when police arrived they found the victim dead in the donation bin. they found a flashlight that was still on. the man who called police said he wasn't sure what he saw. >> at first i thought someone was stuck in there. then when i thought about it it occurred to me what was going on. >> she dropped a flashlight. the door came up and caught her around the neck. >> she had been going into the donation boxes.
5:38 am
they warned her to be careful. >> she said she never went by herself. a boycott of the giants is no longer warranted. john burris and other leaders were upset because one of the owners, charles johnson, donated money to the campaign of cindy hyde-smith. she drew criticism for making racist remarks including a reference to a public hanging. johnson said he made an error in judgment when he asked her to return his donation. the chairman of the democratic party said he will be getting treatment for alcohol abuse another help -- health problems. he took a leave of absence is the beginning of a sexual misconduct investigation began against him. he is accused of inappropriate touching at democratic party events. 5:38. santa clara is launching a new program to help first time home
5:39 am
buyers raise cash for down payment. last night hundreds attended the meeting at the supervisors changers to get details about the program. the $25 million comes from measure a passed in 2016. >> this could be for two people that work at safeway. it is designed for family making between 80 had thousand- $150,000. >> i'm always looking -- what kind of deposit i would need. what i would have to sacrifice. >> the program offers up to a 70% -- 17% down payment it is a 30 year loan. the maximum price for a home could be set -- $8000. this community is rallying around a grocery store clerk who recently became homeless. the customers found out that
5:40 am
jude howell had fallen on hard times. his roommate died leaving him with rent he could not afford so he moved away and started to sleep in the park. coworkers came together and set up a gofundme page and they raised almost $11,000. every donation was followed by a comment about his warmth and smile and years of kindness. >> i saw the comments. i saw the love the people have shown. [ crying ] i didn't know. they won't let me down. i will let them down. >> everyone has jumped up to help this man. it makes you feel good and it makes you walk taller and feel even more proud of the people you have around you every day. >> coworkers say they want to raise enough money to get them back on his feet and they are looking for an affordable apartment. 5:40. today, a second emergency
5:41 am
shelter were open in tijuana mexico for thousands of migrants who want asylum in the u.s. this is days after the teargas confrontation between migrants and u.s. customs agents. mexico also opened a sports complex less than a mile away for housing the migrants. some migrants say they don't have food or water at the complex. this woman is facing murder charges in the killing of eight people two years ago. angela wagner is one of four members of the family accused of killing eight members of another family in 2016. prosecutors say the motive was a dispute over custody of a child. 5:41. the chinese government has suspended the clinical project one scientist who claims to have produced the world's first genetically edited babies. the scientist made the announcement this week.
5:42 am
he said he altered the dna of twin girls, trying to make them resistant to hiv. today a group of top scientists condemned gene editing except in lab research because they don't know enough about this. the chinese scientist conducted his research at stanford from 2010-2012. the top story is the weather this morning. heavy rain starting to hit the wild fire burned zone in ventura county. first responders are getting people evacuated ahead of potential mudslides. all it takes is a minor accident to mess things up. 80 westbound slow coming in. we will tell you what has happened. most of the bay area is getting a break. more will be here soon.
5:43 am
about another hour till it moves in.
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5:45 am
will if you wanted ring, you got it. the early morning rain in marin county. at 4 am the deputies and staff took this audio outside the main office. look at that rain hitting the patrol cars. we will keep an eye on this all morning long. >> president trump is heading to argentina to attend the g 20 economic summit. this comes as tensions grow over trade differences. president trump will host a dinner for the chinese president saturday. they will try to come to a compromise on trade issues.
5:46 am
president trump is also scheduled to meet with vladimir putin. earlier this week he said he might cancel the meeting after russia seized ukrainian chips over the weekend. the president is not ruling out a pardon for paul manafort. democrats say he is trying to protect someone who may be a key player in the ongoing russia probe. doug luzader joins us with the details. doug? the new york post said trump card -- after he said a pardon for a former campaign chairman as possible. >> 3-to-1. -- 3-2-1. >> a festive night as they lit the national christmas tree capping off a controversial day with the president railing on special counsel robert mueller
5:47 am
and the ongoing russia probe. at the center of this, the former chairman, paul manafort. mueller has accused him of lying and he faces a lengthy prison sentence. is a presidential pardon in his future? the president said it was never discussed but i wouldn't take it off the table. why would i take it off the table? the democrats accused the president of dangling this to encourage manafort to stonewall mueller. >> i think this would promote a firestorm and be solid evidence of obstruction of justice. >> reporter: the democrats and a single republican tried to move a measure to protect mueller from being fired. the effort failed. as for manafort no one disputes that the president could pardon him. the powers are broad but limited in one aspect -- they only applied to federal crime. manafort would still face a
5:48 am
number of state charges. >> new jersey, virginia, new york and california. states controlled by the democratic party. the president's pardon power does not extend to state crimes. >>reporter: the president has the legal authority to pardon just about anyone but there could be political implications and this would be the case. the time is 5:48. let's get you moving. sal, we have a lot going on in the commute. >> i can't put my feet up on the desk. >> you never do. >> maybe on the holiday. today we are lucky. i will start off with the toll plaza. actually, we will get back to that. people rely on the tracy commute so i will do that first.
5:49 am
westbound 580 and 205 will be slow. we got lucky because the storm moved through last night. if it were moving through now we would have a lot of flooding. last night it woke me up. there was a lot of flooding. right now not so much. there are some accidents -- northbound 238 at east 14th there was a crash they are. watch out for that. the traffic will be busy on 80. mostly after the 580 hoffman slipped to the maccarthur mays. when you get to the toll plaza the traffic will be all right. traffic will be slow approaching the toll plaza and when you get to this area it will be slow. give yourself plenty of extra time going to the bay bridge toll plaza. we got lucky.
5:50 am
it's not raining hard right now and it looks like it has dried off a little. 5:49. let's bring in steve. >> at about 1 am i woke up -- similar to you. what kind of a morning are we having? >> take a look at the 8-day totals. it took forever for the rain to get here but then -- it will keep going. santa cruz mountains 10.59. woodacre in marin county 7:15. at the russian river 6.56. in the oakland hills they had good rain -- 4.5. many in that category. in the last 24 hours boulder creek 2.75. tilden park 2.50. there are many reports of heavy rain. canfield an inch and a half and napa 1.15.
5:51 am
concord 1.09. vallejo .88 and san jose with .75. sentence, 1.85. santa cruz 1.5. lafayette and alameda -- sfo almost 1.25. oakland .82 in san francisco .78. if you have a barometer it is probably falling. the lowest pressure is in ukiah where it is to 9.38. the service low is punching in between santa rosa and ukiah. as advertised the rain was overnight and we could still have rain with a wind advisory until 4 pm. it is now snowing in truckee and south tahoe. we are getting a little bit of a break. don't let it pull you. here comes the next cell moving in that will give us widespread heavy rain and the storm
5:52 am
activity through the russian river and toward cloverdale around hopeland. there have been some lightning strikes. after that it is quiet. santa clara valley still has some. look at the line going through san martin. 101 between this area and gilroy. that goes back into the santa cruz mountains toward the mouth. right now a little bit of a break until this rotates through and there will be more cold, unstable air. we will have rainbow weather today. the temperatures will go down. a robust breeze with blustery conditions with the strongest gusts on the coast. 25-35 miles an hour. look for a mix of sun and clouds and showers. the system will rotate through the rest of the day and it will calm down tonight. 50s and 60s. one more system saturday -- a quick mover. it will have a lot of cold air with it. 5:52.
5:53 am
a plan to make it easier to get medical marijuana to low income people. coming up, the proposed bill to help people who are seriously ill.
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. san francisco state senator scott weiner will announce a
5:56 am
bill calling for free medical one of -- medical marijuana for people with serious illness. he will hold a news conference to plans to introduce this bill. these programs already provide free medical campus for people with serious health problems. >> also it is 110th birthday of the historic johns grill restaurant. john's grill is off union square, one of the first restaurants to rebuild after the 1906 quake and fire. it was made famous by the mystery novel and classic movie, maltese falcon. it starred humphrey bogart. today city officials are expected to be at the birthday celebration. state air quality officials want california drivers to take fewer, shorter drives. report shows the amount of carbon emissions of traffic per person is going up.
5:57 am
this finding comes despite a decades-old effort to development -- bill development closer to transit hubs. >> we need some incentives to give communities to put some things in place. frankly, we need someone to have an enforcement authority to make sure that these things happen. >> air quality experts say california will not meet its ambitious goals by 2030 without major changes to the status quo. 5:57. rain in the bay area means there is snow in the sierra. the conditions there as the ski season gets underway. and the oakland a's want to make oakland their forever home. how you can learn about this -- a stadium plan for howard terminal.
5:58 am
5:59 am
wet roads down here have caused an accident on highway 84. one lane was shut down and for 45 minutes. >> plus, rain creating mudslide threats for the wild fire
6:00 am
burned areas. the evacuation orders for people that were displaced by wildfires. from ktvu fox2news this is mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. it is thursday morning november 29 on pam cook. >> a busy morning. let's get to the live team coverage of this storm system. at the scene of a bad crash on highway 84. cell is covering all the roads but first let's go to steve. >> yes. the system has arrived. this one is pretty good. we had decent rain last night. now the cold air is rotating in. if you have a barometer at home you have noticed it is dropping rapidly. the service low will go in right around the north. somewhere around santa rosa


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