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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 5, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> the jewels in el paso texas and dayton ohio and the bay area all the honor victims of the two mass shootings this past weekend.
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people tried to hail the heartache of the two mass shootings this weekend. the dayton police chief announced monday that police were able to stop the shooter identified as 24-year-old connor betts of bellbrook within 30 seconds after the attack began the sunday morning. one surveillance camera shows the desperate scramble and people running away trying to avoid the shooter and you see them emerge on the screen and fall to the ground as people were calling 911. >> there were shots fired and people hurt and somebody hurt. >> reporter: he died on the scene and the police chief said he was wearing body armor and was armed with an ar 15 style rifle that illegally purchased online. police chief said he had the magazine to kill many more.>> all of those were completely at full capacity including the loose rounds found on the ground near him as well as in the backpack that he carried
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and he would've had a maximum of 250 rounds in his possession at the time. >> reporter: in el paso the death toll rose to 22 victims after two more people passed away. the names released monday. and among those who were killed at the walmart store mass shooting saturday with 15-year- old high school student javier rodriguez, the youngest victim. >> javier was one-of-a-kind. if anyone was having a bad day, he made it a better day. took police of the suspect, 21- year-old patrick had an ak-47 style rifle purchase legally and allen texas. >> he took about 10 or 11 hours traveling from dallas to el paso and when he got here he was lost in a neighborhood and after that, he found his way to the walmart. truck that comment by the police chief in el paso suggest walmart location might have been randomly selected. officials there launched a domestic terrorism investigation after racist anti- immigrant writings are posted
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online just before the shooting. people here in the bay area held their own vigils tonight on the peninsula dozens of people gathered at san bruno the park to the victims of the recent mass shootings the candlelight vigil was held in the gazebo where buddhist monks led the group in prayer. as many as 150 people gathered at st. joseph's tonight to light candles and offer prayers for the rooms. we are in that area this evening and the pastor said he had to do something.>> reporter: that is right. the pastor here at st. joseph's church said it is time to demand for change from our country's leaders. he says his parishioners are scared, shocked, and heartbroken. >> reporter: the vigil opened with song in front of st. joseph's church at dusk. the small community raising its voice to honor the terms of the
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recent mass shootings in gilroy, el paso, and dayton. >> our voice must be louder than the sounds of gun violence. >> reporter: candles were lit and the gong sounded for each person killed. >> i am very disturbed, concerned, saddened that this is happening. >> reporter: coupled with fear, bewilderment and anger, some say the pain over the senseless loss of lives, especially children and young people, it's difficult to fathom. >> you don't have the right to come out and take someone's life you don't even know. people haven't done anything to you. they haven't even developed into the person that they are going to be in this life.>> reporter: parishioners to the shootings at the gilroy garlic festival in the walmart in el paso are places where families frequent and hit too close to home. >> it is very disturbing because now we have to question whether are we safe to go to
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these events or are we safe to be out on the streets? >> reporter: some families tell us they now have second thoughts about going to places where there are large number of people. >> we have been in the church that one sunday there was a fear that one day somebody would be shooting at us. >> it shouldn't take a tragedy to come together as one. took the police chief reassure the community that he and his department will do all they can to serve and protect. >> you will have a police department that is ready to take action and ready to put their selves on the line. took parishioners hope for change demanding that this country leaders take action to stop the violence. >> when is it going to stop? why are we doing this to each other? we are all human beings. >> reporter: the pastor tells me he will be working with the police chief to implement new security measures including training church staff members on how to respond to a mass shooting a step he says is
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necessary since no place is sacred and off-limits to gun violence. president trump denounced the shootings as crimes quote against all humanity in a speech from the white house today. >> our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and whites from the sea. these sinister ideologies must be defeated. hate has no place in america. >> the mayor of el paso says he will ask for federal help when president trump visits the city once a. texas congresswoman veronica escobar is among those in the president is quote not welcome. the president is also expected to visit dayton on wednesday. east bay congressman took on gun control at a town hall tonight in richmond. the meeting had a focus on immigration the pivoted to include gun violence in the wake of the mass shootings. the congressman said the senate
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should go back into session to vote on pending gun bills. he told the crowd that polls show that eight in 10 americans support expanded background checks already passed by the house but senate leader mitch mcconnell won't ring it up for a vote.>> moscow mitch doesn't want to have a hearing because he knows the public will put pressure on those senators to say we should pass this. >> he said sensible gun reforms are not incompatible with the second amendment. has offered a bill directing the centers for disease control the study gun violence and prevention. our coverage continues on our website where you will find more in the violence and texas and ohio and you can also look for updates right on the front page. a large gathering in livermore to remember 26-year- old woman who was hit by a car and killed. she was crossing the street at calling for changes at that intersection. it happened on east avenue near jetson street and we hear ing l ones of nelly morale is from
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livermore gathered at the intersection on east avenue and jensen street. filled with candles and flowers, she died her 24 hours ago crossing the street. >> she was one of the cutest most beautiful girls you have ever met one of the most sweet hard-working girls. >> reporter: it was a: 43 in the evening when a driver traveling toward downtown struck and killed her. this neighbor arrived within a minute of her getting hit. and she saw her unresponsive with major head trauma. >> i have driven this avenue million one times. you know, is a driver, things pop out in front of you. took police say morale is was not in the crosswalk as she was hit 100 feet away from it. >> drivers and pedestrians have an equal responsibility. the slower you drive the
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better. >> we call the police came out. and we saw her body at the end of the street right there. >> reporter: the sander young lives across the street. >> we have issues with cars not stopping even if they see the light.>> reporter: neighbors call it a race track, drivers going well past the 30 mph posted speed limit. the flashing crosswalk lights only on the sides are too dull.>> they have a responsibility to make sure there is enough visibility for crossing here, and they either need to put a stop sign in, stoplight in, or put in new l.e.d. lights on the ground so you're not just focusing on the sides.>> reporter: concerned with schools in the area, residents say the lack of overhead lighting, especially at night, that this was bound to happen. >> i want her life to mean something and we can prevent other lives from being taken. took police say the driver is in his 50s and from livermore is cooperating and remained at
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the scene. they say it does not appear he was under the influence or even speeding. he will like the not face criminal charges. a pedestrian was killed tonight after being struck by a car in napa county. it happened around 9:00 on highway 29 in the town of weatherford about 15 miles north of napa. the chp has shut down the highway between rutherford road as officers investigate the crash. police in san francisco brought in the bomb squad late today to investigate a suspicious device in the mission district. officers shut down several blocks along valencia on 21st street just after four this afternoon as the investigation got underway. the bomb squad activated its robot, which is designed to inspect and defuse potential explosives. by 7:15 tonight, police gave the all clear after determining the device was safe. wall street had its worst day of the year after china devalued its currency today. tech companies and banks bore the brunt of the so often the dow fell 767 points, the nasdaq
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lost 278 in down 87. the three major indexes were all off by about 3%. china's weaker currency will make its exports less expensive in foreign markets to offset the impact of u.s. tariffs. china has also suspended purchases of u.s. agricultural products, all of this in retaliation for the latest u.s. tariffs and another 300 billion worth of chinese goods set to take effect september 1. some retail experts are worried that if the trade were continues, consumers won't be able to escape the impact as we head into the holiday season. ahead and run crash sends water gushing from a fire hydrant and how police caught up with the driver. flames tear through south bay home. a rescue involving a 12-year- old girl. we look at the forecast. after the break, i will have the five day. see you back here soon. from the couldn't be prouders
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72-year-old woman has died in a 12-year-old girl is in the hospital in critical condition after a house fire in san jose. firefighters arrived at the home on green more drive about 7:30 this morning to find it in flames and filled with smoke. woman who died was in a wheelchair. she was pronounced dead at the same. the 12-year-old is believed to be the big's great- granddaughter.>> she didn't even live here. she was just visiting. i mean you just take one day at a time and you never know and the fact that this little girl is in the situation and she doesn't have, this is not even her home and this happened. god is with them and i am praying for their family.>> a 22-year-old man believed to be the woman's grandson managed b first-floor window. in san francisco today, and out of control driver cause mayhem on the streets near union square. henry lee reports the car knocked over a fire hydrant
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sending water gushing into the streets before the driver took off again.>> reporter: video posted on citizen app shows water gushing skyward after driver sheared off the hiring, hydrant. secular going to work and expect and have a great day and there's a whole waterfall on the side and it was crazy. took it happened outside the museum of ice cream at the 1220 on monday afternoon. >> i was like what was that. and then the whole water was running on the sidewalk. >> reporter: firefighters were able to shut off the water and the driver took off in a red chevy monte carlo with no license plate. even crashed into the back of this lincoln navigator at montgomery and post, a few blocks away. the chevys bumper became lodged underneath the back of the suv. leon was in the suv when he got rear-ended. >> i saw him behind me and a distance from here to here and i saw him. and i tried to come out of his role.
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>> reporter: it was too late. you said the crash could've prevented something far worse from happening. >> i am the hero of this because my car and myself, i stopped his mission. >> reporter: the police say the driver of the chevy and a young boy were in the car at the time. both of them suffered minor injuries and were taken to the hospital. he is a driver for hire and he said this crash will set them back. >> i live by my business so i don't have an extra car. and i need time to fix mine. >> reporter: the driver was taken into custody by officers and police that he did not appear to be under the influence, but the cause of the crashes are still under investigation. in san francisco, henry lee, fox 2 news. san francisco police today kicked off the new phase of enforcement as part of an ongoing effort to make the streets safe and pedestrians, streets safe for pedestrians and bicycles. they are doing it for five days this month and areas known for
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pedestrian and bicycle related crashes. officers will pay special attention to drivers who speed and make a legal terms as well as those who feel the need to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. amanda frequently walks the city said distracted driving is a big problems. >> across the street i try to look always before because there is always somebody not looking on their phone or something.>> that enforcement comes after driver renner red light in the tenderloin last month killing a visitor from the central valley. the latest figures show far so far this year 12 people have been killed either walking or bicycling in san francisco. a conservative group is taking legal action to block a new state law and enforcing president trump to release his tax return. governor newsom signed a bill into law requiring presidential candidates to
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98 degrees in las vegas. so really heated in these areas that it will continue and be a hot day in those regions then we had high clouds and we have a pattern that will keep repeating itself this week which will be at the coast which is classic that we will see temperatures in the mild side we will see numbers in the mid-90s and low 90s the next two days and the most few days will see mid 80s and uppers of 80s and that is the plan right now and the models have been flopping around a bit especially in the upcoming
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weeken the weekend looks like we will get back in the low 90s, you can see here the temperatures are on the warm side and that is because of the cloud cover, the high clouds. fog in san francisco right now the temperatures are in the 50s. the forecast for tomorrow you have seen this before, this temperature footprint is what it looked at today and there are 90s but mostly east of our area so there is the forecast, and this forecast will carry into wednesday and thursday and then even into friday and we will start to see the red shift our way and come out to the west and moved toward the coast on probably friday afternoon into saturday and sunday. but right now we are not looking at any major heat up and cal fire is liking this pattern. there is tropical moisture for the morning and in the afternoon the clouds will be around all day and you saw the sunset this evening and you know what i'm talking about. tonight will be one of those nights. with a fog low in the middle and high level clouds from the sub tropics giving this cool lighting feature. the temperatures tomorrow will be a lot like today and perhaps the degree cooler in some places but it will be a muggy
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five. you notice it is muggy out there because of the high clouds. 88 in livermore and 88 in pleasanton and i know people are getting ready go back to school and not tomorrow but this upcoming week. temperatures are slated to be a little bit warmer. so we will see if i can update the forecast tomorrow and get the weekend more dialed in. the treasure island music festival has been scrubbed for this year and it may be gone for good. the festival was founded in 2007 took place on treasure island for 10 years. than the development project forced relocation. there was no festival in 2017, and it moved to oakland last year. in a statement, the promoters said bring in the event back to life was a massive undertaking. they say with the issues facing location, they feel it is not possible to put on that kind of festival that fans expect. sports is coming up next the a's try to make a move in the wildcard race in a trail the cubs in chicago but made a late run to get back in the
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game and we will have highlights coming up in a moment. first a couple of new smartwatch is hitting the market. at our website, see how sam sung and fossil are hoping to take a bite out of apple market share. you will find the story on the front page. the 11:00 news picks up after this break. here's your buick sir.
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joe is here. the a's and giants should have cooled off. >> if you are a scoreboard watcher, this is not the nightly the team. bay area baseball teams had a chance to improve their wildcard standings tonight and neither did. for the a's it was national league baseball at wrigley field and they traveled well but there is a price to pay in chicago for weather. the a's went to the third ending traveling 1-0 and marcus change that and he goes opposite field against the cubs kyle hendrix with a runner on and that gave the a's a 2-1 lead in fans at wrigley bleachers true to the tradition in that ballpark. get it out of her. it was a 2-2 game and having to the seventh that is on the cubs got a pair of runs rte and then javier baez drove one of the
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wall and left the center with a face full of bricks and i been a two-run shot and it was his second of the game and 6-2 in the a's answer back in the 8th and nick rupp in a chicago suburb and playing against his hometown team first time and lots of family there is a limit is two run homer which brought it to 6-4 but that is as close as they got and they lost 6-5 and the a's remain a half-game behind tampa for the second al wildcard spot.>> the reunion tonight in san francisco with washington in town and now hunter strickland now place for that team. the nationals in a scoreless game the second and suzuki lines on the center off of jeff and kevin flattens it out and takes a hit away with one of the best catches of the year and the game stays scoreless until the following inning. with two outs, adam eaton was running for first in the 3-2 count and anthony drove one to center in a beaten a chance to come all the way around and score 1-0 nationals. they got two more in the 5th
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and then in the ninth, the giants had runners at first and third with two outs in the nationals pull a double steal and rendell stays at home and soto stays at second and they go down 4-0 and their 3 1/2 games out of the wildcard in tonight they were passed by the mets. >> the football camps are going full blast all around the country with most teams set to play their first exhibition games this week. there is no team yet in las vegas, but they were full of anticipation at the construction site today. if you wondered what vegas davis looks like, there is your answer. the raiders new stadium topped out today and today the last steel beam installed in the stadium also has a name. it is allegiant stadium. allegiant is the ninth largest commercial air carrier in the united states and owned by allegiant travel company. the stadium was supposed to be ready to go in time for the 2020 raiders. here is one for you tonight in case you missed a. in new york, miami's diaz was getting his chance in the major leagues and
11:27 pm
his parents were in the stand being interviewed by the marlins broadcast team as their son stepped the plate.>> is is an emotional day for you? >> it is. very emotional. >> pages homered. and his major- league debut. that is unreal. >> yes. deas first career home run comes against jacob degraw minimum it was nice, but the mets were 5-4 but that young man was of course couldn't have a better night. you have to win the game if you want a perfect hollywood ending.. >> good stuff. >> take care, everyone. see you again tomorrow. here's one you guys will like.
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