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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 7, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the corruption and the incompetence in the white house. >> our government will be progressive, principled, and always on the side of the people. this will take courage. and i know the courage is a word that means different things to different people. for me, courage means what is doing right even when it is hard. that will be the foundational mission of our administration. we will be california for all. >> christina is in sacramento where the inauguration ceremony was held inside of a tent. she joins us live. what was it like today? >> reporter: it did not rain all day. within the last five minutes the rain started to come down. there were more than 2000 people that filled up those tents. it was overwhelming support for this new governor. there were unexpected moments.
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his son took the stage and at another point a heckler had to be taken out. after that, everything went smoothly. >> reporter: the crowd cheered as gavin newsom took the oath of office alongside his wife and four children becoming the 40th governor of california. >> it is up to us to renew the california dream for a new generation. >> reporter: he thanked governor brown for building a strong foundation. he promises to address the housing and homelessness crisis, income inequality, working-class families and healthcare for all and universal preschool for children . >> he made clear he is going to take all of the great things that happened under governor brown, financial stability, economic strength of our state and build on it.
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>> it is a bold agenda. universal healthcare can cost as much in a year as our entire budget. i don't think we can afford that. >> reporter: the inaugural event started with music from a choir from compton, the singing of the national anthem and then he laid out his vision with an unexpected visit from his youngest son, dutch. >> this is exactly how it was scripted. >> it truly reminded all of us of how important and what it means to be a californian. >> he says the work starts now. >> what does white house is trying to do is take us backwards. what governor newsom is doing is taking us forward. >> the eyes of the world are upon us. more than it ever, they need
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california. >> people left feeling inspired and excited. his beast lasted 30 minutes. he spoke in broad themes, a california for all and more details will be unveiled in the coming days and weeks. >> thanks, christina. after he took the oath of office, he went to the governor's office made a number of proposals on healthcare. he wants to provide health insurance to almost 140,000 young undocumented immigrants. you want to reinstate a mandate for everyone to buy health insurance or pay a fine. he is proposing giving subsidies to families that are in too much to qualify for the affordable care act. he signed an order that gives the state more bargaining power in negotiating prescription drug prices. address after 1:00 this morning , jerry brown tweeted this,
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handing the reins over to gavin newsom and now off to the ranch for the next chapter. california has its first female lieutenant governor. she tweeted video of her being sworn in by governor newsom. hours after he took the oath of office. she is a former ambassador to hungry and will have little legislative power in our new role. joining us now is our political analyst. the governor said today he wants to seize the moment and aim high. he has massive plans for california. what were your thoughts? >> i thought it was a good speech from the standpoint of laying out this very broad agenda. the issue is the details.onan s for all of these things he is talking about doing.
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we hope he can. we will see how he proposes to do it on thursday. we will see specifically how he intends to bring in the revenue to pay for some of these things. it is going to be an interesting time in california. >> he said more would be released on thursday. a lot of people said it was overly rehearsed and the moment where his young son dutch ran up on stage that maybe that was written into the script. >> he is a completely different public speaker then jerry brown. his style is very soaring. he attempts to hit high water marks on his sometimes it feels like he is trying to channel previous people we bu.
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>> going back to has broad plans, california has a $14.5 billion surplus. >> if you look at the long list of things he has talked about you can eat up $14.5 billion in a real hurry. even initiatives around healthcare. how you deliver to healthcare to people is a question. there is only two ways to do it . employer mandates of one stripe or another or somehow find that money in your budget or raise taxes. one by one as he brings these initiatives forward, he's got to talk about how he will pay for it >> i'd like to know quickly, raising taxes. a lot of californians are worried about that especially personal income taxes. >> if he gets behind the eight ball on promises and things he claimed he would deliver and he feels that pressure, there is only so many ways you can bring in more money. the first place he goes will be
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taxation. >> we will leave it at that. >> thank you. now to washington and the partial government shutdown in at 17 day. trump said he is okay with the border wall made out of steel instead of concrete. the white house says the ball is in the democrats court. we're joined live on capitol hill. ray, he is taking his message in a nationally televised speech tomorrow night. >> that was the is going public. president trump is going to make a trip down to the southern border on thursday. tomorrow and wednesday vice president pence and secretary of homeland security will be on capitol hill to brief members of congress. >> the trip to texas plan for thursday as the president is considering whether or not to d
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order to get his wall funding. >> the president has no authority to usurp congressional authority of the purse. >> reporter: they outlined what the president wants which is billions for a physical barrier and to support thousands of detention beds. millions for immigration judges and support staff. more border patrol agents and law enforcement officials and to address what they call urgent humanitarian needs. >> if democrats really want to work with us to get the government open again, border security is at the heart of this. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of workers will go without their paychecks if the shutdown continues. the effects are being felt across the country. >> we cannot allow the president to punish innocent americans or have temper tantrums and govern as if there is no congress. >> come to the table.
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stop the delay tactics. >> reporter: president trump's address from the oval office will be carried live by just about all of the television networks and news outlets. the democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are demanding immediate equal airtime because they say trump's address is likely to contain misinformation and malice. back to you. we will bring the presidents addressed to you tomorrow evening right here live on ktvu. it begins at 6:00 tomorrow night . a trial got underway in san francisco today over trump's administration to add a citizen question. a lawsuit was filed claiming the citizenship question was politically motivated and would discourage immigrants and latinos from participating.
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they say that would result in an under account that would jeopardize federal funding and the states representation in congress. coming up, mayor schaaf was sworn in for her second term. she too had a message for president trump . >> here in oakland, if you come to destroy the lives of our immigrants living in peace, we will resist you. if you come to spread fear and division, we will stand up to you. >> we are learning more about the man killed on the uc berkeley campus when a tree came crashing down on the car he was driving. i'm tracking the next system that will bring us rain, wind and high surf as well as sierra snow coming up . the supreme court is asked to hthe ban on farquhar in california. we will hear the decision straight ahead.
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this is i-680 in walnut creek. a little slow on the commute. >> and another life traffic camera. this is the golden gate bridge. smooth sailing here. back with more in just a moment.
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the weekend storms caused a eucalyptus tree to topple on the uc berkeley campus and unfortunately the results were
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deadly. the tree killed a man from marin county inside. we are joined with video taken moments after that incident. so sad. >> very sad. those two storm systems have moved their our area which means the ground is saturated. >> reporter: the sound of chainsaws and a wood chipper filled the air around this part of the campus on monday afternoon. workers cut, moved, and crushed parts of the tree after a tragic scene unfolded here. >> i took the shuttle for the meeting and we got rerouted. and i asked why and he said a tree fell. >> it was more than that. the eucalyptus tree fell on top of a car. >> i noticed there was a red car smashed underneath a bunch of brush. >> reporter: killing the man inside. in a cell phone video
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you can hear the rain just before 4:00. the student who shot the video showed the massive tree. what's hard to make out is that there is a car underneath all of those branches. >> the poor guy was driving down the hill toward the road. i mean, statistically the odds are incredible. >> reporter: inside was the body of a man identified as alexander grant. >> the first of the year after christmas and a fertility like this is horrible. >> reporter: the tree crashed the vehicle and the resident was found dead inside. less than 24 hours later, wreckers removed remnants of the tree and another tree close by. >> one came down and one was next to it and they chop down the second one. that when i saw come down. >> reporter: police haven't said what cause the tree to
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fall. >> we just had extremely high winds . everyone knew that some trees would fall for sure. in many cases, the person was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> the victim was apparently not a uc berkeley student but was visiting someone on campus. i reached out to uc berkeley and they sent condolences to the family but no further comment. ktvu fox2 news . a man's body was recovered from santa rosa creek this morning. firefighters arrived at the creek west of downtown after a 911 caller reported seeing a hand sticking up. firefighters found the man dead in the water. his body was caught up in brush. the creek was running fast and high from the recent rainfall. another round of rain and wind coming to the bay area.
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were already seeing a few sprinkles. were expecting more tomorrow afternoon. right now, mainly dry as we look into san francisco. a few sprinkles over the north bay. santa rosa, 51. san francisco and oakland, 51. temperatures are a lot warmer today than yesterday. here is a look at stormtracker 2. scattered showers in and around highway 1 and down through novato. it has pushed into the napa valley. here is a look at what we do expect with the next storm. up to 1.5 inches for our urban areas. 2 inches for the hills. a wind advisory start tomorrow morning with wind gusts reaching 45 or even stronger for some of our hills.
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yesterday's advisory was widespread. tomorrow, for the coast in the hills and a surf advisory starts tomorrow night around 9:00 and will go all the way into wednesday night. when i come but, i will have a look at the rest of your forecast. ruth bader ginsburg was absent from the court today as she recuperates from surgery. just before christmas she had an operation to remove two cancerous growth from her left lung. it is the first time in more than 25 years she has missed court. she was still help decide by reading legal briefs and transcripts of the oral arguments. the supreme court refused to hear a challenge to california's ban on foie gras. critics maintain the practice of force-feeding duck and geese is animal cruelty.
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foie gras producer say they plan to keep fighting the ban . possibility of pg&e filing for bankruptcy. what that action would mean for pg&e and is customer. the warrior said the half- point middle of the season. what the team needs to accomplish in the second half of the year. an historic de in oakland. what is so significant about the newest city council members sworn in today.
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pg&e stock dropped 22% today on speculation at my file for bankruptcy or split apart. pg&e is potentially facing massive liabilities from all of the deadly wildfires in california. we learn what could happen to pg&e and what this might mean for your energy bills. >> reporter: pg&e's potential liabilities far exceed its insurance. that has field reports that the company is considering chapter 11 bankruptcy with a judge and major creditors closely watching perhaps for years. >> many transactions will have to be approved by the court. >> reporter: bennett young is a bankruptcy lawyer. >> the sale of the come the, company.
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other cases the company stays in control and issues new debt securities or new stock and works out a way to pay the creditors. >> reporter: just like pg&e's early 2000 bankruptcy, the public utilities commission voted to pass the costs onto customer bills. this does not sit well with consumer advocates and ratepayers. >> i think people are getting tired of pg&e crying bankruptcy every year and then saying they need a bailout. that is simply not a sustainable plan for customers who have to pay monthly bills. >> whether or not pg&e files for bankruptcy, another organization will get a close look again at the california public utilities commission heavily implicated in the sam bruno explosion and being far
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too cozy with pg&e. that may also well applied to the firestorms in the cpuc will have to answer for that. >> the cpuc needs to do a much better job with inspections and enforcement of what pg&e is doing. >> one suggestion had them selling off the gas division which would raise a lot of money to pay off creditors. for its part, pg&e issued a terse statement saying we do not comment on market rumor or speculation. ktvu fox2 news . on wall street, the market extended its upward momentum following friday's big rally. investors are hopeful the meetings in beijing will bring an end to the trade war in china. the dow is up 98 points, nasa dating for in the s&p race 17. wall street was reassured with better rates in the service
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area. mayor schaaf is sworn into office for a second term. why she says despite crime being down, she is not celebrating. a man accused of stabbing a good samaritan appears in court today. why prosecutors say was the motive in a deadly attack.
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what he calls the crisis at the southern border. later in the week the president plans to travel to the border to further make his case to the american people on thursday night. funding for a border wall has been at the heart of budget negotiations. >> gavin newsom criticized him as he was sworn in as a 40th governor. knew something announced plans to build the wall at the southern border.
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he called for the state to spend $2 billion on child care and early learning programs. he wants to lower prescription drug costs and in the use of private prisons. >> governor newsom made a number of proposals. one will provide health insurance to 140,000 young undocumented immigrants. he wants a mandate for everyone to purchase health insurance or pay a fine and give subsidies to families who are too much to qualify for the affordable care act. >> it was inauguration day here as mayor schaaf took her oath of office. >> it included a pointed warning to president trump. >> today i am full of gratitude and hope. >> that is how mayor schaaf kicked off her inaugural address.
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in her speech she outlined her plans and hopes for the town. she said her first priority is keeping residents safe. >> i am grateful our community led cease-fire strategy and has given oakland an unprecedented six consecutive years of reduced homicides and shootings combined. >> a group of open residents came together to voice concerns. although the city has had a decrease in homicides, they are still affected. >> violence in oakland to be the number one priority. we are right now in a state of emergency. >> reporter: there have been five shooting deaths in oakland since the beginning of the year. they do not want to be forgotten by the mayor and implore she asked fast. >> step off of that box and come to the flatlands.
6:31 pm
the people who voted you in are crying out right now. >> we want this to not be an afterthought. we need violence prevention, restoration and healing to be the number one priority. >> reporter: she is not celebrating because one life lost his one too many. she admits there is a lot of work to be done here and across the nation. she took out time to give a stiff warning to the president. >> here in oakland if you come to destroy the lives of our immigrants living in peace, we will resist you. if you come to spread fear and division, we will stand up to you. >> ktvu fox2 news . two new members of the oakland city council are making history. she's the daughter of asylum- seekers from vietnam.
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she wants to serve on the oakland city council to give a voice to those whose voices are not heard. and then district 2. the first filipina woman to be elected to the city council. she will work for equity, inclusion and community participation in five systemic racism and corporate power. a proposal to name a street in honor of oscar grant is making its way through oakton city hall. the measure was introduced with seeks to name an unnamed street next to the bart station oscar grant way. he was a bart passenger who was shot and killed 10 years ago this month. the proposed resolution will go to the committee before it can be considered by the entire city council. for the third time in a four years alabama against clemson. jesse gary has been talking to
6:33 pm
fans. >> reporter: they flocked to santa clara from across the country in an ocean. >> we just left from florida. >> it is a down home invasion. the deep south meets far west to watch clemson clash. >> i would've crawled 24 hours. >> there is a culture clash as southern sensibilities collide with the laid-back cool of northern california. for fans of all stripes it is a quick immersion and what is up, healthy, and all natural. >> i think it is important for us to get to know the culture here. is clemson fans we always leave two dollar bills. we pay our way through the game with our two dollar bills with the tiger claw stamp.
6:34 pm
>> for some fans it's not dollars but digits. 400 members of tua tagovailoa's family have come from multiple states and even as far away as hawaii . they are all wearing clemson shirts bearing his number 13. >> not only our immediate family but all the samoan community. we love to support any family that we have. >> it extends to the teams who will attract the faithful no matter how far away from home they have to travel to see the game. >> i am a diehard clemson tide fans. >> most game attendees we talked to didn't have any trouble getting to the stadium. there was one service interruption. bus 251 that links warm springs with the stadium had to be canceled due to employee absenteeism. they released a statement which reads in part, we are doing our best to serve our customers
6:35 pm
under the circumstances and focus on providing information to regular customers and guests for the college for championship game. levi stadium stepped up to run continuous shuttles from the warm springs bart station and it began at 1:30 in the afternoon and ended at 5:00 in the afternoon. outside levi stadium, ktvu fox2 news . the next round of rain is on the way still ahead tonight, we will show you the preparations underway in san francisco as crews get ready for more wet weather. has a live look at san francisco. this is back of from an earlier car fire. it was on the 101. traffic has been at a near standstill on the central freeway. life can change in an instant.
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...will change. the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future? please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad.
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the man police believe is a norcal face more charges. prosecutors added 28 new accounts bringing the total to 40. he was a resident of venetia and a longtime uc berkeley employee. dna evidence tied him to at least seven. he was arrested in berkeley in september. we are learning more about a triple homicide. are crime reporter henry lee talk to a friend of one of the victims
6:39 pm
and also talked to a witness who came upon the crime scene moments after it all happens. >> she is heartbroken over the shooting death of dante johnson . >> this was the last closest friend i had in oakland. >> he was one of three men shot and killed in west oakland at 9:00 on friday night. johnson was a devoted father who graduated from a pre- apprenticeship program in construction in october. many like him have lost loved ones. >> unfortunately if you grew up around here by the likely is not the first time it's happened. i definitely hope it's the last. >> reporter: in december a man was shot and killed in the same block. as much as the area is changing, a lot stays the same. >> it is a hot zone for problems. i don't know, i am from harlem in new york. it is the hood, man. >> a neighbor says she sought,
6:40 pm
heard the shots on friday night. >> i heard four gunshots. i went and looked out the window and i could see a man lying in the middle of the street. >> just steps away two other men were shot dead in a car. >> the car was running. it was not moving. i made the assumption that there were two other victims in the car with their seat on the petal. >> it happen one day after officials announced a big drop in violent crime in 2018. >> this is the nature of violence. we've got to stay on it all the time. >> over the weekend, someone put up the sign reading, please do not shoot. kids play here. >> hudson says he doesn't know why his friend was killed nor does he want to. >> the less i know the better.
6:41 pm
but i need to know is that my best friend is gone and that's all that matters. >> reporter: five people have lost their lives to gun violence this year. if anyone has any information, call police. ktvu fox2 news . a man accused of stabbing and killing a woman in san francisco pleaded not guilty to murder and attempted murder. arthur finch of san francisco attacked veronica sully on january 2. detectives say he stabbed her in the head as she tried to intervene in a fight between finch and his girlfriend in the tenderloin. the good samaritan who tried to help was also wounded but not seriously. finch is being held without bail. still ahead, the lineup for napa's model rock festival. the bands scheduled to perform and win tickets will be going on sale. keep that raingear handy.
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i'm tracking the next system expected to arrive for your bay area tuesday coming up. coming up at 7:00 on ktvu plus, the shutdown drags on. look at the impact of vital services for farmers, the nest a views people, domestic abuse people. when you're powering up for a video game binge try my new chilli cheese or triple cheese and bacon curly fries for just $3. jack. so just so you know, i was like this close to totally destroying your planet until i heard about those fries. that's uh, so thoughtful. try my new $3 sauced and loaded fries.
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or that. try my new $3 sauced and loaded fries. in san francisco, crews are preparing for more rain this week as a city dries out from that weekend storm.rway today t reduce the threat of flooding. >> reporter: with a window between stormswhat
6:45 pm
promises to be a stormy week, san francisco is preparing for the next round. along 17th on fulsome, sandbags are already in place a block any high water. at this automotive, flood barriers are being deployed. a round of storms is hours away and the city is weighing went to put those barriers in place. >> when we anticipate more than one inch of rain over a 24 hour period, we deployed the flood barriers. we will monitor the rain forecast. >> crews used vacuums to clear catch basins around the city. was strong winds and rains some catch basins may be covered with debris creating a flooding hazard. the city is determining which 10% of the catch basins are most prone to flooding and are working to get ahead of the problem. >> we have crews using these
6:46 pm
high-powered vacuum trucks that remove debris from our drains. >> reporter: the city cannot prepare alone and is asking people to pitch in and clean basins in their neighborhoods. >> we have 20,000 drains in our city. >> reporter: they can be clogged up with leaves to plastic bags. they are trying to make sure those storm drains are clear so when the storm rains come, there is someplace for that water to go. ktvu fox2 news . more rain is on the way rosemary, when will it start raining again? rain is scattered showers tomorrow morning. once the rain arrives, it will bring with the wind, high surf, snow in the sierra. another round of wet and windy
6:47 pm
weather. right now we are mainly dry. perhaps a few light scattered showers moving through the bay area. if we move in closer, it's sliding into the east bay as well into concorde and fairfield. a lot of this is not necessarily hitting the ground but scattered showers are definitely a possibility. winds are light. napa, 12. the rain is going to return. high surf expected eventually as well. tomorrow morning, we start with a little bit of drizzle. the main system is still on the backend over the pacific. it will take until 5:00 in the afternoon, assuming it remains on track. by 6:00, it enters the central and south bay. it could hit us just in time for the evening drive. if it slows down, it could miss the evening drive. we will be here tracking of for
6:48 pm
you. wednesday morning, scattered showers remain in the forecast. as we get through the second part of tuesday and into wednesday, we will remain sake. the wind advisories starts on tuesday and will go all the way until wednesday. in addition to 24 foot breakers, rep currents and sneaker waves. we are looking at another round of wet and windy weather coming. temperatures right now, 55, san francisco. we were warmer today than yesterday. by tomorrow morning, mild by winter standards. 53, san francisco. 49, san jose. upper 50s and low 60s in the breeze will be on. along the coast and in our hills is where we have the ktvu plus , wind
6:49 pm
advisory. scattered showers will remain for wednesday . another chance on sunday. >> off and on every other day. >> it is nicer we get the breaks. we begin to get some flooding concerns. four months away but we know the lineup for this year's model rock music festival. the seventh annual festival will run from may 24 to may 26 at the napa valley expo. imagine dragons, mumford and sons, correll williams, santana, one republic, and neil young sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. single passes go on sale on thursday. the warriors are at the midway point of the nba season looking to get on a winning streak. we will have that and the rest of sports coming up next.
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the warriors are at the halfway point now. >> they did a good job of
6:53 pm
bouncing back from that heartbreaking game last thursday. they always say the real nba season starts after christmas. if that is the case, this is the real deal for the warriors. over the weekend, they did come back and beat the sacramento kings. it wasn't easy. they needed some big shots out of steph curry. he had a great game. and then in the final moments of beautiful play from draymond green out here on the break. it looks like warriors basketball again. reporters are running out of questions. today out of nowhere someone asked klay thompson, what do you like? here is his response. >> what do i like? >> life. food. my dog. my family. my friends. my home. my health. that is what i am thankful for and that is what i like.
6:54 pm
my hobbies. movies. video games. and doing this for a living is pretty special. >> draymond green is afraid of cats. >> that is straight from his mother. terrified of them. >> in the meantime, you know what happened the day after the regular day of the nfl ended. six coaches were fired. the rehiring process has begun. the green bay packers, matt leflore is his name. the offensive coordinator for the tennessee titans this past season and has worked with sean mcveigh and kyle shanahanbework best ever, aaron rodgers. the new coach of the green bay packers. it has been and know nothing winter so far for the
6:55 pm
san francisco giants. you know they have a lot of improving to do but it hasn't started yet, officially. we are relegated to talking to you about the latest hot rumor. that would be madison baumgartner. milwaukee brewers, that is the thought. reportedly anyway milwaukee likes the idea of having him join their starting rotation. they are thinking about what and how many prospects they would send the giants in return. stay tuned. spring training is only five weeks away. if you're out buying your loved one in, and early valentine's day present, in case you missed it over the weekend, chicago bear fans, i feel for you. you may want to look away. here is the call of that fateful miss field goal at the end of the game. >> [ spoken in spanish ]
6:56 pm
>> that is not happening. the bears are not moving on. it was partially blocked in the bears go home in the super bowl champs philly live on. jimmy jean richard sherman helping him out on the mike. in the background, that is george kittle. the 49ers apparently enjoying their off-season already. >> jimmy g's knee looks pretty good. >> saigon erne draft pick when they select in june in the nba . he is from duke and did that over the weekend against clemson.
6:57 pm
clemson happens to be playing a game right now. i don't know if you guys heard. >> a sellout crowd at levi. we will cover it in depth. scott reese is there. we are not ignoring it, but we are kind of ignoring it. we cannot show highlights due to legal complications. >> we can kind of say that clemson might kind of be in the lead, 31-16. >> although we have seen no evidence of it on our newscast. >> i was surprised that he is recovering from a torn acl and he's out there dancing. kyle shanahan could not have love that video. what if he reinjured it? >> thank you for joining us tonight. goodnight. >> levi stadium. see you later. ktvu fox2 where the power of
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