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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 6, 2019 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news. ktvu fox 2 news. >> a boy and his mother mauled by three dogs, recovering in the hospital tonight, the injuries they sustained are pretty severe. >> i was to him to be careful, he just got some pepper spray for dogs, too. >> please officer say they
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responded to a frightening scene and had to use force to separate the dogs from the victims, good evening. telling us more about the dogs involved in the attack, and the latest on the investigation.>> reporter: when police arrived at this home friday evening, three dogs were actively attacking a mother and child in a backyard, officers had to use pepper spray and physical force to separate them from the victims. >> i've never seen them. i've heard about that before. >> my dad said he saw some yorkies. >> reporter: according to police, these were the dogs, one male and 2 female pit bull terriers. they belonged to another family member who moved into the home, all three dogs are being held in quarantine at the solano county animal control. the victims are a 47-year-old woman and her 3-year-old sun, -- son, he suffered multiple dog
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bites to his face, upper torso and limbs, his mother to the upper arms and head, news of the attack has left neighbors unnerved. >> my dad goes walking every day, i told him to be careful. >> i thought maybe they were out right now. >> reporter: another neighbor says he was told of a separate dog attack a few weeks ago, involving a different dog, sometimes worried taking his dog sammy out. >> this is my baby cup if someone were to attack them, i would lose it. >> reporter: a man who answered the door said the victims were his in-laws, and he doesn't know what prompted the attack, both victims are in the hospital, currently in stable condition, no word yet on the fate of the three dogs. in vallejo, ktvu fox 2 news. a coachella worker died
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today while setting up a stage in the southern california desert, festival organizers said the man was a lead rigger who died in a fall at the empire polo club, they did not identify the man, but they said he had worked with coachella for 20 years. an incredible yet frightening tale of survival for a woman, after a car crashed in the sonoma area. down a hillside at 930 last night, -- 9:30 pm, it is so remote that it wasn't reported until 11:00 this morning. the vehicle ruled down an embankment and landed on the roof, a man manage to crawl up the hillside with a broken leg to hang on until help arrived. >> it looked like she had to wait for 12 hours before a passerby saw her and called 911.
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then she was airlifted to a hospital. >> right now, it is not known what caused the driver to lose control, or whether the man or woman was behind the wheel, but she was well enough to talk to them before she was airlifted to the hospital. it happened in a unincorporated area of sonoma county, they spent much of the day trying to determine what caused the crash. a security guard who reported a suspicious person instead found himself in custody, police said lloyd collins called police about 12:15 am, saying a person was threatening him, officers found what appeared to be cocaine on a tray in the passenger seat, and they found additional narcotics and a gun that was not registered to him, arrested on suspicion of possessing cocaine and a loaded, concealed gun, the person he was reporting as suspicious was released. a fairfield man, officer
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say they found a loaded ak-47's car. after a routine traffic stop, the illegally possessed assault rifle was in plain sight within reach of the driver, it had one round in the chamber and 28 rounds loaded in the magazine. just a week after the ruling that high capacity magazines was ruled unconstitutional, it was reversed, as of today, it is illegal to buy or sell magazines with more than 10 bullets. joining us live from alameda with how gun owners are reacting. rob?>> reporter: before the band, high capacity magazines was a thriving business online, you won't find them at big box stores like this one behind me, many gun owners are saying once again, their second amendment right to bear arms is being violated they say.
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>> reporter: how much is too much, after lifting the ban on high-capacity magazines in california, it was reinstated by a federal judge, buying or selling magazines with more than 10 bullets is illegal. >> what is the difference, 10 round magazine, or a six round cylinder, that is only four rounds, what difference does that make?>> reporter: a card carrying member of the nra, vince was trying to make sense of it.>> people who don't know anything about guns, that they are regulating, are regulating them. >> reporter: california attorney general asking for a stay in the case pending an appeal, and they seem determined to keep it in place. >> there are those trying to flood the state of california with what were until this decision illegal high-capacity magazines, the type of
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magazines that are used in firearms to commit the mass shootings that we have seen throughout the country. >> reporter: just days ago, a magazine with 10 or more bullets was legal, and gun store owners were enjoying a booming business. >> when my shipment got here, i had 20 people standing in the store. >> when i was ordering a, they were going to send me the 17 round clips, i was informed that they had to be 10, because they are shipping into california. >> reporter: brian haddad ordered into texas, caught in a legal red tape. -- but doesn't mind. >> 10 seems to be enough for me, for what i needed for. >> reporter: home protection, others wonder if it is legal in california. >> it is silly that it should be different in california if it is legal in texas or anywhere else, it would be the
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same. >> reporter: does limiting it really make sense? >> three intruders come into your home, 10 rounds to shoot at them, are you going to be comfortable with that, the bad guys will always have more than 10 rounds in their guns always. >> reporter: while california gunowners can have high- capacity magazines, they can keep the large capacity magazines that they currently own. live in alameda, ktvu fox 2 news. one day after visiting california's border with mexico, president trump is doubling down on his tough stance on immigration, the president appeared to mock asylum-seekers in las vegas. >> the asylum program is a scam. >> reporter: president trump addressing republican jewish supporters in las vegas,
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reiterating his threat to close the southern border if mexico doesn't do more. while making a bid for jewish supporters to support his reelection, he mocked them seeking asylum. >> are some of the roughest people you've ever seen, people that look like they should be fighting for the ufc. >> reporter: he continued to paint a pitcher of what he believes asylum-seekers look like. >> they read a page given by lawyers, they tell them what to say, you look at the sky, that is a tough cookie. >> reporter: he made a sarcastic reference to ilan omar cup after a man threatened to murder her. one of the first two muslim congresswomen, faced backlash for comment she made about
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israel earlier this year. trump sneaked in the line about her minutes into a speech after he ran through a list of republican lawmakers and others supportive of israel. >> a special thanks to representative omar of minnesota. oh, i forgot. she doesn't like israel, i forgot, i'm so sorry.>> reporter: a comes as israel prepares to hold its election on tuesday. fox news. democrats are calling from -- for democrats tax returns, wanting to get their hands and the mother report in the entirety, requesting six years worth of trumps personal and business tax returns,
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yesterday, one of the presidents personal attorneys urged the agency not to comply until the justice department ways in and warned it would sit a dangerous president writing to the agency. a california highway patrol officer has died in the line of duty hit by a car in southern california, 4:30 pm, a motorcycle officer was on interstate 15 near lake elsinore, the chp identified him as sergeant steve liken. a friend, father, husband and hero. at least two other people were hurt in the crash, not yet clear what conditions they are in at this time. governor newsom is responding, he said we extend our heartfelt condolences to his family, his friends, and many california highway patrol colleagues. he was a 28-year-old -- 28 year
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veteran. survived by a wife and 2 daughters. almost as surreal as what the fire was.>> a sign of rebuilding, after the north bay fire, one family who just moved into their new home, and coffee park, after there is burned down 18 months ago. sports rep, it might be march, -- may not be march, a controversial call that paved the way to a championship game for the virginia cavaliers. building cars from scratch, 1000 students gather at the sonoma raceway to see who can go the farthest using the least amount of energy. in weather, watching the clouds, a few light showers earlier this morning, partly to mostly cloudy skies, and a warm-up, 70s and the sunday forecast, we will have it coming up.
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a car plowed into a cvs store in hayward, when police arrived, the driver of the vehicle were gone, plenty of damage left behind as you see here, on foothill boulevard near a street, the car went straight through the front door. they are trying to determine if the incident was intentional or an accident. 1000 students from all over the world were on the sonoma raceway, to compete in the eco-
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marathon. more on how these young people are pushing the boundaries. >> reporter: that is the sound of some of the most creative and energy-efficient vehicles you will ever see, built by high school and college students, the shell eco-marathon of the americas, teams competing from eight different countries. >> competing to see who can go the furthest on the least amount of energy, not just the joy of competition and teamwork opt they receive cash prizes for both on performance and off-track performance. >> reporter: each of these is made from scratch, one was made of hockey sticks, this engine includes a coke bottle. there are three energy categories, internal combustion, hydrogen fuel cell and battery
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electric, this team from northern illinois university tried to keep their driver dry in the rain. they described their vehicle, hidden under the tarp. >> entirely student made, a carbon fiber show that we vacuum molded, clipping onto the aluminum frame. >> reporter: prototypes, the ones that have a futuristic look and urban concept, that are more roadworthy. uc berkeley, cal state sacramento and cal poly included. >> the best miles per gallon. >> reporter: cal poly's team explains what it's like to drive one of these. >> very bumpy, we don't run shocks or anything to keep you from bouncing around, vibrating, laying down, staring almost between your legs, but also very exciting.>> reporter: students spend all year working on the projects, a opportunity
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to compete at the world championship later on in london. alyssa harrington. a new type of sailboat was unveiled, the demonstration vessel that could lead to the first zero emissions ferry, featuring a wing with an automated control system instead of a sale. people got a chance to check it out today at the pacific sale and powerboat show. the goal is to put the zero emissions ferry's as soon as possible. >> a 100 passenger vessel, when this is, electric drive, coast guard reviews on a 400 passenger vessel, we believe it will calm, the first customer in a private case, from there, adoption by the very agencies. >> the company hopes to have a
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100 passenger ferry in operation by next year. it runs through tomorrow, offering tours and demonstrations. the we can start off with clouds and scattered sprinkles, the afternoon not too bad, the highs from this afternoon, a few 60s, a redwood city, antioch, warmer spots check in at 73. you can see what's happening, the clouds, this area, cold air, we moved to the south, that is the warm air, the weather pattern, it will be warmer than today. satellite and radar, the main book is focused up to the north, the north coast, not really rainfall, just picking up some stuff in the lower atmosphere with the radar beam, just partly to mostly cloudy skies, the main cloud area is
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up to the north bay, cloverdale, bodega bay, and santa rosa. livermore 57, mild, 60 degrees, san francisco the upper 50s. live camera look out towards san francisco bay, a nice texture in the clouds for this evening. overnight lows, most areas in the 50s, the forecast model, cloudy skies at 8:00, a sun and cloud makes into the afternoon hours, temperatures at least in san francisco approaching the mid 60s. clouds tomorrow morning, look what happens, more sunshine, especially for the southern half of the area,  lingering clouds in the north bay. we will talk about the 70s, and let you know if we
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have any rain clouds to talk about in the five day outlook. if stress is giving you a foggy head, clear blue skies might be the best chair new research from michigan, finds the perfect amount of time spent outside to reduce stress, 20-30 minutes walking next to nature is all that is needed to lower bio stress markers, the first to point out the proper dose to relieve stress, it appears in the journal frontiers. the cdc is trying to pinpoint the source of a e. coli outbreak infecting dozens and spread to five states, march 2, spreading to 72 people in ohio, virginia, kentucky, tennessee and georgia. the median age is 17, which leads health officials to believe it may have started with convenience or fast food due to the popularity with teenagers. no deaths reported, health officials believe the number of patients will likely grow.
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this week, canada and the netherlands announced plans to stop certain breast implants, due to cancer, and france been some other ones due to precautions, but in the u.s., they held hearings on breast implant safety after thousands of women said their implants were making them sick. the fda said there -- they are not convinced that there is a link between the implants and tissue disease, they are not ready to ban the devices yet. >> one of the things that is possible is that some women have a genetic predisposition to have a problem with breast implants. we think some women are more likely to get sick than others, and that some implants are safer than others. >> the fda acknowledges women with breast implants seem to be more likely to develop alcl, a rare cancer of the immune
10:22 pm
system, but it maintains there is not enough evidence to link it to chronic debilitating diseases. remembering the late rapper, the rapper's family has announced plans for a memorial service. a city built on ships, the gold rush era, the ship construction crews are finding in san francisco. ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express. [ distant traffic sounds ] new wok fired shrimp, another [ loud traffic sounds ]on [ music replaces the noise ]
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construction workers in san francisco are discovering a buried treasure of sorts in downtown san francisco ships that once transported people and goods during the gold rush are being unearthed by construction crews building skyscrapers in the financial district.>> reporter: at construction sites like this, gold rush ships are being exposed to daylight for the first time in 150 years, when they headed to the hills, hundreds of boats were abandoned
10:25 pm
in this cove, scrapped avenue use as -- used as landfill in the financial district. >> they made their way from all over the world found their resting place under one of america's great cities. >> reporter: providing a glimpse into the maritime past, in 1850, this was repurposed as a hotel, the candace, a 19th century whaler, and this one brought people to and from the shore before there were piers. >> the one that we found is the only one that has ever been discovered in san francisco.>> reporter: it might be the same boat in this 1853 photograph, historians hope to display these relics, updating a map of buried ships, the eight that are found so far, and the
10:26 pm
yellow is where dozens more remain. >> it's not a question of if, it's a question of when the next one shows up, and we are allowed to open yet again a maritime time capsule and get a glimpse of san francisco. >> reporter: walking tours to highlight the fascinating chapter in fit -- san francisco history, a city literally built on ships. fox news. boeing is temporarily cutting production of the 737 max airliner following fallout after the crashes in indonesia and ethiopia, it plans to reduce production from 50 to 242 jets, -- down to 42 debt -- jets. this couple lost their daughter, they say that knowing is to blame. >> we are making this effort here to help prevent a third crash. >> a total of 346 people died
10:27 pm
in both the indonesia and ethiopia accidents. preliminary report said faulty sensor readings triggered there system and pushed the note -- the planes nose down. >> -- 18 months after losing everything in the tub's fire, they are moving into a new home. >> every room, starting with the front door here, i take a pause to look at it and realize that it is real, it is here. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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[ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ]
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the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. it has been nearly 18 months since the north bay wildfires broke out, a long
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road to recovery, they are coming back, 70% will be completed by years end, 200 people have moved into new homes. tom and tonya stewart are happy to be back. >> reporter: it is the first mow of the spring, forget santa rosa's tom stewart if he's a little giddy. >> i am still mowing the lawn. [ laughter ] it's going to be a good feeling. >> reporter: sitting right in front of his brand-new coffee park home. it is a far cry from the last visit in may 2018, when the lawn was all that was left of the house, 492 days after the tubbs fire ravaged the neighborhood, he and his wife and son are back home. >> it is almost as surreal as what the fire was.
10:31 pm
you have it, but you don't really fully comprehend that you've got it, that you're really there.>> reporter: february 12, the smiles tell the story of a long journey together, for nearly 16 months, tom and tonya lived in a motorhome across the street. >> it won't be long. >> reporter: watching and waiting, as they witnessed their new forever home come alive, what was once an empty lot suddenly came to be, the foundation to the framing, they saw it all. >> almost indescribable that we were able to do that. every day, almost every nail, slowly, coming into view, here's the keys, was amazing. >> reporter: their new 2200 square foot home is twice the
10:32 pm
size, spacious ceilings, huge bedrooms, everything new again, their toaster, silverware, after 400 nights in a cozy home, one room in particular has become their favorite. >> it feels nice to take a bath again.>> you didn't have one in the motorhome? >> no, that would've taken of the living room. >> 100 foot flames blowing, 60 mile-per-hour winds. >> reporter: forever grateful, they will never forget that fateful october night, they lost everything in the fire, tonya's wedding ring is in this mix of melted coins, his prized pt cruiser gone, the only thing that survived was a pond full of fish. they are moving on. >> not as much as one would think, but it is almost to the point, i would say now, unless someone brings it up, something that we don't want to go back
10:33 pm
to.>> we thankful for what you have. you don't know what you have until it is gone. so now i appreciate everything i have. if it's gone tomorrow, i've had it. >> reporter: 191 homes have been completed, 689 of the 1400 lots are in the process, 70% of coffee park homeowners have moved in or will sometime this year, the neighborhood is coming back, and for the stewards, that is not something that seemed possible in 2017, as they start to make new memories in their new home. >> every room, starting with the front door, through here, take a pause to look at it, and realize it is real and it is
10:34 pm
here, we are here.>> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news . family, friends and coworkers city final goodbye to you is -- u.s. force firefighter, working on the helicopter crew based out of lake tahoe, loved ones should up to a memorial to remember a man they say passed away far too soon. >> he is my brother, i was really close to him. >> those who knew daniel laird are still stunned by his death, he was laid to rest at a ceremony this morning. a well-known oakland priest, praised as a trailblazer cup father jay matthews died at the age of 70, the first african- american ordained priest in california, and was at saint
10:35 pm
benedict's catholic church. a viewing and benediction, oakland mayor libby schaaf, congresswoman barbara lee and former oakland mayor are scheduled to speak at the vigil. a funeral mass and burial is set for monday. the family of los angeles rapper nipsey hussle have arranged for a memorial to be held at the staples center, thursday morning at the 21,000 seat venue cup they were having trouble finding a place large enough to host those who wanted to attend, they are expecting at least 15,000 people. according to tmz, tickets will be available through website, only ticketholders will be allowed into the service. coming together to support the family of a fire captain, the good cause that prompted these firefighters. around first thing tomorrow
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morning, a sunday forecast that gets ready to talk about 70s for tomorrow, a few more changes in the five day, coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express. new wok fired shrimp, another american ♪ se creation [ crying ] ♪
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♪ i get everything i need in a birth control, ♪ ♪ and nothing more, ♪ so i can keep living my life ♪ just like before. if you want hormone free, insist on paragard. ask for it by name and visit to learn more. the richmond fire department held a bald is beautiful barbecue in support of its captain, whose daughter grace was diagnosed with non- hodgkin's lymphoma, plenty of her supporters were there, some of them shaved their heads as a show of support. captain rich vargas has been there for 20 years, his friends and colleagues wanted to do something to support the chief and his family. >> we wanted to do something to
10:39 pm
show that gracie is not alone on this journey, we shaved her head today, as well. >> hundred and 50 people showed up, grace will pass the donations onto a charity of her choice. -- 150. some clouds, breaks the clouds, sunshine throughout the day, shower chances, watching those showers pop up here and there, over the past few days, a few sprinkles in light showers, especially this morning, long-term totals going back to october 1, a very active year, january, february, march, april, over 43 inches of rain, san francisco over 23, san jose 14.91 inches. satellite, cloud streaming in into northern california,
10:40 pm
the dividing area between clear skies to the south and cloud cover to the north, right around eureka, in terms of the cloud cover, clouds over the bay, the north bay, north sonoma county. look at all the 50 showing up, 55, san jose 60 degrees, santa rosa 55 fairfield the upper 50s, 57, live camera, you can see what's happening above the clouds over the bay, a little bit of a break, the clouds will win out, tomorrow afternoon, at the ballpark, cloudy skies, partly cloudy, temperatures pretty mild in san francisco approaching the upper 60s. why so warm? a big area of high pressure building in from the south, with that, cloud cover in the north bay, warmer sunday, more
10:41 pm
neighborhoods in the 70s, the shower band, as we take this into your monday, a week system that will move in, they could send in more clouds, may be scattered showers, that will be in your monday forecast, no major storms showing up at all, no atmospheric rivers or anything like that. tomorrow morning, showing you the overcast, pringles are areas of drizzle especially in the coast, and north bay. the chance tomorrow morning, afternoon hours, cloud cover, stubborn patches here in the north bay up towards the coast, and sonoma county. monday, here is the system, best chance of showers will be up along the north coast, and then we have a chance in the bay area throughout the day on monday, not a big deal. tomorrow, warming up, 70s showing up, concorde, antioch,
10:42 pm
san francisco 67, the forecast high 73, san mateo 69. the chance and the monday, tuesday clouds, partly cloudy wednesday, the one thing that i we watching thursday, is a week system with a few sprinkles, but the winds could be a bigger concern. we will watch out for that.>> we will enjoy tomorrow. that is it for us and news the sports rap is up, the basketball championship game is now set, and how the giants newly acquired outfielder adjusting to his surroundings. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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fox 2 sports rap starts
10:45 pm
now. >> good evening, welcome to the saturday night edition of sports rap, the wins have not been coming for the giants, but encouraging signs against tampa bay, a appropriate time for the evan longoria bobblehead day, 3 batters into the game, hitting one to the deepest part of the ballpark, going to second with a double, the rays in front 1-0. the giants took the lead in the third, brandon belt to write, and joe panik, got in safely, 1- 1. tampa loads the bases, newly acquired kevin pilar, shows the defense, a sacrifice fly, he prevents further damage, the rays got


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