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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: and operator voices concern over the new light rail train. after a device that connects trains malfunctions. muni started rolling out there light rail cars in 2017. they are seeing problems. tonight muni officials confirmed they are shortening 2 car trains after a couple or failed to links cars together. live coverage from amberly at the west portal station. you spoke with a train operator about the problem. >> reporter: i did and i also spoke with mta spokesperson. he tells the new sure train cars meet state safety standards. he is also saying they are making safety improvements. muni is now l rv is a singl
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at the one broke down thursday. we are working with the manufacturer to find out what is going on. as a precaution we decided not to run the 2 who trains. >> reporter: a spokesman says the new l rv are say. a train operator who spoke with us on the condition that we not identify him said what went wrong raises safety concerns. he showed us the coupler the device that malfunctioned. then you have a bar here that houses the pins. >> reporter: the coupler connects to my car as. he said 2 pins shared all. their function is to cushion an lypact in the event of a crash. traveling about seven miles per hour. speeds but 40 to 50 miles per hour inside tunnels. very concerning. i could have been the operator of that vehicle if we were
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going at higher speeds or something like that happen to cause a derailment. and could've cost me to possibly get killed. for the day after the breakdown a woman trying to catch a car got her hand stuck in the doorjamb as she tried to get the doors that they open. she was dragged off the platform and fell onto the tracks. we are told she is okay. what happened is not okay with passengers. >> you put your hand in. it tells us and just open back up in the you go in. everyone does this. this is something that happens every single day.>> reporter: muni said the problem with the parents because the breakdown was found in one other new carpet no new train car has been put out of service for that reason. as for the train doors so far seven have been outfitted with the new safety sensors. no word on when all of this will be done or how much it will cost. the city of cupertino is
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considering a pilot program that we use the new app to operate a shuttle service around town as a way of reducing traffic. it works like rideshare's. instead of cars it offers six passenger shuttles for $3.50 per ride. anywhere within city limits but disabled or elderly passengers will get picked up directly. everyone else must walk into a pickup point. if approved the pilot program is expected to cost cupertino $2 million. health officials are monitoring a measles exposure at google headquarters. an adult diagnosed with measles visited the campus on charlestown road in mountain view the past week. health officials are saying they awith google employees may have been exposed. the infected person lives in san mateo county and health officials say the risk to the public is very low. more than 20 cases of measles have been reported in california within at least a of
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them in the bay area. from a white house press secretary sean spicer is in berkeley tonight speaking at cal. he had advised the students including ink before you tweet. deborah's live at cal. >> reporter: no protesters no problems. but a good turnout. the audience expected a highly partisan talk they did not get it. sean spicer joked about hiliber berkeley. about half the people hoping to hear him were turned away. this lecture hall filled to the capacity. spicer traced the 2016 election when he was with the national gop. watching nontraditional donald trump rise. spicer said a biased media
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got the story wrong. the entire narrative was we could not do it. >> reporter: of his six months is press secretary spicer admit he would like if you do overs. for one exaggerating the size of the inaugural crowd. he said now he was frustrated the press honed in on it. >> i would love to do that over again. it is important to understand that was the mentality. >> reporter: he was famously combated with reporters. on his exit poked fun at himself and rolled a book about his experience. nds of media. and all kinds he was asked if it was difficult to represent a person or policy he disagrees with.>>
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he is a candy guy. he has strong opinions.>> reporter: they invited spicer to campus but his appearance important symbolically they say. their voices appreciated. by bringing sean spicer to campus goes a long way in achieving that goal. >> reporter: the audience reacted he said he would be supporting his own boss and 2020. his parting advice to them because much information from as many sources as possible. >> reporter: spicer has been speaking at college campuses across the country. occasionally he is interrupted during his talks. disappearance went off without
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any visible opposition. this appearance.>> you have seen so many speakers but was stuck out most to you about tonight's appearance? >> he seemed comfortable. kind of self-deprecating. willing to poke fun at himself and give students personal advice about pursuing their education and following their dreams. he spent a lot of time tracing his upbringing and his time in service. i think they came away pretty satisfied. another memb is reportedly on the way out. bloomberg reports energy secretary rick perry is working on the terms and timing of his departure. sources say the former texas governor has been considering leaving the job for weeks. the white house did not respond for comments. sources say. he who is 69 hopes to build his income before retiring. u.s. attorney general william barber release his
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redacted version of the mueller report tomorrow. he is planning a news briefing to discuss the findings before congress even has a copy of the report. more on what will be redacted and what lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are anticipating.>> reporter: the mueller report will be lightly redacted according to the washington post tonight. the paper also said a source indicated mueller did not settle on criminal charges because he could not prove the president trump's intent. special counsel robert mueller's long anticipated report is set for release by noon thursday in washington. some democrats cried foul the u.s. attorney general william barr plans to give comments before it goes public. and reportedly spoke with white house lawyers about the report before giving congress a copy. the central concern here is that the attorney not allowing thethe mueller rep speak for themselves. but is trying to bake in the
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narrative about the report to the benefit of the white house.>> reporter: president trump has said repeatedly since the probe began in may 2017 the trump campaign had no collusion with russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 u.s. elections.>> any word that is redacted or blacked out they are going to say that is where the conspiracy was. >> reporter: the attorney general's letter to congress that mullis report did not contain evidence to pursue criminal conspiracy charges. the letter did include a quote from mueller that while this report does not conclude the president committed a crime it also does not erate him. >> the standard for a criminal indictment is quite different than the standard that congress might want to apply if they were to want to sanction the president or some of his people up to the possibility of impeachment.>> reporter: a law professor david levine said the stakes are high.
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the big unanswered questions that mueller find contact between the trump campaign and russian election meddling operatives that might fall short of legal conspiracy. what we might have here is knowledge on the part of trump campaign officials. that the russians were doing certain things. but no evidence they ever actually came together. in the long run preventing interference with our electoral process. is more important than anything else. >> reporter: the attorney general said he will call her cold the redactions and format categories. grand jury material classified items of national security ongoing prosecutions and to protect third-party considered peripheral to the investigation another copy of the report with fewer redactions for congressional committees to view in private. democrats say they feel they should get an unredacted copy along the underlying evidence. democrats already are threatening to subpoena the doj and call on mueller to testify.
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san francisco based pinterest set a price of $19 a share for tomorrow's ipl. the digital scrapbook site is on track to raise more than one $.4 billion when it starts trading on the new york stock exchange. the social media company we use the symbol pens pinterest has more than 250 million monthly users. it posted a loss of $63 million last year. budget cuts and a school district in the south bay. see why students will have to hit the books without school librarians. the fbi is helping investigate last year's deadly campfire imbued county. the evidence prosecutor sent to a crime lab in virginia. butte county. it was nice today. warmer tomorrow. the warmest day of the year coming up. see you back after the break.
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police in alamo the the public's help to identify 4 people who broke into a jewelry store monday morning. it happened on danville boulevard near stone valley road. these pictures show the men smashing the front window before they entered the store. and then took off with a number of items. there bickell described as a newer four door honda civic with aftermarket rims and tinted windows. anyone with information should call alamo police. a man is under arrest for lewd conduct at an east bay trampoline park. touching himself. while watching children play at rock in job in fremont last month. several customers and employees confronted felix who took off in his car. officer say the witnesses provided them with his license plate number which helped to track him down. in a statement the company
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said every rock and jump park has four staff whose primary role is to monitor attraction and patient safety. we are reviewing our current policies to ensure nothing like this happens again. new tonight budget cuts in san jose's alan rock school district are going to leave students with books and computers but no librarians starting this fall. the school district says that declining enrollment is to blame.>> reporter: fifth-grader john paul garza has nothing but good things to say about the school librarian. and member of the school community he trusts in credits part of his reading success.>> hitting education right now because she prepares books for us. >> reporter: next fall his library and won't be at his school. the alan rock union elementary school district is eliminating more than 30 positions
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including 14 librarians. hours for community positions will be reduced. they built bridges with schools and communities. the district says it needs to cut $14 million. >> alan rock school board member said enrollment is dropping. primarily due to charter schools.>> the growth of charters has had an impact. we see the results of that. the education at one point in time gave blanket license for up to 25 schools.>> reporter: the district is looking at the state legislature to limit the number of charter schools. the district says it has saved to some music and sports programs. the morale has numf cutting out of our district.>> reporter: teacher say it is vital to get library staff in a district were reading scores are low. the only half of the students in which is a second language. the district said libraries will remain open.
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who was going to check out the books for the students? i don't know how to do that. and i should not be my job to do that.>> reporter: one parent we spoke to is now considering pulling her children out of the district.>> is a lot of things the school does not have that the kids need. >> reporter: until the district gets more funding it won't be able to bring back the librarians. they have been offered other unfilled positions in the district. the oakland city council has voted to give one $.2 million oakland's public schools to save three programs that were on the chopping block. the grant will save the school's restorative justice program foster care managers and library services but the money will be available immediately and comes from higher-than-expected real estate tax revenue. the move will save a number of jobs in the school district. san francisco said experts from ucf as in berkeley will
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analyze procedures used to test for radiation. at the former naval shipyard. last year workers from the company hired to clean up the soil were accused of falsifying records. the state we tested the area saying no health or safety hazards were found. some people who live in the area still complain of chronic health problems. report could be ready by this fall. prosecutors in butte county ship pg and equipment to this crime lab in virginia. as part of their investigation into last november's devastating campfire. investigators have collected equipment from several towers along the pg&e powerline suspected of starting the fire. pg&e has already acknowledged in court it will likely be found responsible for the campfire. the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history. checking in on the weather around here. dry conditions heading our way into the next few days. warmer as well. was warmer today. it will be warm tomorrow. it will cool off for saturday.
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a nice weekend ahead. no rain in the forecast. we see a 5k that is pretty dry. offshore winds. they will let go tomorrow. if that happens the fog will come back to the coast tomorrow afternoon. coastal fog will be there. not before temperatures have a chance to warm up into the middle 60s. inland temperatures are going to warm into the middle 70s the middle 80s. golden gate bridge no fog yet. tomorrow night i will show you the same shot and there will be followed. look at the forecast for tomorrow and you will see is sits offshore. tomorrow around lunchtime it comes into the coast patchy. oranges 80s. look at the 80s. middle 80s. temperatures warmer. you actually see you don't see this. the microclimates are setting up. baare gradients. in the winter is just all 50s o
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high-pressure states with us tomorrow. that is why it is a warm day. it hangs out on friday as well. it weakens enough it cools the friday. further cooling on saturday. this isn't rain. it is just cooler. forecast highs 85 on the warmest day of 2019. i think we could even see upper 80s south down to livermore and morgan hill. then you can see etienne 82 san jose. 86 gilroy. a lot of temperatures look at. this is spring time for sure. it feels like it. a nice looking pattern for the rest of the week. by tomorrow you will have on the air conditioner on. you will i can feel it today w up. coming up in sports pitching and defense on display at the coliseum.
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if the a's were able to get their first victory of the season over the astros. he was a look right now outside. san francisco and the bay bridge. it is a beautiful night. you're watching the 11 pm news on ktvu. we will be back in just a moment. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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tomorrow it is about the sharks and the warriors. tonight is baseball. the a's. the houston astros have a way of driving you crazy. the warriors and the sharks tomorrow. the houston astros longtime nemesis of the a's. this year. tonight they put that aside. they finally beat them. in case you want late night snack those guys get you ready to go pick great food at the coliseum. great baseball for the a's. a shot they are. pass alex bregman who often makes that play for the astros but not this time. rbi double. 1-0. he was a blast from the past. a's fan josh reddick. remember when he used to do that in the yellow and green?
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many a time. did not hurt the a's. because matt chapman puts one where only a fan can catch it. is six of the year. 2-1 is the final. frankie six and the third. a great pitching gave up one run and three hits. the nation's capital it is he will remember that forever. as will jeff samardzija. remember where this ball lands. off the bat of juan. pitching well the sea. he gets tagged with a loss in this one. gave up a couple homers but the giants trailing 9-2 in the night but make a game of it. for the first of 4 hits. two of them leave the yard. is first of the year. not long after dugger continues to impress but young outfielder with a home run. however they fall shy 9-5. as he reached the point of
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the night or we must check this out. i am told it is very popular. a trendy thing with millennials do this but gender reveal. a couple fans and duke had a very unique way of finding out the sex of their baby. they got the greatest college player in the land. to do his thing. check this out. i think we can safely say it is a boy. young couple duke fans. good friends. have to see the shop. with the approach. it hits another ball. and her ball goes in. and accounts. she gets credit for an eagle.
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i thought it was the other one at first two. it is a great play. a pleasant play for the yankees. did not work out. between the legs. did not quite get it done. the yankees did beat the red sox tonight. tim anderson of the white sox hits a homer and does a so good. brad keller right in the posterior. the two teams take exception to that. the usual benches clearing. not a lot of punches thrown. that is major-league baseball. that is the sporting life. next time you need a gender reveal called zion. good night. ♪ [ crying ]
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oh, phil, honey, you're still up.
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