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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 7, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> reporter: he think governor brown for creating a strong foundation. the former lieutenant governor and san francisco mayor promises to address the housing and homelessness crisis, support working-class families and he reiterated universal preschool for children. >> he made clear he is going to take all of the great things that happened under governor brown and our financial stability and economic strength of our state and build on it. >> it is a bold agenda. universal healthcare could cost as much in a year as our entire budget. i do not think we can afford that. >> reporter: the inaugural event started with music from a church choir group based in compton, once on stage, he laid out his vision that he says will be an alternative to corruption and incompetence in the white house. >> what this white house is
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trying to do is take us back. governor newsom is taking us forward. >> reporter: the work starts now. >> the eyes of the world are upon us. america needs california. >> reporter: the speech lasted 30 minutes. he's woke and broad themes about creating a california for all. he says he will have more details of his plans in the next few days as well as the upcoming weeks when the budget is released. ktvu, fox2 news. now more than ever, we californians know how much our house matters in children. >> the governor was right in the middle of his speech when dutch ran on stage. he got a big round of applause. newsom kept delivering a speech. newsom and his wife have four
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children. the governor's political career began here in the bay area. he is in san francisco native. he was elected to the board of supervisors in 1987. in 2004 he became mayor of san francisco. during his two terms he established the healthy san francisco health coverage plan. governor newsom became the 10 the governor in 2011. >> joining us now is brian sobel. a lot of broad messages today. what was your overall fought so what the governor had to say today? >> a very aspirational speech. the type of speech that he gives in these kinds of circumstances. the audience ate it up. the little governor running out on stage was cute. >> the governor is known for his bold moves.
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today again the broad strokes. now it is time to get down to work and now is also the time to seize the moment and for california to lead. >> people's lives, freedom, security, water and air hang in the balance. the country is watching us. the world is waiting on us. the future depends on us. we will seize the moment. >> what do you think about that? >> that sounds like almost national rhetoric as opposed to a state among 50. one of the things we will have to see is how active this governor is nationally. because you have to count on washington for so many things like we witnessed after the fires. you have to keep a relationship with the white house and congress.
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in the middle of this inspiration, he will have to govern. governing in california is a tough business. 58 county governments, 500 city governments and school boards and everything else. >> also today governor newsom thanked governor brown for creating a strong foundation. one he plans to build on. how do you think's governing style will differ? >> completely different. jerry brown wasn't somebody who was seeking the limelight in the same way. just a different personality. he preferred to do things behind the scenes. i think you will see governor newsom on the national talk souls, shows. california is essentially a nationstate. given that kind of definition of the state, country a lot more.
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>> governor newsom has made a lot of promises. he has a $14.5 billion deficit. it was important for governor brown to have a rainy day fund. and here we have governor newsom with surplus and democratic majorities in both the senate and the assembly. there are a lot of people who were going to want to spend that money. what does the governor do? >> the governor has to be a gatekeeper. he has made a lot of promises. if you just look at the top 10 political action committees in sacramento to include the california nurses association, and the doctors and teachers, they all have things on their list that he has talked to them about doing. when they come to him and say, governor, it biion
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erode quickly. he's got to be careful to hang onto that money. if he doesn't, it will that will be his biggest problem as to how to manage all that. >> many californians, a lot of people say that governor newsom has higher political aspirations. if you could give him advice, what would you tell him? >> i would say governor, run this state beautifully. if you run the state you to fully the sky is the limit. >> what could be his biggest mistake? >> i think it could fulfill a lot of promises he made along the way without taking a hard look at it. what fits in the budget and how you can make it happen. >> we will find out the budget on thursday. if you want to listen to more of governor newsom speech, had to . it's on the home page.
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it was inauguration day here in the bay area. mayor schaaf was sworn in for her second term . >> the mayor outlined a number of things she wants to tackle. even a few choice words for the president. >> today i am full of gratitude and hope. >> reporter: that is how mayor schaaf started off her address. she's the first man to be  reelected in the past 16 years. she outlined her plans and hopes for the town. the first priority is keeping the residents safe. >> i am grateful that our community led cease-fire strategy has given oakland an unprecedented six consecutive years of reduced homicides and shootings combined. >> reporter: a group of oakland residents came together to voice their concerns.
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although the city has had a decrease in homicides, they are still affected. >> the violence in oakland should be the number one priority. >> reporter: since the start of the year there have been five shooting deaths in oakland and one triple homicide. those gathered here do not want to be forgotten by the mayor and implore she asked fast. >> step off of that box and come to the flat box, flatlands . >> we welcome mayor schaaf and we want this to not be an afterthought . we need violence prevention. >> reporter: the mayor stated although violent crime is down, she is not celebrating because one life lost this one too many. she admits there's a lot of work to be done here and across the nation. she also gave a stiff warning to the president of the united states. >> here in oakland if you come to destroy the lives of our
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immigrants living in peace, we will resist you. if you come to spread fear and division, we will stand up to you. >> other priorities are affordable housing, education, homelessness, and mental health. for the third time in four years, it is number one alabama against number two clemson for college but balls national championship. the game is being played at levi stadium in santa clara. we are there with a live report. >> reporter: good afternoon. i'm sorry, i couldn't hear you. they just did a flyby. they just finished the national anthem. kickoff is moments away. a classic grid i am struggle. a melding of southern hospitality in a feud as both teams hope to come out on top. >> they flocked to santa clara
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from across the country and even across the ocean. >> south carolina, alabama, we just left from florida. >> it is a down home invasion as the deep south meets far west to watch them clash for a championship. >> we are about to take down the tide. >> there is a culture class. for fans of all stripes, it is a quick immersion in what is hip, hot, healthy, and it's a chance for them to leave their own southern mark. >> it is important for us to get to know the culture here. i think we infused some culture by paying our way through the game with a two dollar bills. i think it is a two-way street. >> it is not dollars but digits. 400 members have come from
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multiple states and even as far away as hawaii to add to the bay area culture. they are all wearing clemson shirts bearing the number 13. >> not only our immediate family but the samoan community. we love to support any family we have. >> that love extends to the teams. >> it is a long ways from alabama. diehard clemson tied fans. >> absolutely. absolutely. most attendees we talked to didn't have any trouble getting to the game. there was one service interruption. bus line 251 was late. the bart station cleared but it was canceled because, they're getting ready for kickoff, vga cancel that service.
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they say we are doing our best to serve our customers under the circumstances and focused on providing service to regular customers and our guests for the championship game. we expect to run continuous shuttle starting at 1:30 in the afternoon. those shuttles descending now as we are moments away from kickoff. you will hear more about that coming up in sports. the national championship game college football is taking place. it is great to be here. >> we got to hear a little of the flyover. and now we get to hear fireworks. did they say anything about attendance and how much they were able to fill up the stadium ? >> i have not heard anything about attendance. i will say that not to cast stones but the 49ers have had trouble filling up the house at
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different points. these are two teams from the other side of the country. south carolina and alabama. while they do have the diehard succumb, they don't have the backfill of the casual fans. this is perhaps oregon, washington state, some of those teams, utah maybe, then you will probably see a full house. all the way from south carolina and alabama, that is a long- haul. six-hour flights with the stop in the middle. one guy had a three hour layover in lax. what fun that must've been. >> it is a long way to go and it does get expensive. the college football national championship is just getting underway. thanks, jessie. police asking for help to solve a triple killing in oakland. 5:30 hear from a witness about
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what she saw and heard. or rate in our forecasts. we will show you how san francisco is preparing. is dry outside of our doors at the moment. i will have a check of the next system and what you can expect coming up.
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at at&t, we believe in access.
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the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. campus has been identified. authorstern hall in the middle fell on his car. in the north bay, firefighters pulled the body
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from santa rosa creek. firefighters arrived west of downtown after a 911 call reported seeing a hand sticking up from the side of the creek. firefighters found the man dead in the water. his body was caught up in some brush. the creek was running fast and high from recent rainfall. publix works crews are preparing for the next round of rain. we are joined live in the city with how crews are working to reduce the threat of flooding. christian? >> reporter: it starts here with the catch basins like this when. they are working to clear drains just like these to make sure that there is someplace for all of that water to go. >> reporter: with the window between storms, san francisco is drying out and preparing for the next round. a low-lying part of the city prone to flooding has sandbags
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already in place to block high water. workers say since the city started deploying flood barriers, things have gotten better. the city is weighing when to put those in place. >> when we expect mother one inch of rain, we deployed the flood barriers. we will monitor the weather forecast. >> reporter: crews use truckmounted vacuums. the strong winds and rain, some may be covered with debris creating a flooding hazard. the city is using big data analytics to determine which catch basins are most prone to flooding and are working to get ahead of the problem. >> there will be a crew in the evening shift using these high- powered vacuum trucks.
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>> reporter: the city is saying it cannot prepare alone and they are asking people to pitch in and clear those trains in their neighborhoods. >> we need a little help. >> reporter: those catch basins can be clogged up with anything from leads to plastic bags. that is why all of the available resources are being deployed including workers with breaks so when that rain does come again, there is someplace for all of that water to go. ktvu fox2 news . let's talk more about that rain. our chief meteorologist is with us. >> another wet and windy one. high surf is coming our way as well. outside, mostly cloudy. moist air in place in a few sprinkles reported over portions of the northbay. most of his mainly dry. temperatures ranging from the low 50s to 60s around the bay area.
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there is a beautiful view across the bay. san francisco, 54. santa rosa, 52. livermore, 56. san jose, 60. temperatures are warmer today than yesterday. here is a look at stormtracker 2. we are seeing scattered showers down to petaluma. this just moved in over the last hour or so. we have been mainly dry. that will change as we get into our bay area on tuesday. anywhere from 0.75 to 1.50 inches of rain. maybe even more than 2 inches. wind gusts are expected to reach 45 miles per hour. another round of snow for the sierra. it will drop down to 5500 feet.
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partly and mostly cloudy outside right now. tomorrow morning, scattered showers especially in the north bay. as we get into the second part of the day, it begins to move in , it will be in time for the evening drive. here is a look at 7:00. it is widespread and will continue into the late evening hours. wednesday morning, scattered showers are in the forecast. wednesday will be a soggy day but the brunt of the storm will move in through tuesday. areas like concorde, more than 1.5 inches and the hills could pick up more than that. when it comes to the advisories, they s the entire day. the high surf advisory will last 24 hours into wednesday night and includes our entire for, coastline. scattered showers with upper
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50s to low 60s. it will be breezy and raining for the second part of the day. there is a look at your extended forecast. we get a dry day on thursday. it looks like we could see another round of rain on friday and moving in on sunday. back to you. could the situation at the southern border become a national emergency? the president is weighing that option. i am lauren blanchard in washington with more on the ongoing partial government shutdown. the supreme court weighs in on whether to hear a challenge to the ban in california. a new city councilmember biggs ran trees as she sworn into office
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the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future? please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now.
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because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad.
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president trump announced he will address the country tomorrow night about what he calls a crisis at the southern border. we will carry that speech live at 6:00 p.m. on thursday he will travel to the us-mexico border. mike pence said the white house is looking into the legality of declaring a national emergency in order to begin construction on the border wall. there is a little sign of any deal to get government employees back to work as the president gets ready to make his case to the country. >> reporter: as the shutdown
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drags on, we are learning trump is going to take a trip to the southern border as he continues to say the u.s. needs a physical wall. the trip is planned for thursday as the president is considering whether or not to declare a national emergency in order to get his wall funding. >> the president has no authority to usurp congressional authority of the purse. >> reporter: a letter was sent to the appropriations committee outlining what the president wants. billions for a physical barrier and to support thousands of detention beds. millions for immigration judges and support staff. more border patrol agents and law enforcement officials and to address urgent humanitarian needs. >> if democrats really want to work with us, got to recognize that border security is at the heart of this. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of federal workers will go without their paychecks if the shutdown continues. national parks and museums,
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airports and the irs. >> we cannot allow the president to punish innocent americans or have temper tim johnson governed as if there is no congress. >> come to the table we are willing to negotiate. stop the delay tactics. >> trump will make a primetime address from the oval office. he is expected to talk about the humanitarian and national security crisis along the southern border. lauren blanchard, fox news. the people shot and killed friday night in oakland. police are hoping someone has the information they need to solve the triple homicide. coming up next, hear from one of the victims heartbroken friends. pg&e lost more than 20% of their value today alone on reports it may be filing for bankruptcy.
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to remember shot and killed and, henry lee spoke with a
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friend of one of the victims and he joins us now live from oakland police headquarters with more on the story. henry? >> reporter: oakland police need help solving this triple homicide. the mayor in her inaugural speech said that tackling violent crime reminds a priority after last year's historic lows. >> reporter: pierre hudson is heartbroken over the death of his friend dante johnson. >> this was the last's closest friend i had in oakland. >> reporter: he was one of three men shot and killed in west oakland at 9:00 on friday night. johnson was a devoted father who graduated from a pre- apprenticeship program in construction. hudson grew up in the neighborhood known as the lower bottoms. many like him have lost loved ones. >> unfortunately if you grew up
5:32 pm
around here, but unlikely it's not the first time it's happened. >> reporter: a man was shot and killed on the same block. as much as the area is changing, a lot stays the same. >> it has become a hot zone for problems. i don't know. i am from harlem in new york. it is the hood. >> reporter: a neighbor who did not want her face shown, said she heard the shots on friday night. >> i heard four gunshots. i looked out the window and i could see a man lying in the middle of the street. >> reporter: and two other men were shot dead in a car. >> the car was running. it was not moving. i made the assumption there were two other victims in the car. >> reporter: it happen one day after officials announced a big drop in violent crime in 2018.
5:33 pm
mayor schaaf addressed it on morning said to a . >> please don't shoot. kids live here. stop the violence. hudson says he does not know why his friend was killed nor does he want to. >> the less i know, the better. what i need to know is that my best friend is gone. that's all that matters. already this new year, five people have lost their lives to gun violence. live in oakland police headquarters, ktvu fox2 news . and now for there is no special ceremony today. court business as resumed in the building. the courthouse was built in 1878
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. it was badly damaged during the south napa earthquake. the county says the repair process took longer than usual because of the building's historic designation, insurance help pay for the repairs and seismic upgrades. pg&e stock dropped 22% today on speculation that pg&e my file for bankruptcy or split apart because of their massive liabilities from all the massive wildfires that have hit california. tom is in the newsroom with what might happen here in what this might mean for your pg&e bill. >> we simply cannot have massive fire set up plagued us for the last four years. >> reporter: experts say pg&e's potential liabilities far exceed its insurance. that has field reports that the company is considering filing chapter 11 bankruptcy with a judge and major creditors closely watching perhaps for years. >> many transactions will have to be approved by the court.
5:35 pm
>> minute young is doing large- scale commercial bankruptcies for going on for decades. >> many bankruptcy cases are resolved through a sale of the company, the model being the general motors bankruptcy or chrysler bankruptcy. other cases the company stays in control and issues new debt securities or new stock and works out a way to pay the creditors. >> reporter: just like pg&e's 2000 bankruptcy, the public utilities commission voted to pass the costs onto customers bills. this does not sit well with nsand meet payers. >> i think people are getting tired of pg&e crying bankruptcy every year and then saying they need a bailout. that is simply not a sustainable plan for customers
5:36 pm
paying monthly bills. >> reporter: whether or not pg&e files for bankruptcy, another organization will get a close look again is a california public utilities commission heavily implicated in the san bruno explosion for poor regulation of pg&e and being far too cozy with it. the very same things may well apply to the firestorms in the cpuc will have to answer for that. >> the cpuc needs to do a much better job with inspections and enforcement of what pg&e is doing. >> reporter: one suggestion would have pg&e's simply sell off the gas division. that would pay off creditors if it's found liable. they issued a statement saying quote we do not comment on market rumor or speculation. ktvu fox2 news. stock traders cheer. new signs of economic stability and new trade talks with china and how the markets reacted coming up.
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a first for ruth bader ginsburg. why she missed arguments for the first time in her 25 year career on the supreme court.
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on wall street, stocks climbed today with more signs of economic stability. the dow was at 98, the nasdaq was up 84, the s&p added 17.
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strong orders last month in the service sector. real tailors, amazon all climbe traders were reassured by new trade talks with china. an american envoy arrived in beijing today. u.s. and china impose billions of dollars of new tariffs on each other and both governments are facing pressure to reach a settlement. trump and china's president agreed on coming up with the tariff deal by march 1. if the talks go well, a chinese delegation is expected to travel to washington for further negotiations. the trump negotiation is walking back on its timeline for pulling troops out of syria. trump issued a 30 day air deadline declaring isis had been defeated there. last week that timeline was extended to four months. and now they're backing off from any timeline and setting conditions for a withdrawal.
5:41 pm
john bolton is visiting the region and said one condition is that turkey guarantees the safety of kurdish fighters allied with the u.s.. >> we are going to beussing the decision to withdraw. to do suit in a way to make sure that isis is defeated and to take care of those who a phot with us. >> fulton was in israel over the weekend and is in turkey where he will meet with officials or tomorrow. the uber driver accused of killing six people between rides entered a guilty plea. jury selection was underway under jason dalton. he was accused of shooting eight strangers at three different locations in 2016. today dalton pleaded guilty to six counts of murder in two counts of attempted murder. dalton is a father of two with no criminal record. prosecutors do not know why he randomly shot and killed total
5:42 pm
strangers. the charges call for a mandatory life sentence. ruth bader ginsburg mr. first oral arguments since joining the court in 1993. she is recuperating at home after doctors removed two cancerous growths from her left lung. it is the first time in more than 25 years on the high court that she has missed arguments. she will participate in deciding the cases through written briefs and transcripts. there is no day for when the 85- year-old will return to the bench. the government shutdown claims another local part. muir woods is now close. what visitors had to say after driving there to see the famous redwood trees. mainly dry turning wet and windy by tomorrow. i will have a look at the next storm already approaching the bay area coming up. don't miss the grand opening of the new floor & decor
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because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. s. ninth street the agency is doing something unprecedented. the agency says some parks will start using funds from entrance, camping, and parking fees to pay for staffing. foreclosures are a disappointment to visitors and taking a toll on local businesses that depend on national parks to survive. >> it hurts us, everybody in the park. a lose lose.
5:46 pm
>> we get a lot of joy out of this place. by not help out? >> the money will be used to bring in staff to maintain bathrooms, clean up trash, and patrolled the parks. it stayed open for the first two weeks but now muir woods is closed. thousands visit the park to see the famous redwood trees every single day. visitors will be greeted by locked gates. we talked with disappointed tourists today. >> reporter: your woods is officially close. if you come down to the park, the gates are locked, there is cones preventing people from getting in the parking lot and closure signs at the entrances. this is sure to disappoint thousands of visitors. we had a chance to speak to a family who was in town for the national championship that came from alabama. >> very disappointed. we enjoyed at least driving up here. i would love to have seen the
5:47 pm
trees. more of the park. we were disappointed for sure. >> we are a long way from huntsville, alabama. this is maybe the only time we will ever be here. >> reporter: it is part of the golden gate national recreation area. it had remained open with limited services to allow people to hike the trails and observed the towering redwood trees. gates will be locked, tour buses will be turned around and the government shutdown has led to sanitary and safety issues including overflowing trash cans, litter, and messy bathrooms. limited staff has been on hand to clean. people with reservations will get a refund. them your woods website will not be updated. more than 3000 people visit daily. there will just be law enforcement on hand to make sure no one is going through the gates and trespassing. alcatraz is running the day tours and fort point is still
5:48 pm
off-limits. in marin county, ktvu fox2 news . in southern california today, pch was reopened and malibu to residents in the area after a massive mud slide shut down the road and both directions. a huge section of the hillside went onto the highway. four vehicles got trapped in the mud that was four feet deep. crews have been working around the park to clear the debris from the road. the highway is expected to reopen sometime tomorrow. i-80 in the sierra reopen this morning after being shut down for more than 24 hours. a major storm created whiteout conditions. caltrans shutdown from colfax to the nevada state line after several vehicle spun out. people who got caught up in the storm were advised to get off the highway and find a hotel room. caltrans reopen i-80 at 8:00 this morning. the storm left behind a few
5:49 pm
feet of snow at tahoe. north star sent us this video. norstar says they got 42 inches of snow in the last 48 hours and more snow is expected this week with thursday and friday looking like they might be the best days to head up if you want to do some skiing. >> that snow was tough on drivers. >> by tomorrow, we will begin to see the wind and get the rain as we get into the afternoon . some folks took 12 hours to get back to the bay area. we are going to have another round of so come to the sierra. perhaps a foot of fresh powder from tuesday into wednesday. for today we have been mainly dry. mostly cloudy but moist air in place. perhaps a few scattered showers rolling through a specially in north bay. santa rosa from petaluma through
5:50 pm
lucas valley and into mill valley and the san rafael bridge, if you scattered showers. it looks like it may be entering the napa valley. a few hit or miss showers. most of us are mainly dry. by tomorrow morning, we will see of those winds gusting from 40 to 60 miles per hour. it will go until late night. it will be in the coast and the hills. there was a wind advisory to the entire bay area. the wind advisory is for our as here is a we are still with mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow morning, scattered showers. the brunt of the storm is back over the pacific. by 6:00 it will move inland. it could hit us in time for the evening drive.
5:51 pm
this is what we are looking at right now. most of that will be coming through in the early evening hours. it doesn't go away. wednesday will be a soggy day with scattered showers. rainfall amounts of to 1.5 inches. the hills could pick up more than that up to 2 inches. for the sierra, 6 minus 12 inches. that could happen in the next 24 hours. for tomorrow, the rain and the gusty winds for you and as we get into the friday time frame, the next possibility of rain coming. another chance on sunday.50s. mild by winter standards. upper 50s and low 60s are expected with gusty conditions moving up.
5:52 pm
there is a look at your extended forecast. our temperatures don't change very much. we get a break on thursday. friday perhaps more rain and a break on saturday. more rain on sunday. we are 70% of average still even with the juicy storm we received yesterday. >> we've got the national championship game going on at levi stadium. at least it's okay football weather. today the lineup was announced. tickets go on sale for this year's bottle rock music festival in napa. it is set to run from may 24 to may 26 at the napa valley expo. imagine dragon is one of the headliners. other performers include mumford and son, santana, one republic, and neil young. three- day passes go until tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning. single day passes will go on sale on
5:53 pm
thursday. and academy award-winning actor makes his first court appearance after being accused of sexual assault. i am at the courthouse on nantucket and have details coming up. an historic de in oakland as a new city councilmember becomes the first of her kind in the state. more than two dozen new charges for the man who prosecutors call the north cal.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
maher ceili only added another award to his trophy case. he took home the golden globe for his part in the film, green book.
5:56 pm
>> he was raised in hayward. he was honored as best supporting actor. he played world-renowned pianist dr. don shirley. he thinks his costars and paid tribute to the man he played. >> dr. shirley was a brilliant man. i just want to thank him for his passion of virtuosity and the dignity and which he carried himself with that inspired me each and every day. >> this is his first golden globe. he previously won and academy award in 2016 for his role in moonlight. san francisco, darren chris took on the golden globe for best actor in a limited series or tv movie. he won for his role in the killing of johnny were ag. >> kevin spacey pled not guilty to indecent exposure and
5:57 pm
battery. he is accused of groping a young man in a nantucket bar back in 2016. >> reporter: it is the next big trial of the me to era. keviarraigned on monday in nantucket district court. he has been hit with dozens of allegations, but this centers on allegations he grabbed an 18- year-old man at this restaurant in july 2016. the hearing lasted less than 10 minutes. >> spacey did not speak. as long as entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. he was ordered to have no contact with the accuser. if he is charged with further offenses he will face 90 days behind bars. his defense team sparred with prosecutors over request to preserve evidence that could be vital to his defense. >> we are suggestingleted, dest even inadvertently or in a not
5:58 pm
>> reporter: spacey was accused of sexual misconduct by anthony rapp. there were allegations from more than other, more than 30 other men. a cryptic youtube video as his house of cards character frank underwood asking the public not to prejudge. >> you wouldn't believe the worst without evidence, would you? did you? no, not you. you are smarter than that. >> the next court date is march 4. neither spacey or his accuser are expected to be present. fox news. this is ktvu fox news at 6:00. a change of leadership for california is gavin newson takes the oath of office. it is up to california to set an example for the rest of california. >> the eyes of the world are
5:59 pm
upon us. america needs california. it needs the guiding light of our values and the progress they make possible. this is where america's future is me. this is our charge. that is our calling. now let's get to work. >> governor newsom is wasting no time in getting started. >> it, he spoke of how he hopes to improve conditions of all californians and promising to offer an alternative to the course charted in washington. >> we will be bold. work like to get there. here in california, we will prove that people of good faith and firm well can still come together to achieve big things. we will offer an alternative to the corruption and the incompetence in the white house.
6:00 pm
>> our government will be progressive, principled, and always on the side of the people. this will take courage. and i know the courage is a word that means different things to different people. for me, courage means what is doing right even when it is hard. that will be the foundational mission of our administration. we will be california for all. >> christina is in sacramento where the inauguration ceremony was held inside of a tent. she joins us live. what was it like today? >> reporter: it did not rain all day. within the last five minutes the rain started to come down. there were more than 2000 people that filled up those tents. it was overwhelming support for this new governor. there were unexpected moments.


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