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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 4, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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good morning. we are live in london for you. president trump continues his first official state visit to the u.k.. we have a look at what happened overnight as we wait for that press conference that's about to begin. >> also here at home. pride events. we'll take a look at some of the major events happening in santa clara county and other areas. >> this is mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us again. we are taking you live to london. we are waiting for the press conference between president trump and the prime minister theresa may. they have been meeting this morning. morning our time that is. the two staffs have been meeting. the two having talking and expected to address trade among other topics in the next few
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minutes we've seen a officials arrive there like they getting the microphone set and making sure that everything's ready to do and we'll say good morning thank you for joining us i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. >> there's a little bit of patchy fog but not much to make a difference. a little hint of a northerly breeze or offshore. thunderstorms will still be up in the sierra but not anywhere near us and cloud cover really was held in check yesterday. patchy fog at best up in the
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sierra some thunderstorm activity. 50s, 60s. it won't take long. there's warm air aloft. it's 63 degrees. lima valley is at 44. low 50s for others. we are seeing just patchy fog otherwise sunshine and warm temps make the jump today. 60s to 90s on friday. i made it. now 6:02 here's sal. >> let's see if i can make it through this. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up all the way out to the maze and the metering lights are on. there will be no major issues. people who don't belong in the car pool lanes so just beware. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland and you can see traffic is moving here nicely with no major issues driving up into downtown. commutes are doing very nicely. northbound 87 as you drive
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through the guadalupe parkway from 85 there's some slow traffic because of an earlier accident. otherwise the silicon valley commute is off to a nice start but it's a nice looking commute in san jose. >> 6:03 let's go back to the desk. happening now in london ru6r7 will be holding a joint news conference today in london with british prime minister theresa may. >> that's expected to start any moment now. the two leaders have been meeting today. they're in london discussing a possible bilateral trade deal to take effect once the u.k. leaves the european union. we're waiting for this competence to begin. the meeting comes daying before theresa may is scheduled to step down on friday as the party leader. >> again, you're looking at live pictures you can see president trump and british prime minister theresa may you can see the
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first lady melaniaru we've seen inside that news conference room the secretary of state mike pompeo the treasury secretary steve munuchin. we've seen members of the trump family. donald trump jr., and jared kushner. these are live pictures from london. president trump and british prime minister theresa may walking to the podium where they were holding a joint news conference. >> there also have been protested ern london as well. we are keeping an eye on all of these developments. here at home, santa clara county will kick off pride month with a rally to denounce violence against the transgender community. the county says it is reaffirming its commitment to stand against hate and violence. ktvu's christina rendon is live this morning with details on
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that. >> good morning. at 9:00 this morning officials are going to be hosting a pride with purpose rally here at the county government building in santa clara. and that includes a new space that just opened yesterday. the new haven in san jose is going to house homeless lgbtq residents in san jose. this is the second of its kind. but officials say this is not a shelter, it's more like a home where the homeless lgbtq community can feel safe. there's never been a greater need for a space like this before. he says just last week the federal department of housing and urban development proposed a change to a rule that eliminates discrimination. >> there may be some in dc who want to empower homeless shelter providers to turn away
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transgender survivors but here in santa clara county we have leaders with a vision to create a shelter designed to serve that population. >> new haven is a collaboration by the santa clara board of supervisors. the office of lgbtq affairs and the city of san jose. and it's just one of the many services anesthesia provided here to not only transgender community members but the lgbtq community at large. it starts at 9:00 here in santa clara county. again, we've also mentioned there's a flag raising tonight as well. all of these festivities will be here for and we will be covering them for you and bring more information to you when they happen. ktvu fox 2 news. all right. time 6:06. new this morning in oakland one man has died after an overnight shooting in oakland.
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it happened around 11:00 last night. no one else w hurt and so far no suspects are in custody. the oakland city council is scheduled to vote on whether to decriminalize natural psychedelics. that includes magic mushrooms. advocates are pushing for safe access as they've been used to treat people with mental health issues included ptsd. denver was the first to approve them. happening today san francisco supervisors due to vote on big changes to the county's juvenile justice system. supporters of that idea want to replace the center with a smaller youth center that focuses on rehabilitation. also live-in programs for young offender who is can't live at home with their families. happening right now we want to take you back to london
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because president trump and british prime minister theresa may ant to hold this news conference. >> it is fitting that we begin with the celebration of a special relationship between the united kingdom and the united states. enduring partners who've stood side by side on that historic day and every day since. for generations at the heart of the transatlantic alliance has been our shared democratic values and justice. it is that unity of purpose that will preserve the deep rooted ties between our people and for the next 75 years and beyond. so i'm very pleased to welcome the president of the united states of america on this state visit to the united kingdom. for the past two and a half years the president and i have had the duty and privilege of
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being the latest guardians of this precious and pro found friendship between our countries. as with our p we have faced thr to the security of our citizens and our allies we have stood together and acted together. when russia used a deadly nerve agent on the street officer our country, the president expelled 60 russian intelligence officers, the largest contribution towards an unprecedented global response. and in syria when innocent men, women, and children were victims of a barbaric chemical attack. since we spoke about nato during my first visit to the white house. thanks in part to your clear message on burden sharing, donald, we have seen members pledge another $100 billion increasing their contributions
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to our shared security. and i'm pleased to announce that nato will soon be able to call on the u.k.'s aircraft carriers and s35 fighter jets to help tackle threats around the world. today we've discussed again the new and evolving challenges to our security, our values and our way of life. we share the same view about our objectives and meeting them. but like prime ministers and presidents before us and no doubt those that come after we can confront the challenges we face. i've always talked openly with you donald when we have taken a different approach and you've done the same with me. i've always believed that cooperation and compromise are its strongest on the basis of alliances. today, we've discussed again, its importance of our two nations working together to address iran's destabilizing activity in the region and to
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ensure teran can't require a nuclear weapon. it is going to reach the same goal. it is important that iran meets its obligations and we do everything to avoid escalation which is in no one's interest. recognizes our nations is safer and more prosperous as we work on the biggest challenges of our time. and our continued support for the paris agreement. we also spoke about china. recognizing its economic significance and that we cannot ignore action that threatens our shared interests or values. as we've deepened our cooperation on security including our joint military operations so are economists too. every morning 1 million americans get up and go to work for british companies in america and one million britains do the same for american companies
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here. our trading relationship is worth over 190 billion pounds a year and we're the largest investors in each other's economies with mutual investments valued as much as $1 trillion. mr. presi the f time we met. and from our positive discussions today i know we both remain committed to this. i'm also sure our economic relationship will only grow broader and deeper building on the conversation we had and the ideas we heard from the u.k. and u.s. businesses when we met them earlier today. tomorrow, we will sit down in port smith with our fellow leaders to reaffirm the enduring importance of the western alliance and the shared values that underpin it. and as we look to the future in the years and in the generations ahead, we will continue to work together to preserve the alliance that is the bedrock of
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our shared prosperity and security. on the beaches of normandy 75 years ago. mr. president. well thank you prime minister may. melania and i are honored to return to london as our nations commemorate the 75th anniversary of d-day and world war ii. we want to thank her majesty the queen who i had a lovely dinner with last night. a fantastic person. fantastic woman. for so graciously inviting us to this state visit. it was very special. our thanks as well to prime minister and mr. may for the warm welcome they've given the first lady and me as we remember the heroes who laid down their lives to rescue civilization itself on june 6th, one hundred ninety-four thousand four hundred tens of thousands of
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young warriors left these shores by the sea. and air to begin the invasion of normandy and the liberation of europe and the brutal nazi occupation. it was a liberation like few people have seen before. among them were more than 130,000 american and british brothers in arms through their valor and sacrifice they secured our homelands and saved freedom for the world. tomorrow prime minister may and i will attend a commemoration ceremony in port smith. one of the key elm bar indication remarks for the kaegsz. more than 1.5 million americans were stationed right here in england and advance of the landings that summer. the bonds of friendship forged here and sealed in blood on those hollowed beaches will endure forever. our special relationship is
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grounded in common history. values, customs, culture, language and laws. our people believe in freedom and independence as a sacred birthright and cherished inheritance worth defending at any cost. as the prime minister and i discussed in our meetings today and yesterday, the united states and the united kingdom share many goals and priorities around the world. i want to thank the people of the united kingdom for their service and partnership in our campaign to defeat isis. as we announced a few months ago isis is territorial caliphate, iraq has been completely obliterated. defeated. the united kingdom is also a key partner in nato we've both been
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working hard toward that end and we are very current and some of them are not. i appreciate everything you've done in that regard. we expect a growing number of naegszs to meet the minimum of 2% gpd requirement. to address today's challenges all members of the alliance must fulfill their obligations. they have no choice. they must fulfill their obligations. among the threat is the development and spread of nuclear weapons. perhaps that's our greatest threat. the united states and the are dr weapons. and i believe that will happen.e also know that the border security is national security. today the and i discussed our thriving economic relationship. both countries are doing very
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well and participated in a round table with industrial business leaders. i can say probably the biggest business leaders anywhere in the world. our nations have more than $1 trillion invested in each other's economics. the united kingdom is america's largest foreign investor and our largest european export market. that's a lot of importance. as the u. kvmentd makes preparations to exit the european union, the united states is committed to a phenomenal trade deal between the u.s. the u.k.. there is tremendo in that trade deal. i say probably two at even three times of what we're doing right now. tremendous potential. 75 years ago this thursday, courageous americans and british patriots set out from this island toward history's most important battle. risking everything to defend our people and to ensure that the
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united states and britain would forever remain sovereign and forever remain free. following this press conference prime minister may, mr. may, the first lady, my family and i will visit the legendary churchill war rooms beneath the streets of london. i look forward to that. in his famous speech on this day in june 1940, prime minister churchill urged his countryman to defend our island whatever the cost may be. as we mark this solemn anniversary of d-day we remember that the defense of our nations does not begin on the battlefield but within the heart of every patriot. today, let us renew our pledge engraved at the american cemetery in normandy and
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enscribed by president dwight eisenhower in st. paul's cathedral right here in london that for which they died shall live. i have greatly enjoyed working with you. you are a tremendous professional and a person that loves your country dearly. really an honor. >> thank you for the invitation to memorialize our fallen heroes and for your partnership between the american and the british people. it's the greatest alliance the world has ever known. thank you prime minister, thank you. >> thank you so much. [ applause ] . >> reporter: thank you. from the going to take two
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american media. i'll start with beth ridly. >> thank you prime minister, president trump. for you president trump as you hold talks with the prime minister. the leader opposition has been . he said he's disappointed and he criticized your record on refugees. what do you have to say to him and is this man someone you can do a trade deal with? and to you prime minister do you think sadik kaun is a stone cold loser? >> you're talking about the mayor of london. is that who you said? yes. i think he's been not a very good mayor from what i understand. crime is up. a lot of problems and i don't think he should be criticizing a representative of the united states that can do so much good for the united kingdom. we talked about it before.
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he should be positive not negative. he's a negative force not a positive force and if you look at what he said, he hurts the people of this great country and i think he should actually focus on his job, it'd be a lot better if he did that. he could straighten out a lot of the problems he has and probably some ofank you. . >> [indiscernible]. >> he wanted to meet with me and i told him no. yes. well -- >> [indiscernible]. >> i don't know jeremy corbin. never met him. never spoke to him. he wanted to meet today or tomorrow and i decided i would not do that. i think that he is from where i come from somewhat of a negative force. i think that the people should look to do things correctly as
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opposed to criticize. i really don't like critics as much as i like and respect people that get things done. so i've decided not to meet. as far as the protests, i have to tell you because i commented on it yesterday, we left the prime minister, the queen, the royal family, there were thousands of peog over today there were thousands of people cheering and then i heard that there were protests. i said where are the protests. i did see a small protest when i came. very small. so a lot of it is fake news i hate to say. but you saw the people waiving the american flag, waiving your flag it was tremendous spirit and love. it was great love it was an alliance and i didn't see the protesters until just a little while ago and it was a very small group of people put in for political reasons so it was fake news. thank you. >> and i would say to both the mayor of london and jeremy corbin the discussions we have
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had today are about the future of this most important relationship between the u.s. and the u.k.. as the president described it the greatest alliance the world has seen. it is this deep special relationship and partnership between the united states and the united kingdom that ens safety and security of others around the world too. and it is this relationship that helps to ensure there are jobs that employ people here in the . but under pins are prosperity and our future. that's a relationship we should cherish. it is a relationship we should build on. is a relationship we d be proud of. >> this really is a very big and important alliance and i think people should act positive leotard it because it means so much for both countries. yes. go ahead steve. >> thank you. what is your current view on
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brexit? should britain leave the european union and for the prime minister what will be the ramifications for the u.k. if there is not a deal? >> well i don't like to take positions in things that i'm not really -- i understand the issue very well i really predicted what was going to happen. some of you remember that prediction it was a strong prediction made at a certain location on a development we were opening the day before it happened and i thought it was going to happen because of immigration more than anything else but probably it happens for a lot of reasons. but i would say i would think that it will happen and it probably should happen. this is a country and it wants its own identity. it wants to have its own borders. it wants to run its own affairs this is a very special place and i think it deserves a special place andhought maybe for that reason and for others. but that reason it was going to happen, yeah, i think it will
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happen and i believe the prime minister's brought it to a very good point where something will take place in the not too distant future. i believe it would be good for the country, yes. >> and from my point of view i believe it's important to deliver brexit. we gave that choice to the british people. we should now deliver on that choice. i continue to believe that actually it's in the best interest of the u.k. to leave the european union in an odd leeway with a deal. i think we have a good deal. stopped us from delivering brexit in that deal. but we will obviously this is an issue that's going to continue in the u.k.. i think the important thing is we deliver brexit and o to do wt we have other been talking about today and develop not just that free trade agreement but a broader economic partnership into the future.
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>> on a related matter, mr. president are you prepared to impose limitations on sharing with britain if they do not put in place restrictions on whoi whoi. >> we will be able to work out any differences. we did discuss it. i see absolutely no limitations. we've never had limitations. this is a truly great ally and partner and we'll have no problem with that. okay. >> francis. >> all right. welcome back. if you've been listening in or just joining us. we have been listening in to this live press conference between president trump and prime minister theresa may there in the u.k. both leaders addressing its importance of the economic agreement, the trade grem between the two. the -- agreement between the two. the president mentioning about a
6:27 am
$2 billion investment in each other. very interesting the first question though regarding the harsh criticisms that president trump made to the mayor of london. the president basically said that he -- that the mayor has been wrongfully criticizing its leaders. >> theresa may did not answer the question she was asked. do you believe he's a stone cold loser but she did not answer that. we have been listening in on this. and we'll bring you more when we come back.
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from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. >> well good morning. welcome back. thank you for joining us here for mornings on 2. tuesday morning it's june 4th i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. we're live in london. we've been listening to the press conference between president trump and prime minister theresa may. we also have reporters covering the protests that are happening over the president's visit so we'll continue to monitor that. >> we're also talking about how hot it is. >> it's getting hot here. >> inland. >> and nice at the coast we'll have a big difference on the temps we'll go from probably oft inland temps it's not going to be a factor. 80s yesterday. 80s
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from the coast will get the biggest jumps on the temps northwest and then a little offshore for hayward and livermore. i did see a little patch or two made it out to napa airport but i think it's on borrowed time here. a little puff. 50s on the temps. few low 60s already. east bay temps 61 in broward. it's actually cooler over towards el cirrito.. kind of a little flip-flop but that's what we're seeing today. warmer temps. this will probably be the warmest day for most. as soon as i say that somebody will say we were warmer. for most today will be the warmest days. 80s and 90s . 60s, 70s near the coast and bay. 6:32.
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sal is this something new or the usual? >> the usual steve. right now we do have traffic moving towards the bay bridge. it has tacken about 30 minutes to get there as you're driving in from the carcinas bridge to the bay bridge a little hard to see but it's backed up for a 20-minute delay. this is a look at traffic here as you can see traffic is moving along relatively well. there has been no problem. there was a stall on the east shore freeway that our friend mike mayback. san jose traffic is going to be busy. so on the east shore freeway westbound you'll see some slow traffic called in by my friend mike and hopefully make it to work very soon. i don't see it here but it looks suspiciously clear. 6:33 let's go back to the desk.
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happening today a new round of contract talks of striking teachers in the new haven unified school district. in union city this morning. so tell us why yesterday's negotiations fell apart alyssa. >> good morning. yeah, i'm outside of james logan high school where it's going to be another quiet day. some substitute teachers will be here. negotiations continue at 9:00 a.m. the school year is almost over. the last day of school june 13th. now the union says that the district is offering sub posals instead of real proposals which is money based on projections which is why they did not agree to this contract. the union wants something that's certain. they're asking a 6% raise over two years. the district offering a 2% raise plus a bonus this year. parents want this resolved. >> just the last week of being with your friends all in one place at the same time.
6:34 am
>> our kids are losing out. simple stuff we take for granted like senior picnics, getting yearbooks signed hanging out with your friends, saying good-bye to your friends. there's been many times we thought an agreement would be reached and they're back down again. >> there's also a school board moothing tonight at 5:30. parents plan to address that comment. some parents are even organizing recall campaigns for school board members. ktvu fox 2 news. also happening now we've been showing you president trump and prime minister theresa may just holding a joint news conference there. and it comes just days before theresa may is scheduled to step down as leader of her party
6:35 am
because of the challenges of trying to get parliament to approve an exit plan to leave the european union. president trump says the withdraw of britain from the eu creates a potential for a trade deal with the u.s.. >> as the u.k. makes preparations to exit the european union, the united states is committed to a phenomenal trade deal between the u.s. and the u.k. there is tremendous potential in this that trade deal probably two or three times at what we're doing right now ktvu's lauren blancherd joins us live in london. it's raining a little bit now i first want to ask you because the president basically brushed off the protests. what are you seeing in terms of protests? >> good morning, pam, so we saw a pretty big protest.
6:36 am
about 10 to 15,000 people filled this area in the square behind me. the roof they took as they went down towards white hall. that is the closest london police were allowing them. now when the prime minister and the president walked out for this press conference that just wrapped up, you could hear the protesters yelling and booing in the background. the president in this that press conference was asked about the protest. he said he thought it may be a very small one. however for those of us who were in the square this was a pretty big protest. a lot of people turned out yelling, waving signs and yelling down the street. >> what have been the comments and reactions as well to the president's criticisms to the mayor of london. one of the members of the press asked a pretty poignant question
6:37 am
about those comments but nooesdz one of them really addressed those comments. >> right. so when the president was landing here in the u.k. yesterday he tweeted at the mayor of london calling him a stone cold loser. so today the journalist asked if theresa may thought he was a stone cold loser. she kind of brushed that question off saying instead this is something as they preferred more positive people as the president said who gets things done. they kind of pushed that one to the side. not really walking back those comments instead both trying to focus on perhaps more of a positive relationship and pam, that is something that we really saw from this press conference as both leaders trying to taut their special relationship between the u.k. and the u.s. take a listen. >> we can also on the
6:38 am
challenges we've faced. i've always talked openly with you donald. >> prime minister may it's been a you are a tremendous professional and a person that loves your country dearly z. thank you very much. >> and some of the topics they said they talked about iran and how to keep nuclear weapons out of that country. the climate change issue and one of these differing issues is climate change. they also spoke about trade. the president said he hopes to have a tremendous deal in place. of course the prime minister is stepping down as leader of her party on friday. until they're able to get a new prime minister in place and able to deal with president trump. one of those folks who could be the next leader, the next prime minister here in the u.k, the
6:39 am
president was talking about jaernl corbin of the labor party. the president said he was invite to have a meeting and instead the president said he did not want to meet with him also saying he was not somebody who was very positive. so until he saw more positive comments coming from corbin he didn't want to deal with him just yet. the president is going to go to the winfield house. and then tomorrow begins those d-day remembrance events. >> lauren blancherd. thank you so much for tha a kofl verbal vote by the decide whethz city's new chinatown subway station will be named honor
6:40 am
of rose on all of this. good morning. good morning dave. well construction is under way on that subway station right now . it's expected to be completed by february but before that happens it means a name. the vote to name the station china town happens today at 3:00 p.m. rose pack's efforts to help raise funds for the subway project should be recognized. hundreds of chinatown residents pe tigszed against the name. in a news conference opponents say pack was not an advocate and doesn't deserve credit for the construction of the project. >> in order to get it funding to build its subway stations, the supporters say she's the one that gets the funding so i try
6:41 am
to suggest that the new person who gets the funding with the mayor and former mayor. and nansly pelosi. >> now on the other side the san francisco chinese chamber of commerce is on board with naming it after pack. she was known by many as a power house activist in the city, and a champion for the chinese community. >> i think the name, the chinatown rose pack station is in itself a compromise. you know our original proposal was the station. so the chinatown rose back station is ind we are falling bt as for the project, when completed itmetro line through 2
6:42 am
news. >> thank you. is 6:42. the bay area once again is a focus of the culinary world. we'll take a look at the michelin stars just handed out. >> and it has finally come to an end. >> now let's check in with azenith smith. you're going to tell us what's coming up in the 7:00 hour. >> coming up at the top of the hour, community activists are calling for changes to campus culture after a student in fresno began circulating a video of herself in black face. how the school district is responding. >> and the nation's largest employer now wants to pay for its workers to get into college. why it wants to pay for those
6:43 am
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2 at 6:45. pg & e is expanding its weather staegsz and camera network. pg and e says by the end of the year it will have at least 600 weather stations and 100 high de.f cameras in high fire danger areas. and the pentagon is joining the fight in wild fires. governor newsome says the defense department agreed to give him information from a cold war era military satellite that will help track down small wild fires before they get out of control. the california national guard also received permission to use advanced unmanned military drones to map fires. survey destroyed homes and also look for survivors. today the national parks service is asking for public feedback on its redwood renewal
6:47 am
project at mirrords. the restoration of the salmon habitats throughout the park. holding a special meeting where people can talk about what they like or concerns about that project. that meeting s 6:00 in mill valley. time is 6:47. considering three possibilities for an amateur sports complex on the former naval weapons station property. now the options include 2, 175-acre plans. both include baseball, softball, soccer fields as well as multiuse trails. one of the plans has the facility spread out across the land. the other has them concentrated closer to the parking area. and the third option fewer playing fields on 75 acres with more open space. the city council will talk about those options starting at 6:30 tonight at city hall. no final decision is expected tonight. happening today sonoma
6:48 am
county supervisors due to consider a ban on synthetic pesticide use on county property in areas open to the public. according to the democrat this comes as an environmental group the sonoma county conservation action pushed for bans in public spaces in schools. the reaction grew after the chemical marketed under the name round up was added to california's prop sogs 65 list of cancer-causing chemicals back in 2017. apple continues its developers conference in san jose. it already confirmed it is shutting down itunes. starting this fall it will be split into three hubs apple music, apple podcast, and apple tv. all your downloaded music and illle on the new specific app. since 2013 the ma c pro will feature the top of the line
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specks meant for photo editors. the starting price there $6,000. you can also pair that with apple's new 6k display. that display is a 32" screen that cost $5,000. doesn't include that stand. for $1,000 you can buy the pro stand. for all three it's a $12,000 investment. and apple's latest operating system will include a dark mode which essentially changes the background to help your eyes. ios 13 will feature maps and video editing tools. means the device will have its own dedicated app store. those updates all roll out this fall. time is 6:49 after more than 5 weeks the tv show jeopardy has a new champion. he captivated the audience by winning 32 games in a row and
6:50 am
betting big on daily doubles and final jeopardy. last night he had the correct response in final jeopardy but he wagered a conservative bet and that allows chicago librarian emma adrian beltrer to pull ahead. >> over to jaemsz. >> so emma, it's up to you. if you came up with the correct response, you're going to be the new jeopardy champion. did you? you did. what did you wager. oh, gosh $20,000. what a payday. $46,801. >> emma's the new champ. >> he did not beat the jeopardy. he walks away with more than $2,464,000. >> that's a good chunk of change. what a run. 6:51 is the time. let's check back in with sal for a look at this traffic.
6:51 am
>> let's go right to the picture here. there it goes. they're pushing it off right now. but it was there for about 20 minutes. this truck is disabled so the ridge truck is pushing it off and that really changed the number. it was in the yellow here it is now 34 minutes. now they have a couple of trucks there for good measure they're going to get it out of the way. but the damage is done i'm afraid as we pull back and you can see coming out towards the maze you can see a lot of slow traffic coming in through emeriville and berkley. once you get ton no majornd dune are mod real estately heavy: wind 280 at 6. >> west at 6.
6:52 am
are they mentioning low clouds like scattered at 1100? >> very good. >> did they? >> well -- >> they did have that. pardon me i will listen to aidus and get back to you. >> thank you. we have mostly clear skies. a little bit of patchy clouds. good morning steve. at last, one spot to be down for the count. spring has shown her sunny side with not a cloud in sight. above normal temps not something we've said much of whether every location is looking for it. they are all above the average. some are finally going well above. it's been a long haul places lie livermore. yesterday was 86. today 94. gilroy up to 90. and santa rosa from 80 to 89. so we are looking for the warm up and there's a little east
6:53 am
breeze east northeast at livermore so there is a slight offshore component for most but not sfo. thunderstorm activity will still be popping up over the sierras and for most locations it will be sunny side up and warmer. 50s warmer. santa rosa 48. 58 livermore. tracy, rio vista were out of the gate fast. low 60s pittsburgh, brentwood. a little brisk here at 52. fog except for right on the immediate parts of the coast can kind of hang out for a couple of hours. today, tomorrow warm to hot but then a system will sweep through for a cool down thursday and friday. temps for most. 60s, 70s, 80s to 90s. these are temperatures for once again you saw above average. then a big cool down.
6:54 am
warm again sunday. >> all right. steve thank you. time is 6:54 a travel warning issued by china and it's for the united states. what the chinese government says is happening to visitors that has the chinese governors telling its citizens to take precautions just as president trump has just put some new restrictions on cuba. we'll tell you about that. >> plus the protests in santa rosa landed several activists in jail. we'll take you live right now. to some music and clouds that go on forever over the bay area. a beautiful start to this june 4th. you're watching mornings on 2 right here on ktvu fox 2 news. alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over?
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welcome back, a huge pot bust in santa cruz county, sheriff deputies say 9700 marijuana plants were seized last week in an unpermitted gross site, they were found near russell ridge, four people were running 11 greenhouses. officials say it is one of the biggest illegal cultivation sites in santa cruz county in recent history. almost 900 people were
6:58 am
arrested after a big protest in the nortcounty. some of the protesters chained their necks together, blocking the entrance to the duck farm, which is right outside of petaluma. other demonstrators blocked traffic on the road, that caused a big traffic jam. the group accuses the duck farm of animal cruelty. the firm's website says, it provides fresh duck meat two bay area restaurants, and the birds are raised and processed inhumane environment. it is now 6:58, you may want to buy your ticket today for the mega millions lottery jackpot drawing, the jackpot is closing in on a half billion dollars now. tonight's drawing will rise to an estimated $475 million,
6:59 am
there was no winning for last friday's jackpot. this is the biggest jackpot for the mega millions since the winner claimed the record- setting $1.5 billion jackpot last october in south carolina. after last-minute negotiations fell through overnight, teachers from the new haven unified school district will be back on the picket line for a third straight week. we are in the east bay with both sides. >> also, festivities will be starting across the bay area today, we are in the south bay, we will tell you how santa clara county plans to stop violence against the transgendered community. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning, tuesday, june 4. i'm allie rasmus . >> good morning, i'm dave clark, and i know how much you love hot weather.>> you are being sarcastic. but, it is nice to get a little bit of a warm-up, especially after all of that rain.>>
7:00 am
however, it will be warmer for most, a little bit of fog will keep things on the cooler side, 60s and 70s. yesterday, the temperature started to make these are the forecast highs today, and what is normal on the right, and we are above, which is not something we have done much of. but, temperatures today will be above average here after many weeks of a lot of high temperatures being below average. just a little wind at sfo but it is not roaring. thunderstorms over the sea area, that patchy fog will keep some right by the immediate coast, in the 60s, but everybody else, it is going to wrap up. i think the 90s will be popping up for many. gilroy is at 51, upper 50s


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