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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 10, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the warriors pull off a crucial game six against the houston rockets advancing to the western conference finals.>> every player is strong, if somebody is out they can carry the team. i have seen that in other games. it's fantastic. >> they really are, fans are savoring the victory after being neck and neck the entire game and ultimately the warriors came out on top feeding the rockets 118-113.>> it was a nailbiter despite kevin durant injured and steph curry not scoring any points. we have more on the game six
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thriller.>> who needs kevin durant? that's a whole other story but this actually was a throwback game, going to the three-point attack when they needed it most, and i will tell you what the entire series was tied, steph curry, zero points and three thousand the first half but he comes on from the outer limits, one and try it again. in the clutch. mom and dad are there. and here is what i'm talking about with the whipping around, just absolutely shows you how they used to play. play thompson was up 27 points, there is james harden walking off the court again.
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the second straight year the warriors eliminate houston in houston, 4 games to two.>> these guys are a historically good basketball team. you don't to what these guys have done without an incredible combination of talent and character. zero points at halftime, three files a complete nonfactor in the game and then just completely took over the game.>> there is a shot from our crew in houston, you will hear a full report later, hugs all around and the way steph curry came back you have to just say the heart of a champion, this team has been good but what's they have not been through is being looked at
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like an underdog. they were not favored in this game, everybody thought it was a foregone conclusion. game seven at oracle all of that, don't fool yourself the warriors need kd. what do you think katie was doing? >> why was he wearing red? that's what i want to know.>> that's a great question but he seems pretty excited after one of the three-point shots and it is still looking like at least one week out, i just want to mention the warriors don't know who they're going to face and the western conference final. it will either be portland or denver but it will definitely be tuesday and thursday at oracle for the western conference final.>> let's hope they get a win on tuesday that's my birthday. our coverage picks up with amber lee, she watched the game with excited fans at the alameda
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theater.>> boy was it exciting. for fans this game was just way too close for comfort, the lead went back and forth and the game was often tied. but in the end the warriors cleansed it in a six.>> reporter: victory is sweeter when it's a hard-fought game.>> i was nervous the whole time.>> i was concerned about curry and his injury but seeing him play out there and he was hurt again the man has so much grit.>> were going to take it all the way. repeat again.>> reporter: the theater takes pride in hosting warriors playoffs games since 2015. meals served to fans and their seats. game six against the rockets without warriors star kevin
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durant. >> you can never say not having durant is going to be better but we still have enough weapons.>> reporter: weapons such as clay thompson and green. >> obviously they have a talent they need to be focused and get it done.>> reporter: fans are confident the warriors have what it takes to make it to the finals.>> what makes this team stand out is that they are a really good team. they are respectful with each other and support each other.>> reporter: the warriors moms know who they are playing in the western conference finals until sunday. that's when denver plays portland in game seven.
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democratic presidential hopeful pete buttigieg took the stage in san francisco tonight , she's the mayor of south bend indiana running for office for the first time and he's winning support from west coast donors. we are live in san francisco at the regency ballroom where he addressed supporters.>> reporter: this was a very packed and passionate crowd tonight, organizers say they sold 1300 tickets ranging in price from $25 up to $1000 a person. introduced by his husband the openly gay midwestern military veteran and mayor got a big city welcome in san francisco.>> i mindful that in my city where a certain pathbreaking leader said you have to give him hope.>> reporter: paying tribute to
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harvey milk, saying this was an historic moment. >> somebody from a new generation can be exactly what our country needs at a moment like this.>> reporter: while he lacks in spring is in washington his life experience serving as a navy reserve intelligence officer in afghanistan, a former scholar and openly gay married man is what appealed to many who lined up before the event down the block and around the corner.>> he just seems very honest and that's something i find attractive.>> is definitely my number one but i'm excited for most of them. i do like that there is a lot of diversity.>> reporter: you knowledge team might seem like an unlikely candidate butts during his nearly 30 minute speech he contrasted his vision of america with president from who has mocked him comparing him friday to an old cartoon character.>> one way to make sure we have something different is to put up a laid- back millennial day intellectual mayor. >> reporter: speaking on rights, gay marriage and the climate, freedom, security and democracy and got pictures.
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backstage he said he's confident he can win. >> the important thing is not to veer one inch from the policies but to find a plain english vocabulary to make sure that they are as clear in the industrial midwest as on the coast.>> reporter: reaction range from diehard fans to democrats willing to consider him as their top choice.>> i think he touches a lot of different communities.>> i really like harris, i'm really intrigued and excited by pete, there's a few other people that i really like. >> every time he gets in the room with other people he gets more exposure to these groups. i think he is a great leader. >> he does not seem to be confrontational just for effect. just smart.
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so refreshing. >> reporter: this was just one stop on a west coast fundraising tour, earlier in the day he had several high dollar fundraising stops and tonight he is headed to las vegas where he will be a speaker at the human rights banquets tomorrow. word of interest in a deadly street race in south san jose last sunday. police say david mangano died in a crash, he was the passenger in a pontiac trans am. they say the driver lost control on santa teresa boulevard and slammed into a tree. the driver remains hospitalized, police say he will face a charge of felony dui. the driver of the shetty chevy surrender to police today. he was booked into santa clara county jail for felony hit-and- run, felony reckless driving and felony street racing. results of a new audit paint a
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startling picture of potential fire hazards in the city of berkeley. the city auditor completed the report at the request of the fire department and in the wake of a ghost ship warehouse fire in oaklands that killed 36 people. she found last year more than 500 buildings in berkeley that required inspections still have not had resolve violations. that amounts to about 2100 properties. it has to do with appellation rust development and insufficient staff to perform inspections.>> staffing is a big issue we also found that they don't have the support they need to get these inspections done. >> reporter: the city auditor recommended the fire department to a staff analysis to determine what personnel is needed to clear the backlog of inspections. trade negotiators from the u.s. and china cannot reach a deal. now more terrorists can be
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coming. and whether a nice warm-up across most of the bay area, it looks like that warming trend will continue into the weekend. we will have more on the forecast coming up. a woman has her laptop stolen at a berkeley cafe. how the quick thinking of the victim and another patron led to the suspect arrest.
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a california man wanted led law enforcement on a high-speed chase while shooting on officers from the passenger side. it happened this afternoon about 12 miles southeast of downtown los angeles. the driver ended up surrendering to police and investigators say right now it's not clear if she was a victim or an accomplice. the passenger was forcibly removed from the vehicle and taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. the chinese trade delegation has left the united states without making a deal. president donald trump made good on his threats to increase tariffs to 25% on $200 billion of chinese goods. we live in washington with mixed reactions from the business owners and the stock market.
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>> reporter: talks are over and the chinese delegation has left without making a deal. however both sides have agreed to keep negotiating. the chinese vice premier call this round of negotiations honest and constructive. he departed a day and a half after negotiations, they did not have a deal but they had optimism. >> we hope the u.s. and chinese side can work together to jointly build a bilateral relationship of coordination, cooperation and stability. in this regard we hope that the u.s. will meet us halfway.>> reporter: negotiators might not have met halfway but they will meet again in beijing. president donald trump called bylaw constructive and said tariffs will make america stronger. the u.s. chamber of commerce supports his efforts to negotiate but said in a statement quote prolongs trade tensions at the escalation of terrorist are in either countries interest. americans for prosperity is against the presidents approach
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stating more measures will continue to undermine the historic progrowth policy achievements fueling our economy. heart farmer brian duncan says what he hopes would be a brief trade were now looks indefinite. >> the price of our product goes up and in other countries pork or soybeans or corn becomes cheaper and we lose market share. >> reporter: the chinese say they're disappointed by the tariff increases and they will retaliate. some bay area businesses are bracing for the impact of tariffs, among them the manager said bicycle express in downtown san jose. they say five out of six products they sell are imported from china and they say if the tariff hikes linger they will probably be forced to pass on the cost of their consumers.>> we recently got emails from our vendors notifying us that with
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this increase of the bicycle per component everything pretty much in the industry is going to go up.>> some customers say with the already high cost of living they might have to go for higher price by parts. stocks rebounded after an early drop. >> investors appeared hopeful if the trade dispute resolved in the next coming weeks. the dow rose 114 points, and asked i was up six and the s&p up 20 points but all three indexes were lower for the week.>> uber closed with a speed bump today, it was a tough day to build public with the china trade volatility in the background. traders might also have been spooked by the performance of its biggest rival, lyft. shares of lyft are down about 30% of that companies ipo.>>
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these guys lose a lot of money. uber had $3 billion of revenue in the first quarter but they lost $1 billion. last year they lost between $1.8 billion and $3 billion between who you talk to so you have been is hemorrhaging money and the question becomes how are they going to start making money particularly when there's this upward pressure to pay drivers more.>> the company raised more than $8.1 billion giving the company an estimated market value of $82 billion. shares of uber opened a $45 a share, the stock fell nearly 8% today to close at $41.57. temperatures on the rise today in most areas, lots of 70s and a few spots right around the 80 degree mark. most bus a bit warmer compared to yesterday. santa rosa at 72, look at the
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80s out toward concorde, san jose 75, san francisco and pacifica in the upper 50s to lower 60s. here is the plan for tomorrow, guys partly cloudy and highs lots of 60s, the warmest locations are inland in the 70s to right around 80 degrees. interestingly the past few days because you can see some showers to the south impacting central california and southern california, though showers for the most part dissipated and right now we have far pushing back into the bay, a good onshore breeze will help with the clouds, current numbers showing you lots of 50s, for livermore 57, santa rosa 54 and san francisco checking in at 55 degrees. here is our life camera you can see traces of that followed back in the picture for tonight. we will wake up to gray first thing tomorrow morning, areas of far starting out tomorrow,
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most areas in the low 50s. the clouds will gradually clear back some of the beaches upper 50s to right around 60 degrees. partly cloudy skies around the bay and him and lots of sunshine, upper 70s to lower 80s. coming up we will take a closer look at your forecast highs for tomorrow, you might be able to warm things up and we will have all that coming up in a bit. a water main break in the east bay disrupted service to some customers in oakland, cruz said the leak was reported at 4 pm at 61st avenue and e 16th street. a six inch cast-iron pipe from 1938 failed and sent water rushing down city streets. crews had to wait for pg&e to come out and marked her gas lines before they can start digging into the ground to repair the broken lines. passenger count was down again last year, attributed to the popularity of ridesharing
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services like uber and lyft. ridership peaked in 2016 with 128 million passengers but it has declined every year since then, last year they boarded 120 million passengers. bart tracks will be closed this weekend for maintenance, crews will replace old tracks and other equipment to make for a smoother quieter ride, a bus bridge will be in place for commuters to travel between the stations. the same stretch is set to close over the three day memorial day weekend and again on june 8 and ninth. hollywood is boycotting georgia. later tonight why dozens of actors have signed a petition saying they will no longer film in the southern state. a new job for the oakland police department, insert for a new chief. is this our new car?
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the city of vallejo is searching for a new police chief.>> that familiar face is the former oakland police chief. >> reporter: howard jordan led the oakland police force for several years, overseeing the department during the occupy oakland protest in the shooting death of four officers. now he has been hired to help find the next chief to lead the vallejo police department.>> chief jordan had a stellar career with the city of oakland. he was a change maker. he had credibility.>> reporter:
10:24 pm
he formally served as a vallejo police officer, he said he will help restore the department reputation. it has taken a hit. >> we have a community that is in pain and we need to discuss that to again rebuild the trust and the partnership we once had.>> reporter: as part of his duties jordan will work with the u.s. department of justice to address community relations. in a statement the city manager said the city has already taken bold steps to push forward on improved community relations with our police department. mr. jordan will be a catalyst our efforts. vallejo police are doing with fallout over deadly shootings by officers and clashes with citizens caught on video. in oakland his tenure was not without conflict. he retired saying he was forced out. that does not faze the mayor. >> i think it's a plus because the controversy he retired
10:25 pm
under was from internal pressures and that being said it gives him a leg up on how to navigate through the issues. >> reporter: the mayor tells me howard jordan will not be the next police chief, he is only serving as a consultant. i reached out to jordan but he declined to comment. court documents are shedding new light on the ceo of dc solar, prosecutors say he was behind a tax benefit scheme that cheated warren buffets berkshire hathaway, back in december the fbi rated him in the dc solar offices in venetia. the company has since filed for bankruptcy. court documents reveals that the feds seized his collection of 157 cars, $50 million in bank accounts and more than 30 properties in california and
10:26 pm
nevada. why some schools will no longer have security guards come next school year. the good samaritan helps the laptop theft victim chased down the suspects.>> one of the men actually punched someone else that tried to stop the attack.>> our cameras are rolling as police arrested the four juvenile suspects. why many experts say warriors were underdogs. why they shocked the community. you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less.
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say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. a man shot in the back by san francisco police officer, he is now suing the police department. he was shot by officer last june as he ran from police in the cities north beach neighborhood. police say he pulled a gun from his waist as he ran and that's when the officer opened fire. the shooting was caught on video by the officers body camera that's what you're looking at here. he claims he was tossing the gun to get rid of it as he ran and that the shooting was not warranted or unwarranted since he never threatened the officer. the investigation is still underway. in berkeley for high school students are under arrest accused of stealing a woman's laptop this afternoon.
10:30 pm
our crews were there as police detained the suspect moments later. this is just the latest in a series of laptop theft in the area.>> reporter: a heavy police presence in front of the ymca friday afternoon, our cameras capturing for teenagers being detained by police suspected of robbing a woman of her laptop. police say the woman was inside people's cafe when the laptop was stolen. >> she was saying all of her work and travel documents are in that computer and she just needs it back. they were shoving her away and saying they did not have the laptop but her behavior suggested that they did.>> reporter: he helped chase the teenagers as they ran back onto the street before police arrived>> they tried to threaten me to go away with various vulgarities, one of the men actually punched someone else that tried to stop the attack.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: three of the teenagers detained our students at berkeley high school. the fourth of the student at berkeley technology academy. police say laptop theft and robberies are common in public places like cafes. on monday for mask people stole two laptops, the suspects dropped one of them as they got into a getaway car. one week ago police say two separate armed robberies targeting groups of uc berkeley students have been within one hour of each other at night.>> students are easy targets for phone theft laptop that's. we have had a couple armed robberies now. it seems to be escalating.>> reporter: the victim is more concerned about the for teenagers, she does not want to press charges and does not want to see them go to jail. she says she hopes this incident openly sparks a conversation in the community about restorative justice member measures for
10:32 pm
teenagers. a suspected arsonist is in custody tonight after a chase, 34-year-old michaelis brown is accused of starting two fires , before that pursuit he set fire to cars and a building in sierra court around 12:30 this morning. a man that owns a business there says one of his employees was there when firefighters worked to put out the fires.>> the fire department told me i should be very thankful because another 15 or 20 minutes and this whole building could have been engulfed. and this could have been a serious disaster. >> police responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle in the area and when they tried to pull the driver over the refused to stop. the pursuit came to an end in livermore but not before officials say the suspect rammed a chp cruiser and crashed into gas pumps at a 7- eleven. is school district is set to lose 30% of its
10:33 pm
safety staff due to budget cuts. next school year there will be two dozen fewer security officers walking the halls of oakland unified schools.>> reporter: it's not uncommon to see uniformed security officers walking the halls, besides keeping her children safe many of them serve as friends, mentors. >> we get to know them almost like children.>> reporter: in fall 24 of these oakland unified security officers will be laid off. that's part of the $22 million in budget cuts the district had to make as it worked to give raises to teachers.>> we want to pay the teachers to keep them in the district. it's going to be a mess when they lose most of the security guards.>> everybody has to take a certain hit and we are not exempt from that.>> reporter: the security officers are under the leadership of the district schools police chief, five
10:34 pm
years ago when he took over the department he had more than 100 school security officers. that number dropped to 57 this coming school year. still the chief feels the students will be protected.>> the schools will be safe and i look forward to next year. i'm comfortable with the redeployment and i don't think it's going to be a drastic safety issue.>> i don't understand cuts but now we have to figure out what is most important and i don't know how they are figuring it but to me we should be the last ones.>> reporter: the chief says there is little to no change at high schools, the cuts are not something he wants just the hand he is dealt. >> i would like to maintain those 24, i would like to have kept the hundred i had but like everywhere else there are budget cuts.>> reporter: the chief had the authority to move offices around if there is a greater need at different campuses. he says where there will be no security officers his police force are just one phone call
10:35 pm
away. and oakland city councilwoman were in los angeles and i to receive a college degree on behalf of their late son. he was shot and killed on march 10 during a robbery attempt near the usc campus. the promising drummer and jazz musician was a singer at the thornton school of music. his life was taken just months before he was set to graduate. the case is still unsolved. dozens of locations are closing, how a helium shortage is hurting the business. low clouds and fog pushing back into the bay but i'm tracking a warm-up in your weekend forecast. we will have the coming up. honoring those that lost their lives in the line of duty, how the money mother of an officer turned her pain into positive.
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10:38 pm
special counsel robert mueller will not testify before the house judiciary committee next week. the chairman said negotiations continue for mueller to appear before the panel. he expects him to appear at some point but he said the committee will subpoena him if necessary. the committee is clashing with the justice department over access to his full report on the rough investigation.
10:39 pm
congress is taking you steps to get a hold of the new tax returns of antivaxxer, the chairman of the house subpoena the treasury department and the irs for six years of president donald trump personal and business tax returns. this week the treasury secretary refused a request from congress to turn over the returns. the president has vowed to fight all subpoenas from democrats meaning the fight over his tax returns is likely headed to court. new abortion legislation in the state of georgia has mounted a boycott by businesses and is getting support of the hollywood film industry. three independent production companies announced they will not do business in georgia after the governor signed the so-called heartbeat bill. it bans abortions at six weeks, more than 50 actors have also signed a letter to georgia legislators saying that he will stop production in the state that the law goes into effect. a judge has set a trial date in a defamation
10:40 pm
lawsuit filed against elon musk. last month the british diver was part of the team planning on underwater rescue of young soccer players trapped in a cave in thailand. at the time and him and his engineers built a small submarine and the diver called the move a pr stunt and a response he called him a pedophile. he later deleted the tweets but the diver is seeking $75,000 in damages. the trial date is set for october 22 in federal court. party city is closing dozens of stores including california locations because of a global shortage of helium. the company said 45 of its 870 stores are closing this year. filling balloons with helium is a big part of the business and helium supplies have been running low the last few years. the company just signed an agreement with a new helium supplier which party city hopes will help it restore its
10:41 pm
balloon business. lyft is looking to get into the car rental business. customers who use lyft to rent a car can expect to pay about $60 per day for a sedan and around $100 per day for an suv according to a report. for now the plan is to offer long-term car rentals to a small group of customers in san francisco. the mother is changing lives after her son was killed in the line of duty. >> i said the night he was killed that i'm on a mission. the mental health system has to be fixed.>> how she changed the course of her life after his death. and taking a live look outside right now, you can see oracle arena in the background it is shaping up to be a beautiful weekend. we will have your complete forecast coming up. formant ant ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. a chp officer suffered minor injuries rescuing a driver having a medical emergency. investigators say the officers saw a toyota echo drifting into oncoming traffic on westbound camel pie drive.
10:45 pm
she made a quick u-turn blocking eastbound traffic, the driver hit the back of a patrol vehicle and kept going. the officer got out, sprinted toward the toyota, opened the driver door and pulled the break. the driver was taken to the hospital for treatment. today law enforcement officers gathered in santa clara county for an annual service to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice.>> the mother of one fallen officer says her son's death change the course of her life and now she is devoted to fixing a broken mental health system. >> reporter: this is the day when departments honor officers killed in line of duty. the santa clara county sheriffs office hosting a memorial each year.>> they know the danger of what they do for a living and they know how we come together as a family when we have this type of tragedy.>> reporter: the mother of the fallen
10:46 pm
officer michael johnson has found a way to honor his memory every day. johnson was ambushed back in 2015 by unarmed man shooting from a balcony.>> my son was killed and he was killed by a mentally ill man. i said the night he was killed that i'm on a mission, the mental health system has to be fixed.>> reporter: so catherine decided she would try to fix it from the inside. already a registered nurse she switched her focus and trained or and accepted a job as a mental health nurse for calaveras county.>> it was like god opens the doors for me and i took it.>> reporter: that's not all should begin working with legislation requiring mental health training for law enforcement.>> she went up and testified for the legislation and it made a big difference in getting those lost past.>> reporter: there are four more mental health pills in the pipeline including one that deals with access to medication. catherine says this is just the
10:47 pm
tip of the iceberg. and she says with every patient she helps she thinks of her son. >> that's why i'm doing what i'm doing. i have changed my career, i am a registered nurse but now i'm involved in the mental health system and every time i think of him, every minute.>> reporter: a total of 41 fallen officers were honored at the event. a bit of a bump in the numbers for today, we had more 80s finally after some cooler days and into thursday it looks like that warming trend will continue, just a bit of a bump in those numbers. take a look at the forecast, breakdown for saturday, clouds
10:48 pm
in the morning skies becoming partly cloudy, on sunday mother's day clearing skies to near the coast, beaches not warming much in fact they could be a bit breezy all weekend long. 60s to lower 80s on that sunday forecast. satellite showing you that circulation down toward southern california, that's producing showers and thunderstorms. looks like things have dissipated for the most part and for us we have the fog trying to regroup and it's doing so. a bit of an onshore breeze transporting the phone back into the bay. current numbers 50s to the 60s, santa rosa 54, oakland 26 and san jose 56 degrees. we started out with some gray this morning clearing out in the afternoon but the fog making its way back into the region for tonight so we will have mostly cloudy skies for tomorrow morning in san francisco. into the afternoon hours still patchy fog, partly sunny by
10:49 pm
3:00 and temperatures around 64 degrees. we were watching this earlier in the week it had the potential to bring us some showers but the bulk of the action has been focused to the south of the bay area. into the weekend this area of high pressure tries to rebuild just a minimal change in your weekend forecast. 60s and 70s, warmest locations back into the lower 80s. tomorrow morning low clouds and fog and into the afternoon hours clouds clear back to near the coastline, we will do it all over once again first thing sunday morning and the beaches are not expecting full sunshine, temperatures will be on the cooler side close to 60 degrees. forecast highs for tomorrow 80s out toward concorde, santa rosa 76 and san francisco 64 degrees. san jose 78 and san mateo 73 degrees. here's your five-day forecast, the weekend is about here. we are extra excited because it's mother's day and the weather should be just fine.
10:50 pm
it could be a bit breezy and into next week if you want to say goodbye to the rain, we can say that just yet. tracking some rain chances but definitely some clouds approaching the region by midweek. widespread flooding created dangerous driving conditions a must across much of the houston area, a number of trucks were submerged in high water following days of severe rain and flooding. people have been warned to stay inside and keep off roads.>> it's dangerous. i made it home just in time. >> drivers are being urged to avoid flooded roadways, flash flood watches are in effect for much of southeast texas until tomorrow evening. coming up more from the amazing closeout in houston as the warriors.
10:51 pm
a school fundraiser in northern california has been canceled over safety concerns. how the conspiracy theory first started on twitter. you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less.
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we have the warriors in
10:54 pm
houston, this time the houston rockets this time the ones that were the underdogs.>> i don't know who said it first but lebron james tweeted it tonight, never underestimate the heart of a champion. this was vintage, the warriors are 27-1 when they don't have kd and they do have staff, so that tonight was the deal. the kids were out early, the big guys showed up later. the rockets were not about to throw the warriors off their throne. that is sean livingston, sensational off the bench. they needed the effort from clay thompson. he was wiped out in the first
10:55 pm
half. third-quarter warriors are down three, chris paul you have to give it to him he was on his game. and the rockets go up by six. nobody could lead and double digits. houston hustling too hard, this is the same sequence on the other end. here, warriors with such a strong force. sensational off the bench. warriors in the fourth quarter go up by 2. big time alive in the second half, that is steph curry everybody worried about his hand after that one and then he goes inside with about two minutes left and this is the county line out there. his parents are loving that with 1:30 left. look at the passing, he buries
10:56 pm
that one, the second consecutive year, the golden state warriors eliminate james harden and houston on their own home court.>> steph curry did not score until 2 1/2 minutes into the third quarter, he ended up with 33 points as he and clay thompson hit key shots down the stretch and led the warriors to a win on the road.>> zero points at halftime, three files and a completely nonfactor in the game. then completely took over. on a night when everything was going wrong. and he found a way to turn it around.>> just losing kevin, steph curry with zero points in the first half. he made the right plays and he made shots. this one felt really good.>> i've heard a lot of noise this
10:57 pm
series for sure. weather is positive or negative, whatever the case is i know what i'm capable of and it is bigger than me.>> the warriors now get much needed rest, they will not have to play again until tuesday when they open the western conference finals series at home against the winner of sunday's game between portland and denver. >> by the way where was katie? in front of his big screen. he's pretty happy about that, you said that earlier why the red shorts? i don't know about that wardrobe choice. let's not make any mistakes, the warriors do need him back next week. meantime we have a little baseball to talk about. what a week it has been for the a's, they had a no-hitter, a walkoff win in the 12 inning and tonight going at it again against the indians.
10:58 pm
the fans will have to wait around for a while because this was a tight ballgame. laureano loses one over the centerfield wall but the reds tied it. 3-3 going for the bottom of the 12. there you go, matt chapman with the walkoff, the first of his career and let the fireworks begin. all the fans were hanging around at the coliseum and the a's win it the second time. 4-3 is your final. across the bay the stanley cup, they filled it up with baseball as the giants take batting practice. that did not work out so well for the giants, they were shut out by cincinnati, derek rodriguez, the young sensation for the deep center, cannot
10:59 pm
hang onto it and turns into a two-run triple. plenty of runs for the reds tonight but the ending continues. suarez a good series against days earlier in the week, got himself a double and 7-0 is the final. that youngster is playing with his coloring book, probably the most excitement he had on the evening. check this out. in the minor-league when there is a weather problem, the players have to help put that tarp down and i think it's safe to say in this particular instance in georgia they don't know what they're doing. the heavy wind comes up and pretty much wipes that out. the golden state warriors are going to play tuesday against oracle against either denver or portland.
11:00 pm
can i count on your help? then you are going to make me the president of the united states and i can't wait to celebrate with all of you.>> pete buttigieg brings his campaign to san francisco and is winning financial support from big-time california donors. rs pete buttigieg the democratic candidate who is openly gay and the mayor of south bend indiana.>> he spoke to an enthusiastic crowd at the regency ballroom in san francisco tonight where he drummed up support for his campaign. we are live in a city with what the candidate had to say. >> let me tell you this was a very loud and enthusiastic crowd here tonight. they were talking about mayor pete as they call him and say they are so excited that he is in


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