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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 26, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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police say that suspect is on the next really dangerous. thank you for joining us tonight. >> the for shooting was reported and oakland not far from the maccarthur bart station. another killing in san francisco's bay district. 43 on stiphane jefferson. police say he was last seen driving a toyota sedan. jana katsuyama with information about one of the victims. johnna? robo we learn from the san francisco medical examiner's office that the victim in the san francisco homicide has been identified. his name is laron davis, and according to the san francisco medical examiner, he is 49 years old and a resident of san francisco. a very sad end to the day for his family as well as the family of another victim as police continue to search early this morning.
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oakland police said they got a call at 10:15 morning about the shooting on the 4100 block of market street. police put crime tiburon one house, where they say they found a man who has been shot multiple times. the oakland fire department and paramedics responded, and they say the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: the victims victim say was an employee of the city of berkeley. oakland police began a manhunt for the suspect, 43-year-old stiphane jefferson described as 5'10", 185 pounds. public record shows jefferson's address as the house at the scene. he left in a black toyota four- door sedan with a california license plate, 7wvy390. then, just before 1:30 p.m., san francisco police got a call to arelious walker drive about the shooting in the city it was bayview district in opposite released this photo saying they were searching for the same
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suspect in the same toyota sedan. san francisco police say jefferson was suspected of shooting a man at the alice griffith housing complex. the victim later died at the hospital. in oakland, the ellicott alum and nearby houses, and in the military institute just blocks away from the shooting on market street. >> i heard about it, so i sent out all staff to our altstatt email saying this police activity unrelated to our campus. >> reporter: schools went on lockdown after they received a gun threat, but that turned out to be unrelated. >> that is why we reacted with the lockdown to protect our students? >> reporter: tonight, the oakland police department oakland crimestoppers announced they are offering a reward of up to $10,000 for any information that could help lead to his arrest. you can call the police if you do have any information. alyana? >> jana katsuyama live in opd tonight. tonight.
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will >> i can hear really close. >> the repeated calls and suspect could be whole the cal over an investigation. >> earlier this afternoon our patrol officers checking the parking lot.
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they found stolen vehicle in the lot. while he started to look at the vehicle, a male exited one of the rooms in the motel. it appeared to be associated with the vehicle. >> the suspect was taken into custody along with a female friend. there is a search that escalated the afternoon. two registered a backpack loaded firearm was found inside of the backpack and to make it wider perimeter was established around the motel as the drone pilot is fire department circling above giving police a visual. as to others is next refused to
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surrender. while police waited on a search warrant guests were evacuated for >> i get a call from office a to step out of my room and come up across the street. so we, across street house and come talk to us please? give entry to a rear sliding door giving a ramp to shatter a window. rest is next outstanding felony warrants. no shots were fired and those reports of injuries. police said they couldn't take chances. >> rob not, box 2 news. lease release body camera
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footage and ashcan video in which officers shot and killed a man file on them first. it happened last week. investigators say michael fell from and ambushing passing officer from a guy who struck his shoulder. other offices shut orders to keep his hands up. he appeared to comply at first, but that in the video police say he moved towards his gun and grabbed it. we the suspect had made threats to kill police officers and at one point god had instructed him to kill law enforcement. two new allegations against him in accused mowing on a pedestrians with his car in sunnyvale on tuesday. police said today that the
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evidence shows isaiah -- only some of the victims tackle because he believes they are muslim. at least one of the victims remains in critical condition tonight. people do not enter a plea in court today.>> there's no hate crime allegation charge at this point in time. one reason only. the matter is still being investigated. two we are disputing that this was an intentional act. this act really was a product of some mental disorder or mental defect that caused this to happen. >> the war veteran suffers from ptsd. he plans to bring a forensic
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mental health expert for an evaluation. guilty at all counts, that it was handed out at the courtroom. 4 connected to a dui hit-and-run crash that killed two little boys in concord. using court with decision. she was waited nearly 2 years to get justice for her son. in 2017 she was driving home from a movie with her three boys when their car was hit by a driver who veered off the are on the way unless and highway in concord. on friday a jury found guilty of two counts of second-degree murder. his attorney argued the case
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was overcharged in a family member insist wilson was not drunk. >> he knows the feeling of losing a child that he lost a child. 12 for this happened. it's just not fair. she should take some kind of responsibility of not having her children in seatbelts. >> that argument is offensive to rest and her family. she agrees. >> it was like a bomb goes off of the vehicle. these kind of change. isaiah's and things change. the rescue that wilson had a prior dui conviction 2011 and
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two others that fell outside of the tenure window. is release the jury reached a verdict in my healing will never occur completely, at least the stage and justice they can receive from the process or core project. it's are for people to wrap their mind around it because so random , so sudden and unexpected. mcgrath was injured in the survived along with her if her son. on friday she was rented by loved ones it is because she felt the machine heard the guilty verdict. >> justice was served.
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>> wilson will be sentenced at the end of next month. she faces more than 40 years to life in prison. the search continues for the gunmen who murdered another man at people's work in berkeley earlier today. this is the scene around 3:30 on hastie street. uc berkeley police say they found a man shot in his data has no later passed away. authorities in the shooter took off in a car the shooting does not appear to be random. they tell us that either the victim or suspect appears to be affiliated with university. the county sheriff's office
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has ended an 18 hour search off highway one near montero beach where a vehicle is in writing off a cliff last night. deputies say just before midnight a driver reported seeing an oncoming red car that veered towards him. before peering to drive off the cliff and that the source area by boat, play, and on land, but so with xfinity mobile i can customize each line for each family member? yup. and since it comes with your internet, you can switch wireless carriers, and save hundreds of dollars a year. are you pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call. get the data options you need and still save hundreds of dollars... do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome.
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customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. not have a completing about long lines and crowded buses. many people say there forced to find another way to work or even walk instead. we release photo of what caused the outage, it was a faulty overhead wire that led him. truly p.m. was torn down by a train traveling from civic center station. the brook tingled train and shattering's review maintenance procedures do not happen again. former vice from democratic nominee raised in the. race so far.
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today president trump residuals 32 was young. biden set it aside if he is up to the job. he also seemed defensive when asked about accusations by several women and feeling comfortable. nancy what you say i'm sorry that i did. >> i'm sorry i'm sorry this happened. >> future of offering apology for his handling of the 1991 clearance volunteering. she is objective to attend questions with an all white all- male panel of senators. catered the committee of the time and coming up were cal. cal on the bus for what
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mosquitoes are coming up a war coming off as we headed to the legal have your forecast you see vertex the list of the u.s. colleges and universities. five just below uc irvine and ucla. they rimless, that price, and earnings, timely graduation,. number one followed by. fishing for later start time in school system and to get more sleep. under newbill middle and has will be required to startle
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earlier than eight measure passed last year but was vetoed by former governor jerry brown. lawmakers dialed to try to me is epidemic among that academics and attended would improvable days. the bill is opposed by the caliphate tradition decisions should be handled at the local level. to crack addiction. a prescription drug take back day tomorrow. medications for they end up in the wrong hands. this is the 17th drug take back day and it's more important now
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than ever given the opioid epidemics that claims about 130 lives a day. if you like to find a collection site near you, you can find that information on a website . new, time to check your yard or standing water. the breeding ground for mosquitoes and all of the rain and sudden heat will detecting earlier than usual. >> reporter: running his property, dave found himself inside a 15 foot cloud of love. the minicar vector control.
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>> in fact mosquitoes don't swarm, the cluster nasser the insect called midget. mike is in on fighting, it can look just like a mosquito. this forms show this time of year specialist people model, tall grass.>> they had to the cost to vector technicians for two this year to help with the 90 degree heat we had. two sonoma is getting more than 100 calls a day. two plus people see for mosquitoes during the summer, because they are outside. definitely this time of year.
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>> mosquitoes are year-round, but less active and when it is michael's people don't until they start being bitten by mosquitoes. >> while livingston five acres are rule the pond, and greeks were mosquitoes to breed these tiny rafts confound anywhere. laroche resembles a pollywog exploit in about a week. i did upon his two livingston has to mosquito eating fish before: diet. >> not showing up in his creek either. what a relief because of two
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dozen species of mosquito, one is particularly dangerous the mosquito breeds were collected in drugs. livingston had one patch that way. phil said put the dog to sleep when they try to kill the heartworm, and the dog didn't make it through. >> look to the so-called mosquito leader. they have a mouth. >> how did they get the reputation question i don't know. >> is to clarify that all the time? two all the time. >> in petaluma, ktvu for news.
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services the please confirm that homicide suspect stephan had been arrested nevada. shooting in kansas goes 4040 learn more about who's checking out. police confirmed he had been arrested and is in custody because forecast looks like will shave off deputies and 85. the climate in the towards pacifica and discovered is a topped out 80 satellite showing
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you thislocal coastline of the gate bridge. at around monarch you got it back into the as we head into early to numbers are pretty mild. third at walnut creek. what is a. we have a light wind, using underwent gusting to 28 the wind is run and nine miles per hour. we are looking at processes that obey the bay bridge is not much in the way of the patches will back into the head into any overage hours. sunny skies: love next week overnight lozier thinking low
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to mid 50s 7 saturday morning the main reason for the cooling this week is this is offshore. little bit tomorrow. by sunday this will be closer to the coastline. as a result maybe drizzle down there, but that will reinforce the cooling sunday. we are expecting partly sunny skies and temperatures in letchworth antioch and services goes 66, san jose forecast high 78. six. looking averages just some 60s and see is a nice weekend were cast.a little
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bit and more cloud cover on sunday. you can deathlike out to do some things. two i will take it. participate service is on east waystation this weekend. it will replace 50-year-old and other equipment. i'll be running between those to the open will set up to help writers over did 50 for with the clippers. we will have much worse.
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lot of playoff action in hockey and in ball. like you have so much on here tonight. took a little longer than most expected, but warriors finally pushed first. >> that he has no idea what her team was in for tonight. they actually lead early and the lawyers to get with the folded and never look back. sad.about career playoff high. the hero. warriors in a cliff the series
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back all the biggest is in the rearview mirror for the sharks. my starting over, around two the game one against the avalanche. take you to the tank former shocks douglas tailing their interest organ intervals. they work with second period of 2-1. michael sorensen and joe thorton snap second goal the playoffs has hundreds or playoff assist.
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kevin this was absolutely filthy -- filthy watching go-between legs. he was ill the deal. they tack on a couple more and would 5-2. on most of the nights medicine versus the yankees would be the story of local sports. game 1-three and aaron judge among many stars out of commission. this is not a good night for the giants. this lasted 5 2/3 to give up 11 hits including wanda cameron was a giant in spring training. he scores and be the giant 7-3.
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a's in toronto is the best aspect in facebook is major league debut. he was watching in the ninth inning of a game when brandon walked off. the 49ers went receiver happy on day two of the draft taking a pair of dylan in the third round. they never came aboard just yesterday. next the over all i can pick did you know comcast business goes beyond fast with a gig-speed network. complete internet reliability.
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advanced voice solutions. wifi to keep everyone connected. video monitoring. that's huge. did you guys know we did all this stuff? no. i'm not even done yet. wow. business tv. cloud apps and support. comcast business goes beyond at&t. start with internet and voice for just $59.90 a month. it's everything a small business owner needs. comcast business. beyond fast. team that is artie assembled a good squad. displaying here seems the best. >> the raiders made a single pick today being quarterback mullen from clemson defensive mvp of the national title game and cousin of lamarr jackson the ravens >> the their names call today.
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our sega tron will join stanford alumni . ay, it makes me sad. ay, i know that you miss him. no. look at my ass. there are two things in that picture i don't have anymore. ay, mamá, qué loca. sonia, can i help you? no, no, she's fine. it keeps her busy. we need more corn. gloria, where is your garden? i will harvest some. they don't live that way, honey. gloria, give me the keys. we'll go to the market. hey, you're all awake. i didn't hear you. oh, look at my two handsome men. mi niño, my little fulgencio umberto. you know, about the name, we're not entirely sure... sonia, vámonos. good-bye, fulgencio. say good-bye to fulgencio. good-bye, fulgencio. (under breath) his name is joe.


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