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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 15, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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kicked in. a quick thinking dad chases down a kidnapping suspect in san francisco. in san francisco. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. 2 . star it was a frightening situation on a busy street in san francisco after a stranger tried to grab a 2-year-old boy from his mom. hello again, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. just as quickly as the man grabbed the child, he let him go and then took off. that's when a group of good samaritans chased down that suspect and held him until police arrived. police arrived. police say the brazen attempt happened friday afternoon near the busy corner of market and castro streets. ktvu's debora villalon is live now in the city after talking to one of the men that chased down the suspect. >> reporter: well, julie, it was really a bold crime. such a busy spot, in the daylight, and so many people around, and friday about noon everyone in the vicinity heard the mother's screams. ms. >> right at this point we passed the woman with her children. >> reporter: this couple had
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just passed the mom with an infant in a front pack and a toddler by the hand when they heard a struggle and looked back. ooked back. >> she's screaming you know, please, please, someone help me, and we noticed a man that was quickly walking by us with a child in his arms just like this. >> reporter: adam and sabrina are parents themselves to 4-year-old liam. they were alarmed as were others walking and sitting nearby. >> in the moment it was very scary. >> reporter: and then just as swiftly as he grabbed the boy, the 34-year-old australian roscoe holyoak turned him loose. >> he gave him back and ran down the street. >> reporter: with adam walker and another man chasing him calling for help. with several people on his tail he gave up about a block down the street. >> he put his hands up and said i'm done. he obeyed my commands telling him to walk to the sidewalk
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and get on his knees. >> reporter: not much was said before police arrived. >> we were all out of breath so there was not much talking. >> reporter: sabrina stayed with the distraught mom, and after adam made his way back, he was able to talk to him too. she thanked him, relieved the man was in custody. >> it could have been anyone else's child the next time if he got away. >> it's great they decided to help, but it was very dangerous. >> reporter: the suspect's facebook page shows that he works as a dj. no word yet on his background or time in the u.s., but he's jailed on a half million dollars bail for attempted kidnapping. >> we don't know what started this or why he decided to grab the child. we're trying to figure out the details now. >> when you have a child of your own and you see that happen, something just takes over and you act from your heart and not necessarily from your brain. so just fortunate everything worked out and no one got hurt. e got hurt.
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>> reporter: news outlets in australia have picked up holyoak's arrest and describe him as a prominent radio host in perth and note that he's a dj at lgbtq events around the country. adam has no law enforcement experience, he's a dentist. debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. fox 2 news. also in san francisco, mayor london breed is proposing a scaled done version of her new homeless navigation center along the embarcadero. the plan has been met with stiff opposition from residents and community groups. the mayor's updated plan would reduce the number of people served to 130 instead of 200. the new listen also calls for a police presence seven days a week. they're scheduled to vote on the proposal next week. a side show in oakland
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erupts into chaos on sunday with a big rig looted and an ac transit bus set on fire. witnesses describe the scene as pandemonium. police say the law enforcement response was dwarfed by the crowd estimated at more than a thousand people. as crime reporter henry lee tells us, police dodged gunshots as they tried to clear the way for firefighters to put out the flames. ut out the flames. >> reporter: this was the chaotic scene in east oakland on sunday night as an ac transit bus went up in flames during a side show. >> there's a good chance that bus will probably explode too. >> reporter: that wasn't all. there was looting, even gunshots. n gunshots. officers pelted with rocks, bottles, and fireworks. >> we've been dealing with side shows for decades, but the criminality and the boldness the last couple of years has gotten way worse. >> reporter: it all happened during a side show at 42nd and international in oakland. more than a thousand people converged on the intersection,
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but drivers and spectators. at one point the driver of this big rig was car jacked at gun point as he made a delivery. >> once he waree contents of th truck were paper cab was destroyed. flames then spread to the 60-foot ac transit bus which was destroyed. a sheriffs deputy fell and injured her knee while responding to the spectacle. >> it's a crowd of a thousand plus people, and there were not enough officers to even begin with something like this. >> reporter: but authorities say that will change. local law enforcement are working together to treat future side shows like large scale protests. >> we'll deploy in mobile field force units and vans like we do when we see mass demonstrations. you'll see air support. >> reporter: but the damage has already been done. this is what 42nd and international looked like a day after the incident. we found these women cleaning
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up. >> this is our neighborhood, and it's our responsibility to come and help out whenever possible, so we decided to posse up together over agram. >> reporter: there was a side show at the same spot the weekend before with drivers doing donuts and crowds cheering them on. oakland city council member noel says he wants to put up signs to discourage side shows. >> it's out of control, and the only action we can do is create barriers for the side show. >> reporter: sunday night police issued about 200 citations, and beginning this weekend officers will be out there in full force, and if cars are towed, they'll be impounded for 30 days, and it could cost $1,300 to get them out. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 11:00, a $50,000 reward is being offered in a homicide case in berkeley. alex goodwin was an aspiring
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rapper gunned down in august of 2018. police responded to goodwin's home, but the young man could not be saved. detectives say they believe the killing was a targeted attack and that there are people out there that have information about the case. they say even the smallest detail could be crucial in solving his death. lving his death. tonight the city of san francisco is showing its solidarity with france following today's catastrophic fire at notre dame cathedral in the heart of paris. city hall in san francisco is lit up in blue, white, and red. the colors of the french flag. f the french flag. >> it's now 8:00 tuesday morning in paris, this is a live look at what's left there of the cathedral. the fire caused extensive damage, but the stone walls as you can see are still standing. notre dame is considered one of the world's great architectural treasures, and while portions of it now lie in ruins, the leaders of france are vowing to rebuild. >> and jana katsuyama has more now on the investigation into
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the cause of that huge fire. that huge fire. >> julie and frank, right now french officials say it might have been linked to construction work that had started on a renovation to the cathedral. the first fire appeared to come from the scaffolding. notre dame is at the heart of paris, the very center point where they measure distance, and today hearts were breaking seeing it burn. >> reporter: the terrible glow in the city of lights stopped people in their tracks. hearts, hurting to see the notre dame cathedral, r one of france's oldest and most revered structures in flames. ctures in flames. [ singing ] >> reporter: hundreds of spectators sang hail mary from across a bridge. fire officials say the fire started in an attic about 6:50 monday evening after the doors closed for the night. ed for the night. the cathedral, which dates world renowned as a shining example of gothic architecture
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and art and it's been at the center of french history. >> napoleon crowned himself there. when charles degalle died there was a mass there, so it's equally important to the secular life as the catholic life of france. it's a unique treasure in terms of civilization. >> reporter: this professor in berkeley says the rose windows and artwork were ground breaking. . gasps of horror rose from the crowd as the cathedral's main conspire collapsed. the 250 tons of lead falling into the flames. french president emmanuel macron rushed to the scene. >> notre dame is our history, our literature. the place where we have lived all of our great moments. >> reporter: work had already started on the cathedral's renovation, so some of the
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historic artifacts had been removed, a blessing. but photos inside after the fire was put out shows severe damage. the altar, surrounded by smoke and debris, the roof gone, e to and paintings dating back to the 17th century. in paris notre dame is the center from when they measure distance. >> we will rebuild this cathedral all together. it's without a doubt part of the french destiny, a project we will carry out in the coming years. >> one good bit of news is that the church treasury and some of the priceless artifacts including 16 copper statues and the crown of thorns were not destroyed. one firefighter was injured, but no fatalities. that in itself is a miracle when you see those intense flames. ense flames. reporting live, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. uyama, ktvu fox 2 news. >> and here in the bay area, the french-american cod fire at san francisco is a than a landm
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it's the heart of paris. heart of paris. >> paris lives around that. everything, all the distances in paris, or in france start in notre dame. in notre dame. >> we also spoke with the french consul general who said he is being comforted by the messages of support he was receiving from people all around the bay area. nd the bay area. >> you have to realize that notre dame is the very heart of paris and at the very heart of france, and it's not only, um, a religious building and it's a very sad day for the french catholic community, but it's also part of the national identity. >> those offering support include the vatican. officials said the pope has been with shock and sadness watching the news of the terrible fire that's
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devastated the cathedral of notre dame. symbol of christianity in france and the world. ce and the world. charging a toll to drive on the crooked part of lombard street. today that plan took a step forward. p forward. >> reporter: here at oracle arena tonight it was a close game for game two round one of the nba playoffs. >> and we have some rain. how long that could last as well as the warm up later this week. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at the disneyland resort all right, an incredibly disappointing night for the warriors and their fans. the warriors blew a huge lead and lost to the la clippers tonight in the first round of the nba playoffs. >> the warriors were ahead by as much as 31 points but ended up losing game two leaving the series tied one to one. amber lee is live at oracle arena where fans were filing out just amber? >> reporter: julie, this was definitely not the outcome
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fans wanted. it went from excitement to frustration. it was down to the wire before this game was decided. as you said, they left unhappy and said every game counts, and this game shows you can never take a win for granted. >> i wasn't happy. i think it was stupid. they should have won this game. we're at home too. we shouldn't have lost. >> i think there was a lot of potential in the offense, but i think there was a collapse of the momentum. >> i think they took for granted their lead after the second quarter, and i think they took curry out because he had 4 fouls and should have kept him se he got cold and just went all bad from there. >> reporter: game three will be on the road in la, and fans tell me they are still confident that the warriors will make it to the finals and win it. julie? >> such a big lead they had and lost that. really blew that. that was hard to watch.
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amber thank you. >> reporter: really tough. >> thanks amber. tonight's come from behind victory capped off a pretty interesting day for the clippers head coach doc rivers. he said he was lucky enough to find a very honest stranger in san francisco after he accidentally dropped $2,000 on the street. >> the guy tapped me on the back and said, um, you know, that's your money. um, i don't know a lot of places that that would happen, but it happened today, so whoever that was, you could have had free tickets if you hadn't run away. thank you guys. >> he believes he dropped the money after reaching into his pocket for his cell phone. san francisco leaders are pushing a bill that would allow them to accomplish a toll and reservation system for drivers on the crooked part of lombard streets. residents say the lines of cars and crowds of pedestrians taking photos have become a nuisance, but in order for the city to charge a fee, the state would have to grant
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special permission, and that's what the bill would do. if approved, the city could then determine pricing. one session is $5 on weekdays, up to $10 on weekends, and people would have to reserve a specific time to make that trip. e that trip. dozens of protesters gathered in the city this evening to demand action on climate change. the demonstrators created a mural at the intersection of 7th and mission with the words sound the alarm. they blocked traffic between 5:00 and 6:00, right at the height of rush hour. they say time is running out to deal with the problems directly tide to climate change around the world. and the storm that's bringing rain into the bay area is now moving into the sierra. this is the light snow falling today. the snow could bring several inches of snow in the upper elevations by the morning, and right now there are chain restrictions on both i-80 and highway 50. d highway 50. all right, and you can see that weather is just heading
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off into the south land into the mountains where you've got most of the activity moving on through. i'll put a loop on this so you can see the motion today. this is going to be five hours, and that's how it moved through the bay area fairly quickly. rainfall accumulations, a tenth of an inch was about as much as i could find. most got less than that. and that was about it. so not a lot, but definitely something which was nice to see. the showers now well south of the bay area except for some lingering drizzle or light sprinkles. those showers will sort of hang on for the next few hours. and then after midnight or 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning gone. skies clear, and we cool off rapidly. and temperatures get down into the 40s. not the 30s, but into the 40s. already 51 in santa rosa, 50 in fairfield. outside you go, and out on the bay you can see the cloud cover and you get the it's definitely cloudy and drizzling. that's how it goes. tomorrow morning's commute will be dry. tomorrow afternoon's commute will be dry, and tomorrow will be a mostly sunny day with
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temperatures generally increasing a good 5 to 8 degrees over today. that puts us into the upper 60s, maybe a low 70. that's tuesday. wednesday up into the mid-70s. thursday and friday into the low 80s. about as warm as it's been in awhile. so we have a nice little run this week after this area clears out. wakes up a little cool tomorrow. the model shows pretty nice looking conditions. maybe a few clouds lingering tomorrow all day long on and off, but overall just a beautiful day with temperatures warming. and you'll see that. colors being represented or temperatures represented by colors on the map. the greens are 60s. then a yellow here. maybe a low 70. but mostly upper 60s. 70 in brentwood. upper 60s in hayward. and in the five-day forecast kicking in here, you get the feel for a nice looking spring week ahead with a break after
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tonight and tomorrow morning. a break after tonight from the rain for awhile. springtime is starting to in. >> still can't get over chain restrictions on 80 and 50 tonight. >> right, i know! well, you know. >> and we're looking at 80s the later part of the week. >> exactly, low 80s by thursday and friday. >> all right, bill, thank you. the california public utilities commission held a public forum today to discuss efforts to improve management and safety culture at pg&e. the commission is reviewing changes that pg&e has made since the san bruno pipeline explosion in 2010. some regulators said that they're skeptical that pg&e has properly addressed past issues as well as other problems, including their recent bankruptcy filing. the review did find that pg&e workers are reportedly more safety incidents than before. idents than before. >> there was a great emphasis on safety reporting which ultimate w increase in their reported safety incidents as employees
11:21 pm
are now feeling more comfortable. >> a second public forum is set for friday, april 26th. sports is next with more on the warrior's epic collapse. the playoff series is now tied at one apiece with the clippers. mark has that and the rest of sports up next. >> up first though, more live pictures of notre dame cathedral in paris. it's tuesday morning, and the sun has risen on a stunned city. stay with ktvu as we learn the extent of the fire damage. you're watching the 11:00 news. back with more in a moment. ith more in a moment. to score the latest styles forg the whole family... ...and something for you. oh yeah. that's yes for less. you heard me - 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! at the ross spring shoe event. on now!
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and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. mark is back with sports. things were clicking along just fine for the warriors, and then everything changed. >> real quick. i'm going to go ahead and call it historically ridiculous to lose this game. up by 31 points. no one in playoff history has ever blown a lead that big. 22 turnovers do not light that victory cigar sir, but it ain't going to happen for the warriors. and kevin durant had 9 of the turnovers, and then it gets worse. cousins a substantial quad injury. there's a close up of it.
11:25 pm
mri tomorrow. don't expect him soon at all. it's not good news. look at this. after a free throw, green, klay and kd play catch and it's beautiful warrior basketball as they build the 31 point lead. you think easy go, they'll be up 2-0. but then with just over a minute left it's tied 128 call. but then the warriors stabilize again as curry hits the three. they were up 3 with 58 seconds just tenacious. talk about never say die. landry puts the clippers up by 2. they'll eventually win 133-131. that's their owner steve palmer, by contrast there's
11:26 pm
joe. series even 1-1. they'll play in la thursday. here's steve kerr on the injury to cousins. ry to cousins. >> there's a pretty significant quad injury, so we'll get the mri tomorrow, but he's going to be out for, i'll just say awhile. i don't know because i think it's unclear how long be out, but it's significant. >> yeah, that's truly devastating for him. he worked so hard to come back from the torn achilles. meantime frank your sharks from troubles of their own. >> i know, they have to win tomorrow night. >> down two games to one to vegas, and they'll be without joe thornton. suspended one game for this heat in game three, hitting the vegas forward in the head. thornton suspended for game four which is tomorrow night in vegas. a lot of good stuff over the weekend. in case you missed it, check
11:27 pm
out this big leaguer giving his son a lesson. brock holt of the boston red sox getting more than he bargained for against his 2-year-old. >> all right, oh, yeah, i probably need to put on a helmet. >> oh. >> you hit big bombs. okay, hold on. let me get ready. try and get it past me! oh! ast me! oh! >> the kid can hit! and here's this 5-year-old great little soccer player, but tried to beat his own dog. i don't know who got the best of it. >> smart dog right there. >> pretty cute. little kids dominating in sports! that's the sporting life at this hour. back to ygood in case you missed it. see you later everyone, have a good night. >> thanks for joining us, good night. night. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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