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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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arms. the president spoke hours after the white house said the idea had been dismissed. it would be too expensive and possibly illegal. democrats accused the president of using migrants as political pawns. just another notion that is unworthy of the presidency of the united states. and disrespectful of the challenges we face as a country as a people to address who we are a nation of immigrants. one proposal would have taken people already in detention and move them to sanctuary cities. another would have taken migrants from the border directly to san francisco new york to chicago and other cities. san jose mayor responded to president trump's threats. we welcome any families the city of san jose. who have endured such incredible hardships. and have endeavored to make a better life for themselves and their families.
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and want to be a part of our great country. >> san francisco mayor london breed added her thoughts of saying this is another in a long line of scare tactics and half-baked ideas that are chasing headlines and distracting people from real issues. coming up in a few minutes oakland's mayor libby schaaf will be here to share her thoughts live in studio. appeals court has to poorly blocked a judge's order barring the white house returning asylum-seekers to mexico. the ministration sought an emergency request to block the ruling. the practice of returning asylum-seekers to mexico to await their court dates unfairly put the lives of those immigrants at risk. the ninth circuit court of appeals issued a temporary stay setting a deadline on wednesday for the white house to submit arguments on why the policy should remain in place. there is a new reality in the state. we are living in a state
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remarkably were 25 million acres are very vulnerable. to high perry heights extreme fire threat. today california governor gavin newsom prevented a report on how california can keep his investor owned utilities such as pg&e financially stable while ensuring safe and affordable power. tom baker is live with the recommendations. gavin newsom promise to be the most aggressive wildfire governor in california history. he showed the blueprint but can he built the support to make the blueprint actually happened ? we are in a very precarious state literally and figuratively. both governor newsom introduce a template from which he hopes a solution to fight wildfires will emerge. and fast. let's get something big done before recess. recess for us is july 12.>> reporter: the document centers
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around a complex plan that breaks down into five major categories. first wildfire response and prevention. that includes more aircraft more ground equipment communications alert systems vegetation clearing and high technologies. beyond that fully embrace to clean energy technologies which combat climate change and lesson fires. third craft a fear cost distribution to pay for the damages without wiping out the utilities. fourth strength in utility regulation by reinventing the california public utilities commission. finally since 10% wildfires are utility caused hold pg&e accountable. pg any must cooperate. they have to be part of the solution. if not you will see in the report all options with pg&e are on the table. >> reporter: a public take over. he radical but call possible cholesterol. the urgency 25 million acres.
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one out of every four acres in california is classified high or extreme fire risk. we have 11 million people in this state that are at risk. 25% of the population in the state of california are in these what we call wildland urban interfaces. 4.5 million homes. in and around these areas. the soaring cost of wildfires. the good old days. now the new normal. the jaw-dropping cost. 20 $25 billion a year.>> reporter: with pg&e in bankruptcy he set the states other 2 investor owned utilities are one fire away from junk bond status. it is not just about turning on your lights or paying your electric bills. it is literally about the economy of the state.>> reporter: the governor brought up a very thorny issue of modifying or ending
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construction and those high risk areas. that is a lot of land. his strike force recommends prioritizing building in areas lest fire prone. more than 20% of the release of the report today. the over $23 a share. investors were encouraged by word the governor is encouraging legislation to help utility deal with this wildfire liabilities. somehow 4 valley transportation authority drivers have been infected with a small boat the burrows under the skin. not clear how they got the bug called scabies. they say there is no risk of infection to the writing public. jesse tells us how the transit agency is handling the problem.>> reporter: vta workers moved a dozen buses into quarantine friday at the authorities north yard in mountain view. the move comes after 4 bus drivers became infected with scabies starting last weekend.>> we have hired an exterminator
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to conduct the extra cleaning of the buses. this is an added measure a precaution to make sure our employees and public have no reason to worry.>> reporter: a small book or might the burrows into the skin. once there it causes a rash spreading from the fingers. some passengers are fearful now equipment used in their only method of transportation is under quarantine. it is scary. i have no option. i only use the vta. >> reporter: and infection is treated with a topical antibiotic. officials with the vector control said affect infections comes with close personal contact. not from writing or touching a bus. >> it is unlikely to get it from shaking hands. or a hug or something like that. sitting on seeds that is unlikely as well. >> reporter: officials say they will clean their entire 130 buses. they will wipe down the
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hard surfaces with bleach. we take the cleanliness of our buses seriously.>> reporter: the 12 impacted buses will operate on for lines. 22 and 522. in the 55 and 88 which operate in the northern part of the country. one driver who did not want to show his face said he and others are concerned where workers could could show symptoms. i was kind of worried. >> reporter: they have distributed information and protocols to 1600 bus drivers. as they work to determine how 4 became infected with scabies. san francisco city leaders are encouraging drivers to slow down and pay more attention behind the wheel. they held a news conference to highlight the distracted driving up. the police chief gathered at the intersection of 37th and fulton where an elderly woman
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was struck by a car and critically injured 10 days ago. the chief said the main causes of deadly accidents are few and preventable. speeding running stop signs running red lights failure to yield to pedestrians. and unsafe lane changes. those five cause the most fatalities. that is where our focus is. put the devices down. there is time to get to that text when you get to your destination. the up at 10 traffic fatalities this year. san francisco police are beefing up traffic patrols in known trouble spots. starting tomorrow one of most popular rail lines will be temporarily suspended. paul chambers tells us for those of you who ride the in judo line you want to add extra time to yotrip.>> reporter: one of muni's most popular lines. san francisco mta said it carries more than 40,000 riders daily.
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starting saturday morning some of those who use the line when he to add extra time to their commute because muni will use buses instead of the rail surface on the western end. >> there will be a bus substitution between ocean beach and carl in cole. at carlton hill way it will be regular train service.>> reporter: the end of the line of the light rail service. however those of you going west of pearl street and hill way avenue shuttle buses will await you. designated parties calls to continue your trip. the train will still be continuing up the hill and turning around. so then i can still catch it at the stop. >> reporter: they expect many questions like that. they have dispatch ambassadors to help writers navigate theeyl rail service back up and running before the end of the month. it as a little bit of time.
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>> the transfer is not that long. rail is much faster and it holds more people. >> reporter: crews can finish paving work on parts of urban street. the construction of the area as part of the inner sunset improvement project. once complete will add much- needed infrastructure and safety improvements. water improvements. sewer work. we will install and make upgrades to the traffic signals. about it will start saturday morning at 4 am. as for the light rail it will resume in two weeks. coming up new details about and ask attack in el cerrito. a suspect appears in court. hear from the bard police officer who tracked him down. libby schaaf responded to comments regarding migrants in sanctuary cities. she will join us live coming up next. the bay area. warming temperatures. it ready for some more 70s in your seven day forecast. more on that coming up.
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the calm before the storm at sap center. fans ready to blow the doors off this place again. we will talk sharks in vegas nights game 2 coming up. taking a look live at one of our traffic cameras. the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic looks like morning rush- hour cars heading into the city at this hour. another look at aad and oakland. not so bad in both directions. looking much better to the toll plaza. we will see you back after the break. 880.
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back to our top story. on the controversy surrounding comments about sending migrants detained at the border to sanctuary cities like san francisco. oakland mayor libby schaaf. go ahead and give us your comments about how you feel about what has come out. outrages. abuse of power. and public resources. the idea that this administration could even contemplate using human beings women children families as instruments of political payback. it is outrageous. it is not america. the white house is saying this is something they talked about. they considered it before. is that this cannot happen. dhs that this might be illegal.
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we know the homeland security dollars not supposed to be used to go after political opponents. they are supposed to be used to protect national security. the idea this might be illegal and this is still up for debate. clearly it is illegal. it is not the first time president trump has tried something that is both illegal and immoral undemocratic and racist. i want to express my gratitude to the public servants the 2 whistleblowers that alse that brought the issue to light. i think it is so important that good public servants are continuing to stand up for integrity in government. the information sent to the washington post. they publish an article and that is why this is coming to light. the president is known to do extreme things. what if he did do this and we had an influx of immigrants come to our area? how would we handle it?
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oakland is proud to be a sanctuary city. we have always been a city that values diversity inclusion. these are oakland values. we will continue to welcome all people and celebrate how the richness of different cultures actually makes our city better and safer. that is the other thing this president continues to lie about. to try and create hatred and division and fear with the immigration issue. data shows us cities with lots of immigrants are safer. immigrants even undocumented immigrants commit far fewer crimes. it is so important that we stop believing these divisive lies. that we welcome all people. that we celebrate those american values. i was going through some beds with her comments. some of the articles seeing what people are saying.
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people who agree with president trump that he should release some of the migrants into some century cities. people are calling on democrats and calling out hypocrisy with some of the reactions coming out today. what is your response? >> not that long ago comprehensive immigration reform was a bipartisan issue. the current system is not working. regardless of your political party. it is not working for families. it is not working for communities. it is really not working for the economy particularly for us in california. i have to ask if this keeps going are there congressional leaders that you have been in touch with the help guide you through the process? i cannot express enough gratitude towards our congressional leaders. barbara lee. , harris. our senator dianne feinstein have been very strong on this issue. i just want to know how i is a mayor can support them in the incredibly divisive environment washington dc has become.
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because we as a country have got to get away from this hate forward and recognize our country was built on immigrants. oakland mayor libby schaaf joining us live to talk about this. thank you. our weather today we're talking about warming temperatures. lots of 70s. santa rosa getting close to 80 degrees. it has been quite the week. we started out warm and then cooled off. some gusty winds. temperatures rebounding this afternoon. san francisco 54. concorde 76. san jose 70. the satellite showing you the clear skies. i will show you this weather system up here. some of the energy could be dropping into northern california early next week. today we have mostly clear skies. with clear skies from the north coast down to san francisco down to monterey bay. current number santa rosa 74. san jose 67.
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pretty mild for friday evening. wind speeds are up in a few spots. oakland airport 14 miles per hour. sfo stronger here at 24 miles per hour. beautiful is you take a look at san francisco bay for friday evening. not a cloud inside. some chop on the waters reflecting the wind speeds. overnight lows 40s and some 50s to start out your saturday morning. a nice recovery in the afternoon hours. look at the yellow linking up to the 70s. lot of 70s in your bay area forecast tomorrow. these numbers about the same as today or warmer. saturday will be the nicest day of the weekend. a few changes for sunday. we'll talk about that. we could be greeting rain clouds again whether we like it or not. in our five day forecast. we will have that in a few minutes. fisher-price is recalling the rock in place leeper linked to the deaths of more than 30
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babies. investigators say most of the deaths the babies rolled over from their backs onto their stomachs or slot in size and suffocated. 5 million of the sleepers have been sold. anyone who has one is being warned to stop using it immediately. consumers can contact fisher- price for a work refund. public comments on new regulations for self driving delivery vehicles. the rules would allow companies to test light-duty trucks on public roads with a permit from the dmv. after 45 days of public comments they will hold a public hearing. in sacramento may 30th. 62 companies have permits to test autonomous vehicles with a safety driver. the san jose sharks looking to widen their lead in the first round of the playoffs. we will show you the scene at the street rally going on right now and have a live report from inside the shark tank. the search for women who police say assaulted an employee and stole thousands of dollars of sunglasses.
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you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. our products and services bring moments like these to every family. shop top-brand appliances including kenmore at sears. ♪ in just over an hour the sharks host the vegas golden knights and game 2 of the stanley cup playoff series. right now as they wait to get inside fans are enjoying the street rally. insight we find sports reporter scott. he joins his life with more about why this game is so important for the sharks.>> reporter: no question.
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this is critical. the sharks played well in game one. this is after coming into the series not knowing what to expect. both the sharks and the knights limped to the finish line in the reckless season. it was san jose that was the aggressor. the play from that game that everyone is talking about two days later. the first goal scored by joe pavelski off his face. off a shot from brent burns. he recoiled and you are thinking is the job broken? lost a couple of teeth. a couple teeth stitched him back up and he was right back out there for the start of the second period. earlier today i spoke with sharks analyst and i asked him about the psychology here. how in the world does a guy take that blow to the face and come right back and go to the front of the net again? -- you need a certain level of pain threshold to pay play at this level. what joe pavelski show the
6:25 pm
other night is phenomenal. he continues to lead by example. the captain there is a reason why they call him captain america. we want to see that same level of commitment tonight. may be taken that captain america things too far. that is what playoff hockey is about. these guys talk about how much they want to play in these big moments. this morning he is the first guy on the ice. with brent burns. you go right back and get on the horse. that is what we saw this morning.>> reporter: the sharks played really solid hockey built ins of the ice in game one. vegas will come out guns blazing in game 2. what do they need to do as well or better? >> the one area the sharks won was their control of the emotions. they did not let the big moments get ahead of them. vegas on the other side took too many penalties. and got unraveled. that will be something to watch tonight.
6:26 pm
who comes unraveled? who can keep it together? the vegas golden knights want to play a better game. the buzzword in hockey is always desperation. which team is more desperate? the team that is down in the series will be coming out with a higher level of desperation. that will be vegas. you walk you work the entire season so on home ice advantage. the sharks need to won to maintain that and go up to -0. let's hope they do it. to games for an incident ed it that happened during the 2018 season. the investigations of the linebacker started in november. he was on a road trip to tampa. he was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery.
6:27 pm
the evidence did not support a finding that he violated the nfl's personal conduct policy. foster has been reinstated with the washington redskins. news at 6:30 pm starts next with new details about a deadly ax attack. this is someone i have seen before. we could possibly get this person off the streets. were from the police officer who arrested the suspect. an investigation underway into the death of a sacramento state student who was shot to death by a pellet gun. to score the latest styles forg the whole family... ...and something for you. oh yeah. that's yes for less. you heard me - 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! at the ross spring shoe event. on now!
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at ross. yes for less. back with our top stories. president trump is doubling down a plan to send migrants to sanctuary cities even after the white house said that idea has been discussed but was rejected. democrats accused him of using migrants as pawns to go after political opponents. there is no immediate indication the plan will go forward. it comes days after the home and security secretary and other top officials resigned amid the president's call for a tougher border policy. the government released a 50 page report detailing how
6:31 pm
california can better protect itself from disastrous wildfires and the huge financial liabilities. the plan involves crafting a cost distribution to pay for damages without wiping out utility companies and it would strengthen utility regulation by reinventing the california public utilities commission. all of it requires cooperation from pg&e to work. a dozen vta buses have been pulled out of service after 4 bus drivers contracted scabies. it is not clear how the drivers were infected with a small bug the boroughs under the skin. the transit agencies that the buses will be thoroughly cleaned before returning to service. vta said there is no risk of infection to be to the public. a suspect in the deadly beating of a homeless man in el cerrito is behind bars facing murder charges. the man was bludgeoned to death with a two foot long camping acts. crime reporter explains how police were able to track down the suspect.>> reporter: larry
6:32 pm
lawson a 58-year-old homeless man was found hacked to death with an acts on busy san pablo avenue in el cerrito. this was a violent crime. it was against basically a defenseless homeless person. even though this person was homeless are detectives work the case as if it was anybody else. >> reporter: the victim use this wheelchair as a cart to move his things around. on the night of march 30 someone hit lawson in the chest and face with an ax. please found video showing a man accosting the victim. we are able to see the suspect approach close to the victim. he waited until he could find the opportune time to attack. >> it was barred police officer jonarecognized the man on the video. the same officer went to the richmond bart station and arrested the suspect michael hill.>> i was happy and just knowing this is someone i have seen before.
6:33 pm
that we can possibly get this person off the streets and we can make this a better and safer community. >> reporter: police found video of hillis stilling the acts less than two hours before the killing. the suspect has stolen the murder weapon at home depot here in richmond. were able to track the suspects movements from home depot to the area where the murder occurred.>> reporter: the suspect hit the acts in a drainage pipe under the bar tracks. detectives don't know where why lawson was killed. motive is unclear. we have not substantiated whether there is a relationship between the victim and the suspect. >> reporter: he is been charged with murder and special circumstance of lying in wait. if convicted he could face life in prison or the death penalty which is on hold. a convicted drunk driver will spend the rest of his life in prison for a crash that killed 4 family members in san pablo. fred low was sentenced today to 135 years in prison for the
6:34 pm
2017 crash on interstate 80 that killed two fathers and their sons. he fled the scene but was found nearby and arrested. he was convicted of four counts of murder for the death of darrell horn and his son. in his 13-year-old son. >> i lost my brother my best friend my husband my son and my nephew. i'm just grateful. he was amazing. i appreciate the way the judge ruled. it is the only substance that could be given and i think it is important to start making a statement that this is 100% avoidable. >> ve prior drunk driving convictions. in his drivers license had been revoked. the sacramento state community is mourning the death of a student who died this morning after being shot by a pellet gun. the incident happened at an off- campus gathering and the person who pulled the trigger has not
6:35 pm
been arrested.>> reporter: sacramento state university president robert nelson identified the student clear kilt is 21-year-old will melina. a message of university this morning. police said the student was at a gathering at the home at the end of a neighborhood across highway 50 from the university. he was shot in the backyard. police have not revealed who fired the shot. they have talked to everyone they are. we know it is a very tragic loss for this family. the ultimate decision on what happens with the case will come from the district attorney's office.>> reporter: the student was taken to the hospital where he died. police did not say where he was struck with a pellet or the type of on. >> they are dangerous. there is a time and place for them. no matter whether it is a toy gun or a real gun. >> reporter: the house is been used as a fraternity house for several years.
6:36 pm
you can see large creek letters. near the pool. it is not known whether melina lived in the house or he was just visiting. the police did go door to door in the neighborhood looking for surveillance video. he was a business major was set to graduate in may. police in vacaville asking for the public's help to identify robbery suspects. 4 women assaulted an employee in stole thousands of dollars of sunglasses from a business in the vacaville premium outlets mall. it happened yesterday afternoon 1:30 pm at the shopping center on the tree road. the woman left in a rental car. the one you see here. anyone with information should contact vacaville police. the city of oakland is beaming with pride as it celebrates the accomplishments of not one but two of his high school basketball teams. i have never done this before. i just played basketball for the sport and the fun of it.>>
6:37 pm
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today not one but two high school girls basketball teams from oakland were honored with a championship parade. after the oakland high wildcats and oakland tech bulldogs came back with titles for their respective schools. he explains that accomplishment means a lot more to than just basketball.>> reporter: there were cheers for
6:40 pm
the state champions. and some near tears and proud parents. pride was on full display in oakland friday as to state champion girl basketball teams from two different public high schools road and cable cars through their city and celebration. oakland technical and oakland high. i've never done this before. i just played basketball for the sport it in the fun of it. i did not know it would go this far. >> reporter: oakland tech won the state trophy by defeating a school from southern california. oakland high is smaller school won the division cham by winning over a from the first time 2 girls teams won championships from the same city. the parade consisting of 2 cable cars and a police escort road past the elementary school.
6:41 pm
and the middle school that these the to mike high school. a tribute to those schools and an inspiration to younger students. them winning championships. it is encouraging. >> reporter: many of them have had to overcome a lot of hardship growing up in oakland. but look where they are now. >> showing oakland we have accomplished something.>> it says a lot about who we are. as people.>> reporter: the celebration doesn't end today. they will travel to sacramento later this month where they will be honored by state lawmakers at the capitol. she is famous for the characters in her children's books. ramona quimby henry huggins and others. a big milestone for beverly cleary. and whether a beautiful saturday. lots of sunshine even a few 70s. the warm weather pattern will continue into the weekend. we will have the forecast
6:42 pm
coming up. a look at some the stories we are working on for the 7 pm news. aaron carter said he has his own story to tell about michael jackson. it is a story that carter said he will soon share with the public. i spoke with tmz about it all. how the trump administration's new policy on transgender people in the military is creating controversy and confusion. we will have though stories and more live at 7 pm on ktvu plus.
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♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express. three falcon chicks that
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hatched in march on the 30 third-floor of pg&e's headquarters are getting ready to leave the nest. before they take their first flight the team from uc santa cruz predatory bird research group visited the nest to apply tracking bands. by doing so researchers will be able to follow them and tractor growth and lifespans. it is very important we go into the nest when the young are big enough. the legs are bendable. but then also young enough they cannot move around too much. there is no danger of them falling out or running away from us. for years the rooftop has been a favorite nesting spot appear in which were near extinction. utility company said up a webcam to allow people to watch. they are so cute at that age. they are adorable. they will have warmer weather in which to spread their wings. san francisco temperatures are rising.
6:46 pm
the wet to whether or not really around right now. we will celebrate that. get outside. today is a beautiful day. more sunshine. some warm temperatures in your saturday forecast. we started to warm up the numbers today. 60s and lower 70s. most areas tomorrow will be warmer compared to today. san francisco about 5 degrees warmer. tomorrow. fremont 4 degrees warmer. livermore is slight warming in san jose 70 to 75 degrees. that is the overall plan for saturday. tomorrow probably one of the nicest days of the week. he was a satellite showing the stormtrack to the north. some of those clouds will pay us a visit by sunday. right now we have clear to partly cloudy skies. most areas reporting clear skies. current numbers in the 50s 60s and 70s. a pretty knile mild friday evening concorde walnut creek is checking in at 72. the bay bridge for this evening.
6:47 pm
hold onto mostly clear skies. tomorrow most areas warmer. if you areas could be cooler in the north bay. a nice forecast for tomorrow. maybe some monday clouds and some shower chances as we head into monday. especially monday afternoon. overnight lows in the 40s to low 50s with fair skies. we'll watching an area of high pressure the source of the warming for saturday. lots of 70s tomorrow. sunday actually track a few extra clouds. cooler temperatures. that is in advance of this guide this france moves in on monday. we will add the chances of showers in the monday forecast. lake tahoe this weekend and look at the current conditions with temperatures mainly in the 40s right now. out toward south lake tahoe in truckee. lots of sunshine for saturday. if you clouds by sunday. afternoon highs in south lake tahoe in the lower 50s. the forecast model tomorrow for saturday looks good. lots of sunshine. sunday partly cloudy.
6:48 pm
it will be cooler and breezy. still a few g the rain chance we'll watching that rain chances early next week. work has highs tomorrow lots of sunday 70s fairfield vacaville. oakland 71. nevermore 74. san jose middle 70s. san francisco in the upper 50s. he was a look ahead your five day tomorrow a very nice day. shower chances to monday. celebrate this weekend. i'm usually having to bring bad news with cooler temperatures and the rain clouds. today i am the good guy. looking fine for saturday. beloved children's author beverly cleary times 103 years young today. she is known for funny quirky characters including ramona quimby and ralph mouse. she rolled her first book in 1950 followed by more than 40 others which have sold more than 91 million copies together
6:49 pm
she said most of the books and oregon where she grew up. she attended college at uc berkeley actuating in 1938. she now lives. the new trailer for the final film in the star wars skywalker saga sent the internet abuzz today. today lucasfilm's debut the trailer for star wars the rise of skywalker. if you just the next generation of lead characters as well as billy dee williams. there is also an appearance by the late carrie fisher as princess leia. they decided to use an on ai film from the two previous installments after her death in wars the rise of skyw hits theaters in december. the charlie was a wet your
6:50 pm
appetite. you have to wait a little bit longer. the trailer. i will be seeing at. tiger was avoided a near disaster today at the masters and came on strong at the end to be among one of the leaders at the end of two rounds. the highlights next. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program.
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visit right now or call during business hours.
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people have been suspecting this would happen. the lake is changing things up with the management. it has been a tumultuous week for the lakers. they used to be so stable dominating in the league. not anymore. wherever he goes drama will follow. talking about lebron james. you've done it again. you got another coach fired. it happens in los angeles. this week magic johnson quit as president of the team. after three seasonsmyriad of problems around the organization right now. on lebr james did not approve of walton as the head coach. he gets his believe it or not the guy they are talking about replacing walton is chiron lou.
6:54 pm
who carries his luggage around for him. there you go. steve kerr with an emotional thought about this firing. losing one of the best human beings in the nba. they are losing a guy who knows the game as well as anybody i have ever met. they are losing somebody who players believe in. players want to play for. i feel fortunate to have a set of circumstances here where we've got wonderful people stabilizing our organization every day. >> no such problems as you heard with steve kerr for the warriors. very solid organization. tomorrow another beginning of hopefully for them a championship run the starts against the clippers at oracle tomorrow. the question everybody wanted to know about. stephanie curry hurt his right foot/ankle of dense new orleans. stephanie curry. breathe easy. apparently warrior fans all systems go tomorrow evening
6:55 pm
against those clippers right here in oakland. stephen curry. to honest we talked about it. we want to chase it and understand how unprecedented it is we're trying to do. it will be tough. it will be challenging. there is nothing guaranteed about us getting another banner. we have to earn it. it is golf's most prestigious event. there are five golfers tied for the lead after two rounds heading into the weekend. it is still all about tiger and deservedly so. watch him out of trouble right here. an amazing shot. watch closely as an overzealous security guard bumps into him nearly takes out his ankle. can you believe that? he is feeling it out. he seems okay. he recovered. 15 bertie her for.
6:56 pm
for under 68. six under total. tiger has it rolling. he has one shot back at -7. five golfers including jason day. bertie and 16. he shot at 567. a beautiful shot at seven under. adams got approaching at the par 5/15. got himself an eagle. also tied as seven under. it is going to be a great weekend for all golf fans. hockey's you have it going on tonight. it is the sharks in game 2. trying to keep the upper hand in their series against vegas. not to be confused with a fifth which is what was going on in game one. joe pavelski gets credit for a goal of brett burns shot. it hit him in the face. tough guy that he is.
6:57 pm
he was not only back at practice today. he went back into the game with a little job protector. 5-2 victory. burns apologized to him. he did not really apologize. he told me -- it wasn't his fault. i think you do is hockey players. you've seen guys do it before. you seen guys on your team do it. it is of an exciting time to be playing right now. you try to do what you can. they are tough guys. i don't know how they do it. that is the sporting life. the news continues next live at ktvu plus. every day,
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hey, want to spend some time playing the new and most of all, loved by skin. star wars game this weekend? oh, i don't know. i kind of promised myself i'd get off the computer, be more physically active. get some exercise... you're about to walk up three flights of stairs. good point, i'm in. koothrappali: you know what would be great? let's do it like the old days. you mean, are you talking gaming marathon? yeah. start saturday morning, go 48 hours, sleeping bags, junk food... turn off our phones so our moms can't call. it would be like our world of warcraft a few years ago when the neighbors called the cops on us. (both chuckle) they called the cops because of the smell. they thought we were dead. we were badass back in the day. all right, let's do it. 48 hours of star wars gaming. it's on like alderaan. (all laugh) hey, sheldon, clear your weekend. starting saturday morning,


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