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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  February 14, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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for letting us know. there is a lot going on. i am getting closer and of. a band is going through. it looks like a back edge and a break if you are leaving the next half hour, you will be all right. it is rotating in and it comes in and a couple of hours with more rain and heavy rain with strong cells going through with lightning strikes at lake county . it looks like napa kelly to the valley. san francisco with numerous strikes. it looks more is moving through. it looks like a break coming in with the 50s and 60s with the roaring southwind. it is mild. it took a while but it is here sfo. oh my god. i just saw that. no wonder it sounds like a 747. this system moves in and a cold
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system is on the way. we will have colder systems and the snow level will drop to around 2500 feet. more rain after day to take us into the weekend but not nearly the incredible amounts we saw yesterday we have 50s and 60s. that i see that right? 62 miles per hour at sfo?>> i know. airplanes are having trouble coming in. i would say, i will tell my producer, the quiet. traffic is busy but the airplanes will have a hard time coming and because of the wind. all right. this is 80 westbound. right now, it is not as bad as it was yesterday traffic wise. the incident popped up westbound on 680 near the exit. we will watch for it there
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this is the solano county commute. debris is everywhere after the storm. you may see tree limbs that are too many to report back there have been spent out with people driving through. this is a look at highway 4. traffic is here and it is busy. people of heard and want to get on the road early. i want to mention that traffic on highway 24 is all right if you are driving. there was a stalled vehicle towards the cold cut tunnel. it has been removed but it is rainy. i want to mention the macarthur maze. you can see traffic on the westbound bay bridge that is fine. it is a mixed bag. we will check with public transportation and take a dive into the south bay commute. the santa cruz mountains are not doing well. we are also following breaking news where a house slid down the hillside with
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someone inside the house. alyssa harrington just got there if you moments ago. what is happening out there?>> reporter: there is fire fighter and emergency vehicles. what we learned is the house slid down the hills was a vacant home. nobody was inside that house. it may have hit another home and a woman had to be taken and rescued from . evacuated nearby neighbors they say this is unstable so they are trying to get us and the media out of the way. the slide happened overnight. this hillside, they are dealing with, a gas leak and there are live power lines. pg&e is on the scene trying to fix thatthere asking stay out of the area. there are road closures and thon crescent
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ain, multiple emergency vehicles on the scene. we are trying to make sure nobody else was injured. they are checking other hubs. they had to evacuate several residence. ktvu, fox 2 . san francisco had its share of problems caused by the rain. a tree fell and crushed two parked cars. fortunately, no one was inside. no one was hurt. this is the aging sewer system that was put to the test. with more rain coming, the city is asking everyone to help out. >> if you see anything on these drains, clear them, it would be a huge help. there is 60% that are just debris on when you get it up with help, it is huge. >> there was street flooding and i am sure you have seen it.
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the water was up to the wheel wells of the cars. when the police car stalled out, it had to be pushed out by another city vehicle. you can stay up-to-date on all of the weather conditions by downloading our newly updated weather app that is free with interactive radar and updates and the forecast. it has easy feature to upload weather photos and video. it is 4:35. congress is scheduled to vote on a legislation to avoid a partial government shutdown this weekend. doug is joining us in washington with the big question, whether the president will sign the measure. good morning. reporter: good mo this is a massive bill. it may ultimately work to prevent the government shutdown. there are details that the president will not be thrilled about. >> i present a privilege report
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. >> reporter: look at the size of this. congress was dumped on this report midnight. this is accommodation of negations before a skeptical resident. >> we are looking for landmines because it will have that. is known to happen before. >> reporter: you will get almost $1.4 billion for new barriers along the border. but when the national debt hits $22 trillion, the bills .2 suspicion measures and funding for the senate, environmental protection agency and pay raises for federal workers, while the president is this. a poll shows two thirds of registered voters support a framework that includes border barriers, security and humanitarian aid. leaders of both parties want a deal. >> it is time to get this done. the president must not repeat
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his mistakes in recent past president trump, sign this bill. >> reporter: will president trump signed the bill? we will see. the white house indicated that they were waiting for a final version before they made a decision. they now have the final version. we are live in washington and the senate is expected to confirm william barr, the nominee for attorney general. he will take over the justice department, despite concerns from democrats about how we lanced to oversee robert mueller's investigation into russian interference in the election. during his confirmation hearing, he said he would not interfere in the investigation or fire mueller without good cause. he previously served as attorney general under president george hw bush. a member of the trump
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administration is stepping out. brock, the head of fema submitted his resignation. they found he misused government vehicles to travel to his home in north carolina, costing $150,000 he was not asked to resign and he agreed to reimburse the government. he said in his resignation letter that is leaving to spend time with his family. pete gamer will become the acting head of fema. the district judge in washington found the trump campaign chairman violated his plea deal by line to the special counsel os office. that could add years to his expected present time. that includes line about information with another unnamed investigation. manafort faces 5 years in prison for illegal lobbying in the ukraine and tenures for tax and bank fraud. president trump and gavin
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newsom are returning blows on twitter after the announcement about the bullet which is under the structure. the president tweeted that california has been forced to cancel the project and the state needs to preterm $3.5 million the government put towards it. governor newsom fired back calling the tweet fake news. gavin newsom? plan calls for dealing back the project and not canceling. lawmakers and forestry officials take a tour of paradise and the surrounding area. they will focus on the health of the forest reduce the risk of devastating wildfires. the campfire killed 86 people and three are still listed as missing. it destroyed close to 19,000 buildings and mostly times and burned 239 square miles. two members of congress who represent the east bay want the
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federal government to overturn charges of mutiny against african-american sailors against world war ii. they were known as the port chicago 50 pickett refused to go back to work at the naval base a month after the explosion killed 320 people. the men were ordered to keep loading ammunition on ships even though there weren't apparent changes in the safety conditions on the loading dock pickett refused to do it and ultimately, they were sentenced to hard labor in prison and given dishonorable military discharges. barbara lee wants call that explosion and mute trial quote, a shameful chapter in american history. it was an emotional day in court for kidnapping victim, we will tell you what denise huskins told the court . popular business are
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closing in concord. one says it is because of rising rent. looking at the east traffi okay in front of the airport. we are watching the airport because of delayed flights and roads obviously and looking at the bridges. s about reporting gusty of 62 miles per hour. it should calm down around sunrise but quibec did the bands are going through but it looks like a break for a few hours.
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welcome back. matthew mueller, the disbarred attorney who was convicted of a bazaar kidnapping in vallejo will stand trial on state charges. andrew lee was at the hearing with the victim for the first time in public, described her terror. >> reporter: denise and her husband were accused by police of faking her abduction left salina county superior court after testifying against the defendant, matthew mueller expect they were incredibly brave to confront their perpetrator. it was able. i will tell you, there was a lot of emotion in that court. it was a difficult thing to do. they are an inspiration to all of us.>> reporter: the family
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was not allowed in court. there was detail how mueller invaded the home in 2015, drug them and put laxed out swim goggles on that. she said he kidnapped her and her twice in the cabin while recording her. her father told us as she described being rate after the attack she said she felt defeated and drained and helpless. >> it was a horrific thing that happened to the both of them, to be awakened in the middle of the night by a stranger who is intent is to do harm.>> reporter: she said he scrubbed the bathroom, including the tub. she likened the situation to a horror film pick she testified, i kept imagining he was cleaning the blred ins of his previous victim to get the house ready for his next victim, which was me. the former marine is serving 40 years after being correct the >> convicted. now he will go to trial in court as a result of the
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testimony of a couple. >> i was so proud of them. really. we have to wait for the trial. >> reporter: the attorney representing himself with a suit and his legs were shackl he had no questions for the couple when the judge asked to be wanted to cross examine huskins, he said certainly not, your honor. he returned to court to enter a plea henry lee with ktvu, fox 2 . and san jose, driver tried to get away from police and crashed into the side of him yesterday afternoon. officers arrested the driver after they found him hiding in the garage. he was trying to get away from colliding with a patrol car. officers initially tried to stop the truck because it matched the description of a hit-and- run. no went was inside when the crash happened. the owner of the home says the fianci had just left.
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>> less than an hour ago, this happened. >> no, if they were home, you know, what could've happened to them? >> the suspect was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and was booked on assault with a deadly weapon, hit-and-run, and evading a police officer. the officer involved in the initial collision was taken to the hospital with injuries. >> two popular businesses in concord are going out of business. the thai restaurant, bangkok kitchen, will close for good today after 25 years in business. the owner says he is closing after he found out his rent would doubleafford the rent. so i have two leave.
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>> the owner, he is been so kind to us. he recognizes us. hello. we are back in now he is happy to see us. we are really going to miss him.>> half-price books will also close in a few months. the lease is not being really. city leaders are trying to find new locations nearby for both businesses. >> that is too bad. 4:48 is the time. sal is covering wind and rain. we have mellisa covering ththe but that will affect that commute? >> it will not affect the freeway. you might see emergency vehicles but i don't think right use it is early. the freeway is not affected right now. we are looking at commutes
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here. we have had slow traffic and standing debris. 580 is slow coming through. we had a car fire near grant line road. traffic is slow. as you look at the indicators, there is flooding with some places and a stalled car and solo spin outs. right now, it seems to be better than yesterday for the most part because it is not raining hard in oakland. the bay bridge has people come up early. there is plenty out there. you should leave the house early today because you might run across debris in the road. we are watching airports. steve said there was big gusting . >> 60 miles per hour. >> that is this an? >> yes. the water is running over the roads. there is a lot of that coming in. we have a going until 10:00. we are about
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to get a break. there weremany concerns as far as flooding. the ground has absorbed all it can but flood warnings continue with flood advisories to the south. the russian river, 16.09 feet and expected to rise near 20 and flood stage is 23. granville will go to to 37.9, which is above flood stage. the napa river is also at 11.91. i expect it to go higher than that. it is supposed to be 19. napa at 21.37, just slightly above flood stage. i should add that the guadalupe river in san jose has minor flooding. the wind gusting with a high wind warning at 70 miles per hour. there were some howling g
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at mount st. helena. mount diablo at 62 miles per hour. pacifica is shot up 50 miles per hour. you can see there is still a strong south wind and gusting about 35 to 62 miles per hour. there is sfo if you have not had your coffee, that is 62 miles per hour. that south when has really mild temperatures in the atmosphere, for the first time in years, i heard somebody say the pineapple connection. that is the weather prediction center. that is correct. it is 82 and 83. it is now moving to the south. that will impact central and southern california. we will get a break before the next system rotates through. it looks like things are going to calm down a little bit.
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the sierra is very warm with felt like tahoe and truckee. that will make for a rain mix until the cold air gets here. 50s and 60s were that temperatures. this will be late morning or early afternoon. cold air arrives friday. more rain is on the way but not as much as yesterday. 4:52. lawyers are heading to the all- star break after a tense grain against the trailblazers. they got beat up. he's been ejected. >> what happened out there? he lost his cool and he was ejected. we are watching the sierra and snow conditions and what we can expect later today.
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welcome back to gate mornings on 2. for the lake tahoe area, winter storm areas because of heavy snow and powerful wind. that is in effect until tomorrow after. several feet of snow is expected to fall in the higher elevations in the syrup with snow levels dropping to 3000 to 4000 feet.we are used to a foot of snow. we are expecting snow but not this much. it is a little bit too much at
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this point. >> too much snow. we are expecting major delays. chains are required on interstate 80 leading to the tahoe area. the same thing could happen later today. the golden state warriors entered the all-star break with the best record in the western conference. last night, the warriors were in portland to play the trouble is. thompson played even after hurting his hand. things were heated after a couple of technical and flagrant files. the warriors collect team was to. he was kicked out of the game. the warriors ended up losing. i know. the warriors lost 129- 107. a mudslide in the south bay caused traffic problems. we will look at what kept the crews busy working the night to get that road reopened. mass shootings are causing
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schools to carry out active shooting drill >> the experts say that can do more harm than good. good morning. we have slow traffic in some of these areas because people are slowing down for standing water and debris. we will tell you more. it looks like a break with strong cells that move through overnight. we are in a back edge. you can see there is not as much to the west that will pick up later.
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good morning. breaking news, a mudslide brought down a house. it is the worst damage because of our february storms. >> people do not lose people from gun violence. people are stolen. >> it has been when year since students and teachers and staff were done down at a florida high school. we show you how members of the parkland community is still fighting for policy change. thank you for waking up with us on this very windy morning. it is thursday, february 14, 2019 . >> good morning.
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it is very busy. the weather is a major part of what we are doing. >> i can do about an hour show. flash flood watch and wind warning and it should taper off around 10:00. a strong gusting is over the night and flash flood's are out with numerous rising to the north and now the south at guadalupe river. there are flood advisories posters. the wind was roaring from 50 to 71 miles per hour. sfo at 62 miles per hour. that is the 4 a.m. observation. not about at 36 mile-per-hour. with a strong south when. sfo is ready to. it is g. i don't know what happened to


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