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oakland council to deal with the problem uncil took to solve the homeless crisis. good morning. thank you for waking up with us wednesday morning, july 10th. i'm pam cook. >> the cookster is back. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson is in his office. still low clouds in place, a deep system for this time of year making its move in the pacific northwest. high clouds bringing rain up to seattle and portland. some up in seattle, up to vancouver, didn't have enough umpf. that's not something we talk about. rain northern california. it was very, very close. some of the cloud cover drifted across. we are on the tail end of that now. because of the low clouds and higher clouds, the lows are up,
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60s here compared to 50s. a few 50s but upper 50s and low 60s. we are going to start off warmer. a breeze in place, on shore. that will play in to the weather today. each day temperatures have been creeping up. we have seen that since we bottomed out on the temperatures monday. today they will warm up more. 60s, 70s, low to mid-80s inland. 4:01, a little bit of fog out there. an fyi. you got it. i like fyi's. now it's lightly traveled. we don't see a lot. starting off with tracy's super commute. we see a little bit of slowing, slightly on 205. you can see it there, it's not stop and go but it is a little bit of slow traffic in that area. no problems getting over to dublin and pleasanton. traffic continues to move along well to interstate 880, here it
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is, 880 north and south, it's off to a nice start. no construction work. it's nice light a good start for the roads. 4:02, back to the desk. following breaking news out of san francisco, police are investigating a deadly shooting in the bay view district. police say at 11:00 last night, two people were shot on jennings street. one person died, the other was injured. that pen was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. police say they are investigating the circumstances around the shooting. >> we have our crime scene investigation units collecting the various rounds and videos retrievable, witness statements and what we will do is take all that information and try to put it in to the right sequence and place the right importance on it for the prosecution of this case. >> now, sit is not clear what
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led up to that shooting. we have developing news in san francisco. the police searching for criminals driving a car that ran down a man in the parking lot of the legion of honor. the suspects were in the museum paing lot breaking in to cars. the victim and his young son were walking to their car in the parking lot when they saw two men in gray moody's breaking in to their -- moody's breaking in to their car. the thieves moved to another car, that's when they spotted the man jumped in to a bmw and ran in to the man. the impact knocked him to the hood and windshield before the man fell in to the pavement and the car drove away. what started as a car burglary will probably turn in to attempted murder. the police want anyone to sees that car to call them. >> a silver or gray bmw4-door
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with at at tinted windows. it will have damage from where the pedestrian struck the windshield. >> the man is in th expected to survive. the young son was not hut but staying with his father at the hospital until the child's mother arrives here in the bay area. that's expected to be later this morning. investigate fors are checking video and photos from the victim's camera now as well as surveillance camera from a muny bus that happened to be going by as that bmw left the museum. police are lacking for the person responsible for a deadly shooting in san pablo. a 22 yield man was shot and killed before 9:30 last night near stanton and giant road. the victim was inside a car, there are no other victims. the roads were closed for several hours as officers collected evidence. police do not have suspects in custody but if you saw anything you are encouraged to call san
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pablo police. oak land police officer is recovering after a drive crashed in to his patrol car whale on the scene of anellier crash. after 8:00, a car lost control, smashed into the grace baptist church. three people were hurt in the crash but expected to be okay. a short time later, the drive of another car hit a police officer in a patrol car who was controlling traffic at that scene. in sacramento an armed robbery suspect is dead after an officer-involved shooting. it happened outside of sunrise mall this citrus heights. police say the suspect was armed and fired shots at them. the gunfire hit a police dog in the face. no officers were hurts we don't have an update on the condition of the police dog, the windshield of a car, a woman was inside of it, was damaged by the gunfire but the woman was not hurt.
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oak land council has unanimously decided to shutdown a street in the fruit dale district considered a source of crime. there are homeless people living near the home depo. a councilman said it would force them out and create a safer environment for workers and neighbors. last night's meeting went late in to the tonight and early in to this morning. business on raters expressed mixed reaction to the plan. >> we definitely support this closure just for the safety our associates. we have a lot of associates that work to the back that work in a lot of activities unloading trucks and had significant opportunities with safety and just the morale of the associates. >> we have no access, we believe if there is more vehicle traffic around our business, it would deter crime. if it's closed off, it's like a
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sanctuary for crime. >> city law requires people this neighborhood to be given 24 hours notice before anything is done. the council plans to give time, details are still being worked out. they do say they will give people living in rvs time to move vehicles. dixie school district is now renamed the miller creek elementary school district. trustees voted 3-1 to change the name after critics linked it to slavery and the confederacy and voted to change the name of l.ory to lucas valley elementary. the issue committed the community against each other for months. turning to oaklands, key testimony in the ghost ship warehouse trial. henry lee reports, amenna testified police and firefighters and officials made visits to the warehouse and he
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believes they, in effect, signed off on the safety of that building. >> 16 visits by oakland police, 28 officers in all. five visits by 13 firefighters, 8 inspections by cps workers, ghost ship master tenant says two high ranking oakland firefighters in particular, weren't telling the truth than when they told the jury they never went inside the warehouse. of course they are denying it. >> make no bones about it, we believe that the fire department perjured themselves when they said they never went in. my client itemized where law enforcement and officials have gone in approximately 30 times. >> reporter: despite the visits he never got any notices of fire code violations, never got eviction notices. >> they have a responsibility to us, to the people, supposed to be there to protect us.
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they are the ones that are the wall between us and fire insecurity and didn't do their job. >> reporter: as far as his own responsibility, almenna asked tenants to buy safety devices like fire extinguishers but blamed the landlord for refusing to fund renovations. hefloors were unsafe, teachers went up them in heels and with hot dishes. da began pros examining almenna , the prosecutor and defense began talking over one another, bickering over repeated questions by the da. >> you want to punch your opponent in the nose and make them bleed. they started with de minimis trivial material like snipping
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at the fer riff el per riff ya'll. >> almenna will be on the stand under cross examination for the rest of the week. today the u.s. womens national soccer team will get a parade in new york city in honor of their world cup win. the city's first ticker tape parade since the women's team won the 2015 world cup. they were the first female athletes to be honored with that type of parade at the time. the parade begins at 6:30 our time. as the country celebrates the national team , the players will soon hit the road for a five-game victory tour, the world cup champs will host the republic of ireland at the rose bowl on august 3rd. the next four matches of the tour will be august 29th, september 3rd, october 3rd and october 6th. the venues opponents and ticket information will be announced at a later date. new stars. time is 4:10, still ahead after
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the recent quakes in sound california, many in the bay area are getting ready for the worst. what people are doing in case a big one hits northern california. . the bay area cannabis company is teaming one the first rap billion nay, what jay- z is bringing to the business and how he hopes to use the plat testimony for advocacy. a nice start fur driving to the mc arthur maize, the traffic is looking good out to oakland. our weather is looking cloudy, there is a lot of low clouds, that system moving in to the north.
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our time is 4:14, a community sem that are on how the limit the possible damage from earthquakes will be held. organizes say much of the damage from recent quakes in california and around the world, focused on electrical and plumbing systems and furniture and other contents within homes and businesses. safety experts say property damage can slow down evacuations, delay rescues and lead to fires. the all day training session starts at 9:00 this morning, it will be at the county office of emergency services in dublin.
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menlo park has the only fire ns after the loma earthquake, menlo park formed one of the nation's top urban search and rescue task forces. the demonstrates starts at 1:00s at the fire station on oak grove avenue in downtown menlo park. a swarm of small quakes hit mt. hood in oregon, the u.s. gs says this were a dozen quakes to hit since monday, the biggest a magnitude 2.1, the quakes were too small for anybody to feel. the scientists don't think they are caused by volcanic activity. there have been several swarms within that region, most recently in 2014. a 50,000 acre cattle ranch is up for sale, n3 cattle company is selling for the first time in 85 years. the ranch is located south of
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livermore in east san jose, spans four counties alameda, santa clara, san joaquin and san 'tis law. the large nest the state. the owners are fourth generation ranchers and the bay area news group reports the current owners are hoping the buyer won't develop the land. a bill that would provide food for california college students is on the desk of governor newsome. it would make it yeasayer for students to qualify for the cow fresh program. rep sip yets would get a plastic card to use to buy food at grocery stores and farmers markets. bill dodd wrote the bill and points to a report that found one-third of all college students are struggling to buy food. four bay area airports will receive $22 million in federal
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funding for improvements. sfo will receive 14.5 million for runway construction. buchanan will get $4 million for runway and lighting upgrades. oaklands international will receive 3 and a half million for repairs to the taxi way and service roads and $300,000 for the livermore for taxi reconstruction. uber comfort, features bigger cars with more leg rooms riders can request their temperature preference and ask for quiet mode if they want their driver to skip the small talk. it costs 20-40% more than a standard x-ride but less than the higher end uber blackch i like that service on the airplane as well. you want that person next to you to make small talk there. >> sometimes i do. sometimes i don't.
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now, no small talk. let's get ave traffic that is m along okay on the san mateo bridge heading to the high- rise, no major issues if you are driving on the gilroy super commute, it looks pretty good driving up northbound 101 in to morgan hill to the west valley. off to a nice start here with no major issues driving for the freeway systems. san jose to sunny veil or cupertino, east bay, a nice start. this is that time where traffic is moving along very nicely no problems at the bay bridge toll hasa am line this some of thosa 4:18, let's bring in steve with today's weather. fog towards vellejo. we are getting reports. we have through
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to the north. bringing rain to seattle and portland. the tail end dragged across here and gave us high clouds. we are on the tail end of the higher clouds. low clouds increased this advanced of it and the temperatures are way up. upper 50s, low 60s. cop cord, buchanan warmer than anybody else, 66. black hawk, san ramone, danville, 61. el cerrito, in the 50s. 69. water temperatures bumped up a bit. that's what the temperatures should be between the first of july through the 15th of july. san francisco, 54 to 56. that will make an impact on the low. west, southwest, 20 to travis. on shore breeze. 43 up in truckee.
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80 las vegas. temperatures inching up a little bit here. the high in the desert southwest is nosing towards us. 60s, 70s, upper 70s, low to mid- 80s inland. if no 90s hit today, they will thursday, friday and saturday, warm to hot for some. inland event, cooler but nice on sunday. the warriors say bye-bye to a long time play their helped them win three championships. coming up, sean livingston, was a key to many warrior victories. how the team is cutting ties to him. a victory lap back on home turf. i'm brian in new york, coming up details on how the team is celebrated for their historic win. a new episode oh our bay
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area people pod cost is out now, olympic legend and civic right's activist tacked about his silent gesture at the 1968 olympics, his early days picking cotton and how he is working to p spire young people today. search for bay area people in pod cast.
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a community in livermore mowning the death of a promising high school football player while the police search for the shooter who killed him. 16 year old emmanuel pose biwas shot and killed monday night. this is a memorial at a taco bell on east stanley boulevard where he was killed. classmates and friends say he was kind and decent young man. . >> that could have been me. it's sad to hear and devastate for the town. he was a great pen. >> police say there was an argument before the shooting and they identified the suspect as 21 year old jorge holez. the oak land council has approved a new policy for searching people. under state law police officers can search anyone on probation or parole at any time. the oak land police department is getting ready to enact a
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restrictive policy where officers are told to only ask about someone's probation or parole status if there is a threat to an officer or the public. the policy still needs to be reviewed by an independent monitoring team. if approved it will take affect after officers are trained. a cannabis company is attracting the attention of hip hop mogul jay-z. the company just announced it is bringing on jay-z as the chief brand strategist. they make weed at an indoor farm and employ 600 people, jay- z was seeking out ca leeva because he has been speaking out about main legalization. he wants to advocate for those incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis crimes. of we take an active advocacy
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those left behind around this cannabis movement. >> jay-z in a statement said with the potential in the cannabis industry, the company's expertise make them the best partner for this endeavor. we want to create something amazing, have fun in the process, do good and bring people along the way. another well known warrior will not be with the team next season. sean livingston is waved by the warriors in a move that will help the team save money. livingston joined in 2014 and helped them reach the finals in the past five seasons. we will see if he goes to a new team. our time is 4:26, we may see a big development today in that controversy over adding a citizenship question on the u.s. census. coming up the decision president trump could make as early as today. the future
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of obama care in the appellate court. i have the latest update on health care coverage for millions. good morning, we have traffic that is doing very well. if you are driving in oak land on interstate 880, both directions here, in front of oracle arena. our midweek weather muse has warmer lows, a lot of 60s due to cloud cover, the afternoon highs are inching upward. we will show you how much coming up.
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welcome back. it's wednesday, july 10th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. let's check in with steve paulson. it's going to be a little bit
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warmer. is that for everyone? a little bit. the city averages 67 for a high. they have not been over that since july 1st. >> the robin williams tunnel, there is sun, then you come through towards the city and it's fog. >> i mean, the city yesterday was 64, only one day hit 67. the rest have been below that. today, probably about 66. they will fall just shy. down the road they will make it up. the lows will be up and highs warmer as well. fairs one of my least favorite weather words. it will be fair out. see that system, again, something of this nature, usually followed by high pressure. that's going to happen. it's coming in from the desert southwest. rain in the pacific northwest. dragged across high clouds, if you are a at


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