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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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possibly exposed to the measles virus, what health officials are telling us about the risk. health officials in berkeley say shoppers at a very popular grocery store might have been exposed to the measles.>> it's the first confirmed case of the measles in berkeley and now a warning for people who shopped at berkeley bowl less than a mile from the uc berkeley campus. we spoke with the cities public health officer about who is at risk. >> reporter: officials say it was an adult resident who had the measles, they would not say whether the person was vaccinated or how they got the virus but they are interviewing everyone known to have contact and want customers to be aware of the symptoms. >> reporter: officials say a resident infected with the highly contagious measles virus visited the berkeley bowl market last tuesday, may 7. the
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adult was there from 3 pm to 5 pm but is what not until last saturday that the persons physician realize the risk.>> that individual physician was very astute and call me as soon as possible.>> reporter: the public health officer said lab tests confirmed the first case of measles this year. she says the berkeley bowl store is safe now because the buyers can only live outside the body for a few hours. but the store has posted warning signs for customers because it might take as long as three weeks before a person sees symptoms surface.>> for somebody potentially exposed thmay 28. >> reporter: measles is a highly contagious virus transmitted through the of peop not vaccinated. >> you are contagious before you even know you have the measles and the first signs are
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the common cold and flu symptoms.>> reporter: symptoms include a cough, runny nose red eyes and high fever. four days later is typically followed by red rash spreading from the head to the body. many older adults are immune because they had measles as children before it became common in 1963 to get the vaccine. >> i had measles when i was little. everybody did.>> reporter: doctors say everyone should check their vaccine records and get immunize if they have not already.>> after two doses of the vaccine you are 97% protected. >> reporter: customers say they will be vigilant but most say they were vaccinated and are not worried about the measles exposure.>> i'm concerned for people not vaccinated but i think because we are not that worried about it.>> the big concern is that in the year 2000 the cdc says it was eliminated from the united
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states but this year 23 states have reported cases, this is the 10th case in the bay area and health officials are wanting everyone to make sure you check your vaccine records. a brentwood police officer is suing her former supervisor saying he raped her at a conference in reno two years ago. the 17 year veteran had a history of sexual harassment and misconduct. the officer also accuses a brentwood police department of covering up the assaults. she is now on medical leave and asking for compensatory damages. the police department will rud today that javier becerra must turn over police records to the amendment coalition sued when he refused to release law enforcement records created before january 1 of this year
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with a lot of effect. he said today he would comply and flaw passed last year would require authorities to release records. a man is under arrest in fremont after a hidden camera was discovered in the bathroom at rockin' jump trampling part. the suspect intended to record children but his camera was discovered by an employee who notified authorities. investigators reviewed the footage and found members numerous victims. >> if you find that kind of stuff that is bad.>> if i find that person i start suspecge and three misdemeanor counts of using a concealed device to invade privacy. police are
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investigating the discovery of a digital camera in the bathroom of a starbucks, an employee found the camera yesterday morning concealed in an air freshener attached to a sink. investigators say the camera was not working when officers seized it, they're trying to determine if it had wireless technology and what if anything it recorded. at oakland a brazen crime caught on camera, woman's iphone is snatched and stolen right out of her hands in broad daylight. the theft happened last weekend at seventh and harrison in oakland chinatown neighborhood but it's a low priority for police. >> reporter: the woman tells me she is shaken up by what happens to her, she wants to help prevent this from happening to anyone else. she hopes the surveillance videos will lead police to the thieves. a greeting welcome to chinatown printed in bold letters, but
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this native says she no longer finds this area welcoming.>> i walk around and i don't feel safe at all doing that by myself anymore.>> reporter: she shared with us this surveillance video outside her friends home around 6 pm saturday. she was texting her friends to open the gate, 2 teenagers and the other in a navy buddy walking by, less than 30 seconds later they returned and one of them snatches the iphone from her.>> i chased them but i probably should not have, knowing what they could be capable of.>> reporter: the one with her phone hid behind a car. >> he was hiding behind a car parked in this lot.>> reporter: soon after she lost sight of him and his accomplice she said she called 911 but was told it was a low priority case so police did not respond.>> they said they want coming out
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basically because i did not have a specific address of where the suspects were. >> reporter: she describes the thieves as being 14 to 16 years old, five feet four inches tall and both and built and a prominent nose. >> it happens way too often and the fact it happened in chinatown, there's children, there's a middle school nearby. it's just needs to stop.>> katelyn was able to track her phone for two hours after the theft. it was last in san francisco civic center but then the phone has been turned off. she contacted oakland police again after obtaining the t hur was replaceable, i'm just angry that it happens so often in this area. it seems way too common now. >> reporter: katelyn tells me she plans to meet with police so she can give them the
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surveillance videos to help them catch the thieves. she hopes what happened to her is a reminder to everyone to be aware of surroundings at all times.>> good advice. the arts community in the north bay is rallying against an act of vandalism after somebody splashed white paint on a multicultural mural. >> it's kind of like this person was trying to communicate this.>> reporter: this team was another artist trend the never expected this reaction. white paint defacing their work, they created this mural over a few weeks in january dodging rain and darkness after their day jobs.>> we using carlos.>> reporter: bringing color to the neighborhood they live in. >> it's a rundown area so making it look better is always
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a positive thing.>> reporter: santa rosa avenue is an area in transition, these buildings will be torn down for housing.>> i don't know why somebody would do it.>> reporter: the arts advocates that organized the murals creation things if this was a neighbor it would have been neater with a ruler rush.>> i think they would have left there on march and they didn't so i think somebody who is just really angry at public art.>> reporter: if so backfired. artists and art levels have donated more than $3000 so far to restore the mural. many supporters are outraged that the multicultural image was ruined.>> childish behavior that is just wrong.>> reporter: neighbors that's admired the mural can't imagine the motive.>> it almost looks
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personal but on the other hand there could have been 1 million reasons why somebody could have done that.>> we don't just quit on this because one person decided they didn't like it.>> they were demoralized at first but inspired now.>> we need to redo it for the people around here because we just have to. state regulators are investigating the death of a 4- year-old boy who died after undergoing a procedure as a dental office in oakland. the state dental board launched an investigation after the 4- year-old was treated at the youthful tooth office last month. the family says after two doses of anesthesia he stopped breathing, he was rushed to the hospital where he died. we reached out to the corners office and they told us they are waiting for a toxicology
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report which is expected to take a few more weeks. a go fund me page has been set up for the family who immigrated in 2017 from vietnam. a rare honor for a civil rights leader, how she continues to inspire. a government ranking shows how expensive it is to live in the bay area. the new list of the most expensive cities. things are starting to change, clouds are moving in and were talking about a weekend storm, we have more storms like that approaching the bay area, details are coming up. you know when you're at ross and you find.hmmm.
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everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. a day of celebration in san francisco, civil rights activists honored by students and staff at an elementary school now named after her.
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>> who has the power?>> reporter: labor leader and civil rights activist dolores still energizing crowds. the 89-year-old has the elementary school named after her. >> i feel very honored and very proud to have a school named after me. >> reporter: in san francisco the board of education unanimously approved the name change last august to honor the latina dedicated her entire life. she cofounded the organization and helped organize the strike in 1965. >> i won't take credit but it's something i've been dreaming about and talking about for many years.
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my mom taught me who do phrase yes we can, something these students have already learned.>> i was like oh my gosh my mind is blown i really wants to hug her. >> i really want to tell her that you are so awesome, how do you do this?>> reporter: sonnets and a mural rededicated to her in a city she shares history with. she still receives monthly payment following a lawsuit she one after police officers beat her in 1988 during a demonstration in union square.>> me with making sure that everybody knows education is number
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one.>> reporter: this is a model of a plaque that be placed out front, now with the new name it will continue to inspire generations to come. and oakland street has been renamed in honor of the men killed there while riding his bike. glenda street was renamed in memory of the anti-bush. >> there have been a lot of accidents and people getting killed on this street. it has been an unsafe street for years. i'm glad that some of these sanctions are being made.>> reporter: the city is sending $2.7 million to mark bike lanes to make them safer for cyclists. san francisco beauty testing and possible fix
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for the malfunctioning doors and the light rail vehicles. there have been at least four instances including last nther stuck in a door. in this video the train dragged her onto the tracks. they are testing out new door sensors that could fix the problem. so far the sensors have been installed on one test ran. >> we have two operators, one is driving and the other is in the back keeping a close eye on that rear door to make sure nobody obstructed.>> it will continue testing the new sensors through next weekend if all goes well the agency says the sensors will then be installed in all of mental heto approve the strike as soon as next month. psychologists, therapists and social workers have been without a contract since september. workers held a five-day strike last december and they say understaffing can leave patients waiting up to two months for a therapy
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appointment. the cost of living increases and benefits to match those of the clinicians. a ranking of the 50 most expensive american cities found that nine of them are in california. no surprise there with many here in the bay area, coming in at number eight was the vallejo fellow feared area followed by santa rosa, napa ranked fifth, santa cruz third and the san francisco oakland hayward area ranked second and with 30.9% higher san jose ranked number one on the bureau of economic analysis, so the government is getting around to figure that out. tomorrow make sure you hav the umbrella. rainfall is making a comeback and in fact it is strange to talk about these winter like
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storms in the middle of may but that will be the case as we head into saturday. you can see we will jump right into the storm with rainfall about half of an inch and the coastal hills could be approaching over an inch and a half, wind around 35 miles per hour so we will be a bit breezy, and in the sierra another winter storm watch, resetting the rainfall, bunch of zeros right now but these numbers will be going up into saturday and into sunday especially sunday morning. you can see both areas of above an inch through the weekend. satellites are lots of clouds spinning into northern california, we continue to cloud things up for tonight. her numbers nystrom the cold, some 50s are out there. santa rosa 51 fremont 52 in center san jose 53, san francisco for friday night if you want to make any outdoor plans make the most of tomorrow morning. you can see the next storm is approaching out here in the
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pacific. rainfall developing especially by tomorrow afternoon, gusty winds behind it this area of low pressure moves and that will keep the rain and the sunday morning forecast could taper off by the afternoon. it is just amazing in the sierra the snowfall continues to pile up and a winter storm watch continues to p.m. saturday and snowfall could be up above a foot for the higher elevations. tomorrow morning the chance of a shower but would begin to bump up those chances for saturday afternoon. look what happened saturday evening this could be linked to thunderstorm saturday evening and once again more then we taper off from the scattered showers in afternoon. highs tomorrow upper 50s to lower 60s and look ahead your five-day forecast, be prepared for rain clouds through the weekend. monday we will increase the clouds and by tuesday there's a chance of showers.
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that could be it with rainfall, we will see. we will be back. the bay area fair some fear it could be the last time for the event. the maker fair across thousands of people to the event center each year, makers come together to put their robots and gadgets on display but the event is reportedly struggling financially and recently had to make some layoffs. the fair runs through sunday. coming up in sports the sharks came up short tonight in st. louis.>> we show you the highlights next in sports.
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the period leading to-0. the sharks finally put it in the net. you see the replay he just shoves it into the net. very much alive look at this in the late third. they go home with a loss, 29 saves and to the a's in detroit city, just a little hot streak needed here. it will take care of a bad month of may for the most matt starting to pick it up, that's just a bad play centerfield, all the way to the wall. chris davis will score, throughout his on and we should mention frankie with two strikeouts for the win.
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here is the key play in the giant game. jared dyson, the empire says he did not hit him loading the bases. this is just the mellow is dejection, nina them seems too excited. the next batter down the right field line, center bar and escobar scores, he actually winds up with a triple, 7-0 and the giants had nine hits but they left 10 men stranded. i will tell you what if tiger woods does not do any golfing this weekend, it will not be in the pgh image kepka is running away as woods needs to sink this one and that's not going to happen. he missed the cut by one shot,
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five over for his two rounds and here is kepka running away from the field. he heads this birdie and the lowest 36 totals in a major ever. 12 under par and he's the guy you have to be. and the young sensation for the blue jays. he could have a home run but garcia, the great catching center says no and actually escorts it over the wall. that is the sporting life for friday night. milwaukee also took care of toronto. ♪ ♪
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do you believe it? what can you say? [ crowd cheering ] [ pleasant orchestral music ] tom watson has taken the lead of the u.s. open.
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