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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 11, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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welcome back 3to "mornings on 2", thursday morning, july 11th. i'm dave clark. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. we are on hurricane watch. many of the gulf states have seen a lot of flooding. and the 2019 season is expected to form along the gulf coast, sometime today. it could make landfall around louisiana saturday. >> we don't know yet where this storm is going to land. but we know it is going to be a big storm. ificant rain and s surge event. >> we're looking at, this is how it looked yesterday. so they already have a lot of water. the national weather service says the system has the potential to become a dangerous hurricane. some added concern along the mississippi river in new orleans. that's expected to crest near 20 feet by the weekend, causing some major flooding. i was just asking steve about it. it's not a hurricane yet. >> nope. >> but we also are keeping an eye. i was just saying, it's vacation season. a lot of people have family or
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they head to the gulf coast of florida. >> a lot of people have relatives in new orleans or louisiana. >> or you might be headed there. so we're keeping an eye on it. >> if you are, probably not a good idea for the next couple of days. >> right. >> it is a potential cyclone, number 2 is what we call it. but looks like it will form into barry, tropical storm. the water temps are like a tub of bath water. 86 degrees. 87 degrees. so it has plenty. then it could reach category 1 and move into new orleans. was that the mayor or the governor? i didn't see that. >> governor. >> looks like a major rain event and still 75 approximate miles an hour. it would be around friday night to tulow is
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there. it's building in. mild to warm today. hot for some. if you think 89 to 90 is hot, some people do, that will continue into saturday. it will start a cooling trend going into early next week. fog is there, but mainly confined to the coast. higher clouds lifted northward. and the onshore breeze is in place. but not that strong. 50s and 60s, not as warm or as muggy yesterday. still, woodside at 53. 58 over to fremont. and temperatures will start to rebound pretty quickly here. i would imagine high winds out for a couple of days. about you again, near normal is what we're looking at. 60s, 70s, 80s and a few low 90s. 4:32. sal is here. and he will talk abouty maybe? >> i will. but 92 in antioch? >> not at your castle, though, my friend. >> no. thank you very much. all right at where i can go if i want 90s.
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solano county commute, steve was right. this is what we're looking at. 87 looks good heading into hercules. this whole stretch is good from carquinez and benicia bridge. there is already slow traffic westbound. and there's also slow traffic westbound 580 because of an accident going the other way. 580 is backed up from coral hollow road, as you head out -- or corral hollow road, pardon me, as you head out of the interchange. eastbound is going to be slow as you approach the pass. so give yourself plenty of extra time. if this is your commute. it is slower than it normally is. and if you get to the macarthur maze, you can see traffic is backed up. 4:33. let's go back to the this morni jose, a driver walked away from a crash without a scratch. chp says just before 11:30 last night, a black audi was
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on the stevens creek ranch. the driver missed the curb, went off the road and crashed through the metal gates on moorpark avenue. firstresponders had to cut through about 10 feet of fence to get to the driver. the crash is under investigation. there are new developments in the month-long search for a missing fisherman in mendocino county. vince soto and his dad carlos were fishing on the lake last month. when apparently carlos had a heart attack or stroke. vince jumped in the water to save him and ended up drowning as well. carlos' body was found drifting near the boat. but a month of intense searching has not turned up his son. loved ones are camped out at the lake, keeping vigil until vince is found. >> we just tell stories and support each other and cry and laugh. yeah. going through mourning together as a family.
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>> a robot sent to the bottom of the lake detected something on the floor. specialized drivers from the los angeles sheriff's department are heading there to investigate. our time is now 4:35. a sad story. a couple from milipitas has a warning for other parents. their son died suddenly from what appears to be a rare virus. it has symptoms, similar to a common cold. last month, kristen ang had a fever, headaches, and nausea. tests ruled out meningitis. then on june 28th, he became confused, disoriented. his parents rushed him to the emergency room. after several hours in the hospital, he died, from brain swelling. it was caused by the rare adeno virus. it has cold-like symptoms. >> even the healthiest kid could die or the
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virus fast. >> now, tristan's parents say they hope that telling their story, sharing their grief about the death of their son will help other parents be aware that even the smallest symptoms could be something serious. 2020 census. and his entire to add a question about citizenship. the supreme court barred it for now. but the president may issue an executive order to sidestep the decision. the u.s. census bureau began printing the forms earlier this month. immigration raids. ktvu's doug luzader reports from washington, d.c. the raids come as the immigration debate continues in congress. the new york times is reporting that the immigration raids could start as early as sunday. we don't know exactly when. but administration officials
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say immigration and custom enforcement raids are still slated to take place for the removal of individuals whose cases have been heard and whose claims have been going to happen. there's approximately a million people in this country with removal orders. and of course, of the but th'smonth, they dela give congress time. >> this administration has criminalized families and is now operating a fundamentally flawed system that is systemically engaging families. >> in the meantime, the rhetoric in congress is only growing more intense. at a house hearing yesterday, democrats and republicans sparred over treatment in facilities. >> i've seen the facilities and i've not seen a single way
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in the way it is being depicted. and we demean the process. and our border patrol agents,  who are law enforcement officers for the government of the united states. >> they are reporting a drop in apprehensions along the border. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. democratic presidential candidate tom steyer is hitting the ground running in his bid for the white house. they spoke to a political expert about how the bay area philanthropist may run the race. >> my name is tom steyer. and i'm running for president. >> tom steyer is running a two-week ad campaign. focusing on iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada. >> then i left my business. >> his videos tout how the 62-year-old billionaire philanthropist turned political activist. gaining attention for his next gen. and his need to impeach
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efforts. >> he has a very big heart. >> steve report also worked on the impeachment effort with steyer. >> doing the need to impeach. he had no reason to do that, other than he believes in the constitution. and i really admired him for mi sign onto the impeachment page. >> reports says he trusts steyer, but he does not believe the democratic party should be run by a billionaire, who built his fortune with a private equity. >> he is not really a standout or filling a gap. >> i do think he still faces this uphill struggle of what is his niche really going to be? >> eric schickler of governmental studies says steyer faces a big challenge of being relatively unknown. steyer graduated from yale and
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earned his mba 1983 at stanford. he started his own san francisco based fairlawn capital investment fund in 2006. he left if 2012 to pursue philanthropic. >> i think the appetites for i'd say, billionaire outside candidate might be less. >> schickler says even if steyer does not qualify for the upcoming debates, he can still have a big impact on shaping the discussion. >> even if he stays in the race for six months and draws some attention to these issues, it can force other candidates to be a little bit more assertive or specific on an issue like climate change. and in that way, we could help drive the confusion. >> jana katsuyama. ktvu, fox 2 news. the next candidate debates are in detroit, july 30th
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and 31st. the host, cnn will announce a live drawing. once again, because the field is so big. at a california fertility clinic. coming you, the lawsuit over a mix-up that involves three couples. and a driver cheats death. up next. how this happened. and reaction from police who were not amused with the close call. on the way to the tunnel. right now. westbound 24. not bad. as you drive up from lafayette to oakland. and through that tunnel. we'll tell you more about the east bay commute when we come back. warming trend for those away from the coast. coast and bay, really near normal.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." a southern california couple is speaking up about a fertility clinic mix-up. they are among three couples affected by the los angeles based cha fertility clinic. the families say the mistakes were discovered earlier this year, when an asian mother gave birth to twin boys, but neither of the babies were asian descent. testing showed, not only were the boys not biologically related to the mother or father, they were also not related to each are the.
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the new york woman received one offer had embryos and she's now talking about the mix-up. >> cha robbed me of my own ability to carry my own child, baby boy, to be with him in the first couple of, you know, moments of his life, to nurse him to just do like skin on skin contact. to just, you know be a mom to him. >> the couple filed a lawsuit and accused the clinic of medical malpractice and negligence. time is 4:45. a driver in the tucson area, very lucky to be alive. he crasd into a smashed flight through the windshy the driver a meright into the cactus. incredibly, the driver was not seriously hurt. but what driver was detained.
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police say he may have been under the influence. >> a bizarre incident on a popular highway in georgia ll. thousands of dollars wort of cash went flying out of an armored truck. >> there are about 20 cars pulled over. and they're all like grabbing money. >> i mean, people are out of their cars, running back and forth, across five lanes of traffic. >> yeah, very dangerous situation. investigators say the door of a moving armored truck accidentally swung open yesterday, spilling out about $175,000 worth of crash. look at everybody grabbing the money. police warned, keeping the money is against the law. they are urging anyone this is it isn't free money. it belongs to someone and needs to go back to them. >> as of now,only a fe
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people have returned money, returning about $4400 out of the $175,000. the start of the flower piano event. 12 flowers were in place at the san francisco botanical garden. and anybody can play them. also, there are a few professional musicians who have agreed to step in. and they will perform. this event continues through july 22nd. you remember joe montana? the 49ers legend is selling his state in sonoma county. the hall of fame quarterback listed his 9700 square foot european style home. and many of the materials used were collected by joe montana and his wife on this europe. this 500-acre cattle about a mi drive fr calistoga. the estate is listed for $29 million. you can now travel back in time by paying a visit to
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oakland's jack london square. a launch party was held to celebrate the 90s experience pop-up exhibit. the 6,000 square foot facility allows visitors to relive the music, fashion, food and pop culture of the 90s. >> we invite everybody out to smell, feel, see, touch, taste, all things 90s. whether you were in middle school, elementary school, college or rearing into your 30s, we have a little bit of all 90s for everybody here. >> ckets are $32. the 90s experience officially opens to the public tomorrow. the 90s weren't that long ago. >> no. listening to some little bit of a jolt this morning. >> nice. that will do it. >> the song i was ing to was "alive."
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you know, that song. 1991, pam. >> i saw pearl jam in san francisco. >> did you? >> so those guys are probably looking gray-haired like i am. good morning, everyone. let's go out and take a look at the commute. going to start with e bay bridge toll plaza and go from there. traffic is going to be a little bit slow here on some of the outside lanes of the toll plaza. but it's nothing that you can't deal with. you will see traffic moving along well on the carpool lanes. we also have the altamonte pass, kind of a mess. the beginning of an accident. 205 is going to be slow. if this is your commute, you need to give yourself extra time for this commute. if in livermore, you don't have to woabout it. that looks goto the east bay. if you're driving on interstate 880, it is off to a nice start. 4:49. let's bring you know who another great >> yes.
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>> stone temple pilot. >> you know, i agree with thatd garden. and you know who played that first? furle? >> remember the first time i heard it, i was like, who is this right? sal, by the way, the fog has a nice even flow. >> thank you. >> and if your name is jeremy, this weather cast is for you. chris henry is a good sport. he said yesterday, i'm going above 67, which is the normal of san francisco. and i said, no, i'll hold at 66, 67. yes, i was looking the hourly weather yesterday between 2:00 and 4:00. 67 of 67 degrees was the high in san francisco. you get to keep your job. and my ego will be nonexistent. he's a good guy. and san francisco, the high has been over 67. they've had two days where it has hit 67. bue day has gone over. today is the day it looks
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like. i went 68. and i think it will be very, very close. now, warm inland. santa rosa, 87. concord, 90. concord was 5 than livermore yesterday. is that right? i don't know. livermore, 87. san mateo, 87. redwood city. yet over by stinson beach. san francisco, pacifica, and half moon bay, it's all 60s. big spread on those temps. santa rosa is now 3 above average on the forecast high today. that would be san francisco. 1 above oakland. we'll pump that up. san jose, 3 shy. 83 is average. the high in the four corners isinging northward -- inching northward. friday or saturday will probably be the warmest. but we're not looking at upper 90s or 100s. just upper 80s and low
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90s. you can segnure highbuilding northward. there it is. a lot of these higher clouds have moved off to the north. still an onshore breeze. but not that strong. the fog of caps it. compresses it. it's lower to the ground. the deck there. 50s, 60s, the lowers are cooler than yesterday. 56, gilroy. 56, ben lomond. and it's close around santa claire -- clara, cupertino. 41 in truckee. 60s, ukiah. look for the fog to hang out by parts of the coast. oakland has some fog also hayward has clouds. 60s, 70s, upper 80s to low 90s inland. cooling begins sunday and goes into next d at closing the pay ga
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welcome back to mornings on 2. santa clara county, taking action to make sure all workers are paid and treated fairly. what the county is doing about the gender pay gap. >> the public outcry over pay
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and equity has led to several studies. and it's worse here in santa clara county, where women earn cents for every dollar a man earns. and the numbers become even more distorted for the tech industry. >> betty young is the manager of the newly-formed county office of labor enforcement. it contracts about $2 billion each year. vendors are required to adhere to equal pay. and young's office with a power to cancel contracts. >> to ensure that men and women are being paid in an equitable manner. that women are making there for dollar what a white man would make. >> experts say vigilance has reduced the national pay gap to single digits. but complete equity may be a
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far-off goal to dismantle vestiges of the past. and the winner is all those in favor of equal pay, say aye. the women's national soccer team. >> there you go. last night, the stars on the women's national soccer team won the trophy for best sports team at the espy awards in los angeles. and winning didn't stop there. >> and the espy goes to alex morgan! >> sorry. but this is probably the second best trophy we won this week. [ applause ] >> as athletes, we try to surround ourselves with the best people to help lift us up and help make this journey possible. and i'm so fortunate to have that in my life. >> alex morgan, was named female athlete of the year,
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also thanked espn for carrying women's national league soccer games. getting back to normal for people in southern california after those two big earthquakes. and new allegations suggesting pg&e knew about bad equipment ahead of the deadly campfire. up next, how a federal judge is responding to that.
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i don't think that there is much there legally ththis or this. >> they've also bulldozed the community. we've had hundreds of people show up at public hear who have expressed their concern. >> a battle on the embarcadero. the latest lawsuit, suing the city of san francisco. by people who say plans to build a navigation center for the homeless will ruin their neighborhood. neighborhood. good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. friday eve. july 11th. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's talk about the warming trends in the bay area.


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