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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 23, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PST

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thank you for joining us. does wednesday morning, january 23. i am pam cook. looks outside. e clark. >> dry and a little bit warmer. >> okay. >> every day until the weekend, here. >> very much. it is cold out there and that is with the breeze from yesterday. nationally, nationally there is a big boundary and you can see where the boundary exists right there. it is around the minneapolis area. it is warmer ahead of that. why is that? because that is where the front is and that is world the active weather is going to be from the great lakes and northeast. the ohio valley all the way to the deep south as high pressure sends everything up and over the east coast. sunny for all but a little bit warmer. upper 50s to mid 60s. you can see everything coming down out of the north. the airflow there. it brought in a few high clouds.
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compared to yesterday. 47 is circling the wagons there. the city is at 47. one observation is at 42. bethe west-southwest of us will play into the weekend forecast. today is sunny side up. upper 50s to a lot of low and mid 50s. >> we do have trouble there. case are just joining us, 680 southbound is backed up big time in concord. also 242 is taking a beating because of a crash. that is near the truck scales there and 242 especially is nearly back up to highway 4. this is going to begin to affect highway for maxine. the accident happened earlier. there was a complication they had to call in more equipment . we will let you know when it
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clears, but even if we were to remove right now, the commute is way back. if you are at concord, you can expect people on other roads as people get off the freeways and try the other ways, city streets in the area looks prett some people are held up behind the closure that i mentioned. 24 is a good time to drive right now. lease before everyone gets there. the silicon valley, this is highway 101, the ksco. the silicon valley commute looks pretty good with a little bit of slowing a 101 or 280. let's go back to the desk. a spanish teacher the bay area high schools accused of sexually assaulting a student. ktvu elissa harrington is joining us live at pioneer high school where the assault reportedly happen. good morning. good morning. the teacher actually showed up yesterday morning to teach his class and was arrested at the school.
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there were other staff members to call police. this is the teacher's mug shot. he is a 37-year-old ricardo chavarria. he was taken into custody yesterday when police were called to the school on san jose's blossom hill road. he faces multiple felony charges. police say the base of the investigation, there multiple sexual assault that happened between november and december of last year. this happened inside his classroom. the victim was only 17. investigators want to know if there are any other victims. they are asking anyone with information or who might know of any other incidents to contact police. san jose police are searching for killer after grandmother was shot to death inside her home. she was shot on saturday inside her east san jose home. so far, police have little information about suspects or a motive. neighbors describe ms. santiago as kind and gentle and they are
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stunned. >> why would anyone do this? >> i don't know what happened. this is a good family. >> if you have any information, you are asked to call san jose police or use the police anonymous tip line. the time is 6:04. police in berkeley searching for a man who took advantage of the good name of a charity. a man outside of the safeway store was asking for donations to meals on wheels. he was wearing an older version of a meals on wheels t-shirt, white track pants, and shoes. you can see a photo here. he is described as being about six feet tall and in his 60s. he ran away when a meals on wheels employee confronted him. take a look. if you recognize them, call berkeley police. today, the san francisco police department plans to release new information in the beach in case of an 80-year-old woman. police arrested the suspect over the weekend and heavily
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released his age and name. 18-year-old faces several charges, including some from another case. she remains in critical condition three weeks after she was found beaten outside her visitation valley home in san francisco. today's news conference is scheduled for noon. police in oakland have a person of interest in custody connected to a triple hop inside. homicide. he was captured after police chase on friday in a neighborhood near mills college. they believe he is a man responsible for a triple homicide the happened on january 4 and west oakland. the victims ages range from 21 to 31. the time is 6:05. technicians on the north they are in the process of installing a network of high- tech cameras that can spot fires almost as soon as they begin. according to the santa rosa press democrat the plan is to install to 40 cameras in
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sonoma, mendocino, lake, marin county's, but the end of march. does part of a program called alert wildfire. it is supported by pg&e and others. each of the cameras can see 5000 square miles during the day and 20,000 square miles at night using near infrared capabilities. a salesforce ceo called san francisco a train wreck because of problems caused by the tech sector. >> the quality overall. if you look in san francisco where i am from, san francisco is a train wreck. we have a real inequality problem. >> is it because of the tech sector? >> that is because of the tech sector. >> he spoke with cnbc yesterday at the davos world economic forum in switzerland. he tweeted that san francisco has the best technology example in the world and yet the worst homelessness. he added that our cities inequality needs to be directly addressed and now. he has donated millions of his own money to help the homeless
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and backed a measure to tax wealthy companies in the city. the ordinance is currently tied up in litigation. a new study out we're looking at the conditions. the best estates to drive in, according to the personal- finance site wallethub put california at number 47. looked at factors like rush- hour traffic jams, average gas prices, and the quality of the roads. oregon came in number 1 in that study. hawaii came in dead last. we will talk more about it and get more detail on the study with a live report, coming up at 6:30. the berkeley city council is taking a major step towards eliminating plastic. the city council approved an ordinance last night the charges customers $.25 for every disposable cup. it also requires old be compostable. they say it will reduce waste
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and places that serve food, but some people have questions about it. in the end, the cost will be passed on to the consumer, who will hopefully understand the initiative. something needs to be done. we pick up 75 tons of litter every year. if a restaurant cannot find a compostable version of a plastic container, the item can get a waiver. if you bring in your own cup, you will not be charged $.25. all of the changes in berkeley start one year from now. the time is 6:08. congress city council agreed to consider a developer plan for a pro soccer stadium. after about one hour of debate, council voted to authorize talks between the city manager and a developer. the stadium would be built on an empty lot right here near the concord bart station. it also includes a convention center, a hotel, apartments, and retail shops.
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? say that they have several concerns, including parking and the use of land where affordable housing can be built. san francisco landlords could be forced to pay to keep properties vacant. the new proposal to tax empty storefronts and apartments and what city leaders would want to do with the money. it is day 33 of the federal government shutdown. how local lawmakers say that the gridlock in washington is threatening telephone disputes program. some commutes are very normal. others are very slow. we will look at the san mateo bridge. that looks okay, but if you are driving on? 80 in concord, does not so okay. we will let you know what happened there. coming up. today's forecast is tax and fee free. it will know what is cold highs? it will be a little warmer. that is coming up.
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>> reporter: the white house appears to be moving full steam ahead in the state of the union address. this is just one more standoff to in the president and the speaker of the house. the white house is moving
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aggressively now to make the state of the union address happen. despite objections from speaker of the house nancy pelosi, who has said that it should be delayed during the partial government shutdown. >> nancy pelosi does not dictate to the president when he will or will not have a conversation with the american people. >> reporter: it is true that the speaker controls access to the house, so will she actually block the president? he tried to chase her down yesterday to ask her. the washington post is reporting that the white house is preparing two versions of the speech, a traditional one delivered in washington, or a second that could be used in another venue, elsewhere in the country. it is possible that the government fplans in the senate to end the partial shutdown may go nowhere and that includes the president's proposal to trade protections for some illegal immigrants for border wall funding. >> to reject this proposal, democrats would have to prioritize political combat with the president ahead of federal workers.
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>> reporter: democratic leaders have already rejected the plan. >> the president did not ask what democrats needed in the bill to achieve our support. he does latest proposal on the table and proclaimed that it was a compromise. >> reporter: votes on both plans are scheduled in the senate tomorrow, just before federal employees are set to miss their second paycheck. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. the time is 6:14. the alameda county supervisor will have a news conference they about how it is affected by the shutdown and how people who depend on government programs are effective. supervisor says that there is rising concern that the food stamp program may start running out of federal funding in early february. the supervisor says that more than 100,000 people in alameda county are getting benefits. another federal program at risk is the prea if it's
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and children. many a programs are having to cut cost. some workers at the federal correctional the ciletti in dublin are even going home every day at the end of the ship. is it, they are sleeping overnight at the prison on a hot or rvs in the parking lot. this is in an effort to save money on gas. >> is at of driving home and spending another $20 in gas, we could just sleep in the training center. trader joe's offered to donate food for they have new transforming california's juvenile justice system. >> our responsibility to you is to make the journey a little bit better. >> i like how we come together. no matter what our race or ethnicity. we're working together and want to learn. the governor was in
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stockton yesterday at the youth correctional facility, where there is a new tech program. the governor said it is part of a new model of juvenile justice. plans to move oversight of the juvenile system out of the department of corrections and into the state department of health and human services. also, more money will be spent on preventing juvenile crime. it is 6:16. as people are heading out the door, which of the no? >> they should know that there are problems out there. especially when it comes to the traffic in walnut creek. southbound 680 is starting to affect highway 4 as you make the turn. this is because of a crash. they were just clearing it out as we lost last sought. the traffic is very slow. it is beginning to improve a little bit, but if this is your commutes, you need to give yourself extra time. you will wonder why everything is so slow in concord.
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all of the side roads as well. people use other roads to get around the freeway. people have already thought about that. look at highway 24. people are stuck in the back up before you get to 24. it is slow in lafayette. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for 25 minute delay. it looks like they are moving something here on eastbound 80. if you look at the bottom of the screen, you can see a little back up there and that is if you're getting off at the last san francisco ask it exit. it is 6:17. what about today's weather? great visibility. >> outstanding and unlimited. it is colder though this morning. if you need to take the dog out, you'd had enter bundle up. it is very chilly in morocco this morning. you could text sabrina now and say that we saw your text. the
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who shows people's tweets. >> i'm not that guy that south talks about. you said you don't want to be that guy. that is not me. 37 in martinez. 32 in danville. 34 in weston. by the concord pavilion, 36. it is down 10 degrees from wednesday. sunny for all in the little warmer on the afternoon highs, even though the lows are down about 5 to 10 degrees compared to yesterday. the trend to send temperatures appear. mid-60s today and a few upper 60s by the weekend. you can see with the coldest. out ahead of that, that is where the pattern is going to be for the next 7 to 10 days as a ridge of high pressure parks itself over around california from the great lakes and deep south to the northeast, that is
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where the cold an will be found we're all set and ready to go for what looks to be clear. there could be a few high clouds. there is not enough of a breeze. we are north of napa. 5 miles per hour. that is not much, but it is enough to put the windchill at 32 or 33. look at all the 30s. even on the peninsula. livermore is down to 33 degrees. a few high clouds in the near future. by that i mean on the weekend. there will be a few high clouds coming through. it will continue to jump up a few degrees. 60s and upper 50s to the north. 6:20 is a time right now. pg&e is finalizing plans for make up sea.
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the reactions that wildfire victims of the supporters are taking to block the utility from filing for make up sea protection. the reason congress is looking into the twitter account that posted the viral video.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . people in upstate new york are due in court this morning. they are accused of planning an attack in a small muslim community. the says bus were making plans to attack a rural muslim community west of the catskills. the suspects ages mment in the lunchroom sparked the investigation. lease officers confiscated 23 firearms, three homemade bombs, and computers. officers do not know if there was a planned timeline for the attack. president trump's ban on transgender people serving in the military can go into effect. the lawsuit against the band is still making its way through the lower courts. the u.s. supreme court voted 5- 4 to lift in order that blocks the administration from enforcing the ban. california's attorney general says that he will continue to fight to the ban. oakland native is a trans woman
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and army veteran. and said that those people consider themselves to be veterans first. >> this is a slap in the face. you are brother in arms or sister in arms. >> the new rules would bar and military personnel serve as the biological genderless they started the transition under less is struck restrictive obama administration rules. the justices accept the first major gun case in nearly 10 years. the case centers around an ordinance in new york city that restricts the transport of a gun to shooting ranges within the city boundaries. if you want to take a firearm outside of the city coming up to carry a license.
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gun owners say that the law violates of the second amendment. the case can have major implications for concealed carry and open carry laws across the country. the fallout over the standoff between the native american tribal elder and some high school students in washington, d.c. continues. the house intelligence committee is now requesting information about the twitter account that first posted the video over the weekend. twitter has suspended the user who poster, saying that it created fake and misleading accounts. according to the huffington post, mark warner from virginia has requested the twitter provide more information about how and why the edited video went viral. also happening today, actor alec old one is due in a new york city court again over a fight related to a parking space. he has we did not guilty to charges of assault and harassment. he is accused of getting into a fight with a man who he claimed stole his parking space in new
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york city. he admitted pushing the man, but denies punching him. there are four new inductees into the baseba fared there is a new study out ranking driving conditions in v well. i am here in emeryville . we will talk with some commuters and find out what is up with the california roads. i will tell you what is out there. there are a lot of people on the road right now in walnut creek, in concord, the bridges are okay. the san mateo bridge is one of them. that looks all right heading into the peninsula. the weather is okay. does colder this morning, but the afternoon highs continued to creep upwards a little bit.
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good morning and thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. we're going live to the new york stock exchange for the opening bell this morning. across the board, does a much better day. there indicating higher openings this morning. still keeping an eye on pg&e. there finalizing their bankruptcy. it is the middle of the
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week. it is wednesday, january 23. i am dave clark. >> it morning, i am pam cook. thank you for joining us. it will be cold when the sun goes down. the stock market and the lows have something in common. they both went down a little bit. they are expected to bounce back up again. it is calm and beautiful. downtown cordelia. i get an american canyon and vallejo. vallejo is at 41. i think i saw 46 in hidden broke. all of these areas are in the 30s. the 29 in polk valley is the coldest i've seen so far.
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it looks nice tomorrow. dry and 60s for most. mostly sunny and a little bit of a breeze picking up in a few high clouds as we head into the weekend. no rain is forecast. maybe early february. afternoon highs are getting closer to the upper 60s. gradual warming as we head into the weekend. we should top out at about 68 if everything else in the place. coming out of the north, little puff and a breeze. nothing compared to yesterday. the lows are much colder. there is a very dry air mass. but if you have a little bit of trees, you can cut through your. the temperature is 37 in the windchill is 33. fairfield is 33. peninsula, man you live in los altos hills, do you think you have to go into town, you'll notice a big difference. 45 to 35. a few high clouds, but the only thing. 50s and 60s on the highs. make 60s on the south. this
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i'm going to show it to you here. it is 680 southbound. we have a crew driving just to see how slow it is. things are improving. this is the car perching monument hard. just down the road, we will see some more so traffic. but here, it has improved quite a bit since they have removed the vehicles from the accident in pleasant hill. it is beginning to slow down and you can see the cars beginning to come to a standstill here as we get close to monument boulevard. i will put it on a map for you. southbound 680 a slow. the driver and the crew at the beginning of the back up right there, there will be a bunch of is gone, but traffic is very slow. 242 is one of the worst commutes from highway 4 it is very slow heading south. highway for 24 is here. if you're driving 24, you will see more of your friends on the commute. we will talk about the bay bridge as we look at the 50
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minute delay. let's go back to the desk. if you're fed up driving on california roads, you're not alone. according to a new study by wallethub, the golden gate states has some of the worst driving conditions in the country. we came and 47th out of 50. ktvu's frank mallicoat joins us to talk but why california's at the bottom of the list. >> reporter: i think we know. if you are commuter here in northern california, especially in the bay area or southern california, it is traffic. it is just awful. monday through friday. takes you forever to get to work. that was one of the big drawbacks in the wallethub survey. you are sitting idled in your car waiting to get to work, the average california driver spends $1400 in cash just using gas waiting. we were 42nd in terms of that
6:34 am
category. some of the other factors include gas prices, infrastructure, road quality, maintenance insurance, repairs, and the weather. if you add it all up, the golden state is not so golden after all. 47 out of 50. the drivers we spoke with here in emeryville say that they agree. >> being 46, not surprise. it's terrible the roads i'm sorry. it took us about 50 minutes to get right here from vallejo. >> reporter: do know what number 1 was? >> it is oregon. >> >> that's because they have tractors not cars. how was the drive here? >> it was horrible. >> horrible. >> reporter: they go. here's the breakdown. oregon, illinois, and indiana are the top three states and to drive them. california came and 47th and hawaii, because it is so expensive, came in rock-bottom last. of the best state in terms of
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traffic coming have to go to mississippi. apparently there aren't a lot of cars on the road. the best winter, weather, we did when that one. the most car thefts you have to go to alaska, which came in 49th. the cheapest gas to buy if you go to the sam's club in crestview, missouri, you will pay $1.69. i'm looking at the shell station and they are paying $3.15. do some quick ma that is about $1.45 less if you had to missouri. there you go. >> that is a long drive for gas. >> i guess so. a quick weather report for you. it is cold. you should wear an extra jacket today. >> that is for sure. thank you the time is 6:35. san jose high school teacher in jail, rested and accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with a student.
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ricardo chavarria was arrested at pioneer high school where he was teaching spanish. the alleged victim is a 17-year- old female student. investigators say the alleged sexual contact happened last year in november and in december. the spokesperson for the school district says that he will not be rehired in any capacity. today, parents, students, and supporters of oakland roots academy are holding a rally trying to keep the academy off the cool district list of schools that could close during cost-cutting measures. the rally will begin at the amphitheater at 4:40 this afternoon. at 5:00 on there will be a march to the elementary school where the school board will be discussing the closure of the academy. teachers in los angeles will be back in the classroom this morning after ending their six day strike. union leaders reach an agreement after an all-night
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negotiating session. the new contract gives teachers a 6% to raise and calls for extra nurses and libraries. the agreement will slightly reduce class sizes and grades 4 through 12. san francisco voters may be asked to decide if the city should impose a tax on vacant residential or commercial property. the supervisor is expected to introduce the idea, according to the san francisco examiner, because he wants to encourage property owners to out empty retail space and housing units. details are being worked out about a possible tax, but the examiner says that the tax could be as much as $250 for each day a property is vacant. the money could go to job development programs and affordable housing. pg&e says it has arranged lanes of dollars in new financing to keep operating as it goes through bankruptcy or sittings. it says that it will receive five and half billion dollars from j.p.
6:38 am
morgan chase, bank of america, barclays, and citigroup what is cause debtor in possession financing. next week, pg&e is expected to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy in the process will probably take about 2 years. erin brockovich, the environmental at the cats advocates blocked pg&e from filing for bankruptcy. legal experts say that thousands of wildfire victims would be at the end of the list of people who could get money from pg&e if pg&e files for backups he. >> pacific gas & electric once again does not want to be held accountable. or pay for the damage that they have caused. >> their estimates that they could face $30 billion in liability if it is found responsible for several deadly wildfires in california in the past 2 years. they say that it is more than
6:39 am
the insurance would cover. and it doesn't have the assets to pay off the rest of those damages. the time is 6:39. sarah enter senator kamala harris has said her campaign off to a fast start. she raise $1.5 million in the first day that she launched her campaign. the senator has promise only accept money from individual donors and she will not depend on corporate clinical action committees. some political experts say that early momentum could be the key to a successful campaign. >> these are stunning numbers. it was not just the amount of money, but the 30,000 individual donors that it came from. people are really looking for a change. they are looking for something or someone who is very different than president trump. >> senator harris is a favorite to represent the democrats in the 2020 presidential election.
6:40 am
the new las vegas betting odds that came out on monday have senator harris and texas congressman beto o'rourke is a favorites, followed by former vice president joe biden. senator harris is only one who has announced that they are running for president. governor newsom wants to use the funds to provide humanitarian aid to migrants at the border between california s giving the money to organizations that currently provide aid to migrants. according to the los angeles times, much of the state funding would go to san diego groups that provide assistance to migrants who are applying for asylum and legal entry into the u.s. as they await proceedings. the time is 6:40. ageism is a problem in many workplaces. what new researches say about how it affects men and women differently. how gender could change the age
6:41 am
gap. a trash park in the south bay. who is going to pay for repairs to discovery meadows after was damaged during the national championship game? an earlier crash and pleasant hill has really slowed traffic. they are all extra-slow if you try to get out on the roads. don't go out there unaware. it will take you a little bit longer. much colder this morning, but under clear coming up. when you shop with us, you know how to score.
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drinking alcohol during pregnancy. new study shows that no amount of alcohol is safe for pregnant women due to genetic risks. this is despite former research. they examined 84 sets of siblings whose mothers had consumed alcohol while pregnant. they found that the children experienced strikingly different levels of neurological damage or fetal alcohol syndrome. researchers say the risk of damage does not depend solely on the pregnant woman's alcohol consumption, but also the genetics of the baby. san francisco's hays valley, owners
6:45 am
are fed up with shoplifters. store owners say that thieves repeatedly steal hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise. one store owner told the storeowner that she gets robbed twice a month. they say there is a crime ring out there. san jose is home to one of the more popular parks downtown. it will be empty for the next two months because the park is badly damaged after the concert series held during the national college football championship events earlier this month. what used to be a long stretch of green grass is now a covered muddy mess with tire tracks. the may also be breaks in irrigation system. the city says it could take until april before anyone can use the park. >> that is a long time. they should have known better when they had the heavy equipment in here. >> this is not the first event that has caused damage one of our major parks and what you see now is what we expected because it rained so much
6:46 am
during the time. >> the city estimates it will cost more than $15,000 to make the repairs. city leaders say that they are confident that the event committee is already pointed out where it made landscaping improvements. neighborhood is gecommission ap on the lding on property that decision to not renovate the current community center. the new building will include a three-story building for a neighborhood service and two acres of open space. the new center is expected to open in 2021. today, san francisco business that was badly damaged last year in a major fire is reopening in a new location. papenhousen hardware was in the neighborhood. its roof collapsed as flames raced through the attic. nobody was hurt, but all the businesses suffered major
6:47 am
damage. this morning 11:00, fire chief and several other city leaders to celebrate the reopening of papenhousen in a temporary location until the original building can be restored. barry bonds has 3 years left to get into baseball's hall of fame. the giants star slugger missed out on the hall of fame for the seventh year in a row. he received 59% of the votes this year. you need 75%. the voting for barry bonds has increased each year, but many voters are reluctant to put baseball's home run king in, because of his connection to steroids. here is who made it into the hall of fame. he is closer mariano rivera. the best closer baseball has ever seen. he is the only player to get a unanimous selection into the hall of fame. and also this year's class, designated hitter edgar martinez, along with pictures roy halladay andnot over for
6:48 am
some new orleans saints fans. ticketholders are suing the nfl on the missed pass interference call in the nfc championship. >> it is monumental, the amount of anguish that it has cost the fans. not to mention, that it is a black eye on the nfl. there is an exception in the nfl rulebook that could, under certain circumstances, allow the commissioner to take extreme action in the face of an unfair result. that means that roger goodell could reverse the call and actually restart the game from that point. >> what? they are citing mental l tr because of the call.
6:49 am
♪ a dance off during an nba game. it has taken over the internet. now we are taking this seriously now. these two young fans. this is a the 76ers game. these kids the you're watching, they did not know each other, but they found themselves in a dance off in the 4th quarter of that game. the shirts were off. i do know. i'm not an expert, but only to say both of these young men are winners. >> they could have kept their shirts on. i'm just saying. it's just funny. watch this! >> he is very serious. >> oh my goodness. >> there is your smile for the day. >> there is a on your jammies.
6:50 am
>> no worries about anything. i like that. good morning, everyone. let's go take a look at concorde to pleasant hill, walnut creek, you can see that it is very slow. the crash that caused all this is long gone, but it has been very slow on 242, highway 4. the whole thing is going to be slow as you drive down because of earlier problems. i know that some of the other roads are going to be backed up. and of the people have the shortcuts this morning. the shortcuts are also taking up. and then it finally gets better later on. highway 24 is very slow. that is just after the highway 680 interchange. if you're driving on 680 a little farther south, let's say you are in danville heading south, here we are on 680. we are farther south heading towards cimarron. it took us a little while to get there. stuck with the bay bridge. we're watching the pictures and here like a photographer. everyone is a photographer these days with their phone.
6:51 am
look at these pictures. they are great. this is nice. anyway, i digress. northbound 101 going up to the 280 interchange. that is a little bit slow. san jose is starting to fill in on the approaches to the west valley. ?:51. here is steve. let's get to it. it is clear and we have some cold lows. no doubt about it. temperatures have dropped off. the breeze was a little stronger yesterday, which help the temperatures. are those my teeth? >> my good friend john here. good morning mr p. i just took my labrador outside. it feels colder. >> it is colder. tony is right, it is 40 degrees. just went up to 41. there are lots of 30s. that includes around santa cruz. santa clara valley. many 30s. boulder creek is at 32. i have not shown the water
6:52 am
temperatures in a long time because they have not budged. mid 50s in bodega bay. half moon bay, it has been down for four months. i hope to goodness so we can get this fixed someday, somewhere, somehow, because it will be important once we get to the summer, but it has been missing for a long time. mid 50s on the temperatures. sunny for all and a little bit warmer. more 60s now than 50s. was tough to budge from the mid to upper 50s . we will over the next few days. by the weekend, we could see some upper 60s to near 70. i think there will be too many high clouds to get around that. around lake tahoe, it was cooler. it is 13 of and 20s around lake tahoe. right out of the north yesterday, we had a few high clouds. for the afternoon, they were long gone. most of them will stay gone. north at 7 the oakland airport
6:53 am
is 3. there's a teeny bit of a breeze. to get the breeze and the 30s, then the windchill is colder. 36 in redwood city. 32 up in lake port. a few high clouds right there in the forecast. the models pick that up a little bit as we head toward the weekend. not a lot, but enough. that will move on late saturday into sunday. nothing rain wise until early february. low 60s to the north or near 60 and a few upper 50s. mid-60s in santa cruz. also near los gatos and san jose. a dry forecast warmer each day. but there will be clouds coming in on the weekend. thank you. it is 6:53. the best jobs in america. we will see you a list of the top jobs in which professions are expected to see big growth this year. first off, let's check in to see what is the next hour. if you're looking for good job, you might go to the online site glassdoor.
6:54 am
you can see how current employees rate the companies they work for. but we will find out why the reviews might not be worth thinking on when it comes to deciding which offer to accept. also, you will to be able to walk or bike in a new lane at the richmond bridge. what the transportation officials are already eyeing for vehicle traffic. why they say the lane would be put to better use of cars and trucks could use it and how soon that could become reality. we will be right back.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the department of labor accusing oracle in the bay area of underpaying tons of women and minority employees and allegedly trying to cover it up. the labor department says oracle used discriminatory hiring and compensation practices between 2013 and 2016 and because of that the, more than 60,000 female and nonwhite employees were underpaid by $4 million. the report says oracle suppressed the starting salaries for workers. also the complaint claims oracle destroyed the record surrounding the hiring process. so far that has been no comment from oracle. struck a new study out showing aging maybe tougher on older men than older women. stanford researcher ashley martin said younger workers may
6:58 am
have a more negative reaction to alderman who will not give up leadership jobs. since there are more men than women in the ranks of most holding on to a job eotype instead of making way for the next generation. there are fewer women and the rolls, and less negativity directed towards men. researchers a older woman amanda moore respecting and mormon lose respect as they get older. tractor this morning, volvo recalling more than 200,000 cars to fix a fuel leak. 11 different volvo models in 2016 are affected. most were sold in europe are global said the cars have small cracks inside one of the few lines in the other. so far, the reports of injuries or damages related to the recall. one of the biggest online recruit websites police a list
6:59 am
of the best jobs in america of 2019. according to glassdoor, the number one job is that a scientist. number 2, nursing manager. and rounding out the top 5, marketing manager occupational therapist and product manager. they list based on earning potential, career opportunities, ratings, and the number of job openings. a study from glassdoor also shows the best industries for jobs in the coming year are technology and healthcare. high school teacher in san jose under arrest. accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student. more details are coming up. tended to punish anyone. split the cost will be passed onto the consumer. it ready to pay more money if you want a to go cup amber clear we break down a new law that means there will be a fee to get a disposable cup.
7:00 am
7 amanda sparkling and called wednesday, january 23 i am gasia mikaelian. >> i am dave clark. you love cold weather. tell the truth. >> not so much at the morning. >> i can take older rain but but not together. alicia west a dry. struck early february and we might get rain. until in the morning the cold and the afternoons are warming up slowly. cottages c


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