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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 11, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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talking with the author of that memo. tom? >> unfortunately, the numbers to add up. pg&e electric bill half again as high as it is right apdouble green from the range on the landscape could turn into a huge, golden dry fuel source for millions of dead trees from the drought and brush killed by the drought as well. u cal position if we , skyrocket. >> here's a company with about $15 billion in revenue so if you at about a $15 billion fire after that, you will have to double rates in a single year. >> power and gas rates are so high as it is. for us to have to pay for something that they lapsed in dust -- just doesn't sound right . >> people have to make choices and if that needs to be done, we will pay more.
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>> the ceos get their bonuses but we are stuck with the bill? that is not really fair. >> hire electric rates could severely damage the burgeoning electric vehicle industry . >> as the cost of electricity climbs where it is aggressively more expensive to drive an electric car than a gasoline car, that is going to have a huge dampening effect on the option of electric vehicles. >> reliability of the california electricity grid could be downgraded by costly public power safety shutoffs. not just annoying to homeowners, it could work a real dysfunction for california businesses competing in the rest of the nation and the world. insurance companies are already raising rates and in some places, not writing policies at all. something that could seriously upset the real estate business. to wiseman, there is only one way to reduce the looming threat . >> it will involve dramatically reducing the intensity of fires by reducing the fuels available for fires to burn. >> that means many many more controlled burns, removing
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drought stricken trees close to communities, thinning out forests and regional and local control of vegetation. in fact, san rafael's returning mayor is opposing a property tax to fund efforts there. that is a hard sell to voters. one additional item, pg&e responded saying, "we will continue to work with regulators, policymakers and the commission on catastrophic wildfire cost and recovery to identify solutions to address this ever-increasing threat to ourselves and our communities. reporting live, tom baker, ktvu fox2 news . >> a growing threat indeed. thank you, tall. a new statewide analysis finds the hundred 50,000 californians are now living in areas that are at very high risk of fire. reporters from 8 media outlets who covered the california wildfires looked at census data combined with cal fire hazard maps. they concluded that 1 in every 12 homes in our state is at risk for burning in a
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wildfire and this is across rural and urban areas. cal fire spokesman, scott mclean says it considers many factors when creating the maps. >> topography will promote fire so if it up kami and or up canyon or up drought, we hope to have updated fire maps coming out at that time and we are going to bring other technological aspects into play as well, whether being a strong component of those maps. >> cal fire says is making good progress with national guard working side-by-side with its crews trying to create fire breaks. disabled crane equipment on southbound interstate 880 in oakland backed up traffic for
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many hours this morning and late into the afternoon. the problem with the crane began just before 10:00 this morning. the interstate was backed up for 7 hours before it reopened about an hour ago. the crane also linked transmission and hydraulic fluid onto the interstate near oak street and crews had to put down a special absorbent to clean up the mess. no injuries were reported. no word on what caused the problems with the crane. as of all travelers who booked flights hoping to reach the destination stay may not arrive until saturday. this after two runways were closed because of a depression found on one of the runways. delays will impact flyers for days. k to view reporter, jesse gary has the overview at the bay area's largest airport. >> reporter: effort of officials say the airport officials say the problem was discovered monday morning. work crews discovered a foot wide depression, 4 inches deep at the heavily traveled intersection of runway 28 left and 1 right. >> the normal processes to close the runway and make repairs.
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that is what we are doing. >> reporter: with two runways close, a cascade of delays and cancellations. gomez came to california for the google conference. they will not get home until saturday after a revised connection through new york. >> what can we do? besides working and waiting? our wives and children are waiting so that's a bummer. >> reporter: the affected runway is already scheduled for a major repaving this fall. airport officials say passengers should try to get departures before 9 am to minimize their delays. airport officials say 28 left is the second and longest runway and will get a new base layer along with improved lighting and drainage infrastructure. the project will last for most of september. crews repaired thursday's pothole and by early afternoon, both runways were reopened but residual delays had many flyers
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waiting for takeoff. >> if there are no more holes. >> reporter: so their getaway can get back on track. at san francisco international airport, jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. today a judge ruled that oakland mayor libby schaaf will not have to testify in the ghost ship warehouse trial. derick almena and max harris are each facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the deadly fire in december 2016. harris's lawyer says mayor schaaf is a crucial witness with relevant information about deficiencies of police, fire and building departments but the mayor's attorneys argue chef had no personal knowledge of the warehouse prior jue deci would not take the stand since jury selection is scheduled for next week. now to richmond and a disturbing call to 9-1-1. a teenage girl said her father had broken into the house and attacked her mom and brother with a knife.
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ktvo's rob roth tells us when police arrived, the man charged with an and was them and was shot and killed. >> reporter: police are putting together exactly what happened inside his home on richmond avenue early this morning. what they have pieced together so far is disturbing . >> the richmond police department is relieved we were able to respond in a quick fashion. we saved this family from a very vicious attack. >> reporter: police received a 9-1-1 call about 2:30 am this morning of from a teenage girl about a home invasion. the girl also said the intruder was her father and that he had her and her family trapped inside. >> she really is a big hero in the story. she was able to call. >> reporter: police say her father broke into the house by smashing the back window. they say he then cut his estranged wife in her head with a knife. when officers arrived, they saw the father standing over his teenage son. they say he had already cut his sons face with his knife and bit his hand. >> reporter: as they
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interrupted the attack, the suspect advanced towards officers and ignored commands when the officers fired upon him. he was pronounced deceased on scene. >> reporter: the injuries to the family are all nonlife running. the father had also bitten the teenaged girl on her arm. the wife had a restraining order against her husband because of past domestic violence. one neighbor who lives across the street said he never saw or heard of any trouble in the family. >> they look normal to me. he had been fine. when somebody -- we did not see anything wrong. >> reporter: it is unclear from please how many shots were fired or how many of them were involved. as is customary, the officers involved in the shooting will remain unimaginatively pending investigations by the richmond police department and the contra costa county district attorney. in richmond, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. nipsey hustle's hometown
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says goodbye. coming up at 5:30 pm, a recap of the emotional memorial service in los angeles today for the murdered wrapper. an unusual step, san jose police chief writes an opinion piece in a newspaper to clarify his stance on changing the counties sanctuary law. plus, blizzard conditions in the midwest today. more from this windy, snowy winter like day. wow. did you see that guy? >> amazing. the weather out here and the weather out there. we will talk about both. i will weather as we get closer to the weekend, i think you will really like it. the winds will die down and temperatures should,. come up.
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have any now, a large group of people have gathered in san francisco. these are live pictures from sky fox now. the group met outside city hall and marched over to record headquarters all in an effort to call attention to income inequality. the group is now marching back and are out in front of city hall on the plaza there. as you can see, protesters, saying nearly a dozen billion- dollar tech company such as over coke and lyft are anticipated to go public this year. lyft already been did. demonstrators used picket signs calling on city leaders to do more to close what they say is a wage gap and they want to prevent the displacement of working families from san francisco. we will obviously continue to follow the demonstration. a highly emotional discussion and polarizing topic in the south bay. san jose's police chief is clarifying his stance on notifying i.c.e. about violent kernels.
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ktvo's maureen naylor is joining us in our san jose studio with why at least one community group is challenging the police chiefs stance. lori? >> alex, san jose police chief -- says he was going to give a statement during a meeting on tuesday about the sensitive topic but because there was not enough time, he expressed his opinion in today's newspaper. i think the biggest misconception is somehow we hear from the community we are anti-immigrant. >> reporter: san jose police chief eddie garcia says that is insulting. the chief wrote his op-ed in the news about miss exceptions about the san jose police department dance on i.c.e. notifications. >> there is a way to support the community and embrace them as part of the ones they are and at the same time holding individuals causing people painfully accountable . >> you cannot sing the same statement you support your immigrant community but at the same time you are willing to collaborate with i.c.e . >> cecelia chavez is nervous
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about any changes to santa clara county's current policy . >> our stance has always been to have 0 collaboration with i.c.e. whether it be at the local level, at the county level, because doing so means engaging with an agency that brings terror to my community. >> reporter: this comes amid debate following the stabbing death of bambi larson in her south san jose home. surveillance video captured her killer, 24-year-old carlo re: hello. he is accused of stabbing her 24 times and killing her. he is in the country illegally. the police chief's odd op-ed comes after a meeting of supervisors tuesday when more than 140 po up, many concerned about any change . >> i urge you not to make any changes. >> reporter: supervisor's dave corsetti and mike wasserman
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merged their proposals aiming to clarify vague language surrounding the county's policy to notify federal officials without breaking the law. >> if they are going to be mindful of the fact that we cannot profile, we cannot maintain registries, that there is a very narrow area here that we can focus on and i think we will come up with something. we will come up with a process that is better than what we have now because we are innovative here. >> reporter: the supervisor was referring to county attorneys who now have been given 60 days to come up with any proposed changes. >> maureen naylor in our san jose studio. people whose loved ones were killed on inmates the list by inmates on california's death row are speaking out against new some. last month he issued a moratorium on executions for as long as he is in office. in sacramento, family members shared the gruesome details of their loved ones murders and called on the government to reconsider his position. >> kevin newsom, please explain to the victims of the golden state killer how they should be lenient and compassionate?
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>> a spokesman for the governor said newsom sent his heartfelt condolences to survivor families. about 700 people are on california's death row but the state has an executed anyone since 2006. only voters can repeal the death penalty, something they failed to do 3 years ago. despite the governor's moratorium, yesterday, prosecutors said they would seek the best death penalty against the golden state killer. 73-year-old joseph d'angelo was accused of 13 murders, and burglaries all across california in the 1970s and 1980s. prosecutors say he was identified as a suspect by a dna match. as we have a week like this, we should truly appreciate living in the bay area. a massive snowstorm is dumping up to 1 foot of snow in colorado thuge upper midwest. a major interstate has been closed in denver overnight because of those blizzard conditions. in the meantime, in244 crashes spinoffs across the state
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yesterday. blizzard conditions forced the closure of an interstate in southern minnesota. the minnesota twins were scheduled to play a home game tomorrow but 1 foot of snow has postponed the game until saturday. fox's matt finn is in minneapolis now with more. >> reporter: >> this is one of the worst days this winter. >> reporter: spring may have officially started but it sure feels like winter in the midwest. the cold blast causing dangerous road conditions in minnesota and forcing people here to dig out from snowy weather once again. >> i just want summer to come. i'm tired of the snow. tired of shoveling. >> reporter: hundreds of schools are closed across the state due to the weather. it is all the result of a system known as a bomb cyclone and it is the second type of storm to hit the region in the past month. >> i took my winter tires two
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weeks ago. >> reporter: heavy snow is not the only concern for residents. the mid-march storm brings heavy flooding to several states and there is concern this system will cause more. >> we just have to keep mother nature in prayer. >> reporter: while many people are concerned with the snow and the storm and midwest, wildfires are actually a concern. the system is bringing low humidity and heavy winds across texas, oklahoma and mexico. in minneapolis, matt finn, foxnews. a more incredible video for you to take a look at this evening. the minnesota state patrol tweeted this video. the poor guy. it shows traffic around the jackknifed tractor-trailer in southwestern minnesota. all of a sudden, the wind knocked him to the ground and pushes him across the icy roadway. the trooper, we are told, is okay . >> the combination of wind and icy roads makes things hard you
5:19 pm
have to think they are familiar with this sort of weather but this late? >> this late, not a spring blizzard, it >> it is a big one . >> this is a severe weather time in the planes but in terms of tornadoes and dramatic activity and thunderstorms but in terms of blizzard on it, you don't see them a lot this late in the season. you can see this area now, this is the low and all of the activity chicago, st. louis, those airports getting hammered right now. travel plans are going to be into impacted, not just in those airports but in dallas, san francisco and new york because it is a hub. chicago is having issues and you will see issues throughout the country. for us, we have a system that is coming down the pike. you can see showers to the north of us. it is right from the north and the main thing for us is the wind. it has created pressure gradient that is set us up with wind gusts 35 to 40 miles per hour. not quite as windy today as yesterday but there is a wind advisory along the coast for
5:20 pm
the next couple of hours. as we continue to see strong gusty winds, of course, that plays havoc on the great highway or along the great highway which is the road that runs right up ocean beach and the outer sunset and the sand gets blown. there used to be sand dunes and there still are on the left side of the west side of the freeway but that sand gets blowing and at times, they have to close the highway and clean it off. i wouldn't be surprised if this was one of those times yet again as the wind will continue tonight, backs off and then tomorrow, still some breezy conditions. not as windy but breezy. springtime, yeah, 61 in oakland, 64 in napa, down a few degrees because of the winter 24 miles per hour sustained wind in napa, gusting to 26. oakland, 23 miles per hour. sfo, 43 miles per hour gusting. hayward is 22 miles per hour. the wind advisory stays in effect along the coast this evening. that is until 8:00 tonight. that is really the
5:21 pm
north/northwest winds that will continue through, even after 8:00 they will continue to the midnight hour. as you look outside, visibility is not that clear because we have humidity and moisture in the atmosphere. it is just stuff getting stirred up and we mentioned this from yesterday but out on the bay, when the winds get going like this, you start to see the mud, sediment start to get stirred up around the fringe, the edges of the bay so you are seeing some browned texture to the bay especially towards berkeley and alameda. with that said, tomorrow, more sunshine, forget the clouds, no chance of a speckled. the breezy conditions continue with warmer temperatures. this warm up is going to continue as we go into the bay area weekend. a slight change on the late part of the weekend. i will see you back here. it was uncomfortable. i am a little shocked about that. i can't wait for to go back down.
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>> a lot of people thinking the same thing across the bay area right now. some of those people we will tell you about that were hit hardest by $4 gallon of gas. >> coming up at ktvu news at 6:00, a controversial position involving the vallejo police chief. the decision that allowed him to make double his current salary. the trump administration's policy banning transgender people from the military is set to go into effect tomorrow. what the governor newsom is saying about it. like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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right now a large group is gathering in san francisco outside city hall. the protesters are all your to call attention to income inequality. you can also see their that a much smaller group is in the middle of polk street in front of city hall blocking traffic with police surrounding number them. not sure how long the protesters plan to stay in the area outside the hall, blocking traffic but we will continue to keep an eye on it. protesters are calling on city leaders to do more about the wage gap. we will keep an eye on this and as things develop, we will let you know as we are watching from scott fox. you are seeing one protester being removed from the demonstration outside of san francisco city hall. all right, $4 a gallon. many people are finding prices like that i get stations all around the bay area .
5:26 pm
>> despite prices topping $4 a gallon in certain locations, officially, prices are just under that mark across y area. topped out with san francisco at $3.99 a gallon, oakland it $3.92, san jose it $3.93 a gallon. ktvu's kirsten cabin christien kafton says rideshare drivers are deftly feeling the pinch. >> reporter: $4 gas is here and it is not hard to find prices higher than that. drivers are struggling with sticker shock. some of those hit hardest, rideshare drivers who pay for gas out of their own pockets. >> at first it was like $3.39. i can see the difference right now at the $4 a gallon already . >> marcel says driving for lyft is his hustle to pay for living expenses of and put it down payment on his dream, opening a bakery . >> it is going to be vietnamese suites.
5:27 pm
>> you have a whole plan? >> it is all planned out. >> reporter: every increase of gas prices puts the dream off a little further . >> it will cost me at least 20 more dollars, i am shocked about that. i can't wait for to go back down. to places the combination of unplanned refinery repairs on the seasonal switch over to more expensive summer blend of gas is what is behind the pump at the pump. it does not just hit drivers, they are accustomed to paying more at the pump but w >> at 23%, it changes behavior because of gas prices but not to the point where you see folks canceling vacations. >> reporter: aaa says drivers will look for other areas to pack before canceling their trips. as for just how long the $4 a gallon prices will be in effect, aaa says the demand for gas surges during the summer so we could see those prices for
5:28 pm
months to come. remember, they can always go even higher. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox2 news. his hometown says goodbye. coming up next, we take you to a packed staples center in los angeles today where people gathered for a final celebration of nipsey hustle. julian assange under arrest in the okay but it remains to see if he will be extradited to the u.s. i am ray bogan in washington. details coming up. this is not been rock. it is hillsboro about the owner of this house is locked in a fight with the city over the dinosaurs statues and the yabba dabba do sign, something the city says is a public nuisance.
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people lined the streets of los angeles this afternoon to honor murdered rapper, nipsey hustle was shot to death out of sight of his clothing store.
5:32 pm
this is silver hearse drove a 25 mile long procession. people wrote alongside in motorcycles and scooters throughout south l.a. i want to give you a live look this evening at the procession. hours later, it is still going on. we apologize for the poor connection but as you can see, there is still a lot of people lining the streets that people accompanying that silver hearse on motorcycles. a lot of people wanting to pay tribute to the murder of nipsey hustle. earlier, hundreds of people packed the staples center for a memorial stores. boxes jeff paul tells us the rappers music and community activism touched so many people across the country. >> ♪ >> reporter: a massive memorial service for rapper, nipsey hustle. thousands of fans packed the staples center in los angeles thursday, paying tribute to the 33-year-old whose real name was air mass ask you don't. less than two weeks after he was shot outside his clothing store. much of the service
5:33 pm
focused on the rappers community outreach. how he dedicated time and money to efforts like housing for low income residents. a business partner, karen civil, read a letter from former president barack obama . >> his choice to of it invest in the community rather than to ignore it, to build a skilled training center, a co-working space in crenshaw. >> reporter: nation of islam leader, louis farrakhan talked about his refusal to become a part of the gang castle culture that so many other men in the area fell victim to. >> in memory of -- >> his young children even took the microphone at one point. other friends gathered at the site of the shooting, at the parking lot outside of marathon clothing.
5:34 pm
they held signs and photo collages of hustle, waiting for a glimpse of the 25.5 mile per session following hustle from the staples center to the funeral home. the last time the staples center was used to memorialize an entertainer was in 2009 after the death of michael jackson. in los angeles, jeff paul, fox news. nurses at stanford and lucille packard hospitals have voting overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. the union, krone announced today that 85% of its members voted yes to go forward with the strike if deemed necessary. krone represents some 3700 registered nurses. their contract expired at the end of march. union officials say some of the main issues in negotiations have been over wages, retirement benefits and workplace safety protections. in a statement, stanford healthcare said the hospitals are committed to good faith bargaining to reach an agreement. additional talks are scheduled for next week. parts general manager announced her retirement.
5:35 pm
a letter was sent to the board of directors saying "it has been an honor to serve bart for nearly 8 years. she said she is retiring to begin the next chapter of her life. her last day is july 6. the entire railcar fleet is being replaced and much of the insta structure is slated to be replaced. she is created credited with a dynamic group of leaders including cleanup of stations, almost universal use of clipper card and another teeth, rojas is retiring on the month from now after 2 years on the job. there has been a string of thefts in the apple stores in the bay area. this time, thieves broke through the glass storefront on university avenue just before dawn and made off with about $12,000 worth of laptops. just this week, police in berkeley said they were searching for 3 suspects involved in a series of robberies at the apple store on fourth street.
5:36 pm
in that case, the thieves struck on 4 separate occasions, making off with iphones and laptops worth a total of $30,000. there were also robberies within the past year at apple stores in san francisco, santa rosa and walnut creek. a juliana sergeant -- julian assange's nearly 7 year stay in ecuador embassy in london is over. fox's ray bogan is following the story in washington where the case is tied to the russia investigation. >> reporter: the man behind wikileaks is in custody overseas after a nearly decade- long dispute with the united states. >> this is a dark age when mentalism. >> reporter: british police arrested julian assange at the ecuadorian embassy in london. authorities took the wikileaks founder out of the building after ecuador revoked his citizenship and political asylum which allowed him to seek refuge there for nearly 7 years. the 47-year-old turning to the embassy for help in 2012, while facing extradition to sweden on sexual assault charges which
5:37 pm
have been dropped. he has now been found guilty of violating his bail agreement. assange is also accused of conspiring to hack into classical government computers in 2010. >> the first amendment does not give you license to harm the country or reckless behavior. he has done a lot of harm to the u.s. he should pay for that. >> reporter: this case is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. a lawyer for assange says he will fight extradition to the u.s. and a british government minister says he will not be sent here if you will face the death penalty. >> this precedent means any journalist can be extradited for prosecution in the united states for having published truthful information about the united states. >> reporter: the timing is interesting. wikileaks was a big part of the mueller investigation because it published stolen emails from the clinton campaign and dancy. a redacted version of that
5:38 pm
report is due to be released in the coming days. in washington, ray bowman, fox news. he jumped into the national spotlight by representing stormy daniels in her lawsuit against president trump and now, michael avenatti is facing life in prison. we will have details about the new charges brought against the attorney. 3 churches in louisiana burned to the ground. police have a suspect in custody. i am charles watson in appaloosa, louisiana and i have details coming up. >> watch gotham and the oracle tonight on ktvu fox2.
5:39 pm
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5:41 pm
a 21-year-old man has been taken into custody in connection with fires that were intentionally set up 3 churches in saint landry parish, louisiana. the suspected arsonist in the case is the son of a deputy sheriff. fox's charles watson has the details. >> reporter: people in appaloosa, louisiana are breathing a sigh of relief following the rest of the 21- year-old man accused of burning 3 churches to the ground, all of which cater to a predominantly african-american congregation. local and state officials say with this arrest, the community is safe once again. >> it cannot be justified or rationalized. these were evil acts. let me be clear about this. hate is not a louisiana value. >> reporter: the suspect has been identified as holden matthews, a white man, appaloosa's resident and son of
5:42 pm
a deputy sheriffs officer. making knew nothing. he knew nothing about his son's activity. when i had to call him in and we sat him down, and told him what we wanted him here for, he broke down. >> reporter: as of now, there is no word on matthew's motive though early reports suggest a connection to black metal, a genre of hard rock music often associated with violence and church burnings. here in appaloosa, residents say they are starting to feel safe again but for many, it brought back memories of civil violence. church leaders are calling on the faith community to stand together. we suffer but i think it has a cause, a higher cause. because i always a, through this investiga it was done to the dark and will come to the light. >> reporter: matthew has been charged with 3 counts ofreligio building, facing a maximum of 45 years behind bars. charles watson, fox news. attorney michael avenatti
5:43 pm
spaces life in prison if convicted in a federal indictment against him. the indictment alleges he stole millions of dollars from clients, did not pay taxes, committed bank fraud and lied during bankruptcy proceedings. in new york, he already faces two counts of extortion in his alleged role in threatening shoe company, nike . >> mr. ivan iv failed to meet his obligation mr. ivan iv failed to meet his obligations to the government and faces severe consequences if convicted in the indictment including significant jail time, substantial fines and the forfeiture of his assets. a kno dna rep resident evidence has led to the arrest a woman was killed inside her home. 29-
5:44 pm
year-old congress was arrested yesterday. evidence from the crime scene contained blood from someone other than the victim but police were not able to obtain evidence until recently. a look at uber's financial statements. today, we learn how much the company lost last year. a topped $1 billion. fighting back. the owner of the well-known flintstone house on the peninsula takes on the city over the legality of the properties unique additions. temperatures today running cooler than yesterday. we will talk about those and what you can expect for the weekend. we will see you back here. visit right now or call during business hours.
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or call during business hours. just moments before a history making lunar landing, it is really spacecraft lost contract contact with earth and crash. the unmanned spacecraft was on route and loss connection with ground control. israeli scientists say the craft crash landed on the moon. leaders expressed hope that the nonprofit that built the spacecraft who took the twitter with the words, "don't stop believing." in claims it lost more than $1 billion last year as part of its public offering. despite not turning a profit, the country of his company is
5:48 pm
expected an evaluation of about $100 billion when it goes public. uber shares are expected to start training next month on the new york stock exchange. 4 wall street, the major indexes ended the day with little change. ahead of the start of corporate earnings the season, the dow jones was down 14 points, nasdaq fell 16 and the s&p was down just 1/10 of a point. the owner of the so-called flintstone's house along interstate 280 on the peninsula is speaking out and fighting back. the town of hillsboro says her stone age landscaping violates town rules. as katie hughes frank mallicoat tells us, the owner is refusing to cave in. >> reporter: the media attention is off the charts and it is all about this behind me, the flintse in all its glory. after all, this is not bedrock, it is hillsboro and the city says the so-called flintstone house is a public nuisance. the owner, florence says it is too bad and is now countersuing the city. the highway the most house sits
5:49 pm
on the highway about 280. florence fang bought the home in 2018 for $2.8 million. she later added over 100 different structures, giant dinosaurs, huge mushrooms, the flintstones themselves and a big sign saying yabba dabba do. city of hillsboro says the landscaping is not permitted, though. it is an eyesore and must come down and they issued a citation saying fang has broken the law. >> is it really about dino, fred, wilma or betty? is it really about that? or is it really about treating mrs. fang differently because she has a dream? and because she is chinese? and because this is hillsboro? >> reporter: fang says she has been harassed by the town for the last 18 months about her
5:50 pm
flintstone landscaping and she is not budging. she says it brings her great joy and is the reason she bought the home in the first place. she plans to fight it all in court. >> that is not what i want. all i want is a peaceful, quiet, happy, retired life. but no, things are changing. >> reporter: the flintstone home was built in 1976 by architect, william nicholson who was at the press conference today. the home was originally meant to be an experiment with building materials and now it is mired in the mix of a big controversy. the assistant city attorney, mark kodak told me in part, "it is a simple matter. the thanks did a large landscaping project without the proper permits. we issued three stop work notices and finally issued a citation for violating the municipal code here in the town of hillsboro. the fangs have to go through the process just like everyone else in town. i did speak to one neighbor a couple of doors down who told me he and his parents have absolutely no issues with the
5:51 pm
flintstone house. in fact, mrs. fang says she has not had any problems or complaints from any of the neighbors. in fact, you can't even see it from the street. the only place it is visible is right behind me, highway 280 north and south on. here in hillsboro, i am frank mallicoat, ktvu, fox 2 news. that is quite an attraction. >> yeah. i've been seeing that house as long as i can remember. outside today, a stunning day except for the wind where it was windy along the coast where a wind advisory stays in effect. pretty good visibility and if you look really hard you can see mount diablo just to the center of your screen. a few clouds and we had a report of light sprinkles. that is thanos a. temperatures in san jose in the mid 60s, 64 was the high today. temperatures tomorrow will be just about the same. no big changes except we are going to see a little less wind. there is oakland right now. a beautiful day.
5:52 pm
as we go from this windy kind of cloudy pattern, unsettled pattern, we are getting back into kind of a more springlike pattern and that begins really right about now because as we going to the next couple of days, temperatures will increase. the system coming through is one that came down from the north. it is missing us, we are on the west side of it but it is still generating winds and that is what we are saying. if you look to the north, udc a little bit of green around eureka and around the plaster bill as well. there is only that chance for a slight sprinkle but real minor stuff. as you know, but as we move forward, get ready for some nice weather., cooler it is today than it was yesterday. as you look at the winds, you will see we have 25 miles per hour winds at santa rosa, gusting to 33. it is still blowing pretty hard. sfo had gusts of 43 miles per
5:53 pm
hour at sfo. the wind advisory in effect until 8 pm tonight. that is mainly along the coast. it is blowing. the sand at the great highway in pacifica and shark park is blowing around out there and you can kind of see the cameras moving a little bit. if they are moving, i'm not sure if it is the wind. you know what i think? that is interesting. i wonder if the tower does not have a sway in that is what we are seeing. you know what i'm saying? that is interesting. so there it is, partly cloudy tomorrow, mostly sunny in the afternoon. a little breezy again, not as windy as today, that's the plan anyway but a nice day. forecast highs in the mid-70s in antioch and in concord and more mid-70s as you go south. you will notice right away the spring-like weather that is going to be back in the forecast. you see it in the 5 day forecast. there is friday, warmer and saturday warmer still and a cooldown on sunday and monday. a slight chance monday but the same kind of chance like we had today, not a good chance. >> okay . >> all right, thanks bill. an attempt to get the
5:54 pm
online shopping generation back into those stores. we are going to tell you how macy's is trying to reinvent itself to try to save its brick and mortar business. coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, two cvs stores in seven cisco are abruptly closed with no warning. plus local governance allowed to the bus that will be allowed to allow campus-based businesses in their communities. that is coming up at 6:00.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
can a new shopping concept ring the magic back to macy's? the retailer is testing a series of in-store pop-up shops. it is happening at the stores in san francisco and pleasanton. sharon soares us shows us how
5:57 pm
they design is aiming to get shoppers back inside the stores. >> reporter: shoppers are testing out the new l.e.d. ping-pong table. if you feet away, shoppers are making and buying their own leatherback. macy's flagship store in herald square is debuting a new interactive retail shopping experience called story. >> story at basis is like a living magazine. we invented an entire store every two months to tell a new story. >> reporter: rachel is the brand-new experience officer at macy's. she hopes the innovative approach will tempt online shoppers to come back to the actual store. >> when you look at the consumer evolving, you have to evolve with them and when you look at millennials and changing behavior, people are spending a lot of time towards experiences. >> reporter: brian is the editor at large it lot yahoo finance. >> uniquely different in the age of amazon. it is no longer acceptable to
5:58 pm
slop things on a website and hope people are going to buy them on the homepage or the mobile devices. you have to do different things to get people out of the confines of their apple iphone and walk into a physical store. >> as you can see, part of this exhibit is interactive. or make it right might remind you of a game from your childhood and in case you think i have lost my touch, i'm here to show you that is not the case. >> i was going to take a picture but everybody was in the way so i couldn't. i couldn't wait. >> reporter: shoppers were definitely curious. there are others who are resistant to change. do you do most of your shopping in a brick-and-mortar real store or online? >> i mostly shop online. >> reporter: only time will tell if this retail giant is up to the giant challenge of bringing shoppers back into the store. sharon curley, fox 5 news. this is ktvu fox2 news at 6:00. police shoot and kill a
5:59 pm
armed and crude intruder after a teenaged girl call 9-1-1 to say her mother and brother were being attacked. >> the caller advised that the suspect broken a window and climbed through. the caller also advised that the suspect was their father. >> police tonight calling the teenage girl who made the call a hero. good evening everyone. i'm heather holmes . >> i'm alex savidge. drink and julie both are off. the shooting happened at a home on wilson avenue in richmond. katie hughes rob roth reports that officers say they shot and killed a man now identified as 54-year-old luke cl as he was standing over his son with a knife. >> richmond police investigators removed possible evidence from this home on wilson avenue to put together exactly what happened inside here early this morning. what they have pieced together so far, they say, is pretty disturbing. >> the original -- richmond
6:00 pm
police department is relieved we were able to respond quickly and save his family from a very vicious attack. >> reporter: police received a 9-1-1 call about 2:30 am this morning from a teenage girl about a home invasion. the girl also said the intruder was her father and that he had her and her family trapped inside . >> she is the big hero in the story. >> reporter: please said the father had broken into the house by smashing the back window. they say he then cut his estranged wife in her head with a knife when officers arrived, they saw the father standing over his teenage son. they say he had already cut his sons face with the knife and did his hand. >> as they interrupted the attack, the suspect advanced towards the officers and ignored commands. when the officers fired upon him. he was pronounced deceased on scene.


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