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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 7, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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holy smokes, this place is huge! i'm on a budget and i was able to go to floor & decor and save a lot of money. you will be blown away by this experience. the pros come here, i come here. if you love your wallet, and you love your home, you have to go. floor & decor. now open in burlingame, 101 & broadway in the old gokart racer building. this is the 10 p.m. news. a new governor for california as gavin newsom takes the oath of office and promises to take on the white house and set an example for the nation. a new leader for california pledging to lead the way on progressive issues. good evening. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville.
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gavin newsom is california's 40th governor. he was sworn into office today. ktvu's jana katsuyama is here with a look at the promises and the actions. >> reporter: due the weather the ceremony was held in a tent on the steps of the state capital. gavin newsom didn't waste time, he signed several executive orders and a letter to president trump and congress. >> i gavin newsom. >> reporter: gavin newsom stood with his wife and children to take the oath as governor. a protester shouted. the crowd quickly drowned the objections with a chant. and with that the 51-year-old former san francisco mayor was sworn in as california's 40th governor. >> i like seeing democracy in
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action there. thank you. >> the scene, a california for all, united and upholding values that are lacking in washington. >> we will offer an alternative to the corruption and incompitance in the white house. >> reporter: gavin newsom vowed to work on healthcare, wages, edge eggs and climate change. >> it is up to us to renew california dream for a new generation. and now more than ever it is up to us to defend that dream. >> he will partner with law enforcement. >> i learn the wisdom, if you want to go fast, go alone. if you want to go far, go together. my friends, i promise you an open door and an open mind. >> reporter: at one point the crowd broke into laughter when
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his son came on to the stage. >> this is how it was scripted. >> reporter: gavin newsom promised to main deign the budget reserves built by governor jerry brown. >> we will be prude stewards of taxpayer dollars, paying down depth and we will build the largest fiscal reserve of any state in american history. >> reporter: but some question whether he can deliver on that promise with his budget proposal full of proposals that could come at a high cost. >> america needs california. it needs the guiding light of our values and now, let's get to work. >> reporter: that work began an hour later. >> incumbent upon our administration to hit the ground running. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom posted video of signing the two executive orders.
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one launches a system for private businesses and public agencies to hold negotiations with drug companies to lower precipitation drug costs. the other creates a california surgeon general to identify health problems and requested california be allowed to reinstate the individual mandate and pursue a university health insurance program. there are more planned tomorrow on emergency preparedness. jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. this afternoon governor jerry brown tweeted handing the reigns over to gavin newsom and now off to the ranch for the next her swearing in today was one for the record books. she is the first woman to hold the office. she was sworn in by governor
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gavin newsom this afternoon. she served as ambassador to hungry under former president obama. she will serve on the uc bord and the california state board. joining us now is our political analyst. gavin newsom spoke today in broad terms. he said now is the time for california to seize the moment. what are your thoughts? >> aspirational. a big speech. 30 minutes of very suggestive language about what california can be. lots of things that california will have to work itself in to. we are a state of people. 58 counties. 500 cities. everybody calling sacramento every day. gavin newsom has his work cut out for him. >> we should get specifics on thursday when he releases his
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budget proposal. what are you expecting to see? >> he talked about early childhood education. housing. universal care for all. he has a number of things he wants to accomplish but with each of these is the price tag that he has to watch out for. he has $15 billion or less in a reserve fund. that could go very quickly. >> that was the thing i was wondering. we have this massive surplus. we heard him say we are not going to touch that yet he has plans for the state that are going to cost a lot of money and he has a super majority in the senate and the assembly. there are a lot of people that will want that money. >> absolutely. there will be a call by that money throughout california. he has been going up and down california for a couple years talking with all kinds of groups about what their needs are. he has to start delivering and that will be difficult when you talk about the number of groups
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out there. >> he thanked creating a strong foundation. one he plans to build on. how will his style different? >> governor jerry brown was a lay back do things behind the scenes guy. you will see governor gavin newsom out on the forefront. you will see him doing national television. news programs and other things. he will be an active governor. >> doesn't he have to be careful in terms of being on the national stage that people will think all he is interested in is being president? >> make sure a good job as governor of california. >> what missteps could he take? >> over spending. i think the toughest thing that he needs to deal with is all
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the groups of people who will be coming to him for money and his interest in trying to give everybody something will add up very quickly. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. president trump is planning to make his case on border security in a speech to the nation tomorrow night in the middle of a partial government shutdown. the white house says the president will also visit the border himself on thursday. the president has insisted any budget bill must include money for a border wall. attorneys are looking into the possibility the president could declare a national emergency to pay for the wall. furloughed federal workers will miss they checks on friday. >> we have bills to pay. we have mortgages to pay. we have food eat to survive like everybody else. it is not a game to us. >> democrats asked for equal time for response to the
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president tomorrow night. it is not clear if that will happen. you can watch president trump's address tomorrow night right here on ktvu at 6 p.m. new at 10 p.m. police are asking for help in solving a hit-and-run crash that killed a 70-year-old pedestrian. the car struck the woman and the driver never stopped. the vehicle was traveling north on east 5th street when the collision happened. ktvu's amber lee is live after talking to police and friends and neighbors. >> the crash happened here on the 1,000 block of east fifth street. it is a busy road even though raining and it was dark 6 p.m. saturday night. a friend of the victim tells me the 70-year-old was wearing a rain coat as she walked to the store. she was steps from her home when a driver struck her. >> i guess there was a passerby
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that saw a person in the middle of the road. they pulled over and realized there was a person there. >> reporter: police have surveillance video, they are now trying to enhance. they describe the vehicle as a red or maroon sedan. >> it is clear that the driver knows that they hit someone. >> reporter: neighbors say passersby found her lying on the roadway unconscious. >> if you look at that car gray injuries sunday night. a friend and neighbor describe her as a sweet lady who lived alone. >> i would say hi to her. helped her with groceries but she was a nice lady. >> reporter: she made and sold jewelry as a hobby. she loved to knit and was an animal lover. >> i am shocked. i mean, it is really hard how
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someone could do this to another human being. leave them lying there and not offer help. >> just very upsetting and sad her life had to end like that. >> reporter: police are asking anyone with surveillance cameras in the area to check the footage from 5:50 p.m. to 6 p.m. saturday and look for red or maroon sedan. the car may have front end damage and police are urging the responsible forward. >> amber lee, thank you. stadium as ks tonight and a silicon valley played host to college a lazy creek in the sum but treacherous in winter. what authorities are sharing about a tragic discovery, a body found in a waterway. >> a dry day but that is about to change. i am tracking the next system
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that will impact us for your bay area tuesday. more coming up in a bit. not to the finish.t. but to the beginning., if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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a woman on a walk this morning in the north bay made a horrifying discovery a creek. ktvu's debora villalon is in santa rosa where an investigation is underway not far from the downtown area. >> reporter: a few blocks from downtown and these paths along
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the santa rosa creek are popular with walkers and bikers but too close to the water's edge it is dangerous. >> the individual was caught up along the shoreline. >> reporter: fire crews ready for swift water rescue. it wouldn't be the first time they saved someone from the santa rosa creek. but this time the victim had no pulse. possibly swept away during the weekend storm that dumped 2 inches of rain in the area. >> the debris in the trees. >> reporter: at the peak the creek was 10 feet hire than it is now. >> designed to get water into the area, designed to channel water quickly and fast. >> reporter: which is why there are rescue poles along the water way. >> it does happen sadly. >> reporter: those using the paths enjoy the beauty. trails stretch five miles from downtown santa rosa to the water shed. warnings go out. aimed especially at children. the creek they play in during
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the summer isn't the same in winter. >> it is powerful. very powerful. you would, you know, it would be a struggle to get to the shore. >> reporter: residents suspect the man was a transient, camping on the creek bay. >> there is homeless all around here. under the bridges. you know, everywhere. >> you would be surprised how many people, you know, walk by without looking at the ground or the water. >> reporter: police say a woman walking by saw a hand in the water and called 911. the coroner will determine exact cause of death but it appears to be tragic accident. >> hypothermia, could have fell into the water. we don't rule out foul play. >> reporter: downtown has a homeless population. services are here and there are areas to take cover. a shelter is also open for the cold months. >> not very many places for homeless to go.
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they are kicked out everywhere. >> reporter: this residents sympathizes with those living outside. a man watched the victim's body being removed. lost in thought. maybe grief. >> when it is this close, it is all of our problems. it is something that we all need to take steps to remedy. >> reporter: until next of kin are notified we won't have a name or age on the victim. a few years ago two homeless people were swept away by run off. they were rescued but sadly no opportunity to save a life today. >> debora villalon in santa rosa, thank you. in san francisco public works crews are preparing for the next round of storms heading our way. they used vacuums to clear the city's 20,000 catch basins of debris. they determine which drains are most prone to flooding to get ahead of the problem. >> we are having crews out
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there. there will be crew using the vacuum trucks that remove debris from the drains. >> sandbags are already in places in low lying parts of the city along 17th street in folsom. flood barriers are ready to go. power crews worked on restoring power after the storm knocked out service to thousands. strong winds and downed trees knocked out electricity for 90,000 customers across the sacramento area last night. 3,000 customers were still without power this afternoon. and a view fromows traffic movi- 80 after white out conditions forced caltrans to close the highway. several cars spun out yesterday afternoon when high winds and p elevations. that prompted caltrans to shut down i-80. 80 didn't reopen till this morning. and in southern california
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the pacific coast highway in malibu reopened but only to people who live in the area. all this after a mudslide shut down the road. the weekend storm triggered large mud flows. it was 4 feet deep in some spots. the highway will reopen to the public tomorrow. all right. another wet and windy system headed our way for your bay area tuesday. outside at this hour dry. we had a few sprinkles today. there is a beautiful view. san francisco 54 degrees. upper 40s in santa rosa. oakland 55. low 50s livermore and san jose. the winds light at this point. that will change tomorrow morning. the wind advisory for our hills and coast will start at 7:00. live storm tracker 2 right now. you can see we are still in the dry. the next system bringing the
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wind. the wind advisory for the coast and hills. high surf advisory. morning showers followed by afternoon rain and it could hit us just in time for the evening drive. future cast. starting out mostly cloudy skies but dry tomorrow, drizzle, scattered showers to start out the day. there is 5 p.m. entering the north bay. 6p.m. the central bay and 7 p.m., 8 p.m. the south bay. it would only have to speed up by an hour before it nails us for the evening commute. if it slows down we could miss the evening commute. 11p.m. tomorrow night, scattered bay a wednesday, scattered showers will remain in the forecast. when i and what you can expect for the rest of the week coming up. >> thank you very much. still ahead on this monday
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night, california's ban on frog waw reaches the u.s. supreme court. a lopsided win in college football national championship game at levi stadium. a live report from levi stadium and mark will have highlights and more coming up later in sports. >> new information about a triple homicide in oakland that happened one day after officials touted lower crime
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. new details about a triple homicide in west oakland friday night. ktvu's henry lee talked to a friend of one of the victims and a witness. >> reporter: he is heartbroken over the shooting death of his friends. >> this was the last closest friend i had. >> reporter: he was one of three men shot and killed at 9 p.m. friday night. friends say he was a devoted father who graduated from a program in construction in october. he grew up in the neighborhood and says many like him have lost loved ones. >> unfortunately if you grew up around here more than likely this is not the first time it happened. we hope it is the last. >> reporter: in december a man was shot and killed on the same block. neighbors say as much as the area is changing, a lot stays the same. >> like a hot zone for
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problems. i don't know, you know, i am from harlem, it is the hood. >> neighbor heard the shots friday night. >> i heard four pop, pop, pop, gunshots. i could see a man lying in the middle of the street. >> reporter: steps away two other men were shot dead in a car. >> the car was running and not moving. so i made the assumption there were two other victims in the car with their feet on the pedal. >> reporter: a day after officials announced a drop in violent crime. mayor libby schaaf addressed the violence. >> this is the nature of violence. we have to stay on it all the time. we can never rest. >> reporter: please don't shoot, kids live here and stop the violence. he doesn't know why his friend was killed nor does he want to.
10:25 pm
>> the less i know the better. as far as what i need know, my best friend is gone. that is all that matters. >> reporter: so far this new year five people lost their lives to gun violence. police are asking anyone with information to giver them a call. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the accused norcalrapist faced more charges today. prosecutors added 28 new counts. bringing the total to 40. he was a resident of benicia and a uc berkeley employee. police say dna evidence tied him to seven rapes in six counties that started in 1991 and ended in sacramento in 2006. he was arrested in berkeley last september. pg&e stock gets battered on wall street. the latest concerns wildfire liability could force the company into bankruptcy. >> mayor libby schaaf sworn in
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the tigers crush alabama. >> a huge celebration tonight at levi stadium as clemson absolutely destroyed alabama in the national championship game. it was a blow out. the final score, the tigers 44, the crimson tide 16. >> a tigers' second college football title in three seasons. ktvu's azenith smith is live at levi stadium. >> the fans are leaving levi stadium, the screens lit up and clemson colors. every seat here was filled. 65,000 fans. fireworks lit up the sky above
10:30 pm
levi stadium. jets making a rare low altitude fly over to kickoff college football's biggest game. >> reporter: scores of college football fans invaded levi stadium as alabama and clemson met for the third time in four years for the title game. for these alabama fans they wouldn't miss it. this is the first time they have seen him play for the tide. >> to see one of our kids excel like he is doing, there is nothing you can pay. >> reporter: this clemson fan from south carolina dropped a grand to see his tigers. >> once in a life time experience. i had to do it. wasn't too much about the cost, but it is a lot. >> reporter: these fans brought
10:31 pm
their $2 bills. a tradition to show the tigers are in town. game night tickets were hard to come by. >> cheapest is 442. >> a bad connection has been a real challenge. >> i don't know what changed it but between yesterday and today a lot of tickets got bought. >> reporter: they bought a ticket for more than $500. fans forking big money to get in the game. from a law enforcement standpoint no problems. >> things are going as planned. very successful. went smoothly. no travel related issues. >> for these fans the game lived up to the hype. >> you can't always sume things are going to go your way but as long as you have a good time it is worth it.
10:32 pm
>> no chaos or anything. good experience. >> reporter: police tell me they made some arrests. mainly alcohol related and one woman ran on to the field. otherwise it has been peaceful. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. imagine draggle highlighted the halftime telecast tonight during the championship game and this year they chose the number one streaming group of 2018. imagine dragons performed live broadcast to 28 million viewers. mayor libby schaaf was sworn in today to begin her second term in office. ktvu's paul chambers reports she delivered a speech that emphasized crime reduction and a warning to president trump.
10:33 pm
>> today i am full of gratitude and hope. >> reporter: that is how mayor libby schaaf kicked off her address. she is the first mayor in oakland to be reelected in the past 16 years. she out lined her plans and hopes for the town. her first priority is keeping residents safe. >> i am grateful that our community led cease strategy has given oakland six connective years of reduced homicides and shootings combined. >> reporter: before the address a group of residents came together to voice their concerns. they say although the city had a decrees in homicide. >> we are in a state of emergency. >> reporter: there have been five shooting deaths in oakland since the start of the year. those gathered here stress they
10:34 pm
don't want to be forgotten by the mayor. >> step out of the box. come see what your people that voted you in are crying out right now. >> we welcome back mayor libby schaaf and now we don't want this to be an after thought. we need violence not celebratin one life there is a lot of of united states. >> here in oakland if you come to destroy the lives of our immigrants living in peace we will resist you. if you come to spread fear and division we will stand up to you. >> reporter: other priorities of the mayor, affordable housing, homelessness and mental health. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. the supreme court today declined to hear a challenge to
10:35 pm
california's ban on foie gras. the means the ban will remain throughout the state. critic say the practice of force feeding duck and geese is animal cruelty. the plaintiffs are two out of state foie gras producers and a restaurant association in southern california. they say they plan continue to fight the ban. bottle rock is back. the line up just announced and when tickets go on sale for the music festival. >> keep the rain gear handy for tomorrow. the next system that will bring us rain and wind and a high surf advisory. snow for the sierra. details are coming up. >> kevin spacey's appearance today in a courtroom and why he was pulled over by police hours
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the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it.
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the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future? please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad. . kevin spacey was pulled over for speeding today as he left reagan national airport hours after he appeared in a courtroom in massachusetts to face an assault charge. kevin spacey's legal team entered a not guilty plea. he is accused of groping an 18- year-old man in a bar in 2016.
10:39 pm
there was brief sparring by there attorneys when the attorneys requested his cell phone data be preserved. >> we are suggesting the scope that is requested by counsel is overly broad. >> i don't want to see the data deleted, destroyed. i don't think it is a burden at all. >> the judge the court prosecution request that kevin spacey stay away from the alleged victim and his family. for the speeding incident the officer gave him a warning. a trial got underway in san francisco today over the trump administration's decision to add a question about citizenship to the u.s. census. california and others filed the lawsuit claiming the question was politically motivated and would discourage immigrants from participating. they said it would result in an
10:40 pm
undercount. on wall street traders were hopeful meetings in beijing will bring an end to the trade war. the dow up 98 today. nasdaq gained 84. s&p 500 was up 17. the consumer electronics show kicks off tomorrow in las vegas. it is known for show casing the latest gadgets. proctor & gamble is there with a tooth brush that uses artificial intelligence and a 65-inch television screen that can roll down to its base. more than 1 ate thousand people are expected to attend the show running through friday. the line up for the bottle rock music festival was
10:41 pm
announced today. ced today. the festival runs may 24 to the 26 at the expo. mumford & sons, imagine dragons, and neil youngmumford & sons, neil young, promise of the real, pharrell williams, santana, flogging molly, and jeff goldblum and the mildred snitzer orchestra. pg&e shares lose moretoday on reports it may be filing for bankruptcy. but would it really? >> and rosemary orozco tracking more rain.with the forecast in a moment.
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get covered today.
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> pg&e is considering bankruptcy following the camp fire and other deadly and destructive wildfires in northern california. they could face liability if it is found responsible. the news sent pg&e shares plunging 20% say pg&e's liabilities an. that fuels reports the company is considering filing bankruptcy. >> many transactions will have to be approved by the court. >> many bankruptcy cases are
10:46 pm
resolved through a sale of the company. other cases the company stays in control and issues new debt securities or stock and works out a way to pay the creditors. >> reporter: or just like pg&e's 2000 bankruptcy, the california public utilities commission voted to pass the costs on to customers. this does not sit well with advocates and rate payers. >> i think people are getting tired of pg&e crying bankruptcy every year and then saying they need a bail out. that the not a sustainable plan for customers who have to pay monthly bills. >> reporter: another organization is going to get a close look again, the california public utilities commission, implicated in the san bruno explosion for poor
10:47 pm
regulation of pg&e and being too cozy with it. the same things may well apply to the firestorms and the california public utilities commission will have to answer for that. >> the p.u.c. needs to do a much better job with inspections and enforcement of what pg&e is doing. >> reporter: one suggestion would have pg&e selling off the gas division which would raise money to pay off creditors. pg&e issued a statement saying we do not comment on market rumor or speculation. after a mainly dry day a new storm is on the way. looking at breezy conditions for tomorrow and a wind advisory for the areas of our bay and as we get into the second part of the afternoon scattered showers turning into a steady rain. outside this time of year you can see mostly cloudy skies. a few sprinkles here and there
10:48 pm
throughout today. today was a warmer day. up by 5 to 10 degrees over yesterday. the winds calmed down. light around the region. you can see the next system that will impack us as we get into tomorrow morning. the wind picks us first. a wind advisory early on. cloudy and rainy and gusty for your bay area tuesday and then for the weekend, additional fr more on that in the extended forecast. the wind advisory is for our hills as well as our coast line. and those wind gusts could 60 m late in the afternoon, moderate rain begins to sweep across the north bay and then central and south bay. through the evening, it could impact us in time for the evening drive and a high surf advisory tomorrow night. wind advisory starts at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning to wednesday
10:49 pm
morning with gusts reaching 40, 50 and 60 miles per hour in the hills. north bay, east bay, the santa cruz mountains and the coast line as well. high surf advisory tomorrow night in to wednesday night. breakers expected to reach 24 feet in addition to the rip currents and the sneaker wave. wet and windy for your bay area tuesday. tomorrow morning dry. perhaps drizzle. scattered showers and that is about it. looks like the brunt of the sythe evening commute. there is 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. there. if it speeds up could hit 5 p.m. if it slows dod miss the evening commute. steve be here tomorrow morning. there is wednesday. wednesday afternoon scattered showers taper off. temperatures outside right now, mild, 50s. tomorrow morning upper 40s to
10:50 pm
low 50s. and then the afternoon, breezy conditions. upper 60s. and the extended forecast shows you we will get a break on thursday. followed by another opportunity for wet weather on friday and sunday. >> the consistent week with breaks in between. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. coming up on the 11 p.m. news swollen water ways l have and we will hear from the teams next. don't miss the grand opening of the new floor & decor
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prepare mark is here now with sports. >> bama got their buts kicked tonight. clemson completes a perfect season. the final score looks like a misprint. 44-16 and levi stadium has never looked so good. yeah. nice. someday they might get 49er stu.
10:54 pm
first break in the game. 44yards. okay. going to be like this tonight. yeah. he said it is on me. retaliates. 62yards. touchdown. we have 7-7 right there. clemson has a running back who scored three times tonight. 17 touch yards here. into the end zone. 14-7. it looked like we were going to have a barn burner. bama bounces back. inside the one. they first rule it a touchdown. if you look at the replay his knee was down. they scored after that but they missed the pat.
10:55 pm
14-13 at halftime. clemson, they have trevor the true freshman lawrence drilling it deep. he breaks free. he is from alabama. comes back to hunt his home state with that touchdown. beautiful job right there. 74yards. and the coaches, that is tough to see. right? high school last year, that is amazing. tonight 347 yards. you see his family. imagine that? a true freshman in the national spotlight. blow out victory. worse loss in his alabama career. clemson analysis champions. a perfect season.
10:56 pm
scott reiss was there. >> reporter: we knew these were the two elite teams in college football. we did not know how much more elite one team was than the other. clemson with a blow out of alabama. the tigers the first team in college football history to finish the season 15-0. >> so proud of my team and everybody who supports us. we are not done. we are not done. >> reporter: ecstasy on one sideline, agony on the other. >> i know that my whole career i am not going to be undefeated. but all the work we put in to see that so lopsided, that was surprising. >> reporter: he played well in the game and will likely be alabama's featured back next season but this night was all about the clemson tigers. five years of the college
10:57 pm
football playoffs and no number one seed has won the championship. scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news sports. >> some wear dwight clark is smiling tonight. nfl football, lots of coaches, six fired on black monday after the regular season. now the replacement process begins. green bay's new coach. offensive minded. and he will have a heck of a quarterback to deal with, aaron rodgers. not too far away from levi stadium, different thing going on indoors. sharks trying to improve their win streak and they do. always gets physical with the
10:58 pm
kings and it does. physicality, that is what the sharks need. shot on goal. back out. makes it 1-0. second period. 1-1. great pass. the backhander. 15th goal of the year. 2-1 san jose. empty netter here. no problem. his 7th goal of the year. and the sharks win it 3-1 over the kings. incases you missed it over the weekend, good stuff, apologies to chicago bears fans. in cases you missed it. missed it.
10:59 pm
>> no. great call right there. missing the pick. it was deflected. philadelphia still alive. barely got his hand on it. i am sure that won'pacify bears fans. that is the sporting life for right now. it is 11 p.m. time for more news. >> thank you. next at 11 p.m. a warning after a body is found in a bay area creek following a weekend of heavy rain. . >> the 11 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. with more rain on the way officials are issuing a warning saying urban creeks could be dangerous. hello. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. a man's body was it spotted in
11:00 pm
the water by a woman walking along santa rosa creek downtown. ktvu's debora villalon with more on what happened. at happened. . >> reporter: the pallings along here are very popular run off is powerful. off is powerful. war rescue. al was caught up it wouldn't be the first time they saved someone from the santa rosa creek. but this time the victim had no pulse. possibly swept away during the weekend or


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