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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 29, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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the bay area. brought on part of the roof at this building near 26. the cruise begin repairs which could potentially take months. >> there keeping the building from collapsing.
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were going to wait until we can get adequate equipment. many people spent the day clearing up storm damage. this was the scene in oakland as crews worked remove a 50 foot tree that crashed on an suv near 12th and martin luther king way. the tree shattered the windshield and the mirror but the driver was uninjured. mark has been adding up the rain totals and looking ahead at the next storm. >> site when we are advertising as the strongest on the sequence and will be delivering of moderate to heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. here are the impressive stories. there were over 3.5 inches of rainfall, cloverdale received almost 3 inches and in one reporting two inches. these are some the bigger amounts but there are some impressive totals.
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concord, san rafael, santa rosa, oakland, napa, san mateo all received over an inch of rainfall. san francisco reported 0.98 from wednesday night through today. the winds have been a big story. 68 miles per hour in mount diablo and there is still a breeze with -- sfo reporting a breeze at 40 miles per hour. the satellite and radar tells a story about the system scooting out towards the east leaving us with cleared partly cloudy skies, a few lingering showers for this evening and that is about it. you can see some of the current wind speeds around 15 to 25 miles per hour. tomorrow there will be a bit of a break in the rainfall a third system could impact your weekend plans. i will have your full forecast coming up. the storm system that battered the bay area is pounding the sierra.
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anyone heading for lake tahoe should be prepared for dangerous driving conditions and major delays. mac resnick shows as the conditions in soda springs. >> reporter: near donner pass rose you can only identify tracks with their clacking chains. before making it this far, truck drivers chain up or chain controls are in effect. snow-covered trees tower over the highway as traffic moves steadily but slowly. caltrans works near the shoulder pushing snow off the road to create a cure -- clear path. is part of an all-day battle against mother nature. this was the midday snowfall. you can see how much it is reducing visibility as we look over i-80 and the snows impact on the traffic. the wind is light in the teachers are near freezing and this is a midweek blast of winter before the calendar turns the page on november.
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if you are planning a weekend trip to the sierra there is more snow on the forecast. pack accordingly, meaning have chains in your car and pack essentials like water, food and blankets in case you get stuck. also make sure you have a full tank of gas. the stormy weather has prompted new evacuation orders in the paradise area three weeks after the disastrous camp fire towards her parts of butte county. we have live cover -- live coverage from debora who is in one of those evacuated areas in paradise. >> reporter: the flashlight one expired just after 1:00 but some of these evacuated areas will not get the i -- all clear until tomorrow. we are on honey run road which connects paradise and chico. it is a road where people fled the fire on november 8. today the call to evacuate came again. >> a couple of families did opt to leave the scene in a boat.
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it was just what they had to do in the moment to get out and be safe. >> reporter: a freelance journalist describes swift water rescues as heavy rain in butte county triggered code red evacuations. it was ending camp fire burn area. >> heavy rains came. >> reporter: creeks and irrigation canals downstream float over, sitting deputies knocking on neighborhood doors. >> one elderly lady called for rescue. she had water up to her door and she could not get out. >> reporter: high water vehicle from the army national guard from pittsburgh were needed. the downpour was intense. >> at one point a deputy said he couldn't see it was raining so hard. the when she -- winter wipers
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when able to clear the windshield. >> reporter: honey run road cuts through butte canyon and had water and debris cascading down steep hillsides. at one point people trying to leave were stuck in the middle. >> about 100 cars got caught. they were trying to figure out how to evacuate those people that they couldn't drive through. it was definitely a tense situation for a couple of hours. >> reporter: this has been a concern even before the fire was out and authority saw the rain was coming. stripped landscape has a little absorbency that runoff will find its own path and sometimes carry destructive power with it. >> these are people who might've just got back into their houses. >> reporter: the shifty cal fire and first responders from recovery mode back into emergency. the evacuees who are just home for a day or two have had to flee once again. >> the power just came back on but it is really sad to hear the stories about people trying to get back on their feet and something else is come along and knock them down again.>> reporter: flood evacuations
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were smaller scale. you cannot leave what is no longer standing. some survivors drove out on their own and other state and sheltered in place. it was a downpour of about two inches in one hour but the rain did pass quickly. live in paradise, debora villalon, 2 investigates. >> butte county authority say they hope to start letting people back into the town of paradise early next week depending on the weather. the town has been under an evacuation order for three weeks since the fire that left much of the town in ruins. the butte county sheriffs said the official search for human remains has now ended and the death toll stands at 88. the sheriff said he hopes on 197 people listed as missing will be accounted for. a 42-year-old woman was arrested, suspected of setting off explosives inside the san francisco hall of justice. investigators say the woman got past us -- a security
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checkpoint with firecrackers and set one off on the first floor. it occurred around 11:00 this morning. after the explosion the lobby filled with smoke alarms went off. several evacuated and others were told to shelter in place. operations at the hall of justice were called out for the day. an atf agent had a gun, ammunition and other items stolen from his car parked in oakland. this occurred on tuesday after parking his car outside oakland federal building on clay street. the atf is working with local law enforcement to type -- to try to track down whomever is responsible. the atf isn't releasing any other information at this time. eric bauman resigned today amid sexual misconduct allegations. he said he decided to step down from his post after concluding it was in his -- of the democratic party. he was facing allegations that he sexually harassed and assaulted several staff members. his resignations -- his resignation came just hours after gavin newsom came --
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called for him to step down. does in the bay area restaurants were recognized by michelin's latest guide. when a 50 restaurants earned at least one star. chefs celebrated tonight and a female chef is making history. >> reporter: that is correct. dominic krahn left -- named her restaurant after her late father and she is on her mind as she became the very first woman in the united states to get the michelin three star rating. it was an emotional night for her and many other shops as san francisco takes the top honor in the nation.>> reporter: the moment that so many chefs work a lifetime to achieve finally came for dominic krahn on thursday, the first woman in the united states to receive three michelin shop -- three michelin stars. she celebrated with staff at her restaurant.
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san francisco's finest culinary talent gathered to celebrate and reflect on the moment, professional and personal. >> today i spoke with my mom and it was very emotional. >> reporter: she says her michelin -- michelin stardom also comes with benefits. >> i have a platform, which is to elevate others. >> reporter: the michelin guide awarded the san francisco bay area with the most -- most three star ratings in the nation. >> 83 star restaurants. it is a great achievement for san francisco and the bay area. >> reporter: the husband and wife team at single thread in sonoma county also made the list. >> we would keep our heads down and focus on what was important for us and keep at it. >> reporter: five restaurant celebrate getting their first star including cafi moran who is now cooking in his own
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family run fine dining venue. also birdsong received its first star. it was a taste of success for the chefs business starting with ingredients as raw and as real as possible. >> organic when there wasn't a phrase. it was just real. nothing was modified for efficiency, nothing was driven through cost. it was awfully were born. >> reporter: also celebrating the first michelin star were bar krahn. nico and protigi in palo alto. the guide will be released on tuesday. we also have a list on our website. go to in -- click on web links. >> congratulations to all of them. humming up, a personal letter from warriors star steph curry. how he responded to a nine-year- old girl when she said she couldn't find his basketball shoes for girls.
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a pint-size point guard with girl power spark and change. she did it with a handwritten letter to steph curry and his heartfelt response back. >> arianna gomez caught up with the fourth-grader from napa.>> reporter: it was three weeks ago when riley morrison wrote a letter to golden state warrior superstar stephan curry. she had only hoped you would receive it but never imagined that the father of two daughters himself would reply with a handwritten letter published on twitter on thursday for the world to see. >> i didn't think it would get to this point. >> reporter: in her letter she expressed her disappointment with under armour's website which had only offered the current -- the curry snickers
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in boy sizes and not for girls. >> i hope you can work with under armour to change this because girls want to rock them to. >> he wrote that we are correcting this now. i want to make sure you can wear my kicks proudly. i want to send you a pair now and you will be one of the first to get the hurry 6. he invited riley and her family to oakland for international women's day on march 8 for a special celebration. >> i think he totally made our daughter's day, week, month, year. we look up to him as an athlete and a look up to him as a dad and family man and someone who wants to support girls and athletes. >> reporter: she is also learned a thing or two. she has been accessing her skills at a point guard at napa valley language academy with her family cheering her on with their phones in hand capturing her moves on the court. >> girls are strong and they
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can do anything they put their mind to. >> reporter: under armour says they are correcting a critical error saying, beginning now and moving forward, our youth sizes will be properly labeled on you to reflect:gender sizing. >> it is amazing that she change the culture and possibly the narrative going forward, which i think is really great. i don't know that she can grasp it yet but hope they -- hopefully one day she will and i am proud of her and happy.>> reporter: the change happen almost immediately. >> how do you feel now seen these and the girl section? >> i feel cool.>> reporter: ali anna gomez, 2 investigates .
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the break in the rain was a welcome chance for people to get into the swing of holidays. live christmas music for broadway plaza's annual holiday celebration drew people to walnut creek. the festivities included a parade, delighting the thousands who build the plaza. in berkeley at the sports basement store, customers were shopping the 20th anniversary sale. >> last week we had all the smoke and we had to have pe and recess inside. we have to have inside again but it is also nice because you don't get soaking wet. >> many said the arrival of the rainy weather has been welcome after days of smoke from the camp fire. it is going to change a stars moving quickly and clean the air and produce significant rainfall at times across portions of the bay area. things are beginning to move out of town. there are some clouds and lingering rain showers and snow showers toward the sierra. have a winter storm warning and placed into 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. exam on 10 p.m.
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friday to 10 p.m. saturday. we have partly cloudy skies, a few leftover sprinkles across portions of the bay area and wind speeds were still up there. oakland airport has wind gusts right around 25 miles per hour. sfo is gusting at 33 miles per hour and san jose at 18 miles per hour. it is still breezy 20 tonight and we're going to hold on to that pattern for tomorrow. here is a live look at the bay bridge towards him to school bay showing lingering clouds. tomorrow morning we will have partly cloudy skies and cool conditions. with the downpours this morning, that shouldn't be the case tomorrow. the lows will be in the upper 30s to 40s to right around 50 degrees. the neck system is developing out here in the pacific and will not be as strong as today's deal. where think it a few hundredths of an inch to about a quarter of an inch and maybe more for the coastal hills. the neck system will move in on saturday morning. here is the forecast model. we are going to have some
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snowfall out toward the sierra and we will pick up clouds throughout the evening on friday. this is saturday morning showing the rain showers moving from north to south. the bulk of the rainfall on saturday will be for the morning hours. there will still be scattered showers by the afternoon which will scale back in coverage and activity. highs tomorrow will be in the upper 50s to 60s with a bit of her breeze. 5-day forecast shows the third system moving in saturday morning and it will be dry on sunday with maybe some shower chances into next week. after today it will be nice to go outside and enjoy the drive breaks. there are a lot of ways you can into the holiday spirit this weekend. >> here is rosemary with the weekend watch. >> reporter: heading into the weekend and here's what is happening around the bay. in the east bay, drink in the holiday season with the annual
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tree lighting ceremony on friday from 5:00 into 8:00. festivities include live music, entertainment, shopping, santa claus and you can meet our own serving as master of ceremony. you can head over to the alameda estuary for a lighted got parade starting at 5:30. public view in areas are available along the public white -- walkway at wind river park in alameda. union street kicks off its annual fantasy of lights celebration. thousands of holiday lights would transform you street into a magical backdrop complete with santa, a team of elves, jugglers, ponies just as reindeer, face painting, balloon arches, costumed characters, singers and live entertainment and firefighters will be collecting new toys for children in need. in the south bay, the 67 --
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62nd childress parade will fill downtown streets. in the north bay you can celebrate the holidays with a sparkling party in downtown tiburon where you can enjoy beverage and treat on saturday. the eventual future a snow party, train and horse drawn carriage rides, ornament decorating, pictures with santa and a tree lighting ceremony at 6:00. the raiders are home and the 49ers and sharks are away. i rosemary and that is your weekend watch. the warriors battle directors in overtime without some key players. it was an nailbiter and mark will show us how it ended up. a celebration at john's grill in san francisco. the restaurant is celebrating 110 years in business. john's grill is on ellis street and assumed to be the first -- is said to be one of the first to rebuild after the devastating 1906 earthquake. it was also made famous by the 1927 mystery novel. the 11:00 news continues in two minutes.
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connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪ mark is here. the warriors are at 15-8. it is a great breaker but you are not used to seeing eight losses for them. >> staff has been gone for a while. i don't like those kinds of excuses but i also say that no moral victories in sports. they kind of have one tonight.
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i have to admit. they should feel pretty good about themselves. the raptors are a great team with the best records -- worker in the mba. the warriors stayed with them with out steph curry and green. here is nick taking in homage to sager, the late, great sport pastor who were those coats. they got a great start in here is some great passing. we go to the drawing board for steve kerr and they led by his many as 18 points over the warriors. here is a nice pass over to kevin durant who is just getting started. he was getting his insight and outside game going. everything working downtown and the warriors make their move. going to the final minute toronto is up 3 and kyle and lowery find opening shot and hit it for three. they are down by 6 points with 56 seconds. you figure the warriors are done and they put it in the hands of the sky. this is the third straight game that kevin durant has passed 40 or more.
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there are eight seconds left in the down by 3. that is one jumpshot right here that sentiment over time. you figured all the momentum in the warriors favor but it didn't work out that way. they had turnover problems in overtime with danny green hitting the 3 and the warriors turning the ball over 5 times. you can't get away with that with the team as good as toronto's but a good convincing effort. steph curry will return on saturday. i thought the thursday night football game against the saints would be far more scoring. they both have good offenses weapons like drew breeze and amari cooper, the former raider. he has been doing his thing since joining the cowboys first quarter. it is zach prescott and is in
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elliott easily into the end zone with the 16 yard and they lead 10-0. they do come alive with breeze going to kirkwood for 30 yards and a touchdown. the score was 13-10 and there are too and 17 left. here is drew so efficient but try to throw the ball away and it didn't work. it is scooped up by jordan lewis for the interception. they sealed their fate and there is sean payton who is not happy campell -- happy camper. 13-10 was the final score. >> express perfect for you, i am frank somerville.. here is thomas hickey who is laying ahead on david crazy. the big thing about this is that circle. that is his tooth. he finds it and he goes over to the opposing bench and goes, hey, buddy, here you go. >> utility player a lot of
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hockey. that is the sporting life. >> good night.
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watch this, it's really cool. call leonard hofstadter. (automated voice): did you say, "call helen boxleitner"? no. call leonard hofstadter. did you say, "call temple beth seder"? no! here, let me try it. call mcflono mcflooniloo. (laughing) calling rajesh koothrappali. (cell phone ringing) oh, it's very impressive. and a little racist. if we're all through playing "mock the flawed technology," can we get on withhalonight? we were supposed to start at 8:00; it is now 8:06. so we'll start now. yes, first we have to decide if those lost six minutes will be coming out of


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