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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 30, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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officers arrested a tesla driver who they found asleep at the wheel and they believe was using autopilot to get home. i will have a live report. the world's biggest hotel chain has been hacked and says the personal information of a half billion people has been compromised. the extremely confidential information that could now become public. good morning and thank you for joining us. friday, november 30.i'm pam cook. >> it's the end of november. good morning. i'm dave clark. and just like that we go to steve paulson. he knows about your friday weather. >> it was an interesting month. we went from one extreme to the other. heat and dry to pouring rain. a lot happened here in a short period of time. and it looks like this rain
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will carry over into december. some models have it wet through the 15th. 50s and 60s. partly cloudy today. a cool northwest breezes has kicked in and that's a big change from what we had for the entire week when it was mainly out of the south. sun and clouds a colder system early saturday morning. it will be gone saturday afternoon and by saturday night and sunday you will notice a change to a cool and breezy pattern you will take that into sunday and monday. the system tomorrow is not a big system but it is a colder. five 100 to a quarter inch for most. a little more to the north. and northwest wind kicks in in the afternoon with gusts up to 30. widespread 30s and 40s sunday morning. the system yesterday has moved off the we still have clouds coming in from the northwest mostly cloudy to the north. partly sunny to the south a couple of showers are trying to work the way into mendocino county a system is on the way. 30s for a few but more 30s -- 40s and 50s.
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we are running anywhere from 5- 13 degrees cooler than 13 -- then 24 hours ago. 30s in the mountains. a lot better than yesterday. northwest breezes is in place. with a westerly component. a mix of sun and clouds today. this is the system coming out of the gulf of alaska so it will be colder. 50s and 60s for those temps. good news. a couple of spots where the news isn't that great but right now, in general, we have a better commute than yesterday. let's begin with the drive from oakland to san francisco. that is a 20 minute delay. no major issues getting into san francisco. the traffic looks okay on the bridge itself we also have a look at the commute in oakland where 880 north and south is okay driving past the oakland coliseum and oracle arena. traffic on southbound 101 is all right. we had an accident call, southbound 101 at woodside road on the way to the silicon
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valley from san francisco. this is an injury accident in the center divide. they just dispatched the medics and the fire department. we will see if that has an effect on the roads getting into the silicon valley 880 looks good from hayward to fremont it's lighter than it normally is and that silicon valley commute for the most part looks good with just a little bit of slow traffic on 101. 280 looks good in downtown san jose getting up to cupertino. california highway patrol officers arrested a tesla driver who they say was asleep at the wheel and appeared to be using the self-driving mode to get home. elissa harrington joins us now from palo alto with the story. >> reporter: good morning. officers say they eventually got that driver to pull over and ended up at the shell gas station off the embarcadero. where the driver failed a field sobriety test. here is video of them giving the driver that test. i spoke with an officer with chp on the phone.
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he told me that officers first noticed the tesla traveling on highway 101 just after 3:30 am. officers pulled up next to the car and noticed the driver appeared to be asleep at the wheel. >> the driver was unconscious and they basically try to make the vehicle stop by driving in front of it with the patrol vehicle. eventually they got the driver off the embarcadero off 101. they stopped at a gas station. the officers conducted a field sobriety test with a 45-year- old male. >> reporter: the driver was arrested. the officer said it appears the driver was using the auto function on the tesla. they say they had to pull in front of the vehicle and drive slower and slower until they were able to slow the car down. the driver finally woke up the
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officer said the autopilot function should only be used to assist drivers drivers should always be awake and sober with both hands on the wheel. he also tells me this is not the first time they are pulled over a driver for something like this and he is concerned that this will not be the last. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. president trump is in argentina, attending the g 20 summit. about two hours ago on the sidelines of the summit, this happened. president trump along with mexican president enrique pena nieto and canadian prime minister justin trudeau sign the new united states mexico canada agreement on trade. replacing nafta. mostly this is a ceremonial signing because the governments of all three countries still need to ratify the deal. this morning president trump was appraising the new trade deal. >> these new provisions will benefit labor, technology and development in each of our
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nations, leading to much greater growth and opportunity throughout our countries and across north america. >> you are looking at live pictures from argentina right now at the g 20 summit where the leaders will be gathering along the red carpet. president trump has meetings set with world leaders throughout the summit. he was supposed to meet with russian president vladimir putin but canceled the meeting yesterday. tomorrow, the president will meet with the chinese president , xi jinping, to talk about continuing trade disputes. san francisco police are investigating a hit-and-run crash that happened before 11:30 pm last night on the embarcadero near folsom street. police say a black sedan and an suv were both going south on the embarcadero. officers say it appears the sedan try to make a right turn across two lanes and cut off the suv. the sedan crashed into a pole.
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the driver ran off. the driver of the suv was taken to a hospital but we do not know their condition this morning. santa rosa police say an eight-year-old woman hit and injured a pedestrian before rear ending another car just before 6:00 last night. a man was hit in the crosswalk at the intersection of highway 12 and middle recon road when police are investigating the crash, they heard about a second crash near calistoga road. investigators say it turned out to be the same driver picked the woman told police she did not know she had the pedestrian investigators say alcohol and drugs do not appear to be a factor. a man is accused of beating a woman outside a bar in napa and is now in jail. napa police announced that the suspect, james faulkenberry, surrender last night around 10 pm. he is one of two men accused of beating the woman and knocking her unconscious. take a look at this surveillance video. you see a man of throwing a woman out of stone sports bar and lounge two weeks ago. that man and another person
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punched and kicked her. two other men came out of the bar with pool sticks fending off her attackers. the other suspect, juan rojas, surrendered earlier this week and is being held without bail. san francisco police union is angry about the process for promoting police officers saying it's not there. according to the examiner, the police officers association sent a letter to police chief bill scott about the concerns the union says the chief recently passed over some officers who scored high on promotion exams. the report said the police chief can consider other criteria when deciding who to promote but union members say the process needs to be more transparent. we do not have rain in the bay area right now but we are in between two storms this morning. the second one will come tonight. while we wait for it, many people are cleaning up from the first. heavy rain brought down part of this roof on a building near 26
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and peralta and west oakland. the city red-tagged the building. crews are starting repairs and those repairs may take months. chain restrictions are in effect today throughout the sierra and if you plan to drive to lake tahoe, be prepared for dangerous driving conditions and major delays. drivers heading to the slopes yesterday ran into whiteout conditions on some parts of highway 50 and interstate 80. many people are happy for a break in the rain but water officials are still concerned. santa clara water valley district officials say the reservoirs in the county are below average right now at 27% capacity. according to a map on the u.s. drought monitor website, much of the bay area is considered at moderate drought conditions. >> this is the first rain of the season so it's a good sign. the ground is still dry so there's not a lot of runoff but we need to get the ground saturated and in future storms we will get more runoff.
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>> water officials still want people to conserve saying it will take several more storms this winter before reservoirs will be anywhere near capacity. marriott hotel's say a data breach may have compromised the information of up to 500 million hotel guests. the world's biggest hotel chain says an unauthorized party accessed its database as early as 2014 at its starwood branded hotels. the hacking affects 11 brands including weston, sheridan, and w hotels. marriott said for about 327 million hotel guests, the compromised information includes some combination of a name, mailing address, passport number, even the date of birth. marriott has set up a website for customers who are worried their information may have been parts of that breach. you can find a link to that website at . click on web links at the top of the page.
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he is a superstar on the basketball court. now, steph curry is praised for his actions away from the arena . the incredible response he had when a young fan went shopping for his shoes. the competition is heating up for netflix. details about at&t's plan to compete for your cash. if you are driving into silicon valley, perhaps you are driving up to highway 17, we will take a look at your silicon valley commute driving to cooper dino, sunnyvale and mountain view. today's forecast is free. it won't cost you a thing however you will need to pony up some money because it will reign. we will see how much. i am a family man.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. starbucks crackdown on customers who watch sexually explicit content on the free wi- fi. the company says they will block customers from watching pornography and other explicit content. they have not said how they will block the content on its wi-fi but starbucks says a solution, you will see it next year. at&t is getting into the streaming video business. they are planning to launch a new streaming service next year. this will come in three versions and feature original movies and tv series from warner bros., turner and hbo.
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at&t wants to compete directly with netflix and hulu. we do not know the price just yet. the securities and exchange commission said they promoted investments and initial cryptocurrency coin offerees without revealing they were being paid by some of those companies. they opted to settle with the fcc and agreed not to promote any securities for a few years. the warriors had to destroy to play the pistons tomorrow after they lost to the toronto raptors. >> it's good. they are not going to. kate d 3! >> the warriors erased an 18 point deficit. they forced over time thanks to kevin durant 3-pointer. he had 51 points last night. but the raptors still one, 131- 128 thanks to that big shot by danny green.
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tomorrow, the warriors play detroit. steph curry is expected to be back. he missed the past few weeks because of an injury. speaking of steph curry, his response to a young fan is going viral. this started when nine-year-old riley morrison went shoe shopping. >> i hope you can work with under armour to change this because girls want to rock the curry 5 too. >> the fourth-grader from napa wrote a letter to steph curry saying she was upset that his she was offered in boys sizes, not girls. he posted his reply on twitter. and a handwritten note he wrote -- we are correcting this now. i want to make sure you can wear my kicks proudly so i will send you a pair of curry 5 now. >> we look up to him as an athlete and i think now we look up to him more as a dad and a family man. >> girls are strong and they can do anything they put their mind to to.
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>> yes. he also told riley he was center up your habits next shoe and invited riley and her family to oakland for international womens day on march 8 for a special celebration. one of the many reasons we love our warriors. they are good guys on and off the court. >> isn't that ironic that her name is riley? two that's true. his daughter is riley. that may have caught his eye as well. sal is here watching the commute. and it's a little crowded although compared to yesterday it may seem like a walk in the park. let's take a look at this commute. you can see traffic is moving along well if you're driving on westbound bay bridge. vesey 10-15 minute wait. i will take that, especially after yesterday. we have good visibility. it's a little breezy but as far as the drive is controlled across the bridge, if you drive a small card you may feel a little breeze. traffic is moving along okay on
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the peninsula. burlingame down to san mateo, an accident on southbound 101 at woodside road. the crash is being handled but traffic will be light in the area. no problems on the other side of the bay. it's looking pretty good. we're looking at the silicon valley grid and all the freeways look good including 280 through downtown san jose. we're not going to ask any questions. were just going to let it become especially after the week we've had 618 a.m. let's bring in the mail. >> it be the man when you are. traffic jams is backed? what's the theme? >> the year 1969. almost 50 years ago. >> that was way before my time. its get to it. a break between systems. we will have a quick mover tomorrow. it's a colder system. jim young said it's the dawn of aquarius. please let the sunshine in this friday. i get that. >> nice. thank you, jim.
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we will send you a consolation prize. the system coming in tomorrow is coming down out of the northwest. there is a northwest breezes for some today on the coast and also at sfo. the water -- we have made up a lot of ground. santa rosa is now at 93% of normal. 10 days ago they were 25%. they will add a little bit to that tomorrow. san francisco is now 91%. oakland, 87%. they were 2%-3% 10 days ago. in 10 days we have gone from nothing to something. quite impressive. snowfall as well. winter storm warning has ended. the system on saturday morning will give some powder more than sierra cement. it's coming out of the gulf of alaska. if you snow showers linger but i think everything is about done. it will be much quieter if you're heading up there.
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there goes that low from yesterday. now we focus our attention to the northwest. this is not a big system but it is cold. couple and hundreds to a third or half inch. most location should be under a quarter. the one will turn out of the northwest and you will feel it. there will be widespread 30s and 40s late saturday night into sunday morning pick 19 one hunters to a quarter inch is about right for this system tomorrow. there will be another one tuesday. we will see where it ends up it's coming in mid-latitude so it will be a warmer system. the system tomorrow will not have a lot of rain but it will have some. everything is coming down with cloudy skies to the north. partly sunny to the south but a lot of clouds are zooming by. 40s and 50s for the temperatures. napa airport, 10 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. gusts at 25 and half moon bay. a little west, southwest at livermore. general it's a northwest wind under general cloudy skies.
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this will zoom by but it will give us rain late tonight and overnight into early tomorrow. by noon it should be about done. 50s and 60s for those temperatures. three dog night, three cat night for sunday morning. increasing clouds on monday and tuesday. re-creating the san francisco skyline. i look at the new legos set and some of the landmarks the future. first, new details about the sanford educated scientist who claims to have created the first gene edited babies.
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♪let the sun shine. let the sun shine in. the sun shine in. the sync >> perfect. >> they will be on the show. marilyn mccoo and billy davis junior on the nine. i will be interviewing them personally this song is one of my favorites of all time. let the sunshine in by the fifth dimension. requested by jim young. that bass player, jim osborne, a great recessions museum. that's a song -- if there's a song you want to hear from
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1969. that's our theme. use the hashtag, ktvu on twitter, facebook or instagram. >> he said the sun will shine today. democrats in congress say they are prepared to reject any republican plan to provide the $5 billion in funding president trump is demanding for a boarder wall. republicans are proposing to divide the $5 billion over two years. $2.5 billion next year and another $2.5 billion in 2020 but democrats said they have agreed on a $1.6 billion funding for border barriers and security for 2019 and that's the limit picked the issue could lead to a government shutdown if there is not an agreement on a spending bill by december 7. a study shows americans are more comfortable with the idea of women running corporations than running the country. the study found that 63% of americans say they would be
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very comfortable with a female chief executive officer but only 52% say they feel the same way about a woman as president. we are learning more about the controversial research that led to the first dna edited babies. the stanford educated professor behind it recruited seven couples to take part in the study. each couple has one specific thing in common. the father is hiv-positive, the mother is hiv-negative. the goal is to make babies who are resistant to hiv infections. >> this is most importantly for curing disease through gene editing. it helps patients with rare diseases, especially hiv patients. >> we still have a lot of work to do to prove and establish that the procedure is actually safe. i would say that no babies should be born at this point in time following the use of this technology. it's simply too early and too premature. >> one set of twins was born to
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one couple. another enrolled couple may also be pregnant. the major shakeup to the e- cigarette industry could be underway. the potential change to keep the products out of the hands of teenagers. it could be one of the largest data breaches and history. the personal information for millions of guest at marriott- owned hotels that could be at risk.
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and the opening bell from the new york stock exchange. it's been quite a week. big ups and downs. investors and traders are looking forward to the g 20 summit and trade talks between president trump and the president of china. that is on the minds of many traders at the new york stock exchange. right now it looks like a lower opening. talking about marriott stock with that big data breach. we will talk about that coming up. good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. friday, the last day of november, november 30. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's surprising that california is considered in a moderate drought for the most part. >> last year except for march it was not a good year. march kind of save does.
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>> but december looks good right now. >> some of the reservoirs are okay statewide. we are doing okay in the last 10 days. there are signs of more rain on the way tomorrow. late tonight and tomorrow and maybe next tuesday. yesterday we got soaked. today is a break. it's my piceance birthdays -- my fianci's birthday today. just take a jacket tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning you would have to do indoor plans. i know tatiana. she works at the neiman marcus in walnut creek. tell her the weatherman says hello. she is very nice. she owes me a cup of cost -- a cup of coffee by the way. partly cloudy with the northwest breezes. mostly cloudy to the north. is a lot of moisture stripping down from the northwest and it will give us a system late tonight, overnight into
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tomorrow morning. the rainfall will not be that heavy. this is a cold system. the northwest breezes will kick in in the early afternoon and then there will be a lot of 30s and 40s late saturday night into sunday morning. we do have a lot of cloud cover over a spork there could be some showers to the north but most of this is waiting till overnight and into saturday. i know tomorrow is the big game. it may rain early but in the afternoon take a jacket. that cold air will start filtering in. 40s and 50s under mostly cloudy skies. if you 30s but a lot of low 40s. you see the cloud cover over eight. once it sets up and comes out at the northwest, there's not a lot to stop it. this is the system. this will give some champagne powder to the sierra early tomorrow. 50s and 60s for those temperatures. i wanted to see the peninsula commute, if there was anything. there is an. looking at highway 101 if you're driving into san francisco from san bruno are
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coming up from the airport into downtown, it looks good on northbound 101 approaching the it is flip. no problems on southbound 101 heading down the peninsula to the silicon valley. this is a look at the bay bridge. 10-15 minute delay. the wind will be -- i would that's a gusty -- but if you drive a small car, a maybe when the other bridge. this is a look at interstate 880 in front of the oakland exit. traffic is moving well. 880 is taking a little bit of slow traffic after hayward and there was a crash southbound 880 at decoto. that's why we do have some slow traffic heading down. if that's your commute, add an extra 10 minutes. you should be back on schedule after that. the silicon valley commute does not look bad. all the freeways look good. a little bit of slow on northbound 85 after highway 17. as many as 500 million marriott customers may have had their information compromised because of a massive data breach announced overnight.
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allie rasmus joins us now outside the sheraton in emeryville, one of the hotel chains owned by marriott. >> reporter: marriott said this hack specifically affects users and customers who made a reservation on their starwood reservation system for those are hotels that are part of the starwood chain that marriott took over a couple of years ago. hotels like sheridan, westin hotel's, w hotels and saint regis are all impacted by the breach. marriott bought their starwood hotels in 2016 this said november 19, marriott noticed that hackers had gain access to guest personal information via the reservation system for starwood. for 327 million guests, the breaches more severe because the information stolen includes a combination of things like phone numbers, email addresses, passport numbers and dates of birth. that's going back to 2014. in a statement the marriott ceo said we fell short of what our
6:35 am
guest deserve and what we expected ourselves. we are doing everything we can to support our guests and using lessons learned to be better moving forward. marriott has also set up an informational website for guest and a call center to field questions and concerns for we will have a link to that website on our website for more information available in the web links section. this will have a big impact on marriott they have about 5700 properties worldwide and in 110 different countries this will impact their reputation but also their stock price. stock plunged about 6% in premarket trading we will keep an eye on that throughout the morning now that the market is open.allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. i'm watching the marriott stock right now. as you can see, $115 per share. $6.5 down. 5.5% loss marriott is affected by this data breach and also the striking workers. ongoing pressure on the company and the stock extract the chp
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arrested a tesla driver near redwood city who they say was asleep at the wheel and appear to be using autopilot to get home. chp first noticed the tesla on 101 near redwood city just after 3:40 am. he pulled next to the car. the driver, they say, appeared to be asleep they eventually woke up the driver, made him pull over and he was arrested after feeling a sobriety test. the chp said tesla's autopilot feature should only be used to help drivers when they are awake, sober and have both hands on the wheel. dubuque county sheriff's office is releasing dramatic video from a deputy's body camera during the camp fire. very scary video from a deputy trying to evacuate nurses from feather river hospital in paradise. the deputy said his patrol car
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broke down so the deputy and the nurses got out and started walking. he turned on his body camera thinking he may be recording the final moments of his life. out of the darkness came a bulldozer followed by a fire engine. the bulldozer help them get out that they all escape the flames. rain and flooding for some people in butte county to evacuate for the second time in three weeks. many had just been allowed to go back home after the camp fire road in paradise that cuts through butte creek canyon had water and debris falling down a hillside. at one point people trying to leave were stuck in the middle. >> about 100 cars were caught between these two men debris flows. they were trying to figure out how to evacuate those people. they cannot drive-through. this was a tense situation for a couple of hours. >> high water vehicles from the army national guard in pittsburg were used to help get people out. rain in southern california
6:38 am
also causing problems in malibu. runoff from the burned hillsides is causing mud slides. many who were evacuated during the woolsey fire are again being evacuated. one woman was desperate to get her horses to safety as the mud moved in. >> the lady was walking one of her horses here and she was freaked out. we asked her if she needed help and she said yes. i have five more horses back at my place. >> neighbors helped to walk the horses out there is also a high surf warning for beaches in the same area for several parts of the pacific coast highway have been flooded by high water. protesters want a complete overhaul of pg&e after the camp fire. angry demonstrators shutdown the california public utilities commission meeting in san francisco yesterday.
6:39 am
they are worried that customers will be forced to bail out the utility. state lawmakers are considering a bill that would protect us pg&e from massive liabilities connected to massive wildfires. >> it happened in sam bruce or -- san bruno in santa rosa and if they fail pg&e out from this and let them pass the cost of that tragedy onto ratepayers, then it will happen again. >> the agency had this response. the commission took multiple steps related to protecting wildfire affected customers and looking at the long-term future of pg&e. we extended a consumer protection that pg&e was directed to put in place after the 2017 north in california wildfires and approved a decision that required pg&e to implement safety recommendations to improve its safety, culture and operations. the agency is ordering pg&e to implement 60 safety improvement recommendations following that investigation into the deadly zambrana pipeline exposure in
6:40 am
2010. an outside consulting firm is recommending changes to management, field operations, budgeting and training. the report said pg&e made quickly to address the issues with its gas system but was slower in addressing its safety culture. pg&e responded by saying we believe we have made significant progress but we also recognize there is always more work to do to achieve our mission to provide safe, reliable and affordable in clean energy. a new bill in the state legislature aims to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. next week, state senator jerry hill will introduce a bill when the legislature reconvenes. the goal is to stop the use of e-cigarettes by teenagers. the proposed law would be in sales in retail stores and vending machines. violators would be fined up to $600 for a first offense. >> i want this for christmas. lego is launching a san francisco skyline said. the display will feature several icons including the
6:41 am
painted ladies, golden gate bridge and coit tower. alcatraz, the transamerican pyramid and salesforce tower are in the design similar sets cell from $40-$60. this one will launch next year. that needs to be an i owe you christmas present. >> you need to have one. >> i do. i want to sit down and put that together. it's been a week full of rain come a high wind and big surf. we will look at the damage as the next storm is getting ready to move in. and it is a big weekend for college sports in the bay area. we were previewed tonight's pac- 12 championship game along with the big game featuring cal and stanford. right now traffic is moving along well. a little slow in some commutes. we will let you know more about the commute including the drive to the silicon valley. a lot of cloud cover coming down from the northwest today
6:42 am
if you are going to the big game tomorrow. you may get some rain for tailgating but afterwards take the jacket. it will be cooler and breezy. ♪
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♪ ♪ connecting people... ...uniting the world. ♪♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. richard sherman of the 49ers will play against his old team on sunday when the 49ers travel to seattle. sherman spent seven seasons with the seahawks. it ended when he was cut last march. seattle is coming off a win against the panthers and they are still in the mix for a playoff spot. you can see that game sunday at 1 pm right here on ktvu box 2. the raiders will try to slow down kansas city, one of the hottest teams in the nfl, on sunday. the chiefs play the raiders at the coliseum. the chiefs have a very explosive offense. it will be hard for jon gruden's defense to stop them. right now the odd makers have the chiefs as 15 point favorites. today the pac-12 championship is coming to the south bay. that's the first of two big college football games this weekend. >> frank is here to build up the college football season. >> i know what i'm doing tonight and i know where i will
6:46 am
be tomorrow. i'm watching some football with the rest of the bay area. bay area college football fans will love it. the big game two weeks later because of the smoky skies. that's tomorrow at 12. the pac-12 title game is tonight and they will play that at levi's stadium. number 11 washington will meet number 17 utah tonight. the stakes are high. the winner moves on to the rose bowl. it is the utes first appearance in the pac-12 title game. washington's second time. the huskies have the upper hand in a big way against the utes having won 11 of their 12 there was the first time they fail to score double digits and two years. both played an up-tempo game. expect good defense. kickoff is at 6 pm tonight. you can catch all the action right here on fox 2. tomorrow it's cal and stanford in the 121st big game
6:47 am
at berkeley. for the first time this game means something both teams set at 7-4 and the winner will receive a better bid. stanford has owned this rivalry. they have won the last eight straight and it outscored cal 299 to 142 during the street. berkeley coming off wins over usc and washington. the game was moved back two weeks because of the smoke from the camp fire. a nice early start tomorrow. a new kickoff at memorial stadium. rain or shine, it will be packed. and if you're wondering where my allegiance is -- i have the proper color tie today. go bears. >> the blue and gold. and it will be reynoso everyone better prepare for that. >> for tailgating especially. we know another cal there. >> i need to take this red tie off.
6:48 am
>> you are wearing red? i think we hear from a lot of people. >> just take it off. right on the air. >> gold. >> there you go. you are saved. >> i have a goal tie in my locker. 80 westbound as you drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze, 28 minutes. there have been no major issues if you are driving through. yesterday we had that wet commute. it's dry and traffic is better today. it may be a little windy but really nothing to worry about, especially compared to yesterday. this is a look at eight 80. if you're driving to the oakland airport, traffic should be okay from san leandro to oakland or driving from downtown to the coliseum. southbound 880 at decoto they are clearing a crash and traffic is dan from 92 from union city to fremont. the silicon valley commute is getting a little slow but if
6:49 am
you're driving to sunnyvale, cupertino or mountain view, it's not too bad at the moment. it's casual friday. i did not get the memo but that is a good look >> i will put a tie on but i'm going to take the red tie off just for today. >> thank you. yesterday was rocking and rolling in the weather department all the way up till about 4:00 in then things started to slow down. 47 and no downpours or lightning in lg and san jose. yesterday my daughter's flight from sjc to reno was delayed an hour due to lightning. i'm not surprise. there were many lightning strikes yesterday. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy today. there is a northwest breezes and this is a complete difference from what we had yesterday. all the wind was out of the south. this system came in mid- latitude the next one coming in late tonight and tomorrow is
6:50 am
coming down out of the north and you will feel it's saturday afternoon and sunday morning. this is the water here. october 1 remember san jose was 2% of normal 11 days ago. they are now 80%. oakland is at 87%. three inches or more. san francisco just over 3 3/4. 91%. santa rosa is 93%. not too bad in 10 days. the sierra snow, they are getting a break now. if you're going up, today would be good in advance of the next system. this system is coming in from the north and so it will be more of a powdery system coming in on saturday morning, saturday afternoon. the cloud coverage is moving down from the northwest a lot of clouds, a better opportunity for sun to the south. there could be some splash and dash showers in the north. morning rain should be finished by 11:00. then that cold breeze will kick in taking us into saturday evening and sunday and monday as well.
6:51 am
tomorrow, maybe a quarter inch. an isolated area with a half inch or so. that northwest wind in the afternoon will kick in. 30s and 40s, very chilly sunday morning. this is about right on the rainfall. it looks to be done around noon. if you are going to the big game, i would prepare for rain in the morning and then bundle up in the afternoon because after that wind kicks in, you will feel it. this will be the coldest every scene of the season so far. a lot of cloud cover. not much else. mostly cloudy for the forecast 40s and 50s. if you 30s up north but on the peninsula, a lot of 50s. 30 in truckee. 34, ukiah. cloudy, mostly cloudy to the north. that is the system that will swing in and it has a lot of cold air. late tonight in early tomorrow morning to the north, lake county and swings through tomorrow morning by 9:00 and then it should be done by noon. maybe a little left over at noon but after that we should
6:52 am
be good to go pick that's when that wind kicks in it will be snow in the mountains. 50s, mainly upper 50s and low 60s under mostly cloudy skies. making it a break sunday and monday. increasing clouds on tuesday. civic center park in san francisco is becoming a winter wonderland. we tell you about the winter activities available outside city hall. first, let's check in with gasia mikaelian to see what's coming up in the next hour. good morning. coming up, after a reported that showed use of force by oakland police officers went down dramatically, an independent auditor now says he's investigated further and found that opd officers were not always truthful and the reporting about their interactions with the public. we will explain. tesla is facing serious allegations of racist behavior and language by some of its employees directed at their african-american coworkers. what some workers said they had to indoor and tesla's response.
6:53 am
we will be right back. [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he.
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donations benefit thanksgiving feeding america network and the san francisco marin food bank oofrments
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holiday season is kicking off in san francisco. today the winter park ice rink will open at civic center plaza. mayor london breed and olympic star speaking at the opening ceremony. the winter park will be open every day between noon and 10:00 p.m. through january 6th. regular admission is $20 for adults and 5:$00 to $15 for children eight years old and younger. hundreds of people gathering for the annual christmas tree lighting ceremony. a special appearance by santa clause himself, the tree is a big one, 55-foot tall mount shasta fur decorated with 5,000 lights and 600 beautiful lights. gasia mikaelian will em see tonight's festivities.
6:58 am
you can watch it from your home, live coverage begins at 5:00 on ktvu plus and you can still be part of it. happening today, the media gets a sneak peek of caltrain's holiday train. decorated with more than 75,000 glittering lights rolling between san francisco and santa clara. the holiday ride will be available to everybody tomorrow and sunday. you're encouraged to bring along new unwrapped toys that can be donated to underserved children as part of the benefit to help the toys for tots season for giving program. >> the increasing cost of rent in the area and the increasing cost of living just means that families in the bay area have very little expendable income and so the holidays are really a time when the community can rally together and pull together resources and donate money to help make the season brighter for many families.
6:59 am
>> last year the holiday train brought together more than 35,000 bay area residents and they collected more than 3,000 toys. several bay area restaurants are celebrating for good reason. they were awarded mitch lynn stars. more than 50 bay area restaurants earned at least one star in the latest mitch lynn guide, eight of them earned three stars and one of the chefs being recognized made history. the first woman in the united states to get three mitch lynn stars for her restaurants. . >> i realize that now today i have a platform and that platform is for me to elevate others. . >> the bay area was awarded with the most three star ratings in the country. the world's largest hotel
7:00 am
chain has been hacked and says the personal information of a billion people have been compromised. the confidential information that could now become public. chp officers investigating if a tesla driver was using auto pilot while asleep at the wheel. i'll show you video from the arrest. can you believe it's the last day of the month, december is almost here. still friday november 30th, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. was it chilly for you coming in. >> very. >> steve, you told us it would be. >> yes, certainly saturday night and sunday. good morning, yes it's chilly. we do have a lot of cloud cover coming down. partly mostly cloudy day. upper 50s for many, a few low 60s but a lot of cloud cover to the north. there goes our system from yesterday.


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