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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 15, 2019 9:00am-9:59am PST

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>> to help combat the theft, sheriff's deputies say the boat owners should take action and make sure boats are locked up, and to report anything suspicious. ious. harbor us run into an early morning setback trying to remove several trees from people' to t them. expanded coverage of the pg&e bankruptcy plan. >> we are not worried about >> reporter: the embattled utility and its customers. we are talking live with the brand-new cast of rent. how vanessa hudgins is preparing to perform live on national tv later this month. >> this is just kind of more in the nuisance rain category. you have seen our camera on top of a tall building. it's swinging to the left, and we are seeing some raindrops. mornings on 2, the 9 cut
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tuesday, january 15. it's going to be raining even harder tomorrow. >> later in the day. it's not really tomorrow morning's commute we are worried about, it's about most people's ride back home. >> mid-january, right? let's go. this is what we need. >> i like your positivity. >> drive safely but i am excited about the snow because we don't want to be in a make s arborists hired by uc or damaged.enforcement officers on >> reporter: here is the thing. it all started at 4:30 in the morning. this was a two pronged approach. number one was to clear this place of homeless people who had been told repeatedly this is not a place they can live. that is not the park's policy, so one of the reasons was to remove them.
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the other part was to safely remove some trees which had become diseased. it was a two prom pronged theme and the overwhelming show of force was there for one reason only, to avoid really violent conflict. >> there were some people that were found in the encampment this morning. some of them left voluntarily. the remainder were arrested, who refused to leave. we do a lot of planning and av violence, but at the same time, to meet the university's responsibilities to enforce the law. >> reporter: at this point, what we are involved in disagreements about what was goinonviolence including during the arrest, so that was a good thing. now, what's basically going on is that trees have been mulched.
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the mulch is being put into trucks. they will be here for some time doing that. while there are still some people out there with a bullhorn and people honking a car horn, there is just no organized protests going on. again, because of the overwhelming show of force and the precision that was pulled off, something police here should be congratulated for, because they didn't have to hurt anybody to pull this off. from people's park, tom vacar, . >> pg&e says despite the announcement that it will file for bankruptcy, customer service will not be affected. jana katsuyama reports it was not a surprise. >> reporter: the 2017 and 2018 northern california wildfires destroyed entire communities. in a filing, pg&e said it couldn't cover potential liabilities from 750 lawsuits and complaints blaming pg&e equipment for sparking the fire and insufficient maintenance of transmission lines and vegetation.
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if pg&e is found liable, the cost could exceed $30 billion. for more than pg&e's insurance and assets. >> pg&e with respect has not been a trusted player in the past. >> reporter: california governor gavin newsom said he is concerned about protecting taxpayers, ratepayers and fire victims. the governor said power supplies are sufficient for pg&e's more than 5 million customers across a service area larger than the state of florida, but the, company itself has shown a failure of management after the san bruno pipeline explosion. >> they misrepresented their inspections of pipes, and they misled the public. that is simply an acceptable. >> reporter: an attorney for victims of the wildfire who are suing pg&e,paid. >> the filing of the bankruptcy in no way means that their claims are not going to be fairly compensated. >> reporter: but experts say legal proceedings would likely
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be delayed in bankruptcy court. pg&e customers could also face higher rates. >> ratepayers, the people who pay the bills get stuck with the bill. >> reporter: and taxpayers could bear the burden if there is a state bailout. >> there may need to be a change of funding. >> reporter: the news comes after pg&e's ceo geisha williams announced she was stepping down with a multimillion dollar severance. they did release a statement saying, "we believe a court overseeing process will best allow pg&e to resolve its liabilities in an orderly, fair and expeditious manner." jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. let's check on pg&e stock this morning. it's at $6.93. remember, yesterday at this time, $6.08. slightly different on my phone. almost 7 dollars. yesterday, at this time i was talking to mike and gasia.
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$9.20, remember? that's even lower today, obviously. this three month graph demonstrates the drop of more than 80% since the big fire in butte county last november. the stock had been trading for more than $48 a share before the fire. pg&e is the largest investor- owned utility in the u.s. the company serves more than 5 million electrical customers with a service area stretching from eureka to bakersfield. the company employs some 20,000 people. pg&e filed for bankruptcy once before in 2001. at that time, the utility was $12 billion in debt after deregulation of state utilities, and an energy crisis that forced extremely high rates for electricity. customers paid more than market rate prices for energy, for several years after that. the utility emerged from bankruptcy in 2004. >> pg&e bankruptcy
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announcements raised questions about whether regulators at the california public utilities commission shared the blame for pg&e's failures. 2 investigators tell us what's being done about all the uncertainty. >> reporter: added to the state constitution in 1911, the utilities commission is charged with regulating services, protecting customers, and safeguarding the environment. five commissioners appointed by the governor make up the board. each has a six-year term. they are supposed to make sure utilities like pg&e spend wisely to construct, maintain, and replace infrastructure. tructure. but with more wildfires and more blame cast on pg&e, there is a new fire raging against the cpuc. some think the utility isn't holding the utility accountable. >> make the
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utility accountable. >> thank you, sir. >> you will listen to me. >> reporter: michael baker wrote a letter to the governor as part of the 2017 annual report. he said continuing to improve safety records remains critical. >> we know in this era, with the ferocity and unprecedented damages we are seeing from wildfires, we can't keep doing the same thing. >> reporter: the commission fined pg&e $8.3 million last year, after a tree came in touch with a electric conductor in butte county. still,, the cpuc is responsible for employing hundreds of workers to inspect wires, poles, and pipelines. while it signed an agreement with cal fire to jointly investigate any role electricity equipment may have provided in fires, it is also necessary the cpuc wildfires. with the cpuc would only say it was closely monitoring financial status and legal filings of pg pg&e, and
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saying cpuc will respond appropriately. the commission is both an administrative agency and a court. in 2015, commissioners voted to investigate safety in the corporate culture. after a five-year string of safety problems including the explosion in san bruno that left eight dead and injured dozens more. last year, it was found pg&e needed to do more to ensure safety of the public. its employees, and contractors, as well. still,, the commissioner approved pg&e's rate increase, and now once again, the focus is shifting to this government body as to how it will handle a potentially bankrupt utility. the $193 million will be used to regulate utilities. the commission's annual report is due to the governor by february 1. in it, 2 investigates will be looking to make sure the commission is holding the utilities accountable. brooks to rose, ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> stay with ktvu fox 2 news as we bring you continuing coverage of pg&e is bankruptcy protection. in between newscast, we update this story constantly on social media and it's been raining and tomorrow will be worse than today. let's go to rosemary now, who is following the weather, and the weather moving in. >> as expected, wet and breezy today, giving you a look here at fairly widespread rain. from the south bay, over areas of the santa cruz mountains, to the essential band into the northbay, santa rosa is one of the only spots that did not have a whole lot of rain the last 15 to 20 minutes, but that will change. take a look at moderate rain over the higher elevations. the diablo range on the east side of morgan hill, some moderate pockets over the santa cruz mountains, but for most us, it's a light, steady rain moving across the bay with a little
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it stretches over some of the east bay hills. west, we've got some rain around ocean beach, pacifica, and into areas of southern portions of san francisco. into the northbay, navarro is wet at the moment. the sonoma valley, napa valley, stretching toward american canyon, and widespread and wet if you are going into areas of the sacramento valley. here is a look at the winds. for your wind gusts, 25 napa, fairfield 12. we will go with a wet, breezy day. your outlook for your tuesday afternoon, there is lunchtime. for folks who plan to be out and about, it could be very soggy and coming down at times. here is a look at the afternoon. scattered showers in the forecast, but it doesn't go away completely because there is 11:00 tonight with scattered showers remaining in the forecast. snow is beginning to pile up in the sierra. an advisory starts later today for the sierra, and the biggest
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storm yet on the way. details on that coming up in just a bit. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, where extremists are claiming responsibility for an explosion and shooting rampage at an upscale hotel. we will bring you the latest on that. later, home surveillance cameras capture the beginning of a frightening home invasion in the east bay. a nine-year-old boy, in the middle. the video police hope will lead to the robbers and the getaway vehicle.
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looking at the dow jones industrial, it's about three quarters of a %. 160 and the indices are up a little after china put pressure on its retailers and business owners to step up production. we are following news out of nairobi, kenya, where a
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hotel complex is under attack. a somali and terrorist group is claiming responsibility and says its fighters are still inside the complex. there are reports of heavy gunfire, explosions. one witness reported seeing at least two bodies. some rain and some were carried from the hotel. several vehicles have burned. fairfield say a man suspected of stabbing a woman, a girl, and a police dog, me on vacaville has died after being shot by a police officer. just after 7:00 last night, police found a 16-year-old girl and 43-year-old woman with stab wounds in the driveway of a burning home. they also found a four-year-old with burn injuries inside the home. police say two boys, ages 12 and 15 were also in the home, but they were able to make it out. a witness who didn't want to show her face, saw the children as they escaped. >> i saw a couple people run across, and then i heard a loud
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boom. i get out of my car and there is children running from the house, screaming. i approached the house, the house was on fire, and the kids were saying he stabbed my mom in the neck." >> fairfield police were led to meet daniel hall in. a k9 unit worked to talk him down track him down. a fairfield police officer shot him and the canine is expected to survive but the suspect later died. it may have all started after an argument between the man and the mother. we're working to get details on a possible home invasion robbery in sent the go. police responded to sagamore street and capitol avenue near 280 at about midnight. police have still not confirmed what happened but our crew on the scene says it was a possible home invasion robbery. investigators have since left the scene. we have reached out to police for more details.
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our crew is still gathering more information. we will bring you an update as soon as we get it into our newsroom. president trump's nominee for attorney general is appearing before the senate judiciary committee for his confirmation hearing. president trump nominated william barr to replace jeff sessions. he is facing tough questions from democrats because he will likely oversee special counsel robert mueller and his investigation into russia and the 2016 presidential election. in his remarks this morning, barr said he would not interfere in mueller's investigation. >> top of mind for all of us is the ongoing mueller investigation. and partly, the attorney general must be willing to resist political pressure and be committed to protecting this investigation. >> the country needs a credible resolution to these issues, and if confirmed, i will not permit partisan politics, personal interests, or any other improper consideration to interfere with this, or any
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other investigation. >> barr previously served as attorney general under former president george w. bush. for today. dairy products, fresh produce and baby formula will be inspected. the fda takes care of most supplies but meat and egg products are inspected by the usda. those folks are still on the job at working without pay. contra costa county will release food stamps early because of the shutdown. the agriculture department is using a budget workaround to make sure people get benefits or february. recipients are asked to plan budget carefully, knowing that this will be the only benefit they are going to receive until the end of next month. the government shutdown is creating long lines at airport checkpoints because an
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unusually high number of tsa agents are calling in sick. at jackson airport, people said the wait to get through security was well over an hour. tsa officials say the number of unscheduled absences across the country has more than doubled from this time last year. a new quinnipiac university poll shows the majority of americans oppose building a wall on the border, which led to the government shutdown. 55% say they oppose the wall. 62% oppose shutting down the government to pressure congress to allocate money for a wall. 56% of those surveyed say they blame president trump and congressional republicans for the stalemate. british lawmakers will vote on british prime minister theresa may's plan to leave the european union. the british parliament will vote to accept the plan or risk leaving the eu with no future resolutions. opposition parties say they will vote britain is scheduled to leave the eu on march 29 with or
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without a deal in place. uncertainty has led to protests on the streets of london. fear over the impending vote is causing british supermarkets to stockpile products. those markets fear a no deal will leave them at a loss when it comes to trade. many stores negotiating deals of their own on easy to store goods from suppliers ahead of the vote. some people in the uk say they have been hit hard by brexit even before it officially happens. >> it's just a mess. i don't think anyone really knows. you don't seem to get the bullet points of what the brexit deal means and what's actually going to happen. you just hear people and happy your theresa may wants this. >> some analysts say rises on imported goods including food in the uk could increase by up to 10%. in the bay area today, gavin newsom will be out in san jose listening to what people are saying about california's housing problems. the governor will talk about
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affordable housing when he meets with liccardo andgrowth because low and middle income families are forced to leave the state. mayor ricardo is working from home after an suv crashed into his bicycle. the mayor had a fractured sternum but said he was happy to be back in the saddle. today is your deadline to enroll in covered california, the state health insurance plan created under the affordable care act. their has been a push statewide to get everyone eligible to sign up because this year's deadline comes two weeks earlier than in past years. almost 1.4 million californians are enrolled. if you sign up today, you will start receiving health benefits february 1. on mornings on 2, the 9, we will meet a teenager who was a standout football player and is now in the fight of his life. how he is staying positive
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through a specific cancer diagnosis.
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so we don't want you to pay yone cent more than you need to for health care. at covered california, you can get health insurance at a lower cost. in fact, enrollees pay an average of $5 per day. see how little it costs to get covered. visit today.
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a college athlete from oakland is in the fight of his life after being diagnosed with bone cancer that has spread to his lungs. the support he's been getting and his determination to play football again. >> just keep fighting because at this point i'm not only fighting for myself anymore, i am fighting for my daughter. >> reporter: ramone sanders junior tells us via face time, his baby girl named nevaeh, just turned three years old. he says his love of family and football is giving him the strength to tackle positive att that will help you forget about all the negativity. >> reporter: the 19-year-old just started chemotherapy last week. >> in comes ramone sanders for
9:25 am
the sack. >> reporter: before graduating, he played for kleinman high school and continued at laney college last fall. in november, ramon broke a femur during practice. that's when he learned he had cancer. >> when i first heard about it, i cried. >> reporter: but he said the support of his family helped him move forward. his father tells me the cancer has spread to ramone's lungs. >> it really hurts. sorry. as a family, it's hurt us. >> reporter: he is described as a caregiver of the family. >> to see our son go through something like that. he has been a man. he took care of me. he took care of his mom. >> reporter: ramone's family says they know it will be a long challenge ahead, but they have face he will succeed. they have started a gofundme to cover expenses. the oakland raiders have provided ramone and his family
9:26 am
tickets to the super bowl february. ramone says he is grateful for the support he has received. >> seeing people want to see you get better, see you fulfill your dreams. everett and jones barbeque restaurant plans to host a fundraiser for ramone february 1. he tells me he is determined to play football again. amber lee ktvu fox 2 news. still to come on mornings on 2 the 9, more information about the trump administration's efforts to put a citizenship question on the 2020 census. what a judge just rolled. one of the most beloved modern musicals, but you've never seen rent like this. we talk with a couple of the stars of rent live before we bring it to you here
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we are back on mornings on 2 the 9. could be some snow in the sierra. it's all good for the water table. it's going to rain even harder tomorrow. >> you are right. we are looking at a steadier rain for today. a little breezy or. today's system is a little stronger. wednesday and thursday is when we are expecting quite a doozy, so to speak. outside our doors, the rain is coming down, fairly widespread. i will get you futurecast in a moment, but let's look at radar. from the northbay into the south bay, there is a lot of green on the screen, and pockets of moderate rain, as well. over the santa cruz mountains and over the diablo range, it just looks like right on the
9:30 am
east side of morgan hill and gilroy. as we get into the central bay, we've got moderate rain falling, as well. san jose, you've got a lot of rain falling at the moment, and across all of our bridges. san mateo, dunbarton, and the bay bridge. it's coming down over the areas there for the east bay along i- 80. emeryville, berkeley, highway 24 through lafayette. we've got some moderate rain. in the northbay, light and spotty. santa rosa with rain in sonoma valley and napa valley. let's head to the sierra. take a look at this now beginning to pile up. snow levels down below 5000 feet. i am seeing that along i-80, so you're going to need to change the snow tires between this afternoon and friday. we are looking at several feet of snow for the higher peaks. a winter weather advisory starts today and will l thursda again, they put out advisories for travelers, so
9:31 am
expect one to travel in that direction. there is a look at the noontime to 1:00 hour. rain will continue to fall. it begins to taper off into the early evening hours, which is good news for the commute, although i think it will be wet and slick. overnight, it continues to fall. take a look at what's going on by late tomorrow. by the evening drive, it looks like this last system is expected to bring us the strongest wind and heavier rain. it could pull in just in time for the evening drive and we dry out thursday. rainfall amounts, another inch or so ovid and done, 2 to 3 inches is possible for our urban areas, more in northbay, and the hills could dig up four to five inches. we have windy weather coming tomorrow with a wind advisory. outside right now, under soggy conditions, upper 40s to low 50s. for the afternoon, we will remain in the 50s with rainy
9:32 am
weather, breezy weather. here is your extended forecast. continuing with the rain wednesday into thursday, we finally get a break friday into saturday. another chance at rain come sunday. back to you. rain in southern california is forcing evacuations in fire zones. flooding and mudslides could be a problem in the woolsey and thomas fire areas. evacuations started in los angeles county and santa barbara county where the thomas fire burned. the evacuations started at 10:00 this morning. let's get you caught up by going to the newsroom and bringing in dave clark. >> gasia, thank you. governor gavin newsom has several big concerns about pg&e's plan to file for bankruptcy. the governor says he is focused on protecting taxpayers, ratepayers, and victims of the 2017 and 2018 wildfires. both experts and consumer advocates say it's possible pg&
9:33 am
e will count on getting help from the state, and that consumers will be hurt. >> ratepayers, the people who pay the bills, we get stuck with the bill. >> there may be some state bridging of funding and so forth. >> john simon, the interim ceo of pg&e, says the court supervised bankruptcy process is the best way to let pg&e resolve its liabilities in what he called an orderly, fair, and expeditious fashion. in berkeley's people's park, plenty of people police were outside while arborists cut down trees that uc berkeley are says are diseased or damaged. police also told the homeless at an encampment in the park, they had to leave. there was a small protest, but no one was arrested. in pleasant hill, an hours long police standoff has ended. one man was arrested
9:34 am
crossroads shopping center at about 3:00 this morning for about five hours. negotiators talked to a man inside that truck. at this point, police still have not told us why they were trying to arrest him. that's a brief look at some of the top stories we are look working on. a frightening incident in the south they were three home invaders not down a three-year- old boy who answered the door in piedmont. henry lee shows us the home security video police hope will lead to an arrest. >> reporter: this is surveillance video showing three strangers forcing their way inside a home in piedmont about 9:30 sunday morning. >> we had three suspects knock on the door of a house and engage the sun in the house. they pushed past him, knocking him down. >> reporter: the boy his father heard the commotion and he too was confronted by
9:35 am
intruders. at least one had a gun. >> one suspect held the father at gunpoint while the other two spent about 30 seconds just searching through various parts of the house, and then all three suspects fled. >> reporter: you can see them running down a long driveway. piedmont police arrived minutes later and said the three left without taking anything, but they did leave behind some clues on camera. >> we are fortunate in the city of piedmont to have a strong technology for print. >> reporter: the three left in this blue toyota highlander at oakland and grand in this image. i have learned the same three are suspected of robbing a man of his laptop in the city of oakland about noon on saturday. piedmont and oakland police are working together to identify the three with the help of license plate reading cameras which tracked the toyota's movement through the city. >> the suspects touched our
9:36 am
public safety camera and license plate readers. >> reporter: home invasions do happen in piedmont. residents we spoke to had mixed reactions. >> i am shocked it happens here in piedmont. i hadn't heard about it. it's unfortunate. >> it's a ship that floats on the sea of oakland so i don't think it's surprising at all. >> reporter: henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> piedmont police tell henry they are following up on a number of leads in this case but anyone with information is asked call. a man is under arrest in san francisco, accused of setting off a homemade explosive in south park. police were called to tabor place alley near second street sunday, after reports of explosions that broke several windows. rrested mustapha maft for possession of a homemade firework. >> the type of device that was detonated, we don't want to go into too much detail but it's appears to be homemade.
9:37 am
>> maft was booked on vandalism and possession of a destructive device. a judge in new york city says the citizenship question will not be allowed on the next census. the judge said adding the question itself is legal, but the proper steps were not taken to add it to the next census. california and several cities across the country would discourage immigrants and latinos from taking part. they say that would result in an undercount that would jeopardize federal funding and the state's representation in congress. the u.s. supreme court is set to hear the issue in february. legendary actress and singer carol channing is being remembered as an industry pioneer. eer. >> ♪ a kiss on my hand may be continental, but diamonds are a girl's best friend. music >> reporter: she died in rancho mirage at the age canning was born in seattle but moved to three
9:38 am
months old. she moved to lowell and graduated from lowell high school in 1938. she got her start in the play "gentlemen prefer blondes." years later, she starred in "hello, dolly", and won the 1964 24 best actress in a musical. she appeared in several movies including "thoroughly modern millie", and "the first traveling saleslady". in a couple of weeks, fox is bringing live musical theater to the small screen. rent is one of the most acclaimed productions on broadway and now it will be a live from 10 performance on ktvu box 2. vanessa hudgins and kelsey clemens. good morning. >> good morning. >> this play is obviously coupl >> yes. i have never seen a production of rent.
9:39 am
i've done it. i did it about eight years ago, and i played another character, but it's so funny having eight years from then to now, and then coming back into rehearsals and realizing i still no all the music, and all the songs. i am such a rent head myself. >> vanessa hudgins, you plate marisa johnson. that was a role that was played by dena manzo on broadway. >> maureen johnson. >> now that you know what your role is going to be have you studied up on that role? >> studying up? no, it's all good. i think yes, there have been a lot of people who are extremely talented and have brought maureen to life before, but i think jonathan larson's intention writing this show was
9:40 am
to try to find his own true, authentic voice as an artist, and that can only come from within yourself. so, i have just been trying to find the character within me and bring her in a way that is true and authentic for myself. >> i wanted to ask you a question about how this show is going to be on television. a lot of people have maybe never been to a play but they can watch it on tv. do you think this will introduce a lot more people to this play? >> i think it will introduce a lot of people to musicals in general and a whole new generation will obviously learn about all of these different topics such as hiv and a.i.d.s. throughout the show, but i love that you don't have to have parents that will take you to a show to see something like this. you can now watch from home. it opens so many doors.
9:41 am
it might motivate them to do something creative or see if they have a new calling, which i think is really beautiful and something that really intrigued me about this. >> to either of you, why do you suppose rent has had such a deep impact? a lot of people have become addicted to the show. people were lining up outside the theater in new york to get cheap tickets. it has really had a good run. why do you think that is? >> i think definitely because there are always these different people coming together in the show, regardless of class or education, race, gender, sexuality, whatever it may be. what brings them together is love and the common goal to fight to stay alive and continue to love together, and
9:42 am
i think anyone can relate to that, regardless of where you come from or where you are going, and it's inspirational. i think it changes a lot of people and people love to be changed. they've got to learn. >> you guys are both professionals. i know acting as something you do professionally but do you still get nervous? having a live play on television, is that going to be something that might make you more nervous than the usual roles? >> yes, of course. it's nerve-racking. it's slightly terrifying. but i feel like if you're not nervous, then you don't care, and there is something wrong with that. if anything, that just gives us the motivation to do our absolute best, and just enjoy it, and know how much this means to us, and use that. >> thank you so much for being on. i am looking forward to seeing
9:43 am
it on tv where i don't have to stand in line or go to a theater. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. take care. >> you can see them as part of the live primetime production of rent sunday, january 27. louis c.k. is scheduled to perform two nights this week at the san jose improv. the comedian and actor stepped away from the public in 2019 after admitting he exposed himself to women. he returned to the state less than a year later with a controversial set that drew widespread criticism. he joked about mass shooting victims, asian men, and transgender people. tickets for the shows are being sold for $35-$85. coming up on morning sun 2 9, netflix has announced a price hikes to its monthly subscription. how much more you will be paying and when the higher subscription price will kick
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facebook plans to invest $300 million over three years and the local news. some will go to nonprofit organizations. the money will also be used to donate more resources to a new's training program. facebook has been criticized for being used to help spread misinformation and political propaganda. netflix is raising the price of its subscription. nate netflix basics streaming is going up to a dollars 99, and its standard will cost two dollars more, and premium will cost $16 a month. the new prices will affect all new subscribers, and existing customers will see higher bills during the next three months.
9:47 am
the santa clara transportation authority wants to hear from the public about some proposed changes designed to save money. it's created a draft of a new service plan that would reduce or eliminate service in areas with low ridership, and increase the frequency of service on popular routes. some city leaders are concerned about the changes. >> we are concerned about the loss of the two routes, the bus routes, the 85, and the 65. we are also concerned about no more service with the light rail in the area. also, how it's going to affect paratransit. those are the questions being received from my constituents. >> officials are holding a series of six community meetings to get feedback from affected riders. here is a list of the first three meetings starting with one on january 30 at the santa clara mission library. under a new proposal, fines
9:48 am
for late library books could become a thing of the past. the san francisco chronicle says mayor london breed supports the plan, saying it could help low income residents. a recent report found many people in low income communities are blocked from using the library because of overdue fines. library fees in san francisco generate about $330,000 of revenue every year. the library commission may consider the plan on thursday, but the board of supervisors will make the final decision. many other bay area cities and counties have already eliminated library fines. the trump administration is rolling back obama era school lunch initiatives. according to the agriculture secretary, the current administration wants to bring higher fat chocolate milk, and more white bread and pizza to the menu. it's a move one news report says could add more fat, sugar and salt to you may remember, many children were not happy with the healthier lunch option. more than 40,000 teachers with the los angeles unified
9:49 am
school district say they will be back on the picket lines at 10:30 this morning. the teachers had more than 1000 city schools on strike yesterday afternoon. the teachers demand smaller class sizes, pay increases, more school nurses, and librarians. the district says the teachers' demands would bankrupt the school system. >> we remain committed to resolve contract negotiations as soon as possible. we made our last proposal to you tla on friday, which was rejected. they walked away from bargaining. we encourage them, we urge them to resume bargaining with seven we would like to resolve this. >> the teachers say they felt they had to strike after two years of contract talks and very little agreement. there is more than 600,000 students in the l.a.
9:50 am
unified school district. many parents are holding their children out of school to show support for the teachers and because they don't believe much learning will happen during the strike. irvine has suspended a you fraternity member after the death of an 18-year-old student. suspended the fraternity itself. noah dominguez died after going to a party. he was a freshman and member of the sigma epsilon fraternity. the fraternity was placed on interim suspension pending the investigation. the coroner has not released a cause of death and the university says the investigation is ongoing. the faa is looking at lifting some restrictions when drones will fly or be allowed to flyat night. right now, drone operators have to go through special traini and anti-collision lighting on their aircraft to do those things. it's not clear when the
9:51 am
regulations would be changed because the faa says it first needs to complete work on remote identification roles for small drones. u.s. military troops have been assigned to the border at mexico. they will most likely be there until september. the mission of 2400 troops was scheduled to end on december 15. the defense department extended the deployment to january. now, the pentagon says it's assistance will continue through december 30 at the request of the department of homeland security. the troops are focusing on surveillance, and assisting border patrol agents. meanwhile, a new is reporte to the u.s. from honduras. at least 500 people left san pedro monday night. it is considered one of the most violent cities in the world. the group is mostly women and children. meanwhile, president trump is tweeting about the new caravan. at about 4:30 this morning, "a big new caravan is heading up from honduras. tell nancy pelosi and chuck schumer that a drone flying
9:52 am
around will not stop them." the president goes on, "only a wall will work. only a wall or steel barrier will keep our country safe." coming up on mornings on 2 rd they could call it a hail spend one more season in oakland before they pack their bags for vegas. when you shop with us, you know how to score.
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there is new word that the raiders could still play one more season in oakland. the oakland alameda county coliseum authority will meet on friday to discuss the current stadium issues surrounding the raiders. the city of oakland sued the team from moving to las vegas. because of that, the raiders canceled the final year of their lease in oakland. that means, they are looking for a home for one season before moving to vegas in 2020. the nfl wants a decision i the super bowl. a stranded surfer is lucky to be a live thanks to the coast guard. people started calling 911 yesterday afternoon near the rocky shores below the cliff house restaurant. witnesses saw a man struggling in the water without a surfboard. a rescue swimmer with a longboard meet it to the stranded swimmer and took him back to shore with help from the coast guard. he is okay and did not need further medical attention. today marks 90 years since luther king junior was born. the civil rights activist was born january 15, 1929.
9:56 am
the martin luther king jr. federal holiday is held in january, around his birthday. this year, it's next monday, january 21. on martin luther king jr. day, many americans gathered to remember the legacy of the late civil rights icon with services, speeches, and calls to action. some parents in marin county are using doctor king's birthday to call for a name change in the dixie school district. they will deliver petitions during today's school board meeting that would require the board to take a vote on the issue before february 24. some of the new names proposed include john muller, skywalker, and miwok hills. the dixie school district has three elementary schools, and one middle school. l. before we say goodbye, a quick check. tomorrow's morning commute. than today?commute.
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