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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 1, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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match-up tonight. hold onto your wallet, the sales tax just went up in more than 50 cities overnight. there is a new law for online retailers. we are paying more to drive than ever before. now there are questions over how new tax dollars are being spent over the state's crumbling instruture. adding fuel to the fire between 49ers and sapta clara. welcome on this busy monday. we have a manler fire. >> this is next to a major freway so it will cause problems. it is sending smoke into the san antonio district. you can see it from a lot of parts in the east bay.
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let's get to jesse gary who is on the scene of the fire. >> look at this. the flames are coming out of windows and out of the top of the building shooting about two stories up. you can see the black smoke. fire officials say this started at 8:30 this morning. it started outside of the building. we talked to a witness who said he saw that the fire starlted outside of the building at a homeless encampment and then the flames went into the building. police say everyone on the ground floor of the building has been evacuated. everyone they know of was evacuated. as it stands now, they are unable to get inside. firefighters say they are
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fighting a defensive flame. you can see the damage and you can periodically hear explosions from inside. it is a three alarm, pumpers are above and two engine trucks and another around the carner just out of our view. they are all putting water on this fire trying to keep it from spreading. there are bart tracks that are right next to the scene. apparently it is not impacting service or not too much. the train seems to be going slower than normal but they are still running. the headline is the fire at east oakland. the crews are fighting a defensive battle to keep it from spreading. we are told by one witness that it started outside of the building at a homeless encampment. fire officials confirm it started outside of the building but they have not said how. we will stay on the scene and update you over the next 10 to
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15 minutes as the conditions warrant. ktvu news, back to you. >> let me quickly and you. talking about keeping the flames from spreading, are there buildings right up against the building burning right now or is there space in between? >> reporter: there is space in between but it looks like there is new construction just next to it. can you pan -- you can see on the screen, there is new construction next to it. they want to make sure it does not predto that. the power lines above us are starting to ignite a little and spark. so there are power lines being affected. i'm not sure if there is an outage in the area but the power lines are affected by the fire as well. mike? >> jesse, is there any concern that there may be people who were living or squatting in the abandoned upper part of that
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building that is now on fire? >> right over here. come this way. >> i want to show you that the power lines are arcer. i will get to your questions in a second. the power lines are catching on fire as they try to put out the flames. we are told there were just people on the bottom floor. according to oakland police, everyone has been evacuated but they have not been able to go inside and confirm that. they believe everyone is out but they cannot be sure. up above. >> i've been told by oakland fire that the third alarm companies have arrived. they are moving truck companies all over the city. when this happens, even alameda fire counties are scrambling because it is a major alarm
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fire. it may go to four alarm. this will impact all of the departments in alameda county. >> there is a danger of these lines? there is a trance former and they are worried that the transformer will blow. so they are moving us across the street. we apologize for the jarring picture but we want to move across the street. this is 12th and 19th. we have moves closer to the bart tracks. sal mentioned a third engine company. they are continuing to bring access to brock down the flames. there is a bart train that just sped past so the service is not being impacted yet. right now they are worried about the transformer on the corner that is arcing and exploding. we have seen the smoke and heard the explosions inside.
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>> do you get a sense that this is growing? it seems like the fire is growing towards the new construction that you pointed to earlier. >> reporter: i wouldn't say growing. i think the fire is consuming everything it can. so there is not going to be anything left of this building but i don't believe -- i can't get to that other side tethered to the camera. i believe they are trying to keep us in place for our own safety. it does not appear that the flames are moving. i guess that is towards the east, towards the new construction. thankfully there is no wind. there is no real wind this morning. the column of smoke is going straight up, not moving to the left oright. it is going straight up. ion't get the sense that it is getting bigger. i think it is just consuming everything that it can burn inside the building. >> we just got word from the
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oakland fire that confirms there are no reported injuries. the fire is at three alarms. do you see pg&e on the scene from where you are? >> reporter: i do not see them from where i am. mind you, we got here pretty quickly but i do not see pg&e. let me see if i can check the other side of the -- hold on. i have the mike in my hands so i can only go so far. i don't see them on the other side of the scene where the engines are. here comes another engine. you were talking about other assets from the city, here comes another engine is in the distance that is setting up just slightly beneath the bart track. they will probably move a little or pull lines to join the fire fight. we are going to move a little.
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>> the third alarm companies are beginning to arrive from all over the place in oakland. when something like this happens, fire houses on the other side of the city are coming here. that means that alameda county has been notified. they have to cover the stations. this is going to be a big event all day. >> could this go to four alarm? >> just looking at it, you and i have been to fires enough to know that they probably want to bringfore assets in. >> there is a hunl fire burning in the san antonio neighborhood. this is at east 12th and 19th street. this is just off to the side of 880 in the northbound section. you will see it off to your right if you are on 880 northbound in oakland. we have been following this fire
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for the last several minutes. jesse gary was on scene. we saw arcing transmission lines. this is a dynamic situation. >> we will continue to follow as we get more updates. and more coverage online right now at we will move now to another developing story impacting flights across the country. a computer glitch temporarily ground hundreds of flights. the faa says the issue has been resolved but people flying today could see rezizial delays. aliza is at the airport to show us how this is impacting travelers. >> reporter: let me show you the yellow which are the delayed flights. i'm counting 25 delayed arrivals. these are mostly southwest flights. i'm at the oakland international airport where the delays areings
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the country. first the airlines impacted are southwest, united, jet blue, alaska and delta. in a statement this morning, the fa elained the issue saying that selve airlines are experiencing issues with a flight planning weight and balance program, arrow data. although there are a lot of delays here, i reached out to the communications department at the oakland airport and they said these delays are pretty typical of a normal day. but airlines in major cities like new york, detroit, which chicago were greatly impacted. many travelers took to social media to vent frustrations. the faa says the issue has been resolved but there will be residual delays throughout the day. so check your flight status if
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you are flying today. >> thank you for that. still to come, breaking news out of oakland. we will continue to follow the three alarm fire burning near east 12th street and 19th avenue near 880. this is live from emeryville. a lot of people saying they can see it from the east bay and beyond. more coverage after the break. hello yellow! yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent f department store prices. at ross. yes for less. ♪ i found a birth control ♪ with no hormones! ♪ paragard's 100% hormone free ♪ and over 99% effective, ♪ that's key! ♪ no hormones! ♪ not an ounce, ♪ with an ingredient ♪ i can pronounce. paragard is a hormone-free iud that's over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. if you experience pain, pelvic infection, or miss a period, call your healthcare provider. pregnancy is rare but serious and can cause infertility or loss of pregnancy.
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we will go straight back to breaking news we have been bringing you live. a fire in the san antonio neighborhood in oakland. the fire is at east 12th street and 19th avenue. smoke and flames are pouring from the building. let's bring in jesse gary again for an update. >> reporter: the update is coming from a chief of the oakland fire department. you said the fire is spreading.
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>> we believe that we have confirmed right now with an under construction building at east 12th and 20th avenue. it started at the building of american emperrer and we are concerned about the spread to other buildings. >> how are you trying to prevent the spread? >> we have ladder pipes trying to protect the spread and companies in the rear on solano every. >> reporter: i talked to police earlier who said that people in the bottom of the building were evacuated. can you confirm that everyone is out? >> i can't confirm that but they did help with evacuations. >> reporter: do you know how much roughly? >> i don't. >> reporter: what was above the bottom floor? >> the building is a two and a half story warehouse, plumbing, hvac electrical tools. we sent crews inside and decided we would have to go defensive. >> reporter: we have seen power
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lines arcing and sparking. have you seen pg&e, what's the status of that? >> they are enroute, we are making sure our firefighters are safe. and that everyone is out of the collapse zone. >> reporter: are you worried there could be a collapse? >> collapse is always a concern. we want to make sure that none of our firefighters or any civilians are walking around in the area. >> reporter: and can you tell me about the air in the area? is there a risk of any chemicals coming? you talked about a lot of things inside, piping, are you worried about the air and people breathing it? >> as always, there is no fire that is safe. so we would avoid the area if possible. >> reporter: will this impact bart at all? >> not at i'm aware of. it seems to be contained on the other side of the street. >> reporter: earlier, you said
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th you believed this started on the outside of the building. a gentleman sent me a picture which he believes shows the beginning of this. do you still believe it is external? >> of the first report of the lieutenant on scene, he reported an outside fire impinging on a warehouse. so it came in at 8:28 and it is still raging. >> reporter: okay. deputy chief, i appreciate your time. we will talk again in a little bit. >> thank you. >> reporter: that was the chief from the oakland fire department. they are trying to keep it from spreading. there is new construction right next to the building and they are worried that the fire could spread to the new construction. the fire started on the outside of the building and spread to the interior. a witness said he saw it start near a homeless encampment and apparently we will have some photos of that shortly.
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as soon as we do, we will share it with you. fire cannot confirm that everyone is out but police said they evacuated everyone from the ground floor. >> thank you, jesse. i can tell the fire department is hitting this fire hard with the ladder pipes. it was interesting to here her talk about when they arrived on scene, the firefighters went inside and evacuations were made and then they realized what was inside and all of the fuel load in there and made the call to say let's get out and attack from the outside. and sal, i know you have new information? >> you are looking at this from the emoriville camera. listening to radio traffic, we know that oakland fire department is very concerned about one of the exposeures which would be the 20th street side. they have scaffolding on that building under construction. fire companies went up on the scaffolding to fight it and keep
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the water from the building that is under construction and put it back onto the building on fire. and as we have seen before in oakland with buildings under construction, how fast they go. >> another concern is that people who live and work in the neighborhood here is a threat of collapse. we heard from the deputy fire chief saying that she and her company are working to make sure they are out of the collapse zone. she said that collapse is always a concern. so we are staying on top of this story. the fire started at 8:28. we are almost an hour in. we can still see flames raging inside the windows. smoke is pouring from the top of a warehouse building. the fire is still underway as is the attack. we will bring you more live updates. stay with us.
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back to breaking news. we have new video to share of a story we have been covering for a half an hour here. this is the view of the huge fire burning in oakland in the san antonio neighborhood at east 12th street and 19 avenue. it is right off to the side of interstate 880. bart is not being impacted right now. we have been bringing you live coverage and the fire is still raging. >> i tell you what is being impacted is international, one of the biggest streets there. it is blocked with fire equipment. i heard more companies are setting up with the hydrants out there trying to get water into the fire. more companies are arriving on the scene. it's a big fire. you are driving up to downtown oakland, it is to your right. a very dramatic picture for drivers.
9:22 am
no doubt it will impact this commute. >> the first call came in around 828 this morning. we are coming up on 53 minutes ago. oakland fire responded on scene and went inside the building. we don't know how many people were brought out. there was a ton of fuel inside the building and they made the call to get all of the firefighters out. they will fight it with the water trucks out there. i also noticed the smoke. >> white and gray smoke. >> you can see the dark black smoke here is starting to change and that's a good sign. not saying that this thing is over as there is still the potential of a collapse as the battalion chief mentioned earlier. >> fire chiefs have been very aggressive for the construction.
9:23 am
there is a building just down to the right of this picture. when a building is under construction, it obviously burns a little more easily and they were very worried about that. >> it is a two and a half story warehouse that is on fire. there were shops and businesses on the bottom floor. those people were evacuated. fire crews had to get everyone out and decided they could not be inside. my concern goes to the top story that was an abandoned part of the warehouse. as of right now, there are no reports of injuries. we do not have firm numbers on how many people were evacuated. there is a concern in oakland that people could have been living there or squatting there. this is eerily reminiscent of what happened with the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire when people were living in a buiing that was not zoned for housing and 36 people died in the fire.
9:24 am
the question that has to be answered is were there people in the upstairs part of the warehouse and are those people okay, one of the many questions that investigators are working to solve. >> this fire started around 828 this morning. this is video of soon after. you can see the dark smoke rising. this is up close when we arrived on scene. the flames were pouring out at the building at east 12th and 19th avenue. multiple engines and ladder trucks attacking again. as we come up on the one hour mark, it looks like they are getting the upper hand. the possibility of people getting inside when the fire becomes cool enough or safe enough for firefighters to go in, they will do another search. you can see a live picture of one of the ladders there, going up to inspect. we will have another report in
9:25 am
minutes. authorities are expected to release a preliminary report into the deadly crash of an ethiopian airlines plane. the government is expected to give a briefing on the crash sometime today. ethiopian airlines flight 302 crashed 6 minutes after takeoff on march 10th. all 189 people on board died. it is the second deadly crash in five months vauping the boeing 737 max plane. ethiopian authorities said that an anti-stalling feature was engaged when the plane went down snfrment boeing planes are remaining grounded as engineers work on a software fix. chuck schumer says he wants boeing to be removed from an faa rule making committee. the committee makes recommendations on airline industry regulations. congress is looking closely at the relationship between boeing and the faa because faa is accused of relying on boeing's
9:26 am
own safety assessments of new aircrafts. the u.s. marine corps is investigating the death of two helicopter pilots who were killed in a training mission in southwestern arizona. it went down on the training ground outside of yuma. there is no word yet on why the helicopter crashed. the names of the two pilots have not been released. taylor swift's 2018 appearance at levi stadium is adding to the tension between the 49ers and the city of santa clara. the 49ers agreed to add another date for a concert. but tickets for the second show were slow and did not meet swift's contract requirement that all of the venues are filled to acceptable levels. the 49ers had to give away 20,000 tickets to fill the stands at an estimated cost of $2 million. still to come right here on mornings on 2, the grammy
9:27 am
nominated musician killed outside of a clothing store. coming up, the investigation into the death of nipsey hussle and how people are remembering the artist. and where the sales tax went up overnight and the changes we will see to our online purchases. we are staying on top of the breaking news in oakland where a large fire is burning. we will have an update on that coming up in 2 minutes. [phone ringing]
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back to breaking news, a big fire in a warehouse in an oakland san antonio neighborhood. people across the bay area can see the smoke rising from a warehouse fire on east 12th street and 19th avenue in oakland. the fire has been burning for just more than an hour. we have seen smoke and flames pouring from the building. jesse gary is on the scene to bring us up to date.
9:30 am
>> reporter: the fire department says they are making good progress. there has been a color change in the smoke from the black to gray. it is not as heavy. also you can see not as many flames are shooting from the building. there are still flames on the interior but shooting out of the top of the structure. the top looks like it has collapsed into the interior. firefighters say there is still a concern that it could spread to the east. go ahead and pan to the right to so the engine there. that's the one they are using to try t keep the flames from going further east to the new construction. pg&e gas is on scene but pg&e electric is still on route. we have seen power lines and
9:31 am
transformers that have arced and exploded. we heard explosions from inside the building as well. police say they were able to evacuate everyone from the ground floor shortly after the fire began. firefighters cannot confirm that everyone is out. i see a gentleman with a pg&e helmet on walking through our picture but i can't tell if he is from gas or electric. he's the first person from pg&e we have seen on scene. hopefully they will get the power cut to the lines. we talked earlier about how -- sorry, we are underneath the bart track and that's why you are hearing me pause. bart service has not been impacted by the way. we talked earlier about how this may have begun. firefighters say they believe it started on the extearier of the building. we have a witness who tells us the same. the fire started outside of the
9:32 am
building and the flames moved inside. >> it went through the window, a small fire. looked like aer car fire or a homeless fire and then it went into the window and then the whole structure was on fire. >> anybody inside? >> everybody inside looks like they were running out. i don't think anyone is in danger anymore. there were at least 40 to 50 employees in there coming out. >> reporter: back live in east oakland, i'm not sure -- we have video of what we believe the flames starting. this is being given to police and fire as they conduct their investigation into the cause of this blaze. do we have that video? if not i have it here with me. okay. we don't have it. let's see if we can do the best we can. this is what the video looked like as it started. now you can see it on your screen. this is what they believed to be the beginning of the fire that
9:33 am
started outside in a homeless encampment. that's what we are told. the flames made their way inside and touched off the entire building. a lot of raw materials, easy to burn, insulation, piping et cetera. once it went into the second story, it took off. it burned the roof. that has collapsed. right now firefighters are in a defensive posture trying to make sure this does not spread further to the east. as you can see, hoses are continuing to pour water on the hot spots now. the large flames and the thick black smoke, you don't see that anymore. firefighters say they have made good progress. back to you in the studio. >> jesse, i know there is an oakland fire investigator on the scene asked to report to the command post. have you seen any evidence of
9:34 am
that and has anyone told you anything else? >> reporter: we saw the video that we just showed our viewers, that was given to police and the fire investigator on scene. they are already looking into how this started. that video, the cell phone video will be a part of that investigation as they believe at least the fire department told us earlier that this started outside by one of the first arriving companies. they called it in as a fire outside of the building and then it spread to the interior of the building. what caused the fire initially, we are told by a witness that it was caused by a homeless encampment. that has not been proven yet. it looks like from the video that a lot of stuff caught fire outside of the building. >> thank you so much. while this was going on, i did get a tweet from a follower
9:35 am
who was letting us know that a hot air balloon has gone down in napa county. and it did hit power lines in the youngville area near washington street. three patients were transported, two with minor injuries and two with moderate injuries. that is just another story we are following. with that, let's bring in steve paulson. it looks like we were not seeing much wind. >> it was only at 3 miles per hour which is why the smoke was going straight up. we had people in san jose saying what is going on here? there is not much of a breeze. the breeze may pick up tonight but not a factor here this morning. we have a lot of clouds coming in and light rain. san jose has picked up a trace.
9:36 am
from the peninsula to fremont, that is stretching northward to oakland, and san francisco. this is a sign of things to come after a weekend of sunshine and warm temperatures. we are getting back to the rain and it may be here for about a week or so. 50s on the temperatures. they have come way up because of cloud cover. activity to the north has quieted down but it will pick back up soon. cloudy, 60s, low 70s. after today, all in the 60s. there is rain on the way. i hate to say it. thursday looks like light rain. friday will be the main system. i think we have four days to go to iron things out. at this time it looks like rain. tributes are pouring in for rapper nipsey hussle who was killed outside of a store in los
9:37 am
angeles. he and two others were shot outside of a store called the marathon. fans are leaned up outside of the store grieving. police have not made any arrests. fans say hussle will be remembered for helping his community. steph curry got emotional talking about hussle during a post game interview last night. >> i got to know him last year and had a great conversation about who he was as a person, what he stood for, what his message was, how he tried to inspire people considering where he grew up and how he turned that into something extremely powerful. >> curry and hussle became close during curry's youtube show last year. curry called the death a senseless crime. a woman was found dead after hailing a ride sharing service and now a man is under arrest. samantha josephson mistakenly got into the car of nathaniel rowland after leaving a bar.
9:38 am
he had ordered an uber to take her home. her friends reported hr missing 12 hours later. her body was found in a rural area outside of columbus, south carolina. police were able to stop the vehicle involved. >> the officer asked the driver to step out and he fled on foot. the officer gave chase and was able to make an apprehension. >> investigators say they found blood and josephson's cell phone inside the vehicle. they also say the child safety door locks in the back seat were engaged possibly to prevent an escape. let's check in with dave clark in the news room. >> here are some of the top stories we are following this morning. new zealand government officials today will introduce legislation to ban most semiautomatic weapons including the type used in last month's mass shootings at two mosques where 50 people
9:39 am
were killed. the prime minister of new zealand vowed she would immediately take action on changing gun laws. the feud between president trump and democrats over funding for puerto rico is threatening the funding for wildfire disaster relief for california. the democrats are threatening to block a bill that gives funding to california and reduced funding to puerto rico which is recovering from back to back hurricanes in 2017. democrats want more funding for puerto rico in the bill. republicans reduced the amount of aid to puerto rico after president trump accused the leaders of puerto rico of misspending the money they are already received. the british parliament is expected to vote on alternatives to theresa may's plan to withdraw from the european yub. parliament has three times voted down may's deal. it may take a coalition of
9:40 am
several political parties to work out a solution. the opposition leader wants a general election to break the dead lock here. the deadline to come up with a deal was extended to april 12. that's a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. thank you. hospitals across the state are racing to meet a deadline to meet their seismic safety standards. california has until next year to reduce the risk of building collapses. the standards were inspired by the deadly 1994 north ridge earthquake that damaged 11 hospitals. the law also requires that by 2030, hospitals must be able to remain in operation after a major earthquake. lumakers in maine are considering a bill that would ban internet providers from accessing your internet search history. the state senator who authored the measure says that congress
9:41 am
rolled back internet privacy protections in 2017 giving providers too much control. >> once it leaves your phone, your commuter, congress said that data then belongs to camcast or spectrum or whoever it is that provides your internet service. the maine state senator says she has received pushback from lobbyists but she is confident that it will be approved. still ahead, more news from the fire in oakland. it has been burning for more than an hour now. people were evacuated. no word on any injuries. you can see the ladder trucks are there pouring water on the fire. more coverage from the air and on the ground right after the break. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones.
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phil we are back with the breaking news from oakland. we have live pictures of the fire trucks that are dumping water. they are gaining ground on the fire from what it looked like 45 minutes ago. there is concern of a potential collapse of the building. the fire was raging just 30 minutes ago and the potential of a collapse still exists now. there is talk of power lines in the area, crews are worried that the lines could also come down. power has been cut to the pg&e lines but there is concern that they could come down in the area. >> so at this point, the people in the surrounding area could be impacted. the civilians are being pushed back. when jesse gary was giving us
9:45 am
the live report, he himself was pushed back by the fire officials saying they were concerned about the arcing power lines and the threat of collapse. it is not safe to be right up on it. >> if you look at the picture, you can see the streams from the truck companies. i counted at least five. they were nervous about a building in construction. they put fire fights up on the scaffolding of the building as you can see. five truck companies have master streams all going. a lot of water and resources to keep the fire contained. >> what we know from witnesses is there was a small piece of video that showed how the fire started outside of the building that spread to a warehouse that
9:46 am
appears to be largely burned out. a lot of crews are on the scene. the work of investigating the fire has yet to begun. we are waiting to confirm if anyone has been hurt. there are no reported injuries but it is early in the investigation. we will have more for you on this major fire in the san antonio neighborhood throughout the day. janet map tano conterms that she has launched an investigation into the college admissions scandal. parents paid millions in bribes to get their children into elite schools. napolitano was our guest in the previous hour and she said they are investigating. >> we do something about admissions by acceptance, about 2% of the students that have a special talent, music, theater, athletics that allows them
9:47 am
admittance into the university and that's the issue we will focus on. >> napolitano says there is a difference between uc and some of the other schools involved because uc does not allow donations related admissions. coming up more on the fire burning in oakland for over an hour. we are an hour into the fire fight itself. video shows an awful lot of water being put on the smoke still rising. investigators are not able to move back in to comb through what is left yet. an active scene in the san antonio neighborhood. we will be back with more coverage othis breaking news.
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it is mug monday and now is your chance to win a ktvu fox mug. you can go to our facebook page, click on the contest link and fill out the entry form. do not miss your chance to win. >> these are the mugs we are talking about. they say ktvu fox 2. if you are the big winner, please take a picture with your mug and send it to us. the ncaa men's basketball tournament has the final four. top seeded duke and michigan state battled in a close game in the east region yesterday for a final four spot.
9:51 am
there were several lead changes but the spartans held onfor a 68-67 win. the two time national champs are headed to the final four for the 10th time. the other game yesterday was kentucky taking on auburn. the tigers were trying to make it to the final four for the first time in school history. kentucky had a 2 point lead inside a minute to play but harper made a shot to tie the game. they went into overtime tide at 60. auburn took control in the extra minutes and won 77-71. it is the fir ever title four appearance and they will take on virginia. >> stanford is one game away from taking on the final game after winning yesterday. missouri state trimmed the state late but stanford sealed the game by getting their free throws. the winner will face off against yukon. an oregon father is accused
9:52 am
of stealing his daughter's girl scout cookie money and staging a burglary to cover up the crime. he is facing charges. the parade goes through san francisco's financial district and begins atoon. the oakland public library is extending hours to be open 7 days aweek. the neighborhood branches will
9:53 am
be open 6 days aweek. every location will also be open on mondays. many of the branches will stay open until 8:00 at night two nights a week. this is the first time in 50 years that oakland public library that they have extended their hours. we like to highlight talent of kids in a segment called that kid has game. >> this girl's dad wanted to teach her some self defense. she was introduced to brazilian jujit sow and now she is known as the mian warrior. she walked away with a medal for her weight category. >> you can submit a description of a young athlete using the hashtag, that kids got game. it has been a busy newscast.
9:54 am
we started with breaking news in oakland, a three alarm fire. our coverage continues right now. we will look at the ladder trucks on scene. this fire started around 8:28 this morning as an extearier fire of the warehouse. then it moved inside the building. >> we just got an alert from the desk who is working this fire. comcast just called and a lot of the comcast in the area has been knocked out west of that building. it could extend for a long period there. i guess the wires compromised there have knocked out cable and internet service to people in the area. >> if you have been with us at the beginning of the coverage, we saw huge black smoke flumes coming out and now the smoke is gray, we don't see any flames. these are good signs. there are still some threats
9:55 am
that remain. earlier, the oakland deputy fire chief said there was a threat of collapse and that they were moving people out of the collapse zone. there is also a concern of power lines coming down. we saw in a live report, arcing on the power lines. >> the good news is there are no reports of injuries. firefighters went inside the building and people were evacuated . we don't know how many people were inside. they realized how much fuel was inside and it was determined there on the scene that they should pull the firefighters out. we don't want anyone to get hurt thats a member of the fire department. again, it has been a busy morning. the fire continues to burn and our coverage will continue online for you at we will have a live update coming up at 10:30 and 11:00.
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