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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  April 22, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> i wouldn't. >> he is not at clancy's pool hall, for crying out loud. >> they are not even the dressy flip-flops. >> anyway, if you like to wear flip-flops, that is fine. it will be pretty nice here for many. we can see the airflow coming down out of the north. the fog is not as extensive as that. there is a little bit of offshore breeze. brentwood is in the upper 50s. as low as tracy. i know that not far away, you will get that. >> we are held up on some of the temperatures except for sfo, there is a slight offshore component.
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that will win out. temperatures will go up today till about wednesday. we're not looking for a system coming in from the north, but one from the south. that will not be until the end of the week. it will be very cool on saturday. a lot of it is wind driven, but mid-eighties for some of you in the northeast wind. cities, 70s, and 80s. back to you. thank you. 290 people are confirmed dead, more than 500 others are injured in sri lanka. the attacks targeted hotels, and churches on easter sunday. elissa harrington joins us from the newsroom with information about another explosion that has just been reported this morning. >> reporter: authorities say that a van partner one of the churches just exploded about one hour ago. police discovered three bombs inside of the van when he went
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to inspect after a blast at saint anthony shrine. they tried to detonate it, but the bombs went off, sending people running in panic. the death toll is claimed to 290 people. dozens of foreigners are among the dead, including several americans. police are looking into reports that the intelligence committee may have been warned about the threat. 24 people are in custody for questioning. suicide bombers carried out the attacks and authorities have found 87 detonators throughout the capital. >> orders have been given to find them. they will be given all powers they want. we cannot allow these kind of crimes to take place. will also look into the shortcomings. >> reporter: this map details where the bombings happened. the targets were mostly christian churches and luxury hotels in and around the capital city of colombo. the buildings were known to be popular with tourists. world and religious leaders are speaking out, offering condolences for the bombing
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victims and offering support for the families. at the vatican, but francis prayed for the victims and expressed sorrow. sri lanka is home to about 1.6 million christians, most are roman catholic. >> i want to express my loving closeness to the christian community, targeted well gathered in prayer. >> president trump joined dozens of world leaders who say they are ready to help sri lanka and the bombing victims in any way they can. stay with us here on mornings on 2 as we continue to follow the latest development. on the investigation throughout the morning and also online anytime of day, that will be on we're following news from the philippines. big earthquake, magnitude 6.3 quake hit the philippines just after 2:00 this morning. at 5:11 local time in the
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lipids, the quake hit. the epicenter is 40 miles northwest of manila, the capital city. there is no word of damage. it came after two quakes that hit yesterday. they had magnitude stronger than 4. we will have information from the philippines throughout mornings on 2. today, house speaker nancy pelosi will have a conference call to discuss the special counsel report and plan what is next. in a letter to colleagues, she wrote, congress will not be silenced. in the past, she has said that she is not for impeachment, but enough of the mueller report is out, some of the progressives are calling for that. >> i think it is a difficult decision a we will have a caucus about this. now for the party, but what is the best course for the country. >> some key democrats in the
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more information is needed and they want to hear from mueller himself and attorney general william barr. the also want access to the unredacted version of the mueller report. happening today, some state lawmakers are expected to vote on charging a toll on lombard street. it would require drivers to make a reservation and pay if the if they want to drive down lombard street. the famous croquant street. people who live there have complained for years that they cannot even back out of the driveway because of all of the traffic. state law does not allow a city to impose a tax to use a public road, so a special exemption would have to be approved. the state assembly transportation committee is expected to start work on the exemption today. the city of oakland is rolling out a new program that they designed to help with the continuing problem of illegal
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dumping. the supervisor and volunteers from the community will be picking up trash around 90th avenue and g street. they want to stack up all of the garbage they collect in two hours and show us how much trash is piling up on the oakland streets. they will also speak with people who live in east oakland about how to report illegal dumping. investigators looking into what sparked a fire at the port of oakland. they were called at 6:45 last night for an explosion and fire. for shipping containers burn. smoke could be seen for miles. the containers were about to be loaded onto truck trailers when they started burning. >> what made it different and difficult was due to the high amount of fuel in the containers and the tightness of it. so, we applied some foam and that we also applied water from the top. >> the fire was controlled in about one hour. the cost is under investigation. police are saying that a teenager was arrested following
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a shooting over the weekend. it happened on saturday night during a party at a home. police say the 16-year-old shot another teenager in the leg while trying to steal the victims backpack. investigators say that the wounded victim gave a description of the suspect from his hospital bed. that led to the arrest of the suspect late last night. police have not told us the name of the suspect, only saying that he is a known gang member. the police officer in south san francisco is recovering and three people are in dell jail. the police say that three men were trying to steal valuable construction agreement yesterday morning at an office building north of 101 and moisture point boulevard. police say the suspect tried to run away in a truck and intentionally rammed two police cars. one officer was hit by the truck. lease opened fire on the suspect and all three suspects
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in the injured police officer were taken to a hospital. they are expecting to recover from their injuries. investigating a deadly shooting. it happened at 12:40 yesterday. police say they found a man who have been shot at least once on blossom hill boulevard. the victim was taken to the hospital. he was pronounced dead a short time later. so far, and the suspects have been identified. they say they continue the crackdown on illegal sideshows in the city. oakland police were out in full force with help from the chp this weekend. they want to send a message that sideshows will not be tolerated. this is after a sideshow earlier this month to more than 1000 people and ended with gunfire and the burning of a bus. >> it crippled the neighborhood
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from being able to communicate. the kids cannot play outside. people cannot drive their cars. the gunshots are extremely dangerous. >> they say that people who come to oakland for sideshows need to know that they could be cited and have their cars towed. it lawmakers are considering a bill that would hit sideshow participants with large fines, impound their cars for one month, and make it a crime to just watch a sideshow. san francisco city leaders saying that they will not give muni money for any new trains after the reports that the newest fleet of trains doors will lock. a woman's hands became stuck between the doors of a new muni train. she was dragged along the platform and thrown onto the tracks. the supervisor says it will be responsible to approve taxpayer money for more trains as a state investigates the doors. police are saying five teenagers were detained at the
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macarthur bart station accused of punching a passenger in the face. the teenagers were captured before they were able to leave the bart station. the trains did not stop at the station for about 30 minutes and there were some delays. modesto police looking for a man who went into a nightclub and shot into the crowd. two people are hospitalized in critical condition. a third person being treated for gunshot wounds. one person, who do not want to be identified, and there was a 420 party underway when she heard a loud noise. >> he just ran in and ran out. he was not part of the crowd. there was no incident. there was no fight prior to the shooting. everyone was having a good time. the shooter came in and started shooting. >> people inside the tilted turtle bar and grill said that they were most of their for a
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hip-hop music festival. they do not have a description of the suspect or motive for the shooting. still had, we will tell you were police are searching for a woman accused of animal cruelty. what investigators say the woman did to the litter of newly born puppies. a great night for bay area sports teams. coming up, a crucial wins and what is next in the playoffs. and we are watching traffic. these are life pictures. this is let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is getting busier and busier , trying to move, but it is busy out there. we will be back with more on traffic and other things. when the monday weather, there will be some mid-eighties for a few. we will see how long it is going to hold.
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welcome back. so the new born puppies getting cared for after being thrown into a dumpster. look at these pictures. security video shows a woman getting out of a jeep, throwing new born puppies into the trash bin behind the auto parts store. watch again. seven puppies. they were only three days old, they were in the back. they were dehydrated and
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malnourished. the department of animal services hopes somebody will recognize the woman and report her. one man died after his hang glider plunged into the ocean. this happened after the coast of pacifica yesterday afternoon. a helicopter crew pulled him out of the water and flew him to a nearby left. the man's name has not yet been released, but authorities say he was in his 40s. also this morning, rescue crews are crediting lifejackets for saving the lives of two kayakers who got stuck in the bay waters for two hours after their kayak tipped over. they were rescued saturday night. they were about a quarter of a mile off the shore of tiburon, that is about to a half miles from where they capsized. they were finally located by a chp helicopter. the time is 5:15. there will be one more san jose sharks game at the tank.
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they needed double overtime to win 2-1. san jose won game six mac. the first team to score ended up on top. the golden knights tied it up midway through the second. that was all the scoring until double overtime when san jose was shorthanded. they gave the sharks a 2-1 win. >> it is a huge game for us, because we announce the huge win. we have to finish it. it will be very hard, but it has to be better than the playoff game. >> it is tomorrow night at the shark tank in san jose.
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starts it 7 pm. the winners go on to the second round of the playoffs. the losers go home. last year, vegas eliminated the sharks in the playoffs in the second round. >> the warriors are one game away from advancing to the next round of the nba playoffs. they were in los angeles playing against the clippers and it was the klay thompson and kevin durant show. now they have a commanding pregame lead. >> we came in with the mindset to put our foot on the throttle and not let go. >> we just had to handle the ball and get on the score. we see the opportunity to get a bucket. i tried to take advantage of it. >> the warriors can win the series at home when they play again on wednesday.
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>> the great. the time is 5:17. let's talk about the weather. brace yourself for breezy this and hot weather. >> that depends on your definition of hot. for many, it will be warm today. we do have a lot of sunshine at the north wind that will allow temperatures in the mid-80s. kathy is wondering if there is any chance of the cool weather. >> but we do not have a blocking high. it is transitory. there are some signs in the first week of may, looks like a couple systems are coming in. maybe around the fourth or fifth possibility for some rain. yesterday 70s. the north wind will be at 85. oakland is 75. san jose from 71 to 79. it is breezy to warm. we put a son in or a night in?
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what do you do? >> i want 70 degrees at game time. here is the north wind coming through. there is not as much low clouds as the forecast and satellite image shows you. will be chewed up pretty fast. 40s and 50s almost 60. a wide variety of temperatures. everyone will stay clear. it is 50 and 45. 44 in black hawk. always the difference. the east wind is one puff at the west at sfo. i do not think that that will last long. lower temperatures, not just today, but going through wednesday. ridge will send everything to
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the north. the system will sneak in underneath but that will not be until friday into saturday. that will start to cool off. for the next two days, sunshine and warm temperatures. the coolest temperatures on saturday. we will start a slow cool down from the 70s to 80s for many. clearlake at 86. a lot of this is wind driven as well. 76 in hayward. mid-eighties in morgan hill. low 80s around los gatos. it is warm tuesday into wednesday. a little bit of fog returning. >> thank you. it is 5:20. frustration at the border. the reason migrants say the mexican government left them in limbo. a right ear driver since the beginning says that the company, lyft, is not treat him fairly. he says why he is upset after
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the company went public. here is a live picture. this is 880 near the coliseum. it is moving pretty quick. living joyfully.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. shares of live have dropped since the initial public offering. it hit 88 dollars per share but now down to $58. they had a plan to offer
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drivers who have completed 1000 rides $1000. those who have completed 20,000 rides would get more. one man says he has been driving since 2016. but he says he is 2000 rides short of receiving a bonus. >> i went away above and beyond what anyone else would do. for the company. for deaf. and i thought, why not have them go above and beyond for me? >> he says he is not angry about missing out on the shares. he said that live is still an honest company. tesla ceo elon musk is about to unveil the ambitious plans for robo cars. he is expected to reveal the electric car makers latest efforts to develop futuristic self driving cars and a
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strategy for selling them. his meeting with tesla executives and investors comes just after they release a quarterly financial report. it is expected to show slumping sales. a series of studies is set to get underway this week to determine how much time is left until the decks on the richmond bridge need to be replaced. it is part of a bigger effort by the bay area toll authority to assess the conditions of the bridges. according to the marin independent journal, it is a top party after concrete fell from the upper to lower deck more than once. that was blamed on a failed expansion joint. >> the reality is that rules do not know what works. >> reporter: active shooter drills are common in schools. are they effective?
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up next, we will hear from a group that specializes in preparing schools for the worst- case scenario. with the mueller report in hand, will democrats try to impeach president trump? they have a big decision to make. we will have more on that, coming up. if you're getting ready to head out the door and want to keep an eye on traffic for you, the san mateo bridge is pretty quiet. it is moving along fine this morning. we will have more traffic news coming up. the winds have changed. this time it will be a warmer look at the forecast highs. we will see what is in store for the rest of the week.
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from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. i am pam cook, and it is birthday. things are warming up. >> this for today. >> i don't want to get into that. >> we are warming up. >> there is a northerly breeze. the fog will lose out fast. it is a cool and windy saturday, as pam let me know early this morning. the rain and drizzle was on saturday. the key is almost. if he didn't play, would have
5:30 am
been worse. today is a day to go out and golf or play tennis. 75 to 85 in santa rosa. san jose is 71 to 79 degrees. the a's are home taking on the texas rangers. it will be nice to have a bit of a breeze. we do have a little bit of a north breeze coming in on the east bay hills. the oakland bills. everything is in place to give us a pretty good warm-up once we get going. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. on the fence, a little bit cooler there. 47 over in fremont. 47 in foster city. no east wind there. but there is one at half moon bay. a slight easterly and northeasterly breeze. the temperatures will take us into wednesday. it will not take much to get the fog going. but for widespread fog, nothing will happen until the end of the week. the coolest day is saturday.
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temperatures are in the 80s for some. 60s and 70s. still nice throughout the day. thank you. the time is 5:30. a quick response from firefighters that saved two buildings this morning. the fire started just before 4:00 in an alley between a senior living facility and an apartment building. the fire burned some curtains, but firefighters were be able to prevent the flames from spreading. the cause is under investigation. here's a look at some of the other top stories we're following today. 290 people are confirmed dead and another 500 are injured after coordinated bombings in sri lanka. the targets were mostly christian churches and hotels in and around the capital city. 24 suspects are in custody and being questioned today. there is a big earthquake that hit the philippines just after 2:00 this morning. so far, we have not heard of any serious damage. the mornings quake happen after
5:32 am
two hit the philippines yesterday, with magnitude stronger than format. >> a woman is recovering from serious injuries after her hand got stuck between the doors of a new muni train. she was dragged on the platform and thrown onto the tracks. the supervisor says it would be irresponsible to approve taxpayer money for more trains as the state investigates the faulty doors. 20 years ago, the shocking news that two teenagers killed 13 people, most of them fellow students at columbine high school in colorado. that was april 20, 1999. it changed schools and america forever. mandatory lockdowns and drills are part of school district policies nationwide. while some are more realistic than others, most american schools hold some sort of simulation throughout the year. some parents and teachers say that it creates fear and trauma
5:33 am
for kids. but the man who was principal of columbine high school when the attack happened in 1999, said the drills are unfortunately necessary. >> the one thing that is so different from this time as opposed to 20 years ago, or all the things we have in place. prior to that time, the only drills we did were fire drills. >> after the school shooting in parkland, florida, the created a commission at school safety. they do not mandate procedures, saying that there could be no one-size-fits-all approach to an issue this complex. a zookeeper in topeka, kansas, who was attacked by a tiger is recovering from the attack. she worked 17 years at the zoo and was attacked by sumatran tiger. it is it was open at the time and visitors saw the attack and
5:34 am
screamed for help. >> our keeper found herself in the same area as the tiger, which is not something that we do. opposite, we work with the dangerous animals behind a restrictive barrier. >> they say that the endangered tiger will not be euthanized. there trying to figure out exactly what happened but they have to wait until they can speak with the injured zoo worker. >> some central american migrants trying to make their way through mexico to the u.s. border says the mexican government is not helping them. they made it as far as the southern mexican state where the mexican government provided humanitarian aid to a previous caravan back in october. some people live in the area say they believe the government is trying to discourage the migrants from coming. >> we have been here for a long time. they will not check on us. >> president trump has been
5:35 am
pressuring mexico to stop the flow of central american migrants before they reach the u.s.-mexico border. the time is 5:34. >> the u.s. supreme court's will hear arguments this week about a question about citizenship. three federal courts have ruled against the trump administration and blocked inserting the question. critics call the question a republican effort to scare immigrant households and latinos from taking part in the census. they say would lead to an undercount in areas of the country that are leaning towards democrats. they say will help voting rights enforcement. >> if it does, we have to get ready for that infrastructure that people on the ground that have trust with the people who need to fill up the census. we are getting our organizations, our clinics, our libraries, the nonprofit infrastructure to be ready to be able to get the message out
5:36 am
that the census needs to be filled out in a matter what. >> the spring court will take up the issue tomorrow. a ruling is expected by the end of june. house speaker nancy pelosi has scheduled a conference call today with fellow democrats to discuss how to move forward following the release of the mueller report. doug luzader joins us from washington, d.c., where democrats are divided about whether not to press for impeachment of president trump. >> reporter: this is really a question of strategy for democrats as they move ahead with impeachment? or do they focus on defeating president trump at the ballot box in 2020? >> president trump returning to washington yesterday after spending the easter weekend in florida. almost immediately, he took to twitter. how do you impeach a republican president for a crime that was committed by the democrats? that appears to be a reference to the origins of the robert mueller probe that largely cleared the present of
5:37 am
collusion allegations during the 20 cystine election, but left over the question of obstruction of justice. today, they will discuss whether to move forward with impeachment. >> i think it is a difficult decision. i think we will decide with the best courses. >> this will be a lengthy process. they want to hear from miller and get a nonproductive copy of the final report. the question of impeachment is not easy for them to answer. you think this is impeachable? >> idea. >> reporter: given the numbers in congress, removing the president from office would require a big buy-in from republicans, which seems extraordinarily unlikely. white house officials brush aside any suggestion that the president would be forced from office. >> he is staying in the white house for five and half more years. they found no crime. they found no conspiracy. that was a central premise.
5:38 am
>> this is going to become a big issue out on the campaign trail. among democratic candidates for president, elizabeth warren says she supports impeachment. others are more cautious. >> thank you for the update. also today in washington, d.c., the annual white house easter egg roll. president trump and first lady melania trump will welcome children to the white house. it is one of the oldest white house traditions. >> this is one of the largest events that the white house conducts every year. you will have the first lady's office of all. you will have the white house military of office involved. it is a major undertaking every year. >> these are the wooden
5:39 am
keepsake eggs that will be handed out today at the white house. it is scheduled to start into half hours. we will bring you live coverage during mornings on 2. it is 5:38. >> wildfire victims impacted by the camp fire was not forgotten over easter. they had been receiving food and clothing. for yesterday's easter holiday, they were provided a special easter picnic, as well as treats for the kids and a special memento to take him. >> one of the main things we're going to do is take family portraits, because people lost all of their albums in pictures of their families. so this will be their first portrait after the fire. the first portrait for the new life. >> the group has been delivering ready-to-eat meals and fresh produce to people in need. they deliver about 400 meals per week. >> queen elizabeth attended easter services at st. george's chapel. he was accompanied by prince
5:40 am
william as well as and terry. this year, it was also the queen's birthday. she turned 93 years old. her official birthday celebration will be held in june. that is the tradition. a very unique easter celebration held in san francisco where the sisters of perpetual indulgence hosted their own event. there you go. dozens of people celebrated the 20th year of the special event. it attracted hundreds of fans. the free event included an easter bonnet contest and live entertainment. one organizer said this about giving people the chance to express themselves in flamboyant ways. it would not be in easter celebration without an easter egg hunt.
5:41 am
hundreds of kids search for a very colorful eggs spread all around dolores park. because the hunt included a lot of candy, the group also offered free dental screening exams for kids. somebody had to think of that. >> the screening meets the san francisco school districts requirement for the prekindergarten dental exam. >> that looks like a chaotic event. >> you search and eat at the same time. >> i can see that. the time is 5:41. earth day events throughout the bay area in the world. we will show you governor gavin newsom and london mayor london breed has in store today. >> this is what is happening on the bay bridge toll plaza. it is getting heavy, heavy, and heavier. if you plan to go past the toll plaza, this is what is waiting for you now.
5:42 am
the monday forecast should make you smile unless you do not like it over 80 degrees. then you should go to the coast. because the temperatures will be bumping up today.
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comcast business goes beyond at&t. start with internet and voice for just $59.90 a month. it's everything a small business owner needs. comcast business. beyond fast. san francisco mayor london breed is expected to announce a new plan regarding renewable energy in the city. earlier in the month, the mayor said that the city is exploring the possibility of acquiring pg&e own infrastructure. the man who shot and killed trayvon martin in 2012 has been banned from tender.
5:45 am
they say that george zimmerman was removed for user safety. he was acquitted in the shooting of trayvon martin on the grounds of self-defense. he has had several run-ins with the law, after being accused of throwing a wine bottle at his girlfriend. >> instagram is testing out a way to take pressure off of getting likes. they are considering hiding the like count on photos. only the person that made the post will be able to see how many people like that. >> when it first started, was supposed to be all about self- expression and creativity. what happened quickly, was that it became super competitive at all about likes. but what instagram is trying to do is to go back to its original intent. >> social media experts say that hiding the like count would reduce social media pressure and anxiety among young people. the time is 5:45.
5:46 am
>> the oakland a's host the texas rangers. they finish the series against the toronto blue jays and included an incredible catch by the center fielder. >> he is now going back. he is still going back. he is near the wall. he caught it. he caught it. >> are you kidding? he caught it, then through a rocket to first base. the blue jays runner tried to run to second on the overthrow, but he was tagged out. let's look at that. >> that is incredible. >> look at the reaction of the commentator after seeing that catch and the double play. he ended up rallying late in the game, but he still lost 5- 4. tonight's game starts at 7:07. the toronto blue jays are
5:47 am
back home to play the san francisco giants tomorrow in toronto. yesterday, the wrapped up the series against the pittsburgh pirates and they were down early. they gave up a two run homer and then in the fifth, he came up for the giants with a chance to give the giants the first lead of the game. >> it is to center field. sprinting back. looking up, it is gone. >> that was a bus. it was a three run homer. that was all they needed. they won 3-2. that was the first buster posey homer since june of last year. right now, it is 5:47. we're going to head over to steve to check in on the weather. it will warm up a bit.
5:48 am
>> it will. for many, there's a little bit of fog out there. this is long highway 1 and parts of the san mateo gulf coast. it is very thick there. a few patches near sfo. but i do not think we will have much of a chance your. there is a northwest breeze kicking in for a component of the north-northeast. east hills right above caldecott north near the oakland zoo. in many east bay locations. there is a do north wind. temperatures warm up. hold on a minute. there we go. there we go. sometimes i have to put a quarter in the machine. they will give way inland around the bay. we are still looking at 70s in the upper 70s to low 80s. but if it holds, santa rosa should jump up to 85 degrees. we're talking about our home taking on the texas rangers. there will be nice with the northerly breeze.
5:49 am
it will be mild to warm. always take a light jacket. looks nice. 40s to 60s out in tracy. fairfield is 48. around the bay, their 40s and 50s. alameda is 52. chevron is 49 along with kensington. officially, downtown san francisco was not reporting. it is a software issue. we hope that it will be fixed soon. >> we hope. >> northeast at half moon bay. is like puff northeast. it is on the way with the northerly component. >> 51 in monterey. any low clouds will be chewed up. the low the we have on saturday which give us the wind will allow for a nice sunday. a little breeze but a beautiful clear sky. temperatures coolest on saturday. if they do not top out tuesday, it will be wednesday. it looks like cooler weather is
5:50 am
on the way. you can see that there will be 60s in the coast. 70s and 80s through the interior. if you're inland, you will get the 80s, if not, you will be near the 60s or 70. but looks like a day of above normal temperatures for just about everybody. and he fog might linger a little bit on the san mateo coast with the coolest temperatures and warmer temps on wednesday. than a let's take a cooldown on the weekend. it is 5:15. it is not football season yet, but the hype about the nfl is picking up. we will tell you why his stock is rising. we are also checking traffic. this is a live picture. this is to a t in san jose moving smooth. at least right now. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the nfl draft thursday night. stanford wide receiver jg arcega-whiteside hopes to hear his name. he had 14 touchdowns a senior year. his amazing final season at stanford as he is expected to go the second or third round in
5:54 am
many of the mock drafts. >> people see my film and they say that i am a physical receiver, but i can run deep, i can go through the catch. >> i think it can translate really well. there will be a lot of love for him and rightly so. >> that is promising. they have jj arcega-whiteside marked as his favorite wide receiver prospect. he will be a second round pick. the first round of the draft is thursday night with nashville, tennessee. the second and third rounds are friday night. we will have complete coverage of the 49ers and the raiders pics right here. gasoline prices keep rising around the country. the highest prices right now are right here the bay area. the latest survey shows that the
5:55 am
gas rose more than $0.13 each week. it was $2.91 per gallon. >> bay area drivers are paying about four dollars for, the highest of any region of the country. the cheapest gas in the country is in baton rouge, louisiana. there are paying $2.45 per gallon there. tickets for the concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of woodstock were scheduled to go on sale this morning. the promoter of woodstock 50 announced the delay, saying pictures will be available soon, but no specific date. the postponement is fueling rumors that there might be money problems for the concert, scheduled for august. the promoters deny that and say that they have signed big-name acts like easy, miley cyrus,
5:56 am
carlos santana, and others. we're still following the very latest coming out of sri lanka. yet another explosion this morning after several churches and hotels were attacked on easter sunday. we will have an update just minutes. and a quick thinking girl in vacaville was being stalked by a suspicious car. what the police say she did that might have prevented something bad from happening. we are still checking traffic for a. this is what is happening live as we speak on the richmond san rafael bridge. the traffic is moving, but it is getting have your. we will be back, checking traffic with you as well. after just a little bit of fog, it will be sunny and nice with temperatures on their ways up. except for a few, they will be the 80s inland.
5:57 am
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did you know comcast business goes beyond fast with a gig-speed network. complete internet reliability. advanced voice solutions. wifi to keep everyone connected. video monitoring. that's huge. did you guys know we did all this stuff? no. i'm not even done yet. wow. business tv. cloud apps and support. comcast business goes beyond at&t. start with internet and voice for just $59.90 a month. it's everything a small business owner needs. comcast business. beyond fast. good morning. new developments in sri lanka this morning. we have the latest on a new blast today. we are trying to make sure that everyone stays
5:59 am
safe. city leaders talking about the illegal dumping. what they are doing before announcing any citywide program. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. i am pam cook. >> and good morning, i am dave clark. are you ready for some summer weather? >> a northerly breeze will continue that is coming off the hills. it is not that strong, but we expect some of the higher elevations to pick up a little bit. maybe we could go to a live camera. when we go there and see when we look outside, this a little patchy fog out there. that is all i can find. we're going to find that it will burn off and once it burns off, we will have temperatures that will warm up. we will look for highs in the 60s.
6:00 am
temperatures in the 60s by the coast. 70s and 80s. beautiful monday for you and everyone else. >> thank you. >> we are keeping an eye on your commute this morning. here are a few shots today. we want to show you the bay bridge. it is a little light on friday. it is crowded at the toll plaza. it is moving over to the golden gate bridge. there is no fog and it is pretty clear along the golden gate bridge. we want to take you over to 280 in san jose. i can see the shot every day, but we know always talk about it. sal usually does, but it looks like it will be as well. >> some new developments this morning from sri lanka. th


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