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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 30, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PST

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local children as part of a benefit to help the toys for tots and salvation army season of giving program. the holiday train collected more than 3,000 toys last year. live in studio as they prepare to hit the stage in san francisco, the famous duo. frank mallicoat previews two big games being played this weekend. plus, we're celebrating the season with details on the hanukkah pop up shop in san francisco and the tap dancing christmas trees back on set ahead of tonight's tree lighting ceremony in oakland's jack london square. listen closely, let the sunshine in. good morning, november 30th, last day of november. the golden gate bridge with the sunshine and that music is playing for a reason. i'm so excited.
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marilyn and billy davis jr. are here live to talk about their show. >> their in town this weekend. >> in the newsroom people over a certain age, we were all downstairs when you guys were on the air doing karaoke in the newsroom singing their songs. they have a lot of them. >> for you what stands out about them? >> well, something really that i learned about them is when they first came on the scene people thought they were white and no one knew what they looked like until they did that song we just played and they were very frustrated because they wanted to be themselves and that was in 69 -- a trying time so we'll talk to them about that later. >> look forward to that interview. >> beautiful picture out there. the golden gate bridge, let's bring in steve now. nice to a break out there but snow up in the sierra. >> no kidding. we'll get the snow level down to 4,000 feet from one more
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system early saturday. pretty good snow totals coming in. north star updated that. 21 inches of snow, not much left up there now. things are quiet so they will pick up overnight into tomorrow morning. the information coming in is good as well. our good friend mike, norton had a foot of new snow in the last 24 hours, 22 inches on the ground. average is 20 so above on this date and 37 inches for the season. last year on this date the season total was 20. last year we had to wait until march. not only snow but also rain. remember, ten days ago san jose and oakland were 2% normal. now san is 80%. the city of san francisco is 91. sfo by the way, there's 100% of normal and santa rosa with over six inches of rain now 93. all getting more from the system coming in. there's a little bit on the north coast. not much for us.
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everything coming out of the northwest so a much colder pattern. mostly cloudy and we'll talk about that saturday system coming up at the bottom of the hour. marriott hotels announced this morning that the personal information of as many as 500 million customers worldwide may have been stolen. allie rasmus live now with what we know about this massive data breach and which hotels are affected and what customers should be doing right now. >> marriott has set up a website to send customers information where they can send questions and concerns. we should mention the attorney's general office opened up an investigation into the massive data breach. likely the first of numerous investigations by government entities around the world and to what went wrong here and what marriott could have done differently. how many people are impacted by this? as many as 500 million marriott customers worldwide, specifically customers who stayed at one of the star wood
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marriott hotels including hotels like this one in emoriville, the sheraton and w hotels around the world. they bought the group in 2016. on november 19th the data security officers confirmed an unauthorized party copy and encrypted as many as 500 million hotel gift records going back to 2014. hackers copied a combination of phone numbers, email addresses and dates of birth along with credit card payment information. some customers we spoke with this morning say they are concerned but this breach isn't enough to keep them from staying at hotels in the future. >> i don't think that's going to change because breaches are current now. it's like it's what we live with now and it's unfortunate. >> we also spoke with an international attorney
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specializing in data breach issues and she says marriott will likely face fines in several different countries for not protecting user's information. >> it could be substantial and it will depend on which countries look to find them. but yes, it defines our substantial proceeds and customers stop needing them. we see that critical for the company. >> marriott ceo issued this statement saying "we fell short of what our guests deserve and what we expect of ourselves. we're doing everything we can to support guests and lessons learned moving forward." as for the website that marriott set up for guests impacted by this, a link to it on our website at click on the westbound links section. marriott will be contacted customers who may have been affected by this directly via email.
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marriott will also be paying frg a free service for an identity and fraud alert system they can enroll in. live in emoriville, allie rasmus, ktvu news. president trump is meeting with world leaders at the g20 summit in argentina as we report first on the presidents scheduled today signing a new trade deal with canada and mexico. >> president trump is in argentina for the g20 summit and hit the ground running meeting with his counter parts from mexico and canada and signing the replacement for nafta, the united states mexico canada agreement. the president says it's the largest significant trade deal in american history. >> i look forward to working with members of congress and the u.s. embassy partners and i have to say it's been so well reviewed, i don't expect to have very much of a problem. >> selling the deal to a divided congress won't be easy with skeptical lawmakers pointing to recent gm plant closures as proof the trade policies aren't working.
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those concerns voiced by justin trudeau. >> it's all the more reason we need to keep work to go remove the tariffs on steel and aluminum between countries. >> the robert mueller investigation heats up here in washington with former trump attorney michael cohen admitting lying to congress about building a trump tower in moscow. moscow says the decision was more about robert mueller than vladimir putin. >> is this the reason for cancelling the meeting? officially we heard that but is this the reality? we have to search for the answers in the domestic political situation. >> president trump spends another day on saturday before heading back to the white house. in washington, doug mc kel, ktvu fox 2 news. a developing story overneither in the south bay, chp officers arrested a tesla driver who they say was asleep
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at the wheel and used the self- driving mode on the highway. live in redwood city with how the arrest unfolded. it's kind of unusual. >> it is. they say the car was traveling 70 miles per hour and the driver appeared to be asleep. chp officers first spotted the vehicle here in redwood city and pursued it to palo alto. here's video of officers giving the driver a sobriety test which they say he failed. this all started just after 330 a.m. oifs noticed the cartraveling on southbound highway 101 and they pulled up along side the vehicle and noticed the driver appeared to be asleep or unconscious. the car was not swerving at all and driving ate constant speed. the driver eventually woke up. i spoke with an officer on the phone and he says it appears the autonomous driving mode was engaged. . .
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>> due to the fact it's a tesla, they have the feature but they basically the driver might have been asleep at the wheel and possibly using the autonomous mode on the vehicle so at this point that is what we're investigating. >> the officer says the driver was 45 year old alexander from loss alto s and his blood alcohol level is not known at this time and they don't know where he was coming from or going. the car was towed and officers are still investigating if he was in fact using the auto pilot mode while asleep in the car. they say if that's the fact, this is actually not the first time that they have arrested somebody for doing that. . the butte county sheriff's office is releasing dramatic video from a deputy's body camera during the camp fire ing the camp fire
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. >> this is video from a deputy trying to evacuate nurses from feather river hospital in paradise. the 23 year old deputy says his patrol car broke down. the deputy and nurses got out and started walking. he turned on his body cam thinking he might be recording the final moments of his life but out of the darkness came a bulldozer followed by a fire engine and they all made it out safely. rain and flooding for some people in butte county to evacuate for the second time in three weeks. many had just been allowed to go back home after the camp fire. a road in paradise creek canyon had water and debris falling down. at one point people trying to leave were stuck in the middle . >> about 100 cars got caught between these two debris flows and that's what they were trying to figure out how to evacuate the people when they couldn't drive through. definitely a tense situation
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there for a couple of hours. >> high water vehicles from the army national guard in pittsburgh were used to get help for the people get out. we know 1200 breweries pledging to join with sierra nevada to help people affected by the camp fire. they're crafting an ipa with the help of the brew rerer ris they expect to make 900-0000 pints. malt, hop and yeast suppliers are chipping in free ingredients. the proceeds will go to the sierra nevada camp fire relief fund. the beer should be available throughout the start of the new year. crews spent weeks on the fire lines at the camp fire finally returning home. take a lack at this video from captain rex tucker, a firefighter in roseville early this week he surprised his daughter when he showed up to pick her up frl school and she runs into dad's arms. he had been away for 19 days
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battling the camp fire. >> very cool, thank you captain for working the fire. still to come, right here on mornings on two, the speaker of the house gives his farewell speech. what he says are his biggest regrets.
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brian was elected in congress in 1998 at the age of 28 and tapped to take over as house speaker when john biener retired. he announced the retirement in april. democrats in congress say they're prepared to reject a new republican plan to provide the 5 $5 billion in funding president trump is demanding for a border wall. they are proposing to divide it over two years. democrats say they have agreed on $1.6 billion in funding security for 2019 and that is their limit. this issue could lead to a government shut down if there's not an agreement on a spending baby december 7th. governor elect gavin newsom heads to mexico city for saturday's inauguration for incoming president lopez. newsom toured an immigration center near san diego
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yesterday. >> there's bus loads of folks coming that ice is bringing to some of these shelters so not necessarily knowing where they're going to be tomorrow or the next day. i'll tell you this san diego and folks in the region, they're going to end up in the streets and sidewalks. people are going to be out on the streets and walks in the emergency rooms. so we have to address this issue. >> governor elect newsom met with groups advocating for immigrants seeking asylums with mexican leaders and he will build upon the economic, political and cultural bonds that connect mexico and california. meantime thousands of central americans remain camped out in tijuana wait to go hear about their applications for asylum in the united states. authorities say it could take up to six months for the claims to be processed with so many people camped at the border, health and hygiene are becoming serious concerns oofrnl the trump administration will host a round table next week with the most powerful ceo's in the tech industry.
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as of now apple ceo is not on the white house list. he's among the executives that had a strained relationship with president trump. leaders of microsoft, google and oracle are expected to attend. the white house says the list is still not complete so it's still possible tim cook could also take part. dna test kits are a hot holiday gift this year but the technology in them is causing concern about privacy. a recent study published in science magazine projects 60% of individuals with european decent even though who haven't done the kits themselves can be identified based on the information in dna databases. that's because of other relatives who have submitted their dna. several direct consumer dna testing companies say your information belongs to you and you only. >> we don't sell your data. we don't provide it to third parties because we believe that you're in control of that information.
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>> more details on this story and strands of truth, a half hour prime time special that airs tonight at 8:30 after the pac-12 championship game. most people heard about sleep walking or talking but now it seems more people are sleep texting. researches looked at college students at two universities and they say more than a quarter of students texted in their sleep and 72% of them didn't even remember. >> you wake up in the middle of night, you text your friend back and wake up five hours later. >> one of the reasons i don't sleep with my phone next to me in bed anymore is because of that. >> i wonder if they took into account some college students drink a bit. i don't know. doctors say the best advice for students is to put the phone down and get some sleep. maybe put it away from the night stand. >> hide it. >> here's the problem. it's my alarm clock. i vice president a battery back
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up. >> yur not a college student though. >> yeah, people do use phones as alarm clock. maybe bring back the old school alarm clock. >> it's my back up. a big weekend for college sports, frank mallicoat walking in with a mic on and has a preview of two big match ups. apparently they're cal grads. i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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. more than 50 bay area restaurants earned one star in the latest guide and 8 earned three stars. >> one of the chefs being recognize is making history. >> the moment so many chefs work a lifetime to achieve, fieblly came for san francisco's dominique kran thursday. the first woman in the united
9:22 am
states to get three mitch lynn stars, success savered with friends and staff at her restaurant at the mental anguish lynn party -- -- i spoke to my mom today. >> she says her stardom comes with deep reflection. >> i realize that now today i have a platform and that is for me to elevate others. >> the 2019 guide awarded the san francisco bay area with the most three star ratings in the nation. >> tonight we are celebrating three stars so a great aachievement. >> also new to the three star list, the husband wife team at single thread in sonoma county. >> lots of times when it was difficult for us, we just kept our heads sound and focused on what was important to us and keep at it.
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>> five restaurants celebrated getting their first star this year included mad cap in marin headed by veteran chef ron se gal cooking in his own fine dining venue. also the praises of bird song, chef chris receiving his first star, a taste of success for his vision starting with ingredients in as raw and real of form as possible. >> organic when there wasn't a phrase. it was just real then. nothing was modified for efficiency, nothing was driven through costs. it was all flavor in regard. richard sherman will take on his old team sunday when the 49ers travel to seattle. he spent 7 seasons with the seahawks but it came to an end when they cut the corner last week. coming off a big win against the panthers, you can watch the game sunday at 1:00 here on ktvu fox 2.
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>> the oakland raiders slowing down one of the hottest football teams on sunday. the kansas city chiefs take on the raiders at coliseum with one of the most explosive offenses. a difficult task for john grew den's defense. a big college football weekend. lee vooi stadium will be packed tonight for the pack 12 championship. frank mallicoat has more on this. >> a tale of two big games, one tonight and maybe tomorrow. a pack 12 story this weekend, cal and stanford, and berkley. a friday bonus tonight. washington leads number 17 utah. the huskies are favored. washington has roled out there -- -- rolled out three in a row. the huskies beat them 11 out of 12 times. utah the top defense in the pac-
9:25 am
12 and a lot at stake. the win heads to the rose bowl and you can watch the action tonight at 6:00. if that's not enough, how about the big game tomorrow? pushed back two weeks because of the smoky skies from the camp fire and now it's time to play football at berkley. samford favored by three in the game and it's ever so hard to say this but the cardinals won 8 big games in a row so time to get the actionx back in berkley. cal like stanford is 7-4 enjoying one of the best seasons in years and the game in berkley with both bids on the line. cal fans are feeling it and so is their head coach. >> we're all honored to be part of the big game, one of the greatest rivalries in all of college football and we appreciate all that comes with it and the passion from the fan bases and so on. we got to use that energy and emotion to focus on playing
9:26 am
well. >> big game noontime kick off, all good things come to an end. i know you went to cal and hoping for this. because they can go to a bowl game, they will but no matter what they do, this is the real bowl game. >> i was talking to frank about this earlier. if they win this game, they go to a better bowl game but you're right, this is what cal fans live for. stop with that little smile. >> no smirk. this is what i love -- when people who left college 10 or years more fell in love with their alma mater. >> i had microphone issues but i want cal fans to know that the day before the big game sal was wearing a red tie. >> what happened? >> i forgot. >> so 6 a.m. this morning if you missed it he took off the tie and you got a brand new blue and gold one on.
9:27 am
>> at least it wasn't game day. >> thank you. >> there you go. . speaking of sports, join us monday here on the nine, former san francisco giant hunter pence and his wife joining us live as they are honored for their work helping children in need. i know he still wants to play baseball. there could be a chance. >> not out of the question. we'll talk about that on monday. still coming up on the nine, seven time grammy award winning duo marilyn and billy davis jr. are in the house. they're joining me, details of their show hopefully i will stop myself from singing but i know all the songs. we have been singing them all morning. we'll be back with this, more straight ahead.
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0. today a cool mostly cloudy partly sunny day. high clouds coming down, 50s and 60s. we'll get to the forecast for the big game here soon. still a westerly northwest breeze strongest on parts of the coast. higher elevations still cool for some here. 43 in kelseyville and mid 40s in napa. sun and clouds today then a system coming out of the gulf of alaska which is not something we have seen. a lot of warm systems on tap for early saturday. by noon it should be gone. the cold air working its way in
9:31 am
and sunday a cool and breezy day. high cloud deck continues to filter in. cloudy to the north and partly sunny to the south. a few showers trying to make it but mainly confined on the north coast. a dry day today. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. getting there, low 60s popping up. a lot of high clouds then focusing our attention on this system here. coming it of the gulf, it doesn't have a lot of rain but a lot of cold air with it. for tomorrow about a couple 100ths seem to cover it. that northwest wind kicks in and clearing and cold late saturday night and sunday morning. rainfall should be a quarter of an inch for most locations. isolated half an inch in the rushing river. by noon it should be out of here but again, take the jacket, 50s and 60s the coldest air of the season set to move in over the weekend. maybe tuesday when our next system shows up. steef, thank you very much. for more on the other headlines we have been working on, let's
9:32 am
go to dave clark. here's the top stories we're following. a hit-and-run crash happened last night on the embarcadero near follow some street. a black sedan and suv were both going south, one of cars reportedly tried to make a right turn across two lanes. police say the sedan crashed into a pole and the driver ran away. the driver of the suv was taken to a hospital, condition unknown. the personal information of as many as 500 million marriott hotel guests may be compromised or stolen buzz of a data breach at the world's biggest hotel chain. marriott says an unauthorized party broke in the database as early as 2014 affecting 11 brands including wes tin, share dan and w hotels. marriott says some of the compromised information includes names, mailing addresses and passport numbers or date of birth.
9:33 am
marriott set up a website for customers to find out if their information may possibly have been stolen. you can find a link to that website on, go to it and click on the westbound links at the top of the page. eric b auman the california democratic party chairman resigned because of sexual misconduct allegations. several staff members accused him of sexual harassment and assault. governor elect gavin newsom publicly called on him to step down. president trump in argentina at the g20 summit where leaders from the world's 20 leading industrialized countries meet to talk about issues that range from trade, refugee crisis and global security. president trump signed a new trade deal with canada and mexico to replace nafta.
9:34 am
that's a look at just some of the top stories we're working on. the golden state warriors lost in toronto last night in overtime. . . . . >> the warriors erased an 18 point deficit and forced into overtime thanks to durant. the raptors still 131-128 thanks to a big job by danny green. stephen curry is expected to be back on the court tomorrow after missing the past few weeks because of a groin injury. a big impact away from the court, a letters from the warriors guard has gone viral. >> a nine year old went shoe shopping. we caught up with the fourth grader from napa. >> dear stephen curry. >> it was three weeks when the
9:35 am
nine year old riley sent a letter to stephen curry. she had only hoped he would receive it but never imagined the father of two daughters himself would reply with a handwritten letter published on twitter thursday for the world to see. >> i didn't think it would go to this point. >> in her letter she expressed her disappointment with under armor's website which only offered the curry size sneakers only in boys not girls. >> i hope you can work to change this because girls want to rock the curry five too. >> in his letter he wrote we're correcting this now and i want to make make sure you can wear them proudly. he even sweetened the deal by inviting riley and her family to oakland for international women's day for a special celebration. >> i think that he just totally made our daughter's day, week, month and year.
9:36 am
we look up to him as an athlete and now more as a dad and family man and someone that wants to support girls and athletes. >> she's learned a thing or two, she's been practicing skills as a point guard with her family right by her side cheering them on with their phones in handicap churing her moves on the court. >> girls are strong and they can do anything they put their mind to. >> in a statement under armor says they're correcting a critical error saying beginning now youth sizes will be properly labelled on to reflect cogender sizing. >> it's amazing she's changed the culture and possibly the narrative going forward which i think is great and i don't know if she can grasp it yet but hopefully one day she will. >> that change happened almost immediately. >> so now that you're seeing
9:37 am
them here in the girl's section. >> i feel cool and that's cool he fixed it. it's time nor marilyn mc coo and billy davis jr., . >> i was listening to that cd last night. the show up, up and away will feature some of their song z as well pay tribute to legends such as the beatles. the musical pair celebrating their 50th year of marriage after tying the knot in 1969. 50 years. where does the time go? sorry i had to say that.
9:38 am
i had a huge crush on you growing up. >> oh thank you. >> a huge crush. >> my dad introduced me to the music and he would play it and there's something that's interesting that i found oubt about you guys. when you first came out people didn't know what you looked like. >> that's right. >> they didn't know so they thought you were white. >> i know. >> you have mentioned that there's some frustration surrounding that and it didn't change until you did what song? >> until we did "stone soul". >> they looked in the bass and saw three black folks. >> five of us. >> right. >> on the album cover, they thought we were white. >> this morning you played a lot of songs from 1969 which was a great year mizzou cli. you guys were there and led zepplin and the beet beat lgs, what was it like? >> it was exciting and something we always dreamed of
9:39 am
doing something. billy grew up in st. louis and i grew up in los angeles so we didn't share the dreams as kids but when we met it was immediate. not immediately love at first site but immediately connecting. >> when you guys started realizing that there was a romantic attraction, did you guys have to do? since you're in a group. >> that was scary because a lot of times romance starting in a group usually messes up the group. we thought for sure everybody in the group thought oh my god, here goes the group because marilyn and me, we used to argue all the time. all the time. but we stopped doing that. she won. >> but first what we did sal was decided to keep it a secret. >> okay. >> and that lasted about 2 weeks. [ laughter ] hard to keep it a secret. >> when you have the wedding bell blues and you acted out the part where you guys were getting married, people caught on?
9:40 am
>> i think so. when bone came to us, our producer, when he came to us and said he wants me to sing wedding bell blues i thought then he's going to think i'm trying to propose to him. >> you can think what you want sir. >> she did later. >> i wanted to ask you about the show because i'm going to go -- i want to hear all the songs. >> wonderful. >> there's so many of them. people don't realize it. is there a song that you enjoy performing more than any of the others? ? >> well, you know up, up and away. akwars and sunshine and wedding bell blues, one last bell to answer. the audiences love to hear those songs and therefore, we enjoy performing those songs for them. we want to make sure they hear what they want to come and see.
9:41 am
>> one less bell to answer, i hate to put you on the spot, can you just do one or two notes of that. >> do you know what time of morning this is? if i sing now, they won't come. . >> yes, i'm so excited right now. congratulations on 50 years of marriage and your great career, we put some more information by the way in case you want to see this dynamic duo and the wonderful outfit they have. look for it under the mornings on 2 tab and find it on our mobile app. if you see me at the show, leave me alone, i'm watching this easy people. we'll be right back with mornings on 2 after this. ♪
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a hanukkah pop up is rare. what did you learn the first two years? >> people are delighted when they find it. we're in this christmas culture everywhere you go. even if we are saying holidays there's christmas things and to have this gem for jews is really amazing so people come and they're blown away. we found out that people really want to have engaging programming so not just the
9:45 am
shops but also fun gifts and collectibles and also people want to gather. >> i imagine it's not just for those in the jewish faith. my boys are learning about the holidays at school and they want to celebrate hanukkah and i said let me see if i can make that happen so we have these kids activities you can make your own menora. any kid would love doing that. we have doughnuts where you inject pudding or jam in it. it's really for all kids to come and all people of all backgrounds to come and learn about hanukkah and get together and have holidays together. >> do you think that by having these events like you said, it gives jewish kids a chance to have festivities. do you wish there were more so it could fill in the gap. >> yeah, there are definitely hanukkah events but in san francisco i would say it's harder to find the jewish community so nice to have a place where people can come
9:46 am
together where it's not a traditional institution. it's people of all backgrounds so a great place to gather and yeah, it would be nice to have more of these. great to have shops throughout the city so in the last couple of years you're seeing more young adults actually participating in jewish life? >> absolutely and that's the mission to get jews who aren't really in institutional jewish institutions engaged in jewish life so tonight we're having a holiday party called the hanukkah ornament and it's about the tension between christmas and hanukkah and we're going to be making hanukkah ornaments. i was at michaels and they had hanukkah ornaments and i thought what's going on here? we thought it would be a fun craft. >> so what about the old school traditional lists do you think they are good with it?
9:47 am
>> we knead a way to engage jews so this is a way to get them involved. >> i smell vodka, is that one? ? >> so this is the chocolate martini created by one of our chefs and it has vodka, chocolate liquor and coffee liquor and chocolate milk then this traditional chocolate coin. >> and where is the store? >> 214 church street just below market. it's open until december 7th and we have a holiday sing along where we're singing jewish songs and christmas songs. >> thanks for coming sal. >> yeah, got it. >> i love a sing along for anything. so especially through art and song, you do join people who i would never stand next to and sing anything but put me in a sing along and we would do it.
9:48 am
>> that's really engaging because we will be singing songs of all backgrounds. >> great idea. do you like it? >> it's strong, i should probably stop here. >> come tonight and get another one. >> we have put more information about the hanukkah pop up shop on you can also find it on the our mobile app. thank you again. >> thank you so much. coming up in a moment on mornings on two, the nine tap dancing christmas trees back in the studio. we talk with the director about this evening's show in jack london square. man: what does it mean to be truly great?
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it's following your passion to the very top, and setting a standard by which all who follow, will be measured. tequila herradura. stand with greatness.
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follow instructions to complete the online entry form, three winners will be selected on monday december 3rd and will receive tickets for the show on wednesday december 12th. you can see the official rules at right there under contest. good luck to everyone. >> this is something unusual. actor hue jack man hitting the
9:52 am
road next year for a solo tour. he will perform songs from musicals likeless miserable and the greatest showman. he comes to the bay area on july 17th for a performance at san jose sap center. tickets go on sale december 7th. i didn't know he sang. now we do. jetblue has an unusual offer to help you fly home for the holidays. five winners will be wrapped up like a gift and put on a plane to their destination. they have air holes right? >> i believe so. on the airlines website they show the different ways you can choose to be wrapped up including your choice of paper and where you would like the bow. right there, yes. the contest runs through december 12th. to enter you have to explain on jetblue's website why you should be picked. >> we hope you will be able to
9:53 am
help bay area families bundle up by participating in our annual one coat drive. we are a proud sponsor of one warm coat, the national nonprofit in its 16th year and collects tens and thousands of coats annually. the one warm coat drive goes until december 31st and has drop off locations in walnut creek, san jose as well as participating upa tire store scores. go tok for a full list. the tree lighting celebration is tonight, so excited to once again host the event. it features a gorgeous 55-foot tall mount shasta fur decorated with 5,000 lights and hundreds of ornaments. there's live entertainment and a special appearance by black santa. live coverage for you at but i hope you can come down in person so you can
9:54 am
see one of my favorite parts of the entire celebration gas gracing us here on the nine for the advance performance ahead of the tree lighten ceremony, the tap dancing christmas trees are back in the studios. big round of applause. >> thank you. >> i'll talk with you pam, the ex-exuberance you share with the audience -- you're my favorite. what's on tap? >> five of us tapping out tonight. we were talk about it and realized this is the longest show we have done in terms of years. we have been together for 28 28 years so we started the jack london square tree lighting back when mayor brown was there. it's been a long time. we look forward to it and we love oakland so looking toward ing forward to tonight's
9:55 am
performance. >> i encourage if you haven't been down, it's a free celebration which you know i love. so really a great family event. >> yes. >> tell me what happens. one of my viewers sent me a video of you guys tap dancing in the pouring rain. >> this 28th season has been unusual. the first four or five event wes had castro valley parade cancelled due to poor air quality then we started out our first big parade in the pouring rain i saw it. >> so tonight we're excited because the weather is beautiful. >> should be nice and clear. i learned today that you're not just tap dancing christmas trees, you can be other things. what's happening at the cal academy of science. >> this year at the academy of sciences we're appearing as tap dancing peng begins and snowflakes. >> i love it. -- -- penguins and snowflakes the festivities begin and you kick it off with your high
9:56 am
point. come down in person, i would love to meet you and i'm sure pam would too. >> come join us. >> what's your favorite part of performing? >> our favorite part -- i think for me it's the camaraderie. you think about how long we have been together. this is our family. this year there are 50 of us. when we first started 28 years there was six or seven and now we have grown to 50. it's just a camaraderie of us as a group and how we share that with the people we dance for. they get it. >> you bet. let's take it away the tap dancing christmas trees ahead of the big celebration tonight at jack london square. thank you so much ladies. ♪[ music ] ♪ ♪[ music ] ♪ [ phone rings ] what?!
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