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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 29, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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heavy downpours and flooding and burn scarred butte county left executive -- evacuation orders. >> a lot of rain happened one time. cal fire recommended that we evacuate the area for the night.
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>> fire first and then flood. good evening, and julie hale there. >> and i am frank somervell. people forced from their homes exactly 3 weeks after the camp fire tore through paradise. we are at the end up revealing comment she is in one of the evacuated areas. deborah. >> reporter: it is a winding road that connects paradise in chico, it is under mandatory evacuation is you had that way. this is an area where many homes and businesses did turn down, and some of the survivors who did get the all clear to go home are being rousted once again. >> a couple of families did up to leave the scene in a boat. it was just what they had to do in a moment to get out of the south. from a robin, a freelance journalist, described swift water rescue as have your rain in butte county trigger code red evacuation. >> the brain that happened in
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paradise caused a lot of erosion, and the heavy rains came. >> reporter: turn is a community 15 miles and creeks flowed over there, sending deputies knocking on neighborhood doors. >> one elderly lady called for rescue. she had water up to her door and she could not get out. >> reporter: high water vehicles from the army national guard in pittsburgh were needed, the downpour intends. >> one of the deputies said he could not even see that it was raining so hard that the wind shared -- windshield wipers were not able to clear it. >> reporter: a county road had water and debris cascading down. one point, people trying to leave were stuck in the middle. >> about 100 cars got caught between these two debris flows, and that is what they were trying to figure out how to evacuate those people when they cannot drive through. it was definitely a tense situation for a couple hours. >> reporter: the threat of mud
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and debris flow has been a concern even before the fire was out and authorities are in is coming. the stripped landscape has so little absorbency, runoff will find its own path and sometimes carry destructive power with it. >> these are people who may have just gotten back to their houses. >> reporter: the floods shifted cal fire and other first responders from recovery to back to emergency. some homes just a day or two, and something once again. >> the power just came on yesterday. it is really sad to hear the stories of these people were trying to get back on their feet, and something else just came along and hit them, and knocked them down again. >> reporter: fortunately, to our knowledge, no injuries in today's flooding and evacuations. a flash flood warning expired within the last hour. no doubt people here will be nervous watching the skies going forward. >> debora villalon in paradise tonight, thank you. meteorologist mark morris
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tracking the storm. >> storm number two is moving out of the bay area, and we have another storm is we had tore the we can. first let's talk about happened in butte county. with the numbers earlier today. rainfall amounts -- they picked up most of these totals within just a few hours. ranging from him -- 2 to nearly 3, two over 3 inches of rainfall. here is a look at the radar over the past few hours. and then this morning. some very heavy rainfall, intense thunderstorms and the bay area. moving out to the east and out for the mounds where they have the snow in winter storm warnings in place. is take a closer look at the radar right now. coming in closer, we have lingering clouds and a few scattered showers moving out of the region. so basically, right now, we have the snow showers out toward the sierra. rider on out toward the fire
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zone. that was the case earlier today, around two or 3:00. thankfully the main storm has moved out, leaving us with a few lingering, scattered showers. for the most part we have the clotted -- partly cloudy skies. santa rosa over 1.5 inches, and san francisco 0.98. this has been a productive system here in out of this era. look at the snowfall totals so far, 13 to 18 inches with a winter storm warning in place for tomorrow. we have another system to talk about into saturday morning, we off more to talk about that in a few minutes. the strong storm system the better the bay area is now planning the sierra, and anyone heading from the bay area to
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lake tahoe should be prepared for dangerous driving conditions and major delays. there are whiteout conditions on some sections of highway 50 and interstate 80, and chains are required on both of those roads. in the bay area, many people spent today cleaning up the storm damage after strong wind brought down trees. this was the scene in oakland, city crews worked to remove a 50 foot tree that crashed on an suv near 12th and martin luther king way. the tree shattered the windshield and mere. fortunately the driver was not hurt. >> the storm a strong enough to cause major damage to several bay area buildings. the heavy rain brought down part of a roof on this holding near 26th and pearl to street in west oakland. the city has read tact the building and crews are beginning repairs which could take months. it was not all rain and wind today, rainbows appeared
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in the sky around the bay area. this video was captured this afternoon in emeryville. tonight, a lot of people take advantage of the break between these terms to get outdoors. >> i said after weeks of wildfire smoke followed by days of rain, they could use the fresh air. ktvu's amber is out at an outdoor concert. >> reporter:, this holiday celebration drew a huge crowd. many people had it been raining, they would not have come up. so they are thankful for this break in the rain. like christmas music for broadway plaza's annual holiday celebration drew people to walnut creek from near and far. parents say their children needed this break in the rain. >> we kept looking at the forecast, and said it's going to start raining -- stop raining, we can have dinner, watch the parade and see santa. it will be fun for the kids, they were cooked up inside! >> reporter: the festivities included a parade, delighting the thousands who filled the plaza.
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in berkeley, at the sports basement store, the calm before the next storm brought in customers. >> it is nice, it is much better when the sky clears up and it is not wet everywhere, and you have to go back and forth in the rain. >> reporter: the allure of the 20th anniversary sale and the need to buy holiday gifts and winter gear also appeared to boost business. >> we need newer longsleeved shirts, hoodies, and we are looking at fuzzy coats which are always popular, and we were looking at snow coats, also in case we decide to going to the snow. >> reporter: this 11-year-old said she is going to be out shopping. >> last week we had all of the smoke, so we had to have pe and recess inside. this week we have to have it inside again, but it is also nice, because you get soaking wet. >> reporter: the assistant managers as the wet weather is a good reminder to think about safety and reflective gear. >> you do not get a lot of that daylight during this commute hours, you end up with sun in your eyes, or the glare from the clouds. it is important to make sure that you are well lit and
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visible. >> reporter: back at broadway plaza, the holiday celebration culminated with the lighting of the christmas tree. one woman tells me the break from the storm is what got her to drive her family here from san francisco. >> i like the fresh air. we have been getting so much smog, and this is a nice treat for us letting our kids get the nice, fresh, misty air. it is the holidays. >> reporter: people tell me the weather tonight was perfect for getting into the holiday spirit, yet they are grateful for more rain to come, because it is needed. frank, julie. is a price about men today in the russia investigation. president trump former attorney pleaded guilty to lying to congress about meetings and conversations involving a russian real estate deal by then candidate donald trump., and is cooperating with the investigation and the possible ties to trump in the campaign.
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this all comes as president trump arrives in argentina for the g 20 summit. ray bogan joyce is in washington with more in the development. >> reporter: good evening to you, president trump landed in argentina tonight. he was greeted on the tarmac, and went straight to the hotel. he has a very busy day, starting tomorrow he will meet with multiple world leaders. this g 20 comes at a critical time. there's great tension between ukraine and russia, britain is trying to negotiate their brexit, and there is a potential trade deal to be made between china and the united states. the president is gearing up for a busy friday in buenos aires. a meeting not on a schedule, a meeting with vladimir putin. while russia is holding ukrainian warships and sailors hostage after recent movements of the cost of crimea.
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now, putting both sides on edge, the president is expected to meet with other world leaders in argentina, including chinese president g, to discuss trade and tariffs. >> we might be close to doing something with china, what we have is billions and billions of dollars coming to the united states in the form of tariffs or taxes. >> reporter: analysts say there's a lot of the line. >> the implication is with the trade war on the -- on china. to get china to behave the way it should behave in an international order. >> reporter: all of this overshadowed by president trump's former lawyer for lying to congress the other day. cohen said that the conversation ended in early 2016, but the accident in june.
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>> he is lying about a project that everybody knew about. >> reporter: president trump recently submitted recent -- answers to questions submitted by special counsel robert mueller. rudy giuliani confirmed that there were some questions about that moscow deal, but he said they still remain comfortable with the questions that the president gave to the special counsel. julie? >> ray bogan in washington tonight, ray think you. the chairman of the california democratic party, eric bauman, resigned today amid sexual misconduct allegations. he said he decided to step down from his powerful position after realizing it was in the best interest of the democratic party. he was facing allegations that he sexually harassed and assaulted several members of his stop. his resignation announcement today claim -- came just hours after avenues and -- gavin newsom called on him to sit down. and explosion in san
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francisco's hall of justice. how fireworks led to arrest. protesters are asking to hold pg&e responsible for the massive fire in butte county. the michelin got presented -- presents -- san francisco. san francisco has made history more waiters -- in more ways than one. we will show you how. ♪ ♪ ♪
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no 10:00, they areas restaurant is being recognized by one of the most influence of publications. >> more than 50 restaurants earned at least one michigan star in the latest guide, and eight have the coveted three start rating. ktvu's kitty katayama -- jana katsuyama is live where a female chef is making history. >> it was an honor for the bay area tonight. now, the top of the nation's fine dining destinations, and also an important moment for a restaurant named after the chef's late father who is in her thoughts tonight. >> reporter: the moment that took a tim tucci finally came for -- the moment that it took a lifetime to finally get. join sweet success savored by
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her and her staff. san francisco's finest culinary talent gathered is over it and reflect on the moment professional and personal. >> i spoke to my mom today. >> reporter: the chef said that it came with better sweetness. >> i have a platform. the platform is for me to elevate others. it is not about me, but about others. >> reporter: bay area chefs celebrated a collective victory. the 2019 michelin guide awarded the severance of bay area with the most three-star ratings in the nation. the international director says homegrown talent, and impeccable california cuisine shine in the golden state. >> it is very exciting.
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when we saw the presentation in 2007, there was one three-star restaurant, tonight we are celebrating eight three-star restaurants. is a great achievement for san francisco and bay area. >> reporter: also need to the three-star list, the husband- and-wife team at a single thread and sonoma county. >> a lot of times it was difficult for us, we needed to keep our heads down and focus on what was important to us and keep at it. >> reporter: five restaurant celebrating her first star this year, a step that can bring added success, that included madcap headed by ron siegel, cooking in his own family run fine dining venue. his stepson came to collect the coat. >> he is making people's life happen tonight. he cares more about that in this. >> reporter: the michelin guide also sing the praises of birdsong, chef chris, receiving
10:18 pm
his first star. it was a taste of success for his vision of taking cuisine back to its simplest point of origin, starting with ingredients and is raw or real a form as possible. >> organic when it was not increase. it was just real then, nothing was modified for efficiency, nothing was driven through cost. it was flavor forward. >> reporter: also, receiving their first michelin star tonight, was nico here in san francisco, and protigi in palo alto. the michigan got -- the michelin guide comes on tuesday and we have the link on a website. reporting live in san francisco, jana katsuyama. an open house for the new ballpark. they unveiled their new plan right on an estuary. they also release plans for a complete renovation of the current site of the coliseum. tonight's open house featured informational stations about
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the two project and representatives with the ballclub who were there to answer questions. >> it has been great to get everyone's feedback. is a group of almost 400 people tonight, and people are excited. this is a big project for oakland and for the a's. we want to make sure that their input is incorporated in the plan. >> you saw present a couple there, along with representatives from the stadium design team. no price tag for the two projects, but the a's are helping have their new stadium in time for the 2023 season. deputies have a person in custody tonight accused of setting off a firecracker in san francisco's hall of justice.'s henry lee reports, the bomb squad responded in the building was evacuated. >> reporter: the wheels of justice at the san francisco hall of justice came to a grinding halt after someone lit a small incendiary device. >> i heard it was a bunch of
10:20 pm
firecrackers. >> it started a little bit after 11:00, when someone got off -- beyond the sheriff's check point and setting them on fire in the first floor. >> the device that filled the lobby with smoke, in which case you did see people leaving the lobby area. >> reporter: after the explosion, alarms went off. >> fire alarms are allowed in the building, you do not have an option but to drop everything you're doing and leave the building immediately. >> reporter: richard chatman who is here representing a client, also evacuated. and a woman, a 42-year-old, was arrested, but the motive was not yet mowed -- known. >> if you have to be schedule, come back tomorrow. >> reporter: is the last day to get a court date for her ticket. >> it was unnecessary. it was just a distraction for no reason. >> reporter: many expressed -- concern that firecrackers could be smuggled. >> i do not know if metal detectors can pick up on fire
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crackers. on issue criticism. for the most by these guys do a great job. >> reporter: the building was open at 1:30 four employees, but the public was told to come back friday. still to come, here,, the bay area is still considered to be in a moderate drought. >> the first storm of the year, hopefully more rain will come. at 10:30, we ask water managers where our reservoirs stand right now? the shorthanded warriors battle the rafters and overtime tonight. mark will tell us about the exciting finish and who came out on top. that is later in sports. sobering new pictures from the camp fire in butte county. this is body cam video who was not sure he was going to make it out of the inferno.
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the butte county sheriff's is the official search for romance following the camp fire has ended. thousands of personal from four states did painstaking work checking 18,000 sites in the burns on for victims. tonight, the death toll stands at 88. the sheriff says that he hopes 197 people listed as missing will be accounted for and no more remains will be found. authorities also say that they hope to let people back into the town of paradise early next week, depending on the weather. also today, the sheriff posted dramatic body cam
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footage from the camp fire as a deputy was trying to evacuate nurses from the hospital. you can see the embers flying and how thick the smoke was that turned the light into darkness. 23-year-old deputy, aaron pauly said his control car broke down and he and the nurses got out and started walking. he turned on his camera thinking he might be recording the final moments of his life. then, out of the darkness came a bulldozer, followed by a fire engine. deputy probably and those around him climbed on board and were all brought to safety. >> just incredible. protesters interrupted a calm meeting it was the first meeting of the public utilities -- the protesters pointed at pg&e saying the utility was likely to blame. >> the meeting cannot continue.
10:26 pm
>> reporter: the normally articling utilities committee was disrupted by protesters holding a banner and demanding investigation. eric and -- was in chico and drove into san francisco. following last year's fire, this year's fire, he is asking the puc to hold pg&e and countable. >> it happened in san bruno, santa rosa, and here. if they bail pg&e out of this, and let them pass the cost of that tragedy onto ratepayers, this is going happen again. >> reporter: he is asking for a complete overhaul of how power is delivered in the state of california. >> we went to see the utility go bankrupt in the state by it. remove the profit incentive. it is not a radical idea. nearly half utilities in the country our state own and state run. >> reporter: they say that they appreciate public concern, following the protest, the
10:27 pm
commission took multiple steps related to protecting wildfire -related customers and looking at the long-term future of pg andy. consumer protection after the 2017 northern california wildfires, and approve the decision that required pg andy to implement safety recommendations to approve its safety culture and operations. as for pg&e we did recharge the utility. pg&e is aware of the protest but deferring any protests crest -- back to the public utilities commission. ktvu, fox news. at 10:45, where the city stands apart in the new ranking. >> life expectancy for americans drops again. white is on the decline after decades of improvement. >> managers in the south bay called the first rain of the winter season a good sign. coming up, what all this rain means a for our reservoirs.
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it sounds like we will need a lot more rain to fill the reservoirs. >> reporter: yes, julian frank. you see the guadalupe river behind me in downtown san jose full of water. you might think our reservoirs are in pretty good shape. but they are emptier than normal and are hoping to capture more rain. >> thursdays said he rain in -- study rain in san jose, people saw what they had not seen in quite some time, the guadalupe river was bone dry, but filled up with water. >> this used to be always full, and since the drought it has been kind of touching go, there's barely any water. i am surprised there is water now. i like it. >> reporter: the rain a welcome sight after a long stretch of dry days. >> this is the first rain of the season, it is a good sign. the ground is dry, there is not a lot of runoff, but we need to
10:32 pm
get saturated and hopefully future storms will get more run out. >> reporter: right now, the 10 reservoirs in the county are below average. 27% capacity, a little bit lower than normal for this time of year, they say that is expected, since they use water throughout the year to recharge groundwater basins and for water treatment plants. >> it is too early to worry too much about the levels. this is the first storm of the year and hopefully more rain will come. >> reporter: according to the map released thursday on the drought monitor website, much of the bay area is considered moderate drought conditions. >> needed rain. but since i moved here, this is the biggest deal i have seen as far as water. has rained three or four days in a row. >> reporter: water official stolen people to conserve, saying it will take several more storms this winter before reservoirs will be near capacity.
10:33 pm
>> we live in california, and one day we could get lots of rain. we know that we can have drought at any time. rain is good to have today, but it is always good to conserve and use water lightly. >> reporter: the water district tells me that state law requires people to turn off their sprinklers when it rains, and to wait 2 days until later in the back on. six state lawmakers today announced a bill to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarette and tobacco in stories. the group is being led by senator janet -- jerry help. he says he will introduce the bill when the legislature reconvenes next week. the goal is to stop the use of the cigarettes by teenagers. the proposed law that would ban sales in retail stores and vending machines.
10:34 pm
violators would face fines of up to $600 for a first offense. researchers a decline in life expectancy is a wake-up call for all americans. dr. say it is due in part to an aging population. but as a fox news, branyan is explains, an increase in suicides as well as a rise in opioid overdose is also factors in. >> reporter: life expectancy in the u.s. has been going up for decades, until now. the centers for disease control and prevention were releasing their annual report showing americans are living shorter lifespans. >> everyone is now concerned about weather or not this is a new, important trend, or weather it social and economic, and what the underlying causes may be. >> reporter: there were around 2.8 million deaths in the u.s. and 2017, about 70,000 more than 2016. life expectancy had gone down in 2015, but stayed flat last year. this year's rise driven mainly by suicide and drug overdoses, despite president trump's trace -- focus on the epidemic. >> there is a sense of hopelessness. people are unemployed and not sure of their future.
10:35 pm
there's divisive politics, the income gap is widening. >> reporter: more than 70,000 people died of overdoses last year, the largest number ever recorded. there were also big increases and more common causes of death like stroke, diabetes, flu, and the nation's number one killer, heart disease. all help to push the country into the longest period of declining life expectancy since the end of world war i. >> there does not seem to be a common element. there is no silver bullet. >> reporter: if the cdc says you had a baby last year, he or she is expected to live about 78 years and six months. that is about one month shorter than babies born in 2016. in new york, branyan's, fox news. on wall street, stocks finished lower as an earlier rally faded. the dow lost 27 points, the
10:36 pm
nasdaq was down 18, the s&p 500 was down six. the market slept after the minutes from the latest federal reserve meeting were released showing uncertainty about the direction of the u.s. economy. lyft is including their ridesharing business to include bikes. they have completed their deal to buy the bike sharing operator motivate. is based out of new york and it is behind the forgo bike network and the bay area. is the largest provider of bike sharing services and the united states. this move by lyft, follow super max acquisition of turnpikes back in april. a plea for a dog to be returned. surveillance video showing someone trying to lure the dog away. weather start moving out of the bay area, a bit of a break in the friday forecast. we are tracking the system that could -- impactor we can plans. dozens of new apartments to help get people off the streets. the big donation announced today to make more housing a reality.
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san francisco and salesforce are partnering to get more homeless people in housing. the city announced today at salesforce ceo is donating more than $6 million to create 50 you -- 58 units of low-income housing in the tenderloin. the donation will allow tenants to play rent of 500 -- $500- $600 per month.
10:40 pm
>> we know that we can make a difference in people's lives. it is not, sometimes, just housing. it will be supportive services. it will be shelter beds, it will be all that we need in order to address those issues. >> the mayor also said that the city is working on opening 1000 new shelter beds, the 58 low income rental units are expected to open their doors in february. the president trump administration will host a roundtable next week with some the most powerful ceos. so far the apple ceo is not on the list. he has had a strained relationship with president trump due to different political views. the leaders of microsoft, google, oracle, and wall, are expected to attend. the white house says the list is not complete yet, so it is still possible that tim cook could take part. governor like god of -- gavin newsom toward an immigrant detention center saying more needs to be done to help. >> there are busloads of folks coming that i.c.e. is bringing to some of these
10:41 pm
shelters. they do not know where they are going to be tomorrow the next day. i'll tell you this, san diego, and folks in this region, they are going to end up on the streets and sidewalks. people are going to be out on the streets and sidewalks, they're going to be in emergency rooms, so we will have to address this issue. >> tomorrow he will head to mexico city for the inauguration for the country's president-elect with meetings's scheduled to discuss the caravan. a man from center is is pleading for the return of his pet bulldog, no questions asked. 8-year-old bulldog was at in a fenced yard at her owners from us that when it appears him and took her. security footage shows some with a flashlight apparently trying to lure the dog. the loner, says the dog, lucy needs ongoing medical care, and they are hoping for her safe return. the people is what makes it. >> high honors for oakland, nor
10:42 pm
recognition is tourism source. mark tamayo will have the full forecast that he will clear up this week and. gus amy galeon will host the event which features a 55 foot for tree, with hundreds of lights and ornaments, as well as live entertainment. goes from five until 8:00 p.m. we will also have live coverage. ♪ voices singing let's be jolly, deck the halls with boughs of holly. ♪
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connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ national geographic traveler magazine has rated oakland as one of the top travel destinations anywhere in the world. >> rob spoke with visitors and residents about the magazine's choice. >> reporter: the writer gertrude stein said that oakland has no there there. national geographic traveler magazine disagrees. in its current condition, it says oakland has plenty there. has listed oakland in the top 20 list and one of four u.s.
10:46 pm
cities to even make the list. this visitor from london says she is not surprise. >> it is an interesting place. we have been the historical part it seemed really lovely. >> reporter: it made the list in the culture category. >> phenomenally diverse cultures and communities within oakland. we were recently chosen as one of the top international food destinations in the united states, which again you do not think of oakland when you are thinking of international food, so it is kind of a hidden gem. >> reporter: among the areas was here off of telegraph avenue. those here at the local barbershop had not yet heard the news but were happy for their hometown and neighborhood. >> it is nice to have people acknowledge us for what we are. it is very cool. >> reporter: while still perhaps in the shadow of san francisco and silicon valley, oakland tourism is projected to be up 15% this year, that is on top of the 10% rise last year. >> we pride ourselves on our unique, hidden parts of the city, and are really cool
10:47 pm
things that you cannot find in san francisco and definitely not in silicon valley. i think the people is what makes oakland. >> for years oakland had a reputation of being unsafe, dangerous and crime-ridden. >> i think we are definitely moving past the crime moniker that we had a crier -- acquired a number of years ago. for the last three or four years, we've seen a dramatic reduction of violent and property crimes. >> reporter: oakland house has big plans i had come a new downtown ballpark could be coming, and the airport is considering holding in the terminal. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 news. for the latter half of november, rain delivered. the last day of the month we should get a break, with just partly cloudy skies. today, we had the strong system move on shore with some heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and the snow in the sierra. you can see on the satellite and radar, things starting to clear out. at least here closer to
10:48 pm
northern california and the bay area, we have partly cloudy skies and temperatures cooling off. we will check in on some of the current numbers right now. we have most areas in the low to mid 50s. walnut creek 51, napa 52, in san francisco checking in at 54 degrees. hears our life camera looking out toward the bay bridge, and lingering crap clouds tonight. we are setting the stage for a cool friday morning. take a look at the overnight lows. the cool spots back down in the upper 30s to upper 40s, to write around 50 degrees. we needed the umbrellas this morning, probably not the case for tomorrow morning to get the break in the forecast. in san francisco 7:00. 53 degrees and the afternoon hours, still partly cloudy skies, and we will gradually send and a few extra high clouds after 4 or 5:00 tomorrow. here's a break for your friday. a developing stream is right here. this will be not as strong as the one that moved into the region today, in fact, you can see we will talk about the
10:49 pm
forecast a little bit. but, the forecast timeline, showers ending for tonight, tonight partly sunny skies. this saturday, you could pick up 0.05, 20.25 inches. the bulk of this will be for saturday morning.period we are for tomorrow, partly cloudy skies. this year continued pick up some more snowfall. in fact the snowfall will be increasing once again late friday night and into saturday morning. here is our next system coming on board here. early saturday morning rainfall picking up and gradually sliding to the south. 5:00 and lingering showers. 10:00 we will hold onto the chances of showers into saturday afternoon, but we will scale back on the coverage and the overall activity throughout the day on saturday, but still some more snowfall in the mountains. forecast for tomorrow will be in the upper 50s to the 60s, it will be nice to see the sunshine out there for your friday, and actually nice weather in oakland for the tree lighting festivities.
10:50 pm
santa rosa upper 50s, san jose 62 degrees. so, all week long we have been talking about three systems, the second one is the strongest, that moved in today. that saturday deal will live in first thing for the morning hours. looks quiet sunday to monday, maybe the chance of a few showers and tuesday. but in a five-day forecast not putting one cloud after another wrinkle. we are getting those breaks -- >> that would last night and this morning, that was really coming down. >> it was nice to have it move in and move on out. >> mark, thanks. coming up here on 11:00 news, heartfelt letter from warriors steph curry. what he wrote to letter from napa who cannot find basco shoes for girls. in sports, the shorthanded warriors battle the raptors in overtime tonight in toronto. mark will have the exciting finish and tell us who came out on top, next in sports.
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mark is here now with sports. the warriors had a really close game. you tell us how it ended up. >> i will do just that, that is what i am here for. the toronto raptors, a great team. best record in the nba. i hate it when teams make excuses like steph curry is not playing, but in this occasion,
10:54 pm
i feel like the worries how to feel good about the way this turnout. they be the best team in the nba by a dozen. that is next playing homage to the great craig sager. ball movement is there, leonard on scoring, and 37 leaving them back to the drawing board. the raptors led by as many as 18 in the second half, but here comes clay thompson and k deed. they do their thing. katie was -- kd had is inside and outside game working. we get a final couriers -- quarter, the worst of the way. a three, 56 seconds left, here comes kd, bombs away. 0:44.
10:55 pm
calm about things. wishing is that there, more, degree of difficulty insane for him. 0:08 left, we are going into overtime, the words have the momentum. first time that he has ever scored 40+ points. danny green was a three there an ot that toronto up for good in the final 131-128 warriors first of the five game road trip. in the meantime, thursday night football, dallas and the saints. i have this thing -- you figure 50 or 60 points at least between these two teams. a little bit disappointing. drew brees in the same 110 straight come in. amari cooper in dallas they are hot, they 14 streets. first-quarter, dak prescott 16 yard touchdown to ezekiel
10:56 pm
elliott. and it is 10 sarah lee. dallas third-quarter they shut out in the first half commie figure all right come here they are. perfect pass to keep kirkwood 30 yards. dallas still leading 13-10. stayed that way 2:17. saints on, breeds trying to tread away, but watch closely he did not get it low enough. jourdan lewis picks it up, and like sergeant carter and not shot. military look right there. 16-10, only 176 total yard, the lowest scoring total in three years, if you can believe that. both of those teams are headed for the plants, so what do you say about a team that is to clean nine? you have to find a hype angle. for the 49ers, going up to the great northwest this sunday to face the seattle seahawks, how
10:57 pm
about this? coming home time for richard sherman, who used to be public enemy number one for 49er fans, especially after his past resulted in malcolm smith interception. the 49ers have not been seattle in seattle since 2011. richard sherman trying to get back at the team who got rid of them as soon as the famous injury. >> it is unfortunate, you know? it is just unfortunate that it had to come to an end the way that it did. you expect after you have done so much for a franchise that you would not be cut when you are hurt. is a respect thing more than anything. but you have to roll with the business. >> sergeant carter was actually -- yet the answers they do not know. patrick mahoney is going to be at the oakland coliseum this sunday against the raiders leading the kansas city chiefs and. today, he was in the suburb out
10:58 pm
in kansas city doing great things in his community. check it out. >> one, two, three! look behind you! >> that is so precious! they did not know he was there, and the kansas city quarterback has been a sensation on the field this year. a surprise holiday party for some kids in the community, give them $125 shopping spree at a sporting goods store. it mean something to these kids meet their hero! check this out! >> i was breathing superfast and like oh no calm down. >> i will never forget this. >> it is like oh my god! it just makes wannacry. >> i was little kid, i was the one looking at the athletes getting to see them, and i remember the experiences, i know how much it means for every single kid. >> yeah, he looks and sounds
10:59 pm
like he is a kid, too, right? he remembers kids in his community. check this out, there is someone else who also remembers the kids. first, we have to see this 10- year-old canadian, zachary walker. look at the moves, look at the replay. his hero -- look at him! between the legs, the great dribble, put them in the spin cycle, hit the shot, this went viral. 3.8 million viewers on social media. warriors found out about it, and of course, tonight, they lined it up for young zach walker to meet his hero, steph curry, who obliges, takes some pictures, signs some autographs, that is great stuff. to see patrick mahon and steph curry doing justice to the curry . always checking out on the thursday night. it is 11:00 come in time for more news. >> that is so cool, mark think he. next at 11. >> the dry out after a major storm made weight through for sunny skies and rainbows and
11:00 pm
the bay area. brought on part of the roof at this building near 26. the cruise begin repairs which could potentially take months. >> there keeping the building from collapsing.


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