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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 3, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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embarcadero. a confrontational crowd shouted at mayor breed as she pushed for a homeless navigation center near residential high rises along the city's waterfront.>> that navigation since it will be built on a parking lot on the embarcadero just south of the bay bridge. the project has its share of supporters. they were drowned out by those who oppose it. deborah's live with the story.>> reporter: mayor breed would like to have 24 hour homeless shelter open here by the end of the summer. opponents and surrounding neighborhoods say it is being rushed against their wishes. tonight they let her know it. >> do you the mayor food leave. >> reporter: she said she
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understands there are hard feelings about putting a 200 bed homeless navigation center on the embarcadero. but she insists it is needed with homelessness the city's number one crisis. you cannot be upset about homelessness and then when i propose a real solution that is going to make a difference then you are upset about it.>> reporter: she got applause from supporters who believe homeless services not only help people but help neighborhoods improve by getting folks off sidewalks. 179 people in the immediate area where sleeping outdoors. all of those folksbe indoors. >> reby apartments and condomin residents have rallied against it. how will my son be playing next to the center. >> reporter: police point out extra patrols temp down problems of the other navigation sensors which also have on-site security and a neighborhood hotline to call.
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the reassurances riled many in this crowd. who say they are concerns are not being heard. if frustration a few dozen people got up at once and deserted the forum. it was not a community meeting. it is evidenced by them focusing on colors and lighting and the exterior look and feel of the facility. and not about what is happening to the people on the inside.>> reporter: a neighbor in the same building has an opposite view. the homeless need a place to stay. housing is the answer. a navigation center is halfway between a shelter and housing. my goal is not trying to put neighbor against neighbor and people against people. i am sorry i am sorry that this issue has divided this community.>> reporter: ultimately approval has to come from the port which owns the property. that is probably a few more meetings away especially considering how volatile this one was. opponents are promising a
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lawsuit. they have raised more than $90,000 on a gofundme page to finance that. from what you heard was safety the biggest concern?>> reporter: it seems without a doubt. the opponents are concerned about more addicts on the street and the crime that goes with it. the navigation center is open 24 hours. people can come and go as they please. they cannot drink or use drugs inside. the fear is they will be coming outside and be more concentrated numbers of them and the quality of life will deteriorate. san francisco da dismis more than 9300ar convictions today. under the law legalizing recreational use of the drug. the commissions go . san franci first jurisdiction in the state to clear up
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the das office partnered with z america to come with an algorithm to identify all the eligible cases. a historic track at san jose state university where 2 famous sprinters trained will soon be no more. the university said the field on the south campus will be paved over and turned into a new parking garage. why the community is so sad to see it go.>> reporter: is a 51- year-old track that has been here since the 1960s. a lot of people using it today. even at this late hour there are 3 people on the track. soon all of this will be gone to make way for more parking. san jose state has a long history of track and field. this track part of a speed city era from the 1960s to 80s. when athletes shined. there were people from all over the came and gathered to work out at san jose state track.>>
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reporter: it is here where the most famous athletes john carlos pictured here on the track and tommy smith practice to prepare for the 1968 mexico city olympic games. where the black power salute to protest racism made history. 5 decades later it is a track widely used by the community. where young athletes draw inspiration. i think about these people around here.>> reporter: the plan to create a new practice facility. san jose state is growing and needs parking. the new plan revealed wednesday it is to pave over to the track if a uild a parking garage. new track could be installed. but the greater need for san jose state and san jose state athletics is a multi-story parking structure.>> reporter: university's athletic department said south campus is evolving.
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with tun ersity being a commuter campus 45,000 people on any given day there is not enough parking. the new garage will accommodate 1500 cars. it is a big shame to see it go.>> reporter: richard reid coaches athletes from downtown college prep. he calls it all bittersweet. that moment in history is almost you feel like it will get lost. even though it happened and it is recorded and we have good information. it feels like it will disappear. we will do everything we can to preserve the history of what has taken place.>> rep university could have a commemorative plaque or cornerstone. both the men's and women's track and field programs will remain. they practice at san jose city college. this parking garage could be up and running by the end of next year. so much history at the track. kland police say is
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scooter rider was critically injured today. he was hit by a motorcycle at 41st and broadway. the victim was in critical condition at last check. a motorcycle rider stopped at the scene and was cooperating with investigators. the collision happened at 3:30 pm in the area was closed for the investigation. until 6 pm. spring and 18-year-old employee of a bounce house in belmont is in police custody tonight after authorities say he touched a young girl inappropriately. declined to place monday. authorities say the suspect use the lower of a band-aid to get the little girl at the site of birthday parties and play dates. authorities say pump it up in belmont was the scene of a crime. an 18-year-old employeeaccused child.
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authorities say he lured a seven-year-old girl into a private room and asked her to turn around and start jumping. she looked over her shoulder and realized he had his cell phone and was taking photos over her. she said what are you doing. he said just keep jumping.>> reporter: he then touched the child inappropriately. he walked up to her and said you have a dead bug on your behind. he brushed her behind with his hand. as if knocking off a dead boat. all made up. >> reporter: the child immediately realized something was wrong. mateo sheriff's office responded confronting the suspect. as they did deputies say he started deleting photos from his phone. he looked at his phone and realized he had been taking photographs of her behind. he acknowledged to them it was for his sexual gratification. at that point he was arrested by the sheriff's office. >> reporter: managers did not
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respond to a request for comment. law enforcement that they happen cooperating. parents reactean employee had been arrested. that thought alone i feel sick to my . >> reporter: at least one mother said she won't be planning her son's birthday here after all. no more. >> reporter: authorities don't know of any other incidents. they are conducting interviews. he remains in custody. his next court date is april 15. in the east bay a man from new workof in walnut creek is set 37-year-old matt caruso had aerial pictures of the woman's home and detailed notes about how he planned to attack her. they also say he was wearing a wake he tried to kidnap her with a stun gun. this is someone who is stalking their prey.
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in order to do some heinous activities to them. horrible things to them. he rolled out a lot of the things he was planning to do that were grotesque. investigators say they found evidence in a dumpster in fremont that tied caruso to the assault as well as plans to target five other women. they also found child pornography and guns at his home. santa cruz a woman is under arrest accused of kidnapping and 11-year-old boy. police say shelley and manson asked him for help in the grabbed and dragged him 200 feet before he was able to get away and scream for help. officers arrested her for kidnapping and false imprisonment. police are now increasing patrols in the area around grant street park where it happen. bay area man expected to enter a guilty plea in a corents. frozen food entrepreneur peter sartorio of menlo park is accused of paying $15,000 to
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have his daughters answers correct it on a college entrance exam. manwell and elizabeth enriquez of efforts in were in court in boston. there accused of cheating to help their 2 daughters get into schools. lori laughlin and felicity huffman also appeared but did not enter a plea. california's first surgeon general off on a listening to her. here what she is saying about her new role. the outside music festival is here to stay for another 10 years. why that might not be good news for people who live close to golden gate park. more clouds in real rain does get on the radar in the next 36 hours. we will talk about that after
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star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at the disneyland resort the man accused of the mosque attacks in new zealand is going to face 50 murder charge50
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people killed in christchurch. he will also face 39 attempted murder charges at his court appearance on friday. he is not expected to enter a plea. he said he wants to represent himself. in a manifesto he identified himself as a white supremacist. almost 3 months after governor newsom's were her in california's first surgeon general is on a statewide listening to her. jenna sat down with the doctor tonight to find out what she hopes to achieve in her new role.>> reporter: i wanted to be a pediatrician since i was four years old. there you go. her dream job she said likely spring from her roots. the daughter of a biochemist and nurse. peeking out on science and being able to care for folks is just joyful. i think it is probably in my dna. >> reporter: she never dreamed she would get an offer to become california's first surgeon general. she hopes to build on her work
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with children started in san francisco in 2007. she helped to found the first baby child health center. the center for youth wellness. i was seeing this pattern. >> reporter: she noticed a link between children's physical health problems and emotional stress. adverse childhood experiences. there was someone in the family struggling with addiction. or mental health issues. or that the child was witnessing violence either at home or in the community. >> reporter: the launch more than a decade of advocacy speaking to politicians about the need to help children early. treating trauma and stress before a long term health problems set in. this month she was in sacramento to start a statewide listening to her. my immediate priorities are going to be addressing toxic stress. healthy beginnings early
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childhood. and health equity. >> reporter: her dream job now the dream as big as the golden state. helping families and children and parents and communities. raise healthy children. giving them the tools so they can be empowered. that feels fantastic.>> reporter: surgeon general will continue her listening to it tomorrow. she's looking forward to hearing feedback. vaping could be causing seizures especially among young people. the fda said they received 35 reports of vaping related seizures the past nine years. agency said nicotine poisoning might be a factor. the fd day acknowledged 35 cases is a small number. they said the data is worth exploring. preliminary research has shown e-cigarettes might also be linked to heart and lung problems. interns and residents at
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highland hospital did something they haven't done in 25 years. walked off the job today in protest. they are overworked and underpaid and in debt. interns and residents of highland are in the middle of contract negotiations. they say demonstration is threatening to take away their cafeteria privileges and cell phones. we want to continue to serve the people of oakland. with the dignity and re we feel alameda health system administration is treating the residence of highland hospital was neither dignity nor respect today. interns and residents are also asking for a pay raise and money for housing. alameda health system said they are committed to reaching an agreement that allows us to sustain our ability to deliver quality care into the future. more clouds tomorrow. a few just like it has each day we have had sprinkles here and there. you have a ton of moisture in
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the pacific. it is coming right through here. it is a bunch of miles. over a couple thousand miles of moisture off the pacific that will continue to move through here friday. that is when the rain gets here. tomorrow is like today. clouds we had outside right now. there might be a sprinkle tonight. and tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. there is so much what we have today. enough to be a nuisance. outside it is cloudy for everybody. temperatures in the 50s. a slight chance in the morning that is the best chance right now. in the afternoon variable clouds. later on in the day partly cloudy. by tomorrow night and into friday it is game on. the rain begins. you will see that in the model. there is tomorrow morning. there is tomorrow afternoon. here is thursday. pardon me friday lunchtime.
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this is friday. that is around noon time it is raining pretty significantly. friday a wet day from start to finish. the giants game opening day will be impacted. they wa1:35 pm. they might have to leave the tarps on. this clears out pretty quick. by 4 pm they might be playing baseball if they can get the tarps off. we will watch it closely. friday afternoon. saturday looks great. there might be a sprinkle on saturday. you will be fine. that is your saturday. sunday looks like the nicest day on the weekend. er shower activity around the time they want to start the game. then he clears out quickly. at least that is the plan. these are forecast highs which despite the cloud cover and sprinkles are pretty warm. the five day forecast. friday best chances of real rain. especially early afternoon. the san francisco board of
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supervisors has approved a 10 year permit extension for the outside lands music festival. it extends the city's contract until 2031. the new contract does not establish a decibel limit for the music. despite complaints from neighbors about noise. outside lands debuted in 28 2008. and draws hundreds of thousands of people to golden gate park every august. this year's festival includes headliners paul simon childish gambino and 21 pilots. organizes of the burning man festival in nevada are in a battle with the government over people this year. that has the government concerned the event could become a terrorist target. organizers say the additional security comes with a price tag of $10 million. this year's burning man festival is set to begin august 25. the a's were hosting the
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red sox at the coliseum. the game wasn't decided until the ninth inning. the highlights coming up next in sports. take a look at this. a family of ducks the street in morgan hill. it was captured with an officer's bodycam. the police department posted the video on their facebook page. you are watching the 11 pm nose. news. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ]
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living with the oakland a's again tonight. they did not get the win. we will be starting with the a's a lot. i don't see how they couldn't be a contender. potentially go the distance. tonight was not one of the nights. they would upend the defending world champions the boston red sox. a real good ballgame. this fan makes a nice snack. she pleased with herself or really surprised? and emerging star for the a's. this is ramon. made the two great throws in the previous two games. tonight a homer. to make it 3-0 a's. here come the red sox.
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an error open up the six inning for the red sox to tie the game. mitch moreland puts it into the corner and right field. two rounds are going to score. 3-3 ballgame. mookie betts and a 3-25 slump. lines one down the left-field line. watch it. it actually hits the third-base. that is when you know your luck is changing. two rounds will score. they add another one. 6-3 final. the a's winning streak is done. and los angeles stephen dugger one of the guys that gives giants fans hope itthe it was the giants on the board against. solo homer. his first. in the same inning the fourth with a man on. brandon bell. the right-center field. it is a 3-2 san francisco lead. until the seventh.
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the doctors put 2 on with 2 else. david shot to right. nobody is going to catch up with that. there you go. two run double put them up 4-3. they had another one 5-3. disgruntled giants fans cheer up the home opener friday weather permitting against tampa. the giants 2-5 so far. and absolute determined young woman wins our video of the week. she gives it her all. she that gives her a peptalk. by the way we cut out eight of her. finally. she is not taking no for an answer.
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worth checking out. check this out. this is probably our catch of the day. tyler austin down the line and right. it is a disappearing act. and then happy to report he is okay. get the chair out of the way. the guy who hit the ball is the guy who makes another great play. beautiful catch. all worth checking out on a wednesday night. that is the sporting life. the young lady is the video. the young lady is the video. see ♪ ♪
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