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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 6, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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i would use 280. let's talk about the solano county commute, 80 westbound, fairfield, vallejo, traffic looking good. no problems on 37 to marin. this morning's commute looks good on the venetia bridge. there is a back up in the outlanes. it's a muggy humid forecast already, a lot of the high clouds started coming in yesterday. we clouded it up last evening. i looked outside. tropical cloud cover coming in. it feels like east coast weather. we have the higher clouds and fog they will continue to stream up here although you can see some is not as thick as it was yesterday afternoon and evening. 50s and 60s
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on the peninsula. las alto 62 de higher clouds streaming up. its going to thin out throughout the day. main weather makeler be the low dropping down. see coming in, that's going to play in the weather after today. still on the muggy side for some today. fog, suns higher clouds. wednesday in to friday, much cooler pattern. we will see pretty big drop on temperatures. one more day holding on to upper 80s and low 90s inland. president trump plans to visit el paso, texas, tomorrow, where 22 people are now dead after saturday's shooting. officials say the shooter is answering questions but they are still trying to find other people who can tell them what may have led up to it. they have read a web post, they believe he wrote, saying the attack was quote a response to the hispanic invasion of texas.
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either of those crimes could result in the death penalty. asked what policymakers can to stop more shootings from happening. the governor is scheduled to give details on a plan he says can answer that question. investigators are looking for a motive in that shooting where nine people died. authorities say semi automatic weapons were used in both mass shootings and the shooting in gilroy. the gunman in dayton was armed with an ar15-style rifle he purchased online. the chief says if all the magazines he had with him were full he would have had 250 rounds. el paso police say the ak 4 7- style rifle used in that attack was purchased legally. california has restrictions on high capacity ammunition magazines but the laws are being challenged in court. the gilroy shooter bought his gun legally in nevada.
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vigils in el paso and dayton honored the shooting victims. the two cities are more than 1000 miles apart but the pain and grief with the same. people in the bay area are holding vigils to honor the victims of the recent shootings. dozens gathered at san bruno, held in the gazebo where buddhist monks led the group in prayer. people gathered at a church. st. joseph church candles were lit for each person killed. many who attended said they are deeply disturbed especially with children and young people among the victims. >> i'm disturbed and concerned and saddened that this is happening. >> when is this going to stop. ey are we doing this to each other -- why are we doing this to each other. >> pinole chief attended and tried to reassure people he and
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his department will do all they can to protect the community. many are push for congress and the white house to take action on gun control in response to the shootings. doug luzader reports from washington dc. >> reporter: there is talk in washington about new gun laws to prevent violence. we are seeing the same particular divisions emerge. the two communities still in mourning. dayton, ohio, police are trying to piece together the motives of of the killer who went on a late night rampage. el paso, texas, the death toll risen. president trump is expected to visit both cities. >> in one voice our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. >> reporter: the president yesterday denounced the violence, said he was open to new ideas to prevent attacks. some in el paso said he is not welcome but the mayor pushed back. >> i will fulfill my obligations as mayor of el paso
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to meet with the president. >> reporter: the presidents actions did little to persuade candidates many attended a hispanic advocacy audience. gun control advocates near washington protested outside of the headquarters of the national rifle association demanding new gun laws. it's likely to fall short of the strict gun control laws that many of those protesters would like to see. doug luzader, fox news. governor newsom met with members of law enforcement and community organizations to discuss the state's efforts to address gun violence and white supremacy and says one of the first things the country needs to explore is why the shooters
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are overwhelmingly male. think that goes deep to the issue of how we raise our boys to be. deeply to values, that we hold dear, power, dominance, aggression. >> east bay congressman took on gun control at a town hall in richmond. that meeting had been scheduled to focus on immigration but pivoted to include gun violence in the wake of the mass shootings. he said the senate should go back in to session to vote on pending gun bills. he told the crowd that 8 in 10 americans support background checks already passed by the house and wants mitch mc connell to bring to it a vote in the senate. >> moscow mitch doesn't want to have a hearing because he knows the public will put pressure on the senators. >> he says sensible gun reforms are not incompatible with the
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second amendment and authored a bill to study gun violence and prevention. this thursday, ktvu will be taking an in depth look at mass shootings in america. our current gun law, mental health and what lawmakers are doing to prevent more mass murders. join us for our special report, guns in america. that's this thursday night at 10:30 here on ktvu. pg&e is holding a drill in the east bay preparing for potential planned power outages. cristina rendon is live to talk about what is going to happen today. >> reporter: pg&e practicing drills in arenda today. power will not be interrupted. service will stay on. what this drill is about the about having trucks and helicopters in the area to make sure they can reduce the time it will take to turn power back
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on if they shutdown planned power outages or shutdown the pow for the planned power outages. if you look at the video, pg&e has been actively working for 15 months and wild five safety operations center, they say they are to prepare tages or po outages in terms of potential fires. if you are arenda, you might see employees and trucks. you might see helicopters. this wild fire safety operation center is staffed 24 hours a day. this is where they look at all of their data that is coming in to them. they have detection capabilities. it is fed by endless stream of data. they are trying to figure out where and when the wild fires will occur and do that by using weather and camera stations. they determine when and where they should shut off power for potential outages. >> those include the wind directions the wind speeds, the
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humidity levels on a weather st have installed and we are leveraging the publicly available water stations. that information is used to help forecast the utility potential for a fire risk. >> reporter: around 2 elementary schools, they installed ground mounted fire sensors to give firefighters time to get to a school and shelter children in a fire safe structure and be able to get water on the fire. that's something pg&e says they are looking in to. the drill focuses on what they can do to get power back on as quickly as possible if they were ever to shut it down. there will be employees and trucks and helicopters flying in the air. service will not be erupted. it will happen from can 15 in the morning until 2:00 . this
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is a drill. your service should stay on. if pg&e does decide to shutdown power, it will be in high fire risk areas. it could happen for 2 to 5 days and only if the conditions are light, for example a red flag warning and other factors where the winds are too strong that they would consider shutting down power. cristina rendon, ktvu fox2 news. later today lawyers in minnesota will demand the boy scouts publicly release the name of secret disciplinary files on leaders accused of sexual abuse. many more victims of abuse have come forward with allegations that go back many years. according to u.s.a. today, attorneys have identified 350 additional abusers who do not appear in the organization's files. the m sent pipe bombs to more than a dozen prominent democrats will serve 20 years in prison.
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a judge sentenced sayoc yesterday after he pled guilty to mailing 16 pipe bombs in the weeks before the 2018 midterm election. he isen amateur body builder and blames what he did on mental illness and excessive use of steroids. none of the bombs went off. we are still a month away from the nfl season. fans are excited to catch up with their favorite teams. coming up, we will show you where you can catch a glimpse behind the scenes of the raiders training camp that the public often does not get to see. oakland park no longer safe for families. why a mother is demanding the city do something to clean it up. for the most part, we are off to a nice start for the morning commute. as you look at the santa mayio bridge. there is a problem on highway
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101, more on that straight ahead. high clouds, the humidity will be up again. we will look at the temperatures and see when cooling will again. begin.
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welcome back. berkley mayor will sign this to law a ban on natural gas in new voted against natural gas
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pipelines allowed in new construction projects starting january 1st. representatives from the sierra club say it's cleaner and safer. the new law applys to new billings reviewed. giants continue a series against the nationals. last night, kevin showed off his glove and made a great catch to keep the game storeless. washington took the lead in the third inning then added on more runs in the 5th. the giants could get many hits together and lost 4-0. today's game starts at 6:45. a. s are in chicago playing the cubs. yesterday wrigley field, the a's took the lead this the third inning when a cub's fan interfered. the cubs came back to take a lead with two home runs this the 7th. a's stormed back with back to back homers but the come back fell short. oakland lost 6-5 to the cubs. first pitch today is 5:05.
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the oakland raiders announced a naming agreement for their new stadium in las vegas. the beam was signed by team owner, mark davis along with others involved in the project. during the ceremony, they announced the airline allegiant secured the naming rights for the stadium. >> i guess there is magic here. when does a topping out ceremony turn in to a naming rights celebration? only in las vegas. here we are. alegent stadium. >> scheduled to be complete in 1 year in time for the 2020 nfl season. raiders are set to play first preseason game saturday night at home against the rams. watch that game here with us at ktvu fox 2. the 49ers are at home playing their first exhibition game against the
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dallas cowboys. season 14 of the popular hbo series hard knocks premiers tonight. >> the autumn wind is a pirate, blustering in from sea. with a rollicking song he sweeps along, swaggering boisterously. >> it is scheduled to air every tuesday through september 3rd. two days before the 1st season open. season 14 offers up close look at the oakland raiders as they go through training camp and preseason ahead of the 2019 season. viewers can expect to see a length of a lot of the head coach. space x scheduled to launch today after replacing potentially faulty hardware. the problem was discovered in the first stage during prelaunch test. the launch window opens before 4:00 this afternoon our time. it lasts 90 minutes, carrying
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communication satellite this to orbit. back over the sal for that problem northbound 101, san bruno, sfo area. how does it look? >> they opened up the freeway. northbound 101 just moments ago, they canceled the alert four minutes ago. the roadway is beginning to be opened now. the traffic is going to take a while to unwind on northbound 101. give yourself extra time. you will see the traffic is going to be getting better. it is so early in the morning we might have dodged a serious situation if it happened laider, northbound 101, between san bruno and the south city. for the time being, i would use 20 up the peninsula. we will see how long this takes to unwind. traffic is going to be a little bit slow on some of the other ones as well. let's get to steve. thank you, psalm
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high clouds streaming over. the humidity is through the roof. it's been very high. we will continue that in to today. let's get to it here. a lot of cloud cover this to the sierra nevada. no thunderstorm activity. the high based stuff doesn't lack like it. there is no trigone the atmosphere to get it going. 50s and 60s in the sierra. low 60s for some. 56 incline village. south lake tahoe 52. some of the high cloud deck continues to stream over us but doesn't look at robust or as much as yesterday. there is a line streaming up playing into the weather. mid 50s for some. morgan hill is 57. low 60s around campbell, saratoga and santa clara. cupertino is close.
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fog thick in spots. the low is dropping down. for august, that low dropping down is tomorrow, going to start working towards us. that will take the moisture away. see the flow around the big high in the four corners. active monsoon, much of arizona, some sneaking in to southern california as well. a high cloud deck for the sierra. if you are going up there, mostly cloudy. muggy today, fog, sun, higher clouds, a cooler pattern along with winds tomorrow. 60s 70s. holding on to upper 80s or low 90s for one more day. the cooling begins tomorrow. the levels off on saturday and starts to warm up on sunday. organizers for r the treasure island music festival are pulling the plug. up next the reason they say the festival can't happen this year.
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happening today the city of dublin is hosting a community blood drive for the american red cross. the blood drive will be held from 10:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon at the civic center in dublin. drop ins are welcome. they are also encouraging reservations through 1800-red cross or red cross
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replanet closed 284 instruct hers yesterday leaving 750 people without jobs and many who rely on the redemption centers with nowhere to go. the company sites state fees and lower price for recycled aluminum and practice is increase in the minimum wage for the reasons for the shutdown. consumer watchdog is calling on the state to require grocery store chains to pay fees to people recycling bottles and cans. parents in a west oakland neighborhood are coming it is not safe for their children to use their local park. willow is overrun by drug users and dealers. neighbors took it upon themselves to clean up the park but say it doesn't take long for it to fill with trash. >> it's overwhelmed with drugs, with people sleeping in the park, drug selling. it's very dirty and unsanitary and it's down right scary for my children. >> we have to begin to enforce.
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we have to adopt new resources. the parks have to be open and safe for everyone. >> councilwoman lynette gibson says the city will send crews to clean up the park next week along with outreach workers to work with the homeless. the treasure island music festival has been canceled and as of now no plans for it to run. the festival was founded in 2007, was held on treasure island until 2016. there was no festival in 2017. last year, moved to oakland. the promoter said bringing it back to life was massive under taking. with the issues facing the location, they feel its not possible to put on that kind of festival that fans expect. oakland zoo changed parking policy to try to alleviate traffic back ups. guests will need to take a parking ticket out of a machine. visitors can pay the $10 fee at the admission booth or as they leave the zoo. previously people would buy
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parking from an attendant stationed at the entrance leading to back ups. neighbors complained of congestion and a spike in traffic after the opening of the zoo's new california trail exhibit. we are coming up on our 5:00 hour. the investigation in to the two mass shootings continues this morning. coming up, the latest information from el paso, texas, and what we could learn later this morning from ohio's governor about the shooting in dayton. what local groups planned this morning to commemorate 74 years since the atomic bomb was dropped on hiroshima japan. westbound 92, san mateo bridge, we will tell you more straight ahead. high clouds continue to come up. what was once tropical system gill, will drag across, making the humidity very high. we will look at the forecasted highs coming up. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter.
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spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. investigators search for motives after mass shootings. the president is getting backlash from political opponents after announcing upcoming visits to those cities. news out of gilroy, what we are expecting to hear from
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police and the fbi about the shooting at the garlic festival that took the lives of three young people. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, tuesday morning, august 6th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm allie rasmus in for dave clark. we want to get to sal castaneda for a look at what is happening on the peninsula. that's right. northbound 101, traffic is recovering after an earlier crash the san bruno. all the lanes were closed and traffic was backed up in the area. northbound 101 looks pretty good. you can use northbound 101 as you drive into brisbane. let's talk about the other commutes, traffic is moving along okay on westbound 580 as you drive through the tracy area. a little bit of slowing on 205, as you get there.
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no problems in the hayward interstate 880 is off to a nice start. you can see here at the bay bridge toll plaza, a little bit of a back up approaching the pay gates. let's get to steve with today's weather. high clouds continue to stream in from the south and should drift towards the east as we head throughout the day. underneath that, you get fog. there is plenty of high clouds. the temperatures are up and also the humidity is very high. that low dropping down coming right there at the left of the screen, that's going to play into our weather starting tomorrow. 53, 54, 57. 50s upper to low 60s. around the bay, 57, san in the monsoon southern california, a little bit will


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