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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 7, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> his ambitious plans for housing, healthcare, and education. and his promise to push back against trump's agenda. trump is planning a visit to the us-mexico border this week. >> we have a crisis at the border of drugs in human beings being trafficked. >> he continues to demand funding for a wall. how the president could bypass congress to get the money he wants. the title game. college football fans packing levi stadium to watch alabama and clemson face-off tonight for the national championship. fro this is the 4. taking office with the bold vision for the golden state. today, gavin newsom became
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california's 40th governor. he was sworn in this morning with his family by his side. welcome to the 4. he got to work right away working on legislation that proposes fines for people who don't purchase health insurance. we were at the inauguration as he talked about building on california's strong foundation. >> reporter: good afternoon. you can see behind us there are three tents in the distance. those are the tents where the inauguration held the crowd that came to see gavin newsom on the steps of the state capital. at one point his youngest son came to join him on stage. there was a heckler who tried to interrupt as gavin took the oath of office. overwhelming support is more than 2000 people came to see him be sworn in as the next governor.
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>> reporter: the crowd cheered as he took the oath of office alongside his wife and four children becoming the 40th governor of california. >> it is up to us to renew the california dream for a new generation. >> he thanked governor brown for building a strong for kate, foundation. he promises to address the housing and homelessness crisis, support working class families and he reiterated his agenda for universal preschool for children. >> homelessness, mental illness, things that are trouble for mares, he will lead the way in addressing those issues. >> it is a bold agenda. universal healthcare we can aff that. >> reporter: it a church choir
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based in compton, the singing of the national anthem and then he laid out his vision to support parents and families with a visit by his youngest son dutch. >> and truly reminded all of us, it truly did, what it means to be in california. >> reporter: he promises to offer an alternative to corruption in the white house and says the work starts now. >> the eyes of the world upon a. >> the team overall was that of inclusivity and not division. this will be a california for everybody and we should not be divided by the rich or the poor he went back to one of his agendas he campaigned on which has income and a quality. that will be a big day moving forward. we are live at in sacramento,
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ktvu fox2 news . for more on today's events, we are joined by our political science professor and thank you for being with us on this big day for the state of california. gavin newsom has laid out a broad vision to address major issues. homelessness, the housing crisis, income inequality, but what did you think about the specifics? >> it was about the celebration and campaign. he will release his budget on thursday and we will get specifics. he is a guy about big goals. he laid those goals out today without many specifics and talked about spending a lot of money. california has a gigantic surplus. one of the questions is what will happen with all of that? he also juxtaposed himself against the trump administration. >> it was a very, gavin newsom
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as a father kind of speech. his son help that. >> he was the perfect propped, prop. >> in terms of all the analysis of setting up for moving forward and how he's reinvented himself, what did you see today that gives us an indication of how this administration will be run? >> he could not be any different than jerry brown. is all about confidence and sober about what's going on. gavin newsom is aspirational and dreaming big. clearly the family man aspect of it will be an important issue. he will move himself counter to trump and he showed that today >> he is promising that california will push back against the trump agenda, the
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corruption and incompetence inside the white house. how do you see him being that check against the trump administration? is there a risk in putting too much focus on washington? >> there is not a risk right now . that is one thing he can do. when we look at immigration and what he will do with healthcare, what are you going to do with the undocumented in early childhood education with those groups? all of those promises that he made and when the budget comes out, those will be the tests for gavin newsom. >> do you think people will allow him to have this moment? as we get to the state of the state, he will be more nitty- gritty in his remarks. we talked about all the promises and how difficult that might be to navigate through getting all of that. he did mentioned we were going to be bold and he has a plus. >> they are going to want to push. they are going to want to push on different things.
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riding herd over that will be a challenge. not right away, but the line. >> anything he did not say that you thought was a mistake or something he added that you are saying, that is >> usually jerry brown would start with the parable. i missed that. nonetheless, it was about the contrast of gavin newsom. >> i know this is gavin newsom stay but jerry brown, he has had a tremendous impact on the state. he took over in the midst of the recession. he left governor newsom with the surplus of $14 billion. >> while doing things on cap and trade. >> governor brown's lasting legacy is showing the government can work. in the midst of the government shutdown, governor brown showed
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it could be done. newsom has to keep that going and show he can go even beyond that. >> a big day today, but a bigger week ahead as we get down to numbers. >> with the shutdown in the background. >> we appreciate you coming in. do you solemnly swear to support the constitution of the united states, the constitution of the state of california and the charter of the state of oakland and the duties of office as mayor for the city of oakland? >> i do. >> congratulations. >> it wasn't just gavin newsom. mayor schaaf is the first oakland mayor in 16 years to be reelected . she says in this four year term she will focus on her priority areas including safety, housing,
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infrastructure, and restoring trust in government. she plans on doing the work with a lot of urgency. >> as oakland's 50th mayor my priority areas will remain the same. the second term, let us accelerate and scale our progress as well as double down on our commitment to long-term systemic change. >> mayor schaaf will host an inaugural gala on friday at the fox theater benefiting the homeless prevention program and other events include a free community festival on saturday. there is no end in sight to the partial government shutdown. congressional democrats and the president are sharply at odds over the down payment for a border wall. president trump has announced he will address the nation on the issue tomorrow night. >> reporter: as the his third w
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trump is going to take a trip to the southern border. as he continues to say the u.s. needs a physical wall. the trip is planned for thursday as the president is considering whether or not to declare a national emergency in order to get the wall funding. >> the president has no authority to usurp that authority. >> reporter: a letter was sent to the appropriations committee outlining what the president wants. billions for a physical barrier and to support thousands of detention beds and millions for immigration judges and support staff. more border patrol agents and to address what they call urgent humanitarian needs. >> if democrats really want to work with us, they've got to recognize that border security is at the heart s. >> repo will go without their paychecks if the shutdown continues.
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at national parks and museums, airports and the irs. >> we cannot allow the president to punish innocent americans or have timid, temper tantrums. >> we are willing to come to the table. >> trump will be making a primetime address from the oval office. he is expected to talk about what he calls the humanitarian and national security crisis along the southern border. fox news. ruth bader ginsburg is absent from court legal arguments today. she is continuing to recuperate at home after doctors removed two cancerous growths from her left lung just before christmas. it is the first time in 25 years she has missed arguments. she is 85 years old. report said e filing for
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bankruptcy. how the move could lead to a government bailout and higher prices for customers at 4:30. we are live at in santa clara for the college football national championship game. alabama and clemson will set the scene coming up. two opportunities for rain as we go forward throughout the work week. i will let you know what your extended forecast looks like. your forecast is coming up. (rooster morning call)
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the bay area is drying out from a major storm that hit the area over the weekend. more wind and rain is on the way gusty winds cause flooding causing the port of san francisco to close your 14. chp officers were on patrol throughout the storm clearing debris. resorts in tahoe got up to two feet of snow over the weekend. we have big problems on the road. parts of i-80 were shut down because of whiteout conditions.
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people trying to get back to the bay area had to stay one more night. people at mammoth mountain saw three feet of snow. there is more on the way there. this is the first of several storms expected to hit the eastern sierra over the next few days. >> let's take a look outside to give you an idea of what it looks like in the bay area. you can see alcatraz in the four grand in the golden gate ridge just beyond that. it is gray and cloudy outside. for more on the recent storm we saw and what is coming our way next, more rain it sounds to you. keep in mind, it is a good thing because we are below what we normally get. this is the time when northern california gets the rain. if you don't get it now, we will wish that we got it. it is a good thing. we have a few drizzles out
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there, but not bad. tomorrow morning when you wake up we will likely be under a wind advisory. we are expecting the wind to be up to 20 miles per hour with gusts to 40 miles per hour. that will go one through wednesday. that will be in the hills in the mountains. the gusts will come ahead of the rain tomorrow. right now, we do not need to worry about the wind. it is as southerly flow that will kick up as we get into tomorrow . right now, temperatures are 58 in san francisco. quite warm in redwood city, 60 degrees. hayward, 62. san jose, 61. in many spots we are a lot warmer than at this time yesterday. mountain view, 11 degrees warmer.
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san jose, 10 degrees warmer. also, we are dealing with clouds right now. we do not have a lot of moisture out there. a few sprinkles trying to make a lot of this will not even hit the ground. i think at best it will be sprinkles over the next hour or so. the bigger picture is that we are in this set up for successive systems roll into the coast. this is something we see this time of year. they line up and then they roll in. tonight, mostly cloudy skies. tuesday we start off gusty and then we will have rain. and then friday we have another shot of rain coming our way. so here we are on monday. tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m., rain rolling into the north day. this is when it really gets going. this is weather right ahead of
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the front. it will be right at 5:00, rush- hour. it will clear out as we get into wednesday morning. so how much rain are we going to get? we could get over one inch of rain in north bay. that is going to be our first hit of rain. i will come back and talk about are extended forecast where we have the next round starting on friday. i will send it back to claudine and alex. it should be nice weather, maybe a bit chilly in santa clara for the championship at levi stadium. alabama taking on clemson. scott is joining us live from the five with more. hey, scott. >> reporter: hi, alex. it is a nice night for football in santa clara.
4:20 pm
the football universe has descended upon the south bay. this is the epicenter. two elias in the college football world. the top two football teams in the land. this is the third time in four years in the championship game. there is lots of star power on both sides. the players are warming up including the alabama quarterback and you can see in the distance wearing 13. he came on the scene last year when he took over in the 2nd half. and then here's some of the pomp and circumstance outside the stadium. lots of orange and red and it looked to me like more orange than read. i asked a couple of clemson fans about that and they said the orange stands out more than the read. we will see once a fills in a little more. the fans are out in force. i can tell you, there are fans
4:21 pm
in the cheap seats way upstairs which are currently going for $290 on the secondary market. will be a packed house and a terrific atmosphere. the cheapest t-shirt is $35. here is what is really cool, local fans representing. here is, the alabama running back, we saw fans wearing his jersey. he is one of the best running backs in california history. he played at antioch and west for almost 8000 yards in high school. and then he went to alabama where he had an immediate impact as a freshman including a big one in the 4th quarter . he's obviously a local celebrity. he appreciates not only the opportunity to play for a national title, but to do it in his own backyard. >> it is an honor to be back
4:22 pm
home and play in front of everyone where i used to live at . hopefully a lot of them will come to the game. even though it's low it is high. it still good to be back home. it feels good. >> reporter: here is a live look at him getting in his warm- ups. we are 45 minutes from kickoff. he is the number two running back on this alabama team. we will be keeping an eye on him. alabama and clemson guys have an opportunity to do something that nobody has done in the history of college football. finish a season at 15-0. someone will have that distinction when it is all over. they are on another level from every other college football team. we will see who was standing when all is said and done. >> no doubt about it, it will
4:23 pm
be a fun game. there are a lot of available tickets. what is your sense being there inside levi as you glance around? do you think you will fill that place up? >> well, alex. you are breaking up a little bit. i think you're talking about tickets. there is no official word on whether they are calling it a sellout. there are fans in the upper deck. again, 45 minutes from kickoff. that is a pretty good imaging indication that if it is not the sellout, it will be close. as a 15 minutes ago the cheapest tickets for $290. demand has been going up. >> scott, thank you. police do not know why he allegedly went on a
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the attorney for a dog walker who was arrested for biting a jogger says she acted in defense of her dogs. the lawyer says the 19-year-old woman was walking her dogs on and off lease trail in the park on thursday when her dogs ran up to the jogger. she says the dog assume the dogs were going to attack so she pepper spray them.
4:27 pm
according to investigators, she tried to stop her and take the pepper spray and eventually at the jogger. she was arrested on federal charges. >> i think my client would simply like her name to be cleared and for the record to be corrected. all she did in this case was protect two pets she loved dearly. >> the victim told police the dogs did try to bite her. the suspect was released on bail and has not yet been charge. the uber driver accused of killing six people entered a guilty plea. jury selection was underway of the 48-year-old man in michigan. he was accused of shooting eight strangers at three different locations in 2016. he pled guilty.prosecutors do not know why the randomly shot total strangers. they carry a mandatory life
4:28 pm
sentence in prison without the possibility of parole. police in texas has made an arrest saying errant black junior drove the getaway car. the search for the little girl's killer continues. >> reporter: the man killed in jasmine barnes killing goes before a judge. he did not speak during his appearance. the girl was gunned down while riding in her mother's car. black was not the gunman in the drive-by shooting, but he was behind the wheel. >> because jasmine was only seven years old, this is capital murder. that is how we charged him. >> reporter: a second person is already in police custody but it is unknown if that man is the actual shooter. many people in the community thought the shooting was racially charged.
4:29 pm
a sketch shows a white man in his 30s or 40s. it was a case of mistaken identity how black and the shooter mr. barnes his car for a different vehicle. >> they fired on the vehicle in retaliation for an altercation that happened earlier in the night. >> reporter: black told police they targeted the wrong person after watching news coverage. the funeral for jasmine barnes will be on tuesday. shaquille o'neal and deandre hopkins have donated money to either help pay for medical bills or funeral expenses. the latest from dallas, fox news. tsa employees are still supposed to show up for work. the agency is facing sick out . how bad it is getting and how it is affecting security lines across the country. pg&e stands to lose more than 20% of their value today
4:30 pm
alone on reports that it may be filing for bankruptcy. but will they really?
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after being closed for more than four years the napa county courthouse is back open. it was shut down because it was heavily damaged in an earthquake. the courthouse first opened in 1879. the repair work cost $23 million. most of the money came from insurance and federal and state governments. pg&e stock tumbled 22% today on speculation the company my file for bankruptcy or split apart due to massive liability. tom joins us live from the newsroom with what might happen and what it might mean for your pg&e bill. >> reporter: whatever is done, we cannot keep having massive fires that have plagued us for four years. >> reporter: pg&e's potential liabilities exceed its insurance. that is field reports the company is considering filing a chapter 11 protection bankruptcy. >> many of their transactions
4:34 pm
will have to be approved by the court. >> reporter: this week? attorney has been an attorney for for decades. >> many of these things are resolved like the general motors bankruptcy or chrysler bankruptcy. in some cases the company stays in control and issues new debt securities or new stock and works out a way to pay the creditors. >> reporter: are just like pg&e's early her bankruptcy, they voted to pass the costs onto customers bills. this does not sit well with consumer advocates and ratepayers. >> i think people are getting tired of pg&e crying bankruptcy every year and then saying they need a bailout. that is simply not a sustainable plan for customers who have to pay monthly bills.
4:35 pm
>> reporter: whether or not they file for bankruptcy, another organization will get a close look again, the public utilities commission, implicated in the san bruno explosion for poor regulation of pg&e and being far too cozy with it. it could apply to the file storms in the cpuc will have to answer to that. >> they need to do a much better job with inspections and enforcement of what pg&e is doing. >> reporter: one suggestion would have pg&e sell off the gas division. that would raise a lot of money to pay collectors on the electricity side. pg and i said we don't speak dash at american envoy arrived
4:36 pm
in beijing today. they have imposed billions of dollars of tariffs on each other and both countries need to reach a settlement. they agreed on coming up with the tariff deal by march 1. if the talks go well, a chinese delegation is expected to travel to washington for further negotiations. this help to lift the market today. stocks rose a more positive news. traders were reassured by a report showing strong orders last month in the service sector and retailers, carmakers, and amazon all claim. the dow is up 98 point today, and the s&p added 17 points. tsa employees are supposed to show up for work. staffing shortages are getting worse every day. there is a record number of
4:37 pm
sick calls. >> reporter: from the possibility of longer lines at security checkpoints to serious concerns about the safety of planes in the skies, the government shutdown is taking a toll on the airline industry. this letter from the largest pilots union to the white house saying a lack of inspectors and regulators is dangerous. one example, at the federal aviation administration there are fewer safety inspectors than are needed in order to ensure the air traffic control infrastructure is performing and it peak levels of performance. >> i hope we can get going. we got to travel. >> reporter: passengers reacting to a report from cnn saying dozens of tsa workers are calling out sick and at other major airports across the u.s. ychecks from the federal government. some not showing up out of
4:38 pm
protest while others are looking for side jobs to pay the bills. >> we need certain people to keep the airport secure. >> there are concerns about safety. >> we have multiple people calling out. this going to be a potential impact to services. >> reporter: the pushing back on the severity of the problem acknowledging callouts began over the holiday and have increase. adding nationwide over 2.2 million passengers were screened on thursday alone and 99.8% weighted less than 30 minutes. fox news. former vice president joe biden is reportedly in the final stages of deciding if he will run for president. he has indicated he is leaning towards a white house run in 2020. he leads the field of candidates largely because of name recognition. political analysts say biden
4:39 pm
would have to persuade democratic activists he is the best candidate to defeat trump when many progressives are demanding a younger candidate who reflects an increasingly diverse democratic base. the gates deadlock as a government shutdown continued. what visitors had to say about the closure. we are in the midst of a very rainy pattern. we have more headed our way. your extended forecast is coming up.
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the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future? please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people.
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together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad. the national park service is doing something unprecedented to keep parks opening during the shutdown. some parks will start using funds from entrance, camping and parking fees to pay for staffing. closures are not only a disappointment to guests but taking a toll on local businesses that depend on those parks to survive. >> it hurts us and it hurts everybody and it hurts the park. >> we get a lot of joy out of this place. why not take care of it and help out? >> the money will be used to bring in staff to maintain restrooms, clean up trash, and patrol the parks. the shutdown has led to the
4:43 pm
closure of muir woods. thousands of people visit the park every day which is famous for its giant redwood trees. we talked with disappointed tourists today. >> reporter: your woods is officially closed. this is what you will see. the gates are locked and cones prevent people from getting into the parking lot and there is closure signs at all of the entrances. this is sure to disappoint thousands of visitors. we just spoke with the family who came here all the way from alabama. >> very disappointed. we enjoyed at least driving up here. i would love to see the trees. and more of the park. we were disappointed for sure. >> we are a long way from huntsville, alabama. this might be the only time we will ever be here. >> reporter: your woods as part of the golden gate recreational area.
4:44 pm
it had been open for limited services so people could observe the towering redwood trees. but now the gates are locked in the shutdown has led to sanitary and safety issues including overflowing trash cans, litter, and messy bathrooms. there has only been limited staff on hand. people with reservations will get a refund. them your woods website will not be updated. today there will just be law enforcement on hand to make sure that no one is going through these gates and trespassing. alcatraz is only running their day tours in fort point is still off-limits. ktvu fox2 news. environmental researchers are warning of a decline in monarch butterflies along california's coast. a recent count found fewer than 30,000 butterflies have migrated this season.
4:45 pm
that is an 86% drop since 2017. without intervention the species will likely go extinct in the next few decades. the population is facing threats including pesticides, destruction of habitat and impact from climate change. monarch butterflies are usually seen along the coast november through march. we want to give you a live look outside. there should be a live look in the east bay. nice cloud cover there on the hilltops. for most folks, maybe a few sprinkles here and there. >> for the most part. we actually have showers coming in right now. i think those are cows. i think they are enjoying the break from the rain. let's talk about what is going
4:46 pm
to be coming our way. we have more rain expected on tuesday. it will start off windy and then the clouds will move in. wednesday will be rainy as well. thursday we will catch a break. friday we have a nether rainy system coming our way. we want to talk about the rainfall that we have had so far this year. since october 1, in san francisco, 76% of what could be considered normal. we could use more rain. 82% in santa rosa. so that is just to say, we could use more rain coming our way. current temperatures right now, we are relatively dry. santa rosa, 53. 54, san francisco. san jose, 61. this is the current radar. i've got very light showers
4:47 pm
trying to roll in. some of this will fall apart before it makes it to you. we will see a few sprinkles out there. it will be very light. up., a little bit darker and that could be were light showers are falling. we have a system set up of successive storms coming in over the next few days. tonight cloudy in a few sprinkles. tuesday, cassie wind and rain. and then on friday another shot at a system coming our way. we will see this rainy pattern over the better part of the next two weeks. the next system will be gusty and rainy. it starts off north to south. you will see that wind get going. we will track this forward. monday afternoon and then into tuesday, notice some of that coming into the northbay already. just-in-time for rush-hour.
4:48 pm
here comes the rain tracking in and then it will move out as we get into our wednesday afternoon. thursday we catch a break. we may get some sunshine. it is not long-lived. i friday afternoon, here comes the next system running in. so tonight, cloudy skies a mild temperatures. lows in the 50s. a few 40s in the and like santa rosa. san francisco, 53. a wind advisory starts tomorrow morning. the highest gusts will be in the riches. wind 20-30 miles per hour. a little bit of a wild ride. we are also going to be under a surf advisory starting tuesday night going through wednesday at 9:00. waves at 24 feet. gusty wind and rain for tomorrow. we will start off dry and see
4:49 pm
that start to change. as we take a look at the extended forecast, temperatures are mild. we will be warmer tomorrow than today. overnight, upper 40s and low 50s. last week, we were talking about that 30s out there. we do not have to worry about that. that is the trade-off with this kind of system. basically tuesday into wednesday, rainy. thursday you catch a break. friday into saturday you will have a little bit of rain. it looks like the weekend will be rainy. and remember, you do not have to wash the car. >> it is good because the big concerns especially with the wind advisory, we have very saturated ground and we don't want those trees coming down. hopefully it will be good but it is something to keep an eye on. frank is here with a look at some of the stories on were
4:50 pm
working for ktvu news at 5:00. three people were shot and killed on friday night in oakland. coming up tonight, we will hear from one of the victims friends . we also will hear from witnesses who heard all of their shots being fired. football fans descending on the area. >> it is number one, alabama against number two, clemson for the college national championship. you will hear from fans who traveled across the country for the game and what they're saying about their time here in the bay area. and academy award-winning actor makes his first court appearance after being accused of sexual assault. details after the break. jack. so just so you know, i was like this close to totally destroying your planet until i heard about those fries. that's uh, so thoughtful. try my new $3 sauced and loaded fries.
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my new $3 sauced & loaded fries with curly fries and all-beef chilli or triple cheese and bacon are perfect for a late night video game binge. i would destroy the entire zerkanian armada for those fries. or you could just pay 3 bucks. try my new $3 sauced and loaded fries. east bay native has another award on his mental. it took home the golden globe for his performance in the movie green book. >> he was raised in hayward and honored as best supporting actor. he played dr. don shirley. he thinks his costars and paid tribute to played. >> brilliant man. i just want to thank him for his passion and virtuosity
4:54 pm
and the dignity in which he carried himself west that inspired me each and every day. >> the award box the first golden globe victory for him. chris won for his role the assassination of johnny for saturday. kevin spacey pleaded not guilty on allegations he groped a young man. he was arraigned on one count of indecent assault and battery. here's more from nantucket. >> reporter: it is the next big trial of the me to era. two-time academy winner kevin spacey arraigned on monday in nantucket. he has been hit with dozens of allegations, but this centers on allegations he groped in 18- year-old man at the club car in july 2016. the hearing lasted less than 10 minutes. spacey did k. his lawyer centered and not guilty
4:55 pm
plea. he was ordered to have no contact with the accusers and warned if he's charged with further offenses, he will face 90 days behind bars. his defense teams barred with the request to preserve evidence . >> we are suggesting the scope that is being requested is overly broad. >> i don't want to see that data deleted, destroyed even inadvertently or in any other way manipulated. i don't think it is a burden at all. >> reporter: he was first accused by and, anthony rapp. he kept a low profile but released a cryptic video last month as his house of cards character, frank underwood asking the public not to judge. >> you're smarter than that.
4:56 pm
>> the next court date is march 4. a pretrial hearing. at the courthouse, fox news. that's it for rest. ktvu news at 5:00 begins right after the break .
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4:58 pm
ktvu news starts now. sworn in as california's 40th governor. he outlined his goals including increasing affordable housing and ending the use of private prisons. he also had a message for those who didn't vote for him. >> i will be a governor for the farmworker, the small business owner, and the teacher. >> since being sworn in, he has
4:59 pm
already taken action on prescription drug prices and creating a path to single-payer healthcare and driving down health care costs. >> we have live team coverage of the governor's bold plan including analysis from brian sobel. we begin with rosina who joins us live from sacramento. >> reporter: good evening to you. he had overwhelming support today as he took the oath of office. you can see the 3/10 behind us which were filled with over 2000 people who came to witness his inauguration. >> reporter: he did not let a heckler steal the spotlight. new some became the 40th governor of california. >> it is up to us to renew the california dream.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: he think governor brown for creating a strong foundation. the former lieutenant governor and san francisco mayor promises to address the housing and homelessness crisis, support working-class families and he reiterated universal preschool for children. >> he made clear he is going to take all of the great things that happened under governor brown and our financial stability and economic strength of our state and build on it. >> it is a bold agenda. universal healthcare could cost as much in a year as our entire budget. i do not think we can afford that. >> reporter: the inaugural event started with music from a church choir group based in compton, once on stage, he laid out his vision that he says will be an alternative to corruption and incompetence in the white house. >>


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