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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 16, 2019 12:00pm-12:58pm PST

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trees down in s reported . we will talk with the cleanup underway. also, can you feel it? what we're learning about an earthquake across parts of the bay area early this morning. >> this is ktvu fox 2 news at noon. good afternoon. one of the biggest arms of the winter season is about to slam the bay in just a few hours, we are going to see the brunt of the winter storm. we're talking of the wind and the heavy rain. all the rain is here in the bay area, several inches of new now is expected to fall in the at the bay area now. this is san francisco looking at the bay bridge. stark and great. pretty much everywhere you look at the bay area today. we have at noon. sara zendehnam is life of the
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west bay. but first, let's go to the man in the middle. the steady rain is starting to develop across the area. rainfall rates will continue to pick up. as a result, the flash flood watches is from 3 pm today until 3 am on thursday for the entire bay area. as far as the winds, only a boost in the wind speeds. a high wind warning begins in one hour at 1 pm for the coast. for the shoreline in the valleys. the winds gusting to 45 or 50 miles per hour. that leads to the wind advisory. here's a live camera look now over at sfo. there some wet runways here in the rainfall rates are continuing to pick up. the afternoon and evening commute will be the challenge. here is a very active radar. over the past three hours, look what is developing off shore.
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a line of thunderstorms. lightning strikes detected off to the west in san francisco. there is a possibility of thunderstorms throughout the day. storm reports across portions of the bay area. you can see reports of debris flow and that was at 11:08. that was earlier this morning. here is the radar coverage. intense rainfall rates. there picking up in parts of sonoma county. that is 0.5 inch per hour. it looks like development here closer to petaluma. as we continue to move the maps around, we are essentially covered from oakland to san leandro. portions of the inland east bay. as we check out the south bay,
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we are eventually showing you this. we will show you the storm developing. that is the main front. well offshore. this will be the source of heavy rainfall, especially this evening. is a big commuters out there. we will continue to track the heavy rain. the projections are coming up and the forecast in just a few minutes. this rain is already causing problems. we are live in lafayette where a big >> reporter: it came at around 9:00 this morning. we're keeping a safe distance because a crane has been brought in to try to remove some of the pieces of the trunk that just came crashing down onto the roadway here. we are on withers avenue right near pleasant hill road. this is an unincorporated lafayette just on the border of the city of us until. this was a massive oak tree
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that fell. you can see how big it was when it actually came down across the street. thankfully, no cars were on it. this happened at 9:00 this morning. there is a homeowner who lives nearby that says that the base of the tree uprooted from the ground. the soil was so saturated. she has lived in the house since 2000. she got the tree pruned about 5 years ago and never since then. it is right on the bank here of what is called murderous creek. it is about 100 years old. the woman we spoke with says that it sounded like an explosion and her entire house shook. >> on withers here, it is really congested in the morning. people are going to school. there is a stump here. there is a stop sign at the end. i am really grateful that the school traffic had ended. >> reporter: public works says
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that they are gearing up for today. they're very concerned about the atmospheric river that is going to come through later this afternoon and evening. there especially concerned about low-lying roads and the creeks here in the county. they do anticipate that they will be out here for another hour or so. there for work in trying to clear this for three hours now. again, you're trying to anticipate what the storm is going to bring. that is hard to do. it has not even hit yet and they already starting to see things like this. there advising people to stay safe. if you live near a creek, clear out any debris from the pathway there for the water to flow. they are anticipating a big storm and they have crews on standby ready to go. >> thank you. nose go north to the golden gate where we have sara zendehnam. we already saw her at a mudslide. there are heavier rains still to come. >> reporter: we got out here at 9:00 this morning. there was not any rain.
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it was pretty dry. at 10:00, things picked up. right now it is sprinkling and there is heavy rain on and off for the past couple of hours. it is coming down. because of the storm, there are sandbag locations set up across the north bay. th have shovels so people have come here to prep for the major storm. we spoke with one man who came a little bit earlier and loaded up his car with a couple of sandbags. >> we work at st. patrick's school and we have a couple of areas in front of the kindergarten and library that are getting a little bit flooded with the water under the door. we wanted to have some sandbags in front to keep the water out. >> reporter: he was the only person that was seen in the past couple of hours coming to take advantage of the sandbag location. it is a pretty good resource to have if you're worried about flooding around your home. meteorologist with the national weather service says that people deal with tough
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conditions during the evening commute. the creeks and streams will rise causing problems. we have already seen some paddling happen on the streets. even bigger problems have happened in other parts of marin county. chp marin dealt with a traffic headache after a mudslide blocked elaine in sausalito. the road was cleared in a couple of hours, but it was a couple of hours before the crew could clear. >> already had a landslide this morning somewhere south of here. yes, it is a concern. >> reporter: we reached out to goldengate ferry to see if there were any delays of any fairies, and they say so far there has not been any weather- related delays. they are keeping a close eye on the storm. they said around 3:00, they will watch the rain and if there are any weather-related delays, they will post about it on twitter. there is a standby location. there are shovels and setbacks
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if you need to come out here, this is here and available for you. sara zendehnam. ktvu fox 2 news. it will be a bumpy ride across the bay. forget, you can download the free ktvu weather app. the weather team is already posting updates for you on facebook, twitter, and instagram. an earthquake happened at 4:45 this morning on the hayward fault. according to the usgs, cayman in the 3.7 earthquake, but then was quickly downgraded to a 3.4. we spoke with several people who said they felt it. here's what they describe. >> it was troubling slightly like this for about two seconds. then the big goals came in like this. i said it was time to wake up. >> i was awake already. i felt the house sort of shake. then i kept axing asking alexa,
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we have an earthquake? >> the answer is yes we did. some people felt as far away as san jose and san francisco. aftershocks were also reported. five people are seriously hurt after a fire burned two homes. the fire started in the two- story home very close to allegheny boulevard. there was heavy blacksmith black smoke flooding through the house. 20 people were in the homes. the crews were able to get most of the people out safely, two fire victims were taken to the hospital and are on critical conditions. others remain hospitalized. the fire crews are searching homes to make sure that there are no other flames inside. u.s. service members were killed in an explosion while on patrol inkilled and another three were wounded. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack saying that it was carried out by a suicide
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bomber with an explosive vest. this is weeks after president trump announced he would pull all u.s. troops out of syria because isis had been defeated. we're learning more about the american killed in a hotel attack in kenya. he is one of 14 civilians killed. when they swarmed a luxury hotel complex. he had grown up in texas, but he grew up in kenya. he was cofounder of a company based in san francisco that provided international advice to corporations. the end of the siege after 17 hours. more than 700 people were evacuated from the hotel during the rescue operation. the partial shutdown is in the 26th day. the help forferal workers in the bay area who are not a payc
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>> how to protect areas burned by recent firefighters. we're watching the rainfall rates pick up across portions of the bay area. will talk wit downpours expected later today. once a month, ed and a ls low as zero dollars on
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they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. we continue to keep an eye on the storm moving into the bay area. on the large side if your screen, we see the breeze moving through. there is rain heavy at times. on the right-hand side, look at sfo. there are delays and
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cancellations. we are hours away from the the >> we're 26 days away, or into, i should say, into the partial government shutdown. nancy pelosi asked president trump to postpone his address until the government reopens. she raised concerns about security preparations for the speech. both sides remain at an impasse over funding. the house and the senate announced that they will cancel their upcoming recess when the partial shutdown continues. they are offering free meals. the restaurant says you can have lunch and dinner every day until the government shutdown is over. just show federal id at the new location at jefferson street. the families of 168 local coast guard families will get during they will be receiving food anlies from the east bay coast guard spouses club. it is this afternoon at coast
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guard island and alameda. a similar event was held last sunday. as we report, the city may step in and provide paychecks until the impasse is over. >> reporter: with a partial government shutdown now in its 26th day, the strain of working without pay is impacting tsa and other employees. absentee rates are up from 3% to 14%. the mayor said that airport operations and the flying public could be harmed if the threat and trend continue. >> we see in other cities like miami where the shortage of employees has forced them to shut down for periods of time. we know that results in the cancellation of flights. >> reporter: he says that the city of san jose should pay the salary, calling it a moral
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-- the mayor wants to provide a no interest loan program. once they start getting the regular federal paychecks again, they can repay the loans. many federal credit unions have those programs in place to help those impacted with the shutdown. >> we are not trying to create a solution. we want to understand if there is a real problem in we understand that in some cities, there is. we want to make sure that we get in front of that and avoid the problem rather than dealing with flight cancellations and other issues. we know that they are good for. we know that it will be paid at some point. as soon as they reach an agreement. but until then, we want to make sure they can stay afloat. >> reporter: they will consider the proposal at a special meeting at 2:00 this afternoon. council members will direct
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staff to draw up a proposal for the short-term loan program. this does not require the city ordinance, but that could change. it is not known how long it would take to get the program up and running. at some is the city hall, jesse gary. federal employees in sacramento are protesting the shutdown. workers have gathered at terminal a. was organized by the american federation of government employees. is not known if the protest is having any effect on flights or other operations at the airport. now back to the weather, it is gray. the rainfall is picking up earlier this morning. unfortunately later on today, the rain band could be pretty intense into the entire bay area. here's a live camera. it is looking out toward the a bridge toll plaza. if you look closely, you can see puddle starting to form. this will be a challenge with the rainfall and also the wind.
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there will be a strong crosswind hitting the bridge. the golden gate bridge and santa rosa, they are reporting heavy rain right now. be very extra careful on the roads today. if you can avoid travel later on this afternoon and evening, that would be a good idea. lake tahoe is cloudy skies. things will change rapidly. a blizzard warning at 4 pm today until noon on thursday. they could be measuring snowfall from 3 to 5 feet with storm totals from the impressive sell. here's the radar right now. there are some lightning strikes. look at the lightning strikes offshore. if i were to click on some of these, we can show you the tally so far. this is a new development. there six strikes offshore. we could have more thunderstorm development throughout the afternoon hours. santa rosa is reporting heavy rain. some of the rainfall is moving into napa county.
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southern marin county looks like a light rain. it extends toward the east bay. in san francisco and daly city, south san francisco, more developments here. not as much action toward san leandro and hayward. that will be changing over the next hour or so. up towards the peninsula for san mateo and woodside. still some soaking rain and a pretty good downpour. the missed not the the windspeed's are definitely a critical element in the the a are sustained out of the south at 22 miles per hour. they are sustained at 15. look at the san jose wind gusts. san jose is gusting to 44 miles per hour. here is the storm system on the satellite. this is the main run. we have this ahead of the main front. the frontal band move through earlier on today and this will definitely boost the rainfall
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rates. the storm totals over the past two days. santa rosa has over one inch. concorde is 0.39. more can be happening with about amounts going easily up around one inch. will we get that much reviled a short amount of time, could cause problems. this will be the main event this evening. 5 pm until 10 pm. the heaviest rain and the strongest when. here's a forecast model this afternoon. here we are at 4:00. it is a good moderate to borderline heavy rain and this is the timeframe of the interest here. the front is working its way across the bay area. intense rainfall at 8:00 and 9:00. we could have some downed trees and possible power outages throughout the day. this is 10:00. here's tomorrow morning. we could have another round of showers tomorrow morning and that will last into tomorrow afternoon. here's afford is the 5 day
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forecast. showers in the thursday morning. is an cloud mix into the weekend with maybe more showers into sunday. the main deal is happening today. that is a wednesday forecast, especially this evening. we will update the radar, coming up in a few minutes. still to come at noontime, students staying home yet again as a teacher strike stretches into the third day. the latest on negotiations. >> he had three blue pills in his hands. >> here from the first cause bay cosby accuser to get justice. coming up today it 2:00.
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taking a peek at stocks right now. it is surging on wall street.
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nordstrom shares are falling after nordstrom became the latest department store to announce week holiday sales. it gained 200+ points right now. s&p is up by exactly 0.5%. happening right now, teachers in los angeles taking to the streets for the third day to demand funding public schools. we have the latest on the impact on the students. >> in the absence of our good teachers, we're doing the very best we can. >> the schools are operating on skeleton staff. the teacher strike enters the third day. this is the second largest school district with thousands of teachers walking picket lines. they say that it is about students, not just more money. and benefits for teachers. >> the salary issues are very close. the issues are far apart and are maki
12:25 pm
neighborhood public schools have the services they need. >> reporter: the district offered a 6% raise, but the teachers rejected it. there were smaller class sizes and nurses requested and said. they say there's not enough money to go around. >> the painfully painful truth is that we do not have enough money to do everything that they're asking us to do. >> reporter: this files similar actions in other states were similar issues. all some students say they are standing by the teachers, others just want the strike to be over. >> i'm out here because i want to support my teachers and they have always believed to me. >> i want this whole situation to end as quick as possible, because i am very scared that my grades will get affected. >> reporter: officials say that strike, only say
12:26 pm
that they are going to have a one-day sick out. they will not show up for work on friday. there calling for higher wages and lower class sizes. they will march on broadway in the morning the participate in a rally in the afternoon. teachers in the oakland district have been working without a contract for 18 months. the district issued the following statement saying that we want our teachers to know that everyone of the board of education and in district leadership firmly believe that they deserve to be paid more. we are committed to working with the oakland education association to come to an equitable contract the works for both sides. precautions being taken in malibu after fears of mudslides and flooding. dangerous conditions in the sierra. warning for drivers planning on heading up to the tahoe area. and whether, we continue to track the bay area radar.
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welcome back.wet wednesday afternoon out there in the big square. you can see storm tracker 2
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showing where the heavier rain is falling right now. there are strong gusty winds expected to hit the bay area as the storm intensifies. this is a live video from the emeryville camera. it is already pretty heavy but not too bad for those heading east on 80 out of the area. >> we have team coverage with you. we have allie rasmus here. first we will with meteorologist mark tamayo. the winds are starting to ramp up.
12:31 pm
12:32 pm
let's get right to allie rasmus of the bay bridge toll plaza where we mention the wind advisories in effect. we were able to feel the wind advisory and the heavy rain coming down. there is a high wind advisory in effect for the bay area bridges. there is a flash flood watch in effect for the entire san francisco bay area through thursday morning. preparing for the storm. oakland public works crews cleared the cloggedughout the c the heavy rainfall expected to drench the area this afternoon. >> we are preparing for possible mudslides. >> they had sandbags stacked and ready for pickup and residents took advantaggetting home. >> reporter: how many? >> about 10.
12:33 pm
>> i preparing to keep my mother's house drive. the water has to go somewhere. hopefully it will be in the backyard and not in the house. >> reporter: the warning to be prepared is not just in oakland. they sent residents from berkeley to dublin this alert saying there is a flash flood watch and high wind and fire advisory. they say will be extremely hazardous during the evening commute. >> we have full crews right now. they will be working overtime as necessary. keep your eyes alert. slow down. if you see anything hazardous, call us and let us know out th we can. >> reporter: in oakland, there isthat you can call if things come down. but there is a flash flood
12:34 pm
warning. thank you. you get free sandbags in other parts of the bay area. there are too many to mention, but they include the san francisco public works operations yard. you can find sandbagging sites operated by the county or the santa clara county public works district. in east bay, contra costa county has sandbags at the county public works yard in martinez and at the airport. for a full list of sandbagging sites in our area, go to an evacuation warning is in effect because of possible flooding. the area was evacuated during the camp fire. there warning that it would last through tomorrow morning. there is a flood watch in effect through tomorrow that includes the burn areas from the camp fire. rain in southern california is hitting areas recently hit by wildfires. they're worried about mudslides
12:35 pm
in the area. we see how homeowners prepared for the rain. >> reporter: this is the kind of rain that malibu homeowners fear because of mudslides. >> we are concerned that something might get over top and it could potentially get into the house. this fire, we have been lucky. >> reporter: the homeowner knows that the flash flood watches neared means that there are mud rivers that could go near his home. thompson has been setting and tile from his roof and clearing drains. >> i have had to clear out the concrete drains right where they enter the pipe to go under my driveway.
12:36 pm
they plugged up a couple of times. >> reporter: he and his 5-year- old son are wondering if it is it a. >> it might get scary. i don't think it is too big. >> reporter: they are also facing another trouble. >> we are trying to prepare for the rain, but we're still working to get the house back online. >> reporter: back online from the woolsey fire that raged through the area two months ago. the vegetation normally holds water back has been burned. now he is hoping to make it through the next challenge. >> this is how it goes. the fire comes and then no sooner does the fire come that the rains come. >> schools in malibu are close because of the emergency operations center will be monitoring the storm all week long. the storm is bringing a lot of so snow to the sierra. this is what looked like last night near tracking. low visibility forced drivers to take a very slow. here's a live look near south shore. is expected to bring several feet of new snow. the national weather service issued a rare blizzard warning
12:37 pm
for today. caltrans is asking people to avoid driving to the mountains altogether until the weather has passed. was 80 is open this morning after a small avalanche briefly blocked the lanes. this happened after 10:00 last night near the california-nevada state line. they turned traffic around as the road crews cleared the snow. no injuries were reported. you can always download our ktvu weather app. our meteorologists are also hosting updateto the camp fire was the deadly some most destructive in state history. they filed this lawsuit. they allege that the fire that yed the town of paradise was caused by pg&e quitman. even though the cause is officially not determined, pg&e has admitted that they had a problem with power lines in the area where the fire started. the news of the lawsuit happened after they said they plan to file for vacancy
12:38 pm
protection. the utility is facing a series of lawsuits in connection to lawsuits. now that we have learned about pg&e's plans to file for bankruptcy, leaders in san francisco are working on a contingency plan in case the city needs to be the power provider. the assistant manager of the organization, so they would have a plan ready in three months. they say that pg&e's bankruptcy will not have any major impact on the people living and working in the city. >> people would not see any real change in the day-to-day activities of their lives. lights and go on and the systems work. >> at the request of the mayor, they are looking into possibly retrain pg&e equipment. they say that one effect of the bankruptcy is that it will feel and dresses will not, as the delay in payments that pg&e flex for the agency. that could be up to $10 million.
12:39 pm
>> it might be a gap in the remittances and we need to plan , as a responsible agency, we just need to plan for that. >> some supervisors said that with pg&e threatening to file back up say, this is the perfect time for san francisco to start its own energy system. two teenage girls killed in a car crash in antioch are being remain remembered by their families and friends. dri last friday which he lost control and hit a tree. four other teenagers in the suv were hurt. police say they believe that speeding and the wet weather were factored in the crash. they just left a basketball game at deer valley high school. >> she was a joy. she was funny. she was a jokester. >> she was a former student at deer valley high school.
12:40 pm
jaia lightner was an eighth grader. her funeral is to be held this friday. the oakland city council is considering a resolution to name a road at the fruitville bart station oscar grant way. the resolution was passed yesterday by the councils life enrichment committee. was introduced by former council members and co-authored by the council president to honor him. he was killed at the station 10 years ago. the currently unnamed road is on art property. a resolution will be heard next tuesday by the full council. there is a recall on oysters. what the california department of public health has to say about what is to blame for making people sick. here is the live camera looking out for the golden gate bridge. this is already with some light to mbuthey rainfall intensities will pick up later on today. we will talk about the timing. coming up.
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welcome back. we continue to keep an eye on
12:44 pm
the storm that is making its way through the bay area right now. storm tracker 2 is showing you where the heavy rain is flowing right now. that is the approach to the richmond san rafael bridge. the traffic is coming from contra costa county. the wind is supposed to pick up. if you are driving on that bridge or even the dumbarton bridge, it will go east to west and definitely two hands on the wheel. it is expected to bring huge weight waves. they could reach up to 40 feet. there could be dangerous rip current. a high surf warning will be in effect through friday. with the afternoon's strong storm expected to come in very soon, cities across the bay area are keeping an eye on the possibility of flooding. they are keeping a close eye on small streams. they added that the rain could
12:45 pm
help boost reservoir levels, but it could also pose dangers. >> it is to signs of the coin. from a water supply side, we welcome it, but for the potential for flooding, that potential is there. >> forecasters predict the major rivers are expected to stay below their blood levels. will get gusty as we move high wind warning that continues until 1:00. we are concerned about flooding, but we have a series of problems we have a strong storm followed by another. thankfully that is not in our future just yet. this will be an intense rain event. flash flood watches because at 3:00 today until 3 am on thursday for the entire bay area. all of the areas in green. we have touched on the winds quite a bit. typically, we will talk about a
12:46 pm
wind advisory. winds going about 40 miles per hour. some of the wind will be an exceptional event. this is reaching warning criteria. this begins at 1 pm. in the coast for san francisco and for the hills, we could have wind gusts at around 50 to 60 miles per hour. here is what has developed over the past three hours or so. you can see the moisture moving in from the pacific. the rainfall has been increasing in coverage. even some scattered lightning strikes offshore in the past hour or so. you can still see the broad view of the bay area radar. the main action for now rate now is in the north area. there are some pretty good downpours. you can click on this area here. you can select this rainfall rate. it is coming up for you. it is not coming up for me right now. but we have seen it go over 0.5 inches an hour. let's move this around to go
12:47 pm
back to the maps toward san rafael. going right around the richmond area, looks at we have more enhancement over toward the richmond region. there is the rainfall rate of about 0.37 inches per hour. more coverage for san francisco and daly city. extending across portions of the east bay and more of a chance for concord, lafayette, san ramon. toward the peninsula, active the south bay. nothing too major just yet. that will be changing as we are moving up to the main event. the oakland airport is 22 miles per hour. santa rosa gusting to 22. look at san jose, that is a gust out of the south at 34 miles per hour. there is a defined wind direction out of the south. this is the main front that approaches the coastline later on this evening. this is the source of intense rainfall later on today.'s it
12:48 pm
is the source of the storm. a blizzard warning will happen. 45 feet of the snowfall in the mountains. here in the bay area right through thursday, we could have amounts approaching four inches for the coastal hills. easily the entire bay area is up above one or two inches. the main event is happening this evening. 5 pm until 10 pm. there is a heavy rain band and here we go with the forecast model. it will be leaving up with some moderate to heavy rain. throughout the day, there is a possibility of scattered thunderstorms. here we are at 11:00 today. the front will move to the south. there could be some thunderstorms are the thursday forecast for the morning hours. here's a 5 day forecast . we
12:49 pm
will hold onto the rain cloud into tomorrow. is on cloud mix into the weeken it is developing right now leading up to this evening. there is some very heavy rain and strong gusty winds . we will have an update on the radar, coming up 1:00. william barr's confirmation hearing on capitol hill is occurring. he is not at the hill today. a series of witnesses are on the stand today. the question yesterday was whether not he would interfere with the special counsel on russian interference. he said he would allow robert mueller to finish his job, but also said his findings not be made public. oysters have been linked to a norovirus a break. they say that there have been at least 44 confirmed norovirus cases in the bay area since last month. the california department of public health has close to mollis bay to oyster harvesting because of the outbreak.
12:50 pm
this it may have been sold by the hog island moisture company. to come at noon, why the district is under pressure to change its name.
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12:52 pm
kaiser permanente is going to spend millions of dollars to get people off the streets and into their own homes. they will purchase a housing complex near the kaiser headquarters. they will turn into affordable housing. it is part of their thriving people living on the streets in oakland.addresses homelessness in othercities across the country. in rain county is under
12:53 pm
pressure to change his name. supporters say that dixie refers to the confederacy and slavery. opponents argue that represents tradition. both sides have started their own petitions. >> put yourself on the line for all of us. i need you. we need you. >> reporter: one by one, people implore the dixie school board for a new name sooner rather than later. the board leans toward a ballot referendum next year. >> we do that, you're putting the humanity and the dignity of people up for a vote. >> we gave you petitions today. >> reporter: close to 2000 signatures have been submitted and a marin philanthropy has agreed to pay all costs of the change, at least $20,000. signs, buses, logos, and the like. >> the cost is an element is gone. that is not there anymore. all that is in front of you is a racist name. >> reporter: among the suggested new names are big rock, live oak, miller creek,
12:54 pm
and several others. dixie supporters are active as well, collecting hundreds of signatures of their own petitions, arguing that it is an unnecessary waste of money. >> what are the benefits that would be achieved by undertaking this change? >> reporter: the supporters expressed nostalgia for tradition of the generations of family who have attended dixie schools. >> we know the dixie song very well. we know the mascot. i don't believe we carry any guilt in our families associated with the word dixie. >> we're not here to discuss whether or not to change the name. >> reporter: the board president told the overflow crowd that no decision is on the table. this is a discussion of cost and process. but the issue is so contentious that parents say a mediator is needed. >> all we have our online forms, which have become horrendous. he community is fractured and
12:55 pm
>> the vote should not be binding, just an advisory. will give a lead on how the 14,000 residents of the district feel about the issue. a major winter storm has arrived here in the bay area. we have the latest on the warnings and advisors. we will have you covered from marie to southbay. and then on air beginning at 4:00. we are over on storm tracker 2. the dow jones is ending the session on the plus side. the s&p is on track to gain as well. mba champion golden state warriors are back on top in the western conference. they blew out the nuggets. it
12:56 pm
was last night in denver. the warriors were right off from the opening tip. they had an nba record. they cruised to a 142-111 win. they both put up 21 points. klay thompson added four dunks on the night. something that he is not known for. more about his shot. he was all smiles when you put down the dunks last night. >> nice! we miss the brunt of the wet weather forget home. be careful if you are out there . we will that be back here at 4:00. sometimes,
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you have no limits. but mania, such as unusual shaky ground. help take control by asking your healthcare provider about vraylar. vraylar treats acute mania of bipolar i disorder. vraylar significantly reduces overall manic symptoms, and was proven in adults with mixed episodes who have both mania and depression. vraylar should not be used in elderly patients with dementia, due to increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, which may mean a life-threatening reaction or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol and weight gain; high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death; decreased white blood cells, which can be fatal; dizziness upon standing; falls; seizures; impaired
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judgement; heat sensitivity; and trouble swallowing may occur. you're more than just your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. >> drink. we've got a three day detox. >> we took all of the best teas and combined them with food. >> get results safely. without feeling hungry. plus, jamie oliver stopped by brand-new series
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with everyday recipes you can make tonight. this week, permission to eat pasta. coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: are you ready for season 10? >> yeah! i love you, dr. oz. [applause] dr. oz:


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