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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  July 22, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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good morning, welcome to on 2. it is monday july 22nd. i'm allie rasmus in for pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about monday's weather. how did the weather feel? >> it was perfect this weekend. >> as long as you are happy. it's warming up a little bit. especially inland, temperatures back in to the 90s for some. upper 80s. coast and bay, on shore breeze. fight between the high in the four corners and the system in the pacific northwest. the high looks like it's going to win out and start inland temperatures bumping up. there is fog. with the high building in, it is starting to compress it a little bit. areas of thick fog and it's going to burn off after a fog bank saturday and good on sunday. each day lit burn off sooner. west, southwest, not a roaring breeze.
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mid-60s already. low 50s for some. roanoke rapids park is up there. cool for a few. for those inland, high clouds, thunderstorm activity on the mountains. overall, mostly sunny today after the morning fog. 60s and 70s and 80s and back in to 90s. here he is, mr. sal castaneda. good morning. we have something to talk about on the east shore freeway, westbound 80, a vehicle left the freeway here, westbound 80. we have the lanes, the right lane blocked. it's so early we are not getting a big back up. we have pretty serious situation here on 80 westbound as you come through. if you are driving in, it is going to be a little bit of slowdown, however, it is so early, having a from the east s with this activity is not causing a huge back up. we will see what happens here.
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traffic continues to look all right. we are looking at the tracy commute, traffic here is okay. if you are driving through, no major problems to dublin and castro valley. this is interstate 880, that traffic looks fine. at the bay bridge sit light. we will seep an eye on the east shore situation. month ray county, part of northbound highway 101 is still closed after a deadly wrong-way crash. one person was killed when a car was going the wrong way on the highway about 11:50 last night. this crash involved a big rig near 101 and hudson road, north of greenfield. we are waiting to get information from the police. we have not heard when a the highway will re-open. we will bring you that information as we get it in. a 22-year-old woman is facing charges of vehicular manslaughter accused of running a red light in san francisco,
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crashing in to a couple visiting the city and killing one of them. it happened yesterday at o ferrel and tailor streets. a man and woman visiting were to the crosswalk a speeding tesla ran a red light and clipped by a montecito cooper causing the tesla to spin out of control and hit the couple. the man died at the scene and the woman suffered life threatening injuries. the driver rented the tesla from the car sharing app get around. the owner does not know if the car was driven in you are auto pilot mode. >> all the sensors and the speed and the movement of the steering wheel and the pedals. >> the man has been identified as 39 year old benjamin dean. police are reviewing video to determine if the driver will face more chargesful after the crash, san francisco supervisor
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mat hainny tweeted another deadly crash in the tenderloin, pedestrian killed after a car run as light. we are not a freeways slow down and follow in the tenderloin. we need slower speeds and greater enforcement now. police want to track down a pickup truck driver involved in a crash. concord boulevard near airs road. first a motorcyclist crashed in to the back of a car he was trying to pass and ended up on the opposite side of the road. moments later, a dark colored pickup truck drove right over the cyclist and the truck driver never stopped. witnesses rushed over to help the cyclist but he died on the street. >> i could see the bike in the yard. pieces were everywhere. i could see the people in the middle of the street.
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>> investigators say that pickup truck probably has new front-end damage. if you have information, call concord police. mc arthur tunnel is opught traffic delays. it happened around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. the tunnel was evacuated and all lanes of traffic were stopped. heavy smoke could be seen, no one was hurt. a mountain lion crossing highway 2 in lake county caused a crash that injured nine people. the chp says the driver hit the mountain lion and swerved in to an suv. four people were flown to the hospital with major injuries. five were treated for less serious injuries. townson park neighborhood, people are hole after evacuated following several explosions. people at a townhouse completion near sierra road said they smelled natural gas and heard loud banging noises. it was coming from the
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complex's pool house where the pool heater and other equipment are stored. emergency crews were called in, they turned off the gas and electricity before repairs were made. no one was hurt. former special council robert mule ser set to testify before congress on wednesday. muller be asked to describe what he found during his investigation in to russian election interference before the house judiciary and intelligence committees. adam schiff wants to counter the claims. >> he is unindicted coconspirator. the person that directed michael cowen. >> the republicans have not forgot about where this investigation started and there will be a lot of questions for what he did say and didn't say and how this thing started. people hopefully will find out answers on that. >> watch live coverage of robert mueller's testimony on
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wednesday morning. we will air it live on ktvu plus and and live updates on mornings on 2. iran is still holding a british oil tanker that navy seized. video shows the tanker at a dock, the iranian flag is on it. it was seized by guards on friday. that was retaliation for the british cam capture of an iranian tanker two weeks earlier. the trump administration says the united states is ready to sit down with lie ran's leaders ers and iran's leaders and negotiate. >> iran has been pressuring european leaders to offer economic support to compensate for the u.s. sanctions against iran. many lawmakers say iran's
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actions are uniting the world against it. mountain view is getting ready to hear from a congresswoman, expected to speak at the mountain view community center and discuss her visit to the texas-mexico border. admission to the town hall is free but at capacity with limited space left. she represents mountain view, las altos and palo alto. people that visit the american river are reminded to wear life vests and take precautions after 30 people had to be rescued. none of them were seriously hurt or using the proper rafts. many were also not wearing live vests. >> this morning i warned a guy because the little kid didn't have a life vest on. i said the rangeler site you. he said okay, thank you and floated off. >> people should watch out for tree branches in the river. the water level dropped which
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exposed branches which rafts can get snagged on. questions about oakland sanctuary city policy. up next, what the report says about the deportation of tens of thousands of people during an 8-year period. a wedding moment now gone viral. the reaction president trump got when he crashed a wedding over the weekend. good morning, now, we have fog and it is going to be very dense here for you driving across that golden gate bridge. give yourself a few extra minutes in southern marin county and parts of san francisco. we have thick fog , the high is building in, smashing it down on the deck. inland temperatures will bump up. we will show you how much coming up.
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protesters are calling for the shutdown of immigration detention camps along the southern border. first unitarian university society gathered on sunday to pay tribute to the children who have died at detention camps over the past year. the trump administration has been criticized for conditions at facilities along the southern border. there are reports of those centers being overcrowded and the people with inadequate amounts of food and supplies. there are questions about
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whether sanctuary rules were violated after ice used oakland international airport to deport immigrants. >> reporter: the city of oak land has continuously strengthened the policies over three years, mayor libby schaaf made headlines when she made a public warning she had information of upcoming sweeps. a report by bay area news group reveal as different story happening at the oakland international airport. from 2010-18, ice chartered 1000 flights out of the airport, flying nearly 43,000 detained people this and out of oakland. >> individuals picked up by ice are often shipped out of this country a matter of hours and don't have the ability to appear before a judge in many instances. it's really important that we do everything we can to ensure there is transparency. >> reporter: immigration advocates, the california
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collaborative for immigrant justice say this appears to be a clear violation of oak land sanctuary city policy. >> this speaks to larger issue as to what level of cooperation we are having with human rights. individuals moved out of the country rapidly and denied the opportunity to speak to attorneys or access to council are having their human rights violated. >> reporter: private companies chartered the flights which lease the runways from the port of oak land. we reached out to the mayor's office. a spokesperson for the mayor's office wrote the an email, the mayor bees of office is looking in to the matter, this issue is of great interest to the mayor and oak land values and looking in to the activity to understand and address it. almost 27,000 people were deported and another 16,000 were transferred to holding facilities by way of the
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oakland airport. >> it up to ice to enter the due process. the owner and responsibility is on ice. >> reporter: we reached out to ice to find out how it coordinated the flights and thennenedded thunderstorm from the oak land airport. ice made an internal operational decision to discontinue the use of charter flights out of oak land in object of 2018, ice coordinates flight operations on a case by case basis. the agency does not share  specific logistic details pertaining to detainee transfers. happening today climate change will be the topic when rafael holds a hearing about how to deal with it. the focus will be on a report offering ideas for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. the hearing stats at 1:30 this
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afternoon at san francisco city hall. a big part of the country has been suffering with extremely high temperatures but may get a break today. temperatures have been topping 90 through the midwest and east coast. today, cooler weather is in the forecast. cooler storms caused damage in the midwest and severe thunderstorms could bring flash flooding and damaging winds to the northeast. time is 4:16, it's time to check in with sal castaneda for a look at the commute. things got off to an early start on the east shore freeway. >> the east shore freeway, this truck went off the road, spilled its load here. there is a clean up underway. the right lane is blocked. it's 80 near ashby. that's been there since 1:45. we are going on this crash. they are making progress but the right lane was take away. that's going to be a problem as
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the east shore freeway traffic wears on and gets busy rather quickly. we will see what happens there. traffic is okay. it's going to be slow on the altamonte pass. some of the freeways are doing okay. the gilroy to morgan hill super commute is okay as you drive in to san jose with no major issues in to is silicon valley. let's bring steve in with today's forecast. a nice weekend. temperatures bumped up on sunday. the coast and bay 60s and 70s. higher clouds caught up, from the south. it was kind of cool. see the low to the left and the high centered in the four corners and occasionally that high builds in. that compresss the fog. inland temperatures warm up lower 80s and 90s. the key has been centered over colorado, not over california. we get a warm up and let's face
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it we had a nice summer. we will but nothing excessive, looks like no records. thick fog, sunny and warmer. see the cloud cover sneaking up. i wouldn't be surprised if the high cloud deck makes a visit. not much of a breeze. a little bit but not much. 50s, 60s on the temperatures. mid-60s for some, low 60s for others. 63 pleasanton. one of these days that half- moon bay buoy will get fixed. >> sooner or later. 55 in truckee. rett good thunderstorm activity close to the sierras. 6366, ukiah, sacramento, everything is quiet here, watch up in the sierra. see how the cloud cover, some of that is more show than go.
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it's close. we will mention if you are heading up, the cloud cover that made a visit yesterday. for us, morning fog. mostly sunny and warmer, 60s to 90s if you are near the coast. 60s, 70s, thick fog, wednesday will be the warmest day and high backs off a little bit. nothing we haven't seen yet. looks warmer in to the weekend. a little above average. download the ktvu weather app. it has interactive radar, hourly updates and the 7-day forecast. a really easy featurer to upload your weather photos and video. the weather app is free to download for your smart phone or tablet. coming up, bugs used as ow if the government turned ticks in to weapons years ago. an miles an hour rapper detained overseas this morning. we'll be right back
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breaking news out of boston, firefighters are on the scene of an 8-alarm fire inside a 120-year-old building that is home to several businesses. >> the building is a little over 13,000 square feet, cut up, that was one of the problems we made it in to the basement, we were running in to different walls. we couldn't find the seed of the fire. the decision was made to pull
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everybody out. >> one firefighter was hospitalized for an injury to his arm. no one else was injured. new jersey, a surprising wedding crasher, donald trump. saturday night pg and nicole were married at the trump national golf club. president trump posed for pictures with the bride and the groom as the crowd chanted u.s.a. there is a growing theory, the pention may have used ticks, bugs, as weapons back in the 1950s, one congressman wants to know if that is true. >> a representative says the experiments could have led to the spread of lime disease in the u.s. >> known to millions as lime disease, affects 300,000 americans spread by infected deer ticks and could lead to neurological damage. lawmakers wants to know where
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did infected ticks come from. is the pentagon to blame? congressman chris smith points to a bio weapons program. >> bio weapons specialist stuffed ticks with pathogens to cause disability and disease and death to potential enemies. >> reporter: army labs were capable of breeding millions of bug as month. the link was outlined by stanford's chris nuby, the secret history of lime disease and biological weapons. they experimented on ticks and could live in cold climates for campaigns against the russians. >> reporter: he suffered from late stage parkinsons and hinted that the outbreak may have been a bio weapons
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experiment run amuck. >> the concern is there might have been accidental leak, and exposures. >> reporter: nuby has been accused by scientists of concocting a conspiracy theory, quote there is no credible evidence. >> i interviewed one person who worked indirectly for the cia, he claims he dropped poison ticks on cuban sugar workers in 1962 as part of the effort against castro. >> reporter: critics say bergdorfer may have been confused by his parkinson's disease. >> the house amendment will die unless the senate votes to keep it in the 2020 defense authorization bill, forcing the
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pentagon to investigate whether these weaponized ticks ever got loose. time is 4:26, an east bay deli owner accused of being racist , the message he posted on social media that's causing a backlash and protests from the community. puerto rico's governor is refusing to stepdown amid protests against him that turned violent. if you drive on the east shore, get on the road earlier because of a crash at ashby that has a lane taken away and going to cause problems as you head west. well, we have a little cooldown friday and saturday and sunday. what about today? we will see what is in store for the week. some fog. it's thick in spots.
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welcome back. it's monday morning july 22nd, i'm dave clark. >> i'm allie rasmus in for pam cook. we are joined by the great steve paulson. he has the weather report for this morning and the week. thank you. some thick fog out there. watch out for that coast and bay. a fight between the trough to the high and low. occasionally the high wind is out. thick fog giving way to sunshine and warmer fog, inland temperatures will take a jump. they are already this the 60s. upper 80s to few mid-90s.
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around the bay 70s and 80s. peninsula, mid 50s, upper 50s, 60s for some, towards the coast, mid 50s. montero beach, half-moon bay dealing with fog. see the circulation around the high. centered in new mexico and colorado forever and a day. occasionally the western edge comes towards us. it brings in the monsoon moisture. it's that time of year. occasionally we get the higher clouds, most focused to the east after the fog burns off, 60s, 70s and 80s and low 90s. nothing we haven't dealt with before. 4:30 in the morning, sal is here, you have a couple of deals already. that's right. is solano county commute and east shore, they are connected. 80 westbound looks good. across the carquinez bridge, road wac before it. you might see slowing. east shore freeway, they are getting ready to get that vehicle that went off the


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