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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:59pm PDT

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and washington, d.c. presidents trumlks with china continue in a very congenial manner, there is absolutely no need to rush. the talks wrapped up just hours after the white house raised tariffs from 10% to 25% on $200 billion of chinese goods. they today officials said the ministration is preparing for 25% tariffs on all other chinese imports that are not already subject to taxes worth about $300 billion. the trump administration says it's trade policies are boosting the economy.>> it's also been because we have been fighting for the free and fair trade that frankly has been missing from our country into many relationships.>> the two sides have some wriggle room since the tariffs don't apply to goods shipped before today, but that give negotiators about three weeks to reach a settlement before new shipments start to arrive in the u.s.
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the cost of import taxes are often passed on to consumers, some imports that could be affected include furniture, luggage and seafood. also items like refrigerators, freezers and air-conditioners. auto-parts, lumber and stone products could also cost more and despite the tensions the rocky week on wall street ended with a late rally. the dow rose 114 points, the nasdaq was up six and the s&p was up 20 points. the global impact of the escalating war is being felt at the local level here and we found out the hiking tariffs will hit local bike shops. >> we have recently gotten emails from our vendors notifying us that with this tariff increase everything in the industry is going to go up. >> reporter: downtown bicycle express is a five out of six
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products sold in their store are imported from china. the label made in china might better read cost more because it's from china. a strategic management professor.>> that means the prices for many different products rise dramatically, products from china become uncompetitive with products from other countries and companies that do everything from semiconductors to bicycles wind up paying a huge premium on stuff that they really need.>> reporter: in total there are 194 pages of products impacted by higher tariffs on chinese goods. some such as toddler highchairs or infant walkers are exempted but others from luggage to auto- parts to furniture will cost more. for bicycle express rising costs will be passed on to customers.>> i know we will end up having to charge more for bike parts because the products will cost us more.
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>> consumers say with bay area costs driven by housing continuing to climb and increase to maintain their bicycles could push them to the brink.>> i'm already paying for everything. i really don't have too much money to spare.>> reporter: experts say of consumers don't start to change their spending habits the result could be a slowing economy and less opportunity for existing businesses and new businesses hoping to get in while things are good. >> it can do terrible things for the economy but it won't do terrible things for the economy if it lasts a couple weeks, it will do that if it lasts months and months.>> reporter: businesses and consumers hope shared pain will lead to de- escalation and a removal of all tariffs. shares for uber stalled on wall street to the closing below there $45 shipping price.
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still the right healing company raised more than $8.1 billion giving the company an estimate of market value of $82 billion, that's five times more than its rival which went public six weeks ago. some analysts doubt whether ridesharing services will ever make money but others are looking for the future.>> we believe that uber will be the amazon of transportation.>> it is usually a good time to be cautioned. >> the expected ipo follows a turbulent week for the company including a driver strike in the bay area and elsewhere over demands for better pay. still joining us our financial expert from morgan stanley, ridesharing companies are a big business these days. however these stocks have stumbled out of the gate. what is your thought on this because uber is a much bigger company than lyft.>> this month
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alone we have had 20 ipos, all disruptive technologies. so when does everybody want to get in these companies and sometimes they get disappointed if they come out at a price that goes down like we saw today, people go into it because they have a perception that they can capture markets globally and a lot of these technologies have the opportunity to do that. anybody who is investing in those, if you are looking for a quick return it might not happen. you have to be looking at long- term vision of the company. that's why they are trying to get money to enact that law.>> we see that the company is losing a lot of money i think they lost in the billions but they also made money, plus uber is around the world. is this one of those things that you go and long term, is that what people should look at when you look at investing? >> this is the year of the unicorn, they don't exist it's
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a fantasy so a lot of these disruptive technology companies that are coming out have really good business models but are not profitable. kind of like what amazon was at facebook. but you make an investment because you have a vision they are going to do well out in the future.>> we see the ridesharing vehicles all the time it looks like it's at some point going to make some money. just how many people are participating.>> it's a very scalable model. i was in moscow about 20 years ago and i saw a young person raised their hand on the street, a car pulled up they had a discussion and they got up and went away and i asked my friend what that was all about. they said very few people have cars and if they do they can make some extra money right after the fall of the economy. here it is fast-forward today and it is very scalable because of the apps that we have, it enables the business model to be expanded to anybody.>>
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scaling is when they have people taking to places, they have uber eats now, these delivery services. let's talk about the chinese terrace now this will affect anyone if you want to buy anything, were already paying more because of a 10% increase on tariffs and now we are going to get hit with more, what you make of all this? >> china is a little scary because when we drew a line in the sand today and said the next 200 billion of imports were going to attach to 25% tariffs, when i look at the list of imports they are all things that we use in manufacturing, there are ball bearings. mechanical equipment, the cars and refrigerators you talked about. they are all things we don't produce here so regardless of a tariff we are going to be paying 25% more for these items because we need them. so that's going to increase our cost and that is pretty much guaranteed based on the list of items subject to tariffs.>> how long do you think this can
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continue going?>> we want to dance with them and they wanted to dance with us. these are the two largest economies, china and the united states. china has a huge middle class and will probably supersede us in the next couple years. it's in everybody's best interest we get along. it's a global economy, this is disruptive even though we have to address the tariff issue. this goes back to the 1700s. this has been an ongoing debate with countries over the years but we have been on the wrong side of it. it's creating disruption.>> we are both powerful economies here. something will be worked out in the long run i suppose.>> that's what the market trends at up to. because we are still engaging in talks. until china comes out how they're going to respond, then we see what happens.>> thank you for your insight in this
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big topic. another laptop theft in berkeley today but this time the suspect did not get far. we were there as police detained four suspects all high school students. >> reporter: our cameras captured for teenagers being detained by police suspected of robbing a woman of her laptop. police say the woman was inside people's cafe when the laptop was stolen. >> she was saying that all of her work and travel documents are on the computer and she just needs it back. they were shoving her away and saying that they did not have the laptop but her behavior suggested that.>> reporter: they ran through the downtown berkeley station and back onto the street before police arrived. >> they tried to threaten me to
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go away with various maturities telling me to go away. one of the men actually punch someone else that tried to stop the attack.>> reporter: we learned three of the teenagers detained are students at berkeley high school, the fourth is a student at berkeley technology academy. berkeley police say robberies are common in public places like cafes. on monday for massed people stole two laptops from uc berkeley students from sachs coffee house. the suspect dropped one of the laptops as they got into a getaway car and one week ago police say two separate armed robberies targeting groups happened one hour of each other. >> we have had a couple armed robberies now it seems to be escalating.>> reporter: the victim is more concerned about the for teenagers, she does not want to press charges or see them go to jail, in fact she's writing a research paper on reducing the number of people
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in prison. and ultimately sparks a conversation about rich restorative justice measures for teens. a suspected arsonist is in custody facing a number of charges right now. michaelis brown is accused of starting two fires in dublin before leaving eight chase and livermore. officers were called to report a suspicious vehicle, that's where police said rounds at cars and a building on fire. the man who owns a business on sierra court says one of his employees was there as firefighters worked to put out the flames. >> they told me you should be very thankful because another 1520 minutes this whole building across the roof could have been engulfed and this could have been a serious disaster. >> reporter: when officer tried to pull the driver over he refused to stop, the pursuit eventually came to an end but not before officials say the
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suspect rammed a chp cruiser but then crashed into a gas pump. you can already see the fire danger increasing in the east bay hills, the less green hillsides turning brown already. still to come the crucial fire prevention project about to begin. it was like god opens the doors for me, here's your job, take it. and i took it.>> that woman's son was killed in the line of duty, she's explaining how she has used her son's death to make positive change. kickoff from houston is less than an hour from now, james harden is warming up there, probably practicing that deadly step back, game six and the warriors have a chance to win this series tonight but they will have to do it without
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tastier... i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. six in less than an hour. >> and they will do with their superstar, still here in the bay area. we have all the details ahead of snipes big-game. >> you just saw james harden a
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second ago, he just went and so he has finished his warm-ups. steph curry was out here a moment ago but you said it. harden and durand have been the big stars of this series so far. they will have to do it without durrant over that pain he suffered from both how many teams can say one of our all- stars go down and we have three other all-stars that we can rely on? it's a different formula for the warriors when the rent is not in. the defense got a bit tighter and the offense which is what the tradition was for the warriors everything pretty much went through curry. he got hot in the fourth quarter, some key baskets down the stretch he ended up with 25 points. clay thompson the other half went let's not forget they made it
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finals and got one champ before they ever got here. also the role players are getting more and more minutes but it's something they're familiar with and something they feel they can do.>> trust your teammates, have fun and let it slide. go out there and fly around.>> we have to play well we have to be aggressive. i would like to shoot the ball better. confidence stays the same i'm display my game. i did not wake up today with extra weight on my shoulders or anything. >> one thing about these playoff games, you know everybody knows has a different personality, it will take a different personality for the warriors tonight there's no question about it. they feel like they have the
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players that can get it done. they have the luxury of a seventh game if necessary. you can count on that as you hear the folks starting to get cranked up behind me it will be loud here, very partisan, the officials will be under the microscope and they will have to come out here and play the best game they can. they have the luxury of game seven if necessary.>> it seems like the roles have reversed, last year chris paul went out and game five when he had home- court advantage, now this year we have kevin durant out and game five, the warriors really need to take this one.>> the warriors have been pretty fortunate throughout this s and that first championship, the situation in san antonio where got hurt.
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they have been the team that have been the one fortunate enough to stay healthy for the series and now we have to see what they can do with one of their star players down.>> check out what was in our studio this morning. visiting the set during mornings, the san jose sharks one step closer to winning the cup for the first time. then one of the western conference finals is tomorrow, that's when the sharks host the st. louis blues for game one and game two as well. good luck to them, hopefully they can pull it off. a gorgeous day in the bay today and i good day to get people to stay inside and watch sports.>> we are overwhelmed with options here.
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the weather will cooperate but here you can see the forecast for tomorrow, clouds will start out for saturday, skies becoming partly cloudy and sunday mother's day clearing skies to the coast and temperatures are up just a little bit. these are all just some very tiny changes. here is the satellite, what's interesting you can see showers and thunderstorms down toward southern california. showers and thunderstorms are moving in from the south and as you can see right now we have low clouds in the coastline, low clouds will gradually redevelop as you would expect later on tonight and into early tomorrow morning. kearns numbers, we have some 50s and 60s and 70s on the board, concorde 74 san jose 71 and san francisco and half moon bay have cooled off into the upper 50s. here is the live camera looking out toward san francisco bay where we have hazy skies, looks
5:21 pm
like clouds have backed up for now but overnight lows expecting most areas in the 50s, a few upper 50s to start out saturday and san francisco at the clock, mostly cloudy skies and into the afternoon hours patchy fog. 60 degrees by 4:00 partly cloudy and breezy temperatures are on track to approach the mid-sixties. here is the forecast model tomorrow morning, low clouds near the coast and near portions of the bay, even some patches inland and into the afternoon hours you can see the clouds gradually clearing back towards the coastline. if you're headed towards the beaches he wants to bundle up, temperatures in the upper 50s close to 60. san francisco 64, pacifica 59, a few more jose 70 degrees in gilroy, a forecast high of 80 there. mother's day and ice forecast, some clouds in the morning
5:22 pm
clearing back and into next week looks like a drop off and by wednesday picking up the clouds, it's hard to tell if we could be tracking some rain with those clouds but at this point we will have increasing clouds by midweek. at a time when school safety is top of mind, one bay area school district is cutting its security staff. coming up why there will be dozens fewer security guards walking the halls of oakland unified schools. rescue on the water in san francisco, this was stage but we will tell you the reason why and the message it's meant to send to bay area visitors. debris removal put on hold because of endangered frogs, why hundreds of campfire victims will have to wait a bit longer to clean up their damaged properties.
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and east bay school will lose 30% of its staff due to budget cuts, next year two dozen fewer security guards walking the halls of oakland unified schools.>> we spoke with the district police chief who says although the cuts will hurt student safety will not be compromised. >> reporter: is not uncommon at many oakland schools to see a uniformed security officer walking the halls. besides keeping her children safe many of them serve as friends, mentors>> we know when something is not right.>> reporter: in the fall the oakland unified security
5:26 pm
officers will be laid off as part of the $22 million in budget cuts the district had to make as it works to give raises to teachers.>> they wants to pay the teachers to keep them in the district. it's going to be a mess when they lose most of the security guards.>> everybody has to take a certain hit when it comes to the layoff process and were not exempt.>> there under the leadership of a police chief of the school, five years when he took over the department he had more than 100 school security offices, that number dropped to 57 this coming school year. >> i'm pretty comfortable with the redeployment i don't think it's going to be a drastic w we to figure out what is most important and i don't know how they are figuring it but to me we should be the last ones.>> reporter: the majority of the
5:27 pm
cuts at the elementary level with little to no change at high schools, the cuts are not something he wants, just the hands he is dealt. >> i would like to maintain those 24 but like everywhere else there are budget cuts. >> reporter: the chief has the authority to move offices around if there's a greater need for security at different campuses. he says four areas where there will be no security officers his police force are just a phone call away. the oakland police department is back again and this time in vallejo. what's the city has hired howard jordan today. the new waterfront ballpark, the group was in construction. only open for six weeks but has now been closed for eight months. repair work at the salesforce transit center is now done and there's finally word on when it might reopen. alright boys, time for bed.
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the city of vallejo has hired a familiar face, a former oakland police chief. we're live at the vallejo police department with more.>> reporter: that former oakland police chief is howard jordan, the vallejo police have taken plenty of hits lately and he is no stranger to controversy himself. howard jordan led the oakland police force for several years overseeing the department during the occupy oakland protest in the shooting death of four officers. now he has been hired to help find the next chief to lead the vallejo police department.>> chief jordan had a stellar career with the city of oakland. he was a change maker. he had credibility.>> reporter: jordan will help restore the departments reputation, taken a hit under chief andrew who is retiring in june.>> we need tru
5:32 pm
and partnership that we once had.>> reporter: jordan will work with the u.s. department of justice to address community relations. in a statement the vallejo city manager said the city has already taken bold steps to push forward on improved community relations with the police department and mr. jordan will be a catalyst to our efforts. vallejo police are dealing with fallout over deadly shootings by officers in classes with citizens caught on video. in oakland it was not without conflict, he retired amid a report he was forced out. that does not faze the mayor. >> i think it's a plus, the controversy retired under was from internal pressures and that being said gives him a leg up on how to navigate through the issues. >> the mayor tells me howard
5:33 pm
jordan will not be the next police chief, he will only be a consultant. i reached out to jordan today but he declined to comment. labor unions have announced their support for a new a's ballpark , the labor council and the afl are both backing the project citing the potential economic benefits to these. the unions represent about 135,000 workers in several industries but a group called the east oakland alliance has come out against the proposal expressing concerns about how it might affect the port of oakland. supporters say those concerns are being addressed.>> it's one of the gems of this district. it's one of the biggest economic drivers. i care about the port of oakland, i will not let it be heard by this project. there is definite possibility and real plans for peaceful coexistence.>> supporters say the privately financed project would create 2000 construction
5:34 pm
jobs. a timeline on when the salesforce transit center is expected to reopen. officials say the crack steel beams have been fixed and the center should be back open in a few weeks. >> reporter: eight months ago one of those cracks was discovered in one of the beams in this span here behind me, you will remember jack's were in place here adding support to that while crews report repair that beam, now those jacks are gone and the repairs are done.>> the repairs are complete. it is a huge milestone that happened since our last meeting.>> reporter: the authority announced yesterday that the work has been completed shoring up the massive steel beams or those cracks were discovered.
5:35 pm
now crews are installing light panels and other materials to make way for those repairs. they are also working with pd andy to reinstall traffic lights and reopen crosswalks under those spans. also reviews are underway, crew checking the work to make sure it was done properly. meanwhile the construction manager says work is underway replacing the failing walkway on top of the transit center. you will remember the past was deteriorating, now crews are replacing the original granite path with concrete. that worked is set to go underway this month. a bit of repair work has been completed, there is still no hard date for the transit center to reopen. for now if that peer review is completed soon the center could reopen for transit users in june. for some time we've been telling you about concerns of safety and security. now the transit agency has another problem to fix. last year passengers took 8 million fewer trips, the board
5:36 pm
met to discuss the issues this week. the popularity of ridesharing services like uber and lyft is one reason for the lower number is. they are surprised surprised to hear about the declining rides.>> it seems like there's a lot more people in parking is bad so i am surprised about that.>> havoline has been writing cars for a year but i feel it's more packed than it has been.>> according to data ridership peak was back in 2016 and back then they had 128 million passengers but it has declined every year since to 120 million trips last year. the sway bar station will be closed for maintenance work as it tried to make the rides smoother for passengers. old tracks and equivalent will be replaced. a bus bridge will be in place for commuters to travel between
5:37 pm
those stations. gibson michael laney and her husband are in los angeles to receive a college degree on behalf of their late son. he was shot and killed back on march 10 during a robbery attempt near the usc campus. the promising drummer and jazz musician was a senior at the usc school of music. he was expecting to graduate today but instead his parents are attending his commencement to receive his diploma. his killing remains unsolved. >> he had a heart for music and the people in this area. the rainy season just ended but the fire danger is already picking up, still to come a crucial fire dementia prevention project is about to begin. mayor pete is in the bay area after a stop in los angeles. coming up next we will hear from the presidential candidate pete buttigieg about how he can stand out among the crowd of democrats.
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that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. pete buttigieg brings his campaign to san francisco tonight, but earlier today he campaigned in los angeles appearing at the abbey, a well- known gay club in west hollywood. he's an openly gay war veteran who is currently the mayor of south bend indiana.
5:41 pm
>> i'm certainly conscious of the responsibility that comes with the historic nature of this candidacy. at the same time i'm responsible for everything.>> he has at least four events scheduled tonight posted by donors ending with the fundraiser at the regency ballroom in san francisco. he will be the guest on the issue is and you can watch his interview tomorrow morning at 6:30 followed by all the days news and weather on mornings at two. the pentagon says is shifting $1.5 billion for military programs to construction of 80 miles of barriers at the border with mexico. the money is being drawn from several defense programs including one that supports the afghan army and other security forces. in march the pentagon transferred $1 billion from army personnel budget accounts as part of the presidents emergency declaration. the acting defense secretary patrick shanahan plans to visit the border tomorrow.
5:42 pm
u.s. officials now say korea launched three missiles not due as purposely thought. yesterday's log was the second in five days the pentagon's as the missiles were ballistic and that is a violation of the un resolutions and has prompted a call from some u.s. allies for more sanctions on the north. some experts say only an increase in military pressure can bring kim jong-un back to the marketing table.>> the real question is do we truly believe that we can demand that north korea agrees to complete a reversible verifiable destruction nuclear program berefowe do anything. >> the pentagon says all options are on the table when it comes to north korea but any military response would likely be complicated by the shifting strategic situation in east asia. the regional powers accused the u.s. of using the conflict with north korea as a pretense to build up forces in the area. so-called antivaxxers have used
5:43 pm
social media to spread their message but one platform just announced it's putting an end to that. how instagram says it's cracking on. plus you can see the changes almost every day, the lush green hills of the east bay are quickly becoming brown and that means fire dangers. coming up next the plans in place to keep people safe and a wildfire from growing out of control. a bit warmer today across portions of the bay area but the fog will still be a factor, we will have more on the coming up.
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5:46 pm
instagram is taking steps to stop the spread of misinformation when it comes to vaccines. the social media giant announcing that it's going to block hashtags populated with verifiable false maxine misinformation. this as the country is in the middle of a measles outbreak.>> reporter: they can post their content on instagram and follows were be able to see it, people that come across their account will be able to see it.>> instag to be careful to decide what's right and what's subjective.>> to be clear instagram will not ban so- called antivaxxers from using his platform but what it will do is block hashtags that are known to spread misinformation. it seems like the rainy season really just ended but already you can see fire danger
5:47 pm
increasing, those lush green hills in the east bay are quickly rounding out and firefighters are about to begin this huge project. the plan is to create a major firebreak to give firefighters a chance to attack a wildfire before it reaches heavily populated areas.>> reporter: the words lush green hills are starting to turn brown. the dryer it gets the bigger the fire danger. >> if a fire started in the scratch line and blew up and got up into their it could ignite this little oak and the brush behind it.>> reporter: fire prevention district has a plan it hopes will keep getting we would clear all that out and move it back like 50 feet.>> reporter: it's called the shaded fuel break, a 14 mile project stretching between berkeley to the city of lafayette. that includes the section of happy valley road. the plan is to remove the brush and undergrowth with chainsaws and controlled fires.
5:48 pm
>> really create an area where firefighters can get in in a high wind load humidifier event and stop a fire before it gets to the residential areas over the hill.>> reporter: the project covers more than 1500 acres and is on the top 10 list of priorities.>> what we are looking at now is a mess from a fire perspective. >> reporter: wants to break is established firefighters can make a stand against the wildfire looking to grow bigger and stronger. the project will help make up for years of not removing these potential fire fuels. but firefighters say homeowners will still do their part, if residents don't make their property fire safe they will send in a contractor to do it and give them the bill. but homeowners we spoke with say they are already on it. >> we had some brushes outside so we cut them out.>> we have a large lot and we had to go we'd eat all the weeds.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: the project is expected to begin by june 1 and completed by the end of the year. we are already talking about brown hillsides, i feel like this happened in june last year. >> it's happening right before our eyes, things have changed rapidly. i was in a research workshop a couple weeks ago and the striking thing is we try out and heat up for the summer time months but when we hit september and october, all the dry brush we see, that's when it is at its peak low. that unfortunately is when we pick up the strong offshore
5:50 pm
winds. we have all those triple digits days and the peak of our fire season. take a look at the highs, thankfully not talking about extreme heat. 80s out toward concorde and fairfield, oakland 68, san francisco 63 and pacific in the 50s. on the satellite we actually have some rain down toward southern california as we come in closer to los angeles right around santa barbara, we were s was coming for us but it has focused on the south. right now low clouds trying to regroup, expand and coverage and low clouds will gradually push back into the bay as we head into your friday evening. current numbers, san francisco 58, 70 s. toward concorde and livermore, san jose checking in at 71 and here is the live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge, in the clear for friday afternoon you can season patchy clouds, those
5:51 pm
will be increasing as we head into the overnight hours. here we are tomorrow morning saturday morning waking up to some gray, notice partly cloudy skies well inland, clouds buy today will gradually clear back to the coastline so no big changes and into sunday we do it all over again with low clouds back into the bay and clearing back into the coast, i'm thinking sunday probably the warmest day of the weekend that will translate to bumped those numbers, today was actually fairly warm tomorrow about the same, could be warmer in a few spots. san francisco 64, santa rosa 66, some clouds in the morning becoming partly sunny in the afternoon and the coast mainly in the upper 50s close to the lower 60s. your five day forecast and temperatures are a bit warmer into sunday, into next week little changed by monday,
5:52 pm
forecast model trying to figure out if we have some rain showers for next week but right now increasing clouds with a slight chance of a few showers by wednesday and thursday. definitely some clouds back in the picture. the nicest they should be on mother's day and that is how it should be. when the unexpected happens financial goals for retirement savings might fall out of reach. a recent study by the arly 37% ended up retiring earlier than planned due to a health scare. when the experts say it's important to understand your benefits. >> really talk through these things and make sure you have all these items in a row and you're properly prepared, don't turn a blind eye to it and think the government is going to save the day.>> if you are
5:53 pm
forced to retire before you become eligible for medicare at age 65 you might need to pay very expensive insurance premiums to keep cobra coverage through your former employer and if your savings is not enough to sustain you you might be forced to claim social security benefits earlier than planned. honoring those killed in the line of duty. >> my son was killed and he was killed by a mentally ill man and i said tonight he was killed stat i'm on a turned it valley school foundation forced to cancel a fundraiser because of a wild conspiracy theory. how it started related to a tweet by the former fbi director.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
law enforcement officers gathered in san jose for an annual service to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. >> the mother of one phone officers as her sons that changed the course of her life and now she is devoted to fixing a broken mental health system.>> reporter: this is the day departments honor officers line killed in the line of duty, the santa clara sheriffs office hosting a memorial each year. >> they know the danger of what they do for a living and they come together as a family when we have this type of tragedy.>> reporter: the mother of michael johnson has found a way to honor his memory every day. johnson was ambushed back in 2015 by unarmed men shooting from a balcony.>> my son was killed, and he was killed by a mentally ill man. i said tonight he was killed that i am on a mission, the
5:57 pm
mental health system has to be fixed.>> reporter: so catherine decided she would try to fix it from the inside. already a registered nurse chief it switch her focus and trained for a job as a mental health nurse for calaveras county.>> it was like god opens the doors for me and said here is your job and i took it. >> reporter: she began working with a sender and legislation requiring mental health training for law enforcement.>> it made a real big difference. >>reporter: there were four more mental health bills in the one that deals with access to medications. catherine says this is just the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: she says every patient she hopes she thinks of her son. >> that's why i'm doing what
5:58 pm
i'm doing. now i have changed my career, i'm a registered nurse but now i am involved in the mental health system and every time i think of him, every minute.>> reporter: there were a total of 400 officers fallen honored at the event from in and around santa clara county. for high school students detained after yet another laptop theft at a cafe in berkeley and tonight we are hearing from one of the people who helped taste them down.>> one of the men punch someone else that tried to stop the attack.>> a common problem in berkeley but this time the suspected thieves did not get very far. >> some good samaritans ran after the teenage suspects after they allegedly snatched
5:59 pm
the laptop. >> reporter: a heavy police presence in front of the berkeley ymca friday afternoon, our cameras capturing for teenagers being detained by police, suspected of robbing a woman of her laptop. police say the woman was in a cafe when a laptop was stolen. >> she said all her work and travel documents on the computer and she just needs it back. they were shoving her away and said they did not have the laptop.>> reporter: andrew chose to help the woman as they ran downtown and back onto the street before police arrived. >> they tried to threaten me to go away with various photo rarities, one of the men actually punched someone else that tried to stop the attack.>> reporter: we learned three of the teenagers detained our students at the high school, a fourth student at
6:00 pm
berkeley technology academy. police say laptop theft and robberies are common in public places like cafes. on monday for massed people stole two laptops from sex coffeehouse. the suspects drop one of laptops as they got into a getaway car and one week ago police say two separate armed robberies happen within an hour and a half of each otheeasy target and we have had a couple armed robberies now. it seems to be escalating. >> reporter: i spoke to the victim in this case and she says she's


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