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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 17, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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it can happen to anyone. here is a woman absorbed by her cell phone and went to young people walk up, they grabbed the phone and take off running.>> i'm just angry that it happens so often in this area. it seems way too common now.>> a crime of opportunity that happens so often police typically won't investigate.>> this time a surveillance camera captured the theft, the victim told us the suspects appeared young. it happened last week on the edge of oaklands chinatown neighborhood it's not the biggest crime but it seems to happen a lot.>> reporter: woman tells me that awareness. she hopes the surveillance videos will help police catch the thieves. a greeting welcome to chinatown is printed in bold letters on
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seventh street, but she no longer finds this area welcoming.>> i walk around the neighborhood by myself and i don't feel safe at all doing that by myself anymore.>> reporter: she shared with us this surveillance video, she was outside her friend's home around 6 pm saturday, texting her friends to open the gate. two teenagers walked by, and less than 30 seconds later they returned. the one snatches her iphone from her and she runs out of them. >> i probably should not have. knowing that i didn't know what they were capable of. >> reporter: the 26-year-old chases the two thies he had behind a car. >> he was hiding behind a car in the lot.>> reporter: soon after she lost sight of him to call 911, but was told it was a low priority case so police did not respond.>> they said they were not coming out because i
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did not have a specific address of where the suspects were. >> reporter: she describes the thieves as being 14 to 16 years old, five feet four inches tall and both thin build and a prominent nose. >> it happens way too often and the fact that it happens in chinatown where there are so many elderly people, there are children and a middle school nearby. it just needs to stop.>> reporter: katelyn was able to checker stolen phone for two hours, it was last in san francisco civic center. since then the phone has been r she has contacted police again after obtaining the surveillance footage.>> my phone was replaceable i'm not super angry i'm just angry it happens so often in this area and this just seems way too common now. >> reporter: katelyn tells me
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she plans to meet with police so she can give them so surveillance video, she hopes what happens to her is a reminder to everyone to be aware of their surroundings at all times.>> you can never be too sure who is watching you. the phone is a big distraction. we go now to san francisco where police say a driver was beaten unconscious while waiting at a stop sign. the incident happened at 8:50 yesterday, investigators say five males run of the car and assaulted the driver and took property. the victim went to the hospital with head injuries, the suspects are said to be in their 20s. police have a man under arrest after a hidden camera was discovered in a bathroom and a trampoline park. the suspect was recording children but as our crime reporter tells us an employee found the kennel camera and notified authorities.>> reporter: this is a mug shot of
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charles rocha, police say he secretly recorded victims inside the restroom at the lock and jump trampoline part.>> how are people doing it it's disgusting. to the kids that is not normal.>> reporter: it happened earlier this month. an employee spotted a black hole in the white toilet seat cover dispenser and found the camera still recording. fremont police reviewed the camera and st card, they found numerous videos of the dems including boys using the restroom. also caught on the video was the suspect setting up the camera. police you surveillance camera on city streets to identify the suspect from the vehicle he was driving. authorities say they are covering more devices, hidden camera videos and child porn. this is the second incident at rockin' jump that has led to an arrest. back in march police say the 55- year-old jose ortiz touched
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himself while watching children playing. workers chased him outside and got his license plate. parents we spoke to were alarmed and said they think twice about visiting.>> you have to protect kids but if you find somebody with that kind of stuff that's bad.>> i don't want to send him to any of that kind of location.>> reporter: both suspects are not affiliated with rockin' jump which declined to comment. charles rocha pleaded not guilty . >> the health department sa they might have been exposed to measles. we spoke with the book berkeley public health officer about the exposure risk.>> measles has
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been reported in 23 states, 839 cases nationwide so far. this is the first confirmed case here in alameda county and they say the infected resident visited the berkeley bowl market just last week.>> reporter: health officials say a resident infected with the measles virus visited the berkeley bowl market on last tuesday, may 7. the infected adult was there from 3 pm to 5 pm but it was not until last saturday that the physician realize the risk.>> that individual position call me as soon as possible.>> reporter: the public health officer said lab confirmed the first she says the store is safe now because the virus can only live outside the body for a few hours. but the store has posted warning signs for customers because it might take as long as three weeks before a person sees symptoms surface.>> for
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somebody potentially exposed they should be taking for symptoms until may 28. >> reporter: measles is a highly contagious virus transmitted through the air by coughing or sneezing. it infects about 90% of people not vaccinated and inhale it.>> your contagious before you know you have the measles and the first signs are the common cold or flu symptoms.>> reporter: they include a cough, runny nose, red eyes and high fever. then four days later it's followed by the signature red rash that spreads from the head down the body. many older adults are immune because they had measles as children before the vaccine became common in 1963.>> i had measles when i was little. everybody did. >> reporter: everyone should check their vaccine records and get immunize if they have not been already.>> after two doses of the vaccine you are 90%
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protected. >> reporter: customers say they will be vigilant but most say they were vaccinated and are not that worried about the exposure.>> i'm concern for people in vaccinated but i think because we are i'm not that worried about it.>> we asked officials whether or not that resident has been vaccinated or if they had gone to any other places in berkeley, the director said the patient had been at a few other locations and those places were alerted but they're not releasing any other information at this time.>> it's crazy how quickly it can spread and how long it lives in your body and then it just looks like a common cold. people need to be on the lookout and more aware.>> they say if you are going to a clinic tell them first if you think it might be the measles so they can make arrangements so does not spread to others. the number of state
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legislatures approving strict antiabortion laws continues to grow now and today lawmakers in missouri passed legislbanning a weeks of pregnancy. the measure penalizes doctors who perform abortions by making it a class b felony with up to 15 years in prison.>> to be killed merely because it would be an inconvenience, the simple answer is no.>> don't tell me you are pro-life until you finally stand up and address the fact that too many teenagers just like me that are gay, lesbian, transgender are killing themselves.>> seven other states have passed more restrictive bans on abortion, they all face legal challenges. supreme court where a majority conservative could consider overturning it. report released by the ohio state university at least 177 former
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students say they were sexually abused by a school doctor. the report says dr. richard strauss groped students nearly his entire career at ohio state. he committed suicide in 2005. the report says university personnel failed to investigate complaints against the doctor at the time.>> people question us, we knew the truth. osu has been trying to escape responsibility for illegal methods and now there is no way for them to escape responsibility.>> the schools president released a statement today apologizing to the victims, at least two lawsuits have filed. mn killed simply while riding his bike, of next how a community came together to honor him and force changes to help others. the clouds are moving in, were talking about weekend rain. we have the timing of the
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heaviest downpours. a vibrant multicultural mural and lettuce with white paint. a live report on the community effort to restore the artwork.
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a celebration this evening at oakland as glenda street is renamed in memory of beyonci
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was struck and killed there last year while riding his bicycle. as rob malcolm tells us ever since the accident his family has been pushing the city to make streets in the neighborhood safer for bike riders and pedestrians. >> reporter: this video shows just how deadly 35th avenue can be and is difficult to watch for sherry, it's the day her older brother was killed. >> that is hard for me to look at. my brother the type of person that is, if that was me my brother would be doing the same thing.>> reporter: bush died july 2018 after writing into the path of a car, police ruled he was at fault but since then his family has pushed for changes.>> lots of accidents and people being killed on the street. i'm glad that somebody is g.>> work was underway, the corner
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where he died was renamed in his honor and a reminder for other cyclists who use this busy road.>> it's sad to hear that somebody passed away especially on a bike. it seems to happen a lot more than you would think. it's a great response and a great way to honor him by naming the street after him.>> reporter: over the next few months improvements will be made with visible markings and drivers will now yield to pedestrians. >> i'm so proud of him he always had a positive outlook. >> reporter: there's hope ot loved one.>> i just want the public to know pain that i endured, not a day goes by that i don't think about my son.>> reporter: it's almost 1 mile of
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roadway and traffic will be clearly marked on 35th avenue with traffic flow on one side and parking on the other. it's in an effort of safety and to save lives. a big rig carrying chemicals overturned this morning causing evacuations in the neighborhood. we were overhead shortly after 7:30 this morning on redwood road. the tanks on the trucks released gas after the crash, prompting those evacuations and shelter in place orders. the chemicals are used to make wine but could potentially be explosive.>> we know it had nitrogen, some sulfur dioxide which is used in winery practices and is considered an inhalation hazard. some of those tanks could rupture.>> the road was closed for about seven hours but eventually the road reopened to traffic this afternoon.
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a downed tree knocked out power this evening, the large tree came down near ward street around 1:00 is evident. about 4000 customers initially lost power after he power pole was knocked over by the tree. police say streets in that area will likely remain closed overnight while crews remain working to repair the hole. a bill that would require pg&e to get approval from state lawmakers has failed. that bill introduced by jerry hill died in committee, just this week pg&e was found responsible for causing the camp fire which destroyed the town of paradise and killed 85 people. the aim of the bill was to prevent the utility from putting customers on the hook for the companies legal liability connected to the wildfires. currently the public utilities commission signs off on the rates. it's nice to have a break
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in the storm clouds, and find some some sound throughout your friday, but things are changing, clouds moving in and next storm is knocking on the door. it has been a very active week in the bay area, going back to wednesday and yesterday, for the most part not bad and into the weekend you can see green boxes showing up the next system comes on board in your saturday forecast. can see it is offshore here, as we come closer most areas are reporting partly to mostly cloudy skies for friday night and here is the live camera looking out toward san francisco bay. the clouds have been moving in since about three or four clock this afternoon and by midmorning tomorrow it looks like that rainfall will be moving in as well. we can storm impacts, were talking about a few sprinkles, few hundreds of an inch, rainfall expectations about half an inch to an inch across most areas but the coastal hills especially in the north bay could be approaching 1.75 inches, we don't have any wind advisories but it is still gusty around 30 to 40 miles per
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hour and the sierra is just amazing, they picked up 10 to 11 inches of snow. it looks like another winter storm watch is in place for this weekend. overnight lows were thinking 40s and 50s, lots of clouds and the possibility of scattered showers. here's the plan tomorrow morning in san francisco, chance of showers 52 degrees and rain and wind is picking up, throughout the afternoon hours this could be heavy at times. temperatures in san francisco mainly in the mid to upper 50s. here is a forecast showing you the cloud cover, 7:00 tomorrow morning the chance of a few sprinkles or lunch hours but into the afternoon that's one of rainfall kicks in. this is 12:00, this 4:00 notice is yellow and orange. this could be linked to thunderstorm activity and this is not a clock saturday night, still fairly active maybe some heavy rainfall and into sunday we are still seeing rain chances especially for the morning hours. coming up we talk more about
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that someday forecast and eventually we cleared things out. our latest storm brought almost 1 foot of snow to parts of the sierra. the valley received almost 11 inches of snow in 24 hours bringing the total to 700 inches of snow, that makes it the third snowiest season there on record. rainy weather has prompted water officials to lower inflatable dam on the russian river. the water agency had just inflated the dam before the latest round of rain but they have had to lower it again to prevent damage. is part of the project to protect endangered fish in the russian river. mill valley is gearing up for wildfire season, the city plans to conduct its annual evacuation drill tomorrow, officials say those areas are prone to wildfires and this is video of
10:20 pm
a pastoral. residents are encouraged to participate so they will be prepared if disaster strikes. beginning at 8:30 a.m. notifications will be sent out holding residents about the evacuation drill. and safety problem on union, they say it will prevent train doors from closing on passengers. the g within reach right to the end. giving back to the community, our local auto shop is changing lives with its culture of generosity.
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a very close call for a driver and his passenger on interstate 5 in sacramento when objects came hurling at them from an overpass. that object you see right there was a caltrans tripod stolen from a worksite and it came to the windshield of a minivan striking the passenger in the chest. the passenger is a military veteran now recovering from his injuries. >> there was no blood and i did not realize that spike went arrested a 32-year-old transient for stealing the tripod and throwing it off the overpass. he could face attempted murder charges. you might remember the story of a man getting caught
10:24 pm
incommunity train. tonight union has a fix to this problem, they have now added to make more sensors to doors to prevent them from closing on passengers.>> this stunning video of a woman caught in a train stunned passengers last month. there were four similar incidents in the light rail vehicles closing on passengers and not releasing. following those incidents they disabled the rear doors until a fix could be found, now they say it has a fix.>> there are three sensitive edges.>> reporter: the problem lies with the sensitive edges and has now added two additional sensors. >> no matter where you're putting your hand or how small your finger might be it is definitely going to send the
10:25 pm
instruction.>> reporter: the new door was tested last week and today was put into service on one test train.>> we have two operators on board our new trains, one is driving and operating the vehicle, the other is in the back keeping a close eye on that rear door to make sure nobody obstructs it.>> reporter: passengers are happy to hear that a fix has been proposed and is already being tested.>> i saw the video of the lady it was terrifying but also i'm happy that they're trying to fix it.>> reporter: they will continue testing those new sensors throughout the next week, if that continues to work they will roll the fix out to the rest of the trains, the cost is going to be picked up by the trains manufacturer. the trains are still under warranty. inspiring the next generation, coming up the celebration today honoring civil rights activists.
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a special night for a teenager who survived a tragic car accident. how a er to honor him. a swift act of vandalism has a silver lining in the north bay. how the art community is galvanizing around the mural they created was mysteriously ruined. ♪ ♪
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the arts community in the north bay is rallying against this week's act of vandalism to a public mural.>> it shocked the artists and neighbors to find the portrait splashed with paint. we are live in santa rosa with the plan to restore the peace.>> reporter: restore it bigger and better than before. take a look you can see the white paint it has been arrayed on the walls here obliterating what has been a vibrant work of art.>> it's like this person was trying to communicate this.>> reporter: this team was another artist that never expected this reaction. white paint defacing their work. they created this mural over a few weeks nuary dodging rain and darkness tetheir
10:30 pm
day job.>> we came somewhat at night using car lights when we had to.>> reporter: bringing color to the neighborhood they live in.>> it's kind of a rundown area so making it look better is always a positive thing.>> reporter: santa rosa avenue is an area in transition, these buildings are on what was a car lot and will be torn down for housing.>> i was near tears but i calmed down. >> reporter: vandalism happened saturday judging from the neighbors security video that shows a blurred flash of light but too far to see anyone.>> they wanted to make some sort of statement.>> reporter: the arts advocate who organized the murals creation sinks if this was a neighbor it's would have been a roller brush. >> they would have left their mark in it so this was just somebody that was angry at
10:31 pm
public art.>> reporter: if so it has backfired. artists and art loaders have donated more than $3000 so far to restothe image, three women different races was ruined.>> childish behavior that is just wrong.>> reporter: neighbors can't imagine the motive. >> it almost looks personal but on the other hand there could have been 1 million reasons why somebody did that.>> we are excited about redoing it. >> reporter: the artists were demoralized at first but inspired now by the support for them and public art wherever it finds a home.>> you don't just quit on this because one person decided they don't like it.>> we need to redo it for the people around here because we just have to. >> reporter: the three artists donated all their time and supplies the first time around.
10:32 pm
the go fund me will keep them from having to reach into their own pockets again. any money left over will go to fund other public art around town.>> a community coming together to help solve this is great. in san francisco and iconic labor leader and civil rights activist visited a school renamed in her honor.>> who's got the power?>> still energizing crowds today she's joined a celebration at a school renamed after her. formally known as sarah mount elementary they unanimously approved the schools name change last august. today she was honored there. >> thank you for sustaining me and the work that i do and organizing but also for honoring me with this to make
10:33 pm
sure that everybody knows education has to be the number one.>> she founded the united farm workers union and helped organize the grape strike in 1985. her hope is that it will continue to inspire students to do what is just and right for generations to come. state lawmakers launched a four-day bus tour this morning to spread awareness about childhood poverty. lawmakers are part of the lifting children and families out of poverty task force. the road trip kicked off today near san diego and will make stops across california before reaching oakland on sunday. lawmakers are pushing legislation aimed at reducing childhood poverty in california by 50% by the year 2039. in alameda one lucky family received a much-needed gift today thanks to a local auto
10:34 pm
body shop. each year they find a deserving family and give them a newly refurbished used car. this years recipient is the stewart family. he often works for the coast guard and his wife is a stay-at- home mom to their 2 kids and they had a need for a second car. a coworker wrote to them and now they have a like new honda accord. >> that's the goal we look at is to be able to give to somebody that really needs something and to make something better for thand for their family.>> over the last two decades they have gifted 80 vehicles to families in
10:35 pm
car accident. the 17-year-old was injured in an accident that killed three of his siblings on interstate 80 back on february, they were on their way to see their dying father in the hospital when they're called car slammed into a bakery illegally parked on the side of the road. tonight the soccer team named him an assistant coach for the season opener. he was a student admission high- end plays on his schools soccer team. he will be a senior next year. history made in asia, the celebration as the first country in asia legalizes like storms, coming up the heaviest downpours this weekend and if you want to clear out those clouds you might like the of this forecast, we have the
10:36 pm
trade battle with china, why one local farm says the tariffs are good news for business.
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benefits available to straight married couples, the first country in asia with the comprehensive walling out the terms of same-sex marriage. they have large gay community and host the biggest day pride parade in a shakespeare. william barr says the country must know exactly what happened in the russia probe.>> if we are worried about foreign influence, for the very same reason we should be worried about whether government officials abuse their power and put their thumb on the scale. i'm not saying that happened but i'm saying we have to look at that.>> president donald trump said on twitter that his campaign was quote conclusively spied on. he wrote nothing like this has ever happened in american politics, a really bad situation. treason means long jail sentences and this was treason. for the first time a federal judge has ordered portions of the mueller report
10:40 pm
to be unredacted and public. a concerns national security advisor is now awaiting sentencing after admitting to lying to the fbi. he told the special counselors office that people connected to both the trump administration and congress, contacted him about his cooperation with the investigation. the white house has agreed to lift tariffs on steel and aluminum coming from canada and mexico.>> a major roadblock cleared just hours after president donald trump agreed to delay tariffs on cars and carports by six months in hopes of making a deal. the president says the tariffs needed to protect the u.s. auto industry on national security grounds. the bay area is getting an increase after the tariffs.
10:41 pm
in recent years the u.s. market has been flooded with inexpensive chinese garlic sold below the cost of production. chinese garlic would sell for about $20 a box compared to $60 a box. >> it means were going to have a chance to expand acreage and get into more markets. were going to increase employment and invest in infrastructure.>> there hoping that their market gains might be permanent. stocks were lower on wall street over geopolitical concerns. the dow closed 98 points lower and the s&p was down 16 points. san francisco is gearing up.>> people along the way cheering you on and the music, is like a big party. >> how people are preparing for
10:42 pm
the run and how the weather could affect the rain. a break in the rain today, look at this afternoons blue skies. beautiful right? it will not last long. the forecast is coming up after the break. k. ♪ there are roadside attractions. and then there's our world-famous on-road attraction. the 2019 glc. at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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numbers show that's the bay area economy added more than 13,000 jobs in april. that continues an upward trend and the highest number of other jobs in one month since may 2015. the states employment developing department reported that the bay area accounted for 29% of all jobs added. the california unemployment rate remains unchanged at 4.3%. half-price books in downtown concorde will live on at another location. earlier this month the bookstore closed after his landlord decided not to renew their lease. the reason was said to be a high level of interest in the property and now the city has announced the store plans to move into the old aaron brothers space in the willows shopping center on diamond boulevard. that location is two miles from the original location. beta breakers returns with more than
10:46 pm
40,000 people registered to run. the race is a tradition that dates back to the early 1900s.>> reporter: beta breakers is turning 113 years old, part race and costume party wrapped in one's celebration. >> it's like a big party for miles.>> reporter: friday was the first day that racers could pick up their t-shirts and other swag.>> i'm 97 years of age.>> reporter: this man might be the oldest person running in sunday's race, he and his wife flew in from austgive it a go. >>.>i've been training hard and trying to keep up with him. >> reporter: there might be a dark cloud over sunday's race. everyone we spoke to said they
10:47 pm
did not care.>> it sounds like it's going to dry out by the afternoon. it will be nice and cool.>> reporter: bay to breakers is famous for people running in costumes. >> i am going as a pokimon. i'm going is pikachu. mom helped me with the cost him.>> reporter: some people choose to run not just without a costume but without anything at all.>> we see naked people and the sad thing is they don't look so good. if they were just really buff and all that that would be great but this not so much. >> reporter: the race keep the cities public works department busy and typically picks up eight tons of bay to breakers trash. >> lots of sweaty shirts and sweatshirts and pants come off. gum wrappers, water bottles, cans and posters, lots of
10:48 pm
trash.>> about 40,000 people signed up and tens of thousands more are expected to be watching and people are saying that it has become a lot less rowdy and alcohol fueled than in years past. a hiring chance sunday morning, so we will watch out for that it can change between now and then but that's what were watching into the weekend. the forecast is calling for another system coming on board saturday afternoon, you can see tomorrow morning maybe a chance to get outside with the possibility of the sprinkles or lice hours. things are ramping up into the afternoon, so resetting the rainfall totals you can see a bunch of zeros right now but that will be changing. an inch of rain. the coastal hills are possibly approaching 1.75 so still a
10:49 pm
fairly active weather pattern for this time of year. there is a satellite showing you the clouds moving in, we had some sunshine today with the past six hours or so, most areas right now reporting mostly cloudy skies. her numbers in the upper 40s and 50s and here is our live camera looking out toward san francisco, still somewhat of a cloudy theme for tonight. the next storm lining up for tomorrow here it is in the pacific, the plan for tomorrow is rainfall developing especially into saturday afternoon, the rainfall spreads from north to south and later in the day as our front moves and we could be talking about thunderstorms and here is the deal, this cold area of low pressure moves in and keeps the rain chances going and sunday it could be tapering off into the afternoon hours. in the sierra a winter storm watch soon to be a winter storm
10:50 pm
warning, this begins at 2 pm on saturday possibly one foot above 8000 feet, this is the forecast model, a few showers especially up in the north bay, this is 11:00 and throughout the day you see that rainfall increasing, this can be linked up to thunderstorms by saturday night and then we will take this into sunday morning. then maybe tapering off to scattered showers into the afternoon hours. for that bay to breakers forecast rain likely in the morning and still a fairly good chance of showers as we head toward the afternoon hours. tomorrow's highs upper 50s to w maybe even tuesday. focus in on day five, wednesday is looking much nicer there.
10:51 pm
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not a good night for the sharks that they get a chance to make it up.>> yes on sunday, that's the way they do things. they had a chance to take full command of the series, they outshot the blues pretty decisively and it looks like the sharks are the better team but that's not hockey, they take the eyes with that chance to take an edge over st. louis but it can happen. 35 seconds in the blues taking advantage of a bad pass and scoring 1-0 early. still in the first, a put back in front and the sharks find themselves down 2-0. sharks in
10:55 pm
the power play now, he wants to replay. he just dives in he has been quiet of late. plenty of time left, look at the opportunity. one off the pipe and another hits the netting. the blues goalie jordan pennington lucked out there. 29 saves, rather disconsolate.>> we were it is probably not good enough to go. but we battled we had our chances it was a pretty tight game. we have to be a little bit better now.>> it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when, maybe we will look back and
10:56 pm
remember the weekend in detroit where they got all cranked up. they already scored 17 runs yesterday, today in the fifth mark hanna, the detroit tigers are just terrible. olson to centerfield, jones and olson goes to third, chris davis scores all the way from first. deep over and out, you have to mention frankie, struck out 10 could not quite get the complete game. he does get the win his fifth of the year and the a's are they winter in detroit. arizona had 10 however the diamondbacks had seven runs. the giants had none, so there
10:57 pm
you go. another one of those games that came down to this. garrett dyson for arizona, the ball hits it but look at the replay, it's hit his bat and his hand, bases are loaded. what's this demello is ejection ever. gets excited about something. after that escobar clears the bases with a shot down the right-field line. she just completely blows open a close game. warming up with the guy dominating that is brooks kepka and here is tiger, he needs to
10:58 pm
sink this to make the cut and he doesn't. instead he finishes five over, kepka running away with things, he is 12 under and leads by seven , a 36 hole total today is the course record. he is the guy to beat over the weekend and is not going to be easy. things can change in a hurry in the nba but as soon as the warriors dispense with the portland blazers there are looking bad, it sure looks like him he is taking control of things and that hedid. 17 rebounds, it was not even close against the raptors in milwaukee. 125-103 and the bucks go up in
10:59 pm
the series. we have some time to check this out, minor-league baseball i have to say this again. this is a nice call by a young play-by-play announcer staying alert at all times. check this out.>> double-digit wins, he swings and fells it off, towards the broadcast booth and i make the catch on the foul ball, i am very proud of myself. i hope somebody got video of that.>> that's mark schwartz back in new jersey. you have to give him credit for hanging in with that, by popular demand i had to say that again. next at 11, berkeley bowl
11:00 pm
possibly exposed to the measles virus, what health officials are telling us about the risk. health officials in berkeley say shoppers at a very popular grocery store might have been exposed to the measles.>> it's the first confirmed case of the measles in berkeley and now a warning for people who shopped at berkeley bowl less than a mile from the uc berkeley campus. we spoke with the cities public health officer about who is at risk. >> reporter: officials say it was an adult resident who had the measles, they would not say whether the person was vaccinated or how they got the virus but they are interviewing everyone known to have contact and want customers to be aware of the symptoms. >> reporter: officials say a resident infected with the highly contagious measles virus visited the berkeley bowl market last tu


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