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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 3, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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the city of san jose is already on the lookout for illegal fireworks. tenants online reporting system make a difference in silence the critics? >> they say fireworks are illegal now we have to enforce it. >> cracking down on illegal fireworks in the south bay. the city of san jose is launching their online tool where people can report illegal
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activity during the summer fireworks season. that reporting system has had problems in the past. some say they have little faith it can make much of a difference. we are in san jose. you talk to people about their concerns. >> reporter: now in its third year some residents quite frankly called the online reporting tool a dud. at least $10,000 has been allocated to the program according to city officials. they are hoping the third time is a charm and this year it will be more efficient. the sign says fireworks are illegal. >> reporter: signs warning the public about illegal fireworks are up. a signal summer fireworks season is upon us.>> if you take a picture of the fireworks and you get reporter: san jose
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activating the online reporting tool. three times a year around new year's chinese new year in fourth of july. residents can snap quick reports people setting off explosives uploading pictures and videos as evidence. it is nice but i doubt it will have any effect at all. i don't think the city wants arrest or site anybody.>> reporter: residence say the tool is a waste of time. his home surveillance cameras have captured illegal fireworks through the years. in 2017 the city of san jose got burnt after it rescinded all the fines and issues.line r last year the city received more than 1100 online reports but only issued for citations and 88 warnings.>> it is not a battle. people haven't figured out how to use it yet. the vast majority of people in the city and for that matter in the country are not trained in evidence collection.>> i don't think we need another out. we had to do a lot of massaging
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of this particular tool. >> reporter: the stop illegal fireworks group in san jose. she would like to see the city prioritize funding and resources with extra officers manning known hotspot. we were in alviso last july 4. people hosted elaborate on sanction fireworks shows. the whole night. what were the police doing handing out popcorn? i didn't see there were any citations issued. can only enforce the rules in the law when it is safe to do the enforcement. it will create a bigger problem by enforcing at that point the decision has to be made to step back and avoid confrontation.>> reporter: authorities say it will getting the message out there and enforcement to stop illegal fireworks. in san jose. the online reporting tool will be up until july 8. anyone calling illegal fireworks fines start at $500.
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the santa cruz county sheriff's office said more than 10,000 marijuana plants were seized last month and on permits it growth sites. 9700 plants were found on property on summit road near russell ridge. investigators say four people were running 11 greenhouses. they believed they had been in operation for two years. they say it is one of the largest illegal cultivation sites in santa cruz county in recent history. dozens of people were taken into custody this afternoon during an animal rights protest at a duck farm in sonoma county. some of the protesters chained themselves together by the neck blocking the entrance to reichart duck farm. the mission is my middle to rock road outside petaluma. the sonoma county sheriff's office and petaluma police responded. the press democrats reports 98 people were arrested.
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the group accuses the farm of animal cruelty. the district attorney's office is investigating a deadly police shooting in walnut creek police say their first call came from the suspects grandmother. she said her grandson had threatened her. his mother also called and said he had broken a a sliding glass window. and warned he could be aggressive toward officers. she also told them her son suffered from mental health issues. officers say they arrived at arlene lane 4:40 pm yesterday and found the 23-year-old man waving a large metal pole.>> his face had his shirt wrapped around it. and up and over his head. all i could see was his ice. and he had i would say this long or longer a metal rod. and he is yelling the stick the lord gave me. officers fired beanbags first. when the suspect charged at them to officers fired their guns. police say the department is
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deeply saddened by what happened. five officers have been placed on administrative leave which is standard procedure in the case of a deadly shooting. the sale of an apartment complex in vallejo is and think the rents soaring doubling in many cases. the tenants only have 60 days notice.>> reporter: for years residents have occupied the vallejo apartment complex strawberry hill paid less than $1000 for one and two bedrooms. that changes in the matter of weeks. they are not helping us. >> reporter: this woman who is lived here for 12 years shows us a letter she received from san francisco-based reliant group management. her current rent would go from $825 a month to $1600 a month. she says she contacted reliant group management and asked. >> what if i don't have a place to go?>> reporter: the cup the company is upgrading the 64 units leading to the increase.
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those who opt out of the upgrade will face a rent hike of more than 100%. we have some bedrooms here. we also have senior citizens here. we also have people here who have disabilities. we also have people here who are working double jobs.>> reporter: the mayor of vallejo has decried the writ the rent hike. one of my first acts was to have community engagement with the residence. slow this process down. and they have agreed to do that. >> reporter: reliant group management vice president told me the company previously approached vallejo about making strawberry hill affordable housing. we were told last summer that the city didn't have any interest in any more affordable housing. they thought they had enough in the city. >> reporter: the company is slowing process for residents as strawberry hill and will work with the city to offer housing choice vouchers.
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the and afford her boathouse operator. strawberry hill was purchased as part of a larger acquisition of properties in hayward hercules antioch in napa. 369 units in total. many of those will be affordable housing. they will be available to the residents of strawberry hill who have to move. shares of facebook google and amazon plunges congress announced is weeping investigation into large tech companies. facebook stock fails up and a half percent. google's parent alphabet fills this .1%. amazon was down for .6%. shares of apple dropped 1%. a statement by the house judiciary committee did not name the companies that might phase a review. in a separate federal probe the justice department would reportedly examine google and apple. the federal trade commission would investigate facebook and amaz critics say the companies are too large and squash competition and reduce consumer choices. the broader markets were mostly
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lower today. doubt james gained four points. nasdaq down 120. enough to answer a correction. it is been down 10% from its most recent record high. early last month. the s&p was down seven points. live pictures of oracle arena in oakland. the golden state warriors is that the hosted game three of the nba finals wednesday night. after overcoming injuries and adversity. to get a will victory in toronto last night. amber is there tonight. after toughing it out on the road the warriors have two games at home and oracle. they have a few days to rest and recuperate.>> reporter: warriors arrived home early today. with the series tied 1-1 after a tough victory on sunday. fans say the team showed the heart of a champion. i spoke with the ant coach. he tells me it takes a team of champions to overcome adversity.>>ngth
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in numbers is more than a slogan for the golden state warriors.>> we believe in it. it is not a tagline for a marketing campaign. it is who we are. the idea was introduced by the coach when he became the coach of the warriors five years ago. it embraces the concept of a team that includes players on the bench and all of his preparations. and not just reliance on the stars. this year has been the biggest test because we have had so many injuries. >> reporter: injuries have tested the team. kevin durant has been out since the second round of the playoffs. demarcus cousins just returned for the finals. now klay thompson and kuban were hurt sunday. warriors assistant coach bruce fraser set overcoming adversities and challenges is the core of the team's culture.>> we had to go after guys step up. these are big games. it is not an easy chore for a young player. or someone with less experience.
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>> reporter: a dick's sporting goods in hayward fans say they are impressed by the team's ability to bounce back. it makes everybody realize how special the team is. with or without a few players. it teamwork and working on yourself and the individual level is really inspiring from them.>> reporter: one man set the team's motto is a good life lesson for his son. don't quit. never quit. never give up. >> reporter: assistant coach fraser set talent resilience and self believe are keys to success. they have a champion's heart. >> reporter: exciting to watch. fans are thrilled the team is back home to play here and oracle on wednesday.
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they say they are not surprised the team has won many close games with the help of the bench. it is just remarkable. what they have done over the past several years. a warning from quest diagnostics. the big data breach being investigated. how millions of patients might be affected. a warm up today. it will warm further tomorrow. because the middle 90s coming up in the five day. see you back here with the details. the new haven teacher strike continues tomorrow. despite an unexpected bargaining session today. coming up what we have learned about a parents meeting to possibly recall the school board.
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week three of the teacher strike in union city and south hayward. negotiators were back at the table today. still no deal and now the school year is essentially all but over. we are at the alameda county office of education with the .>reporter: the district basically invited the union here to the county office of education to resume talks. it happened at 1 pm this afternoon. it was a good sign after a contentious weekend. with tension between the superintendent and the union president. parents told me today they are
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fed up. they want action and they have a meeting scheduled tomorrow to discuss whether to ask for a recall of the school board. at logan high school in union city students row shooting hoops. it is not school as usual. lisa rodriguez said her son is a senior. she's at the end of the year teacher strike at the new haven school district has been stressful for families. the last few weeks of being with your friends. all that one place at the same time. that is gone.>> reporter: final grades and graduation are supposed to be next week. our kids are losing out. simple stuff we take for granted like senior picnics. getting yearbook sign. hanging out with your friends. saying goodbye to your friends. >> reporter: a group of parents is upset with the school board. they planned to meet to discuss whethea community statement of court no- confidence or begin steps for a recall. >> that is indicative of how frustrated we are. we are ready to get the kids and teachers back in the classroom.
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>> reporter: while the board members have not been at the table they have been very involved in the process. they have been multiple occasions we get on the conference call with the board and we get there direction. we update them as to what is going on. they give us our marching orders. >> reporter: the union's latest offer was 6% pay raise over two years. with retroactive pay and credits that days that teachers went on strike. the district that that will cost $18 million. is at the raise will be in line with california's cost-of- living adjustment. we are in a difficult situation. i'm hoping tomorrow will help us get closer to being out of that situation.>> reporter: talks broke out 5 pm monday still with no deal. >> the support we are getting from the community is great. keep smiting spirits up. keeps our members spirits up. is an emotional roller coaster for us. many times we think this is the day an agreemen our hopes are high. and then they are back down again. >> reporter: both sides plan to
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be back here at the bargaining table at 9 am. and then continue into the afternoon. at 6:30 pm the board meeting will begin and there is expected to be a very big crowd of teachers and parents. i'm wondering have they called in a mediator and if not why not? is there of the possibility they can do binding arbitration?>> reporter: part of the fact- finding report that we have been hearing about what came as a result of some of that mediation and arbitration as i understand it. the state superintendent was here at the table. trying to craft a deal over the weekend. the district is saying this is a trying to get to a place where they can have a deal. but really it will be a tough thing right now. they still have not been able to close the gap. let's hope they can. today congress passed a
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long-delayed disaster aid bill on the first day back of after a recess. the senate passed the $19.1 billion measure last month. it will provide help for california wildfire victims among others. house republican lawmakers initially blocked the law from passing. three times over the past week and a half. they objected to the amount of money being spent. the president is expected to sign the bill. there was plenty of pageantry in london as the british royal family welcome president trump for a state visit. the president and first lady were guest at a private lunch with the queen. and had afternoon tea with the prince of wales and the duchess of cornwall. that was followed by a lavish state dinner at buckingham palace. thank you for your warm welcome. for this beautiful weather. your gracious hospitality and your majesties nearly 7 decades of treasured friendship with the united states of america. i'm confident our common
10:19 pm
values and shared interests will continue to unite us.>> despite a warm and welcome his trip has been controversial. before the president landed in the uk he tweeted a message calling the mayor of london a stone cold loser. that after the mayor called president trump a global threat. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to protest the president's visit in central london tomorrow. california is taking the maker of oxycontin to court. state attorney general javier becerra out a lawsuit accusing purdue pharma of downplaying the drug addict qualities and helping create a national opioid crisis. hawaii maine and the district of columbia also filed lawsuits today. joining dozens of other states counties and cities who are dru in a statement. do vowed to defend itself against the misleading attacks. california health officials
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gave their blessings declaring it does not pose a significant risk of cancer. that means coffee won't have to carry vague warnings that say it might be bad for you. the move comes after a judge in la found starbucks and other companies failed to show the benefits from drinking coffee outweighed risk from a byproduct of the roasting process. health officials concluded there was no risk following the world health organization's assessment that coffee does not pose a cancer risk. checking on the temperatures today. they warmed up quite a bit. we saw numbers today 87 concorde. that was the warm spot. fairfield 81. a bit of a 62 pacifica. high temperatures tomorrow warmer still. we've got a few lingering thundershowers on the west slope. you can see them dying down. that should be the end of it. we have had a couple weeks of
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unsettled weather especially on the sierra nevada side. we are under the high pressure side where you see coastal fog form. we have seen temperatures come up today. they will come up again tomorrow is the high pressure intensifies a bit more. we should have faulk and avenues right now. we look for fog in the morning. there will be clearing tomorrow afternoon along the beaches. current pictures they are running warmer than last night. an indication of today's high. 7 degrees warmer in concorde. outside san francisco no fog. we see faulk at the coast. that is the story. fog stays at the coast. temperatures and linen temperatures low to middle 90s. back here with specifics. coming up a bay area police department goes to court after being sued over the death of a man in custody. at 10:30 pm we look into how a call from medical help turn deadly. the warriors come home battered and bruised. the latest from the team on the status of the injuries.
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apple rolls out the latest and greatest. the big changes to apple maps. why itunes is largely going away. how the company promises to help protect your privacy. alright boys, time for bed.
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manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. quest diagnostics is issuing a warning about a data breach to expose the personal information of millions of people. the testing company said the breach could have compromised the information of almost 12 million people. it potentially exposed patient
10:25 pm
social security numbers and credit card information. but not laboratory test results. a billing collections firm informed the company last month of the breach the gave them an authorized user access to the system for eight months. qwest said it takes the issue seriously and will notify patients as it learns more about the breach. apple announced today they are dropping itunes and replacing it with three separate apps. one of many changes in store for apple uses in the coming months. jesse with more from the worldwide developers conference in san jose.>> reporter: apple unveiling new suites and improvements to existing software and showcasing and revamp staple. part of his developers conference 2019. >> almost directly out of the gate apple executives announcing improvements were designed with privacy and security in mind.>> at apple we believe privacy is the fundamental human right. and we engineer it into
10:26 pm
everything we do. this year we are doing even more. apple is giving the opportunity to sign in with apple. meaning that your details are not shared.>> reporter: the company announcing upgrades to the applewatch with new customizable faces and vans. software mayor software that will track metrics to do comparison. apple maps are more detailed now. with 3-d views and information to guide you to your destination. apple's new operating system 13 offering phase id unlocking that is 30% faster. a dark mode for lowlight use that is easier on the ice. itunes is being split into three separate apps. apple music apple podcasts and apple tv.
10:27 pm
the itunes store will still live on is its own entity. ipad is getting its own operating system.>> thing apple is going in a different direction and saying we have an ipad. a very different use. let's make the app separate. let's give the users what they want. we cannot wait for the all of you to get your hands of these great new releases. >> reporter: some the changes won't be available into the fall. ahead of that the apple credit card this summer. leader in the year we will have to see what they have in store for the centerpiece of its universe the iphone. a safe haven for people who might otherwise be out on the street. the unique programs at a new shelter making it only the second of its kind in the nation. the new partnership between california and the pentagon to help fight wildfires. dramatic new police video
10:28 pm
seen for the first time. the case involves a bay area man who died in police custody. attorneys say he wasn't even a suspect.
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the family of a man who died in custody of hayward
10:31 pm
police is now suing the city over his death. they say officers treated him like a criminal when what he needed with psychiatric help. candace with video from that night. we need to advise you some of the footage is graphic. >> reporter: is started from a call from his ex-wife his family seeking for him to essentially be taken and transported to a mental health hospital.>> reporter: suffering from a mental health crisis roy nelson junior is seen in the back of this hayward police car in the chabot college parking lot. video shows him upsetting offices. >> reporter: for this type of psychiatric call police waited for an ambulance to drive nelson to a hospital. while waiting things escalated. the officer is used to physically control suspects.
10:32 pm
nelson was not suspected of a crime only for not complying with offices orders to stop kicking. some of what happens next might be upsetting to watch. >> reporter: at this point please elevate the call. prompting the two ambulances that were initially diapered it's a rush to the scene. although the officers know
10:33 pm
cpr it takes more than nine minutes for nelson to received chest compressions after an officer notices he is unconscious. >> reporter: nelson was pronounced dead at the hospital. the coroner's report said his cause of death was an accident. a result of the irregular heartbeat contributed by meth in his system and physical exertion. nelson son roy nelson the third is suing hayward for his father's death. is represented by points it with the law firm of civil rights attorney john burris. -- is was a man who was experiencing a medical emergency. instead he was treated as a criminal suspect. >> reporter: how did this go from a medical call to a fatal call? >> because he is black. this is the west coast eric garner case. mr. nelson literally said i cannot breathe. the officers ignored his pleas.
10:34 pm
about hayward would not comment on nelson's case citing pending litigation. court records city attorneys argued the officers acted reasonably because nelson failed to comply with offices orders. no one should be met with death because they kicked a door. is that the society we live in? where um met with death because you kicked the door -- >> reporter: they tried to prevent the case going to trial. in april a judge allowed it. the judge expressed shock and officers waiting to flip over nelson after seeing he was out. i cannot imagine a juror in this country saying. mr. nelson is unconscious. without some kind of intervening measure. >> reporter: nelson son said he wants justice. i want my dad to be thought of as how they are trying to portray him.>> reporter: there was an internal affairs investigation into the officers conduct and they were cleared of wrongdoing. the da did not investigate the case because it happened before they adopted a policy to look
10:35 pm
at the all in custody deaths. and another wrongful death case the city of san francisco is planning to pay a $400,000 settlement to the mother of mario woods. in return gwendolyn woods would drop the lawsuit she filed against the city. 26-year-old mario woods was shot more than 20 times by five police officers in the bayview. after he refused to drop a knife he was holding. the city attorney will present the settlement deal to the board of supervisors tomorrow. a vote will be held at a later date. ask you to say is stolen car suspect who went on a rampage in san francisco last week is likely on antidepressants. that is based on results from a blood test. five-year-old sherry neil broke down in tears as he pleaded not guilty in court today. prosecutors say she injured four people as she sped and crashed through the tenderloin and south of market area last wednesday. one victim is now in and induced coma. the public defender assigned to
10:36 pm
the case that she is a mother of three and suffers from bipolar disorder as well as other mental illnesses. upgrades have been made at a san francisco intersection where a pedestrian was fatally struck by a golden gate transit bus. the mta said it has implemented a pedestrian scramble at golden gate avenue and hyde street. the city said the scramble gives pedestrians a head start all traffic is held by a red light. it is designed to help people cross more safely at busy intersections. city crews have also re-stripe the lanes that had faded on high street. using military might to help fight wildfires in california. the battery issue that forced a scooter companies to pull his rentals off the streets of san francisco today. temperatures back into the upper 80s. even low 90s. we will let you know what you can expect. we will see you back here after the break.
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go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. the youngest member of the
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manson family will not be released from prison after all. governor newsom overruled the decision to release leslie then how. a former follower of the late cold leader charles manson. she is now 69 years old and has been 50 years in prison. for the murders in los angeles in 1969. the governor said he commends her efforts at rehabilitation. he is concerned about her potential for future violence. the motive behind friday's mass shooting at a city office building in virginia beach remains a mystery. invest get a said the gunman dewayne craddick had put in his two week notice by email from his job as a city engineer on the morning of the attack. he said he was leaving for personal reasons. the city manager said he was in good standing with his department. investigators also say it doesn't appear he specifically targeted any of the 12 people were killed.
10:41 pm
california department at the pentagon to use military technology to fight wildfires. the governor said the defense department agreed to get information from a cold war era military satellite that will help spot small wildfires before they grow out of control. the california national guard also received permission to use advanced unmanned military drones to map fires account destroyed houses and spots survivors through the end of this year. police in san francisco say and unlock were allowed ap to take off with personal items from a fire station. it happened more than a week ago at station 19 on buckingham way behind the stone town galleria. the thieves entered through the front door then took badge nameplates and uniform shirt. police have not released the description of the suspect. one of two scooter companies operating in san francisco has locked up its ease scooters for now. skip is removing scooters out of an abundance of caution after the battery on a scooter in washington dc caught fire. no one was hurt.
10:42 pm
skip officials say there is no reason to believe a similar fire will happen again. the company expects to have it scooters back onto the streets by tomorrow. we understand this might be an inconvenience to customers. we appreciate skip is taken the right steps to put safety first. it has no plans to launch its own investigation and there are no restrictions on skip's competitor. still succumb a safe place for lgbtq homeless people. there has never been a greater need for a shelter like this then right now. the special services setting it apart from most shelters. bill martin is tracking a cooling trend and a warm-up. he is back with the timing and his complete forecast.
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the pride flag is flying to city hall tonight. the mayor and fire chief and other leaders were on hand for the annual flag raising just before noon. it marks the beginning of pride month. which ends with the annual parade on june 30. the san francisco police department is getting into the spirit with a specially
10:46 pm
decorated suv. to raise awareness during pride month. this year for the first time officers can also were pride patches on the uniforms. they are on sale to the public to raise money for larkin. san jose has a homeless shelter focus solely onof the l community. the facility is only the second of its kind in the country.>> reporter: by design the new haven san jose looks less like a homeless shelter and more like a home. for the lgbtq residents that live here it feels more like 12. it is a place to go where you are not going to fear of violence or persecution because of your sexual preference. >> reporter: chris miller had been living r members of the c traditional homeless shelters are often hostile places. i have been to most in the area. i've never felt safer. oftentimes many felt they
10:47 pm
were safer on the streets than in large shelters. spending they listen to the concerns. an open new haven focus specifically on the lgbtq community. it has only the second of its kind in the nation. the first being in san francisco. it comes at a time when federal housing officials are considering changes to some equal access protections. has never been a greater need for a shelter like this that right now. the inspiration was so strong that it moved the board of supervisors to act immediately.>> it also first job specialist in support groups among other things. residents can say 90 days. >> coming here is a place where they can be respected for the first time. and then you can start to work on your life. you can't stop being homeless unless you have a safe place to do it from. even though the shelter is new and relatively small.
10:48 pm
residents say it is already making a big impact. 20 beds here have been full most might so far. staff said there is already a waitlist to get in. in san jose and ruben ktvu fox 2 news. looking at the weather now we've got some pretty nice conditions outside. it is mild. we have patchy fog on the coast. it is been brushed aside. the winds go out of the north and northeast aloft. we see a bit of offshore flow which will increase the temperatures. tomorrow's temperatures will come up again. look for patchy fog along the coast tonight and tomorrow morning. it lingers right along the coast. out on the avenues temperatures mild as you pointed out. 63 fairfield. 67 concorde and walnut creek. the city's fault free. the fog is restricted to the coast and even south of the coast to dell by half moon bay.
10:49 pm
overnight lows in the 50s. you will see no 40s tonight. a mild night. temperatures generally tomorrow will be a good 5 to 6 degrees warmer. it looks like this. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy in the morning. i would be right along the coast. most of us will be sunny when you wake up. san jose fremont lafayette san rafael. oakland. most areas will be fog free. on the coast there will be fault. right around the avenues. it clears out quickly. you're mostly sunny and nice to the bay area afternoon. 66 san francisco. daytime highs 72 and 70 in san francisco. warmer than today by a few degrees. this is i like the microclimate there are really the big ones. you see the temperature footprint. that is tomorrow which can be rolled into wednesday as well.
10:50 pm
90 start to work their way furtherance of the coast. the next two days we will see warmest numbers or highest temperatures we have seen. this season. we've seen some hot days. it will be some of the warmer ones. 88 napa. fairfield and 95. brentwood 95. antioch 95. those numbers could eclipse the middle 90s. 93 livermore. 91 morgan hill. air quality is fine. it is going to be hot. take it slow especially kids at school. you have the low to middle 90s tuesday and wednesday. we get a nice cooldown on thursday. bottom comes out. loose 10 degrees. a little bit of a system goes by. on friday saturday and sunday temperatures elevate again. this five day forecast is the first one i have shown you in a long time. that looks like what you would expect to see for the time of year we are involved in. the five day forecast. i will see you back here at 11 pm. the warriors got the
10:51 pm
victory of the raptors. they come home battered and bruised. the laces on last night's injuries. firefighters roll out their annual warning against illegal fireworks. why some residents seem skeptical it will make an impact. everyone's got to listen to mom. when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet, coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar
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if the five-year run has taken its toll on a lot of guys. it seems like they are almost in this nba final running on fumes. some injury updates. i cannot remember a time when there was so much talk about the health of the team rather than anything else. it is a reality the cost of last night's victory in toronto. who was absolutely run over. you have the feeling when a limited hit him the way he went down it was going to be serious. x-rays showing that it is. a fractured collarbone. he will be out indefinitely. he is been such a great job. the nearly indestructible klay thompson ironman awkwardly landing after that shot in the fourth 4th quarter. it is called a framed sprained left hamstring. the team is cautiously
10:55 pm
optimistic that he might be able to play come wednesday night in game three against toronto. steve kerr sizes up the situation in particular with klay thompson. clay said he will be fine. he could be have dead and say we will see. no update on kevin durant. still suffering the aftereffects of that calf strain. the team is reportedly optimistic. he could play in game four friday night. in oakland. that would be a huge left for the team. actually from canadthtelevision people in canada hockey country watching the nba finals. and they were the stanley cup finals. but the point is tonight it is all about hockey. in st. louis. some the start showing up.
10:56 pm
quarterback kansas city. richard petty. and the great brett hall psyching of the crowd in st. louis. st. louis power play. boston. he scores to tie things up. 2-2. his first career playoff goal. loose alex shot and ryan o'reilly. with the goal. back in. they added an empty netter. 3-2 at that goal. for-2 is the final. the series is all even. game five thursday. back in boston. we've got a series after all. the giants because they played so poorly the last year. it looks like they could get another high draft pick next year at this time. it looks like they came up with a winner. a great local story. from a kid from palo alto. and sarah high school.
10:57 pm
here's the reaction when young hunter bishop was drafted today by the giants. that is always a great moment. he is an outfielder. he can hit 6'5". 210 pounds. 22 homeruns. this past year. he is confident if you compared him to any major league it will be cody belanger. he might be a cross between the two if it is anything close to that. as for the oakland a's they pick 29th in the draft. they go over the shortstop logan davidson out of clemson. switch hitter. that's in power. 15 homeruns. supposedly good on defense as well. his sister by the way taylor started on the stamford women's tennis team. a while ago.
10:58 pm
the local stuff continues. the reaction at the home of santa rosa of andrew. family and friends celebrating. he was drafted third overall by the chicago white sox. doing great for tal. the best amateur player in the country last year. and could be on his way to doing so again. the time prospect. which leads us to the long and winding road to the college baseball world series. stanford is still on the road packed and ready to go. and moving on. they go up against fresno state. six run 5th inning's. 7-5 lead here. christian robinson with the aluminum bats. to run cash and single. he had four rbis. in the eighth inning robinson and centerfield. that is a nice grant right there. it helps fresno state. not get their rally going. this is kyle stamford outfielder who
10:59 pm
got the news in the middle of the game. he had been drafted. 70 furs by the baltimore orioles. the fans give him a nice and well deserved probation. stamford moving on to the superregional. against. over the weekend beers quarterback mitch stravinsky bringing along his entire offensive line. he fires the first pitch for the chicago white sox. we will have plenty more in case you missed it. at 11 pm. that is the sporting life for right now. what were the police doing handing out popcorn? i did not see there were any citations issued. skepticism and the south bay as a summer crackdown on illegal fireworks gets underway. 4 july is a month away.
11:00 pm
san jose is already on the lookout for illegal fireworks. hello again everyone. san jose has activated his online reporting system for fireworks. the residents tell us they have little confidence it will make a difference. new tonight live in san jose with more on the reporting effort and the concerns.>> reporter: the online reporting tool is up three times a year. new year's chinese new year's and 4 july. it has sparked debate over how effective it is. authorities tell me at least al the program. the sign says fireworks are illegal. >> reporter: signs warning the public about illegal fireworks are up. and billboards in san jose. summer fireworks season is upon us.>>


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