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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 26, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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his car into eight people in sunnyvale goes before a judge to hear the charges against him. riders in san francisco face long delays as operators refused to work on their days off. in an effort to send a message to management during contract talk. sky fox captures dramatic video from the bay as a sea lion goes after its prey. how this life or death struggle ended. police in sunnyvale now say in army veteran who intentionally slammed his car into a group of pedestrians targeted those victims based on their race and his belief they might be muslim. the man charged in the crash went before a judge earlier today. welcome everyone.>> isaiah peeples is now facing eight counts of attempted murder. he plowed into the crowd while he was on his way to bible study.
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from the hall of justice in san jose with more on today's initial court appearance in this revelation by sunnyvale police about a potential motive.>> reporter: it was just outside the courthouse authorities made the announcement. they believe peeples targeted his victims. authorities are determining whether they think this rises to the level of a hate crime. isaiah people's first court appearance lasted a matter of minutes. roski to say the damage he inflicted with his car will last a lifetime. he is accused of mowing down eight pedestrians in sunnyvale on tuesday. authorities believe he intentionally targeted some of them based on religion. >> new evidence shows the defendant intentionally targeted the victims based on their race and his belief they were of the muslim faith. >> reporter: authorities are not saying what new evidences come to light. only it might change the case. and enhancement to the eight counts he already faces.
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>> some of you are wondering this is a hate crime. there is no hate crime allegation charge at this point in time. for one reason only. the matter is still being investigated. >> reporter:'s attorneys that the real issue in the case is his client's mental state. he alleges the veteran suffers from ptsd. we are disputing this was an intentional act. this act clearly was a product of some mental disorder or mental defect that caused this to happen.>> reporter: relative showed up to support isaiah peeples. no plea was entered. his lawyer plans to bring in a forensic mental health expert as the case moves forward. >> we will have him evaluated by the best people we can find. like all veterans he deserves the best people we can find.>> reporter: at least one of the victims in the case a 13-year- old girl remains in critical condition. his next court appearance is set for may 16. we go to
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fremont police released dashcam video today. in a deadly officer involved shooting that happened last week. the suspect a 30-year-old michael phelps who fired shots at officers was killed by police on civic center drive. he ambushed the officers and tried to kill them. officer shouted orders at him to keep his hands up. he appeared to comply at first. in the video you see him moved to his gun and grant it. it is clear he had a deadly venom debit toward police officers. no officer likes using deadly force. the men and women who go into policing do so because they are selfless they want to be guardians and protectors of the community. >> he died at the scene. police did recover a 40 caliber handgun. we learned the suspect had previously made threats to kill police officers. at one point saying god had instructed him to kill law
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enforcement. san francisco police say a mother and baby are expected to be okay after they were both hit by a car in the twin peaks neighborhood this morning. 2 vehicles collided just before 10 am at clarendon and dell brook avenue. this essay one of the cars was turning left when it hit the other car. both drivers did stay at the scene. we spoke with one driver who said the force of the collision pushed his car to the stroller. i slammed on the brakes and tried to swerve out of the way. i did not want to swerve so far where i hit the mom and child. the impact pushed me towards them. i brought the stroller i hit the front side of the stroller into the stroller with me. i jumped out the passenger door. that is the side where the baby was. >> that driver you heard from his training to be an emt. he said he picked up the baby off the pavement and help to
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evaluate the child before emergency crews arrived. the mother and baby were both taken to the hospital in stable condition. their injuries are not considered to be life- threatening. a big problem in san francisco for muni writers. service was interrupted between civic center plaza. there was a power outage around 7 am. reports of lines down. but shuttles transported passengers. today's issues come amid a recent slowdown in service as well. christian life for us this afternoon at market where operators are sending a message during contract talks.>> reporter: those operators are working directly ships. many are declining to work any overtime. what that means for a lot of commuters is that they have been left waiting for rides. san francisco relies on muni to keep the city moving. 720,000 rides per day. this week many of the riders have been waiting longer than
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usual for that ride. it comes a missed contract negotiations between the agency and this operators union. the blog explaining a combination of operator absences and operators not choosing to work overtime has slowed them down. we have been dealing with issues with operator availability. at first it was a combination of fmla leave six sick calls and operators not working on their regular days off.>> reporter: muni has been working with the shortage for years. on any given day the agency has about 1800 operators on the road. 50 of those working overtime. leaders say operators have been pushed to their limit. simply cannot keep working overtime to fill gaps left by not having enough drivers on staff. the operators are tired. physically and mentally exhausted stress the fatigue. that is what is happening. it is not a tactic. operators are tired. they are taking legitimate days off. >> reporter: they need to bring on more than 100 new operators
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but and make operator drops more attractive to bring in and retain the best and brightest. the union saying right now being a transit operator simply isn't a desirable job. >> the constant assault happening here on a daily basis. it takes 48 months to max out in pay. and also the wages in general. >> reporter: is proud of operators and is working to keep and attract more men and women to drive for muni. >> something we want to put out there. it is a competitive wage and salary salary. some of the highest paid drivers in the nation. >> reporter: for now the mta said they will send out email text alerts and updating social media to let customers know which lines are most impacted. this all comes during contract talks. we know how those negotiations are going? >> reporter: those contract
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talks are ongoing. no word on how they are going. those contract talks started about five weeks ago. former vice president joe biden reports raising $6.3 million in just the first 24 hours of his presidential campaign. the most of any of the democrats in the race so far. as lauren reports resident trump who is 72 years old is now raising questions about his age and stamina.>> reporter: president trump holds the record as the oldest person to take the office of the presidency. but that is not stopping him from taking swipes about the age of his democratic rival joe biden. >> i am a young vibrant man. i look at joe. i don't know about him.>> reporter: trump telling reporters he is concerned about the age of presidential candidate joe biden at age 76 announced his democratic candidacy in the 2020 race.
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>> during an interview this morning on the view biden responded to the president's remarks and the new nickname mr. trump gave him sleepy joe. it is a legitimate question to ask. about my age. that is for you all to decide not for me to decide. the best way to judge me is to watch. see if i have the energy and the capacity. >> reporter: he address claims he made women uncomfortable. with unwanted touching. i'm sorry i invaded your space. i invaded your space. and i am. i'm sorry this happened.>> reporter: he stops short of offering a direct apology to anita hill for his handling of the 1991 clarence thomas hearings. spending i'm sorry the way she got treated. if you look at what i said and did not say i don't think i treated her badly. >> reporter: if he becomes president he will take office at age 78.
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breaking trump's record by eight years. he isn't the oldest credit candidate in the 2020 race. bernie sanders is currently 77. with a number of presidential candidates seemingly to grow by the date we take a closer look at some of the contenders. coming up washington governor jay inslee. talks with us as we preview this week's issue of the issue is. investigations continue in sri lanka as officials make arrested in connection with a devastating easter sunday bombings. outside partly cloudy skies. low clouds returning tonight. cooler weather in store for your bay area weekend. a look at the current conditions and what you can expect for tomorrow coming up.
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sri lanka authorities look for suspects connected to the easter sunday suicide bombings that killed more than 250. soldiers attempted to raid a building of the nation's problems. with reports of gunfire between the soldiers and some of the suspects. today's raids come as muslims took part in the first day of friday's prayers since the bombings that the worshipers were heading to moscow across the country under tight security. >> reporter: muslims in sri lanka answering the call to prayer on friday. but many mosques in the capital remain closed. afraid of reprisal bombings
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following the deadly terror attacks on easter sunday. thomas legs muslims to pray at home. the did not stop worshipers who came in part to condemn the attacks. the people who did it we have to say as a muslim this is not. this is not muslim. >> the archbishop was canceled sunday masses until further notice. citing concerns over further attacks. police in sri lanka are still looking for two suspects they believe might be on. on friday australian officials confirmed the local militants responsible for the bombings had support from isis overseas. what this demonstrates is the new front we see in combating terrorism around the world. and that is returning foreign fighters. >> reporter: they have identified up to 140 sri lankans who might be affiliated with isis. they arrested 70 so far.
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the president set the manhunt will continue until isis no longer poses a threat to the country.>> we will be able to control the system situation completely like how other countries face isis we too will be able to. we will stop all activities by isis in sri lanka. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy is warning americans to stay away from places of worship this weekend. lets head outside and take a look at the beautiful bay area weather. is and is nice? we started with cloudy skies. by the afternoon turning partly cloudy. the clouds are still here rolling to portions of the bay and along the coastline. a partly sunny day. temperatures coming down for inland cities around the bay if you area is actually a little bit warmer. all in all we will continue a cooling trend as we get through your weekend. a look at the numbers here. a beautiful day santa rosa 74. 73 napa. oakland 67. livermore 85.
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san jose 79. a wide range of numbers. we have middle 60s at the coast to middle 80s inland. beginning to see some summertime stretch would typically get. this time of year. heading into the days ahead we will continue to drop numbers. you see most areas even over the north bay a tad warmer than 24 hours ago. hayward up by six. san jose up by five. we started cooler with the cloud cover. at lunch time temperatures were down. now that the sun is out we do have again a little bit of a warm-up over the bay area and most areas. onshore breeze at 24. hayward 16. livermore seven. the onshore breeze the pumps the cooler pacific air in and the cooling trend continuing for tomorrow. a view of storm tracker when it comes to the cloud cover and the fog you can see it did peel back. stuck along the coastline.
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we see it inside the bay as well. into the evening it will cross back over. tomorrow morning will start with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. in areas of fog. low 50s to start your morning san francisco. 53 hayward. 52 livermore. for the afternoon it is going to be a mild one. warm again inland low 80s santa rosa. in the east bay. 82 livermore at the coast. cool to mild 63 pacifica into the afternoon. redwood city 77. temperatures drop off more into the back end of the weekend. i will have a look at that and your extended forecast coming up. the u.s. economy grew faster than expected in the first quarter of the year. commerce department reported economic growth of 3.2%. from january to march. despite the government shutdown the trade war with china and boeings 737 max troubles. resident trump obviously very happy. and talking about it on twitter. very pleased with the growth he has seen and the economy. for more on the state of our economy we are joined by morgan
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stanley financial advisor georgina chitty. thank you for coming in.>> a lot of people were surprised by the growth we saw in the first quarter. what do you attribute it to? >> the government got its report card after the first quarter. it was pretty good. 3.2%. none of the analyst projected 3.2%. the president at the demonstration was flaunting 3%. nobody agreed. to our surprise this morning they came out at 3.2%. that is a good b+ for gdp report.>> is this economic report card is it all it is cracked up to be or could it be deceiving? >> the numbers of the numbers. three points who is 3.2. we had a bad winter. we did not have a lot of sales at the end of last year. that got pushed into this year. we to look at other economic reports like people got their tax refunds. the help to find at this thing.
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but basically we have people working. we have 102 straight months of job increases each month. more people are working. spending money. it was an excellent report. >> beyond more people being put back to work. a lot of this growth it seems driven by what i was reading higher inventories. a lot of businesses stock piling goods. i'm curious what is that signal. >> we haven't been manufacturing and putting enough surplus and inventory. this is living off of last year's inventory which creates more profitability. >> let's talk a little bit about something that folks are looking at. that is consumer spending. we did see consumer spending slowing. even though we saw the growth with the gdp. why do we see a slow down and how concerned should we be? >> we are seeing a minor slow down and spending. if you look at the earnings report from last quarter you notice they are lower. people have been spending less.
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>> what do we see in terms of interest rate hikes? we know the fed pump the brakes here. we are holding off on rate hikes. it would seem. if you have slower slowdown in consumer spending is there any thought about rate hikes? >> the key to this whole economic puzzle his interest rates. and the feds have paused in terms of raising the interest rate. that means companies can produce goods and have more profits. in fact it looks like because inflation is still pretty low we might not have an increase at all this year. we might even see a decrease in the rate. there is a 35% probability we did see a little more discount in the rate if inflation doesn't start to pick up.>> as he wrap up what do you see looking ahead for the rest of the year in terms of the growth of the economy? do we continue to see the numbers we saw in the last quarter? >> investor should be cautious.
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the first three months the s&p 500 is at a record of 2900 and some change. almost at its peak. when you wrap up that quickly about 18% in three months you can have a quick downfall correction when things get overpriced. that happened in september 2018. you remember the december only lost 10% of value. investors should be cautious. they should look at diversifying out of the u.s. a little bit. looking at international and developing markets and fixed income to hedge their bed. this thing doesn't go up forever. be sure to tune in tonight on ktvu for the last man standing. at 8 pm. followed by the cool kids 8:30 pm. it is an all new episode of proven innocent at 9 pm. watch the 10 pm and 11 pm news right here on ktvu.
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group of presidential candidates grew again this week with joe biden announcing his candidacy.>> he is one of 20 presidential hopefuls. this week on the issue is alex michelson spoke to another candidate jay inslee. he joins us with a preview of that conversation.>> reporter: good to see both of you. happy friday to you. i talked to cory booker who is running for president. he said 2020 is not only the year it is the number of candidates. 2020. we could end up having. one of them jay inslee came here to our sets. the governor of washington. his campaign is really all about one issue. that is the issue of climate change. he says he has a lot to say about other issues. his main focus is on climate change. here's what he had to say. >> what we are going to do
4:26 pm
build a $6 billion wind turbine industry. approaching 50,000 electric cars on the roads. we are building jobs like crazy and our clean air tech development fund. this is leadership on the west coast focusing on the most important thing.>> do you think we may need more taxes in this country to fix the climate change issue? >> in one sense one thing i know we need to do is to end that huge rating of taxpayer's pockets. of $27 billion. of subsidies going to the oil gas and coal industries. we should not take off the table consideration of carbon pricing systems. of course that is such a big issue for all of us in california is the issue of gas prices. that potentially would make gas prices more expensive which some environmentalists believe is a good thing. that way people would drive less or go to other things like hybrids.
4:27 pm
it is interesting to talk about that with jay inslee. he is trying to get a debate that happens all about the issue of climate change. tough for him to break out of the pack right now. it is a big week for politics in terms of presidential politics. joe biden entered the race. that's o'rourke is coming to california to make his first appearance. that will be saturday. los angeles. doing a town hall on monday in san francisco. sunday is san francisco. a lot of attention will be on him as we see all the candidates coming to california. >> california certainly is in the spotlight. growing influence here in our state. as we look ahead to the 2020 election. that will be part of your conversation on the show. >> it will be. also i want to mention something that might be interesting to you. we talked to ben lyons people know as an entertainment host and a sports host. he is done work with rock the vote. specifically with the golden state warriors. he is got them involved and
4:28 pm
work with kevin durant and steph curry. in getting people registered. steve kerr has been a leader in terms of the nba not only being a coach but an activist for so many causes. you will get into the issue of sports and activism. the bad news for warriors fans at least ben does not believe kevin durant is staying with the warriors. he seems to think he might be going to the next which is his team. maybe that is wishful thinking. the warriors are probably going to won again. they are anxious tonight. we have a big game happening. right down there in la in a couple hours. we are looking forward to the show this week. you can see the full conversation and much more on this week's episode of the issue is. tomorrow 6:30 am. followed by the weekend edition. of mornings on 2. coming up helping fight the opioid crisis. coming up we will talk with a dea agent who will join us to
4:29 pm
talk about how you can safely dispose of your unwanted medication this weekend. a group of cuban migrants rake out of a mexican shelter is the humanitarian crisis escalates. the latest from dallas is coming up.
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hundreds of migrants escape from overcrowded detention center in southern mexico. protesting a shortage of food and beds. this all comes as the trump administration continues its crackdown on people seeking asylum in the u.s.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: a new caravan of migrants is on the way to america's southern border. mexico is trying to slow it down. on friday 1300 mostly cuban immigrants escape a detention center. 700 eventually returned. the others remain on the run. relative state the migrants revolted after being held in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. revolt took place. that was seen coming because no one can stand what was happening. it is unbearable. >> reporter: the conditions result of crackdown on caravans. in some cases they have been raiding migrant camps. deporting those without documents. officials are no longer handing out humanitarian visas at the border. which has led to widespread complaints. i don't know the reason why today instead of protecting us they are handing us into immigration officers. i'm very afraid because i run
4:33 pm
into many strange people. there is no place for me to go. >> reporter: illegal crossings continued to search at the border. as of this week there have been 440,000 apprehensions compared to 396,000 for all of 2018. about half have been family units. we basically have no consequence we can apply to that group. we see these numbers continue to rise. with the outdated laws we currently have in place.>> reporter: trump tweeting he will send a more armed soldiers to the border. claiming mexico is not doing enough. that is the latest from dallas. a national event tomorrow aims to set the tide of opioid addiction. cities across the country will be participating in prescription drug take back day tomorrow. dea special agent charge is here. this event tomorrow so important. it really so easy. >> it is easy.
4:34 pm
as simple as going to dea put in your zip code and find a collection site close to your house as possible. you get whatever is in your medicine cabinet you no longer need. go to one these locations. >> we are interested in collecting prescription medications that are unwanted. unused. that you don't want in your medicine cabinet anymore. it is anonymous service. it is a free service but we want to help you dispose of those in a safe manner. the idea is really to get rid of these pills. before they get into the wrong hands.>> that is right. this nation is facing an incredible drug overdose death epidemic right now. i will use the analogy every californian can understand about wildfires. in the spring and summer time we try to clear the fuel from around our house. remove the weeds and underbrush. we are asking you to do the
4:35 pm
same thing with prescription medications that are potentially fueling maybe one more overdose death. we want to take that back from you. and dispose of it in a safe manner. that is an important way to look at this. the numbers are sobering. 130 people a day. dying of opioid addiction. that is right. the number from 2017 were more than 72,000 americans. to give you perspective. the oakland coliseum for an a's game feels that with 56,000 people. he staggering graphic. 17th time you will be hosting this event. it seems that people are really participating. i saw is that the said 75 thousand pounds of prescription medications were given back in california alone last time. the numbers continue to grow. we love we can do this public service. exercise along with our state and local counterparts. our tribal federal law enforcement counterparts helping us do this.
4:36 pm
there is no way dea could do this without other law enforcement help and most importantly the public. it is easy to find out a location near you. how many places are participating in the bay area? >> we have 40 locations participating. it is real easy. if you cannot make it this saturday from 10 am until 2 pm tomorrow go back to that dea website. you find locations that will take your medications back anytime around the year. you and i were talking before the segment about what prompted this. it wasn't initially the concern about drug abuse. although that is in people's minds but it is about people flushing these unwanted pills. these expired medications down there toilets. >> we've been doing this since 2010. our 17th time as you mentioned. we don't want you flushing these down the toilet or putting them in the water supply. bring them to us and we will dispose of them in a safe way. we especially don't want
4:37 pm
them to get into the hands of a potential attic. and add to the sobering numbers. an important message. thank you so much again. the drug take back day happening tomorrow. if you would like to find that collection site near you as chris was mentioning you can find the information on our website. it is easy. 40 locations here in the bay area. all that information is available police in colorado are working to figure out how many people were killed in a devastating crash west of denver. as alicia reports the driver to cause the crash is in custody. facing charges of vehicular homicide.>> reporter: >> i will tell you in my years at lakewood this is looking to be one of the worst accidents we have had in lakewood. >> reporter: a major interstate in colorado remain shut down as police investigate a deadly and fiery crash in lakewood west of denver. >> our investigation has really yet to begin. just given the magnitude and
4:38 pm
the size of the crash. >> reporter: at least 24 cars and four trucks engulfed in flames were involved in the pileup. as smoke eloped from the scene on interstate 70 thursday. police say a semi heading eastbound collided with cars that were stopped due to an accident ahead. there is no indication drugs or alcohol played a role.>> i 70 eastbound traffic was at a standstill because of a crash way out ahead of it. >> reporter: the arrested the driver of one of the trucks. 23-year-old aguilera is facing four counts of vehicular homicide. right now colorado transportation officials are urging drivers to avoid the crash site.>> it is true carnage. as far as the debris. what is left of cars and trucks. and the cargo. that were in the semi. we expect damage to the pavement. we don't know the extent. we are prepared to get in there quickly to repair it as safely
4:39 pm
and quickly as possible. >> reporter: sections of interstate will remain closed until saturday morning's rush hour. coming up we've got some pretty incredible video to show you. from the bay. marine mammal center is telling us about this battle if you will between a sea lion and a shark coming up next. a beautiful day around the bay area. low clouds will return tonight and into tomorrow. a mild forecasted store for your weekend. details coming up. yoooh, hello yellow! at ross and you find... yes! that's yes for less. spring forward with the latest brand-name styles at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. breaking news from alameda county. the sheriff has confirmed that he will be shutting down the glen dyer detention facility in downtown oakland because of budget concerns. that means all inmates will be transferred to santa rita jail in dublin by june. he said there will be no layoffs of sheriff staff. the sheriff tells us the closure will save $5 million in overtime each year. as well as an additional $1 million by combining food and medical services. the glen dyer facility is able to house over 800 people. a new poll found americans are some of the most stressed- out people in the world. the report found levels of stress anger and worry spiked in the u.s. during 2018.
4:43 pm
jessica has more on what is causing americans to stress out.>> reporter: are you feeling stressed out? you are not alone. according to a new survey americans are some of the most stressed-out people in the entire world. that is definitely true. are you feeling stressed right now? what stresses you out? >> work. my partner. my parents.>> reporter: gallops to report is out. americans they are experiencing a lot of negative emotions.>> everything is an issue nowadays. the world is so much more sensitive. >> reporter: last year americans reported feeling stressed angry and worried. they surveyed 1000 adults from different countries. they were asked about how they felt the day before. 55% of americans said they felt stressed during much of their day. well above the global average of 35%. i think we are busy and
4:44 pm
overwhelmed. and trying to do so many things at once can be stressful. some stress is helpful. too much stress is not good for you. >> reporter: in addition to stress 45% of americans reported feeling worried. 22% said they felt angry. the only country that had higher stress rates than the u.s. were greece the philippines and tanzania. >> it depends on the climate. americans tend to be stressed about their finances. their health. politics with the climate of politics now. >> reporter: those are the leading stressors. we are living in a sad time. we live in a sad time of turmoil between races and politics. i remember the time when people could be republican and democrat and live together. if you are one or the other you have to hate the other person. >> reporter: is not all negative. the survey found we generally do have more positive experiences. take a look at this. some incredible video.
4:45 pm
sky fox overhead near the bay bridge just before noon today. this is a sea lion versus a shark. we reached out to the marine mammal center to find out more. officials told us this video is consistent with an adult male california sea lion praying on a leopard shark. by utilizing a technique during foraging that temporarily stuns the prey. by taking out taking it out of its natural element. california sea lions are wild animals and they can be unpredictable. this comes after a very similar attack was caught on camera a month ago. near alcatraz island. i think the sea lions are just hungry. trying to get a bite to eat. this rosemary is here talking about our pool forecast for the weekend. it will still be nice not as warm as we were earlier in
4:46 pm
the week. we were about 90 degrees with inland communities but outside at this hour a live look from sepsis across the bay. you can see fog. these guys. they pulled back. we have partly cloudy at the moment the clouds will return getting into the evening hours. if you of the water vapor. it shows the circulation in the atmosphere. there is the weather event ringing us a change that will continue to bring the cooldown. the onshore breeze. the ridge of high pressure. now beginning to break down. it is cool at the coals. low 60s are partly cloudy. upper 50s for some areas but putting areas over san francisco. 80s this afternoon. pretty much what we saw over most of the inland areas. temperatures continue to come down into the weekend. it is still going to be nice. if you of the numbers at this hour. a warm one for the inner east bay. 85 brentwood. 85 livermore. south bay 79 san jose. around the bay. it'll 60s berkeley. san francisco area upper 50s to
4:47 pm
low 60s. 75 in the bottle. half moon bay 55. mostly cloudy skies. it is a cool one outside your door. a look at what you can expect if you're going to see the giants play later. 87 at game time. 7:15 pm. 15 to 20 miles per hour. 57. little cool for the evening game. tomorrow morning we start out with temperatures in the low 50s for most. 50 degrees to start the day in santa rosa. 53 vallejo. 53 concorde. around the bait low 50s in oakland. 50 to san francisco. south bay 53 san jose. likely to wake up with a low clouds way across over into our bay side communities. inland areas as well. over the north bay today that likely to recur tomorrow morning. partly to mostly cloudy skies. there is a fault for the first part of the morning. into the 10 pm hour it starts to burn away and break away. partly cloudy mostly clear for
4:48 pm
the afternoon. afternoon highs tomorrow coming down slightly. upper 70s santa rosa. 77 novato. upper 60s expected in sausalito. the east bay shore 73 oakland. low 80s for inland communities. danville 81. 81 antioch. folks that hit 85 to date low 80s expected for tomorrow. we're going to shave off a few degrees. low 80s for san jose. heading to the water santa cruz 72 the afternoon high. colder than that along the coastline for half moon bay pacifica low to middle 50s expected for you they are. 66 for downtown san francisco. 75 for palo alto. a look at your extended forecast. temperatures coming down slightly for sunday. not a lot of change going on. it is a good looking forecast. if you reach your ice early next week more of the same. when it clouds and afternoon sunshine. 60s at the coast. upper 60s at the bay. low 70s inland. we went from rainy conditions to warm conditions. we are back to spring once
4:49 pm
again. i'm hoping more sunshine on sunday. i'm going to the giants game. talk all day in the newsroom has been just how alex are you going to keep up with both bay area playoff teams? i might have to pick up a tv on my way home. the warriors of course have another chance to finish the la clippers. game six and la tonight at 7 pm. they had a chance to win the series on wednesday. but lost the game sending the series back to la. if the clippers won tonight which we hope does not happen game seven would be sunday at oracle. meantime down in san jose gates open to fan fest in just about 15 minutes. these are live pictures for you outside the shark tank. the sharks are still riding high after the stunning comeback victory over the golden knights. the first round of the playoffs. tonight it is time for the
4:50 pm
second round series against the colorado avalanche. puck drop just about two hours. a lot of sports to watch tonight. what is not fun as prices. they are rising across the country. they are skyrocketing here in california. regular unleaded is now averaging just over four dollars a gallon up and down the state. in the bay area the prices even higher. according to 888 the price of gas average is $4.05 a gallon in oakland. it is $4.06 in san jose. in san francisco gasoline cost you an average of $4.13 a gallon. as fox robert explains governor newsom is calling for an investigation. >> if you drive higher prices at the pump might not be breaking news. consumers might be feeling even more pain heading into summer. especially in the golden state. take a look at the prices. gasoline prices spiking nationwide since the highest is
4:51 pm
halloween in california. even higher topping four dollars a gallon. the highest going back to the summer of 2014. several reasons behind that. taxes a dollar a gallon in california. the state's taxes and tougher environmental relations. account for 70% of the spread above the national average. according to some analyst. the governor this week calling for an investigation into what he called an appropriate industry practices to find out why prices are staying so elevated. also refinery shutting down for maintenance or other issues but all of this combined to keep races higher especially in california. it is unclear if higher gasoline prices will slow consumer spending. experts say higher prices into summer might curb travel plans. >> what they might do is adjust their schedule. they might not drive as far. they might not go for as many days but or they will pack lunches as opposed to stopping at restaurants.
4:52 pm
we are anticipating this will be a busy summer travel season. >> reporter: consumers will keep a close eye on the gasoline prices. we are still a month away from the start of the unofficial summer driving season. coming up next taking the perfect baby names. but not for your newborn. a newborn zoo animal is what we are talking about. how you can help named the newest additions as san francisco zoo. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah.
4:53 pm
now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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this man had really good intentions. a father wanted to give his young daughters lumps of a herd of sheep grazing near his property. he was surprised when he opened the gates of the yard. the herd came rushing in. his backyard was overflowing with sheep. he lives in the city of lincoln. which uses sheep to get rid of vegetation ahead of fire season. he immediately regretted opening the gate. it took his family time to figure out what to do. finally he said his wife had the idea to shake a tambourine. which scares the sheep out of the yard. and back to their grazing field. if you have ever wanted to help name an animal at the zoo. now is your chance. the san francisco zoo is looking for help in naming 4 ab prairie dogs were recently born there. they are looking for spring themed names. those who chose choose the
4:56 pm
winning names will get an annual family membership. the prairie dogs were born six weeks ago. for more information on how you can submit a name here you can go to our website click on the web link session. a cat in crime year is taking motherly love to new heights. the cat lives in the park in the southern peninsula where she can be seen nursing her kitten along with her 4 baby squirrels. neighbors brought the orphan squirrels to the park. after finding them several weeks ago. the keeper said it's a time for the animals to warm up to each other. now clearly they are all one big happy family. nice way to end of the show. thank you everyone for joining us. news at 5 pm begins after the break. we will see you on the 7 on ktvu plus.
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new evidence shows the defendant intentionally target the victim based on their race and his believe they were of the muslim faith. stunning new allegations from sunnyvale police against the man they say aimed his car at a group of people and then ram them down. for the first time the suspect appeared appeared in court to face charges.>> isaiah people's court appearance lasted less than two minutes. he is facing eight counts of
5:00 pm
attempted murder. and is live outside the courthouse in san jose where police discussed the case.>> reporter: it was just after court authorities made the announcement citing new evidence. they will try to determine whether this rises to the level of a hate crime. isaiah people's first court appearance lasted a madden matter of minutes. the damage he afflicted with his car will last a lifetime. people's is accused of mowing down eight pedestrians in sunnyvale tuesday. now authorities believe he intentionally targeted some of them aced on religion. new evidence shows the defendant intentionally target the victims based on their race and his belief they were of the muslim faith. >> reporter: authorities are not saying what new evidence has come to life. it might change the case. a new enhancement to the eight counts of attempted murder he already faces. >> summer wondering whether


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