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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 16, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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>> this is the ten o'clock news on ktvu fox 2. heavy wayne, treacherous conditions outside. a powerful winter storm is slamming our area. >> wind gust have brought down trees in many neighborhoods. one of the trees killed a homeless man. >> there was a treero to the storm. he was on top of the individual.
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>> we are getting quite a soaking tonight and it is not over yet. >> the rain totals are adding up. the snow in the sierras is being measured in feet and inches. we have a team of reporters out in the elements copy up and responding to trouble spots throughout the area. >> first we go to bill martin with the rain right now. >> heaviest rain is to the north bay. the last hour or two it has been dumping. rainfall rates at an inch an hour in some places. that is wipers on full and not being able to see out of the roadways. you can see the line. this is the back end of the front. it is moving to the south bay. significant rainfall, we have conquered with moderate rain, san jose you see the orange areas, toward evergreen, very heavy rain there as well. strong aerial coverage. look at the backside. it is pulling back a bit.
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we are seeing some clearing. that is very good news. considering the system had flood warnings, wind warnings, and a blizzard warning which is still in effect for lake tahoe. this system as it moves through will have few residual showers. the main event is over. san jose he resting the last bits. there is still a lot of standing water. there are tree branches down. there are power outages on and off. for the next hour, hour and a half, the south bay, mission hill it will be something to contend with. showers are dying down as we go into the next few hours. the mountains are another story. they will keep going strong with that blizzard warning and snowfall accumulations up four and five feet. there is no question about chains. the big question is will they be able to stay open over the next couple of hours. >> thank you.
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tonight's winds cause a big rick tovar turn on a bridge. it happened just after 8 pm tonight in the eastbound lanes. schp says the two left lanes are blocked and drivers are using the shoulder to get past the accident scene. heavy duty tow trucks on the way to turn the truck upright. luckily the driver was not hurt. traffic has been a mess. a fallen tree branch hit and killed a homeless person in oakland. the combination of strong winds and saturated ground cost countless trees and branches to fall all across the bay area.>> reporter: as the winds whipped up copy broken tree limbs across the bay area.mbd to keep callforest hill neighborhood. in oakland, a large 30 foot tree limb fell taking his life. the call came at 5:30 pm near arley avenue and interstate i-
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80. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> the individual had friends who bring them food about once a week. they came to see him. and that is when they realized the tree was on top of the individual. expect the worst of the storm started just before the evening commute. science warns drivers of high winds and poor visibility. >> i just stood in line for an hour waiting for the carpal cars to get on the freeway. no one ever came. now i'm going to the ferry.>> reporter: the storm caused problems there also. the rain closed some bart stations. street crews put up flood rrlow-lying areas. this one near the intersection of full cement 17th.
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the rate highway at ocean beach was closed and some spots. signs warned about the dangers of highways and wins. this woman lives nearby and says her street was soaked. >> it looked like you could boogie board down my street today. it was so steep and the water was just running down the hill.>> reporter: now we want to go to the north bay. study around all day, a deluge tonight.>> reporter: we are in petaluma. with what is a common sight. the street is closed because of a downed line. pg&e has been called the crews are swamped. the wettest spots may see a foot of rain through tomorrow. the bluster blew in today. bringing whipping winds and stretching rain. the strongest storm of the season so far. struggle to stay
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dry against the guests. >> i'm surprised i did not know it was going to be the strong. >> reporter: people hurried for cover but some did not realize the worst was still ahead. >> are you kidding me? we live in sonoma.. we are going to have to hustle. >> reporter: in the north bay, runoff is heavy. localized flooding prompts the national weather service to issue flash flood warnings well into the evening. the rain, this accident on northbound 101 during commute, no one was injured. >> a few accidents and trees blowing in the people needed to take more time driving. and drive places are littered with downed trees, taking power poles and minds with them, like spot in cornell. and they bring forceful high-
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voltage lines sparked and sizzled, a nearby family sheltered inside waiting for utility crews to ease the situation and the danger. this suv met its match, crushed by a tree and what sounded like an explosion. >> my husband heard it first. he said get down. >> reporter: a blown transformer, some planes and a mangled right. but no regrets about living in the woods. >> there is risk everywhere you live. we lived in san francisco, there are other risks you have there. >> isn't it fun? >> reporter: fun it may not be how everyone describes the storm. >> i think it is marvelous. i'm not thrilled about driving in it. but i think it's wonderful that we are finally getting a good soaking of rain. i hope it fills the aquifers. and everyone is safe. >> reporter: that is the main thing, stay safe, watch for downed lines, and that advice about standing water on the road? turn around, don't drown. roads that were cleared today
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may be submerged tomorrow. >> it is hard to tell him the picture where you are in petaluma. is it still raining?>> reporter: it has been tapering off the last hour or two. although when you think you're in the clear, suddenly it is pelting you again. it is intermittent. >> thanks. a mudslide on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains brought traffic to a standstill. it happened at 4 pm as the evening commute was just getting started. the two lanes of southbound traffic were delayed near the summit until the slide was cleared at about 6 pm tonight. heavy rain and high winds but down trees the grump that the bay area along with power lines, in saratoga county storm took down a tree on crest book drive this afternoon, causing a transformative low. that cut power to about 140 customers in the area. power outages continue to be a problem across the bay area
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because of the wet and windy weather. at last check, pg&e reports outages affecting a total of 72,000 customers in the bay area. the majority are in the north bay, about 20,000 without power on the peninsula, 10,000 in the south bay, nifty 700 in the east bay, and 3000 in san francisco. for more on the storms impact, we are in walnut creek tonight. amber? >> reporter: we are in downtown walnut creek where it is raining lightly right now. it is also windy. we went into commercial and residential areas to see how people are holding up. at 5 pm, a second tree came crashing down on heather lane at valley drive. by the swim and tennis club, a wooded residential neighborhood. >> looks to me like the roots got really soaked. and then the wind blew the tree over.
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today is going to be an extra windy day. it is coming up right now. >> reporter: hank and his wife darcy tillis less than an hour earlier, the first tree fell, ducking down a powerline, causing them to lose electricity. >> i have been here 50 years and very rarely does the power go off. >> reporter: the downed trees did not deter one jogger. but it does cause inconvenience. pg&e says six households in that area lost power and an additional 375 homes were affected by a separate outage. the city ... downtown linda was a ghost town. >> this was full when we started today. >> reporter: workers that this ace hardware saw an increase in business on this rainy day, 20% , compared to a normal
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wednesday. the store sold up to 30 of this item. >> this is the most popular flashlight. it's a good flashlight, if you need to, it's a great lantern. >> reporter: one woman said she braved the rain to come by supplies she needed to cope with a power outage at her home. >> we did not want to use candles with all of the fires going on right now. so we wanted to get some mites, batteries. and pencils to do the kids homework at local restaurants where there is power. >> reporter: in lafayette near pleasantville road a large tree fell earlier in the day. >> it sounded like an explosion. at first i thought it was thunder. d e whole house shook. >> reporter: the property owner says the tree is believed to be more than 100 years old. it is located along the bank of murderers creek, which got its name after a horse thief who may have good story. in history.
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>> reporter: despite the rain we saw few people out and about in walnut creek taking a stroll. the good news is that no one was injured when the tree fell in orinda and lafayette. >> thank you amber. take a look at this video from the city of napa, part of valencia street has filled with water. this is just off of highway 29. you can see residents having fun with the flooding. but they say they did not expect the water to rise so quickly. they are keeping a close eye on vintage creek behind their homes. >> tonight, the impact on the sierra, it is getting hammered tonight. closures and spinoffs on the main route. rrist attack in st weeks after president trump ordered a troop withdrawal. a controversial comedian met with protesters tonight. coming up, why his appearance
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protesters showed up despite heavy rain.>> reporter: organizers were anticipating dozens of people, but with the wet weather, a small group showed up, their voices loud, the venue hiring additional security. the group not only protesting louis c.k., but also improper hiring him. >> [ shouting ] >> reporter: despite the downpour a small group of down protesters held signs outside the improv where louis c.k. took to the stage. >> i made the sign today. i am furious that the improv is having him. there are a lot of good comedians. there are things that are funny and that are not. resting women is not funny. >> reporter: there is no greater threat to women than men.>> reporter: the comedian is making a comeback after he
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admitted two years ago to sexually harassing several female comics. he has said that he is remorseful for his actions and has learned from them. it is appearances in the wake of the #metoo movement have drawn outrage. >> it's okay, free speech. but it's not freaky speech what he's doing. >> you think he should be in a play forever? >> we are not protesting his comedy. we are protesting his actions.>> reporter: she says puttinglouis c.k. on stage since our message. >> i think the improv is showing real disrespect for women in the santa fe community. >> reporter: despite the sexual misconduct, both the shows are sold out. tickets sold out quickly. >> i don't think everyone
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should be about cutting him, he apologized, i don't think it was too big of a deal. as long as he apologized.>> reporter: the improv issued this statement. we see comedy is the final frontier and we don't censor artists. we want them to reform without scrutiny. we trust that our audiences can decide for themselves what their limits are. the club went on to say, it respects the protesters right to protest. it also respects louis c.k.'s right to perform. >> police showed up after a brief fight between a protester and a fan. no arrests were made. protesters say louis ck was able to sell at bigger venues before . because this venues shows are sold out, does not mean his career has fully recovered. right? >> thank you. an american with ties to the bay area is among 21 people killed in a terrorist attack at a hotel in kenya.
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jason spindler was killed tuesday when extremists swarmed a luxury hotel complex in the capital of nairobi. he grew up in texas and had been living in kenya. he was a cofounder of item international, a financial firm based in san francisco. earlier today, we spoke on the phone with his friend and business partner. >> i would say jason was a force of nature. everyone he was around, was incredibly inspired by his ambition. his desire to change the world. >> the kenyan military went into that luxury hotel and took out the attackers, ending the siege after 17 hours. the islamic extremist group shabbat has claimed responsibility for the attack. a man from georgia is accused tonight of trying to blow up the white house. federal agents say they arrested 21-year-old after he traded his car for
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guns and explosives. they spent the evening searching his home in the atlanta suburb of coming. the fbi says he appeared to be working alone and had detailed plans to use an antitank rocket to attack the white house and other federal buildings. they say at one point, he also wanted to blow up the statue of liberty. we have had some good rainfall over the last couple of days. we are taking some totals, we have seen three inches in some areas in the santa cruz mountains, of the four inches at boulder creek, very significant rain events. now it is heading into the mountains where it has become a blizzard warning which is not that normal, to see one of those. we don't geoften. you can go a whole season without one. we have one now in the snowing above 6000 feet. rain below that. it will turn over pretty soon. we have heavy showers continuing, east of brentwood, heavy showers, that's what went through this area about an hour ago. the fremont area. it has moved offs east.
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we have lingering showers as you look toward the peninsula. here's the deal. this is a one and done. there is stuff behind it but it is ending. if you stacked another one of these behind us when, in the next 12 hours, we would have significant hydrological problems. excepttravel on 80 and 50, we will st computer model. the weather may played the role in a deadly crash that killed a family of three from fremont. it happnight on highway 50, about three miles east of placerville. the chp says a 51-year-old man lost control of his car, spun out into the opposite lanes of traffic, and was then hit by an oncoming car. the driver and passenger in the volvo were pronounced dead at the scene. a one-year-old baby girl died
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at the hospital. the driver of the other car was also hospitalized with major injuries. the chp says speed and heavy rain likely cost of the crash. tsa agents working without pay. at 10:30 pm, one cities decision to pay the salaries of their essential airport workers until the federal government shutdown is over. the warriors were put to the test tonight and another high-scoring game. we will show you if they manage to complete their comeback, later in sports. and explosion rocks area, killing 19 people including four americans. the deadly attack complicating a white house troop withdrawal.
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a bombing in syria has killed 19 people, including four americans. isis has claimed blame for that attack in the northern city of manbij. the blast killed two u.s. soldiers , and american contractor, and an american civilian. the more u.s. soldiers were injured. the bombing comes just weeks after president trump announced he was withdrawing u.s. troops from syria, and declared that isis had been defeated. republican senator lindsey graham says, that announcement from the president, sent a clear message to isis. >> my concern, the statements made by president trump, is that you set in motion enthusiasm by the enemy. we saw this in a rock. and now we are seeing it in syria.
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>> officials worry that u.s. troops would be a target following the president's surprise announcement of a withdrawal last month. the decision led to the resignation of defense secretary jim mattis. a judge ruled today that former miami dolphin and stanford football player jonathan martin must go on trial for threatening a threatening post on instagram. the post, seen here, tagged for people and showed an image of a shotgun and ammunition. he wrote when you're a bully victim and a coward your options are suicide or revenge. martin was charged in march with four felony counts of making criminal threats. one of the counts was dismissed today in court. >> reporter: a big victory for supporters of recreational marijuana, today state lawyers cleared a ruling that allows home pot deliveries, even in communities that have and commercial sales of the drug. league of california cities oppose the role, arguing, it
10:26 pm
would undercut local control. the cannabis companies and consumers pushed for the change, citing voter approval of proposition 64, the 2016 referendum to legalize recreational marijuana. the issue may not be over, as it will likely end up in court. parts of the east bay were jolted awake by a small earthquake on the hayward fault. it hit at 4:42 am and was centered in the oakland hills above highway 13 and 24. the usgs first measured the quake as magnitude 3.7, they later downgraded it to a 3.4, no damage was reported. the state of the union address, why it could be delayed by the government shutdown. not receiving our paychecks has been scary. >> yet another show of support for coast guard families. how the bay area is making sure they can put food on their tables. d at least one vehicle. onoma the latest innovation from xfinity
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you can see the road has flooded. we saw one car partially submerged at the intersection. is a great reminder to not try to drive through a flooded road. because you never know how deep
10:30 pm
it might be. the weather is affecting fights at sfo, a third of flights are experiencing delays averaging 90 minutes. 148 flights have been canceled out right. there were no reports of cancellations at oakland international, and san jose reported just a handful of delays and cancellations. in san francisco, -- service has been affected. the twitter achad this steady stream of downed tree reports today, blocking buses and light rail lines. and causing buses to be rerouted. i'm here with bill martin, it was really coming down tonight. >> right in time for the afternoon commute. i did notice, a lot less traffic on the road. many folks heated advice and got out of work early. the rain has moved off to the east. that is the line that moved through livermore earlier.
10:31 pm
that line of showers which created the flooding we saw in the northbay. small stream flooding, fremont, we have showers in newark, those flood advisories, wind advisories, everything will be dropped in the next hour or so except for the blizzard morning. that is the story going forward. lake tahoe the next 24 hours will be under the gun. highways, avalanche concerns, the whole thing. we will talk about that more when we come back. see you back here. nancy pelosi called on president trump to reschedule the state of the union address. the speaker said the speech, set for january 29, should be postponed or submitted in writing. due to security concerns. she said that the department of homeland security and the secret service are hamstrung by furloughs. the president has not yet responded. democrats and some republicans are saying the government needs to reopen before negotiations on immigration and the border can resume.
10:32 pm
>> reopen the government for three weeks and we will make our bests on a bipartisan basis to invest in border security in a way that meets our country's needs and is a good and responsible use of money. president trump met with a bipartisan problem solver's caucus, which does not include democratic leaders nancy pelosi or chuck schumer. no agreement was reached. santa fe is moving forward to help tsa workers who are going without pay. officials say absentee rates have risen 3%, 14%. they are word operations could be affected if that trend continues. this afternoon the mayor asked the city council to create a no interest loan program to pay those workers and tell me shutdown ann's. >> that would enable employees, federal employees who have missed a paycheck, to get through the next month. >> the city would use airport
10:33 pm
revenue to pay the salaries of as many as 500 employees whose jobs are considered mission- critical. once the affected workers get their backpay they would repay the loans. airport officials say the furloughed workers appreciate the help. for the second time this week local coast guard families got some help during the shutdown. >> they have already missed a paycheck. they are grateful for the support. >> reporter: some 300 coast guard families got some help in the form of free groceries. they are feeling the crunch because of the shutdown. >> reality is setting in for a lot of our families. we are here to lend a helping hand. >> reporter: the rain did not bother bother these first responders at the scene. they were more concerned about feeding their families after not getting paid this week. >> you have to put food on the table for the kids and we don't have a paycheck. this is amazing. >> thank you to everybody who is helping us out. >> reporter: just about anything they needed they got,
10:34 pm
thanks to the east bay coast guard spouses club another. fruit, vegetables, fresh meat, pantry items, toiletries. >> we are making sure we have chicken, beef, any sort of protein, milk, for children, the alameda food bank dropped off a bunch of fresh produce. >> the alameda food bank helps anyone struggling financially. helping coast guard members is a first. >> this is different. they often help us so it's nice to get back to them.>> reporter: this member drove cross-country. >> it's hurting our family that we have not been able to get reimbursed for the move. this whole situation is so helpful. to get all these wonderful things. >> reporter: the coast guard is the only part that receives funds from the department of homeland security. service members are scrambling to make ends meet. >> were supposed to be protecting our borders but i feel abandoned by the president. he is not paying the people who are supposed to be helping the country.
10:35 pm
>> everyone has their opinions. what we have seen is thankfulness. we have seen thankfulness from everybody, this is one mawry off of their shoulders. >> we did not receive your paychecks, that is been scary, and the uncertainty moving forward, is concerning. >> reporter: organizer say they will try to have these every few days as long as the shutdown continues. in alameda, and really. a new invitation extended to a football team. a woman arrested on an attempted murder charge. the risky behavior witness the saw at the beach. the latest innovation from xfinity
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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a 36-year-old self a woman has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder were trying to drown her infant in the ocean. chisato chiyoda and her baby were found soaking wet at poplar beach in half moon bay by san mateo deputies yesterday afternoon. a deputy said witness told them the woman had been strangely minutes before walking into the water with her infant. both were treated for hypothermia and taken to a hospital for further evaluation. the baby is now with child protective services. the shout county sheriff's
10:39 pm
office released the smoke shop they say she was planning to kill both her baby and herself in the chilly ocean water. a new law would eliminate bail for suspects awaiting trial, it is now on hold. the secretary of state says a group seeking to overturn the lockout enough signatures to put the issue before voters next year. that means the new bail guidelines are set to take effect in october, will not be implemented until the outcome of the vote. then governor jerry brown signed the bill last year, it was aimed at reforming california spell system to make it more fair to poor people. theresa may survived a vote of no-confidence in the british parliament today. but her future and the future of bricks that are in serious doubt. yesterday the house of commons the family rejected mays proposed deal with the european union. detailing how britain will handle its departure from the eu at the end of march. then she said she would hold talks with opposition leaders and other lawmakers to find a
10:40 pm
way forward. analysts say without an agreement on how to work with the uu on trade, travel and other issues, britain could see economic turmoil. on wall street, strong quarterly earnings for major banks that the markets higher today. the dow climbed 141 points as investors cheered result from goldman sachs and bank of america. the nasdaq was up 10, the s&p added five. ongoing concerns about tray tension between the united states and china prevented even larger gains. in the east bay, minimum wage workers in fremont can expect a bump in pay next year. the fremont city council has voted to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour. by 2020. fremont will join other bay area cities who have voted to w the size of the company. fremont minimum wage increase will be phased in, giving smaller businesses an extra
10:41 pm
year to prepare. in mini bus operators. about 100 employees will be losing their jobs next month. a new program is aimed at preparing them for the class b commercial drivers test. the license required to drive a bus. they came up with the idea to recruit chariot shuttle drivers when the company announced they would operating as of february 1. a celebrity chef and superstar steph curry has stepped up to the plate to give the clemson tigers football team a proper meal. this after the national champions were served fast food at the white house earlier this week. president trump bragged on twitter about paying for 1000 hamburgers himself, due to the government shutdown. curry owns international smoke restaurant in san francisco along with michael mina, she said on twitter that she would gladly feed the clemson tigers a real feast. after the break we will
10:42 pm
take you to the sierras where the storm is delivering snow. how volunteers help stranded drivers. your complete bay area forecast tracking tonight's rain and when we can expect the next round. coming up. the day i graduated, i moved to new york. i had zero connections. and as positive as i was trying to be, nothing was happening. so i went on linkedin, i connected with someone who introduced me to my boss.
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a storm bringing so much rain to the area is dumping a lot of snow in the sierra. this is a live look at the radar as that storm moves east. obviously it is great news for skiers. >> you might want to think twice if your plans to drive up in the mountains. the driving conditions are treacherous. >> reporter: this is why there is a blizzard warning in the high sierra. heavy snowfall conspiring with gusty winds creating dangerous conditions. >> it was snowing so hard.>> reporter: the station is crowded with cars needing tire chains. the garcia family is trying to drive home to idaho from southern california. ey knew there rever. was storm. >> we hope to get away from it. it didn't work. >> reporter: it kind of due. >> it did.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: travelers pay about 100 bucks for chains and installation for the opportunity to sleep in their own beds. slowing down earlier in the evening, i jackknifed big rake over donner summit walked all the eastbound lanes of i-80, travelers were stuck behind it for about an hour. >> we brought some cards and jokes and hanging out. >> reporter: here's something we have not seen, a group from sacramento who drove into the storm to volunteer. coming to the rescue of other drivers. >> to help out people. whoever is stuck. >> it's fun. >> there's a semite stuck. dude you need help? >> you we didn't help stuck for eight hours. >> reporter: the video shows them pulling the big rake out of a jam. >> reporter: was people have somewhere else a brother be. but for some, this is the goal. for those who couldn't resist the fresh powder, the ski resort was open. >> i can't wait to get on the slopes. it's all fresh snow.
10:47 pm
>> it's a little rough driving. but i'm here now. >> the foot of snow that fell on the sierra was so heavy, take a look at what it did, it way down the tail of this plane. i think it's a citation 10, at the truckee tahoe airport. these are photos of the plane. you can see the nose pointing upward. i've never seen something like that. the snow is just so heavy. >> they have a ton of it up there. >> they had a couple of feet down by truck yesterday. it was wet. i think that has a lot to do with the heavy snow. that heavy snow l create a huge bricks risk risk in the mountains. you get layers going. that's when you get flights. especially when there is a a fr that is the story in the
10:48 pm
mountains. this system has translated through, thunderstorms showing up east and south of monterey. you can see where the heavy showers are. we are getting a nice dry out now. it came fast and furious. you saw the pictures from the north bay around sonoma. we had flood warnings. that gets dropped. the wind advisory goes away. but the winter blizzard warning is not going away in the lake tahoe area. it will be going fast and furious all night tonight. there is the back edge. we are seeing showers in san jose in fremont, overall it is dying down. as we back up a bit, you can see, you have showers here, there is the front. there is stuck behind. but it is winding down in terms of what is behind it is like this, it's diffuse and will cause a real problem. we have reached saturation. if you added one more of these, we would be here all night if we had something behind this. you would definitely see big river rises like the winds have died down.
10:49 pm
it is gusting to 38 at oakland airport. we have wind gusts up to 69 miles per hour there. it is gusting at 49 at sfo but dying down. that is less than we have been seeing. the morning commute tomorrow, much nicer. it will be a little bit damp, not really, story will be the mounds were travel will be a nightmare. five feet of snow at the past level. it is still raining in the trucking area. 38, 37 degrees. when it drops, it will fall as the system moves up there, and get stuck up there. they don't translate through like they do here if they get stuck and get dammed up against the west slope of the sierra nevada. that's why they get so much more rain and snow. they get stuck in so down. that system will slow down. here's tomorrow morning. afternoon, commute looks fine. thursday, friday, and saturday looks pretty good. a little something on sunday. here's a five-day forecast. you can see, this is how you wanted to come.
10:50 pm
you what the weather just like this. this was a significant but manageable event. we had trees down. >> it came down hard when it came down. but because we get the breaks in between. >> we can do this all winter if we get a couple of days in between a big storm like this. this was a big storm. i would say it was an 8.5 or an 8.6 on a scale of 10. that is big. >> the mounds are getting a 10. >> it's huge. it's exactly what we need oh. coming up, continuing coverage of the storm. live reports on what problems the storm is causing. we will have sports highlights and tell you who won the shootout, that is next in sports.
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10:53 pm
we're talking warriors and sharks. >> we won't mention them yet. suspect the warriors, their scoring, last couple of nights has been incredible. >> time to boogie. it sounds like and earth, wind and fire song. the warriors are demanding attention in their own right. it is well-deserved.
10:54 pm
they are shooting the lights out, a wild game, found themselves down by as many as 17. what a captivating, mind blowing athlete like staff. it's a reload, lights out, third quarter, he had 23 points and he does his bedtime, the coach, saw his lead dissipate. is not a happy camper at all. as he watches this performance. under pressure, continues to put it down, 41 points, within two, final seconds of the third period, he knows he has to beat the clock. flips it up. it's good. a buzzer beater. he was fouled as well. they pull into the lead going into the fourth quarter. conflicts it up to katie, who had a 30.9 himself.
10:55 pm
love in life these days. good assists from tremont. how about this, 17 points. 14 assists. and 43 scott and i think again, after he hits this 3, alvin gentry's expression sums it up. when he had that child, forget about it, he has regained his 3 touch. 296 points in the last two nights. and that guy is going to play tomorrow, 147-140, six straight wins. love in life. >> it's kind of a pickup game out there. it really is. i'm more like the director at the ymca that i am a coach. you guys are certain you guys are skins. go play. that's kind of the game. >> we will get to the sharks.
10:56 pm
too hot not to cool down. they deserve a little breather. against the phoenix desert dogs, they find that themselves down quickly. and kevin the bank, with a nice move inside, and scores. and quickly back in it. however, second they find themselves down 4-1. evander kane on the loose of late, 17 goals, six in his last 10 games, they are down 4-2. logan couture, sharks find themselves within 4-3. here's the turnaround, 2:00 left in regulation, karrlsson behind the net. the win streak ends at seven
10:57 pm
for the sharks. if you follow college football, this is big news. alabama has lost a quarterback. areas, jalen hurts is now an oklahoma sooner. hrsa smart enough to see the writing on the wall. he is going to oklahoma where they have a quarterback vacancy. kyle murray is gone. as a graduate transfer, earth will be eligible to play immediately. or when the season starts. either way. we have come to that point where you must check this out. here's a guy who was ready. high school came in nebraska, you have to
10:58 pm
slow-motion, he comes into the forecourt chasing a loose ball, flips it up there. takes strength to be able to do that behind your back. the ball goes in. i don't cry here, and takes the room down, that was tough, second shot right here, pablo looking for an eagle. and he shall get it. that's a beautiful shot over in dubai. i'm just assuming that's his wife. girlfriend. >> a while. >> or perhaps just a member of the gallery. >> she was really impressed. >> that is the sporting line at this hour. it is time for more news with mike and julie. they came to
10:59 pm
see him. that's when they realized the tree was launched on top of the individual. and intense winter storm turns deadly as wind and rain causes trees to fall around the bay area including at a homeless in the spay. the 11:00 news starts now. hello again. the storm has brought its share of problems, take a look at this . this is the intersection of 12 and 121. at least one vehicle was stuck. authorities say don't try to drive across a flooded road kno deep it could be.>> reporter: tons of tens of thousands of homes are without power after countless trees and branches fell and power lines or across roadways. this video is from saratoga, orinda, and lafayette.
11:00 pm
just a sample of some of the problems today. >> we have team coverage. we have live reports from around the bay area tonight. first we begin with bill martin. here is the latest on today's rate totals and what you can expect in the coming hours. >> almost a half foot of rain up near the russian river, we sought to three inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains, the rest is from an inch to an inch and a half, and the rain is still falling in parts of the bay area. most of it has moved through as you can see, some lightning hits showing up in the central valley. we have reports of flooding and those areas. most of our flood advisories and warnings have been dropped except up around where we are waiting warnings in different areas around the bay, the all comprehensive one has been dropped. that flood advisory and urban and small stream flood watch. campbell getting showers right


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